Peace and Love

Looking for more peace and love in your life or for the planet as a whole?  Whether it is world peace or inner peace please make your request to have loving energy sent your way here.  

After you’ve made your request please head on over to some other areas and send them your loving energy.  Also, remember when you send energy to help others universal laws say that that energy will return to you increased in power.  So why not spend a quick couple of minutes sending loving peaceful energy to others on this site who have requested help. 

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  1. 1
    Karyn June Says:

    I send all reading, posted in all the blogs wonderful loving soul blessings so all that is your hearts true wants, needs, desires and/or requirements be answered in a great resounding YES!! in the easiest, must fun and speedy delivery that one could ever imagine. I too shall receive a bit of this joy and bliss now and forever!! I Love you! I Bless you!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Divine Light, Love, Peace and more.

    Your friend,

    Karyn June
    Bristol, CT

  2. 2
    Cindy Says:

    Let the Light and Love of the Universe manifest all our desires for a peaceful, loving world!

  3. 3
    Hermina Jovanic Says:

    Please send me the positive energy so that I and my soulmate find each other now. I have been on my own for 11years – I meet all the wrong kinds of men but not the right one for me. There is one but he is not free it seems a cruel joke. I feel like someone is playing games with me.

  4. 4
    Elvina Says:

    I am sending my love and blessings to all the people in the world, who feel drained and lost, who have lack of love and joy and satisfaction in theyre lifes – in family life, in theyre job, in theyre relationships and may God bless all of us with his love and pease in our souls, bodies, minds and our environment everywhere around us! May the Divine love let us find and meet our soulmates, and may all the bright wishes comes true! God bless you! I bless you! Thank you!

  5. 5
    Kathy Says:

    Please send me positive energy to heal my broken heart. After a year my soul is still heavy and my life has stood still.

  6. 6
    Helen Says:

    Yes, it is Peace and Love that we most desire isn’t it? I send all of you positive, peacefilled, loving energy. May we all FEEL the connection to the limiless supply of these priceless treasures. Thank you friends! Love,Helen

  7. 7
    Cindy in Texas Says:

    Hermina Jovanic, I am sending very positive, healing energy to you that you acknowledge and release any hurts, pains from the past. That you let is go,open yourself to feel real love. May you open yourself to attract your true soul mate. Look away from those not free to be with you. While you have youe eyes fixed on Mr. Wrong you may let Mr. Right pass you by. Don’t try just relax, feel my loving energy and BE!!Just BE who you WANT to be and feel yourself draw the great things and people in life to you. May you attract to yourself the positive, loving relationship you desire.
    Love and Light of the Universe Surrounds you and makes you whole in mind, body and spirit!

  8. 8
    Cindy in Texas Says:

    singing—LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME!!! I love the message of this song and I sing it in my head as I send out the positive vibration of Peace and Love to you/us all!!!

  9. 9
    Helen Says:

    I long to be free and clear of all erroneous beliefs/programming within which does not serve my best quality of life. I have so much to be thankful for and yet at times I am thrown out of harmony by someone else’s words and/or actions, then I”beat myself up” for allowing that to happen because I know that I am the one who gets to choose how I will feel and I so want to feel good in spite of outer influences!!!
    May all of us be aware of our continuous connection to The Source and support each other in staying in that “feel good place within”. Love and Wisdom to all of you, Helen = )

  10. 10
    tya Says:

    to all good healers. Please send me your poitive energy to get rid of negative energy that surrounds me. thank you all.

  11. 11
    philip Says:

    Will you please send love, peace and safty to my daughter Teale
    I do not live with her but want to keep her safe and well

    Many thanks

    p England

  12. 12
    Mike A Says:

    I send peace, love, to all. Everyone who reads this will experience peace, love, happiness multiplied times one hundred.

  13. 13
    Edna Says:

    Please send peace and love to Carmen, Deva, Ronald and Kenyon in Christiansburg Va. and to Liz, Sherre and Crissy in Baltimore Md and to Edna and Kevin in Englewood Fl

    thank you

    much love

  14. 14
    Helen Says:

    Hello brothers and sisters! We are what we seek. All is well. Be still and know…Love, Helen

  15. 15
    Stacy Says:

    Please send peace and healing love to Cindi, Shane, Jennifer, Naomi, and Jessica in this difficult time in their lives. Thank you so much!

  16. 16
    brisa catalina Says:

    hello dear friends!! ^_^

    Peace and love to all!

    please help me send peace and healing love to Claudia Otoniel Oscar Linda
    thank you all my brothers and sisters

    Love Brisa Midway City California

    I love you all!!

  17. 17
    brisa catalina Says:

    CINDY IN TEXAS Thank you!

    you are a wonderful being, your words made me feel warm and good inside.
    God bless you sister!!
    God bless us all. May all your wishes come true.

  18. 18
    cor Says:

    let my peace and love settle over all of you, you deserve it. my prayers are with you.

