Manifest Prosperity

If you want to make more money, manifest prosperity or wealth, or just attract more abundance in your life make your request from this page. 

One of the laws of prosperity states that the more you give to others the more you’ll attract to yourself.  Want to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life?  Become more generous. Give more to charities, tip more, etc..

Another secret to manifesting prosperity is to focus in on one money making area, hone your skills and make a concerted effort to make a massive income in that area. If you can, set it up on autopilot and then move to another area thereby creating multiple income streams.

When you make your request for more abundance or what you want be specific.  If you want to attract a million dollars say so. Then let your fellow energy senders and the universe work its magic.  The universe works in mysterious ways and has a habit of throwing surprises when you least expect them.  With your requests at this site we try to ensure that those surprises are positive ones! 

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power.  So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more abundance?  Send out more thoughts of abundance to others!

thank you!

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1,496 Responses to “Manifest Prosperity”

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  1. 1151
    Amy Says:

    Hello and prayers of peace and prosperity to all. May I manifest abundant wealth, purchase a beautiful home for my family and live a fun, peaceful and harmonious life. I can see it. I can feel it. I have a ladybug watching over me. The time is now.

  2. 1152


  3. 1153


  4. 1154


  5. 1155
    Mel Says:

    I am gratefully asking and sending prayers that we all manifested prosperity today.
    Thank you.

  6. 1156
    redd Says:

    i decree and affirm happiness and an abundant supply of wealth to each and everyone of you

  7. 1157

    please send spiritual energy doors open for oppurtunities to have money

  8. 1158
    jasmine Says:

    Hello everyone i wish you all love, peace and abudance please wish the same for me!!!!!! Send me MANY MANY thoughts of audance and prosperity

  9. 1159
    m Says:

    Asking and sending prayers that prosperity money manifest today for us..
    Thank you.
    Many blessings to everyone

  10. 1160
    Phemie Says:

    Hi everyone, Please send me all your prayers and energy to receive $50,000 or more quickly this week. I send all of you all my prayers and energy that all your needs for money and abundance will be answered quickly also.

    Thank you and many Blessings!

  11. 1161
    Henry Brennan Says:


    I’m a professional writer, living in the Philippines. Life can be very challenging, out here, so I’m requesting that some prosperity energy be sent my way. I will also send out energy to those that need it!

  12. 1162
    sacha Says:

    I wish everyone happiness and abundance in all areas of their lives. 🙂

    It would be appreciated if vibes could be sent in my direction for extra money please – thank you so much

    Sacha 🙂

  13. 1163
    LUZ Says:

    Sending you all people of the World, blessings and lots of positive energy for
    the fulfilment of wealth, health and much happiness.
    Will appreciate if you could send healing for my beloved canary Flaffy, that
    suffers with bad feet, very painful. Also if you could send my way positive
    energy for some prosperity as I desperately need to Save my two very poor
    May the Universal Mind send plenty for everyone.

  14. 1164
    Shelley Says:

    Hey there,

    I need some positive energy for my husband, Anton, trying to make a better life for us in New Zealand. We are both unemployed and he really needs a job but keeps getting declined.

    We are currently apart because I had to stay behind in South Africa and look after our 2 kids. It’s hard to be apart and money is running out really fast.

    Please send your prayers and energy that he will get a good job this month so that we can be reunited soon and can start a new prosperous life over there, would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much . Love and light to you all.

  15. 1165
    james Says:

    I wish to send love and may the light of the Universe shine on each one of you and may your dreams and desires come true. love jim

  16. 1166
    Sharna Says:

    Greetings properous ones!! My name is Sharna and my fiancee is Brian. We are both homeless and have been sleeping in our car in motel parking lot or 24 hour fastfood lot. We are requesting financial blessings to get us on our way to California because I lost my job in May and our lease expired the end of August. Our furniture is already in storage in California, we had car issues that need fixing before our trip. Now all we need is just enough money for the entire trip and to cover gas and getting our furniture out of storage. His family is not too happy now that I lost my job so I’m requesting prosperity energy for this beautiful house we both love. I decree and declare that you will be prosperous in every area of their life – nothing missing, nothing broken. I am sending spiritual energy of love, joy, peace, happiness and that your storehouse will be so full, you will not have place to store it.

