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Many folks are faced with mounting debt.   Debt not only creates an actual financial hardship but is tough to deal with emotionally as well.   Many who are burdened with too many bills and too much debt are often scared and embarrassed. 

First off, know that you are not alone.  There are millions of others in the same situation.   Make your request below and we’ll send you energy to help ease your fears and deal with your debt burden.  As you make your request do so with the belief that good things are going to start coming your way.  Know that ideas on how to better your situation will start to appear and money will start to flow into your life. 

Those who are faced with debt often try to ignore the situation and this only makes it worse.  Sit down, go over all your options and make a plan to deal with it.  After you’ve made your request please spend some time sending good positive vibrations to others in need.

And, finally please take a quick two minutes to view the Debt Relief affirmations video at Wealthvibes.  Doing so will get you into the debt busting mindframe right now. 

thank you,

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383 Responses to “Debt Help”

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  1. 101
    Melissa Says:

    I have recently lost one of my two jobs. With the two jobs plus my husband 60 hour work week we were barely making it. Now I don’t know what we are going to do. Please pray that I can create $1000.00 more per month so we can comfortably pay our bills and have a little extra. I send love and good vibes to all in need.

  2. 102
    Mitch Says:

    I have a request that may seem greedy. I ask that i can win the powerball soon. I would help my family and my girlfriends family pay off ALL there debt. I have several ideas to help many people in need as well but i need funding to accomplish this. Thank you so much i always have such bad luck.

  3. 103
    SS Says:

    Hello everobody out there,

    This weekend I´ll be focused upon all your requests about vanishing your depts and financial help. I´m including you all in my prayers and hope you ´ll manage your money problems in an easy way and that the money will flow in your lifes with harmony and balance. God bless you my dear friends in troubles. Soon help will come to all of you in a very ncie way. Love, SS

  4. 104
    Lizette Says:

    Hi everyone, I got laid off over a week ago and I am very depressed. After 15 years of hard work I feel betrayed. I need your positive thoughts waves to help me find a job that is a good or better than what I had. I don’t mean to sound greedy…but maybe me and my family deserve better. It would be great it I could pay off all of my debt. Please help me…I promise to pay forward. There is a job opening that I applied for and I would really like to get it. Thank you…

  5. 105
    mitch Says:

    I have a monetary need of $1200 by the 15th. I will loose my business and be locked out if I don’t have it. I teach martial arts trying to in rich the students lives. I thank all those who send out their energy. I send my energy to all who needs it.

  6. 106
    Eric Says:

    We all have debt issues. I declare myself open to reception of the universe’s gifts and the positive energy of all you friends. I also send my best out to echo and resound all over the world to help everyone as much as I need it so. Blessings.

  7. 107
    judson todd stanley Says:

    peace and blessings, fellow travellers. i entered a request about a year ago to save our mortgage, and i must give thanks to all who sent out those positive vibes…….it was saved. however, we are back in the same spot, mostly due to the fact that my art business hasn’t taken off like i anticipated it would. i’ve read these entries,and not only am i empathetic for your situations, but i am believing on your behalf that what you want/need you will recieve right now. i would like to ask you all to send out such positive energetic vibes on behalf of JTSArts~ where your dream picture waits to pick you up. i want to sell $25,000.00 worth of my prints/originals/commissions between now and december 24th, 2009. please co-create this experience with now.

  8. 108
    cj Says:

    I have been mostly unemployed for EIGHT, yes, eight years. I feel mentally and spiritually broken that no effort has borne fruit. I am not a lazy person. I have a good education and good skills and yet all this time has passed and I am now living with my mother in a remote area where it’s even more difficult to find work. I have sent out innumerable resumes, signed up on websites, tried selling things on ebay and not one thing has panned out. It’s like something has broken for me and inside me… I can’t even begin to describe how devastating this has been for me as I used to have no problem getting work, willing to do my best, was an “achiever,” ambitious but not greedy… and for all this time, for some reason, spirit has disconnected me from being an independent adult able to provide for myself. Sometimes the despair is overwhelming. Nothing I do seems to work… I never imagined I would be so incapacitated for so long. My mental and emotion and even spiritual states are very low. I need a miracle of strength and hope most of all. Thanks.

  9. 109
    jason Says:

    I’m getting foreclosed. I am deeply in debt and about to go bankrupt. My business is barely hanging on. I’m scared and depressed a lot. I appreciate any help.

