Depression Help

Coping with depression can be difficult.  If you have any type of anxiety or depression disorder this is where you want to request your distance healing to ease or cure your depression. 

Whatever the cause of your stress or anxiety we want to help you in your fight to overcome depression by sending loving waves of healing energy your way. 

One of the symptoms of depression is often a tendency to become reclusive and not socialize with others.  You might try volunteering. The more you help others the more you’ll realize that your situation might not be as bad as the situation many others are facing.  Plus, by volunteering you’ll feel good about yourself for helping others. 

Speaking of helping others, when you have made your request please send others that same loving energy they are sending you.  Pick any category, go there and start sending positive loving energy.   They’ll thank you and you’ll thank you.

now, let me thank you,

Vital Waves
Stress Relaxation Affirmations video at Wealth Vibes
End Depression

P.S.  If your depression or anxiety symptoms are serious you should seek professional treatment.

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  1. 151
    Karen Says:

    I’m suffering Depression after the end of a relationship, he has broken my heart and I attempted suicide. I feel SO alone now.

    I’m sending loving healing thoughts to anyone suffering Depression or other illnesses.

  2. 152
    Michelle Marie triska Says:

    Please send energy for healing of my depression

  3. 153
    Courtney Says:

    Hello, Dearest Ones!
    Please send positive energy to help me overcome depression , anxiety/insomnia and addiction. I will be eternally grateful for positivity. Thank you.

    -Praying and wishing love and light to all!

  4. 154
    Matt G. Says:

    Hello to all. My name is Matt G, and I live in Norfolk VA. I am requesting prayers from everyone who reads this. I was laid off last month from a part-time job. I was only getting by day-to-day. Since then I have been job searching daily, and selling of my belongings to raise money for rent and bills. I ask and beg all of you who read this to please pray that I get a large financial windfall, and a new, very good job as soon as possible. I am at the point where I will be evicted very soon, and on the streets. I beg anyone who reads this to pray for prosperity and financial abundance to come to me in large sums everyday in a positive way. I beg you. All my prayers and positive energy go out to all of you in need. Peace, love and prosperity to all. I love you all, and I thank you all. May God bless each and everyone of you on a daily basis. Thank you so very much.

    Matt G

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  7. 157
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Hey beautiful creations,

    Now depression does hurt i been down the path and now how it feels. But feeling lonesome dont make a difference to anything. I will send love to everybody in here whether i know you or not is nothing. What really matters is we connect to each other letting go of Hate and negative and burst out with showers of compassionate unconditional love. Love makes things pursue and go forward and love is the only answer to all. I love you all and i connect to you all in love and harmony as we strive through this together.

    With many love and blessinggs forever,

  8. 158
    rene Says:

    Hi, i really need help finding self love and self worth. At the moment i am questioning if i will ever be loved again and what i have to offer. i don’t feel worthy of gods love or human love. i’ve tried so much to heal it…but there’s something wrong…something missing…i can’t seem to find myself, or get back to a sense of worthiness i felt before

  9. 159
    jilly Says:

    Hi guys, if anyone can send a little positive energy I would be grateful. Feeling down and finding life very difficult at the moment. Thank you.x

  10. 160
    michelle triska Says:

    send postive thoughts and prayers god heals my depression, sorrow, and past. pray and send thoughts god raises my seritonin levels

  11. 161
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Sending love towards each of you. You know honestly this an opinion but God is my doctor i have no belief in doctors whatsoever. I can’t change each of your views nor do i want to but it just an idea i am suggesting. By praying your own and together we able to heal one another. This makes the planet as well us much more healthy human beings. Love and blessings to each of you. Have no fear in meditating 10-15 daily it can help with moods. Also if in fear go church and let God help you. Nobody ever is lonely in the world. We are always one. love u all

  12. 162
    Debbie Says:

    Please send healing energy I have been on a extremely high dose of antidepressants for over 5 years now. I have decided to begin decreasing my dose at a very slow pace. Now that I have found meditation and I am researching everyday on how to heal my mind and body I feel confident I can eventually quite taking antidepredsants.

