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Many folks are faced with mounting debt.   Debt not only creates an actual financial hardship but is tough to deal with emotionally as well.   Many who are burdened with too many bills and too much debt are often scared and embarrassed. 

First off, know that you are not alone.  There are millions of others in the same situation.   Make your request below and we’ll send you energy to help ease your fears and deal with your debt burden.  As you make your request do so with the belief that good things are going to start coming your way.  Know that ideas on how to better your situation will start to appear and money will start to flow into your life. 

Those who are faced with debt often try to ignore the situation and this only makes it worse.  Sit down, go over all your options and make a plan to deal with it.  After you’ve made your request please spend some time sending good positive vibrations to others in need.

And, finally please take a quick two minutes to view the Debt Relief affirmations video at Wealthvibes.  Doing so will get you into the debt busting mindframe right now. 

thank you,

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  1. 51
    Lisa M. Says:

    Hello and good wishes to all! I’d like to give thanks for a small favor granted by the universe today. And I’d like to send good thoughts and vibes out to everyone who needs a few miracles in their life right now. And if anyone out there would please send a few good vibes back at me as I could use some help paying my bills and getting out of debt. I’m stressing a lot but still remaining optimistic! Love and peace to everyone!

  2. 52
    Lisa M. Says:

    Hello again everyone! Just giving thanks for a small amount of money that I have received today. Please keep sending good vibes and wishes for me to be debt free. I’m sending out positive energy and good thoughts and vibes to everyone here. I hope you all will receive financial blessings. Again…. THANK YOU!!!

  3. 53
    jts Says:

    peace and blessings to you,

    i am sending positive, powerful thoughts to the good people on this site. i believe the cosmos wants us to be prosperous in every sense of the word; not just green energy wise. those who read the words on this site today will find that unexpected blessings will bloom into their lives. i would confidently assurt to you a personal need for $170,000 in this now, so that we can save our house from forecloser. thank-you. jts

  4. 54
    Targol Says:

    Dear Healers;
    I have problems, same as all of you, I need to pay rent to my landlady who just asked me to do it as soon as possible, but I have GOD, the true source of abundance and as long as GOD provides us all, we shall not worry about ANYTHING!
    Because only recently I have noticed that all the letters in GOD and GOOD are the same, GOD is GOOOOOOOOOOD, all the time!

    I send you all positive energy to have faith,hope and strength and be able to deal with your issues, please keep my name in your prayers.

    GOD Bless You All


  5. 55
    BHAVESH Says:


  6. 56
    Benita Says:

    All you have is all you need. Every dollar you spend, is returned to massively multiplied. You manage your money effetctively with precision. Your money makes more money. Your imagine creates abundance. You are now creating the wealth you want and need. You are open to freely give and thus the universe will freely return to you tenfold. You are intensely grateful that you are fortunate enough to have bills. Your gratefulness will bring the desired flow to cover what you need.
    May we all imagine the financial abundance we desire.

    God Bless!!

  7. 57
    Linda Says:

    I just sent my energy of prosperity and prayers to all here. I know what it is like to struggle when it comes to money. We have to change our mind set. We HAVE TO step out of fear COMPLETELY and replace it with faith. Also love money, that’s right love it, for what you love you will bring more in. Love energy is very powerful. Check within yourself for your attitude about money, see where it is, do you resent it, afraid of it? You want to feel comfortable about money, love that energy and more will come to you.

    I have some suggestions that helped me bring more money in (and I know more is to come yet!). From doing what I am about to suggest I won money from Publishers Clearing House(no it was not millions but I was very grateful for every penny of that check just the same). The biggest amount within that month that I first did EFT for money came from an item my husband and I never had success in selling in the past. I know due to using a certain technique to change my consciousness for money, it is now more able to flow to us.

