Debt Help

Many folks are faced with mounting debt.   Debt not only creates an actual financial hardship but is tough to deal with emotionally as well.   Many who are burdened with too many bills and too much debt are often scared and embarrassed. 

First off, know that you are not alone.  There are millions of others in the same situation.   Make your request below and we’ll send you energy to help ease your fears and deal with your debt burden.  As you make your request do so with the belief that good things are going to start coming your way.  Know that ideas on how to better your situation will start to appear and money will start to flow into your life. 

Those who are faced with debt often try to ignore the situation and this only makes it worse.  Sit down, go over all your options and make a plan to deal with it.  After you’ve made your request please spend some time sending good positive vibrations to others in need.

And, finally please take a quick two minutes to view the Debt Relief affirmations video at Wealthvibes.  Doing so will get you into the debt busting mindframe right now. 

thank you,

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383 Responses to “Debt Help”

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    I’m going through a foreclosure and am considering bankruptcy. Please help.

  2. 2
    John D. Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m John D. from Colorado. I just had my car repossesed and am late on rent. I need a car to go to work. I always think positive but this is starting to get real depressing. Please send me some energy that I find a new car.

  3. 3
    Darren H Says:

    I’m Darren H from St. Lucia and I have been struggling with debt since 2005. I am behind on my rent, credit cards, loan payments and personal loans from friends. I am very concerned that the year will end bad for me. Please send me some positive energy for a steady flow of money to pay off my debt and to live a more prosperous life.

  4. 4
    Karyn June Says:

    I send all reading, posted in all the blogs wonderful loving soul blessings so all that is your hearts true wants, needs, desires and/or requirements be answered in a great resounding YES!! in the easiest, must fun and speedy delivery that one could ever imagine. I too shall receive a bit of this joy and bliss now and forever!! I Love you! I Bless you!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Divine Light, Love, Peace and more.

    Your friend,

    Karyn June
    Bristol, CT

  5. 5
    Juanita Says:

    For most of my life I have had financial problems. I am now in my mid sixties, and want to have financial freedom, security and independence. Please send me positive energy for realizing these goals. With gratitude!

  6. 6
    Juanita Says:

    Thank you Karyn June: Same blessing to you!!

  7. 7
    Delia Says:

    Please help me, I really don’t know where to get the money to pay all
    my pending bills and to buy my food. I thank you all very very much
    for sending me your positive energy that will guide me to the right way
    to find the money. Thank you all so very very much and may the
    Almighty God bless you more abundantly.

    With love and best regards,

  8. 8
    Cat Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Cat from Cardiff, Wales in the UK…I am sending you energy to help you all become debt free! As soon as thoughts or feelings get a little heavy I wish you all the wisdom and clarity in the world so you can let go and relax – even if its just for the briefest of moments! The universe will provide, just focus, then release any emotions that you have about wanting to be debt free. So I send my love to you all and hope you can return a few positive vibes, because i really do think it will help me find a way to pay off £5000 on a credit card and move to my new home effortlessly…. Many Thanks 🙂

  9. 9
    JOAN Says:

    please send positive energy vibes…………i am so tired of living paycheck to paycheck. its humiliating. i need a large sum of money to pay off all the bills & have enough left over to push me ahead. this paycheck to paycheck lifestyle is ridiculous.

  10. 10
    Marie Says:

    Juanita,I am now sending you positive energy and everything you was born to have!!

  11. 11
    Marie Says:

    I am sending you energy to help you all become debt free!
    Iam also in dedt and need all the energy and blessing I can get

  12. 12
    Isaura Says:

    I am in the same problem, overwhealmed with debt. But I trully believe that the positive energy we are sending each other will help us to triumph over it SOON!
    Please help me. I’ll do the same with all of you.

  13. 13
    Janea Says:

    Please send positive energy for me to receive enough money to pay off my mortgage and to be able to fix it up


  14. 14
    william Says:

    Please send me some positive energy to help me clear my debt obligations, and other financial needs, l would like to get 1 million dollars for the various projects l want to start in Uganda to help my family and poor people …thanks!!
    William – Uganda

  15. 15
    Maryanne Says:

    Please send healing energy for me to pay off all of my debts quickly.
    Thank you and I send healing energy to all.

  16. 16
    judson Says:

    our house is going through foreclosure. four children. oldest, 16 y/o with lukemia. am positive, and positively attracting abundance, and good health. appreciate your time and assistance in attracting $175k to completely pay off mortgage now. peace and blessings to you.


  17. 17
    David Says:

    Send all the financial good vibes to Dave in Indianapolis !
    I NEED a miricale ! And I BELIEVE that it CAN and WILL happen with all of your help ! Thank YOU all , in advance !

    I am also returning the great vibes to ALL who need my help !
    Know that WE can all win together !


  18. 18
    Rahmat Gunandi Says:

    My debt is still growing. Please help me to stop it. Let us send good vibes to our community. Thanks.

  19. 19
    Irma Says:

    I urgently need to attractmore money in to my life, I was unemployed now I have ajob but I don´´t have enough earnings in order to paid the debt I have in credit cards I stop paid some of them and wit the interest it is complicated, I need good vibes in order to arrange my financial situation and to attract more money to my life. Thank you

  20. 20
    alicia Says:

    Please send healing energy and positive thoughts so my boyfriend and I attract abudance and get out of debt once and for all. I am sending healing energy and thoughts of prosperity to all.Thank you so much and God bless
    A.P California

  21. 21
    Laura Says:

    To all who are severely affected by debt, remain positive and keep manifesting abundance, with all the positive enery flowing into your lives, your situation will be reversed. My God bless you, as all your needs, desires and goals are met instantaneously, as we are all one with God and God is everything.

    Lots of blessings,

  22. 22
    joan Says:

    I am interested in being totally & completely free of ALL debt.
    Please send me positive, abundant energy so the chains can be broken & the captive can be set free. I willl do the same for all of you.
    love Joan

  23. 23
    Raja Says:

    I send you my good energy so that all of your debt problems go away.

  24. 24
    Raja Says:

    I need to get current on all of my outstanding debts or I will be in foreclosure. I need to get one paying client every single day. Please send me your good energy.

  25. 25
    Hatshepsut Says:

    To all the prior posts before me, I wish you all the positive energy needed to manifest your requests. I ask that all the angels that wish to help gather their masses and create abundance in all of your lives. I am a single mom currently starting a small business from below $0 and would like to receive positive energy to help in that endeavor and pay off current debt. My requests feel very small compared to most here, I wish you all the best. What a great site!

  26. 26
    Helen Says:

    Good morning friends,
    Let us agree together that debt holds no power over us as we release fear and open ourselves to receive the solution. I too have considerable debt which I wish to dissolve and for God to keep me from ever getting in over my head again. I know this is in the process of happening now and I send my Faith and loving energy for the same for you all. Have a great day and life. Helen =)

  27. 27
    Joanna Says:

    Please send all of the positive energy to help me get debt free. I need to have $100,000 as soon as possible or I may lose what little I have. I am sending all of my positive energy to all of you who need a boost in income. Bless all of you.

  28. 28
    Joy Says:

    Energy exchange is a good thing. I ask that all of us be brought into a perfect alignment and balance financially. Please send us the healings we need and can absorb into our systems on a daily download basis. Namaste.

  29. 29
    Donna Says:

    Firstly, I send you love and light for you all to become debt free. I have many outstanding balances that I would like to pay which are stressing me emotionally especially with all the phone calls I get asking me for payment. I am also considering bankruptcy. Please give me the strength to even open my mail!

    Wishing you all a debt free life going forward.

    Thank you universe. Thank you all.

  30. 30
    Priscilla Says:

    I send positive energy to everyone before and after me for multiple blessings and healings on their financial problems, I in turn ask for positive energy to help me out of my financial difficulties

    Thank you and blessings to all

    Priscilla in Colorado

  31. 31
    Mary Says:

    Hi all, I am wishing total abundance to all of you. Picture that in your worlds there is no seeming lack!! Please send energy to my car’s Altenator that needs healing and in the outside world may cost $$$ that is seemingly not available. I know ther is healing lessons in all our debt experiences and my advice is that once you can laugh about the situation you have already begun to disolve the debt! Love to all, Mary

  32. 32
    Bhavesh Says:


  33. 33
    Dottine Says:

    Please send me positive energy ,that i receive money to pay off all my bills and debts.
    Thank you!

  34. 34
    Hatshepsut Says:

    I am here to testify that my business has been generating money since I found this site. Not much yet, but at least the bills are paid. 🙂 So to all the posts before and after me I send you all the positive energy that you require to manifest your requests.
    Sent with Love,

  35. 35
    judson todd stanley Says:

    peace and blessings to you,

    i am focasing on the beautiful, majestic, surrene manifestations of the cosmos. i send positive vibes to all on this site in love and light. i am requesting for folks to join in with me right now for the manifestation of $9000.00 before oct31. 2008. this will save our house from foreclosure. but more importantly will show the truth that we are humans becoming….not humans being…..fearful, enslaved, martyred, or victimized. i love you all…….we are one with the universe.

  36. 36
    Kim Says:

    I sent out peace and Love and positive vibes for financial flourishing and freedom for a debt free life. May we have Money to pay the bills and a good running car to transport my Grandmother through the winter in.

  37. 37
    christophori pianoforti Says:

    i truly bless everyone who will read thismessage: hope springs eternal, we are all children of the living GOD and allowed to experience his blessings. repeat after me..”when I believe…… I will receive…… I NOW believe and I DO receive…..

  38. 38
    Sara Says:

    Please say a prayer for me that I find a job real soon that will make me happy and pay my bills. Thank you and God bless

  39. 39
    Jacqueline Says:

    Please allow the blessing of finanical gain for myself, my family and all my wealth fibers. I want full abundance in weath. I have had alot of money problems,from garnishments, medical bills, broken vehicles, student loans and even house payments. I thank you all in advance and i hope you receive all the blessing one person can obtain.

  40. 40
    Juanita Says:

    I am sending positive energy to all who want debt relief and prosperity!
    Please help me as well. Let’s now manifest more than enough money to spare and to share after taking care of all financial obligations and responsibilities. Amen!

  41. 41
    Sheryl Says:

    I send abundance vibrational energy to all on this site. Faith is not believing that something is happening — it is KNOWING it will happen!!! Keep the faith and it all will come about for all of us. There is plenty for all.

  42. 42
    Juanita Says:

    A wise man once asked; “what is the solution to a wet basement?”
    He was given such answers as call the plumber or get a mop.
    The wise man said “no, the answer to a wet basement is a dry basement”
    So often we focus on the problem; financial or otherwise, which creates more of the problem. So let’s focus on the solution and get more of that. The Universe will work out the details; we only need to allow it to happen, and be grateful; particularly in advance. So it is!

  43. 43
    Helen Says:

    Juanita, I love your “parable” it really reminds us of how our “human mind” tends to stay on the problem rather than on the change we hope to bring about. May we all get out of our own way and let our health and prosperity flow. Much love to all. Helen

  44. 44
    Juanita Says:

    Thanks Helen; love to you also.
    Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers!
    If interested, please go to Youtube and search for Abraham-Hicks videos. There are tons of them there, and they really are very helpful for attracting abundance by reminding us to “allow”. “set deliberate intentions”. “have the right vibrational tone”. etc.
    As Sheryl says “Keep the faith.”
    Peace and blessings…

  45. 45
    Bhavesh Says:


  46. 46
    Targol Says:

    Dear Friends;

    I’m an unemployed student who has so many many financial and debt problems.
    I’m in arrears with my rent, credit card bills and also have problems with my tuition fee, please send me some positive energy to be in absolute abundance forever and ever,
    God bless you and stay in peace


  47. 47
    Richard Says:

    I owe $405.00 for my car payment. The car is in the repair shop dealership ,they have fixed it and its $1050.00. I took out two pay day loans one for $280.00 the other for $450.00 and they are due. I have just got paid and my checking account was overdrawn $325.00 . I need some way to erase these debts. Please send Positive Energy for a wind fall of money for me to clear these debts up.

