Manifest Prosperity

If you want to make more money, manifest prosperity or wealth, or just attract more abundance in your life make your request from this page. 

One of the laws of prosperity states that the more you give to others the more you’ll attract to yourself.  Want to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life?  Become more generous. Give more to charities, tip more, etc..

Another secret to manifesting prosperity is to focus in on one money making area, hone your skills and make a concerted effort to make a massive income in that area. If you can, set it up on autopilot and then move to another area thereby creating multiple income streams.

When you make your request for more abundance or what you want be specific.  If you want to attract a million dollars say so. Then let your fellow energy senders and the universe work its magic.  The universe works in mysterious ways and has a habit of throwing surprises when you least expect them.  With your requests at this site we try to ensure that those surprises are positive ones! 

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power.  So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more abundance?  Send out more thoughts of abundance to others!

thank you!

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1,496 Responses to “Manifest Prosperity”

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  1. 1001
    Bill Says:

    I need $1500 to manifest in the next 48-72 hours. Your positive energy and vibes are so much appreciated! Thoughts ARE things and when one send out energy it can and does “connrect.”

    I thank you kindly.

  2. 1002
    patti Says:

    I am sending my positive energy, with the utmost vibrations and blessings to EVERYONE,

  3. 1003
    patti Says:

    My positive energy is free for all! i am in need of an abundance of wealth and in dire straights please send all the energy you can and i’ll bounce it back with gratitude for someone else..share and be blessed..
    love and positive energy to All

  4. 1004
    Mel Says:

    Asking and sending we all receive and manifest prosperity quickly and unconditionally
    thank you
    love to all

  5. 1005
    Tim Says:

    Need financial prosperity… God Bless

  6. 1006
    Ron Says:

    ********CARPE DIEM********

    I am sending my positive energy and many blessings of financial wealth, success, abundance, health, and happiness to everyone! GODSPEED

  7. 1007
    Elisa Says:

    I am sending light, love, peace, abundance and all muy gratitude to all. Have a Blessed life.

  8. 1008
    Evandro Woaty Says:


    I send to all who still stuck for some reason in debts and lack of any material approach..a GREAT VIBRATION OF SUN AND THE MOON…to open not only your pockets and wallets filled with Money.. but more to send out in Gratitude…remember to Give..Unconditionally and Yes Universe as the Primary Mighty Power will get right back to you….provide all the Best inside this Earthly life time..Joy..Passion…Gratitude…Inner Peace…Prosper Lucrative Business…


  9. 1009
    kmjjr Says:

    Peace,Love and abundance to everyone and may the universe supply all your needs 10 fold.

  10. 1010
    shawn Says:

    I send love,peace,wealth and prosperity to all,thank you and many blessings to you all!!!

  11. 1011
    Ron Says:

    ********CARPE DIEM********

    I am sending unlimited positive energy and many blessings of financial wealth, success, abundance, health, and happiness to everyone!
    Thank you…

  12. 1012
    kevin Says:

    I am sending love and light and unlimited abundance to everyone, zero linits !

  13. 1013
    Niki Says:

    Sending out POSITIVE ENERGY- LOVE, HAPPINESS, and PROSPERITY to all who can appreciate!

  14. 1014
    Abdul Qadir Says:

    Greetings everybody,

    It’s so wonderful to be here. I am need of Financial Abundance and Prosperity and request all here to send the Positive Energy of Abundance, Prosperity and Financial Manifestation to me.

    Thank you so much.

    GOD Bless us all with His Divine Light and Energy !


  15. 1015
    M Says:

    Asking, receiving and sending love, peace & unlimited prosperity to everyone.

  16. 1016
    marms Says:

    Hi I would like to ask for prosperity and abundance vibrations to me from all of you. Thanks

  17. 1017
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,beautiful souls! I am sending out positive energy to everyone here and to all my friends for manifest prosperity,wealth and fortune.Light and love to all! I appreceate a lot if you do the same for me.Thanks Source energy! Thanks to all! God bless.

  18. 1018
    patti Says:

    hello, what a beautiful day in ontario canada..feeling good and sending some great vibes and energy out there to everyone..with a need for help and i could use a boost myself wealth abundance and prosperity are low please help me and i’ll send you all i can thanks to all bless you from the universe and our hearts!

  19. 1019
    pedro Says:

    I appreciate from all of you to send thoughts of riches my way.
    I am sending my best wishes to you all, and god bless you.

  20. 1020
    Cheryl M. Says:

    I need positive spiritual energy sent to me for Financial blessings and Financial abundance in my life now. … Thank you.

  21. 1021
    Luci H. Says:

    Greetings of love, peace, and positivity to all!