    The technique is called Emotional Freedom Therapy. There are plenty of those on youtube. The ‘how to do it’ (although it is very simple to do) to the actual EFTs themselves. There are EFTs for money worry and much much more for money, health and many other issues. If we have blockages in the area of money, or anything else for that matter, it is going to be very hard to bring in the flow of abuncdance, the money we desire. Doing EFT sets us free from negative thoughts and fears about the lack of money and what we may owe to creditors. In using EFT this opens up our energy to receive from the universe the money we need and desire. There are also wonderful money videos using music that are very inspiring on youtube and will bring your vibes up about money. Be consistent about using these EFTs and money music videos. I do mine every morning and every night before sleep. I am also using an EFT for craving of sweets so I can lose weight and it is working! I do not desire the candy and ice cream I did just recently so I am going to keep using that EFT along with now exercising each day. I am now fully confident that I am going to lose the weight!

    There is a man that was sheduled for heart surgery. The night before he did an EFT over and over. He did not want to go through that surgery. The next day when he went in to have the surgery done his doctor did routine tests before hand only to find that this man did not need the heart surgery after all ..the doctor was astonished! This same man now helps others by doing EFTs on youtube. :>)

    Gid Bless You ALL!

    Love, Linda

  8. 58
    jeannie Says:

    Please allow the blessing of finanical for myself, and all my wealth vibs. I want full abundance in weath. I have had alot of money problems, rent cheques bounce, vehicles, student loans. I am buying a lottery ticket please send abundance energy for it. I have entered a contest to win a trip to Disney Land, a ticket to be drawn on Mothers Day for $1000.00.
    I thank you all in advance and I hope you receive all the blessing one person can obtain.
    God Bless and Prosper You.

  9. 59
    Phillip Moore Says:

    Silver & Gold I have not, but what I do have I give to you freely. “Father, thank you for blessing all these people with financial blessings. Thank you for supplying all of their needs. Thank you for creating each and every one of us and thank you for creating this universe that we live in. Bless all of these people Father with the same blessings you bless me with daily, boundless, limitless abundance and prosperity and life. In The Name of Christ Jesus, The Lord of All, I ask this. Amen.

  10. 60
    Nancy Cl Says:

    Dear Fellow Beings of Light,

    I am responding to the email request from VitalWaves for the need for healing, spiritual energy for those who are experiencing the hardship of debt. I am sending a massive amount of HEALING, SPIRITUAL ENERGY to all who are suffering right now. Please allow this energy to find its way to you unimpeded….allow for your God Given Right for Abundance…..and GRACE. Visit the Healing Pictures site on this web page they are a PORTAL for you to view and then soak in the flood of Blessings.
    Nancy C.

  11. 61
    Pamela Says:

    I decided today to do the wealth vibe visualazation as i saved it years ago & remembered it.
    It did help me as i really needed it today!
    I have sent everyone on vibes & in the universe positive energy best I could.
    I am asking in return for positive financial energy & helath energy as i am in deep debt & lost all my good credit becasue of my health of my spine which gives me horrible migraines too & I have been in the hsopital twice last month March 4th & March 29th. I am abou tto lose my car & my house so I need to make at least $1,500 just to keep my car & my house! I was told that if i don’t pay at least two car payments they are picking it up. i need it to get to my doctors appts. I have to have yet another MRI.
    I pray everyday but have been so down that I have even felt suicidal becasue my helaht has made me lose everything financially.
    So Please send all positive energy to me as i feel to my knees not knowing how I am going to pay all this or my credit card debt either.
    Also please send energy for my son to stop drinking! he is ruining his life with this as he has a real problem & he lives with me & it is making itharder on me as he lost his job in Januuary as so many are right now & we need him to get a job! I have filed for disbaility & been turned down twice. So all prayers & positive energy will be greatly appreciated! I will keep listening to all motivation to try anf get me back on track as I am usually the one helping others!
    Please send to my website too Thanks & Bless each & everyone of you for your energy as i will send back to you!!!