  48. 48
    Dottine Says:

    Please send energy to free me from my debts and help me get a new television.

  49. 49
    Joann Says:

    I ask for you positive energy to prosper in all my ways. I have made many mistakes financially thinking I was doing what was best for me and I was wrong.

    I am now looking for the solution. Send me your positive energy as I will send you mine and we will all prosper financially.

    The Holy Spirit can turn our darkness to light in a twinkling of an eye.


  50. 50
    Targol Says:

    Dear Friends;

    Please send me some peace, serenity and also problem-resolving energy, I have some problems with my bank and am so sad because of it and also worried!

    Lots of LOVE and Blessings to You All


  51. 51
    Lisa M. Says:

    Hello and good wishes to all! I’d like to give thanks for a small favor granted by the universe today. And I’d like to send good thoughts and vibes out to everyone who needs a few miracles in their life right now. And if anyone out there would please send a few good vibes back at me as I could use some help paying my bills and getting out of debt. I’m stressing a lot but still remaining optimistic! Love and peace to everyone!

  52. 52
    Lisa M. Says:

    Hello again everyone! Just giving thanks for a small amount of money that I have received today. Please keep sending good vibes and wishes for me to be debt free. I’m sending out positive energy and good thoughts and vibes to everyone here. I hope you all will receive financial blessings. Again…. THANK YOU!!!

  53. 53
    jts Says:

    peace and blessings to you,

    i am sending positive, powerful thoughts to the good people on this site. i believe the cosmos wants us to be prosperous in every sense of the word; not just green energy wise. those who read the words on this site today will find that unexpected blessings will bloom into their lives. i would confidently assurt to you a personal need for $170,000 in this now, so that we can save our house from forecloser. thank-you. jts

  54. 54
    Targol Says:

    Dear Healers;
    I have problems, same as all of you, I need to pay rent to my landlady who just asked me to do it as soon as possible, but I have GOD, the true source of abundance and as long as GOD provides us all, we shall not worry about ANYTHING!
    Because only recently I have noticed that all the letters in GOD and GOOD are the same, GOD is GOOOOOOOOOOD, all the time!

    I send you all positive energy to have faith,hope and strength and be able to deal with your issues, please keep my name in your prayers.

    GOD Bless You All


  55. 55
    BHAVESH Says:


  56. 56
    Benita Says:

    All you have is all you need. Every dollar you spend, is returned to massively multiplied. You manage your money effetctively with precision. Your money makes more money. Your imagine creates abundance. You are now creating the wealth you want and need. You are open to freely give and thus the universe will freely return to you tenfold. You are intensely grateful that you are fortunate enough to have bills. Your gratefulness will bring the desired flow to cover what you need.
    May we all imagine the financial abundance we desire.

    God Bless!!

  57. 57
    Linda Says:

    I just sent my energy of prosperity and prayers to all here. I know what it is like to struggle when it comes to money. We have to change our mind set. We HAVE TO step out of fear COMPLETELY and replace it with faith. Also love money, that’s right love it, for what you love you will bring more in. Love energy is very powerful. Check within yourself for your attitude about money, see where it is, do you resent it, afraid of it? You want to feel comfortable about money, love that energy and more will come to you.

    I have some suggestions that helped me bring more money in (and I know more is to come yet!). From doing what I am about to suggest I won money from Publishers Clearing House(no it was not millions but I was very grateful for every penny of that check just the same). The biggest amount within that month that I first did EFT for money came from an item my husband and I never had success in selling in the past. I know due to using a certain technique to change my consciousness for money, it is now more able to flow to us.

    The technique is called Emotional Freedom Therapy. There are plenty of those on youtube. The ‘how to do it’ (although it is very simple to do) to the actual EFTs themselves. There are EFTs for money worry and much much more for money, health and many other issues. If we have blockages in the area of money, or anything else for that matter, it is going to be very hard to bring in the flow of abuncdance, the money we desire. Doing EFT sets us free from negative thoughts and fears about the lack of money and what we may owe to creditors. In using EFT this opens up our energy to receive from the universe the money we need and desire. There are also wonderful money videos using music that are very inspiring on youtube and will bring your vibes up about money. Be consistent about using these EFTs and money music videos. I do mine every morning and every night before sleep. I am also using an EFT for craving of sweets so I can lose weight and it is working! I do not desire the candy and ice cream I did just recently so I am going to keep using that EFT along with now exercising each day. I am now fully confident that I am going to lose the weight!

    There is a man that was sheduled for heart surgery. The night before he did an EFT over and over. He did not want to go through that surgery. The next day when he went in to have the surgery done his doctor did routine tests before hand only to find that this man did not need the heart surgery after all ..the doctor was astonished! This same man now helps others by doing EFTs on youtube. :>)

    Gid Bless You ALL!

    Love, Linda

  58. 58
    jeannie Says:

    Please allow the blessing of finanical for myself, and all my wealth vibs. I want full abundance in weath. I have had alot of money problems, rent cheques bounce, vehicles, student loans. I am buying a lottery ticket please send abundance energy for it. I have entered a contest to win a trip to Disney Land, a ticket to be drawn on Mothers Day for $1000.00.
    I thank you all in advance and I hope you receive all the blessing one person can obtain.
    God Bless and Prosper You.

  59. 59
    Phillip Moore Says:

    Silver & Gold I have not, but what I do have I give to you freely. “Father, thank you for blessing all these people with financial blessings. Thank you for supplying all of their needs. Thank you for creating each and every one of us and thank you for creating this universe that we live in. Bless all of these people Father with the same blessings you bless me with daily, boundless, limitless abundance and prosperity and life. In The Name of Christ Jesus, The Lord of All, I ask this. Amen.

  60. 60
    Nancy Cl Says:

    Dear Fellow Beings of Light,

    I am responding to the email request from VitalWaves for the need for healing, spiritual energy for those who are experiencing the hardship of debt. I am sending a massive amount of HEALING, SPIRITUAL ENERGY to all who are suffering right now. Please allow this energy to find its way to you unimpeded….allow for your God Given Right for Abundance…..and GRACE. Visit the Healing Pictures site on this web page they are a PORTAL for you to view and then soak in the flood of Blessings.
    Nancy C.

  61. 61
    Pamela Says:

    I decided today to do the wealth vibe visualazation as i saved it years ago & remembered it.
    It did help me as i really needed it today!
    I have sent everyone on vibes & in the universe positive energy best I could.
    I am asking in return for positive financial energy & helath energy as i am in deep debt & lost all my good credit becasue of my health of my spine which gives me horrible migraines too & I have been in the hsopital twice last month March 4th & March 29th. I am abou tto lose my car & my house so I need to make at least $1,500 just to keep my car & my house! I was told that if i don’t pay at least two car payments they are picking it up. i need it to get to my doctors appts. I have to have yet another MRI.
    I pray everyday but have been so down that I have even felt suicidal becasue my helaht has made me lose everything financially.
    So Please send all positive energy to me as i feel to my knees not knowing how I am going to pay all this or my credit card debt either.
    Also please send energy for my son to stop drinking! he is ruining his life with this as he has a real problem & he lives with me & it is making itharder on me as he lost his job in Januuary as so many are right now & we need him to get a job! I have filed for disbaility & been turned down twice. So all prayers & positive energy will be greatly appreciated! I will keep listening to all motivation to try anf get me back on track as I am usually the one helping others!
    Please send to my website too Thanks & Bless each & everyone of you for your energy as i will send back to you!!!


  62. 62
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I am sending all people on this site divine knowledge about how abundance works and how to receive weatlh. It is a state of mind and emotion that does the trick. Think how you would feel having the money you need or desire and then feel it and then be it. Know that God is your supplier and employer and God and the universe will support you with all your necessary needs be they want they are. Have faith and do not succumn to fear and panic going out getting small rip off loans. Just appreicate the lesson they serve you to rise above it. Sit them aside and say thy will be done in Gods time and he will help me find a way. Visiualize them being paid and put in the mail box and keep affirming “I have money for everything I need” Praise God! The fear wants you to have to come up with a solution which is a negative feeling. It is an enity of very old energy. You do not need any solution. Go rest and meditate and love life and it will mirror your new sense of freedom. May God be with you and God bless! I by the way have sent all of you very strong divine white light energy laced in green love.

  63. 63
    MIKE & KIM Says:


  64. 64
    margie Says:

    please send me posititve energy for my finances. I need a great financial windfall on me so i can pay all my debts and feel free from all the stress that is going on in my life. Thank you. Send me peace love and light and most of all serenity to all concerned.

  65. 65
    saidaiah.r Says:

    Please send me positive energy to ease out all my debts and to remain debt free and become a Trillionaire!. tq.

  66. 66
    paul Says:

    i need tp pay off a credit card debt iam worried about it i would like to be free of the strees of not having enough money

    thank you

  67. 67
    oaul Says:

    iam asking for some finational luck thank you


  68. 68
    Sally Says:

    Sending you all the financial abundance I would wish for myself……..and that’s alot of money 🙂

  69. 69
    Gerri Says:

    Financial blessings and abundance to all! Please pray that financial abundance of $35,000 materializes immediately in my life to pay my rent, bills, and to save my car. Please pray for me. Thank you for you energy and may all of you receive the financial wealth and prosperity that you desire! 🙂

  70. 70
    Todd Says:

    Dear People,
    I would have to write a book to tell you the whole story. I am in need of help to pay off all student loans and all debts very, very, very soon. I want and need quite abit of money (alot of money) to do this and to go where I want to go and do in life what I want to do. I am asking for financial freedom and the money to live in Canada or the South Pacific with my own place, land, and organic garden.
    I cannot live without it and it has been years since I’ve been in the remote areas that is really me for me to be there. I am down and I am trapped.
    Thank you for your time.

  71. 71
    Kathy Says:

    Dearly beloveds, here is some energy to rise your vibration and to open your consciousness to the flow of financial abundance and prosperity. You are all worthy and deserve to have all your needs met abundantly now. I do EFT tapping also and you can get the info on you tube check it out it will help release the old and let in the new. Blessings, Kathy

  72. 72
    Traci Says:

    Hi everyone!

    To make a long story short, I am several months behind on my rent (yes, my landlord is being MORE than understanding!), and if I don’t come up with at least half of what I need very soon, about $1500.00, I’ll be receiving an eviction notice. I thank you all in advance for your prayers and positive thoughts and energy, and please know that I’m sending the same to all of you for whatever your desires are in your life. Together, we can all create miracles!