  13. 163
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @Debbie meditation always works but i not sure if you heared of EFT or TFT which is basically a tapping procedure that can help combat moods. You could also try to pray and ask God to help you. I got no problem sending healing energies towards you but you can also make an effort to empower yourself. I mean your strong who knows maybe their is more to you that could make you successful. The best thing to do is never quit because your better than that. I will still send prayers and healing but try the EFT and TFT. You can google search who does that and how to do it. Thank you and ALOHA

  14. 164
    wanda Says:

    Please send healing energy to my son Jason he istsuicidal. He has tried to end his life before please send prayers and healing energy on his behalf. I prsy light love and healing surround us and bring comfort and peace yo all in need. I ask that peace that pasees understading encourage you and give you vision and hope for a brighter today and future.

  15. 165
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ Wanda Suicide is never an answer. When your son is in that position you could just express you compassionate love for him. Show him the love and everything you got deep inside your heart which able to show him that he is loved. Suicide is a serious condition being that i went through it and survived it to motivate and inspire people to avoid it. I will be honored to pray and send positive healing towards your son but best option you able to do it express positive love towards your son in a way he able to notice you love him. When you do this he won’t feel hopeless also i more then welcome to comfort and talk to your son to hopefully get him out of that kind of suicidal thinking. Anyways happy holidays much love and aloha.

  16. 166
    jill Says:

    My boyfriend has tried to commit suicide. Please send him healing. He is so depressed. He will not communicate. He shuts himself away.

  17. 167
    Samantha B Says:


    Please send me healing and positive energy because my lifes been an up hill battle for years. I really need to improve and prosper in all aspects of my life. I am currently working but would love to have a job that will pay me well enough to live comfortably as I am a single mum without any support from my ex husband. Please send me your prayers and positive energy because there are times I feel as if I can’t go on in this life anymore. I desperately need change in my life.

    Much thank, stay blessed always.

  18. 168
    rose Says:

    I have called upon the Universe to carry to each person on this page White Light Protection that I am sending. Visualize this Divine White Light surrounding you. Accept this White Light Protection. Allow it to enter your body and feel the Divine Power as it surges through to the core of your being healing you emotionally, physically, mentally. What ever healing you need, call upon and accept this White Light. It protects you from all negativity. Believe and you shall receive.

    With much love and compassion

  19. 169
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @everybody suicide is NEVER an answer to anything in the world. If you think killing yourself is the answer it never is. There always is light within each of us we just got to search within and find it. I will be honored to shine light among all of you and pray for you all but most of the answers lies inside each of you. I love you all in my heart just believe and continue sharing the love.

  20. 170
    Naren Says:

    Am from Bangalore,
    Please help me cure my depression. I always am worried about my future or simply am worried about nothing. I am very negative in my thoughts most of the time, although have never contemplated suicide. All I need is lots of Spiritual energy and healing directed on my way so that can heal me of my negative attitude and thoughts. Please also shower me with your spiritual energy and make me a psychic. I can use this gift to sense others with similar issues and heal them . I know that you all are very helpful. Thanks for everything.

  21. 171
    Sara Says:

    I need positive healing for the anxiety and depression I suffer from please send me loving positive emery so I can be more calm and relaxed and able to handle any situation with ease,I am very grateful for your loving energy,I need a good job to help ease my stress,I will be grateful for any help you can send me, thank you

  22. 172
    Jyoti Says:

    I am Suffering depressions,panic attacks,suicidal tendencies,deep rooted fears that anyone can harm me physically mentally spiritually,past life fears traumas& baggages influencing me in a negative way,nightmares with sleepless nights,bad at socializing,lack of confidence,depressions with painful illnesses.Please keep me in prayers &healings list for longer time.Please circulate my prayer & helaing requests among lots of healers.I am in great pain.Want to heal fully.MAY GOD BLESS U ABUNDANTLY FOREVER & EVER.AMEN!!!