  10. 110
    Ray Says:

    i’m sending positive vibes to all you in need and i ask you to send me some, this can really work if done right,remember this is supposed to be fun,keep your vibes positive and feel the love

  11. 111
    Kate Says:

    I’m sending positive and powerful energy out there to anyone who is requesting. Please send some back in return! I’m in need of some help and believe that if we all send positive messages it will happen!

  12. 112
    Pilar Says:


  13. 113
    Todd D. Says:

    Dear SS,
    I hope the money comes soon. I want to pay off all of my student loans and debts very, very, very soon. I am getting ready and prepared and organized to meet my Creator in about 2 years. I need to be debt-free and also I am trying to take care of things inside myself to have that assurance that when I go, I will go to heaven.
    I am not talking about suicide, because I would not do that to myself. It has no part in my thinking. But, at this stage of the game, where life has not been good to me for many years, I feel I just don’t belong here on the earth and maybe any day something will happen to take me from it, so I want to be prepared. I have been in an “end-times” religious cult back in the mid-to-late 70’s and early 80’s that devastated my life to this day. It changed my life for the worst. And, since then I have not been able to shake the effects of being in such a group. I had been homeless since those days and now I am in great debt and generally, life has never been the same. Will money solve? Not all of it, but much of it. I have been trapped in cities and can’t get out, because of not enough money to make the move. I am a small town person that loves nature and the outdoors and if I can’t be with it and live in it, there is no life for me or peace. Where I am now and what keeps drawing me back to this city, is the cultic experience that was once here. I know I meant to be out in nature and so on; if I can’t there is no life for me and there is great pain. What I am telling you is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me.
    Thank you. I do look for that money. I want to be ready—“not for the coming of the Lord”, but since I have no life maybe I really am not supposed have it. I don’t want to get into the “coming of the Lord”, believe me, but I had to say this, because it has been my experience and just to say it, which may bring repercussions, goes to show you how evil this experience really is and what it brings.

  14. 114
    Anna Says:

    I ask that we may all become debt-free. I send loving energy to everyone who is struggling financially. May God bless each and every one of you with infinite abundance in ALL forms. May all your prayers be answered.

  15. 115
    Nicole Says:

    I am sending postive energy and love. I speak great financial prosperity over all of you. You are debt free. We are all debt free. We are full of wealth and prosperity.

  16. 116
    SpiritualDreamer Says:

    I want to get marry and have a family in the near future before my internal clock stop ticking. But I own alot of debts (student loans) that I can’t pay off and I don’t want to ruin my future partner’s credit if I don’t tell him. I want to have a family and my partner’s family to love me but with the amount of debts, I feel I will always be alone and loveless. At the moment, I didn’t have enough work in December to pay rent…so I am short, now I might get evicted. Please help.

  17. 117
    Dave Says:

    The time my ex. left (I have nothing against her, just a part of life’s situation), I was left with expenses adding up to over $1000. I remember laying my hands on the ‘bills’ and said that they were all paid in full. A couple of weeks or so later, a 2-week job was ‘created’ that brought in the money to pay off all the expenses. THANK YOU! Creator-GOD of the UNIVERSE!!!
    Like someone said “The Universe is not broke!”, that we can ask for anything, as long we stay positively focused, we will receive in due course. I am therefore asking the Universe to do this FOR ALL OF YOU OUT THERE and also for me, that the Universe provide blessings in all areas of our lives.

    Lots of good fortunes to you all.

  18. 118
    Doug Says:

    Thank you for reading…
    Isabelle and I are in need of financial recovery due to some investment misappropriations.
    Financial recovery of the full potential of this currency during the past five an a half years is important for our relationship and future.
    One aspect is that I would like to learn more about quantum.
    Also a health injury from an infection needs total healing and freedom on my physical plane.
    Much love for all…

  19. 119
    roderick Says:

    I send positive to myselft and everyone literally; my goal is to win the lottery and get out of all of my debt. Getting out of debt is crucial for the health and well being of all of us. I don’t care what anybody say, its important. Let’s all decree and agree with positive energies that this takes place in 2010. Love and lots of blessings this year.

  20. 120
    Destiny Says:

    Hello Everybody

    I send everybody lots of love and possitive energie so that everybody over the hole world…from Now on Financial Free is and live in abundance and in harmony.

    And ask also for myself help to be free financial so that i can start my new possitive live whit pease
    Thank you all

    Lichtgreatings and know from now on you are..Financial free see it feel it Know it and Believe it and act on it already menthaly.