  12. 62
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I am sending all people on this site divine knowledge about how abundance works and how to receive weatlh. It is a state of mind and emotion that does the trick. Think how you would feel having the money you need or desire and then feel it and then be it. Know that God is your supplier and employer and God and the universe will support you with all your necessary needs be they want they are. Have faith and do not succumn to fear and panic going out getting small rip off loans. Just appreicate the lesson they serve you to rise above it. Sit them aside and say thy will be done in Gods time and he will help me find a way. Visiualize them being paid and put in the mail box and keep affirming “I have money for everything I need” Praise God! The fear wants you to have to come up with a solution which is a negative feeling. It is an enity of very old energy. You do not need any solution. Go rest and meditate and love life and it will mirror your new sense of freedom. May God be with you and God bless! I by the way have sent all of you very strong divine white light energy laced in green love.

  13. 63
    MIKE & KIM Says:


  14. 64
    margie Says:

    please send me posititve energy for my finances. I need a great financial windfall on me so i can pay all my debts and feel free from all the stress that is going on in my life. Thank you. Send me peace love and light and most of all serenity to all concerned.

  15. 65
    saidaiah.r Says:

    Please send me positive energy to ease out all my debts and to remain debt free and become a Trillionaire!. tq.

  16. 66
    paul Says:

    i need tp pay off a credit card debt iam worried about it i would like to be free of the strees of not having enough money

    thank you

  17. 67
    oaul Says:

    iam asking for some finational luck thank you


  18. 68
    Sally Says:

    Sending you all the financial abundance I would wish for myself……..and that’s alot of money 🙂

  19. 69
    Gerri Says:

    Financial blessings and abundance to all! Please pray that financial abundance of $35,000 materializes immediately in my life to pay my rent, bills, and to save my car. Please pray for me. Thank you for you energy and may all of you receive the financial wealth and prosperity that you desire! 🙂

  20. 70
    Todd Says:

    Dear People,
    I would have to write a book to tell you the whole story. I am in need of help to pay off all student loans and all debts very, very, very soon. I want and need quite abit of money (alot of money) to do this and to go where I want to go and do in life what I want to do. I am asking for financial freedom and the money to live in Canada or the South Pacific with my own place, land, and organic garden.
    I cannot live without it and it has been years since I’ve been in the remote areas that is really me for me to be there. I am down and I am trapped.
    Thank you for your time.

  21. 71
    Kathy Says:

    Dearly beloveds, here is some energy to rise your vibration and to open your consciousness to the flow of financial abundance and prosperity. You are all worthy and deserve to have all your needs met abundantly now. I do EFT tapping also and you can get the info on you tube check it out it will help release the old and let in the new. Blessings, Kathy

  22. 72
    Traci Says:

    Hi everyone!

    To make a long story short, I am several months behind on my rent (yes, my landlord is being MORE than understanding!), and if I don’t come up with at least half of what I need very soon, about $1500.00, I’ll be receiving an eviction notice. I thank you all in advance for your prayers and positive thoughts and energy, and please know that I’m sending the same to all of you for whatever your desires are in your life. Together, we can all create miracles!

    Many blessings~

  23. 73
    elif Says:

    hi everyone,

    I ask financial freedom and abundance for creating new life with my husband. We have just married and asking for our own house. Also pay all of our debts, money for creating joy, power, health, wishes…

    Thanks for everyone…

  24. 74
    bobby Says:

    hi to all fellow vibers!!! i come to you today to ask for your help in sending out some financial vibes for me. i lost my job and my truck got repoed. and i’m trying to make it on 275.00 a week. i’m about to get evicted from my home. i’m sending peace love,wealth,health, and happiness to you all

  25. 75
    Kristina Says:

    I know we are all going through financial difficulties. I can tell you that the company that I work for helps people with Credit Restoration, to get your credit back on track, second chance, better life. We are one of 200 other companies out thers with no complaints with the BBB. First month is free, we’ve helped a lot of people. If anyone needs the help and more information please go to and I will be glad to help you.
    I know what financial difficulties are like, myself I am going through them right now with Personal Legal Issues- Identity Theft, it’s a process in it self to go through to prove.
    So I am here to help, prayer, talk, advice etc. I am here if you need me. So please feel free to ask and know that I will be here for you.