    Many blessings~

  73. 73
    elif Says:

    hi everyone,

    I ask financial freedom and abundance for creating new life with my husband. We have just married and asking for our own house. Also pay all of our debts, money for creating joy, power, health, wishes…

    Thanks for everyone…

  74. 74
    bobby Says:

    hi to all fellow vibers!!! i come to you today to ask for your help in sending out some financial vibes for me. i lost my job and my truck got repoed. and i’m trying to make it on 275.00 a week. i’m about to get evicted from my home. i’m sending peace love,wealth,health, and happiness to you all

  75. 75
    Kristina Says:

    I know we are all going through financial difficulties. I can tell you that the company that I work for helps people with Credit Restoration, to get your credit back on track, second chance, better life. We are one of 200 other companies out thers with no complaints with the BBB. First month is free, we’ve helped a lot of people. If anyone needs the help and more information please go to and I will be glad to help you.
    I know what financial difficulties are like, myself I am going through them right now with Personal Legal Issues- Identity Theft, it’s a process in it self to go through to prove.
    So I am here to help, prayer, talk, advice etc. I am here if you need me. So please feel free to ask and know that I will be here for you.

  76. 76
    Henrik Bolander Says:

    Former theacher.downspiraling for several years.Now a mountain of debt and still no job.Soon evicted and on the street.Kindly send some financial vibes to Scandinavia where I live.

  77. 77
    Sean Says:

    I am sending a massive energy wave towards all of you who are in need of financial help. Please join me in sending a prosperity wave in all directions of the universe and ask the universe to send it back multiplied infinitely towards those who are in financial need. The universe knows what we know collectively. “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND”, says the universe. Lets all join forces and end world hunger , stamp out poverty, and encourage truly energetic and motivated people to help change the world. I send pure love and peace to you all.


  78. 78
    Sean Says:

    I do apologize for my earlier writing, all of it stands except where I asked to help stamp out some things. I wish to feed the world, cloth the naked, educate the ignorant, and finally, unite all of mankind into the spiritual awakening of the planet earth. Under this pretext, please join me in sending a massive, pure love and prosperity beam to the entire universe. We will ask the universe to send it back amplified infinitely to the people of earth that are needing support. I love you all.


  79. 79
    Karima Says:

    I send love, light, peace and prosperity to all the souls of the universe. may all of you enjoy a never ending flow of prosperity throughout your entire life.

    With Love

  80. 80
    Avzal Says:

    I am in debt of approximately $10 000 which I need to clear off as soon as possible in addition to manifesting $11 000 BEFORE the 2nd of November 2009 for immigration purposes.
    I want to square off all my debts and show the required balance of $11 000 so that I can freely immigrate to a safe and decent country where I can live freely and I can earn a decent living based on merit and not ethnic or racial criteria.

  81. 81
    Melissa M-Taos new mexico Says:

    My family and I have a great deal of debt. We have outgrown our home and our cars are slowly breaking down, they are both over 12 years old. Although we are grateful for our home and our vehicles, we are just at a point where we can’t make ends meet. My husband works over 60 hours a week and I have two jobs myself. We are praying for financial abundance so that we can live a debt free life and travel the world. We have both have had hard lives and now we feel it is time to live the life of our dreams. Thank you

  82. 82
    Linda Says:

    I sent out healing energy to All here for debt.I know all too well that horrible feeling it can bring. I visualized money coming into your lives and happy faces. Now I let go, let God. Being non-resistant (letting go after you ask) is very important…you then have that relaxed energy that allows your desire to come in. Have only Divine and perfect thoughts… love the love within..job done! Something I was told by Spirit recently too “see yourself there, not here”, there’s one very powerful Divine thought, hey?:>) See yourself already living the solution, not the problem.We do create moment by moment, create what you want, not what you don’t want. Don’t allow ego to have the upper wants to control us…we can do so much better than that. Ego wants us to worry and more. Meanwhile, you can ask Archangel Michael to help with fear, worry and doubt as you go through the process. He has helped me many times.. I love how quickly my mood shifts after I ask for him to take away the fears. That is his job. His presence is like the nice guy next door that would do anything for anyone. We do have to ask for help from the angels due to our free will..they stand by waiting for permission to come in and give that help and guidance. So ask! :>) For me I find if I connect to Spirit(God, First Creator) daily too, I do much better in activating faith for my desires, then I just say thank You!
    My Love to You, You wonderful all-powerful Beings!

  83. 83
    Linda Says:

    I agree with Kathy. I forgot to mention that. Emotional Freedom Technique(Therapy) or EFT helps a great deal to release negative energy we hold within.Got to get rid of that. There is an EFT practitioner on youtube called Sunny. Her video is called, eft money worries (make sure to put in the word ‘worries’ not worry). It is an excellent eft video! Helped me a great deal to let go of the money worry. We don’t want that..the universe only sends more reason to worry for it does not recognize good or bad. The first time I did it I couldn’t stop giggling for two hours afterward! That’s how bad I needed to do that!

    Much Love I send You!

  84. 84
    velma Hall Says:

    My debt at the moment is over $1 000 000.00 One Million Dollars. I am deeply frustrated by this and I am asking for your prayers and positive thoughts to help me get out of this. I return the same to you all and look forward to great results.

  85. 85
    Melissa M Says:

    “Money comes to me easily and frequently.”

    *repeat throughout your day

  86. 86
    Robin Says:

    Please send help so I can eliminate my debts and move on more easily to a more spiritually fulfilling life. As a self employed artist, which children, and single, all of my time is working – which I do enjoy, but would I also need time for meditation, exercise, and to clean house – it’s not a pretty sight! Please help.

    Thank you

  87. 87
    Greg Says:

    I was injured about 7 months ago and am recovering nicely. However, I did not have any insurance at the time and now am unemployed. My expenses keep piling up and I can’t do anything about them. Please send some spiritual relief and ask the Universe to eliminate all of my debts right now.

  88. 88
    Joe R Says:

    Please please please,,,,a GOOD job,,,,is what i need….My heart is with all of you too!

  89. 89
    Chris Says:

    Greg, i send you energy to cope with that situation. I want to be free from my debts. Thanks.

  90. 90
    Todd D. Says:

    I would like to be debt-free and to be able to pay off all of my student loans. It is $20,000 or more. I want to be healed financially by having the money I want and need to be free and do the things I want where I want. But, first, I need to be debt-free.
    Thank you for your time.

  91. 91
    Melissa M Says:

    I am in need of good energy being sent my way. I would love to manifest a debt free life with money to travel the world with my husband and daughter. Lots good healthy, abundant vibes are headed your way!

  92. 92
    sharri Says:

    I seeking a financial blessing to help with all of my debts and also so that can help others in needs.

  93. 93
    Ki Says:

    I’m Sending vibrant waves of love into the Universe and Mankind. We ask Our Creator for the Universe to increase you with complete financial abundance in every area of your life that needs immediate attention. A healthy loving life that feeds Love. As We embrace the Love within Ourselves and breathe in and breathe out, Our requests are already unfolding with great measure thru our positive visual thoughts and higher frequency exuding. Our Angels watching and guiding us to to excell always, in all We hope for thru our Loving actions.

  94. 94
    Morgan Says:

    Wishing to all the abundance of the Universe , prosperity and wealth be manifested in each one of us now , I thanks for this because is done .
    Bless you all.

  95. 95
    rats Says:

    asking for some financial luck & success in my new projects. please help me succeed in this . thank you

  96. 96
    Cathy Says:

    I am requesting financial blessings of $100,000 to get back on my feet.
    I am grateful for this opportunity of your prayer.

  97. 97
    Morgan Says:

    Please pray for me to get out of financial struggles. bless you all.

  98. 98
    penny Says:

    My small business has suffered very badly in this recession all this year and I ask for your prayers that I am granted real financial help and luck of £1000 pounds very urgently to come to me this week so I can pay my rent and buy food and heating oil for my family so I may keep my home secure and my little family fed, warm and tog ether my work expenses and make my car payments and can so I continue to work keep my job, and continue to earn money so I can manage to get myself financially straight; Please send some financial vibrations out to the universe to bring ths financial help for myself and my family, I thank you with all my heart and wish happiness to all.

  99. 99
    sandy Says:

    please send loving positive energy that I will receive my settlement of 15,000 or more this week. I send all of my loving positive energy to all those that need it. May you all find peace

  100. 100
    mitch Says:

    I am asking for financial help to keep my business.

  101. 101
    Melissa Says:

    I have recently lost one of my two jobs. With the two jobs plus my husband 60 hour work week we were barely making it. Now I don’t know what we are going to do. Please pray that I can create $1000.00 more per month so we can comfortably pay our bills and have a little extra. I send love and good vibes to all in need.

  102. 102
    Mitch Says:

    I have a request that may seem greedy. I ask that i can win the powerball soon. I would help my family and my girlfriends family pay off ALL there debt. I have several ideas to help many people in need as well but i need funding to accomplish this. Thank you so much i always have such bad luck.

  103. 103
    SS Says:

    Hello everobody out there,

    This weekend I´ll be focused upon all your requests about vanishing your depts and financial help. I´m including you all in my prayers and hope you ´ll manage your money problems in an easy way and that the money will flow in your lifes with harmony and balance. God bless you my dear friends in troubles. Soon help will come to all of you in a very ncie way. Love, SS

  104. 104
    Lizette Says:

    Hi everyone, I got laid off over a week ago and I am very depressed. After 15 years of hard work I feel betrayed. I need your positive thoughts waves to help me find a job that is a good or better than what I had. I don’t mean to sound greedy…but maybe me and my family deserve better. It would be great it I could pay off all of my debt. Please help me…I promise to pay forward. There is a job opening that I applied for and I would really like to get it. Thank you…

  105. 105
    mitch Says:

    I have a monetary need of $1200 by the 15th. I will loose my business and be locked out if I don’t have it. I teach martial arts trying to in rich the students lives. I thank all those who send out their energy. I send my energy to all who needs it.

  106. 106
    Eric Says:

    We all have debt issues. I declare myself open to reception of the universe’s gifts and the positive energy of all you friends. I also send my best out to echo and resound all over the world to help everyone as much as I need it so. Blessings.

  107. 107
    judson todd stanley Says:

    peace and blessings, fellow travellers. i entered a request about a year ago to save our mortgage, and i must give thanks to all who sent out those positive vibes…….it was saved. however, we are back in the same spot, mostly due to the fact that my art business hasn’t taken off like i anticipated it would. i’ve read these entries,and not only am i empathetic for your situations, but i am believing on your behalf that what you want/need you will recieve right now. i would like to ask you all to send out such positive energetic vibes on behalf of JTSArts~ where your dream picture waits to pick you up. i want to sell $25,000.00 worth of my prints/originals/commissions between now and december 24th, 2009. please co-create this experience with now.

  108. 108
    cj Says:

    I have been mostly unemployed for EIGHT, yes, eight years. I feel mentally and spiritually broken that no effort has borne fruit. I am not a lazy person. I have a good education and good skills and yet all this time has passed and I am now living with my mother in a remote area where it’s even more difficult to find work. I have sent out innumerable resumes, signed up on websites, tried selling things on ebay and not one thing has panned out. It’s like something has broken for me and inside me… I can’t even begin to describe how devastating this has been for me as I used to have no problem getting work, willing to do my best, was an “achiever,” ambitious but not greedy… and for all this time, for some reason, spirit has disconnected me from being an independent adult able to provide for myself. Sometimes the despair is overwhelming. Nothing I do seems to work… I never imagined I would be so incapacitated for so long. My mental and emotion and even spiritual states are very low. I need a miracle of strength and hope most of all. Thanks.

  109. 109
    jason Says:

    I’m getting foreclosed. I am deeply in debt and about to go bankrupt. My business is barely hanging on. I’m scared and depressed a lot. I appreciate any help.