  21. 121
    delois Says:

    i declare all my contracts with debt to be cancel! no phone calls no LETTERS in the mail no lawsuits all contracts are cancel NOW! those i know about and those i do not remember no surprise debt showing up. i am receive money in the mail i receive surprise checks in the mail surprise legal help and LOVE i am sending this positive energy to all that need it! THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, and so be it!

  22. 122
    Georgia Says:

    Please check out my site and get your free angel readings today.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  23. 123
    styne Says:

    this is for C J 108, i hope things has gotten better for you by now , if not this is what i think will help you ,start you own charity events start helping others ,start a goodwill shelter or a food pantry, this also takes money to do , you can register with the government and raise money legally to help others and intern you can help yourself as long as you put others first ! much LOVE and positive energy to you and all that reads this post.

  24. 124
    styne Says:

    this is for C J 108, i hope things has gotten better for you by now , if not this is what i think will help you ,start your own charity events start helping others ,start a goodwill shelter or a food pantry, this also takes money to do , you can register with the government and raise money legally to help others and intern you can help yourself as long as you put others first ! much LOVE and positive energy to you and all that reads this post.

  25. 125
    Dale Adams Says:

    May I be cured of all noises in my ears thats sounds like static and high pitch ringing sounds this is called tinnitus also please cure me of smoking cigerettes without withdrawals, cravings for cigerette and no weight gain. Thank you.

  26. 126
    Dale Adams Says:

    For Styne, Georgia, delois, Destiny, roderick, Doug, Isabelle, Dave, Spiritual Dremer and Nicole–May the Winds of Fortunes and the Power of the Universe solve all your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and fiancial needs, wants and desires.

  27. 127
    Alejandra Says:

    Hello everyone at Vitalwaves and Wealthvibes.
    I am currently in need of all the energy you guys cand send me and my family. We have a significant amount of money (Col$5.260.000 – US$2,736) that needs to be paid for our son’s school, transport, outstanding loan installments and public utilities. This amount is due for this Friday, Feb. 26. We do have other deadlines to meet, but this one is the one concerning us the most right now.
    Please, pray for us and send us all the positive energy you can. In the meantime, I’ll practice tapping on myself and pray for a miracle as well.
    Wishing you the best,

  28. 128
    Stacy Says:

    These have been hard times – my husband has been out of work for over a year, my depression/anxiety/insomnia has caused me to stop working and we’re running out of our retirement savings which we’ve been using to live off of. Please send energy to the situation so that my husband finds work and my depression lifts enough for me to be able to handle at least a part-time job. Thanks and many blessings to all those suffering financially as well.

  29. 129
    Todd D. Says:

    Dear People,
    I am with Roderick in that I too need to win the lottery and get out of all debt. I am tired of this and I will pay off all student loans and debts. I am still waiting for my money and I do call it mine. I just need a one-time, big time money miracle and I am out of here. Thank you for your time.

  30. 130
    loth Says:

    I am financially troubled. How I wish I can pay off all my debts, have some
    rolling capital for my canteen business.I really am depressed with my present
    situation. but thanks for for helping people experiencing difficulties like me, also for all the good and kindhearted people out there

  31. 131
    masroor Says:

    Bringing higher spiritual energy to everyone, and dissolving lower energies. masroor

  32. 132
    Latisha Says:

    I am requesting debt free energy healing for myself, Shonta, Teresa, Volene, Catherine & Augustine. I am requesting energy healing for my real estate business and other ventures.

  33. 133
    Latisha Says:

    I send energy, healing and peace to everyone. I decree and declare that your businesses are overflowing and you are abundantly bless. We live an awesome and rich universe and I serve an awesome and Rich God. I declare that when the enemies of debt arise, you will stand in the faith and declare your abundace surpasses all limitations of debt. We are rich and increase every second in wealth!

  34. 134
    Michael Says:

    I wish for a lot of money to get out of debt, to be be able to pay all my bills. I wish I had at least 11 million dollars soon so I can give myself and my family a stress free comfortable life. Bless you all that come to this site.

  35. 135
    debt video Says:

    I kind a love this blog, i believe its good stuff to our readers. so much things to grab and i hope you always write good stuff on this post. thanks for sharing

  36. 136
    Cathy Says:

    My friend Mike in Chillicothe Ohio needs help finding a good paying steady job with decent benefits. Please send positive energy his way!

  37. 137
    Georgia Says:

    For all who read this-this message is for you. Here is a message using my money and law of attraction cards:
    It comes, not by magic but by Universal Law
    Start telling a better feeling story about the things that are important to you.
    Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before your eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the laws of the universe and your deliberate alignment with those laws.