  26. 76
    Henrik Bolander Says:

    Former theacher.downspiraling for several years.Now a mountain of debt and still no job.Soon evicted and on the street.Kindly send some financial vibes to Scandinavia where I live.

  27. 77
    Sean Says:

    I am sending a massive energy wave towards all of you who are in need of financial help. Please join me in sending a prosperity wave in all directions of the universe and ask the universe to send it back multiplied infinitely towards those who are in financial need. The universe knows what we know collectively. “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”, says the universe. Lets all join forces and end world hunger , stamp out poverty, and encourage truly energetic and motivated people to help change the world. I send pure love and peace to you all.


  28. 78
    Sean Says:

    I do apologize for my earlier writing, all of it stands except where I asked to help stamp out some things. I wish to feed the world, cloth the naked, educate the ignorant, and finally, unite all of mankind into the spiritual awakening of the planet earth. Under this pretext, please join me in sending a massive, pure love and prosperity beam to the entire universe. We will ask the universe to send it back amplified infinitely to the people of earth that are needing support. I love you all.


  29. 79
    Karima Says:

    I send love, light, peace and prosperity to all the souls of the universe. may all of you enjoy a never ending flow of prosperity throughout your entire life.

    With Love

  30. 80
    Avzal Says:

    I am in debt of approximately $10 000 which I need to clear off as soon as possible in addition to manifesting $11 000 BEFORE the 2nd of November 2009 for immigration purposes.
    I want to square off all my debts and show the required balance of $11 000 so that I can freely immigrate to a safe and decent country where I can live freely and I can earn a decent living based on merit and not ethnic or racial criteria.

  31. 81
    Melissa M-Taos new mexico Says:

    My family and I have a great deal of debt. We have outgrown our home and our cars are slowly breaking down, they are both over 12 years old. Although we are grateful for our home and our vehicles, we are just at a point where we can’t make ends meet. My husband works over 60 hours a week and I have two jobs myself. We are praying for financial abundance so that we can live a debt free life and travel the world. We have both have had hard lives and now we feel it is time to live the life of our dreams. Thank you

  32. 82
    Linda Says:

    I sent out healing energy to All here for debt.I know all too well that horrible feeling it can bring. I visualized money coming into your lives and happy faces. Now I let go, let God. Being non-resistant (letting go after you ask) is very important…you then have that relaxed energy that allows your desire to come in. Have only Divine and perfect thoughts… love the love within..job done! Something I was told by Spirit recently too “see yourself there, not here”, there’s one very powerful Divine thought, hey?:>) See yourself already living the solution, not the problem.We do create moment by moment, create what you want, not what you don’t want. Don’t allow ego to have the upper wants to control us…we can do so much better than that. Ego wants us to worry and more. Meanwhile, you can ask Archangel Michael to help with fear, worry and doubt as you go through the process. He has helped me many times.. I love how quickly my mood shifts after I ask for him to take away the fears. That is his job. His presence is like the nice guy next door that would do anything for anyone. We do have to ask for help from the angels due to our free will..they stand by waiting for permission to come in and give that help and guidance. So ask! :>) For me I find if I connect to Spirit(God, First Creator) daily too, I do much better in activating faith for my desires, then I just say thank You!
    My Love to You, You wonderful all-powerful Beings!

