Healing Pictures

Looking at beautiful pictures is a great stimulus to positively boost one’s mood.  It is almost like a meditation and the good feelings that result can quite possibly enhance the immune system as well, stimulating the body’s natural capacity to heal.   But we are here for more than that…

We are all powerful positive energy senders and as the latest research seems to indicate our thoughts can shape our reality.  At the Vital Waves and Wealthvibes sites we are sending our positive energy to others in an attempt to help and heal.  But why not imbue objects with our powerful positive intentions?  Objects like beautiful pictures that already have an uplifting dimension in and of themselves?

You are undoubtedly aware that throughout history certain objects and places are said to contain spiritual power and energy above and beyond what would be expected of a normal object or place.  Think of the Holy Grail or some such similar object.  And, as far as places go there are many legendary places of spiritual power.  Because we can’t all go to these spiritual places or have these highly charged spiritual objects with us doesn’t mean that we can’t help to create them! 

We are all energy senders.  Scientific studies are revealing what many already know, that our thoughts can to a certain degree affect the object(s) of those thoughts.  So let’s all take our thoughts and spiritually charge some already beautiful pictures.   As more and more people visit this site and start sending powerful loving energy into these pictures they should retain that powerful spiritual energy, providing a boost for all of us who view them on a regular basis.  

If we can charge the pictures on this site, in a sense we will be creating spiritually charged objects of our own and turning your Vital Waves site into a place of spiritual power that you can visit whenever you want without leaving your recliner!    

So, please take a few minutes to visit the pages that have these healing pictures on them and not only enjoy these powerful images but spend some time charging them with the intention that whoever sees them will be blessed with a loving spiritual energy of healing of mind, body and soul. 

When you’ve finished charging a picture feel free to leave a comment to the effect that you’ve helped charge the image with positive spiritual energy.   This will let others know that some special spiritual energy charging has already taken place and encourage them to build on that. 

This practice of spiritually charging or empowering objects may sound highly unusual but it is becoming more accepted and is actually integral to some esoteric traditions.  For instance, amongst certain quigong practitioners object like gems and blankets are empowered with healing through a variety of rituals.   And, in other traditions water is blessed for healing.

Before heading off to bless and be blessed by the energy of the healing pictures please take a minute to send some loving energy into the picture in our main header above.  By doing this we’ll make sure that every time you or someone else visits any page of the Vital Waves site they’ll be getting a spiritual boost just from the energy we send into that picture.  By the way, the picture used to make the header comes courtesy of Hamed Saber  via the creative commons and is entitled Sunset Wave.

To help empower and charge these pictures just click on the individual pictures below to be taken to the main page for that healing image.  Thank you!   And, if you did happen to take the time to send some loving energy into our site header above feel free to let us know in the comments section below.   That way others will know that it is being spiritually charged.   And, with our header or any of our other healing pictures please don’t hesitate to comment again if you come back tomorrow or the next day or whenever and charge it up some more!

healing imagehealing imagehealing imagehealing imagehealing image


 healing imagehealing imagehealing imagehealing imagehealing image

healing imagehealing imagehealing imagehealing imagehealing image

healing imagehealing imagehealing image

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    Jean Christophe Says:

    God help me. We are in Kuantan, i have since a few days urinary infection. with pain at … Put this evening ice like release. Please God heal me quickly. Next time, i look at this comment, i laugh as it was nothing special, thank you God.

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