    I am asking for energy and prayer support in my goal of receiving a new, better job from the Universe as quickly as possible so that I may gain financial freedom, provide medical/dental/life insurance for my family, and take care of them. I would also like to be able to bless others.

    Thank you and may you be blessed with whatever it is you are seeking as well for the good of All.

  22. 1022
    Maria Says:

    I am asking from all of you to send me positive energy, vibration and blessing for my request for abundnace in my lifeso that I can help the old people in my town and a few sick people that I know that are struggling to keep their heads above water. I wish this on all of my fellow mates at vital waves
    love you all

  23. 1023
    june Says:

    Hi I have just joined this great site. Firstly I would like to say a big hello to everyone. I live in cornwall, England. I have had debt problems for several years, I work as a nurse & am also a complementary therapist. We have just had the amazing fortune of having a brand new house to move into in the next few weeks. I ask for positive energy that our financial abundance improves that we can afford to move in easily & buy carpets & furniture for our new house. I would like to send out positive energy & cyber-hugs to all,
    many thanx june x

  24. 1024
    Pt Says:

    Pls send me your blessings for my financial well being…thanks

  25. 1025
    christina Says:

    Bring me prosperity and abundance. I want 250 million

  26. 1026
    monay Says:

    I want to earn/receive $1000 a week. I want to earn $4000 a month consistently. I want to have multiple streams of income. I want to have residual income, as well as passive income. I want to be a money magnet. Thank you universe for all of my abundance, wealth, and prosperity!

  27. 1027
    Taniesha Says:

    Hello everyone!! I would love to send all my energy of love, abundance and well being to all here. I am thankful for this site and all those sending out energy vibrations and blessings so we call all strengthen each other. I appreciate receiving the blessing of abundance I have received and looking for the evidence of my 50 million dollars and a never ending continual flow coming to me on a daily basis. I love abundance so that I can share it and give it as gifts to shower on myself and others for having the best lives possible.

    Live, love laugh!!

  28. 1028
    Mel Says:

    Sending gratitute and appreciation to Bob and everyone the site for manifesting prosperity easily and quickly from all our prayers and spirtual energy.
    Love, Light, Laughter and Prosperity.

  29. 1029
    patti Says:

    please send me blessings and energy for 1 million dollars a year for life…I and planning to build a cancer retreat camp..for children in guelph on canada ..very close to Sick Kids Hospital..toronto…and invest in other business to donate all proceeds to food banks..shelters and the list goes on..i will give back ten fold…publishers’ clearing house is offering me this chance in the contest on feb 29th 2012…i will uphold my promise..been there and don’t like the distress..everyone deserves a chance..bless you with all my energy and love returned for you goals and wishes.

  30. 1030
    Božica Says:

    Lijep pozdrav!Šaljem energiju ljubavi i obilja svima . Živim u prelijepoj ali siromašnoj zemlji(CROATIA).Nedavno sam ostala bez posla i bez financija.Molim Vas molite za moj novi posao i financijsko blagostanje.Hvala!

  31. 1031
    Cindy Betts Says:

    God bless you all in your needs and success and financial abundance.

  32. 1032
    xolani Says:

    sending positive energy to all wana be millionaires out there, take it its yours, there is plenty of wealth and abundance in the universe, please send back, remember the principle that says give it shall be given back to you!
    peace, joy and plenty to you all

  33. 1033
    Mee (Mimi) Says:

    May God bless all those who has wished and desired a better life. God has promised that if you ask, you will receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall open onto you. All my life, I’ve always received whatever I’ve asked and prayed for, but it takes faith and patience. Now I am raising by expectations and desires that I wanted to win at least $100 million in playing the Mega Million lotto. I want just exactly $100 million. I know that this will take time, but I’ve continuously prayed and meditated that my wish and desire will manifest shortly. I need everyone’s help by sending your light and energy to me, so I could manifest my desire quicker. I always have been a loving and giving person all my life. I would probably give a lot back to the community if I reach my goal. I always have the desire to help the less fortunate ones and sometimes exhausted myself by giving too much that leaves me nothing at the end.

  34. 1034
    m Says:

    sending good energy to all and asking to receive millions or dollars or more for the highest good. I am doing what it takes to become a millionaire.
    love and blessing to all for our desires to manifest quickly.

  35. 1035
    dimitria tireli Says:

    to this all and me as well who are tired to work and work for no money …ask my teacher JOAO DE DEOUS to give me another jop that will make me happier and fullfield xxx

  36. 1036
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i ask the universe to make me a lotto winner for a million euros

  37. 1037
    patti Says:

    I am asking for anyone/ everyone to send me blessings and positive energy for prosperity..i am in financial upheaval and can not ward off the negative alone ..Send a positive boost of vibrant energy Today!…Thanks and all my blessings and energy will be returned ten-fold..take care!

