Manifest Prosperity

If you want to make more money, manifest prosperity or wealth, or just attract more abundance in your life make your request from this page. 

One of the laws of prosperity states that the more you give to others the more you’ll attract to yourself.  Want to manifest more wealth and abundance in your life?  Become more generous. Give more to charities, tip more, etc..

Another secret to manifesting prosperity is to focus in on one money making area, hone your skills and make a concerted effort to make a massive income in that area. If you can, set it up on autopilot and then move to another area thereby creating multiple income streams.

When you make your request for more abundance or what you want be specific.  If you want to attract a million dollars say so. Then let your fellow energy senders and the universe work its magic.  The universe works in mysterious ways and has a habit of throwing surprises when you least expect them.  With your requests at this site we try to ensure that those surprises are positive ones! 

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power.  So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more abundance?  Send out more thoughts of abundance to others!

thank you!

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1,496 Responses to “Manifest Prosperity”

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  1. 1301
    Elegun Adahosu Says:

    To all those who respond to my website via vital waves for a limited time I will give u all all free no strings attached spiritual reading. And may you all receive abundance beyond belief in the now just because you have read this post.All my love

  2. 1302
    Jhen Says:

    I love this positive vibrational energy.
    I am requesting Universal support for me and my team
    to build our matrix and start living an abundant life.
    I want everyone to be a part of my team with ease on my part
    and have people come join me effortlessly.
    Thank you thank you thank you….

  3. 1303
    john Says:

    Thank you the Universe for the money receivd this week, thank you so much

  4. 1304
    Donna Says:

    Firstly i affirm everyones wishes and intentions, may they all come true for you all,Thankyou God for everything that i have i feel very very blessed i affirm world love,peace,harmony,abundance and monetary wealth for every single person in the universe, and of course health and the end to poverty and violence and oprresion and illness i am creating and recieving 20 millions dollars i can buy my home,business,properties and car outright and to pay of all my debts, once this has been done,i can then donate money to helping others in need around the world and so it is, much love to everyone,god bless and thankyou universe for everything xoxo

  5. 1305
    Reggie Says:

    Hello and blessings to you all.if someone could send positive energy,for good luck and financial breakthroughs..I would really appreciate it.thanks and lots of love.

  6. 1306
    Diana Says:

    First, I am blessed beyond measure. I am a giver by nature – both of my time money. I am the daughter of givers. Giving makes me happy. I have also been blessed with answers to financial issues out of the blue. I believe in the power of collective positive thoughts/prayers/healing/energy so I am reaching out. I am pretty darned content with my life – however I have this one area that is completely out of sync with the rest of my life and it not allowing me to move forward. I have seriously angst when it comes to the topic of money and my own “value” I know my time is valuable, and I give of it freely. I shut down when the topic of money comes up. I’m not a shopper, or an overspender. I just am absolutely frozen in my footsteps when it comes to taking control of my fiscal life. All of my medical bills are in collection – I don’t answer the phone when they call. I have been in foreclosure twice in the last three years and by the grace of the universe have been granted second and third chances.

    But here is my intention: to ask for peace and understanding in order to turn my fiscal world around and allow me to be open to receiving opportunities that align my passions and strengths in a profession that allows me to assist people with healing at some level and to be rewarded financially for the work I love.

  7. 1307
    John Says:

    I intend to get peace in my heart, i feel very challenged, i am scared, worried. I really do not understand why i do not overcome those financial challenges, am tired, Please God help me, please Universe help me.

  8. 1308
    Elanor Says:

    Thank you, gods and angels, for the help this week and for your continued support in the matter of my mother’s will. Thank you also for leading me to this website.

  9. 1309
    John Says:

    I ask the Universe to help me now, today. I, we need assistance with our finances. Thank you God, thank you the Universe.

  10. 1310
    AVERY Says:




    A*K*A $3P$

  11. 1311
    John Says:


  12. 1312
    kar Says:

    May the best outcome prevail for everyone’s requests on the site.
    I request enough financial prosperity to buy my own home which is safe, healthy, happy, harmonious, and productive. Also, the prosperity to keep it.
    Thank you all.