  110. 110
    Ray Says:

    i’m sending positive vibes to all you in need and i ask you to send me some, this can really work if done right,remember this is supposed to be fun,keep your vibes positive and feel the love

  111. 111
    Kate Says:

    I’m sending positive and powerful energy out there to anyone who is requesting. Please send some back in return! I’m in need of some help and believe that if we all send positive messages it will happen!

  112. 112
    Pilar Says:


  113. 113
    Todd D. Says:

    Dear SS,
    I hope the money comes soon. I want to pay off all of my student loans and debts very, very, very soon. I am getting ready and prepared and organized to meet my Creator in about 2 years. I need to be debt-free and also I am trying to take care of things inside myself to have that assurance that when I go, I will go to heaven.
    I am not talking about suicide, because I would not do that to myself. It has no part in my thinking. But, at this stage of the game, where life has not been good to me for many years, I feel I just don’t belong here on the earth and maybe any day something will happen to take me from it, so I want to be prepared. I have been in an “end-times” religious cult back in the mid-to-late 70’s and early 80’s that devastated my life to this day. It changed my life for the worst. And, since then I have not been able to shake the effects of being in such a group. I had been homeless since those days and now I am in great debt and generally, life has never been the same. Will money solve? Not all of it, but much of it. I have been trapped in cities and can’t get out, because of not enough money to make the move. I am a small town person that loves nature and the outdoors and if I can’t be with it and live in it, there is no life for me or peace. Where I am now and what keeps drawing me back to this city, is the cultic experience that was once here. I know I meant to be out in nature and so on; if I can’t there is no life for me and there is great pain. What I am telling you is just the tip of the iceberg, believe me.
    Thank you. I do look for that money. I want to be ready—“not for the coming of the Lord”, but since I have no life maybe I really am not supposed have it. I don’t want to get into the “coming of the Lord”, believe me, but I had to say this, because it has been my experience and just to say it, which may bring repercussions, goes to show you how evil this experience really is and what it brings.

  114. 114
    Anna Says:

    I ask that we may all become debt-free. I send loving energy to everyone who is struggling financially. May God bless each and every one of you with infinite abundance in ALL forms. May all your prayers be answered.

  115. 115
    Nicole Says:

    I am sending postive energy and love. I speak great financial prosperity over all of you. You are debt free. We are all debt free. We are full of wealth and prosperity.

  116. 116
    SpiritualDreamer Says:

    I want to get marry and have a family in the near future before my internal clock stop ticking. But I own alot of debts (student loans) that I can’t pay off and I don’t want to ruin my future partner’s credit if I don’t tell him. I want to have a family and my partner’s family to love me but with the amount of debts, I feel I will always be alone and loveless. At the moment, I didn’t have enough work in December to pay rent…so I am short, now I might get evicted. Please help.

  117. 117
    Dave Says:

    The time my ex. left (I have nothing against her, just a part of life’s situation), I was left with expenses adding up to over $1000. I remember laying my hands on the ‘bills’ and said that they were all paid in full. A couple of weeks or so later, a 2-week job was ‘created’ that brought in the money to pay off all the expenses. THANK YOU! Creator-GOD of the UNIVERSE!!!
    Like someone said “The Universe is not broke!”, that we can ask for anything, as long we stay positively focused, we will receive in due course. I am therefore asking the Universe to do this FOR ALL OF YOU OUT THERE and also for me, that the Universe provide blessings in all areas of our lives.

    Lots of good fortunes to you all.

  118. 118
    Doug Says:

    Thank you for reading…
    Isabelle and I are in need of financial recovery due to some investment misappropriations.
    Financial recovery of the full potential of this currency during the past five an a half years is important for our relationship and future.
    One aspect is that I would like to learn more about quantum.
    Also a health injury from an infection needs total healing and freedom on my physical plane.
    Much love for all…

  119. 119
    roderick Says:

    I send positive to myselft and everyone literally; my goal is to win the lottery and get out of all of my debt. Getting out of debt is crucial for the health and well being of all of us. I don’t care what anybody say, its important. Let’s all decree and agree with positive energies that this takes place in 2010. Love and lots of blessings this year.

  120. 120
    Destiny Says:

    Hello Everybody

    I send everybody lots of love and possitive energie so that everybody over the hole world…from Now on Financial Free is and live in abundance and in harmony.

    And ask also for myself help to be free financial so that i can start my new possitive live whit pease
    Thank you all

    Lichtgreatings and know from now on you are..Financial free see it feel it Know it and Believe it and act on it already menthaly.

  121. 121
    delois Says:

    i declare all my contracts with debt to be cancel! no phone calls no LETTERS in the mail no lawsuits all contracts are cancel NOW! those i know about and those i do not remember no surprise debt showing up. i am receive money in the mail i receive surprise checks in the mail surprise legal help and LOVE i am sending this positive energy to all that need it! THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, and so be it!

  122. 122
    Georgia Says:

    Please check out my site and get your free angel readings today.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  123. 123
    styne Says:

    this is for C J 108, i hope things has gotten better for you by now , if not this is what i think will help you ,start you own charity events start helping others ,start a goodwill shelter or a food pantry, this also takes money to do , you can register with the government and raise money legally to help others and intern you can help yourself as long as you put others first ! much LOVE and positive energy to you and all that reads this post.

  124. 124
    styne Says:

    this is for C J 108, i hope things has gotten better for you by now , if not this is what i think will help you ,start your own charity events start helping others ,start a goodwill shelter or a food pantry, this also takes money to do , you can register with the government and raise money legally to help others and intern you can help yourself as long as you put others first ! much LOVE and positive energy to you and all that reads this post.

  125. 125
    Dale Adams Says:

    May I be cured of all noises in my ears thats sounds like static and high pitch ringing sounds this is called tinnitus also please cure me of smoking cigerettes without withdrawals, cravings for cigerette and no weight gain. Thank you.

  126. 126
    Dale Adams Says:

    For Styne, Georgia, delois, Destiny, roderick, Doug, Isabelle, Dave, Spiritual Dremer and Nicole–May the Winds of Fortunes and the Power of the Universe solve all your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and fiancial needs, wants and desires.

  127. 127
    Alejandra Says:

    Hello everyone at Vitalwaves and Wealthvibes.
    I am currently in need of all the energy you guys cand send me and my family. We have a significant amount of money (Col$5.260.000 – US$2,736) that needs to be paid for our son’s school, transport, outstanding loan installments and public utilities. This amount is due for this Friday, Feb. 26. We do have other deadlines to meet, but this one is the one concerning us the most right now.
    Please, pray for us and send us all the positive energy you can. In the meantime, I’ll practice tapping on myself and pray for a miracle as well.
    Wishing you the best,

  128. 128
    Stacy Says:

    These have been hard times – my husband has been out of work for over a year, my depression/anxiety/insomnia has caused me to stop working and we’re running out of our retirement savings which we’ve been using to live off of. Please send energy to the situation so that my husband finds work and my depression lifts enough for me to be able to handle at least a part-time job. Thanks and many blessings to all those suffering financially as well.

  129. 129
    Todd D. Says:

    Dear People,
    I am with Roderick in that I too need to win the lottery and get out of all debt. I am tired of this and I will pay off all student loans and debts. I am still waiting for my money and I do call it mine. I just need a one-time, big time money miracle and I am out of here. Thank you for your time.

  130. 130
    loth Says:

    I am financially troubled. How I wish I can pay off all my debts, have some
    rolling capital for my canteen business.I really am depressed with my present
    situation. but thanks for for helping people experiencing difficulties like me, also for all the good and kindhearted people out there

  131. 131
    masroor Says:

    Bringing higher spiritual energy to everyone, and dissolving lower energies. masroor

  132. 132
    Latisha Says:

    I am requesting debt free energy healing for myself, Shonta, Teresa, Volene, Catherine & Augustine. I am requesting energy healing for my real estate business and other ventures.

  133. 133
    Latisha Says:

    I send energy, healing and peace to everyone. I decree and declare that your businesses are overflowing and you are abundantly bless. We live an awesome and rich universe and I serve an awesome and Rich God. I declare that when the enemies of debt arise, you will stand in the faith and declare your abundace surpasses all limitations of debt. We are rich and increase every second in wealth!

  134. 134
    Michael Says:

    I wish for a lot of money to get out of debt, to be be able to pay all my bills. I wish I had at least 11 million dollars soon so I can give myself and my family a stress free comfortable life. Bless you all that come to this site.

  135. 135
    debt video Says:

    I kind a love this blog, i believe its good stuff to our readers. so much things to grab and i hope you always write good stuff on this post. thanks for sharing

  136. 136
    Cathy Says:

    My friend Mike in Chillicothe Ohio needs help finding a good paying steady job with decent benefits. Please send positive energy his way!

  137. 137
    Georgia Says:

    For all who read this-this message is for you. Here is a message using my money and law of attraction cards:
    It comes, not by magic but by Universal Law
    Start telling a better feeling story about the things that are important to you.
    Do not write your story like a factual documentary, weighing all the pros and cons of your experience, but instead tell the uplifting, fanciful, magical story of the wonder of your own life and watch what happens. It will feel like magic as your life begins to transform right before your eyes, but it is not by magic. It is by the power of the laws of the universe and your deliberate alignment with those laws.

    Hope that helps:
    I give readings and guidance at the following site. Request a reading by filling out the form found on the tabs at the top

    Much love G xxx

  138. 138
    Luci Says:

    Hello All,

    I am writing to ask for prayer and positive vibes. I am a 39 year old mother of 3. I have a good paying job but unfortunately,I acrued about $30 – $50,000 worth of debt a few years ago using credit cards as cash after a layoff. I am working on my situation. I pray I will be able to manifest more than enough money to pay the kids’ tuition, overdue bills, and have money for Michael’s graduation.

    Thank you and God bless you all!

  139. 139
    mark Says:

    I send all my positive energy and love to all who are experiencing debt at this time,May god bless you all and relieve you this day from your debt,firmly believe there is enough for everyone keep your faith strong no matter what.God Bless

  140. 140
    C Neville Says:

    I am in debt. I have to pay USD 6000 for getting my apartment back on my name, It has been hypothecated. I have a week to go.And then who knows what… I need special positive vibrations that become prayers which must be offered to The Almighty. I have only 7 days to go . Please help as I also pray for a recovery. HIS ways are not our ways.

  141. 141
    Yoichi N. Says:

    I am asking the kindness of all energy, to help me with my debt that I owe to my friends, friends parents, my WHOLE FAMILY, school and other loans that I have borrowed in the past. I would like to thank them for lending me all their money energy in order for me to be where I am right now. Please bless these people whom have helped me with my life! I ask that all these debts of mine be repaid with ease and abundance from all the generous energies sent to me! THANK YOU ALL AND NAMASTE!

  142. 142
    geraldinee right is now rel Says:

    God Bless the whole univrese. May they be healthy and happy. Know that in the divine mind there is no debt. All debts are being cleared up right now. What god has done for others can be done for you.All that is yours by divine right is now released and reaches you in great avalanches of abundance, under grace in miraculous ways. May the light of Heaven shine on each and every on on this planet. God Bless

  143. 143
    Madge Says:

    Please send energy and healing for the financial struggle I am experiencing at this time. Bills are overdue and piling up.
    I am sending financial healing energy to all who needs it that we all will be abundantly blessed with enough to spare and to share.
    Gratitude and praise.