    Love & Light


  17. 1167
    Ruth Says:

    I am sending positive energy follow by a river of blessings to all in this site and the complete energy, may the abundance of god fulfill your home and hearts.

  18. 1168
    jamie Says:

    I am sending peace, love, joy and a prosperous life to all.
    Please send me thoughts of abundance and prosperity.
    Many blessing to all. Thank you

  19. 1169
    Rahmat Says:

    Asking and sending prayers that prosperity money manifest for all of us today. Thank you.

  20. 1170
    Krista Says:

    today i send out and receive positive energy and love …for more amount of money jusy showing up out of nowhere….a large large amount of money that im not expecting and is more money than i can imagine receiving…..i request positive energy sent to me to win custody of my two children immediately as i am quite miserable without them

  21. 1171
    Christopher Says:

    Hi everyone! I’d ask that you send me good thoughts/energy/prayers, so I can get alot of money really soon!
    A bigger than normal medical bill (for a close family member) comes due soon, and I am asking for the Universe/God
    to bless me so I can pay it all!

    Plus, I have been sending out positive thoughts, so that my internet business will become
    consistently more successful! And, that I will start to make more, consistent money than I have been making before!
    So Please send your positive thoughts for great success in my internet business also!

    Thanks for all the thoughts/energy/prayers that you can send my way; I’m sending back a bunch of energy, to all of you too!

    God Bless You All,
    from Christopher in the Boise Idaho area.

  22. 1172
    sukhwinder Says:

    Hello Everyone !
    I am abundant in the area of financial wealth and am very grateful to every source responsible for its creation thank you and love to all 🙂

  23. 1173
    Robin Says:

    Just had a job interview- seeking positive energy to help guide the search committee towards me, and to offer more $ than I make now!!

  24. 1174
    kathy Says:

    Please send abundant energy to me to have more than enough money to move close to my family. I am a long distance from them and my health is failing. May all receive more than enough abundance into their lives to supply all their needs.

  25. 1175
    Reena Says:

    Please send me energy to get the last job I applied for.
    It’s really a dream job for me. I am in jerusalem.

  26. 1176
    m Says:

    Asking and sending good energy for prosperity money to come bless us today.

  27. 1177
    Ronnie Says:

    I am asking the Universe to send me one million dollars by December 12, 2012.

  28. 1178
    michelle triska Says:

    i ask the universe to make me rich so when my parents die i will be taken care of in a big house with a nice car and a hot tub manifest a million for me in lotto or some other way.send thoughts and prayers also and some postive vibes out there i become rich!

  29. 1179
    Zee Says:

    Please send us prayers And energy for abundant and prosperity in out life we really need same as quickly as posssible we are in dire need to pay our debts and always have in our life want now to become lenders and not borrowers. I send out my energy and prayers for all who need just as i.

  30. 1180
    shan Says:

    I have a salon and its not bringing any income in pray for me that i get the right stylist in to work and the right clients to com ive been in buisness for 4 years and i want to become sucessfull. Thank You. In Jesus name amen.

  31. 1181
    Troy Abraham Says:

    may all your abundant dreams of financial wealth and prosperity be manifested. Believe in the manifestation of it but always keep heart towards God. Every time he leaves you a chance at an opportunity for your goal just go for it. Each of you are all millionaires heck billionaires whether you realize it or not. We all are already rich we just waiting for our money to be in our bank account. The moment we know that our life is financially free forever. Each of us are multi millionaires just we don’t got the money but some times it don’t think money to be rich. Go out there each of you rich and happy people and accomplish your dreams. i love each of you with all my heart i will meet you at gates of paradise.

  32. 1182
    Herman Says:

    Hello everyone

    please send me prayers and positive vibes. I want be a rich man to make better future for my family.
    I also sending my positive vibes to all people who need in this forum.
    thank you and love you all…

  33. 1183
    Herman Says:

    i praying to you all….hope all your abundance..your wishes are coming to your life….

    with love….

  34. 1184
    criselda Says:

    may the abundance of happiness, harmony, money, great health and peace be with each and every one of us. thank you very much.

  35. 1185
    Fergal Says:

    Hello everyone. I am in financial difficulty, and am trying to get my novel published. I am now sending to all people of the World, good luck, peace, success, happiness and prosperity. Please wish the same for me, and some positive energy for the success of my novel, which I believe will help others if it is published.

