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Is this person a Time Traveler?

Monday, November 15th, 2010

I love time travel movies, series and sci-fi episodes.   So, when I recently happened upon a video of a movie producer who claimed to have video evidence of what could be a “real” time traveler I was intrigued.  It seems that this producer had purchased a video set of Charlie Chaplin and while browsing through the videos saw something that stopped him in his tracks.  He came across what looked like an individual talking into a cell phone like device in 1928.  I’d be interested in hearing what you think about this after you watch the video.  Just leave your comments in the comment section below. 

Underneath the video I’ll discuss my opinion of what we see.   Something a little bit different here – enjoy!

So, what do you think?  Could this be a time traveler?  Now, first off you have to believe that something like time travel is possible and it seems a very difficult concept to grasp especially with our current understanding of physics.  However, who knows what are capabilities will be like in the distant future.  Will we someday be able to travel back in time?  What seems highly unlikely today may be a distinct possibility as our understanding and technology advances.

Several years ago I read an intersting book by Jenny Randles about time travel and her theory was that many of the ufos we see today are folks travelling back in time, many times to witness important historical events.  That may be one explanation as to why ufos have been associated with major historical events such as wars, plagues and missile launches.   

Now, as to this specific video and whether I think it is a time traveler.  My guess is that it may just be someone using an ear trumpet and talking to test it's working ability.  I researched ear trumpets after watching this video and they did make fairly flat ones as this video may depict.  However, one thing that does stump me is that when this person (supposedly a woman) is talking in the video there is a point right before a fadeout where she seems to be talking with real emotion.  Now, why if someone was testing a device why would they talk with such emotion. Maybe, it's just my imagination but perplexing nonetheless.  

Many have objected to the notion that this could be someone talking on a cell phone based on the obvious knowledge that there would be no cell towers in the late 1920's.  However, I don't have a problem with that aspect.  If it was a communication device who's to say that it might be someone contacting a ship or a location and with technology independent of the need for towers. 

What I do have a problem with is the notion that a bulky device, like our modern day cellphones, would be required for communication by any technologically advanced society.  I mean we already have earbuds and wireless and it would stand to reason that if a time traveler came down to observe they could do it in a much less obvious manner with something like that.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this video, whether you think it is possible and just what you think this person is doing?

all the best,

Bob K.

Great Motivational Videos



Nature Sounds Videos

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Greetings my fellow Wealthvibers and Vitalwavers,

Today we feature some relaxing videos with nature sounds.  If you enjoy the sounds of nature and want a fantastic set of nature audios at a ridiculously low price just click here:  12 Hours of Nature Sounds royalty free.   On that page you’ll also find other big bargains on meditation and hypnosis audios.

Fall Colors Nature Sounds Video

This soothing relaxation video also has a meditative ambient music background. Also has beautiful pictures of fall foliage and red and orange colored trees in green forests.

Nature Music Video with Subliminal Affirmations of Self Help

If you are looking for natural sound therapy and soothing relaxing music online this video with subliminal messages or positive affirmations is ideal. This soothing calming nature music meditation video can be used for yoga, spas, sleep and all manner of relaxation therapy. This video contains sounds of running water, birds, the ocean, seagulls, and streams with video clips of an island with palm trees and water lapping on the beach. This tranquil self improvement self help video comes complete with powerful positive affirmations designed to help you improve every aspect of your life. This is very peaceful and perfect for those interested in motivation, inspiration, self help, stress relief, meditation, healing, and more.

Babbling Brooks Video with Binaural Beats

This relaxing video with natural sounds also includes binaural beats for brainwave entrainment. In order to experience the full effect of the binaural beats you should use headphones or earphones to listen to this meditative video.

Hope you enjoyed these relaxing videos.  If you liked them please leave a comment a below – thank you!

Bob K.

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Soothing Relaxation Videos

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Island Dreams Relaxation Video for Chillout

If you are looking for a soothing video with the best and most relaxing music imaginable including nature sounds, like ocean waves and birds, with chill out ambient style classical piano music, this soothing peaceful relaxation music video is it. This video contains new age relaxing mind music ideal for meditation. You can use this video as calming sleep music therapy as well. Watch the soothing ocean waves approach the beach on the island at sunset while the palm trees sway and while the stress releasing nature music plays in the background.

Himalayan Dreamland - Meditation of the Monks with Wood Chimes and Chants

This Om Chant of the Himalayan Dreamland video is best if used with headphones or earphones to hear the deep om chants as you look at the snow covered mountains with streaming clouds. This spiritual video is ideal for putting you into a relaxing soothing meditation type of state. It includes tibetan bells and chimes as well as the om chant.  Relax and enjoy!

Relaxing Black Hole Meditation to Release Stress and Anxiety


Reducing stress just got easier with this stress relieving Black Hole meditation for stress relief control from the spiritual self improvement and self growth websites, and

A relaxing mystical metaphysical ambient soundscape type music background combined with a swirling black hole in space offers a unique way to manage stress and anxiety with included powerful positive affirmations to help you relax chillout and reach a relaxing soothing peaceful meditative state of total deep relaxation. If you are looking for cosmic relaxation in outer space this video is it.

Eliminate and avoid stress with repeated watchings of this stress management video.

Click the links for two programs to overcome stress and eliminate panic attacks.

Rewatch these videos often to help you relax!

Bob K.

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Healing Affirmations Videos

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Reiki Healing Energy Affirmations Video

Reiki healing energy affirmations flow your way with this reiki affirmations video akin to a healing meditation. If you are a healer, or Reiki master or shaman, practitioner you may recognize some of these quotes.

For those interested in crystals, the new age, alternative healing, chakra balancing, chi, yoga, guided meditation, creative visualization, spirituality, meditating, healing hands, this spiritual video should be of interest.

