Depression Help

Coping with depression can be difficult.  If you have any type of anxiety or depression disorder this is where you want to request your distance healing to ease or cure your depression. 

Whatever the cause of your stress or anxiety we want to help you in your fight to overcome depression by sending loving waves of healing energy your way. 

One of the symptoms of depression is often a tendency to become reclusive and not socialize with others.  You might try volunteering. The more you help others the more you’ll realize that your situation might not be as bad as the situation many others are facing.  Plus, by volunteering you’ll feel good about yourself for helping others. 

Speaking of helping others, when you have made your request please send others that same loving energy they are sending you.  Pick any category, go there and start sending positive loving energy.   They’ll thank you and you’ll thank you.

now, let me thank you,

Vital Waves
Stress Relaxation Affirmations video at Wealth Vibes
End Depression

P.S.  If your depression or anxiety symptoms are serious you should seek professional treatment.

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  1. 101
    Liana Says:

    I trust that whatever each of you need is being provided by the Universe without asking. Iask for healing for myself and all others that suffer from depression and anxiety. sobeit

  2. 102
    Thad in Arizona Says:

    I need some really good positive energy
    sent to me. I am an indigo, light worker having
    troubles with the current world systems
    as they seem very foreign to me.
    Therefore I have fallen into some rough
    times with finances, relationship, foreclosure
    and due to these problems anxiety and depression.
    Set in. I was put on meds but they seem to
    have made me drink alcohol.. Alot…not
    being a heavy drinker before I did not
    really what was going on or to cope. I got
    a Dui and really need some good energy for my
    case to be dismissed For an unconstitunal
    stop. Too much to deal with all at once,
    I thank everyone for your good thoughts.
    Also send some good wealth vibes for my
    new business.. Tollfreedeals … Thankyou all

  3. 103
    Stephanie Says:

    Hang in there everyone! I am sending loving and positive energy to you all who are going through some difficult times right now.

  4. 104
    ravi bhamber Says:

    please send helaing for peace and remove doubt to love again.



  5. 105
    ravi Says:

    please send me healing for peace and to build my confident in believing others to move on with life. & remove doubt,..


  6. 106
    j.c Says:

    thank you for sending psitive energie and i am sending positive vibrations and love to all

  7. 107
    Rose K Says:

    Know that the Universe is ever loving and is bringing your way my positive healing energies that I am sending out to heal your anxieties and depression. Believe that you can be healed and believe in yourself. Once again you will experience the happiness and calmness that you all once knew. Believe and ye shall receive. Reclaim your happiness and contentment.

    Rose K

  8. 108
    Ed Says:

    Please help me to transmit positive energy to my friend rogel from Angeles so as to uplift him from his depression.

  9. 109
    Rose K Says:

    You all are blessed this day with positive energies to overcome all anxieties and depressions that you are expeirencing in your lives. I have sent out to the Universe positive energies to bring to each and everyone on this sight. Believe with your heart and soul that this healing is coming. Once again you will have balance within your lives.

    May serenity and happiness be yours.

    Rose K

  10. 110
    Jenaia Says:

    Please send me some loving energy. I’m feeling depressed my friends have all turned their backs away from me and I’m struggling with my marriage. Thank you!

  11. 111
    dna Says:

    I would like to send postitive energy and recieve for depression due to lack of funds and things that I want to accomplish in my life. I try to remain postive but find it hard at times..please send more positive energy my way and god bless.

  12. 112
    Jenaia Says:

    May your hearts be touched by everlasting light that warmths your soul. May you feel joy and peace that calm the darkness that fills your life. May you know that arms of love is open unto you. This I’m sending to each of you in this dark hour of your life. Let it fill you up that you will be of good cheer. You are worth it, you are amazing you. Love you all!!!

  13. 113
    Katie Says:

    I have been feeling so negative and dark lately. I am very sensitive when it comes to positive and negative energies, but I can’t figure out what is forcing me into such a downcast mood now. Please send me love and positive light and I will send it back.

    I pray and send light to all those suffering on this page right now. I pray you feel some peace.

