Debt Help

Many folks are faced with mounting debt.   Debt not only creates an actual financial hardship but is tough to deal with emotionally as well.   Many who are burdened with too many bills and too much debt are often scared and embarrassed. 

First off, know that you are not alone.  There are millions of others in the same situation.   Make your request below and we’ll send you energy to help ease your fears and deal with your debt burden.  As you make your request do so with the belief that good things are going to start coming your way.  Know that ideas on how to better your situation will start to appear and money will start to flow into your life. 

Those who are faced with debt often try to ignore the situation and this only makes it worse.  Sit down, go over all your options and make a plan to deal with it.  After you’ve made your request please spend some time sending good positive vibrations to others in need.

And, finally please take a quick two minutes to view the Debt Relief affirmations video at Wealthvibes.  Doing so will get you into the debt busting mindframe right now. 

thank you,

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383 Responses to “Debt Help”

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  1. 151
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  2. 152
    Abundantraj Says:

    There is no Loss in Divine Mind/Heart. Their is no Debt in Divine Heart/Mind. When the illusion/Myth of Debt (false illusion). I thank our Loving Creator for all the blessings that we have of good health, good relationship, good friends, good food, good finances. I thank our Loving Creator for taking away the illusion of Debt from our eyes and heart. Our loving Creator/Father is rich and is going to take care of all our financial commitments. Repeatly affirm this from your heart. I pray as I am blessed, may all be blessed. As I am healthy, may all be healthy. As I am wealthy may all be wealthy. As I am in Harmony. May all be in Harmony.
    I love my Heart and Soul
    I love all Humanity
    Join Heart and Soul Together
    Love Peace and Harmony
    Love Peace and Harmony

  3. 153
    Ramoo Says:

    May everyone be debt free and live a life of abundance, Let us share what we have at least some left overs for the less fortunate.The world is full of abundance .The universe has enough for everyone. Let us pray to the univererse for our due share.
    I send love,healing energy and peace. Let us all imbibe to the fullest.

  4. 154
    Maria Says:

    Thank you all for the healing and good wishes regarding debt. I am in debt now, and I thank you all. I am also sending abundance and light and blessings for all of you. May we all be blessed abundantly.

  5. 155
    Vanessa Says:

    Sending positive energy for all those who wish to receive it. May we all resolve our debt situations easily. I ask that you kindly send me positive energy that I may sell my car quickly and purchase something more economical. Many thanks for all the blessings that I have received and continue to receive.

  6. 156
    Marjorie Says:

    I want to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

  7. 157
    hind Says:

    I appreciate all the money I received all my life and I am sending my best pure energy to the universe and receive back from it all the help to pay off all my debt and and let the money roll in and want the same for you a

  8. 158
    Rose Says:

    I am requesting your assistance through your positive energies and love to attain all necessary monies to finally lay to rest my financial burdens and to financially assist others in my life with their burdens.

    Love and peace I send to you all. May my positive energy that I am sending reach you all.

    Together we all can attain what we need most in our lives.

    Many Blessing to each and all.

  9. 159
    Matt G. Says:

    This is a huge thank you to all who sent healing energy and prayers to my mom (Becky G. in Roanoke Virginia). She healed so quickly from her breast removal surgery, that the doctors had to remove the tubes early. They were amazed. She says she never felt better in her life. She never even picked up the pain pills they prescribed for her because she said she never felt any pain. I can’t thank you all enough. My prayer for any and all of you who sent her healing energy and prayers is that you receive it back ten fold. Much love and appreciation to all of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    If you could find it in your hearts to send some positive financial energy and prayers my way, I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently only working part time, and struggling (I live in Norfolk Virginia). Your thoughts and energy and prayers of financial abundance and prosperity would be greatly appreciated. And I pray that anyone who sends this energy my will receive it back ten fold.

    Thank you all so very much for helping my mother through her surgery and healing.

    Matt G.

  10. 160
    Rose Says:

    May each and everyone in financial difficulty be awarded from the universe a resolve. To all I am sending positive energy of wealth your way. Dream your dreams of financial freedom. I also send positive energy for peace and good health.

