Healing Picture – Northern Lights

The following healing picture is entitled Northern Lights and comes courtesy of Image Editor under the creative commons.

Please take a moment to send loving spiritual energy into the Northern Lights healing image or picture  now. Also take a moment to meditate on the beauty of the picture and the spiritual energy it has already been charged with. If you spend time sending uplifting spiritual vibrations into this healing picture please let others know by saying so in the comments section below. The comments will allow others to know that we are empowering or charging this picture with powerful positive energy and also lets us know which healing pictures are your favorites so we can feature them!

healing picture - Northern Lights

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26 Responses to “Healing Picture – Northern Lights”

  1. 1
    shelley Says:


  2. 2
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Dear Bob,

    I surrounded the healing picture Northern Lights with The Flame of Universal Love.

    Your’s in service,Yvonne.

  3. 3
    isaac Says:

    i want to get laptop tomorrow afternoon 12:00pm by looking at this healing picture

    yours isaac

  4. 4
    Nancy C. Says:

    Hello Fellow Healers,
    This picture is PULSATING! It is vibrant with healing energy….I have received transformative, healing energy from this picture. I gave back healing energy to this picture. This picture will Heal you completely. We are all One……we are all Radiant Beings of God’s Perfect Light…..
    In Oneness,

  5. 5
    Jean Ann Says:

    All of your pictures are wonderful. The beauty of each one fills me with a feeling of peace and serenity – “Northern Lights” in particular. I pray that everyone who looks at them can feel the same way. All the positive emotions that viewers experience resonate through each picture and the next people who view them will be blessed with all that wonderful karma. I wish you all positive emotions and good fortune.

    In peace and love………………
    Jean Ann

  6. 6
    ruby Says:

    this is my favourite picture….. i pray that all who see this picture are blessed with love in their life…..and i wish that those who are blessed send positive energy back so dat i may get my love…..may all fine what theyre looking for

  7. 7
    Ben G. Says:

    as soon as i looked at this picture…i could feel a shift. an excitement. This is something very special…heaven on earth. Thank you for this blessing and thank you for everyone sharing your healing, loving, and positive energies! this is really amazing :]

    thanks guys!

  8. 8
    Sean Says:

    I am sending a massive pure energy wave, designed to latch on to all of those pure source energy waves, a super charger. I am also specifically targeting those fellows who love a coworker and have not told them yet. One super concentrated pure source energy beam, in the middle of the massive anergy wave, for you and the manifestation of your dreams. Peace and love be with you always. I love you Caitlin.

  9. 9
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Angels weep a tear,
    Flying ever so near,
    Whenever they hear
    A lack of justice.

    Watching from afar,
    They cheer for triumph,
    Spreading their wings,
    Singing songs gloriously.

    The Angels look for Little One,
    Who was an angel before in heaven.
    Story tells she came to earth
    To find the dark one.

    Right now it is an all out hunt,
    To place medals of honor on her spirit,
    Protecting her is time of great need,
    For the path of enlightenment.

    So whenever truth is pierced,
    The wall of denial crumbles,
    A sound is played in their ears,
    Telling the angels they are closer.

    By Pamela Murawski

    P.S I hope people take the time to read my poetry because it can heal you.

  10. 10
    Chris Says:

    I have just recharged the picture.

  11. 11
    Neljan Says:

    Your powers moves within me as I lay sleeping. Materializing my thoughts, my dreams…my life.

  12. 12
    martha Says:

    I live in the northern hemisphere, so northern lights resonates w/ me, to me seeing the northern lights is a nature dance, in it`s vibrant swirling colors, this is energy at it`s best! loved this photo, I sat mesmerized, in a trance like, started to see auras in & around the photo too,the colors are also some of the chakra colors, so meditated on the heart area, etc, before i`d finished to I sent & visualized a green light (heart chakra color)shooting from me to out there & into the picture. this experience fills me w/ joy! thank you for all you do, Love & Light.

  13. 13
    titli Says:

    I love this healing picture.Please send me the positive energy with loads of love.

  14. 14
    Angel St.Cyr Says:

    I see the healing energy and peace in this picture. It is full of energy, calming and healing energy. It is the energy of hope that all things work out for right for those who believe in them. Bright Blessings, Angel St.Cyr

  15. 15
    dave Says:

    I fill this picture with positive, loving energy for all. Blessings.

  16. 16
    frank Says:

    have placed healing love and energy into all these wonderful photos
    this is such a beautiful place may you be blessed all.

  17. 17
    Christine Says:

    Thank you!!!! May god’s healing love and light touch everyone who views this picture. For this one in particular touched me. Much love! God bless !

  18. 18
    su Says:

    have sent postive healing to this picture it is a true wonder of nature well 1 of them blessings to all x

  19. 19
    Aleyia Says:

    I just send loving, healing, spiritual, and Positive Energy to the image above, and all who view and comment, May you Be Blessed Beyond Measure!! and much
    UniveraLove 2 U!

  20. 20
    Linda Says:

    I have sent positve and healing energy. God bless

  21. 21
    dimitria tireli Says:

    like this sun who rise on the sky and bring all this colors of rainbow i wish to me and to everybody ..the sun and the colors to remove all this blackness away ..now ..and that we begam to see clear ..and happier xxx

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  24. 24
    John Says:

    Received lots of love, today. 27th November 2013. Thank you. Feeling so good.

  25. 25
    john Says:

    Jesus help me please. I am now in Kuala Lumpur, i would like to fly to Bali, i only have 300e. I do not know what to do ? I am closing the door with R company. We need more income, i do not know which action to take ? I am waiting feedbacks from Daniel and Danel, do not know if opportunities behind ? Do we need to fly Bali within 1 or 2 days ? Please God send us your light, so that we see our way. I have angers, pains, in my heart. Thanks for all what you are going to give within the next few hours. Thank you the Universe. Which goal or goals do we need to have in mind at this moment ?

  26. 26
    John Says:

    God help us deal with M. We want to be back Bali as soon as possible.

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