  14. 114
    x Says:

    I pray and send loads of sunshine, fresh air, sweet smell, melody, love and laughter into your lives to flush out all the demons on negativity and depression.
    Rise, Shine, Bloom,Fly, Sing, Smile, Love and be at peace XXXXXXXXX Amen

  15. 115
    M Says:

    Sending positive energy
    Love & Hugs

  16. 116
    Jenaia Says:

    May happiness and peace shine on you. Bring you the healing light that you have been searching for though your life. God bless I will pray for all of you.

  17. 117
    Stomach Health Says:

    Just like my boss, I rarely say excellent job to a good something, at the present time after stumbling directly into the doorsteps of the web site, I can say you probably did an awesome job! And That I ain’t your manager.

  18. 118
    Jenaia Says:

    “I now go beyond other people’s fears and limitations. I create my life.” By, Louise L. Hay from You Can Heal Your Life.

    “When you are going through tough times, you must choose to be favor-minded.” By, Joel Olsteen from Your Best Life Now

  19. 119
    Rose K Says:

    May the Universe swiftly bring to you the positive energies in the way of the Divine White light that I am lovingly sending out to all who are in a depressed state.

    Love, hope and happiness to all


  20. 120
    Anjell Says:

    I ask the Universe to bring joy back into the lives of my friends Kelly and Brian the recession seems to currently be the most colossal serial killer and I don’t want my friends family or myself to Be another victim… Blissful blessings to all who’s struggling financially let’s be eachothers resting stone

  21. 121
    sony.motwani Says:

    pls send positive energy/ healing to my husband vinod.motwani, aged 53 yrs from mumbai-india. he is of medium built, medium height anf fair.his date of birth is 10/08/1958. he is going through depression because of legal problems.he lives in fear of being arrested. his thinking has also become negative and he talks about suicide.pls send him positive energy/healing so that he becomes positive again.thankyou.

  22. 122
    Kevin Says:

    I wish you all good luck in life and that fate gives you chance at overcoming your fears and bad moods. Don’t forget after all the bad moments good ones inevitably eventually come. Let that be as soon as possible and you get all the enjoyment in life you deserve!

  23. 123
    JV Says:

    i pray and send out my positive thoughts and love to those on this site that need a boost, battling sickness and depression in addition to all other crippling illnesses. i pray and hope that divine peace and love may transform you into who you really are and transform your mind and heart to send and recieve more love and experience more peace! I pray blessings from expected and unexpected avenues rain down on you and you experience joy and happiness in some way everyday. i encourage you to begin counting your blessings and really appreciating God’s creations including one of his best creations-yourself :). Love, peace and blessings to you always and forever.

  24. 124
    patrizia Says:

    I send positive energy,love and light to all those who are depressive,remember that you are a wonderful being!God bless.

  25. 125
    Maria Says:

    I ask for help with my anxiety and depression. I have been suffering a lot. At 5 years old I was taken away from my biological mother and placed in a foster home until I was adopted at age 8. I have abandonment issues and no family or anyone that loves me. I will be all alone for Christmas and I just want to be loved and cared for. Thank you in advance.

  26. 126
    redd Says:

    bless you maria and may you accumulate new friends and love,now and through out 2012.i send out love and light.god bless you

  27. 127
    dimitria tireli Says:

    no anymore depresed..with meditation,and speek the name of JESUS

  28. 128
    patrizia Says:

    I pray for all you here and send out healing energy,light and love.A big hug for my friend Maria-you are wonderful,I wish you that your dream will come true.God bless you all,thanks!

  29. 129
    Vids Says:

    I too send positive energy,love and light to all those who are depressive,remember that you are a wonderful being!God bless U all.

    Love, Light & Gratitude <3

  30. 130
    patrizia Says:

    I send out healing energy for everyone here,for my friends Maria,Elisa,Grazia and Fulvio.A lot of light and love,may the Source Energy helps you all! SO IT BE! Thanks.God bless.

  31. 131
    redd Says:

    bless each and everyone of you..lets keep working together,having patience,and extending love towards one another.unification is always needed and always,REDD

  32. 132
    neethu Says:

    dear all,
    i am going through a very tough time in my life..the pain of losing my love ,my pg exams going bad ,trying for a seat for further studies have literally ruined me..i Pray for all of you and send positie vibrations to heal any sort of pain..please do Pray for me and my love so that we never have to through this again ..thank you all..