  144. 144
    kalinde Says:

    to my superior beings that say they are in debt. i would like to make your aware that your are not in debt today, it may appear so but you are in that state as a result of your past thoughts. program your mind to think debt free today despite how the circumstance appear and as you do this, your higher mind will open up ways to get you out of this situation.

    to a debt free you

  145. 145
    Hannah Says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I don’t believe anyone is ever in debt. I believe that everyone is wealthy. However, people look at their circumstances/appearances and this is what they believe/see…that they are in debt. Don’t claim that you are in debt and you will not be. I know that this is difficult to master…but your mind has POWER…try to use it to your benefit as much as possible. Also, get a free copy of the book called – “The Science of Getting Rich.” You can “google” to get your free copy…this has been so helpful to me, I am learning how to control my thoughts to my benefit… instead of my thoughts controlling me…I have received lots of help with this and it is working wonderfully! Just by your thoughts you can create a debt-free life forever!

    My Good Thoughts and POSITIVE ENERGY Are With YOU, Always!


  146. 146
    Mauro Says:

    I send to all of you, my energy, so that can get everything the money that you require. We are one. Peace.

  147. 147
    Gordon Says:

    I call on all the ascended masters and the angelic hosts to surround anyone in debt with Infinite Abundance from their own Almighty I AM Presence

    And so it is

    Love and Light

  148. 148
    Traci M. Says:

    I am sending my positive energy to all that have posted on this page to live a debt-free life, to get out of debt and live a life financially free full of wealth and abundance spiritually, in your families, physically and financially. I am growing spiritually every day, my family continues to be healthy and content, I am healthy and strong and I have no financial burdens, I have a debt-free life with more than enough to pay my living expenses and help out others in need. All my bills are paid off, all my debts are paid off, all my loans are have no balance due and I have enough left over to help others and give to charity. My cup runneth over. I am grateful for all your positive thoughts and sending your positive energy my way.

  149. 149
    RIYA Says:


  150. 150
    Shirley Says:

    Hi everyone.

    Life can be a phenomena. Start talking about abundance. Tithe your way yo abundance. Do whatever it feels to make you feel debt free. We can do it.

    Declare this every time:

    Infinite riches are constantly flowing into my life. My life is now full of triumphs and celebrations!

    And so it is!

  151. 151
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  152. 152
    Abundantraj Says:

    There is no Loss in Divine Mind/Heart. Their is no Debt in Divine Heart/Mind. When the illusion/Myth of Debt (false illusion). I thank our Loving Creator for all the blessings that we have of good health, good relationship, good friends, good food, good finances. I thank our Loving Creator for taking away the illusion of Debt from our eyes and heart. Our loving Creator/Father is rich and is going to take care of all our financial commitments. Repeatly affirm this from your heart. I pray as I am blessed, may all be blessed. As I am healthy, may all be healthy. As I am wealthy may all be wealthy. As I am in Harmony. May all be in Harmony.
    I love my Heart and Soul
    I love all Humanity
    Join Heart and Soul Together
    Love Peace and Harmony
    Love Peace and Harmony

  153. 153
    Ramoo Says:

    May everyone be debt free and live a life of abundance, Let us share what we have at least some left overs for the less fortunate.The world is full of abundance .The universe has enough for everyone. Let us pray to the univererse for our due share.
    I send love,healing energy and peace. Let us all imbibe to the fullest.

  154. 154
    Maria Says:

    Thank you all for the healing and good wishes regarding debt. I am in debt now, and I thank you all. I am also sending abundance and light and blessings for all of you. May we all be blessed abundantly.

  155. 155
    Vanessa Says:

    Sending positive energy for all those who wish to receive it. May we all resolve our debt situations easily. I ask that you kindly send me positive energy that I may sell my car quickly and purchase something more economical. Many thanks for all the blessings that I have received and continue to receive.

  156. 156
    Marjorie Says:

    I want to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

  157. 157
    hind Says:

    I appreciate all the money I received all my life and I am sending my best pure energy to the universe and receive back from it all the help to pay off all my debt and and let the money roll in and want the same for you a

  158. 158
    Rose Says:

    I am requesting your assistance through your positive energies and love to attain all necessary monies to finally lay to rest my financial burdens and to financially assist others in my life with their burdens.

    Love and peace I send to you all. May my positive energy that I am sending reach you all.

    Together we all can attain what we need most in our lives.

    Many Blessing to each and all.

  159. 159
    Matt G. Says:

    This is a huge thank you to all who sent healing energy and prayers to my mom (Becky G. in Roanoke Virginia). She healed so quickly from her breast removal surgery, that the doctors had to remove the tubes early. They were amazed. She says she never felt better in her life. She never even picked up the pain pills they prescribed for her because she said she never felt any pain. I can’t thank you all enough. My prayer for any and all of you who sent her healing energy and prayers is that you receive it back ten fold. Much love and appreciation to all of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    If you could find it in your hearts to send some positive financial energy and prayers my way, I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently only working part time, and struggling (I live in Norfolk Virginia). Your thoughts and energy and prayers of financial abundance and prosperity would be greatly appreciated. And I pray that anyone who sends this energy my will receive it back ten fold.

    Thank you all so very much for helping my mother through her surgery and healing.

    Matt G.

  160. 160
    Rose Says:

    May each and everyone in financial difficulty be awarded from the universe a resolve. To all I am sending positive energy of wealth your way. Dream your dreams of financial freedom. I also send positive energy for peace and good health.

  161. 161
    Rose Says:

    To all who are in financial debt, be it known that everyday, I send to you positive energy to assist you all to receive all the money needed to lay your financial burdens to rest. Let it be known to you that you all are abundantly blessed.

    Peace be with each and everyone.

  162. 162
    Kerry Holloway Says:

    I ask for healing of body, abundace of resources, monies in the millions, land, market futures, ability to move within fiancial circles and compete and achieve reward , education paid for in field of desires, talents increase, ideas and creativity, removal of all fiancial debt, past, present and future. Rich in influence and all resources abundantly without limitation.

  163. 163
    elena hernandez Says:

    El Poder de Dios Universal de la Abundancia Financiera solucion manifieste aa econòmica En Este Instante Santo , y Aquí y Ahora , ASI ES, ASI Sí ha hecho ” , gracias gracias gracias, Para Mi , Para ti , párr Todo El Entorno, en armonia , Bajo la Gracia y de Manera Perfecta .

  164. 164
    Rose Says:

    Many blessings I send to each and every person in debt. Money is coming your way. Daily I send out to each and every person money energy. Also love , peace and health energies I send out to each.

    Love, happiness and health to all.

  165. 165
    Betty Says:

    I am asking for help for me to value the services I provide and have provided and for me to ask for what I deserve. I want to know my worth and receive money in accordance to my high self-esteem. I am asking to be free and clear on all my credit cards and to pay those who are waiting for payment.
    Thank you for your healing energy! And thank you, Universe.

  166. 166
    Rose Says:

    To all , may you all receive the money energies I am sending out to you. May it fill every cell of your being. Believe and ye shall receive. Today feel the reality that money is coming your way.

    Love, peace, health and happiness be yours.


  167. 167
    Gunilla Lagerqvist Says:

    Jag skickar positiva vibbar till alla er som behöver och jag ber er att skicka mig några,
    Ordna upp min och barnens tillvaro,trygghet,stabilitet.
    Kunna betala av skulder,räkningar.Må bra.
    Kunna gå vidare.Känna sej trygg.

  168. 168
    John Says:

    To all, I am sending all my energy out to you to aid in your challenging situations, debt, trying to feed your families,, keep your house’s, Love in your lives and faith that the universe will provide for you. I am so glad for the support this group provides Spiritually and the vibes that can be sent.
    It took years for me to find my purpose in life, as I was going through hard times for 2 years, but Everyday in Everyway My life gets better. My purpose in Life is” to do the most good for the most people possible. I know my energy is helping many.
    Health,Prosperity, and Love to all

  169. 169
    Gopi Menon Says:

    Dear all,

    Please send me healing for my wish fullfillment to be able to repay my debts and taxes immediately…

    Thank you and God bless….

  170. 170
    Anne Says:

    May you all sail on the winds of fortune : )

  171. 171
    John Says:

    Need positive resolution of hospital suing me for $12,000 in unpaid bill balance after medical insurance paid maximum. I am so grateful for your help!


  172. 172
    Donald Says:

    Lots of debt after some mistakes in my early life. I now have a business and things are looking up, but I am just making enough to survive. Please send me some good vibes and energy/prayers to help me over come and prevail!

  173. 173
    Gopi Menon Says:

    Please send me healing to enable me to have money to repay my debts and pay taxes and also to get a job, i have been jobless since 4 and a half months….Thank you and god bless….

  174. 174
    Jeff Says:

    Hi there everyone! I am in desperate need of a financial miracle. I have been the victim of foreclosure and am currently over $130,000.00 in debt, with no foreseeable way of paying it back anytime soon. I have had no income for many many months now(I own several businesses but none of them are bringing in any income) and have creditors, many of which are actually friends and relatives, hounding me every week. I am under a tremendous amount of pressure. Declaring bankruptcy is not an option at this point in time. Please pray for me and send me lots of money energy so I can get through this tough and stressful time in my life.

  175. 175
    Alexandra Says:

    To All,
    I include you in my prayers, visualizations and positive intentions and send you loving Wealth Vibes from the North. May we all receive our inheritance of supreme health, wealth, joy and love and be filled with gratitude. Be Well. Be Rich. Relax and Receive.

  176. 176
    Tom Says:

    I now send the healing energy of my spiritual guides and helpers to all those in debt that subscribe to this page. For additional and long term support please visit my website at
    Much love and Support
    Tom H

  177. 177
    Sandi Says:

    Please send healing and abundance energy to my and my family. I am facing a financial challenge that threatens to tear my family apart. Thank you for your loving and supportive energy.

  178. 178
    Rose K Says:

    To all, know that the Universe is bringing to you my money energies that I am sending to you so that you will receive the amount that you require to experience a debt free life.
    Peace , love and good health energies I also am sending to you. Never stop believing.

    Love Rose

  179. 179
    Honey Says:

    HELP! In DESPERATE need of a miracle, prayers and good energy from the good people of the world. I am at the edge and can’t find a way out of this situation. Please keep me in your thoughts as I will do the same once my life gets back in balance and I am able to send that same energy back to others. Thank you!

  180. 180
    Alexandra Says:

    Ack!!! in desperate need of money to pay back an educational debt that is “out of this world.” It seemed like “funny money” when Sallie Mae was lending it out. Now that it’s time to pay it back I am no longer laughing. Please help. Thank you

  181. 181
    Rose K Says:

    Know that the Universe will bless you with the money that is needed by each and everyone so that you are debt free and released from the stresses that that has consumed you. Visualize money flowing to you. Feel the joy of being debt free. The Universe makes no mistakes. I am sending out into the Universe money energies. Fell the energy flowing through you at this very moment. Believe and ye shall receive.

    With Love and Abundance
    Rose K

  182. 182
    Johnny Says:

    Hi everyone , please send me some positive vibes so I can get out of debt.

  183. 183
    Ali Says:

    I was laid off from my job and need to win the lottery or a job to pay my mortgage & bills. I will send energy to others in need.
    Love, peace and happiness for all.