  38. 1038
    Lori Says:

    Thank you for this site and opportunity! I am asking the universe for a million dollars and the power and wisdom to use it wisely for the highest good of all and to allow me to focus my energies in the best way possible. I send light and love to all the members and their intentions, for the highest good.

  39. 1039
    Angela Marie Says:

    I want to win the lottery and share those winnings with others!

  40. 1040
    John Simon Says:

    Hey guys, I would love start allowing more abundance to flow into my life, could some of you guys hook me up?
    Thankyou so much.

  41. 1041
    Jonathan Tozer Says:

    Hey guys, I would love to have a “million dollar mindset” and the million dollars that comes along with that, LoL!
    Thanks so much much much.

  42. 1042
    mel Says:

    I am so appreciate & gratituful of Bob, VitalWaves and everyone for all the good energy so we will manifest prosperity quickly and easily for the highest good.
    Thank you.
    Seeing all my credit card balances at 0 and money to support
    myself and the charities I support.

  43. 1043
    Vettriana Says:

    For now, I need 1000$ to follow somes courses, I like !! Also, I want to earn 5000$ a month. I want a beautiful house with big land. I want to adopt somes kids around the world. And I want to share my wealth with the world by all possibles ways. Thanx !!

  44. 1044
    Abraham Says:

    I’m sending a positive vibrational tsunami to all those who want a million or more.
    Jai Jai Ram

  45. 1045
    Phemie Says:

    I send blessings and strong energies to Bob and everyone in the Wealtvibes and Vital Waves families for unlimited prosperity, health, happiness, abundance, and success. I pray that we will all be blessed with manifesting our total financial freedom and everything our hearts desire quickly. I am in urgent need of a financial miracle right away and thank you all for sending me your prayers and energies. It is our birthright to be rich, and once we manifest the financial freedom that is ours by birthright, we can also help and be a blessing to so many others ….

    Thank you Bob and everyone for all your prayers and energies … I send you all my prayers and energies too and thank God for helping us all to manifest our financial freedom and unlimited wealth and prosperity instantly!


  46. 1046
    Phemie Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you so very, very much for doing a motivational video for us to manifest money and everything else we need quickly from the Universe, through:

    Being specific and exact in what we need;
    Visualizing and feeling and believing that we have it already;
    Knowing that what we are asking for is already ours, and therefore we are worthy and it belongs to us;
    Accepting and Collecting what we are asking for.

    Napoleon Hill said “What man can Conceive and Believe, Man can Achieve.” Norman Vincent Peale said “You can have whatever we want, providing we are clear about what we want.” Neville Goddard said “What we imagine we hold in our hands. Imagination creates reality.”


    Helene Hadsell’s four step to manifest and she learned to manifest almost instantly in many cases was:


    Select exactly what you want;
    Project (imagine) that you have it already;
    Expect that you will receive it; and
    Collect … know that you WILL RECEIVE what you have asked God and the Universe for.

    Over 2,000 years ago Jesus said “Whatsoever ye pray for, believe that ye have received it!”

    Thanks so much Bob!!! A motivation video to help us all manifest what we need will be the greatest blessing to all.


  47. 1047
    patti Says:

    i am sending all my good vibrations to all those in financial dispair with goals awaiting . i wish for abundance and prosperity for my 50th birthday tomorrow March 17. St. Patrick’s Day..i am in a pickle and would love all ,my wishes for others to be fulfilled and return your abundant wishes to me..The Universe is abundant and there’s plenty for everyone ..I will share and be generous to a fault..Blessings to everyone, intentions positive!!

  48. 1048
    Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund Says:

    I am desiring to find a very Joyful, Easy and Fun way to make a bunch of money doing something I love in a short period of time – so that I can easily develop my end-of-life and healing business! For instance, I love to play with essential oils, so I’m thinking that there could be a way to let that area of my business GROW Big Time! I pray that the Universe will help me by bringing this method of earning good $$ to me with grace and ease. And may all my needs be met And More – by the end of springtime! May i be making at least $8,000 a month by summertime. Thanks for your energy blessings for this. And Thank You, in advance, Dear Spirit, for it is already accomplished!

  49. 1049
    Christine Says:

    I wish to manifest financial prosperity and financial freedom and independence. I am sending you all tons of positive energy to manifest your own dreams and make them a reality. Love and light to you all 🙂

    Christine W
    Sidney, BC

  50. 1050
    Rita Says:

    I want to win at least 5 million norwegian kroner .. in lotto! I wish to manifest financial prosperity and financial freedom and independence. I am sending you all tons of positive energy to manifest your own dreams and make them a reality. Love and light to you all !!!

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