  23. 173
    Andrena Says:

    This request is for my father. Thomas.C from Glasgow in Scotland he has been suffering from depression for the last few years basically since he’s retired. He won’t go to the doctors about this because he says he doesn’t want to take any more tablets. He suffers from a severe pain in his neck that makes him feel faint and has to lie down when it comes on. He was once a very fit man but now he hardly goes out the door. His depression is causing severe problems between him and my mum because he’s so irritable. I would really appreciate it if everyone that takes the time to read this would please send healing and positive energy to my dad to help him get better and be able to live his life instead of just existing. Thank u everyone in advance x

  24. 174
    John Says:

    Hello, i feel bad, i am struggling with money, and i see no exit. Living in a very tight, dark apartment, i am tired.. please help me with your energies… thank you

  25. 175
    kar Says:

    May the best outcome prevail for everyone here.
    I ask for my spirit to be restored so I will have courage and enthusiasm to go out into the world with a sense of purpose. Thank you.

  26. 176
    Greg Sandifer Says:

    I am just recently divorced and although I have a blessed life I still feel much hurt over that please help with your thoughts and prayers for this heart to heal.

  27. 177
    Maryam Says:

    Many problems sleeping. I broke my right foot six months ago and still have pain especially when i walk.A certain number of skin problems too.A lot of stress with two important relationships. I know I should try and give them up in my mind but very difficult and many of my sleeping problems come from there.I need positive energy sent to help me as I am much alone but above all, change in my life. Thank you

  28. 178
    asmita Says:

    I feel depressed because my fathers job is in trouble n my mother is sad due to it n other family problems…please send my father n mother energy healings so that they again become happy like before…n plz send positive energies to me too bcoz i feel depressed due to some mistakes in my life n i want to make my parents proud always due to me…i m giving positive energy to the whole universe n wanna receives d same for me n my family….

  29. 179
    Adriani A. Says:

    i have a boss that keeps criticizing me for everything what i seems like everything i do is not right for him. he talks back behind my back on his own language and complains about how slow i am, but im trying my best and if i want to help him he shove me away telling me not to touch anything. but if i dont help him, he always complain about me … pray for me.. thank you

  30. 180
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send positive energy for michelle marie Triska parma ohio heal depression chronic pancreatitis, safety love luck money friends people care love know I exist erase past trauma abuse by cops and psychiatrists, bring healing send reiki everyday for life , job, heal intestinal gas problems organs digestive system free stuff smokes friends from chark no more nut wards hospital abuse, miracles, knowledge success car house people like me come into my life care what happened to me how people treated me unkind abusive in Jesus name I ask amen

  31. 181
    michelle marie t Says:

    Send me tons of loving healing energy for michelle marie Triska parma ohio usa 44134 heal anger heal gas flatulence problems making me gas free and comfortable heal hernia gastrointestinal system heal negativity severe anxiety fear worry stress no person hurt me no marymount quiet spirit 204 never called on me pray send love light thoughts guidance wisdom knowledge success luck protection healing ongoing reiki heal pancreas farting constantly going through me constantly pray mom energy finds cure relief from excessive gas and flatulence problems with the psychiatrists who gave me the wrong medication and told lies that is why I have a gassy body producing gas and flatulence problems

  32. 182
    John Says:

    Hello, i have problems with breathing, i think it’s coming from stress. Feared could be the heart, however, i can run for quite long distance. If this would be heart, wouldn’t be possible. We are in Jkt, flying to KL on this coming saturday. I am so scared about our finances. I do not know where the next money will come from ? We cannot buy what we need all our money going to hotels, tickets,… Jesusi, please help me. I give you all my fears and worries i have at this moment. Jesus deliver me from this stres i feel in my chest and breathing…

  33. 183
    Dawn Says:

    Please send healing energy for depression & anxiety for both me & my special needs son. I hope that someone checks in more often than the dates that I am seeing postings for the various pages on this site. Nevertheless am sending light, love, healing & energy to all previously involved here & any who may visit hereafter! Signed, Dawn in Metro Atlanta, GA, USA

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