Healing Picture – Sun Meditation

The following healing picture is entitled Meditation and comes courtesy of hape_gera under the creative commons.

Please take a moment to send loving spiritual energy into this Sun Meditation healing image or picture now. Also take a moment to meditate on the beauty of the picture and the spiritual energy it has already been charged with. If you spend time sending some spiritual vibrations into this healing picture please let others know by saying so in the comments section below. The comments will allow others to know that we are empowering or charging this picture with powerful positive energy and also lets us know which healing pictures are your favorites so we can feature them.  Also, if you just happen to like the picture let us know in the comments as well – thank you!

healing picture - Sun Meditation

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34 Responses to “Healing Picture – Sun Meditation”

  1. 1
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Dear Bob,

    I surrrounded the healing picture Sun Meditation with The Flame of
    Universal Love.

    Your’s in service,Yvonne

  2. 2
    Bob K. Says:

    Thank you Yvonne!

  3. 3
    Sofia Says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you!
    At the moment I am petryfied of being on my own, in particularly after 6.00p.m. Could you please send me healing to make me stronger and heal my fear as well as my Asthma. And for me to have always company at night in the sense of having someone in the house sleeping, so I am not on my own. At the moment it is very important that I have company. I need EMOTIONAL and physical energy.
    And if you can send healing to find my soulmate would be great, I am sure it must be a healer!
    Many Thanks and Kind Regards and healing

  4. 4
    Sofia Says:

    Could you please send me healing to heal my fears and negative thougths.
    I am also looking for my soulmate and am looking to sell a ruin that I have in Portugal. If all healers could send me some healing or Reiki would be fantastic and I would be grateful.
    Many Thanks and Kind Regards and healing to all as well.
    I am in North Wales, Bangor.

  5. 5
    Elize Says:

    I am sending out positive energy for abundance in health, wealth and relationships and receive with gratitude this positive energy from the universe!!!!!

  6. 6
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Deep in solitude,
    alone with the silence,
    golden healing rays around me,
    I meditate on God’s undying love,
    grateful for my life I have,
    so blessed with so much love,
    I send it back out to the universe,
    hoping to fulfill my desire to give back.

  7. 7
    Bruce Says:

    I am a Spiritual healer and empath. My purpose in life is to open the hearts of those who have been overwhelmed with life’s burdens.

    I send the energy of love to the stillness of this picture. Enter your secret place and let the silence of the Word fill your heart and cleanse your mind of the egoic toxins. Let the golden light of the picture wash over you and make you new.

    You are One.

    Blessings and love to All

  8. 8
    yasmeen Says:

    I send loving spiritual energy into this Sun Meditation healing

  9. 9
    ticarrah Says:

    i recieve the love and wealth i desire iam out of debt and living in my new home i recieve the energy from the universe it heals me inside and out of all the pain and rejections of yesterday Im blesed and filled to the top with blessings they are atually overflowing iam able to give to my community and loved ones and see my best friend who i haven’t seen for 5 years i nurture my soul and spirit and send gentle vibes of love to the universes

  10. 10
    Lyndy Says:

    I send this picture the energy of peace, serenity, tranquility to all especially the lonely and the sick. May the blessing of God be always with you.

  11. 11
    ruby Says:

    may all who see this picture be blessed with lifes joys and everything they desire

  12. 12
    j j Says:

    May the long time sun shine apon you, all love surround you, and the pure light withing you, guide your way on, guide your way on……..guide your way on.

    pure love, light, healing to all…

  13. 13
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    As we get together,
    The reader and me the writer,
    Vital communication is occurring.

    Our words seam the tear
    In a dysfunctional society,
    We are succeeding in overcoming.

    I reach out to you,
    In some ways,
    Hoping you will help me stand in the light.

    I have never met you personally,
    Yet the intimate feeling,
    Do exist between us in the consciousness.

    One goal in particular,
    I would like us to partake,
    Is to stop war in our minds.

    Unity and friendship,
    The trails and tribulations,
    Let love be our final guide.

    Our civilization will not prosper,
    If we do not fully interconnect,
    Stamp out fear, let us be the first to say no.

    If but one of us, could realize,
    We are not separate from God,
    No one is alone on an island.

    War amongst our people,
    Cannot breath the deadly aroma,
    Earth feels in the pain of our hearts.

