Manifest Prosperity

If you want to make more money, manifest prosperity or wealth, or just attract more abundance in your life make your request from this page. 

One of the laws of prosperity states that the more you give to others the more you’ll attract to yourself.  Want to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life?  Become more generous. Give more to charities, tip more, etc..

Another secret to manifesting prosperity is to focus in on one money making area, hone your skills and make a concerted effort to make a massive income in that area. If you can, set it up on autopilot and then move to another area thereby creating multiple income streams.

When you make your request for more abundance or what you want be specific.  If you want to attract a million dollars say so. Then let your fellow energy senders and the universe work its magic.  The universe works in mysterious ways and has a habit of throwing surprises when you least expect them.  With your requests at this site we try to ensure that those surprises are positive ones! 

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power.  So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more abundance?  Send out more thoughts of abundance to others!

thank you!

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1,491 Responses to “Manifest Prosperity”

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  1. 1451
    John Says:

    God help us. We see only :

    – Chester

    As opportunities.

    Should we consider others ?

  2. 1452
    John Says:

    Thanks God for the relief today. Thanks for your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  3. 1453
    John Says:

    God help us please. We need money now.

    – Chester ;
    – Can we expect something from Bernard ? ;
    – Other opportunities ?

    Thanks for the good news.

  4. 1454
    John Says:

    God, please help us. We need your help, we have Usd150 with us. Please we need your assistance today, now.

  5. 1455
    John Says:

    Please God help me with the options i have :

    1 – Chester ;
    2 – Yves.

    Can i expect something from them ?

    Are there other options to consider ?

    I am tired and fed up.

  6. 1456
    Darron Says:

    Please send financial abundance energy thank you.

  7. 1457
    John Says:

    Please God to us new doors for financial abundance. Give me the brain, the mental energy i need.

    Apart from Yves, do not see opportunities. But Yves, doesn’t plan more countries…

  8. 1458
    John Says:

    God please help us. Yves, is coming 12th Sept. We will not have enough money till this time. Please God we need more doors to open, i feel exhausted, am fed up. Please help us God.

  9. 1459
    John Says:

    God, please i am shame that father of Linda sends money for tickets.

  10. 1460
    John Says:

    God help us financially, I am scared, i am scared, come quickly save me.

  11. 1461
    John Says:

    God, please help me. We are in Hat yai, do not know if going to Ao Nang ? I feel tired, i give the persons at the reception very unfriendly.

  12. 1462
    John Says:

    God help me i am tired. We are in Hat yai, i lost myu ticket for KL. Hope we can get a new one withlout paying another ticket. I am scared, i give you all i see, felt while being in Thailand.

  13. 1463
    John Says:

    God, please help us. I give you what we see in the b. s. What do we need to do ? Do we need to open an ac in Mal ? I am scared about it. Jesus, please come to our assistance, about our finances. Parents of L. gave linda 2000 e to pay for her ticket, we use this money now. Please protect us, i am fed up with all.

  14. 1464
    John Says:

    God, please protect us. I am scared. I give you God situation with Rico, which action to take ?

  15. 1465
    John Says:

    God, i am scared. Do not know on what to focus on ? We are in Kuantan. Do not know what to do next. Tired of going to KL, not too excited to move to Penang or Langkwai.

  16. 1466
    John Says:

    I do not like this job with Yves, i want something different. I do not feel well, i do not feel well in my heart. This thursday, we move to KL so that Linda meets R the next day. I am not happy, i am not happy,.. God help me i cannot resist, it’s too hard, too hard. I even do not know what i want. Please God come to my assistance, now…

  17. 1467
    John Says:

    God help us, i do not feel well. We are in Kuantan, We plan to go to KL. No idea about this life ?

  18. 1468
    Bill Says:

    I need energy help for my business and the other opportunities that I want to undertake. I want to make $4,000,000 in the next 24 month’s and be able to keep at lest 2,000,000 after taxes and expenences and to keep generating at lest this kind of income permanently, yearly. Please send me positive energy. I really need it. I go up for a while then it goes back to other way. I want to make it once and for all.

  19. 1469
    John Says:


  20. 1470
    John Says:

    Help us God. Linda is meeting Yves end of this week in KL. Our future doesn’t look very clear. Please God help us.

  21. 1471
    John Says:

    God help us. We are in Jkta, 27th Dec. What is nexgt ? We do not have the funds to move to Bali. Please God help us, we need protection and love.

  22. 1472
    John Says:

    Jesus, j’ai peur….

  23. 1473
    John Says:

    God help me, help us. We are in Jkta, Linda received a sms from her mother, not a polite one. Please God protect us from all those people. We are working with Yves, but we would like other opportunities, do something new, different. Linda mets tomorrow Rahmi with director of university, for test.

  24. 1474
    Dawn Says:

    I want to make $40k per month or better after taxes by the end of this summer so that my special needs son and I can move out of the abusive situation that we’ve been in. We also need a new dependable and beautiful van, a 2011 Honda Odyssey or newer to get him to all of his appointments, along w all expenses to do so. Also expenses for all of the non Medicaid paid helps that he needs (& for me also.) We’d also like to have a beach vacation this year. He’s only been on vacation twice in his life & he’s 17. The last time was 10 years ago. We’d also like to be able to move to the beach on the Gulf Coast of Fla when we move. Thank you all! Sending light, love, energy and manifestations to all of you with great haste! Dawn in Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

  25. 1475
    John Says:

    God help us. We are tired to be in this situation. Give me the strengh to face what we currently face. Thank you God.