  33. 83
    Linda Says:

    I agree with Kathy. I forgot to mention that. Emotional Freedom Technique(Therapy) or EFT helps a great deal to release negative energy we hold within.Got to get rid of that. There is an EFT practitioner on youtube called Sunny. Her video is called, eft money worries (make sure to put in the word ‘worries’ not worry). It is an excellent eft video! Helped me a great deal to let go of the money worry. We don’t want that..the universe only sends more reason to worry for it does not recognize good or bad. The first time I did it I couldn’t stop giggling for two hours afterward! That’s how bad I needed to do that!

    Much Love I send You!

  34. 84
    velma Hall Says:

    My debt at the moment is over $1 000 000.00 One Million Dollars. I am deeply frustrated by this and I am asking for your prayers and positive thoughts to help me get out of this. I return the same to you all and look forward to great results.

  35. 85
    Melissa M Says:

    “Money comes to me easily and frequently.”

    *repeat throughout your day

  36. 86
    Robin Says:

    Please send help so I can eliminate my debts and move on more easily to a more spiritually fulfilling life. As a self employed artist, which children, and single, all of my time is working – which I do enjoy, but would I also need time for meditation, exercise, and to clean house – it’s not a pretty sight! Please help.

    Thank you

  37. 87
    Greg Says:

    I was injured about 7 months ago and am recovering nicely. However, I did not have any insurance at the time and now am unemployed. My expenses keep piling up and I can’t do anything about them. Please send some spiritual relief and ask the Universe to eliminate all of my debts right now.

  38. 88
    Joe R Says:

    Please please please,,,,a GOOD job,,,,is what i need….My heart is with all of you too!

  39. 89
    Chris Says:

    Greg, i send you energy to cope with that situation. I want to be free from my debts. Thanks.

  40. 90
    Todd D. Says:

    I would like to be debt-free and to be able to pay off all of my student loans. It is $20,000 or more. I want to be healed financially by having the money I want and need to be free and do the things I want where I want. But, first, I need to be debt-free.
    Thank you for your time.

  41. 91
    Melissa M Says:

    I am in need of good energy being sent my way. I would love to manifest a debt free life with money to travel the world with my husband and daughter. Lots good healthy, abundant vibes are headed your way!

  42. 92
    sharri Says:

    I seeking a financial blessing to help with all of my debts and also so that can help others in needs.

  43. 93
    Ki Says:

    I’m Sending vibrant waves of love into the Universe and Mankind. We ask Our Creator for the Universe to increase you with complete financial abundance in every area of your life that needs immediate attention. A healthy loving life that feeds Love. As We embrace the Love within Ourselves and breathe in and breathe out, Our requests are already unfolding with great measure thru our positive visual thoughts and higher frequency exuding. Our Angels watching and guiding us to to excell always, in all We hope for thru our Loving actions.

  44. 94
    Morgan Says:

    Wishing to all the abundance of the Universe , prosperity and wealth be manifested in each one of us now , I thanks for this because is done .
    Bless you all.

  45. 95
    rats Says:

    asking for some financial luck & success in my new projects. please help me succeed in this . thank you

  46. 96
    Cathy Says:

    I am requesting financial blessings of $100,000 to get back on my feet.
    I am grateful for this opportunity of your prayer.

  47. 97
    Morgan Says:

    Please pray for me to get out of financial struggles. bless you all.

  48. 98
    penny Says:

    My small business has suffered very badly in this recession all this year and I ask for your prayers that I am granted real financial help and luck of £1000 pounds very urgently to come to me this week so I can pay my rent and buy food and heating oil for my family so I may keep my home secure and my little family fed, warm and tog ether my work expenses and make my car payments and can so I continue to work keep my job, and continue to earn money so I can manage to get myself financially straight; Please send some financial vibrations out to the universe to bring ths financial help for myself and my family, I thank you with all my heart and wish happiness to all.

  49. 99
    sandy Says:

    please send loving positive energy that I will receive my settlement of 15,000 or more this week. I send all of my loving positive energy to all those that need it. May you all find peace

  50. 100
    mitch Says:

    I am asking for financial help to keep my business.

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