  184. 184
    judsontoddstanely Says:

    This is my third time posting what I’d like to manifest into my life. This site works because the human mind/spirit works best in conjunction with other human minds/spirits. These past two years have found me in some rather difficult physical (oldest son has accute lymphoblasitc luekemia) and financial (mortgage foreclosure) situations. My son is still with us, and flourishing after 28 months of remission, and me, my wife, and our four are still miraculously living in the same house/home. I would very sincerely ask for each one that reads this post to see me, and my own staying in our family home. I would like to own this place outright. Your thoughts, in chorus with my own will allow this manifestation to happen. I have already surrended this place to the divine, and want to experience finishing raising my children in this home. Thank-you reading this post. I bless you.
    Aum Shanti.

  185. 185
    Su Says:

    Anyone, please give my family the positive energy that can make my family to freed all of debts so we can live in prosperity and abundance
    May Universe blessed u much more

  186. 186
    Angelica Says:

    Hi, we are one I send positive energy to all, Prosperity and Abundance in all your needs. Everyone deserves the best!!!!Please send me energy to pay all our bills, to have enough for everything even to share to others thanks!!!!

  187. 187
    Brent Says:

    Please help, my family has seen an increase in debt over the years and I want to achieve financial freedom. I want an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness for myself and all of my family. I send out my positive vibes to all of those in need and wish abundance on everyone. Thank you

  188. 188
    Brent Says:

    Thank you all! I posted a few days ago and yesterday received some unexpected money that I am extremely grateful for. Please keep sending me positive energy to help me attract more wealth. I feel a big windfall coming my way. I continue to send positive vibes to all that have posted here, may you have an abundance of wealth, health, and happiness come your way.

  189. 189
    wanda Says:

    We live in a world of abundance. There is more than enough to meet the needs of every living being. Let us give our attention to that abundance. Let us see ourselves and others being blessed with all our needs being met. Let us choose this day prosperity. Let us change our mindset from not enough to more than enough. As we gather here we are a powerful force for good. Let us see ourselves being debt free, owning our homes and owing no man anything but to love them.

    I see you debt free. I see you owning your home. I see you having your needs met. I see you happy and healthy. I see you surrounded by love, peace, joy and abundance of good.

  190. 190
    Rosemarie Says:

    I request prosperity and abundance for all of us and know the Universe will provide all that we need and desire with enough hope and faith in Divine Intelligence to supply and feed our spirits with peace, harmony, and love!

  191. 191
    Rose K Says:

    To all fellow Vibers needing positive energies for financial stability be it known to you all that I am sending each and every Viber positive money energies. The Universe showers you with money. Money is flowing to you freely and copiously. The Universe is all knowing.

    Health Wealth Success and Happiness to all

    Love Rose K

  192. 192
    christine g. Says:

    Please send positive energy to help me out debt and to live comfortably without worry or stress. Thank You.

  193. 193
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending positive energy to all of you!!

    I also have a tip for those who are struggling on debt.

    1. Get the book ‘Richest Man in Babylon’ This is a must read. It will help you get out of debt and teach you how to save. Also you can contact Tom Mcfee he can also teach you away of getting of debt his number is. (503)363-5433

    2. Cut back on unnecessary spending. Meaning only spend money if you really need something and no I’m not referring to if you see a dress or and you have to need to have it. So basically spend money only on things like roof over your head, food and bills.

    3.If you don’t know where to start on paying off debt. Start paying off by doing a lump sum a little each time you get payed. Hide your credit card so it’s not in temptation to add more debt.

    4. Pay yourself!! This is a must. Because what is the point of getting a pay check and not getting to enjoy any of it? So whatever is left over on your pay check that’s right put it in your savings account. This is optional but for me this works. So have your saving’s account not easy to access. Meaning don’t have card or checks to be able to pull money out of it. So meaning the only way to pull money out is by going to the bank physically yourself to get it out. This makes it less tempting to try and spend what you have saved.

    This is all I know that might help? I hope this will help you to find some light at the end of the tunnel.

    May your life be filled with joyful bliss and abundance!!!

  194. 194
    Crystal Says:

    Having a rough time financially – I’m trying to maintain three households and have gotten behind in my bills…need to catch them up and halt the negative credit issues before they get out of hand.

  195. 195
    Kelli Hayward in Anderson, Ca Says:

    Hello all energy senders. I am sending my loving debt relief energy to all of you who are requesting it and wish you luck recieving it.
    I too would like to request you please send me loving energy for debt relief. Thank you so much and much love sent to you all of you. Kelli 🙂

  196. 196
    Rose K Says:

    Blessings to all Fellow Vibers on this sight. Know that with love I am sending each and everyone money energies. May the Universe bless you all financially.
    Kelli , Crystal , Christine , Rosemarie , Angelica , Sue , Aum , Jeff, Gopi , Donald , John

    Waver not from positive belief. Know within your hearts that your money difficulties are a thing of the past. Believe that the Universe will provide you with the means to be financially healthy. May the Universe shower you with blessings of abundance, prosperity, health , wealth , success and happiness.
    Believe and Ye shall receive. What a man thinkith so is he.

    Blessings to all

    With love

  197. 197
    celest Says:

    Im sending positive energy to sall debt reliever.Please send me dedt reliever too.good luck to all of you.

  198. 198
    Roxanne Says:

    Every minute of every day millions of dollars flow to the members here now…instantly, effortlessly, joyfully now!

  199. 199
    Michael Says:

    To all here, I am requesting the energies we all deserve toward debt relief. Times get tough, and I did what many people did. I took out more than I could easily pay off in a timely manner. I am open to recieve, and to all here, I send my energy to help right our ships in a very rough sea.

    I now know this is all part of the journey, and a storm or two along the way is not to be feared, but savored as a special, yet intense and perhaps scary moment during our passage. Safe port is soon to be insight, and knowing that, I /we sail confidently in.

    Keep your eyes on the smooth waters of your favorite harbor, and anticipate the welcome home from all those that prayed for a safe return!

  200. 200
    Alexandra Says:

    Please help me and my organization achieve financial freedom and live abundantly.

  201. 201
    Jewels Says:

    I send energy healing to all those who are in dire need at the moment. I also ask for some healing for myself. Times are rather challenging at the moment so I ask for abundance and debt relief for myself as well.

    Love and light x

  202. 202
    anu Says:

    i pray to god bless all in need with his love n guidance,to fill every body’s life with happiness and abundance.god bless all

  203. 203
    Vickens Moscova Says:

    I pray and meditate that I can allow my debt to be released from me. I know choose abundance and wealth as the normal way I perceive life. I know my overflow will effect others in very inspirational ways.

  204. 204
    samer Says:

    Please god help me get released of debt and help others as well

  205. 205
    Alexandra Says:

    I ask to experience financial freedom and great physical abundance.

  206. 206
    bevery Says:

    I send love love and energy for debt and healing to all and healing for my self.Do not give up I had 2 stokes and I am walking and talking again.When they told my daughter to give up on me but she and my mother told me to hold on I was in a coma for 2months .The dr. wanted them to give up on me but she said no. So you have to have faith .

  207. 207
    Jeff Says:

    I send my love and healing energy to everyone in the world that is in the bondage of debt. Debt is the scourge of mankind. It makes us slaves to our jobs and prevents us from living the lives that Prime Creator intended. I to am mired by this hideous Dark energy. Please send your healing energy to me and everyone in the world that is trapped by debt.

  208. 208
    samer Says:

    please i need the energy to get out of debt

  209. 209
    samer Says:

    i am requesting the energies of all to get out of debt and to be greafull for god who created us. and i ask all to avoid pictures that weaken energy

  210. 210
    James Says:

    Please help me achieve financial freedom from debt and live abundantly,
    and god bless you all.

  211. 211
    samer Says:

    I pray for all whis in debt to help them find the way and the will to get out of their debt and transform their life into prosperity and abundance.

  212. 212
    Tania Says:

    I send forth positive financial energies to all members of this site! May these all-powerful vibrations eliminate and dissolve your every lack. The Universe does not want you to live in fear and want so I am sending everyone this vibration of abundance. Please open yourself up to receiving this energy, that it may eliminate your debt immediately, and allow money to flow into your lives daily and easily. With a gracious heart give thanks to God for the many blessings He bestows upon you and may your blessings multiply daily. Your financial worries are now over, and so it is. Peace~

  213. 213
    Tania Says:

    To everyone on this site I send positive, healing energies, that you may see, feel and be the light of love and abundance that is vibrating throughout this Universe!
    Trust God to express and evolve through you and you will evolve
    Let go and Let God! Peace~

  214. 214
    Tanvir Syed Says:

    Dear All please send me +ve energy so that i can be debt free.because of this problem i am ruining my carrer and familly life. please help me by sending +ve energy.

  215. 215
    el Says:

    dear everybody who reads this: please send me positive energy so I can find a solution for my debt problemes. also before june 2011 I need a new income otherwise I cannot pay the mortgage and all teh other payments I have to do every month. keep on waking up every night because of all worrieng. please help!

  216. 216
    carie Says:

    to all who are in need financially including myself, I send my prayers and positive energies that may we be free from fincial problems and that God may shower us more blessings to compensate what we lack financially. May all our debts be free and that we may be able to help others in good cost. May God bless us all

    UK Newark

  217. 217
    Janette Says:

    I’m sending out the positive healing energy of love and light to all!! Affirm “I am financially secure now!” and ” I have a surplus of money to share and spare!”

  218. 218
    Katongole Johnny Says:

    am Johnnyjoy from Uganda,internet marketing consultant and have been in business for 5 years but my big problem is money to upgrade to this programs.Have some money on one program $640 but the told me to upgrade $25 first in order to get that money but have no money

  219. 219
    olga Says:

    I am requesting some positive energy to help me and my family get out of our major debts. I also send positive energy and love to all who have this problem.

  220. 220
    Stephanie Says:

    I am sending everyone abundant thoughts so you will all prosper and be debt free. May you all feel PEACE!

  221. 221
    Olga Says:

    Dear all, Please send me some positive energy so that my family and I can be debt free from all our major credit cards and car loans. Because of this, my relationship with my husband is going downhill fast. I am open to receive and I also send my energy to help everyone become debt free. I pray that God blesses us all with abundance and love.

  222. 222
    Olga Says:

    I am sending my positive energy to all those who need help with debt. I pray that you will become financially stable and live abundantly.

  223. 223
    Rose K Says:

    Remember that the Universe holds the key to your needs and desires. Open yourself up and believe with your heart and soul that the Universe will send you the blessings. Still your mind, and visualize money flowing to you. I am sending money energy to each of you. In your minds eye visualize the money coming to you. It surrounds you. Feel it to be true. Money is flowing to you freely. Claim these words to be true.

    With Love, Hope, and Belief you shall receive the many blessings that the Universe has in store for each of you.

    The Universe is ever knowing and will address your needs accordingly. Question not the resolve the Universe brings to you.

    May your day be filled with true beleif, hope, love and good health.

    Love Rose K

  224. 224
    Simone Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I send you all blessings and thoughts of wealth, abundance and prosperity. Something magical will happen for everyone tomorrow. Be grateful for your abundance.

    I thank you all for your money energies. I am open and receive them now with love. Thank you! All my wishes of being debt free by April 2011 are now true. Thank yoU!!!!!!~

    Today is going to be a great day for everyone

    Love, properity, abundance and joy

  225. 225
    Todd D. Says:

    I posted on one of these websites, and I don’t know which one, asking how to get my comments off of the site. I am sorry; I shouldn’t have asked that, but I don’t see how to do it.
    Thank you for your time.