  13. 1313
    Mel Says:

    To more love good health prosperity and peace in the new year to all

  14. 1314
    John Says:

    God, i ask your blessings. I cannot resist in the country, where i am staying. I want to go and live in Greek Islands. Please give me this gift. I really do not know how it can be made happen, but i know everything is possible to God and his Angels. I am in a tough situation now, and please help me financially, thanks in advance.

  15. 1315
    P. M Says:

    Sending good energy out to you all and receiving it back. Great Manifestations are in store, starting now. Be ready. Be Free. Be Calm. Just Breathe……and know.

  16. 1316
    Simona Says:

    LOVE LIGHT JOY and MAGIC to all ! ALL wishes are coming true!

  17. 1317
    John Says:

    God, please help us financially, we need your assistance, thank you.

  18. 1318
    Chuka Nobis Says:

    I want the exact sum of Two Million US Dollars to manifest in my life within the next three months from now. Thank you

  19. 1319
    Denise Says:

    I need a stable financial source to support my child and me. Thanks universe

  20. 1320
    Rock Says:

    I need a steady income. Thank you and Bless You!

  21. 1321
    alette Says:

    Thank you God for protecting and blessing my family. I give my trust and thankfulness for all the abundant opportunities and blessings we all are open to recieve. May god keep his loving hand, bless abundantly, and keep peace in our hearts and minds each and every day- God bless you all

  22. 1322
    John Says:

    Please God, help us today. Help us with our finances, thank you. I know this is done.

  23. 1323
    Donna Says:

    Thankyou God for helping and blessing my family, please help my family with our finances so we can live more comfortably so i can pay of mydebts have financial freedom, buy my properties and a new safe car, set up my businesses and i will help others i promise you, i pray for everyone on this site, that all their dreams and manifestations come true and for everyone in this universe i wish them love,peace,prosperity,abundance, and lots and lots of money and wealth amen,thankyou,thankyou,thankyou!

  24. 1324
    Donna Says:

    Please God and Universe i want to win 30-50 million dollars with the lotteries, thankyou,thankyou,thankyou!

  25. 1325
    NetMer Says:

    Please send positive, abundant energy to my daughter Candace and myself to manifest $5,000,000.00 or more to get our foundation off the ground. Gratitude to the universe in advance. Thank you, thank you, thank you for manifesting this request within six months. I am sending energy and positive vibrations to everyone who have posted their request.

  26. 1326
    John Says:

    God help me, God help us today, we need money. Thank you for all you are going to do.

  27. 1327
    John Says:

    God help us please, we need large amounts of money, right now.

  28. 1328
    Ariana Says:

    Thank you for your prayers for me to manifest $1 Million so that I can pay off my property taxes, my mortgage and all my debts and move to another better place which God will choose for me. I am grateful and I thank God and by manifesting this I will be able to help others also. I pray that everyone will have their prayers answered quickly, for There is no delay in Spirit, and God knows how much we need His help immediately. Bob and everyone at Wealthvibes and Vital Waves, thank you so much for the incredible work you are doing to help everyone. God Bless you!

  29. 1329
    Phemie Zervos Says:

    Bob there is something wrong with the click.aweber link. I was just looking at the weekly Wealthvibes you send us and everything I click on opens up to something completely different from what you sent. It opens up to an ad on how to make $300 tonight by someone by the name of Nathan! I haven’t been able to access anything you sent, because this same ad comes up no matter what I click on. I’m sorry to write this here because this is for our prayers, but I don’t know how else to reach you as I do not have a phone number or email address for you. Please look into this and have it corrected quickly. Thank you Bob.

  30. 1330
    Alex Says:

    Thank You for the Manifestation of ALL my DESIRES of Health, Wealth, & Wisdom. I GIVE THANKS OF GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION. I AM OPEN TO RECEIVING ALL THE ABUNDANCE THAT GOD IS. (I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, and Thank You…………

  31. 1331
    Greg Sandifer Says:

    I am praying for an abundace of wealth so that I may help others in this world right now I am sending out thoughts to all for wealth and happiness.

