Crystal Bowl Sound Healing video

Greetings friends,
One of the tools you can use to help put you in a spiritual place is a singing bowl or crystal bowl.  You rub the edges and it creates various spiritual sounds that can resonate with the very core of your being. 

I once saw a lecture by a woman who had been cured of her cancer just by using singing bowls to aid her healing.   Here is a video featuring the sound healing properties of singing bowls.   Enjoy!

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    Hortense Marsell Says:

    Finally found it. thanks!

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    Form 16 Says:

    Thanks for the article …… nice one……
    I liked very much…….

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    FrAncisca Says:

    Hello QWERTY,If this question were a rildde, my response would be by experiencing suffering the entire day before The point I’m trying to make is that a moment of entire happiness only exists in between two moments of utter unhappiness. Happiness is a cause and condition for Suffering, which is a cause and condition for Happiness, etc. By accepting this fact and developing contentment with whatever our experience is at the present moment, if we can develop a good enough mentality, we learn to use the inevitable manure of life as a means to grow beautiful flowers for the mind. May all beings everywhere live life with beautiful gardens and flowerbeds

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