  26. 1476
    John Says:

    God, i do not know what to do. We are in Kuantan, making maling for job / watches / Baselworld. Nothing is coming. About Y. not much opening. We are scared of missing money. Linda would like to go to see her family. Please God open a door, a financial door. Everything is possible to you. Thanks in advance.

  27. 1477
    John Says:

    God, we took action for watches but nothing has come till today. I am disappointed about that, this situation about money challenges is painful, i really do not know what to do. Today is wednesday, all is blocked about Yves, about those watches and exhibition. Also, i do not know if i need to go for urinary infection ? I took yesterday ahawangha feel today a little somewhat like tired… God help us, open new doors, about what to do, where to go next ? Also, about Linda do not know if she is pregnant… Help us God about our finances…

  28. 1478
    jamalludin Says:

    i need to make sales soon in order not to go broke. thank you.

  29. 1479
    Jean Christophe Says:

    God help me. We are in Hanoi, waiting a confirmation from SIC. I am fed up, many angers inside. I would like to visit a urologist, and Roby i think needs to go for dentist. We need some money quickly, Linda needs to go to Latvia. Please God supply us what we need. You have given Richard, Olivier, mon frere got much, we need money now. Please God come to me.

  30. 1480
    Jean Christophe Says:

    La prochaine fois que je vois cela :

    – dois je faire tests pour pen… ?
    – je veux que les legeres sensations disparaissent,
    – je veux voir plus loin par rapport a ma vie,
    – nous avons besoin d’argent, par exemple Robby pour ses dents,

    Jesus aide nous vite, rapidement…

  31. 1481
    Brian S Says:

    What I really want is one more horse, a barn, trailer and pick up truck. I want to continue to make improvements to my home and farm. I want to stop blocking money from myself.

  32. 1482
    John Says:

    God help us. I am scared. We are now in Kuantan and i do not know what to do next ? I would like to have medical check up with urologist but cannot afford. I also need sport shoes, feeling so frustrated cannot afford those things at the moment. Please God Help us, we need assistance now more than ever. Please God bless my body, spirit and mind. Thanks.

  33. 1483
    John Says:

    God bless us. We are in Sandakan, and do not know about next steps ? Should i ask my parents about Linda and Roby tickets to Europe ? I would like to attract money from various other ways, please God help us. I have a little pain in my left foot side, please God help us, heal all parts of my body. I want to lose weight, please God give me the strenght to stop eating, lose weight and see what to do next. Please God, give me the strengh to move deep inside of myself in order to eliminate all pains, fears,.. Thank you God.

  34. 1484
    Jean Christophe Says:

    God please show us the way. Dans ma tete, je pense a certaines personnes, please make i forget them now and forever. In my head, i want to have new thoughts. I want to be able to make in the evening the 3o days angels, We are in Sandakan, waiting for Yves answer about tickets for Linda and Robert. Please God show us the way, what to do next after Sandakan ?

  35. 1485
    76Tonja Says:

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  36. 1486
    John Says:

    God, i do not feel well. I am stressed, i am worried, i am afraid. How can i feel better now ? Since some days, i have difficulty sleeping i think because of stomach upset. Please God help me heal my body, i need inner strength. Somthig like 2 weeks ago, i absorbed this product, i am scared, there would be something wrong about it in my body. I took however action, by going to hospital. Business for Yves looks so difficult, no orders, very slow. All is rather dpressing, Linda is going to her family in one week. What am i going to become, what am i going to do ? Phuket ? Malaysia ? Other country ? Please God help me, i need, we need more money for living it is too short. Please God protect our finances. i am scared, i am afraid to be destabilized by some people. I feel so sensitive inside of myself, maybe people, cannot see it.Please god heal my body, give me the strengh i need, please heal all parts of my body about the acidity i feel. Please heal 100 % my body, mind and spirit. Protect my family, Robert, Linda.

  37. 1487
    John Says:

    God help me, i do not feel good at all. I am scared and feel very unsecured. I sleep bad since a few days, with some kind of headache. Please God help me heal quickly.

  38. 1488
    Jean Christophe Says:

    Jesus aide moi Linda arrive ce jour en Lettonie avec Robert pour 3 sem, j’ai peur Jesus, tout semble si lent, il n’y a rien qui se passe, jesus aide moi j’ai peur, j’en ai marre

  39. 1489
    John Says:

    Jesus, help us. Still one week to meet Roby and Linda. I do not know about next step, i feel fed up and tired. Please God help us. I am scared about my future. I trust you God, you drive me to the best direction.

  40. 1490
    John Says:


  41. 1491
    John Says:

    God please help us. Yves sent e-mail, he would like to end the cooperation after Philippines. Should we let it go or still persist ? Please show us the way, i would like to have the strengh to do some sports. Please God give me the strengh, courage. I am afraid God, i am afraid.

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