  32. 1332
    Ana Says:

    I’m praying and asking the Universe for a miracle. I don’t want to be trapped in debt anymore. I want my days to be easy, carefree and prosper. I need more money to come in to my life. I need my partner to finally find a job to help support our home and living, I need a pay raise or a bonus. I desperately need prosperity. I want to feel what’s it’s like to start living again. I want to be able to sleep well every night and not have to worry about debts. I want to be able to enjoy my life.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  33. 1333
    Chris Says:

    Please God help us, please God help us NOW. thanks. I am fed up, i cannot resist, please come and visit us, i cannot resist.

  34. 1334
    Rocket Says:

    I just need a good monthly income. Thank you all and God Bless!

  35. 1335
    Mel Says:

    Happy Valentine’s day sending good vibes for. More love good health and prosperity to bless our lives today thank you so grateful love and hugs

  36. 1336
    Riad Says:

    Unlimited wealth and abundance flowing
    By all means



  37. 1337
    M Says:

    Universe I am asking to win million dollars today and send good energy to all here on vital waves thank you sending love and gratitude

  38. 1338
    John Says:

    Please God help us with our finances, i cannot resist, please come quickly.

  39. 1339
    Kerry Says:

    Unlimited wealth and abundance flowing
    By all and every means to pay debt now and incoming attached to me or my partner, to pay for home renovations and repairs, property and income taxes, medical and dental costs, divorce /alimony costs for my partner from wife who he’s been separated from for 7 years plus, mortgages, loans. I thank the universe and the creator for all abundance, blessings and protection.

  40. 1340
    Maryam Says:

    Please help me solve the problems of my debts and loans. I do what I can do be more careful with the little money I have and become more rigorous with a budget, but I realise I need good vibes to help me and it is really time for me to change. Thank you for any positive help to improve things and thus become more serene. I try and change many things to make the law of attraction react positively, but it is not easy at all, especially with the financial difficulties I have. All my blessings and thanks to you all.

  41. 1341
    michael Says:

    I’m having some financial troubles right now and I’m asking the universe for help in leaving them behind for good and stepping into a wealthy and abundant phase.

  42. 1342
    John Says:

    Please God come and help us quickly about our finances. Thanks in advance.

  43. 1343
    Sonia Says:

    Please send me Prosperity , Abundance, Harmony & Soulmate Miracle prayers so I can have financial freedom, debtfree & have total independance & be out of slave like, energy draining ,relationship before its too late & will need to give in to religious social & cultural pressures… I’m trying a few different investments for home, even lottery. My life has been full of little Miracles until now after alot of tug a war of trying to stay away from negative vibes but It seems im going to lose the battle soon if some Miracle doesn’t come my way once again in a Big way. After spiritual enlightenment I really know what I want in life & with whom I should share my blessings & prayers. I had been using my energies to make a person prosper, who keeps pulling me down so I can’t be independent & debt free in life. I need a miracle to get in a more harmonious, loving, caring, progressive & appreciative home & relation ,….Believing in Miracles to all positve, energy Senders.

  44. 1344
    michael Says:

    john I hope that you will receive all that you want and need with the help of the universe and the help of all of us on this site you will receive all the love and abundance the universe has to offer.

  45. 1345
    michael Says:

    sonia be willing to let go of all the things that are holding you back from your greater good and be willing to receive all the good that the universe has to offer you right now in the now and move ahead,

  46. 1346
    michael Says:

    chris whatever it is that you must give into just be with it and move ahead to the good stuff God whoever he or she is does not want you to be unhappy live and let live and receive all the good the universe has for you and yours. I am sending you all the love I can send receive it and be happy.

  47. 1347
    michael.. Says:

    to all of you out there who seem to be at your ropes end be encouraged and keep the faith and go for the gusto in life even if it seems to be impossible you can make it trust me six months ago I was homeless and no where to go and help came out of the blue and it is still hard every now and then but I keep going as if I can not fail. People Do not give up no matter what keep going keep moving ahead and everything you want will be yours in time all things will be made Good and the money you need or think you need will be yours and we will all look back on these days and have a good laugh.

  48. 1348
    michael Says:

    Rock wherever you are I send you wealth and love and grow in wealth grasshopper and save as much money as you can.

  49. 1349
    michael Says:

    Maryam take you time and in time every thing you want will be yours I send you all my love and light. And make lots of money in the meantime

  50. 1350
    michael Says:

    ana you will be ok everything will work out for you in time just hang in there and know that you will be ok I am sending you all the positive energy I can muster up

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