  19. 19
    Mike Anderson Says:

    Everyone, I mean everyone who reads this will experience, peace, love and happiness. May blessings fall all over you and your loved ones. Peace out!

  20. 20
    Targol Says:

    Dear Friends;

    Please send me some peace, tranquility and problem-solving energy, since I have some problems with my bank. I am very worried and can’t keep my thoughts off from it.

    I am really waiting for your response, you are one of my few hopes.
    May you all stay in peace

    Lots of LOVE and Blessings to You All


    here is my e-mail address if you ahve any personal message for me

  21. 21
    Anne Says:

    Please Send me some peace and healing to my life.I am in need of some tranquility in my mind and Body Thankyou
    I am in hertfordshire England

  22. 22
    Targol Says:

    Peace be upon the whole planet earth! The people,animals, plants and every single elements, so that everything radiates peace and serenity


  23. 23
    Stephanie Says:

    Stephanie Gainesville, FL
    I really need to find happiness, joy, love, and peace. I could really use friends here and would love to have love grace my life again- both self love and relationship.

  24. 24
    ac/dc Says:

    Greetings of Love!

    This forthcoming day of Hearts, I would like to send my kiss to the man I longed for Mr. Richard Belarmino I know It may sound foolish but in the supernatural realms love has no boundaries. I sent fragrant roses of my warm embrace and chocolates of my sweet kisses. May we connect each other emotionally wired in supernatural love in the air…..I declare LOVE to those who are in desperate need I know how it felt to experience love and lost! I love you all

  25. 25
    czari Says:

    I spread peace and love to everyone.

    For those with restless hearts and troubled mind, may you find calmness in your hearts and contentment in your life.

    May everyone have someone to share their life with and fill their days with love and happiness.

    To everyone with that special someone, may you be secure in your relationship. May the person with you make you feel special and cared for. May they realize that you are a treasure in their possession, that your value can never be replaced.

    May everyone experience that magical love that makes you smile without reasons. A love that makes you happy about giving and sharing. A love that inspires you to push yourself outside of what you thought possible. A love that makes you dream for tomorrow. A love that makes you a better person.

    A love that has no boundaries. A love last a lifetime and beyond.

  26. 26
    czari Says:

    I send love and peace to my troubled friends. M & P of Quezon City. May they weather the storms of married life. May the obstacles they go through make them stronger, individually and as a couple. May their differences make them more appreciative of each other.

    I send love and peace to MT Blanco. May he learn to release the pangs of the past so that he can truly love again. May he let go of the negativity that surrounds him so that he will be at peace with himself.

    I send love and peace to C. Llanes and his new wife. Though I will always love him, I release him. I ask blessings from the universe so that their life be filled with love and happiness.

    I send love and peace to my sis Reg and Bap. May they have someone who will love them sincerely, loyally and faithfully. Someone who will make them feel special. Someone who will only want what is for the good of their relationship and their being. Someone who will make them feel the magic of being in love. Someone who will take very good care of them and share their whole life with.

    I send love and peace to my bro Mark and his fiancee. May they mature and be responsible adults. May their young love stay strong as they grow old. May they inspire each other to perform better and achieve successes in their life. May they pursue careers they will love and enjoy. May they be happy together forever.

    Finally, I send love and peace to myself. May I have someone who will love me passionately and who I will also love as passionately. Someone who will share my dreams and ideals. Someone who may not always understand me but will nevertheless support, respects and accept me. Someone who will love and appreciate me for everything that I am. Someone who I will inspire to be better in all aspects of his life and person, and who will also have the same affect on me. Someone who has no hang-up about his past and is free to give all of himself. Someone who will love and marry me. Someone who will love and bond with my family. Someone who will have a family with me. Someone who will laugh, cry, do crazy things with, share stories with, work with, pursue new ventures and hobbies with. Someone who knows how to balance being when to be firm and when to give in, and when to be serious and when to goof off. May we share a life infinitely blessed with love, laughter, good health, prosperity, friends, respect, stability, harmony and positive energy.

    All these I wish for myself and my friends. I hope everyone else will be blessed with. Love and Peace to all.

  27. 27
    Marc Beaudry Says:

    wow this is really powerfull stuff.I wish the best to all.Together we are unstoppable . If we keep this up, we will see a major shift in human consciousness.We must be united as one.L ets hold hands, and make this place comfortable to everybody.This plan cannot fail.Lets love each other and ourselves and take back our precious inner-power given to us at birth. BLESSINGS TO ALL.
    from Marc,

  28. 28
    jun Says:

    Greetings to all!

    I send spiritual love and peace to our organization (SAMMI) may love and peace abound. May our virtue and desire for the common unity and for the common good abounds. I pray for strength, wisdom, guidance and clear and peaceful thinking to our chairperson may she manage to handle difficult situations. I sent love and peace around whose hearts are troubled and fearful. The Lord Jesus Christ will mobilize all the energy around and all blessings will be upon us who are vulnerable.

