Healing Picture – Dawn

The following healing picture is entitled Bass habor and comes courtesy of Markflemingphoto under the creative commons.

Please take a moment to send spiritual love energy into the first light of dawn healing image or picture now. Also take a moment to meditate on the vibrant power of the picture and the spiritual energy it has already been charged with. If you spend time sending loving spiritual vibrations into this healing picture please let others know by saying so in the comments section below. The comments will allow others to know that we are empowering or charging this picture with powerful love energy and also lets us know which healing pictures are your favorites so we can feature them!

healing picture - healing image

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16 Responses to “Healing Picture – Dawn”

  1. 1
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Dear Bob,

    I surrounded the healing picture Dawn with The Flame of Universal Love.

    Your’s in service,Yvonne.

  2. 2
    Taiwo Says:

    Dear Bob,

    I wish to send to all my vitalwaves family the healing joy and peace I received from this stunningly serene scene. May all their days be as calm and ‘cool’ as this.

    Thank you for sharing your insights and blessings with us all.

    My Radiant Love.

    Taiwo (My name means “Savour TheWorld” – and boy! Isnt it joyous – a real blast!!)

  3. 3
    Lee Simmons Says:

    I sent Reiki energy to the scene — it is inspiring and fresh. I send loving energy to all who read this and view the picture.

    Thank you for this website.


  4. 4
    Taiwo Says:

    I send, through this soothing, calming,healing picture, the abundant healing grace of the Universe and pray that those suffering will get more comfort and relief from their pain. May my fellow Vital Wavers be surrounded with the enduring joy with which this healing pictured is imbued..

    Abiding Love


  5. 5
    shirley Says:

    wow, the energies in the water are fantastic, clean and pure..oh to be there.
    That all the waters of the world will be fressh, clean and pure again..i direct my energies for our planet..the best planet in our universe..
    That this picture wash all who look at it with pure healing on mind, body and soul
    So be it.

  6. 6
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Begin anew
    Leave behind all false self
    Ego and the world of illusion
    Say hello to no worry, haste or fear.
    The truth has been found
    In the early morning hour
    When the dew met the frost
    Something clicked causing miracle
    For blessings of great fortune
    Come to one of great faith
    Trusting in a better world
    A new one without shame

    by Pamela Jean Murawski
    Copyright ©2004 Pamela Jean Murawski

  7. 7
    Chris Says:

    Just sent lots of energy into that picture.

  8. 8
    John Says:

    I have just charged that photo, with enery.

  9. 9
    jenny Says:

    I inject this lovely scene with refreshing heartfelt soothing yet energetic loving ambition and flow!!! <3

  10. 10
    SANDY Says:


  11. 11
    John Overton Says:

    Thank you for what you are doing.
    Thank you for this picture.

    May it energize and heal and pour passionate ecstatic abundance and boundless blessing over all who come in its path.

    In Joy!

    John O

  12. 12
    Selena Billingsly Says:

    Hi finest place in the world is this. finest in planet.I’ve no words for my country.. I like old forts.I have lived in Indian Cities.

  13. 13
    Build chest muscles Says:

    Since i really want to build muscle for my upper body.

  14. 14
    Daniel Says:

    I surround the healing picture DAWN with a ring of fire for healing.

  15. 15
    Aleyia Says:

    I have just sent and received spiritual healing and positive energy from the pic above. Many Blessings and Universal Love to all who view it!

  16. 16
    neena Says:

    i have sent healing energy to everybody through this picture.hope this picture heals my daughters eyes as well.

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