  11. 161
    Rose Says:

    To all who are in financial debt, be it known that everyday, I send to you positive energy to assist you all to receive all the money needed to lay your financial burdens to rest. Let it be known to you that you all are abundantly blessed.

    Peace be with each and everyone.

  12. 162
    Kerry Holloway Says:

    I ask for healing of body, abundace of resources, monies in the millions, land, market futures, ability to move within fiancial circles and compete and achieve reward , education paid for in field of desires, talents increase, ideas and creativity, removal of all fiancial debt, past, present and future. Rich in influence and all resources abundantly without limitation.

  13. 163
    elena hernandez Says:

    El Poder de Dios Universal de la Abundancia Financiera solucion manifieste aa econòmica En Este Instante Santo , y Aquí y Ahora , ASI ES, ASI Sí ha hecho ” , gracias gracias gracias, Para Mi , Para ti , párr Todo El Entorno, en armonia , Bajo la Gracia y de Manera Perfecta .

  14. 164
    Rose Says:

    Many blessings I send to each and every person in debt. Money is coming your way. Daily I send out to each and every person money energy. Also love , peace and health energies I send out to each.

    Love, happiness and health to all.

  15. 165
    Betty Says:

    I am asking for help for me to value the services I provide and have provided and for me to ask for what I deserve. I want to know my worth and receive money in accordance to my high self-esteem. I am asking to be free and clear on all my credit cards and to pay those who are waiting for payment.
    Thank you for your healing energy! And thank you, Universe.

  16. 166
    Rose Says:

    To all , may you all receive the money energies I am sending out to you. May it fill every cell of your being. Believe and ye shall receive. Today feel the reality that money is coming your way.

    Love, peace, health and happiness be yours.


  17. 167
    Gunilla Lagerqvist Says:

    Jag skickar positiva vibbar till alla er som behöver och jag ber er att skicka mig några,
    Ordna upp min och barnens tillvaro,trygghet,stabilitet.
    Kunna betala av skulder,räkningar.Må bra.
    Kunna gå vidare.Känna sej trygg.

  18. 168
    John Says:

    To all, I am sending all my energy out to you to aid in your challenging situations, debt, trying to feed your families,, keep your house’s, Love in your lives and faith that the universe will provide for you. I am so glad for the support this group provides Spiritually and the vibes that can be sent.
    It took years for me to find my purpose in life, as I was going through hard times for 2 years, but Everyday in Everyway My life gets better. My purpose in Life is” to do the most good for the most people possible. I know my energy is helping many.
    Health,Prosperity, and Love to all

  19. 169
    Gopi Menon Says:

    Dear all,

    Please send me healing for my wish fullfillment to be able to repay my debts and taxes immediately…

    Thank you and God bless….

  20. 170
    Anne Says:

    May you all sail on the winds of fortune : )

  21. 171
    John Says:

    Need positive resolution of hospital suing me for $12,000 in unpaid bill balance after medical insurance paid maximum. I am so grateful for your help!


  22. 172
    Donald Says:

    Lots of debt after some mistakes in my early life. I now have a business and things are looking up, but I am just making enough to survive. Please send me some good vibes and energy/prayers to help me over come and prevail!

  23. 173
    Gopi Menon Says:

    Please send me healing to enable me to have money to repay my debts and pay taxes and also to get a job, i have been jobless since 4 and a half months….Thank you and god bless….

  24. 174
    Jeff Says:

    Hi there everyone! I am in desperate need of a financial miracle. I have been the victim of foreclosure and am currently over $130,000.00 in debt, with no foreseeable way of paying it back anytime soon. I have had no income for many many months now(I own several businesses but none of them are bringing in any income) and have creditors, many of which are actually friends and relatives, hounding me every week. I am under a tremendous amount of pressure. Declaring bankruptcy is not an option at this point in time. Please pray for me and send me lots of money energy so I can get through this tough and stressful time in my life.