    We all have a choice,
    to vote for peace,
    Understanding is the first ticket home.

    Our world wants to halt oppression,
    Immaturity is breading men with toys,
    That can ultimately kill of human beings.

    Do we care about each other or not?
    Not a one of us is holding a gun to obliterate.
    See in your minds eye while creating heaven on earth.

    Wish for compassion to intercede,
    That says I come in peace,
    Hold hands in our spirits.

    History is being brought forward, now in solidarity,
    Refuse to believe in war of any kind,
    Doomsday, is a universal creation, we are in control.

    The universe loudly awaits our decision,
    Within our choice lies the answer,
    To be the first world who does not hate.

    Time is not on our side,
    This problem has been man made,
    We must co-create with God, to save the human race.

    By Pamela Murawski

  14. 14
    Chris Says:

    I have just sent lots of energy to that picture that day.

  15. 15
    John Says:

    Please take the energy i have just sent to that picture.

  16. 16
    Earl Halstead Says:

    Pam Murawsi You are very inspiring. You are an angel. Your wisdom is very touching.
    I am sending out spiritual energy to all. I love you all!

    God Bless!

  17. 17
    Chris Says:

    I have just fille that picture, with loving energy. Please absorb, this is free.

  18. 18
    Maria Says:

    I sent the healing picture much LOVE.

    Love and blessings for everyone.

  19. 19
    Angel St.Cyr Says:

    I send and receive healing waves of love and positive energy. This is such a positive image!

  20. 20
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    The way we see life,
    depends on our own image,
    how much sin we committed,
    the amount of forgiveness given,
    with a keen ability to know wrongdoing,
    determines relationships and bonds we ensue,
    so watch your step along the path of this journey,
    or a ticket to the dark side will be a flop not a hit show,
    just a lonely view of horror and terror with you the whole plot,
    this is said out of deep concern for my fellow man and our human race.
    my knowledge is self learned the hard knocks way having lived this story.

    by Pamela Murawski

  21. 21
    Larry Says:

    I have just sent healing white light into the picture above. Namastae’

  22. 22
    Christine Says:

    Many thanks!!!! I send back tenfold! God bless!

  23. 23
    Christine Says:

    Sit often in the sun basking in his goodness and light…. Find peace with Him. Love and light to all!

  24. 24
    Tina P. Robinson Says:

    I am sending pure white light into this photo…..serenity peace and energy to all…

  25. 25
    Daniel Says:

    I have sent healing energy into the photo above.

  26. 26
    madhu Says:

    lot of positive energy sent in form of golden light

  27. 27
    ana maria bustos Says:

    Esta cargada con muchisima luz blanca y he dejado todo mi amor en ella.

    Podeis armonizaros con ella y envolveros en el amor!!!

  28. 28
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Connection to the sun also known as light energy gives such a positive uplifting boost on our part of our lives. Healing is profounded throughout the photograph as it characterizes and radiates love and peace.

  29. 29
    Amy Says:

    Looking at this picture gives me peace since am going through a very difficult time, I send back the peace I feel to every one who views it

  30. 30
    diet Says:

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  31. 31
    john Says:

    Sending vibrational energy today to that picture….

  32. 32
    Marie Says:

    May you be filled with the warm and soothing light, wellness and joy to all

  33. 33
    John Says:

    I feel bad, i find myself in Malaysia. These last days, i experience some special breathing, i do not know from what is coming from. I am scared this can be someting bad in my body, please God give me the strength, i want to be able to run, swim each single day. I want to go to Bali, and am frustrated i do not have the money, enough money till today to make the move, it makes me angry and frustrated. I am fed up with life, i have taken relaxing pills those last days, to cope with the pains, angers, frustrations. I do not know why the money doesn’t flow much better in my life, why at my age, almost 50, i have nothing. I feel that if this persists, i do not want to live longer, life is so painful on a daily basis. Please God help me, please soften my pains, soften my heart and help me forgive all these people, please let me free. Please God supply me in abundance, that i experience luxury life and financial abundance till the end of my days, please everyhting is possible to you, everyhting.

  34. 34
    Marie Says:

    sending energy to this picture anew. Time to reflect on the day and staying open for a tomorrow full of possibilities

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