Manifest Prosperity

If you want to make more money, manifest prosperity or wealth, or just attract more abundance in your life make your request from this page. 

One of the laws of prosperity states that the more you give to others the more you’ll attract to yourself.  Want to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life?  Become more generous. Give more to charities, tip more, etc..

Another secret to manifesting prosperity is to focus in on one money making area, hone your skills and make a concerted effort to make a massive income in that area. If you can, set it up on autopilot and then move to another area thereby creating multiple income streams.

When you make your request for more abundance or what you want be specific.  If you want to attract a million dollars say so. Then let your fellow energy senders and the universe work its magic.  The universe works in mysterious ways and has a habit of throwing surprises when you least expect them.  With your requests at this site we try to ensure that those surprises are positive ones! 

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power.  So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more abundance?  Send out more thoughts of abundance to others!

thank you!

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1,496 Responses to “Manifest Prosperity”

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  1. 1051
    saima Says:

    i need more positive energy for money and i want to make huge amount of money . in returns my energy for all of those who wants to be millionaior

  2. 1052
    Marva Says:

    I am sending lots of love, prosperity and good health blessings to all. I am requesting a financial breakthrough to pay off my mortgage. I also want to open a wellness store and to have an online business and that all will be successful. Thank you for the positive energy.

  3. 1053
    Angela Marie Says:

    I send energy, love, and abundant well being to all. I have always dreamed of winning the lottery. I’m ready for my Mega Million Win!

    Thank You!

  4. 1054
    Master Trey Says:

    Please ask the Universe to bless me with multiple streams of income so i am totally financially free! !And me and my business partner can start our business and be successful! !And never have the spirit of lack ever again. Also i would like to send positive love energyand health vibrations. .God bless me!!MasterTrey. ………$$$€€£££¥¥¥¢¢¢And last but not least send energy so i can manifest 10million on Mega millions or lotto so that i can start my foundation! !!!Thank you very much 1Luv to all! !!$$$¢¢¢$$$

  5. 1055
    James Jones Says:

    I pray that the source of the universe gives everyone on this site the desires of their hearts. Please help us to prosper in our business and spiritual lives, so that all our goals are go e.

  6. 1056
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial blessings please request the universe allow me to become financially secure immediately I have many business ideals that could employ many people I am ready to get things up and running God bless


  7. 1057
    ravinder Says:

    i have opened my own healing centre please help me not to give up & beleive in myself & skills despite what people say &flow with abundance,



  8. 1058
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings I want to send healing and abundance energy to everyone making a request live long and prosper much love

  9. 1059
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings all I request abundance energy to manifest prosperity begin at least 3 business’s and employ alot of people thanks for all the love sending it back in return

  10. 1060
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings I’m sending healing and abundance energy to everyone on this site enjoy and God Bless

  11. 1061
    Daniel Says:

    I send out healing and prosperity to all my wealth viber brothers and sisters

  12. 1062
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings to all I request to recieve abundance energy to win 5 million dollars or more in Lottery winnings let the good vibes roll in much love to all

  13. 1063
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings I’m sending healing, prosperity, and love energy to everyone on this site let the good vibes roll much love to you all

  14. 1064
    Mel Says:

    Prosperity to all of us
    Love, Peace and Blessings

  15. 1065
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings all I request abundance energies for a more than 5 million dollar lottery win thanks to all returning the loving energy let the good vibes roll

  16. 1066
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings returning the loving energy sending out healing, liberation from fear and abundance energy for all on this and off love you all let the good vibes roll

  17. 1067
    Marva Says:

    Blessings to all for increase, prosperity and long life with good health.
    I ask for healing in my knees from stiffness which hinders me from bending or kneeling.
    I ask for increase in my business venture to draw customers and distributors to my website.
    I send good vibrations of love, peace and joy to the world.

  18. 1068
    Pahala Says:

    I am sending the happiness and prosperity energy to all on viewers. May the blessing of God will manifest in you as long as you believe and allow it !

  19. 1069
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings to all I’m requesting abundance and prosperity energy to manifest a five million dollar or more lottery win spark me on up and let the good vibes roll much love to you all

  20. 1070
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings to all I’m sending healing, spiritual connection, abundance and prosperity energy to all delight and absorb let the good vibes roll much love to you all

  21. 1071
    Phil Boyle Says:

    I wish you all health , happiness , love and all you hope for yourselves.

  22. 1072
    Betty Says:

    Sending positive energy and the intention that all who request prosperity receive it in abundance.

    I am asking for help to manifest am extra $21,000 for my upcoming expenses and course of study. Thank you to all who are participating. This is a wonderful website!


  23. 1073
    christina Says:

    I have just went into business by myself I would like abundance, prosperity, and wealth…I also ask that those requests before mine be answersd as well

  24. 1074
    rose Says:

    May all my fellow vibers l be blessed with what ever is needed within their lives at this very moment. Open yourselves to receive this blessing.