If you enjoy sending and receiving positive spiritual energy, whether it be for distant remote distance or absent healing, or debt relief, or manifesting or attracting abundance, esoteric healing, chakra cleansing, healing images, psychic healers, reiki magick, prosperity, dreams, or whatever you wish or desire then please explore our Vitalwaves site.

Spiritual Quotes from a Famous Healer Video


This video features quotes from a well-respected energy healer who is the head of a famous School of Healing. At Vitalwaves you can send and receive positive spiritual energy for any purpose. You can leave a personal request for anything, be it money, health, healing, relationships, or prayers for someone else, even your pets. These are personal requests that anyone who sees it will send you positive energy for.

If you are interested in alternative healing, health, reiki, the aura, hara, four star dimension, positive alignment, pranic healing, or healing related to crystals, meditation, therapeutic touch, distant, remote, distance, absent, and intuitive healing energies this healing method should be looked at. She is the author of several books on how to heal using spiritual energy. Click the link beneath the video to discover the identity of this famous healer.

Other famous healers include Rosalyn Bruyere, Edgar Cayce, Eric Pearl, Dean Kraft, Adam the Dreamhealer, and Rosemary Altea.

Hope you enjoyed these healing affirmation videos!

Bob K.

Catherine Ponder Affirmations Video

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Catherine Ponder has many books, audios, cds, and mp3s on the law of manifesting attraction and the dynamic laws of attracting prosperity, wealth, money and success. Ponder’s classic books show how to develop a wealth consciousness, manifest money, attract abundance and more.

If you want a unique way for attracting abundance visit and join the free group where others will send you positive spiritual energy to help you manifest your dreams. If you are interested in mind power, hypnosis, new age, metaphysics, prosperity consciousness, universal mind, and the secret law of abundance you’ll enjoy wealthvibes.

A Unity minister Catherine Ponder’s titles include The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (1962)
The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages (1964)
The Dynamic Laws of Healing (1966)
Pray and Grow Rich (1968)
Open Your Mind To Prosperity (1971)
The Millionaires of Genesis (1976)
The Millionaire Moses (1977)
The Millionaire Joshua (1978)
Open Your Mind To Receive (1983)
The Dynamic Laws of Prayer (1987)
Prosperity Love Story (memoir) (2003)


Bob K.

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Subliminal Meditation for Cosmic Consciousness Video

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Greetings my fellow Vitalwavers,

Today we have a subliminal meditation to help you develop universal cosmic consciouness.  If you are looking for a higher consciousness give this video a try!

There are many metaphysical activities that
you can do to help expand or shift your consciousness or conscious mind power and get cosmically conscious. Raising your levels of inner awareness can help you improve your outer awareness and increase your ability to improve your life. If you are interested in self improvement, self help, subconscious mind power, metaphysical meditations, personal development, altered states, becoming one with god, unity, tapping into the universal mind, and increasing your mind power then this video can help. To get cosmically conscious or reach altered states of consciousness using guided audio meditations or centering and meditating can get you there.

all the best,

Bob K.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing video

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Greetings friends,
One of the tools you can use to help put you in a spiritual place is a singing bowl or crystal bowl.  You rub the edges and it creates various spiritual sounds that can resonate with the very core of your being. 

I once saw a lecture by a woman who had been cured of her cancer just by using singing bowls to aid her healing.   Here is a video featuring the sound healing properties of singing bowls.   Enjoy!

40 Days – 1 Minute a Day – The Challenge

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Greetings my fellow Vitalwavers and Wealthvibers,

The 40 Day Challenge is now live.  The Challenge is Guaranteed to improve your life in only 1 minute a day for 40 days.   And, if you complete the 40 Day Challenge and your life doesn’t improve you’ll get a refund of every penny…  yes, I know, I know, it is a FREE challenge.  But, I am convinced that this 40 Day Challenge can help you in all aspects of your life so I do encourage you to take it.  And, I sincerely believe you’ll find it to be a 40 days very well spent.  

You’ll find the link to the 40 Day Challenge in the sidebar here at Vitalwaves or just click the following link to be taken to the Vitalwaves 40 Day Daily Affirmations Challenge.   We also have a 40 Days Challenge page setup at Wealthvibes as well.  You can join the challenge through either page and at the Vitalwaves page you can leave your comments.

Please start your 40 Day Challenge today.  

Thanks and I hope you are enjoying a great day today!

Bob K.

The Power of Programming Your Dreams

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Greetings my fellow Vitalwavers,

Hope all is well in your world.  Over at our sister site, we have a free ebook that reveals the power of programming your dreams for self-improvement.  It comes from the creators of the Super Mind Power System, a fantastic collection of self-improvement audios and ebooks.  I own the collection and have been very impressed with the quality of the meditations.  Right now they are also offering a free alpha mind power meditation – grab it while you can.

Now, you can head on over to the Program Your Dreams free ebook page and read my story about the dream journal I spent a couple of years on and download the free dreams ebook there or you can just download the free ebook right here.   The ebook is in pdf format so just right click the link and save it to your hard drive and then double-click it to read it.  If you left click it will actually open right here and you can read it now.

Free Dreams Ebook

If you have any experience with lucid dreaming, controlling your dreams or dreams that helped you solve a problem feel free to share them in the comments section below.  Also, if you have had any interesting precognitive dreams or prophetic dreams feel free to share as well.

thank you and have a fantastic week!

Bob K.

Video to Get More Positive in 2009

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Greetings fellow Vitalwavers and Wealthvibers,

Meditainment is a company that produces professional meditation audios and videos. They have a free video to help get you more positive in 2009. You can see the video by following this link:

Free Get Positive Video

I’ve produced a quick 1 minute video on why you should check it out:


Bob K.