  33. 133
    wanda Says:

    y son is addicted to drugs and attempted to take his life. Please pry for and send healing energy to Jason. H also needs healing in his pysical boy. thankyou

  34. 134
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,wonderful beings! I am praying and sending out positive energy,love and light to everyone here who needs spiritual support and loving energy.I ask the Source Energy to help everyone here-SO IT BE.Thanks! God bless you all.

  35. 135
    JON Says:

    Dear Friends-

    I have been depressed for over 40 years! I wold be grateful for any prayers to cure it, so that I could have some very good friendships and relationships. I don’t like to be around people to much for having encountered so many tragedies in my life. I appreciate and love you all for this, and I shall be happy to pray for you all, and send you all positive energy, if this works, in the nearby future. I am new to all of this, so I am watching carefully to see if it works. Again, I thank you so very much in advance, and pray that the universe/God/YAH shall bless us/you all tremendously in return.


    Norcross, Ga. USA

  36. 136
    dimitria tireli Says:

    hope to all who are depressed some good reason to laught…and good friends sourund them ..the light of jesus is sronger than any deppression!

  37. 137
    gafuryeda Says:

    I know that depression is a disease that never really goes away. i can tell that I’m getting symptoms of depression again…I want to sleep, I’m sad about everything, my mind goes to the sad part of my life automatically, I either overeat or don’t eat at all. I need to know how to avoid the symptoms since I can’t cure the disease. Help! I’m desperate.

  38. 138
    John Says:

    I pray for all others on here and ask for prayers to lift me out of my depression.
    Please help me with my relationships and to find and fulfill my purpose on Earth.
    Thank you and blessings.

  39. 139
    saima Says:

    plz send me strong depression free energy i want to get rid of depression

  40. 140
    anna Says:

    wanted to sed my brother positive energy as he suffers from depression. may he always smile and stay strong. love u brother

  41. 141
    michelle marie triska Says:

    please send out positive energy thoughts for healing of my depression and freedom from psychiatric pills because they ruined my health and life

  42. 142
    Duka Says:

    My son is in a hospital because of depression after losing his job and divorce. Please send positive vibrations and healing energy for him.

  43. 143
    Katie Says:

    I have an abundance positive energy to send and a message of hope for all of you. I have come from the depths of depression and I know now no one is hopeless. I was depressed my whole life and made my journey harder than it needed to be in every way, but things came into place. The static cleared for me and now I experience healing everyday which I never thought possible. I am happier than I ever dreamed of being. Healing is possible for everyone. Don’t let ANYONE tell you this is a lifelong disease. Have hope, so much hope, and patience. If you have a loved one suffering, you must stay positive and think positive thoughts for them, because when you are depressed it’s hard to think positive thoughts for yourself. You can send your own positive energy their way and the universe will respond. Have hope.

  44. 144
    Duka Says:

    Thank you, Katie! Your words were like a blessing for me. I`ll try to stay

  45. 145


  46. 146
    kamal Says:

    please send healing for my anxiety,i am all stressed up i cant sleep,please send positive energy to me.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  47. 147
    Daniel Says:

    I send calm,relaxing,healing to all my brothers,and sister wealth vibers.
    Take some deep breaths and relax.I wish you all well

  48. 148
    geraldine Says:

    For those of you who feel low, know that the only way is up. Look up and know that you are loved.with Gods help you will get through this. The light switch is there feel it . the light is there with in. i to had to find my way in the dark. I belived that I,d receive. I am receiving my good and so are you. Lord in the name of Jesus I ask you to come in to the lives to all who need. Please shine your loving light in to all the dark areas of the minds who need you. No matter how painful it may be, I know it wont last forever. Take away all the pain of the past. And so it is done.Thank you Lord for guiding me to this site so I to will receive my blessings from you.You are all blessed noe

  49. 149
    rose Says:

    Blessings of happiness and contentment to all.With love I am sending out to all the Divine White Light of Protection. May the Divine White Light of Protection surround you, encompass you and protect you from all negativity. Accept it and it will heal you mentally, emotionally and physically. Believe and it shall be.

    May the sun once again shine bright in your lives.


  50. 150




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