  226. 226
    Stephanie Says:

    I am sending loving, grateful and abundant thoughts to everyone!

  227. 227
    LaDios Says:

    To ALL,

    I am sending so much gratitude and love to everyone who is struggling spiritually. I am sending much energy and love for any type of debt that is current. I believe the energy will flow abundantly and yours and mine situation can change over night. So here comes ALL my good energy…peace love and happiness.

    You will be set FREE

  228. 228
    Ronnie "Hats" Says:

    I am sending all of my love and support to all who have come before me and for all who come after me. This is a serious time in my life in that I have two small children to care for.

    The debt was an issue for me alone, but it is crucial now with two little ones to care for. Their mother and my family are threatening to leave me homeless on a daily basis and I am not here to fail these two little girls that I have. I must break the chain of negativity, failure and disappointment in all of our lives.

    Today I ask the universe to open the floodgates of abundance and freedom in my life so that I may be able to provide a proper future for my family and also help others in need.

    This shall be done by July of this year 2011, as that is when it is needed!

    My prayers and love are with you all!

  229. 229
    Anna Says:

    I ask for a financial miracle. I thought a compensation claim I had would have healed our fiscal problems but it didn’t pan out as expected and this has thrust us into a quigmire of worry. My husband has been out of work for a year and with a mortgage to pay we (and we’re not alone) are worried. My husband is over fifty and it’s seems unlikely that he will get a job despite being highly qualified. I am asking that we are blessed with jobs that suits us both, where we are happy and earn a good salary. We aren’t asking for a handout or some miraculous manifestation – we just ask that we can earn what we need to get by. May all of us who have been so negatively touched by the recession be blessed with infinite prosperity and abundance. And so it is.

  230. 230
    ei Says:

    May we all live an abundant life. May my family see their worth and focus on the many blessings that surround them. Be aware. Believe. The abundant joyous life is coming….namaste

  231. 231
    Karen Says:

    I need to be able to start on a level playing field and afford some housing….not fancy just a place to call home!! Thanks to all who respond!

  232. 232
    Jerry Says:

    I am sending positive energy to all members and everyone in the world, including me to eliminate all debt, and to believe and have faith that God and the universe will provide us with everything we need to live our lives in all abundant areas.
    Have a blessed day

  233. 233
    dkt Says:

    I am a single parent of 2 children. who recieves no child support for them I work as much as I can. I would like to recieve positive energy that I might have something good come my way to help with debt and to give my children a good life without such hardship..I would like to send postive energy back to all those in need of relief from debt hardship..god bless

  234. 234
    mel Says:

    I am sending blessing and good energy to everyone for prosperity, peace, good health, and love.

  235. 235
    Adam Says:

    Sending positive energy and wishes for help letting the abundance flow to all who have the illusion of limited abundance right now.

  236. 236
    mel Says:

    sending more positve energy & gratitude.
    may we all have the prosperity, peace, laughter, good health and love
    peace in all areas of our lives
    blessings and miracles

  237. 237
    Vaneesa Says:

    Sending positive energy, feelings, and thoughts to everyone to manifest an abundance of wealth, money and prosperity. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, I LOVE YOU!!!!

  238. 238
    courage Says:

    pls send me a positive energy that will enable overcomre my debt problem..

  239. 239
    sally Says:

    Please send energy to help with my debt-I have been without employment for 4months now,I have been taking care of my mother who is recovering from severe illness and multiple surgerys..There are bills piling up,food supply is very low and other things nnd financial attention.@please send 3fold energy blessings my way. Thank you very much.

  240. 240
    Stephanie Says:

    I am sending positive wealth energy to anyone who is in need.

  241. 241
    f Says:

    Bless you all with abundance and joy. Keep your eye on the prize (your manifestation) always know and believe you are becoming financally abundant . Imagine that and enjoy those feelings. Im sending you my appreciation. Stay faithfull.

  242. 242
    Patrice Says:

    Holy Riches
    Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away; behold all things become new. He that believeth in the Son hath everlasting life; and he that believeth not in the Son shall not see life, but the warath of God abideth on him. Oh father; who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

    Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we would forgive those whom trespasses against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever,

    Since I seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all these things are added to me. There may be a shortage of food in the cupboard, and money in the bank, but my God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory. El Shaddai is my source. I speak light into darkness.

    Lack of clothing I speak to you. Lack of finances I speak to you. Lack of food I speak to you. Lack of transportation I speak to you. “If God be for me, you cannot be against me. Be removed from my life and cast into the sea”. Provisions, food, clothing and money, I speak to you. “Come into my life. Come into the life of my family. Righteousness finds its way to me. Healing finds its way to me. Prosperity finds its way to me . Financial blessings come upon me and overtake me.

    Jesus is pre-eminent in my life. Therefore, all grace is abounding toward me. So I can have sufficient supply in every area of my life to give into every good work of God. I am a giver. I am a sower. Therefore, I am a reaper. Harvest day has arrived. Jesus became poor on the cross so I could be rich. Prosperity is part of my atonement and my spiritual right.

    I resist lack and poverty in Jesus name. I will not live below my covenant rights. I AM PROSPEROUS. Today will be a good day. Every weapon of Satan planned for me will be turn on him. This day, I am more than a conqueror. Today will be filled with blessings from God. All spiritual and natural blessings for this day have been arranged for me before the foundation of the earth. I can’t lose.


  243. 243
    Matt G. Says:

    Hello all,

    I have 2 things to remark on. The first one is a great thanks to you all, and the second is a call for help, positive energy and prayer.

    First I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for my Mother last year. She had a breast removed due to cancer. I asked you all to pray for her, and the doctor’s said she healed so fast that they were amazed. She is doing very well now. I thank you all w/ all of my heart for helping her w/ your positive energy and prayers. God bless each and every one of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    Secondly, I am now asking for help. I have recently been in a very unexpected financial crisis. It has hit me out of the no where. A collection agency has locked my bank account for a debt from years ago. I thought it was paid off, but apparently it wasn’t. Now they are hounding me day and night, and my bank account is frozen. No use of checks or debit card, which makes paying bills very complicated, not to mention everyday life. And the IRS has now also gotten involved somehow, saying I owe back taxes (that I was unaware off). I feel like I am drowning. I am not asking for a million dollars, but the amount I need might as well be a million since I only work a part time job. I need around $5,000 to clear up just the immediate crisis, but to clear it all up completely, I need more like $25,000. That would have me completely debt free, and all personal loans would be able to be paid back also (I tried borrowing some money from friends and family, but it only seems to make the hole I’m in deeper. I hate to borrow money from anyone).

    So, I am asking for all of your prayers and positive energy so that I may receive immediate financial abundance and financial abundance through out the coming year. I want nothing more than to be debt free, and able to take care of myself, and also to be able to give to others to help them out in their time of need.

    I thank you all in advance for your prayers, positive energy, love and help.

    Thank you all so very very much. Love, peace and abundance to all.

    Matt G. Norfolk VA

  244. 244
    M Says:

    Asking for prayers for immediate increase in finances coming in so can be financially free.
    Love, Gratitute and Appreciation and Blessings to you all
    May we all prosper.

  245. 245
    Sonal Says:

    I need positive energy to increase my finances to help eliminate my debt. I am stuck in a situation created with someone else but left on my head to deal with. Lots of bills, not enough money, and increasing anxiety. I am thankful that all you folks care so much about us here and are sending us love and light. I will also pray that everyone recieves as much divine assistance as I am about to get

  246. 246
    Rose K Says:

    Sending out to all on this page the Divine White Light Energy Ball that hosts the positive energy of abundance. Open yourselves to receiving this energy. Feel this energy flow into your body through the top of your head. Feel the warmth from this energy as it surges through your body clinging to every cell of your being. Picture yourselves being showered with money. Command that your debt be paid in full. Believe with your heart and soul that all will be resolved. Be patient but steadfast in this belief. It will be done.

    Love Rose

  247. 247
    michael Says:

    It is my wish to the universe that myself and my family can eliminate all debt from our lives as soon as possible, so we can be free to live life as it was meant to be lived. I send out positive energy and vibrations for all out there who are being held back by debt.May your dreams and wishes manifest for you. Keep believing.

  248. 248
    frank remick Says:

    I am requesting some positive energy to help me and my family get out of our major debts. I also send positive energy and love to all who have this problem. i am expect 50,000 dollors.

    Thank you,
    frank remick

  249. 249
    Sabrina Says:

    I am sending positive energy to all so you receive what you ask from the Universe. I ask the Universe for financial abundance to eliminate my debt. Thank you.

  250. 250
    sandy Says:

    I recevied this blessing this morning it really touch me and I thought this would be an Awesome vibe to send out!

    This actually works, and I didn’t get around to opening it until today.
    Had a money windfall on Saturday after receiving this on Tuesday.

    1 Kings 8:23
    A blessing is coming to you in the form of money.

    Do not ask questions just forward to
    eight people and TRUST GOD!

    Prayer for Finances (it works)
    I claimed it for you – now claim it for me.

    God has more than a thousand ways to provide
    For us, that we know nothing about.

    Here is your financial blessing!

    It’s a simple prayer, you got 30 Seconds?

    Don’t sleep on this…Someone recently
    Read this for the first time and
    Received exactly enough for a $0 balance
    On all credit cards.

    If you need a financial blessing,
    Continue reading this e-mail.

    Heavenly Father, most Gracious and Loving
    God, I pray to you that you Abundantly bless
    My family and me.

    I know that you recognize, that a Family
    Is more than just a mother, father, sister, brother, cousin,
    Husband and wife, but all who believe and trust in You.

    Dear GOD, I send up a prayer request for
    Financial blessing for not only the Person who
    Sent this to me, but for me and all that I have
    Forwarded This message to.

    And that the power of joined prayer by
    Those who Believe and trust in you is
    More powerful than anything!

    I thank you in Advance for your blessings.

    God, deliver the person reading this right Now
    >From debt and debt burdens.

    Release your Godly wisdom that I may be a
    Good steward over all that you have given me
    GOD, for I know how wonderful and mighty
    You are and how if we just obey you and walk
    In your word and have the faith of a Mustard
    Seed that you will pour out blessings.

    I thank you now Lord for the recent blessings I have
    Received and for the blessings yet to come,
    Because I know you are not done with me yet.

    In Jesus name Amen…

    TAKE 60 SECONDS and send this on quickly and within hours, you will have
    Caused a multitude of people to pray to God for each other. Then sit Back and watch the power of God work in your life for doing the thing That you Know He loves. Peace and Blessings….

    Have Faith

    You must send to 8 people.
    In 8 minutes you will receive something you have long awaited.

    May God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference.
    Love and prayers always,

  251. 251
    Dave Says:

    I send prayers of prosperity to those in need of financial help. Times are challenging and as we send prayers of help into the universe these times will soon be cast out and replaced as abundance. May we all be energized as a positive beacon of positive awareness.

    Blessings of light be shone.

  252. 252
    Nicola Says:

    Giving Lots of faith and financial security to all that ask for it, let us be free to live without worry and poverty, let us love freely of everything and everyone without judgement.
    God Bless and keep loving.

  253. 253
    m Says:

    Asking and sending positive energy to everyone that we will all expereince financial pease
    Thank you for all your good vibes so financial peace will show up in our lives.
    Love, Peace , Gratitute and Blessings

  254. 254
    maria Says:

    Please send healing thoughts to my sister in law Sandra and her family, my friend Kathy and Ron, and my new neighbors so that they can eliminate all debt and so the universe can provide and help them. Thanks.

