Peace and Love

Looking for more peace and love in your life or for the planet as a whole?  Whether it is world peace or inner peace please make your request to have loving energy sent your way here.  

After you’ve made your request please head on over to some other areas and send them your loving energy.  Also, remember when you send energy to help others universal laws say that that energy will return to you increased in power.  So why not spend a quick couple of minutes sending loving peaceful energy to others on this site who have requested help. 

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  1. 151
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ everybody may love and peace be showered among all of you. Love and peace is what makes us united as ONE. We all feel the peace and love within each of our hearts yet not many of us realize the true potential of peace and love deep inside of us. Love and peace being showered from my heart to everybody suffering in the world for peace and love is what we all need.

  2. 152
    Pea Says:

    I am sending out positive, motivating, encouraging, focused, loving, inspiring, fearless, creative, welcoming, powerful ENERGY WAVES TO ALL. You are the creator of your life story let your thoughts manifest and watch your dreams become reality. Surrounding yourself around positive energy and people helps! You deserve abundance, love and happiness so go for yours and let no one stop you, create, create, create.. :))))

  3. 153
    redd Says:

    i send out love,white light,peace,and blessing to to those who need a loving friend,or soul mate.i also send divine protection and the favor of god,to those who get treated unfairly.we all deserve to be loved and respected.positive energy to all of always,redd

  4. 154
    tom Says:

    love and peace think jesus

  5. 155
    Carmen Says:


  6. 156
    redd Says:

    i need healing emotionally and physically.i heart is troubled everyday,and my hearing in my right ear is blocked.also if someone could pray and send positive energy for my skin to be restored to its flawless complexion.thank you and bless each and everyone of you

  7. 157
    someone Says:

    I am sending lots of love and white light to Xavier and Henrique to heal our relationship. I request the universe to accept this and work its miracles. I need urgent help. I am also sending lots of love and white light to Marcella and Aliette for giving me the job. I thank the universe in advance – I call upon urgent divine help

  8. 158
    kar Says:

    Thank you all for the love and blessings. I hope they return to you many times over. I also hope everyones prayers and requests will be answered in the best possible way. Happy New Year.

  9. 159
    Need help Says:

    Dear Universe

    I have collapsed and I have tried everything from sending love and light to prayers and meditation. But I am not able to give up my anger and resentment towards those who have wronged me. I am very stressed. I really need help. This is for the first time in my life that I have given up. Please protect me from any harm these people can do to me namely Anne Bacolod, AJ, Martha, Thierry, Ron, Steph, Reggie, Paul, Patrick VB, Andreas, Marie, Ricardo, Vikas, Steeve, Deepika,Priyanka, Tristan, Dhitaya, Nanang, Willy, Isabelle, Keir, Rudi, Abhay, Xavier, Henrique, Claire and any other. Please help. Please once again help me. Please remove the complications from my life. Please keep me away from trouble.I believe in your miracles and I have experienced your intervention time and again to protect me from any evil. Please convert their negative intentions and motivations into positive. Please heal our relationships. Please let there be peace and healing. Please help. I am very scared. I really need your help. Please come. Please come. Thank you for always responding promptly and removing all the obstacles from my path. Please give me another chance to start from a clean slate.

  10. 160
    love all Says:

    I am sending lots of love, light, peace, happiness , blessing, hugs and kisses to all and my love Henrique :)) MUAHHHHH I know you love me and miss me and will realise this sooonnnnnn. I am waiting for your :)))

  11. 161
    love all Says:

    I sincerely call upon the universe to shower grace on us and heal all our ailing relationships of marriage, friendship,unrequited love and animosity.

    I send lots of love, laughter, light peace, blessings, kisses and huggs to my love Henrique who I am sure will awaken to my love soon.

    I thank the universe generously for having Henrique in my life and trust that our relationship will be restored and we will start communicating with each other with love, forgiveness and compassion again.

  12. 162
    Mel Says:

    Sending and open to receive love and peace today thank you

  13. 163
    Dan Says:

    I’ve lived my whole life with an inner feeling of turmoil, anger, depression and unhappiness. I feel as if I’ve never fit in my skin or in this world. I wish receive peaceful and positive prayers and vibrations. I promise to try to send those out as well to those in need and to the world. God bless us all.

  14. 164
    liza Says:

    I m sending lots of peace n love in the whole universe n may all be free from unhappiness,depression,anxiety,fear,disrespect,hate n anger..may d universe fulfill all our wishes n let d joy n love flow in our life…i m sending d divine positive energy to all…greetings n regards…

  15. 165
    jamie Says:

    my loving energy goes out to every man woman child and animal beings on this planet and to every loving being in the universe…. may we all live in peace and harmony and all prosper x

  16. 166
    Jellybean Says:

    Send Peace and Love Energy to Marcia and her family in Virginia

  17. 167
    Carolyn Says:

    It grieves me terribly that Candace from Aurora CO reacted the way she did to me. I mailed a card and never heard from her. Ease to move on

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