    Love, Health, Wealth, and Success to all

    Rose K

  25. 1075
    Mel Says:

    Asking and sending love and manifested prosperity to you all today.
    Thank you Bob, VitalWaves and everyone here for good blessing to manifest propserity today

  26. 1076
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings to all I’m requesting the universe grant my cosmic order as well as a 5 million dollar or more Lottery let the good vibes roll and thanks and love to all

  27. 1077
    Shelly Says:

    Celestial Blessings I’m sending out loads of loving, healing, abundance and prosperity energies to all letting those good vibes roll on love to everything and everyone have a blessed weekend

  28. 1078
    Joy Says:

    all abundance is made manifest. So it is. With gratitude to the creator of us all, we are all taken care of. And so it is ….

  29. 1079
    Dennis Says:

    Wishing abundance to all who need it today.

  30. 1080
    Bartholomew Says:

    Hey guys, If I could please have some awesome energy blasts sent my way I would feel friggin great. I hope that you energy manifests itslef in the form of; Found money, $20 bills, $100, me finding rich friends or people willing to lend me $3000, inheritances, lottery winnings in the ball park of 2 to 10 thousand dollars. RICH friends RICH friends, Cmon baby! Show me the money!

    Thankyou all and may you all become disgustingly rich! May you all go through the sudden change that permits you to manifest hundreds and hundreds of dollars in a less than a days time(24hrs). May you all gain the courage and the ferocious will to make the necessary changes in your lives to allow room for extraordinary improvement in the area of finances.

    Be happy!!!

  31. 1081
    Ron Says:

    Blessings To All…

    Please enjoy this FREE Ebook that will change your life. I am wishing everyone UNLIMITED Financial Wealth, Success, Abundance, Happiness, & Glowing Health…


  32. 1082
    chris Says:

    Look!Around us!Make one round by your self and look.
    In the situation you are here now look around you.
    Abundance is the other name of Nature.Nature has many
    Adventure.-A trip to my Ithaki-.
    A bright Sun,or just A SUN.
    Yes! THE BRIGHT SUN is the name of Nature and all
    the clouds are just your imagination.

    kisses to everybody
    kisses to my all wealth vibes
    kisses to all my vitalwaves
    I love you

    *ITHAKI is a poem of Kavafis.Konstantinos Kavafis.

  33. 1083
    Kat Says:

    Namaste! Abundant blessings to all. Requesting manifestation of prosperity enough to free myself from the bonds of debt and servitude and to assist my children in doing the same, with enough left over to substantially help others in need.

    Peace, Love, and Happiness


  34. 1084
    Andrew Says:

    May an abundance of spiritual, financial and health blessings flow out from me to all who read these words. And may success and happiness enrich your heart and soul.

  35. 1085
    michael Says:

    I am requesting unlimited success and abundance to everyone connected with this, including me

  36. 1086
    Marva Says:

    I bless everyone with abundance, good health and love energy. I send out vibrations for all of us to enjoy long life and prosperity and for all energy releases to return to us a thousand-fold. Blessings.

  37. 1087
    Patrick Says:

    Love prosperityand joy to everyone, hope all this positive energy comes back to me a thousand fold. regards Pat

  38. 1088
    Patrick Says:

    I think the Hari Krishna mantra is a very good thing to chant all day to yourself, HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE

  39. 1089
    ravi bhamber Says:

    hi please help to manfest money smoothly in my life


  40. 1090
    michael Says:

    happiness, wealth, health abundance and joy to all

  41. 1091
    Phemie Says:

    Hi all,

    I need to manifest $50,000.00 right away. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and energy to help me manifest this quickly, easily, and effortlessly. I send all my energies, thoughts and prayers to everyone so that you will all manifest everything you desire quickly easily and effortlessly also.

    Thank you.


  42. 1092
    patrick Says:

    I want to manifest 1 million euro please help me with this all my friends out there I hope you all become millionaires, light and love and energy and abundance to everyone, Hare Krishna. regards pat

  43. 1093
    Gagan Polanki Says:




  44. 1094
    Judy Says:

    Pure love, light and blessings upon you all. May your desires manifest quickly and easily.

    Thank you.

  45. 1095
    Duka Says:

    I send my thoughts of prosperity to all of you and hope your wishes will be fulfilled quickly. Please, help me with your prayers and positive energy to make my life more abundant. Let the universe work this magic!

  46. 1096
    Aileen Says:

    Please help me manifest 1,000,000 Euros.

    Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and energy to help me manifest this quickly, easily, and effortlessly. I send all my energies, thoughts and prayers to everyone so that you will all manifest everything you desire quickly easily and effortlessly also.
    May the Universe work its MAGIC FOR ALL OF US.

    Aileen A. – Las Pina,s Philippines

  47. 1097
    Bonnie Says:

    Sending health, abundance, prosperity, and love to all who are in need of it today.

  48. 1098


  49. 1099
    horace Says:

    I pray that all benifit and get all their desires met supernaturally in a quick manor . I live in a attitude of gratitude . I ask you all to pray I become a multi millionaire in the next 30 days. i want to be able to help family friends and strangers.

  50. 1100
    CB Says:

    Family of 7, seeking a new career to bring stabili and abundance to my family and community. Send me your prayers, as I am doing for all those here as well.

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