  36. 1186
    Judy Says:

    Let wealth in abundance be yours now! I send love and peace and powerful positive energy to each of you!

  37. 1187
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @Fergal helping others is what everything is all about living on Earth. If you believe it will help people then go on and pursue it. Positive energies be sent to you consistently but i believe your book will sell as i hope to pick it up and be more inspired by it.

  38. 1188
    Herman Says:

    today i send my possitive energy to you all….hope your wishes will come true.
    with love…

  39. 1189
    Fergal Says:

    @Troy. Thank you for your good wishes. The main obstacle I now face is in finding an agent who will represent a first time author, as most will not, and publishers only want to deal with agents. I wish prosperity and good luck to all of you, and would be grateful if you would all wish the same for me and my book. If I had a few million dollars, I would publish it myself. Namaste.

  40. 1190
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @fergal it don’t take a million dollars cash to publish a book all it takes is a million dollar attitude and mind. When you able to recognize you already a millionaire in heart and mind then the money comes to you. I believe in you and look forward to read your book. Writing a book is challenging at first but once you get hang of it it don’t become a challenge. You can do it i’ll see you on the great beaches of the world.

  41. 1191
    Nid Says:

    Thank you inadvance for your positive intentions and poweful energy to generate more abundance to me, to share with others who need it most

  42. 1192
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @Nid your welcome it what everything is all about. It about sharing the love and abundance with each other. Just never forget you already are wealthy successful and famous. You simply waiting for your money to come to you. Never give up your dreams for the sky is the limit. I will always send energies love and support to anybody on this site whether i know them our not because it my intention to spread love and abundance all across the globe. The message is to inspire people be more that they able to be. Congratulations Nid you are on your way to the top just remember everybody is a multimillionaire whether they know it or not. Take care know and don’t be shame sharing the love and abundance.

  43. 1193
    Anujarose Says:

    Hello all,
    I am in financial difficulty, and am trying to get job as Lecturer in nursing college. I am now sending to all people of the World, good luck, peace, success, happiness,job for all unemployed people, prosperity in their life ,ability to become rich and the protection of god. Please wish the same for me, and some positive energy for for a getting teaching job, which I believe will help my family and others in this world .
    Thank you god for blessing us and granting the desires of our heart..

  44. 1194
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @Anuharose your dedication of service is displaying passion deep inside your heart. You show a true humanitarian. I am 1000% positive all those going happen because it a good thing which is a positive energy. Many blessings towards you. Also everybody one quick thought if we all want create peace and unity there only one way and it we must unite as one. I’m in and all i doing is waiting for everybody join so together we change world into a paradise. I love you all and i always will keep believing and never give up because dreams can and do come true.

  45. 1195
    Andrens Says:

    Im sending out positive vibes and energy out into the universe in the hope that we will in turn have a positive result in selling our house quickly and buying the dream home we so badly want. Thanks in advance.

  46. 1196
    mel Says:

    Gratefully asking & sending for good energy financial prayers to be answered today 11/28/2012.
    Thank you.
    Love, Laughter, Peace, Prosperity to all

  47. 1197
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @mel prosperity and basically all your financial cravings lies deep inside of you. It is this blockage that is preventing you from going towards where you want to go. I am sure deep down you already are a successful and wealthy deep within of you. @Fergal Making an e-book seems easier if you want to go that route amazon and kindle is best route to go. Anyways i will continue to showers of love and blessings with all of you.

  48. 1198
    Paul Says:

    $2 million would be perfect. $1,000,000 for me to multiply, and $1,000,000 to give away.
    Keep multiplying and keep giving. Love, health, peace and prosperity to all and Gods blessings.

  49. 1199
    Paul Says:

    You can publish yourself with my book is Sexchef, ‘Cooking for the one you Love.’ All about romantic meals. You can search it on It’s not too expensive to do it that way.
    Best of luck with that, and if that is your dream, then just make it happen, MAKE it happen. oxox.

  50. 1200
    Tiann (Riverdale, Ga) Says:

    Happy Holidays and positive vibes go out to each of you. I ask that positive thoughts, vibes and prayers go out on my behalf to manifest the perfect job with the perfect pay to come to me in the perfect way! Thanks in advance!

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