  29. 29
    judith Says:

    please help me retune my tired soul to loving and positive thoughts!

  30. 30
    Paul McCabe Says:

    I am sending love and blessings to all may it help all in need . may you overcome any and all misfortune that beset you in life .

  31. 31
    ptah Says:

    Blessing to all who read this!
    I am requesting more joy and more happiness ande more love and abundance today and every day. I already have the love of my life and things are coming together. I want to keep all the positive energy flowing through me and around me.

    Remember the power is not only coming from others, but from within you, as well!

    I am going to enjoy this day with my love. You do the same.

    Those wanting love, you have to feel it first and then that person will come. My spirit told me about the love of my life right before I met him and I am telling you.

  32. 32
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek,

    My Heart Continuously Outpours Love, Healing White Light, Happiness, and Blessings to All Mankind and Creation.

  33. 33
    rosalinda_confused Says:

    A prayer to God!

    Heavenly father I know i am not worthy for all the mistakes I have done to you weeks have passed and i am hurting you by sinning through watching pornography and dirty inputs in my mind i know it hurts our fellowship but being a chjristian I know I have to grow and arise from it. There is within me that needs to be released maybe the past hurts that is surfacing now, Lord I want to bring back to you theres nothing more peaceful than with your side, I dont know im such a fool but i have to take action about my behaviour and be responsible enough. I will act now, my time is running so fast and im really need to arise from my situation, until here in the name of your most loving son jesus Christ Amen. More love and God’s forgiveness to everyone here!

  34. 34
    spiritchild Says:

    please surround me and envelope me with strong loving energy and that I am at peace despite my circumstance that send peaceful energy and Divine love prayers.

    God Bless U richly Infinite Peace and Divine love on all levels of your life Amen

  35. 35
    pinagpala Says:


    I put on the blanket of peace and love all around you, and you will be sorrounded by strong loving energy and peace. more peace to all countries i conflict and those suffering from tragedy. More peace and love sorround you all! Jesus loves you!

  36. 36
    Hannah Says:

    I request energy for peace and love for myself to replace this self hatred that eats me alive. In return I send all those suffering from unjust depression peace from that and a lifting. I know what it’s like. I got up from that but have to confront the anxieties that sent me there so that’s what I’m doing now.

  37. 37
    Yvonne R. Says:

    I send peace and love to all. Please know it can be yours. Just accept it in. There is forgiveness for all. Just forgive yourself and other, then start anew. Love yourself and others. The more you love, the more love will be given to you. Say ” I love and accept myself.” Then just mean it . Now get out in the world and do what brings you joy. Love and Light to you all.

  38. 38
    m Says:

    please send me healing to feel worthy of being loved and to believe in myself and my true heart desires no matter what. amen

  39. 39
    chris Says:

    I accept your energy of peace and love into my life. Thanks.

  40. 40
    Ki Says:

    I love and accept myself. I give Love to all and send healing thoughts of vibrant energy into all four corners of the Universe…Peace & abundant blessings~ beautiful beings of Light

  41. 41
    morgan Says:

    I’m asking for healing energy of peace and love in the hearts and minds of every one at the place where I’m working now.
    I’m a good worker and citizen and I haven’t done harm to no one in there, maybe is because the financial situation the country is going thru , some of them have trash me down to look good to the management and in that way to keep the jobs.
    Bless all of you for helping me out in this moment of distress.

  42. 42
    jun Says:

    More love and peace to all who are suffering from the cyclone ketsana!

  43. 43
    eDwarD Says:

    First I want to say this, God loves us all and his light is with us always. All we need to do is open our hearts to it. Now I pray for and that suffer in anyway. I know what pain is. And God can remove that from your life. I know that better days lay in store for all of us. Love, Hope, and kindness to others makes us better, even to ourselves. Gods love to all.

    Bless you
    And thank you in return

  44. 44
    Reema Says:

    God’s love and peace is pouring over all the humanity. There is love and more love on this planet, all the hateful and malicious feelings are disappearing from everyone’s heart.

  45. 45
    rinku Says:

    Please provide peace of mind and harmony towards my brother to the thai guy who had unfortunate accident but escaped luckily. May god and all positive energy in the universe fill him, surround him and his family with all positive thoughts for my brother.

  46. 46
    ravi bhamber Says:

    hi all,

    can you send be postive healing to be happy to have faith in myself to be strong so my new job will go ok and me and my partner have parted to solves iur problems.


  47. 47
    ravi bhamber Says:

    please send me helaing to be strong and to love myself and go on my path.

  48. 48
    Anna Says:

    Please send me and my loved ones some loving, peaceful energy. May love and peace flow to us all. Thank you ever so much. I send love and abundant blessings to everyone.

  49. 49
    samah Says:

    I send you loads of love, peace, positive energy . please send me and to my family loads of love and positive energy .and energy to make all those in my life to love me THANK YOU

  50. 50
    ravi bhamber Says:




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