  25. 175
    Alexandra Says:

    To All,
    I include you in my prayers, visualizations and positive intentions and send you loving Wealth Vibes from the North. May we all receive our inheritance of supreme health, wealth, joy and love and be filled with gratitude. Be Well. Be Rich. Relax and Receive.

  26. 176
    Tom Says:

    I now send the healing energy of my spiritual guides and helpers to all those in debt that subscribe to this page. For additional and long term support please visit my website at
    Much love and Support
    Tom H

  27. 177
    Sandi Says:

    Please send healing and abundance energy to my and my family. I am facing a financial challenge that threatens to tear my family apart. Thank you for your loving and supportive energy.

  28. 178
    Rose K Says:

    To all, know that the Universe is bringing to you my money energies that I am sending to you so that you will receive the amount that you require to experience a debt free life.
    Peace , love and good health energies I also am sending to you. Never stop believing.

    Love Rose

  29. 179
    Honey Says:

    HELP! In DESPERATE need of a miracle, prayers and good energy from the good people of the world. I am at the edge and can’t find a way out of this situation. Please keep me in your thoughts as I will do the same once my life gets back in balance and I am able to send that same energy back to others. Thank you!

  30. 180
    Alexandra Says:

    Ack!!! in desperate need of money to pay back an educational debt that is “out of this world.” It seemed like “funny money” when Sallie Mae was lending it out. Now that it’s time to pay it back I am no longer laughing. Please help. Thank you

  31. 181
    Rose K Says:

    Know that the Universe will bless you with the money that is needed by each and everyone so that you are debt free and released from the stresses that that has consumed you. Visualize money flowing to you. Feel the joy of being debt free. The Universe makes no mistakes. I am sending out into the Universe money energies. Fell the energy flowing through you at this very moment. Believe and ye shall receive.

    With Love and Abundance
    Rose K

  32. 182
    Johnny Says:

    Hi everyone , please send me some positive vibes so I can get out of debt.

  33. 183
    Ali Says:

    I was laid off from my job and need to win the lottery or a job to pay my mortgage & bills. I will send energy to others in need.
    Love, peace and happiness for all.

  34. 184
    judsontoddstanely Says:

    This is my third time posting what I’d like to manifest into my life. This site works because the human mind/spirit works best in conjunction with other human minds/spirits. These past two years have found me in some rather difficult physical (oldest son has accute lymphoblasitc luekemia) and financial (mortgage foreclosure) situations. My son is still with us, and flourishing after 28 months of remission, and me, my wife, and our four are still miraculously living in the same house/home. I would very sincerely ask for each one that reads this post to see me, and my own staying in our family home. I would like to own this place outright. Your thoughts, in chorus with my own will allow this manifestation to happen. I have already surrended this place to the divine, and want to experience finishing raising my children in this home. Thank-you reading this post. I bless you.
    Aum Shanti.

  35. 185
    Su Says:

    Anyone, please give my family the positive energy that can make my family to freed all of debts so we can live in prosperity and abundance
    May Universe blessed u much more

  36. 186
    Angelica Says:

    Hi, we are one I send positive energy to all, Prosperity and Abundance in all your needs. Everyone deserves the best!!!!Please send me energy to pay all our bills, to have enough for everything even to share to others thanks!!!!

  37. 187
    Brent Says:

    Please help, my family has seen an increase in debt over the years and I want to achieve financial freedom. I want an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness for myself and all of my family. I send out my positive vibes to all of those in need and wish abundance on everyone. Thank you

  38. 188
    Brent Says:

    Thank you all! I posted a few days ago and yesterday received some unexpected money that I am extremely grateful for. Please keep sending me positive energy to help me attract more wealth. I feel a big windfall coming my way. I continue to send positive vibes to all that have posted here, may you have an abundance of wealth, health, and happiness come your way.

  39. 189
    wanda Says:

    We live in a world of abundance. There is more than enough to meet the needs of every living being. Let us give our attention to that abundance. Let us see ourselves and others being blessed with all our needs being met. Let us choose this day prosperity. Let us change our mindset from not enough to more than enough. As we gather here we are a powerful force for good. Let us see ourselves being debt free, owning our homes and owing no man anything but to love them.