    Hope that helps:
    I give readings and guidance at the following site. Request a reading by filling out the form found on the tabs at the top

    Much love G xxx

  38. 138
    Luci Says:

    Hello All,

    I am writing to ask for prayer and positive vibes. I am a 39 year old mother of 3. I have a good paying job but unfortunately,I acrued about $30 – $50,000 worth of debt a few years ago using credit cards as cash after a layoff. I am working on my situation. I pray I will be able to manifest more than enough money to pay the kids’ tuition, overdue bills, and have money for Michael’s graduation.

    Thank you and God bless you all!

  39. 139
    mark Says:

    I send all my positive energy and love to all who are experiencing debt at this time,May god bless you all and relieve you this day from your debt,firmly believe there is enough for everyone keep your faith strong no matter what.God Bless

  40. 140
    C Neville Says:

    I am in debt. I have to pay USD 6000 for getting my apartment back on my name, It has been hypothecated. I have a week to go.And then who knows what… I need special positive vibrations that become prayers which must be offered to The Almighty. I have only 7 days to go . Please help as I also pray for a recovery. HIS ways are not our ways.

  41. 141
    Yoichi N. Says:

    I am asking the kindness of all energy, to help me with my debt that I owe to my friends, friends parents, my WHOLE FAMILY, school and other loans that I have borrowed in the past. I would like to thank them for lending me all their money energy in order for me to be where I am right now. Please bless these people whom have helped me with my life! I ask that all these debts of mine be repaid with ease and abundance from all the generous energies sent to me! THANK YOU ALL AND NAMASTE!

  42. 142
    geraldinee right is now rel Says:

    God Bless the whole univrese. May they be healthy and happy. Know that in the divine mind there is no debt. All debts are being cleared up right now. What god has done for others can be done for you.All that is yours by divine right is now released and reaches you in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways. May the light of Heaven shine on each and every on on this planet. God Bless

  43. 143
    Madge Says:

    Please send energy and healing for the financial struggle I am experiencing at this time. Bills are overdue and piling up.
    I am sending financial healing energy to all who needs it that we all will be abundantly blessed with enough to spare and to share.
    Gratitude and praise.

  44. 144
    kalinde Says:

    to my superior beings that say they are in debt. i would like to make your aware that your are not in debt today, it may appear so but you are in that state as a result of your past thoughts. program your mind to think debt free today despite how the circumstance appear and as you do this, your higher mind will open up ways to get you out of this situation.

    to a debt free you

  45. 145
    Hannah Says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I don’t believe anyone is ever in debt. I believe that everyone is wealthy. However, people look at their circumstances/appearances and this is what they believe/see…that they are in debt. Don’t claim that you are in debt and you will not be. I know that this is difficult to master…but your mind has POWER…try to use it to your benefit as much as possible. Also, get a free copy of the book called – “The Science of Getting Rich.” You can “google” to get your free copy…this has been so helpful to me, I am learning how to control my thoughts to my benefit… instead of my thoughts controlling me…I have received lots of help with this and it is working wonderfully! Just by your thoughts you can create a debt-free life forever!

    My Good Thoughts and POSITIVE ENERGY Are With YOU, Always!


  46. 146
    Mauro Says:

    I send to all of you, my energy, so that can get everything the money that you require. We are one. Peace.

  47. 147
    Gordon Says:

    I call on all the ascended masters and the angelic hosts to surround anyone in debt with Infinite Abundance from their own Almighty I AM Presence

    And so it is

    Love and Light

  48. 148
    Traci M. Says:

    I am sending my positive energy to all that have posted on this page to live a debt-free life, to get out of debt and live a life financially free full of wealth and abundance spiritually, in your families, physically and financially. I am growing spiritually every day, my family continues to be healthy and content, I am healthy and strong and I have no financial burdens, I have a debt-free life with more than enough to pay my living expenses and help out others in need. All my bills are paid off, all my debts are paid off, all my loans are have no balance due and I have enough left over to help others and give to charity. My cup runneth over. I am grateful for all your positive thoughts and sending your positive energy my way.

  49. 149
    RIYA Says:


  50. 150
    Shirley Says:

    Hi everyone.

    Life can be a phenomena. Start talking about abundance. Tithe your way yo abundance. Do whatever it feels to make you feel debt free. We can do it.

    Declare this every time:

    Infinite riches are constantly flowing into my life. My life is now full of triumphs and celebrations!

    And so it is!

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