    I see you debt free. I see you owning your home. I see you having your needs met. I see you happy and healthy. I see you surrounded by love, peace, joy and abundance of good.

  40. 190
    Rosemarie Says:

    I request prosperity and abundance for all of us and know the Universe will provide all that we need and desire with enough hope and faith in Divine Intelligence to supply and feed our spirits with peace, harmony, and love!

  41. 191
    Rose K Says:

    To all fellow Vibers needing positive energies for financial stability be it known to you all that I am sending each and every Viber positive money energies. The Universe showers you with money. Money is flowing to you freely and copiously. The Universe is all knowing.

    Health Wealth Success and Happiness to all

    Love Rose K

  42. 192
    christine g. Says:

    Please send positive energy to help me out debt and to live comfortably without worry or stress. Thank You.

  43. 193
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending positive energy to all of you!!

    I also have a tip for those who are struggling on debt.

    1. Get the book ‘Richest Man in Babylon’ This is a must read. It will help you get out of debt and teach you how to save. Also you can contact Tom Mcfee he can also teach you away of getting of debt his number is. (503)363-5433

    2. Cut back on unnecessary spending. Meaning only spend money if you really need something and no I’m not referring to if you see a dress or and you have to need to have it. So basically spend money only on things like roof over your head, food and bills.

    3.If you don’t know where to start on paying off debt. Start paying off by doing a lump sum a little each time you get payed. Hide your credit card so it’s not in temptation to add more debt.

    4. Pay yourself!! This is a must. Because what is the point of getting a pay check and not getting to enjoy any of it? So whatever is left over on your pay check that’s right put it in your savings account. This is optional but for me this works. So have your saving’s account not easy to access. Meaning don’t have card or checks to be able to pull money out of it. So meaning the only way to pull money out is by going to the bank physically yourself to get it out. This makes it less tempting to try and spend what you have saved.

    This is all I know that might help? I hope this will help you to find some light at the end of the tunnel.

    May your life be filled with joyful bliss and abundance!!!

  44. 194
    Crystal Says:

    Having a rough time financially – I’m trying to maintain three households and have gotten behind in my bills…need to catch them up and halt the negative credit issues before they get out of hand.

  45. 195
    Kelli Hayward in Anderson, Ca Says:

    Hello all energy senders. I am sending my loving debt relief energy to all of you who are requesting it and wish you luck recieving it.
    I too would like to request you please send me loving energy for debt relief. Thank you so much and much love sent to you all of you. Kelli 🙂

  46. 196
    Rose K Says:

    Blessings to all Fellow Vibers on this sight. Know that with love I am sending each and everyone money energies. May the Universe bless you all financially.
    Kelli , Crystal , Christine , Rosemarie , Angelica , Sue , Aum , Jeff, Gopi , Donald , John

    Waver not from positive belief. Know within your hearts that your money difficulties are a thing of the past. Believe that the Universe will provide you with the means to be financially healthy. May the Universe shower you with blessings of abundance, prosperity, health , wealth , success and happiness.
    Believe and Ye shall receive. What a man thinkith so is he.

    Blessings to all

    With love

  47. 197
    celest Says:

    Im sending positive energy to sall debt reliever.Please send me dedt reliever too.good luck to all of you.

  48. 198
    Roxanne Says:

    Every minute of every day millions of dollars flow to the members here now…instantly, effortlessly, joyfully now!

  49. 199
    Michael Says:

    To all here, I am requesting the energies we all deserve toward debt relief. Times get tough, and I did what many people did. I took out more than I could easily pay off in a timely manner. I am open to recieve, and to all here, I send my energy to help right our ships in a very rough sea.

    I now know this is all part of the journey, and a storm or two along the way is not to be feared, but savored as a special, yet intense and perhaps scary moment during our passage. Safe port is soon to be insight, and knowing that, I /we sail confidently in.

    Keep your eyes on the smooth waters of your favorite harbor, and anticipate the welcome home from all those that prayed for a safe return!

  50. 200
    Alexandra Says:

    Please help me and my organization achieve financial freedom and live abundantly.

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