  255. 255
    Rasheeda Says:

    please help me clearing my father’s debts, I took his responsibility so I need prayers to get through this situation soon.

  256. 256
    m Says:

    Sending love and light so prosperity will come to us all and we will be in financial peace.

  257. 257
    maria Says:

    Sending love, peace, and tons of positive energy to everyone, animal, nature in the world. Let the universe provide for everyone, so we may live in abundance. Peace, abundance, love to everyone and everything!!!!!

  258. 258
    Nichole Dunkley Says:

    1:king 8:23 A blessing is coming in the form of money. I send this positive energy out to 8 people. please do the same and you will be blessed financially soon. sooner than you think.

  259. 259
    Nichole Says:

    Sending prayers up for others for a mind transformation and financial blessings. Please do the same for me as well. Thankyou Godbless.

  260. 260
    BAIROJI Says:

    Im single mom with 2 kids. Im near 2 bankruptcy and i truly need all ur prayers n blessings 2 ovrcome this debt finance mess. Im also sending my blessings to all frens who might b in similar situation. God show us a way n let positive thkg change all.

  261. 261
    mel Says:

    Gratefully asking and sending prayers for money to come bless us all.
    Thank you.

  262. 262
    ruby Says:

    I am sending a possitive energy to dandee and rina and to me as well forwhat we are facing re our business. Hope everthing will be alright. To all people who need energy too. May God our creator bless us all

  263. 263
    ruby Says:

    I also sending possitive energy to my mother ,brothers and sisters. That they may enjoy life full of happiness and prosperity. Heal all deseases in all aspect of their lives including all my nieces, nephews and friends ,kids and my loving husband. Everything is possible , miracles are happening now.

  264. 264
    Katinka Says:

    I would greatly appreciate positive thoughts, energy and faith sent to us (me and my husband) at this hour of need.
    We are both without a job (74 and 69) and used up all our resources. My husband is not well and I am trying to start a business on the internet, but we have very little time before everything collapses around us. We both are believers however the circumstances seem to be stronger than our faith. Please send us good energy to strengthen our faith as well as resolve our financial pressures. We don’t even have any kids or relatives here in this country. I just had to realize all we have is GOD, and this should be all we need. I am grateful for all your positive thoughts for us.

    I am also sending very loving thoughts to strengthen your faith and have your issues resolved soon. Bless you for caring and be blessed with God’s generosity and healing power.

    Katinka L. Newport Beach, CA

  265. 265
    donna Says:

    To Katrina, Ruby , Mel, Frank,Jerry,dkt,Adam,Venessa,Courage,Sally, Stephanie,Patrice,matt g, M,Sabrina, Dave,Rose,Nicola,Biriorj, and all others who have found this site and are open the the abundance and healing of the universe, may your opennessing and willingness to accept what the universe has to offer you bring you wealth, joy, health and happiness and may the universe give you so much that you are able to give in return, may the white light surround you and and you are able to see the abundance in your accounts and give back and enjoy your holiday with peace love and giving.

  266. 266
    patrizia Says:

    I am sending blessing,positive energy to everyone to eliminate debt and manifest prosperity in all areas of your life!God bless you.

  267. 267
    mel Says:

    Thank you Donna, Patricia and all for your prayers and good wishes for good prosperity to manifest in all our lives now.
    Sending Love, Peace, Gratitute and Prosperity to all

  268. 268
    parizia Says:

    Thank you Mel,Donna,Frank,Jerry,dkt,Adam,VanessaCourage,Sally and everyone here! God bless you,I send you my best love,light energy.with all my heart.Life is beautiful and LOVE is the most powerfull energy in all Universe,BELIEVE it ….Big hug to everybody!

  269. 269
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,Everyone! I pray and send out LOVE and LIGHT,with all my heart I wish to everyone here and to all my friends;Marija,Lenart,Fulvio,Grazia,Elisa,Mladen,David,Ingrid,Ester, Nadja,Boris,Stojana,Marjan R.,Urška,Eva and Bogdan a lot of fortune,wealth and money.God bless!

  270. 270
    Jose Says:

    From Afghanistan I am sending positive vibrations and energy to help all listed in reducing their debts.

    Many blessings for all.

  271. 271
    suja Says:

    Prayers and healing energy for people who are burdened with debts to ease their fear and deal with their debt burden confidently and seeing them become financially prosperous, emotionally strong and a better caring and loving human being.

    Feeling grateful and happy for receiving the same for myself and my husband in mumbai

  272. 272
    patrizia Says:

    I send a lot of positive energy,love and light to everyone here,may the Source Energy helps us to release debt and manifest money,fortune and wealth! I appreaceate a lot if you do the same for me,God bless!Thank you.

  273. 273
    dimitria tireli Says:


  274. 274
    patrizia Says:

    Happy NEW YEAR,with a lot of money,fortune and financial freedom for everyone here,including me and all my friends! May the Source Energy helps us to risolve our financial situations,I pray and send out positive energy,love and light to everyone here.We deserve all the best!SO IT BE!Thanks!God bless!

  275. 275
    Bonnie Says:

    Sending out healing energy to everyone on here who needs help with their debts that you will be abundantly blessed with the financial help you need and/or want to have, and that it will happen fairly quickly for you.
    Love and light to all of you.

  276. 276
    Dee Says:

    Asking for love and energy to Minnesota as I open myself to receiving wealth and abundance, and to feeling safe knowing that I always have more money than I need.

    Sending waves of love and energy to everyone around the world who struggles financially. There is more than enough for all of us. We can and will reach our goals!

  277. 277
    patrizia Says:

    Ciao,dear big family! I send out positive energy,light and love to everyone here,to all my friends and to all the people who are in financial troubles-MAY ALL OF US RECEIVE ABUNDANCE OF MONEY,FORTUNE AND WEALTH-I FEEL IT….THANKS SOURCE ENERGY.I appreceate a lot if you do the same for me.God bless.Thanks!

  278. 278
    Mel Says:

    May all our debts be cleared quickly and unconditionally.
    Love, Hugs and Miracles Blessings to all

  279. 279
    Master Trey Says:

    I would like to send a mass amount of positive debt free energy to the masses! !!i pray that everyone who is involved in our vital waves family come from under the debt stronghold now!!!!!!i hope u start to smell like NEW MONEY WALK LIKE NEW MONEY. THINK PROSPERITY THE KINGDOM IS WITHIN, LOVE, HOPE, AND POWER, BE RELEASED FROM THE STRONGHOLD NOW!!!!!debt FREE, DEBT FREE,DEBT FREE,DEBT FREE,!!!!!NOW! !!SEE IT THINK IT, BELIEVE IT! !!!EXPECT CHANGE NOW! !!LOVE, SPIRIT, AND HOPE AS WELL AS FAITH…………….MASTER TREY. a

  280. 280
    Abdul Qadir Says:

    Hi everyone,

    It’s so great to be among such wonderful beings as you all.

    I request prayer and energy to help me be debt free this month. I have over $200,000 in debt and with the energy and prayers of all of you I am confident this will happen for me. Please help and send your energy to me with your prayers.

    Thank you,

    GOD Bless us all with HIS DIVINE ENERGY and LOVE.


  281. 281
    M Says:

    Sending and asking for prayers that our credit blessings so 0 balance due from now on for highest good of all.
    Thank you.

  282. 282
    margie Says:

    Hi everyone, I am requesting prayers and help in paying off our debt, we need an abundance of wealth to deal with this. I send light and love to all those who requested an abundance of wealth.


  283. 283
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i need help to pay all my deps…and positive energy to know exacky were i spend my money..i aslo want to know what is the opstacle..who do me to have this a spirit ;then i ask it to go now…and live me free!!!!

  284. 284
    dimitria tireli Says:

    one office the name is PETRI organize my money every month..i realy want to know if they are now..and i can not see what happen exacly because they are i germany and i am in grecce so i need spiritual help ,and energy as i can find exacly were the mistake is..thank you joao de deous

  285. 285
    Rolex Says:

    Hello everyone, I’m sending out a positive energy of love to each & everyone. I also would like to thank everybody for sending me a powerful positive energy.

  286. 286
    dimitria tireli Says:


  287. 287
    dimitria tireli Says:

    me sabrina von der eltz .i want a job like hotel receptist now…please god help me.,AND JOAO DE DEOUS give me now a job in a hotel,with insurance,money,good hoers,goud luck…i want to be happy in my work..and i want to be…abudance..and by my self embloyed..please jaoa de deous ,mother despoina..and maria.give me now a good work for a life time..i prayto god,jesus,don inacio lociola, help me now to find a work in a hotel around LIPPSTADT!XX

  288. 288
    dimitria tireli Says:


  289. 289
    Sabrina Says:

    I am sending healing love and light blessings to you all, to heal your financial debt and bring you abundance. Thank you for your healings in return.

  290. 290
    LS Says:

    Blessings and a debt free permanent healing to all who enter here.

    I thank you for your love and healing and return it to you all.

  291. 291
    Sabrina Says:

    I continue to think of you all with love and light. Prayers for a debt free future.

  292. 292
    m Says:

    Sending love & light that our debts are elimate grateful for them and feel happy all debts are piad and we are financially secure and able to share more with others.

  293. 293
    Marcia Says:

    Walk in light and love and your spirit will guide you in the right direction to find ways to eliminate all your debt. Walk in peace.

  294. 294
    willie Says:

    I send every day positive energy out to others of love and money , and i also need some positive energy back , i am a manager debt collector but not earn much at a moment apply for new jobs but no success yet , need better income and better benefits and a love one thanx Willie

  295. 295
    chris Says:

    to all my vitalwaves

    a raining of money,
    wealth of ideas,
    sources of wealth,
    a candle in the darkness,
    Alandin with his oil lamp,
    health,again health,and again health,
    1,000,000 times healthy,
    100,000,000 times healthy,
    be healthy,be wealthy,
    an endless health orgasm,
    an endless wealth orgasm,
    an endless orgasm,
    a child with his bicycle wearing
    his smile.

  296. 296
    JON Says:

    I pray for a financial miracle for me, Jon Bond, and my friend/roomate Rick Kress, that liberates us from all financial hardship, wkorry, strife, stress and all our debts right now and forever! I pray the same for everyone here at this site! YASHU’A MESSIAH! Thank you all so very much! 4.44.2012


    Norcross, Georgia

  297. 297
    dimitria tireli Says:

    send healing to all who need money….and me and marieta kukiu need now 10.000 euro to pay all our depts…thank you

  298. 298
    Mel Says:

    Asking, Sending and Receiving Love, Peace, Laughter and a Big Prosperity Miracle to us here.
    Setting intention that money will come in so keeping my word and paying all my credit blessings in full and have more than enough money to spare and share from this moment on.
    Appreciate and grateful for you all and VitalWaves.
    Love and Blessings

  299. 299
    Kat Says:

    Namaste! Requesting substantial financial blessings to flow my way, enough to pay down my own debt as well as that of my children, with enough left over to help others do the same.

    Wishing you all the same abundance, and looking forward to better times ahead!

    Peace, Love, and Happiness,


  300. 300
    shawn Says:

    I am sending wealth, abundance and prosperity vibes all my fellow Wealthvibers. I believe my vibes will reach all those who believe. I see the vibes being returned back to me.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

  301. 301
    oscar hoyos Says:

    sending health, wealth and love thoughts to all this big comunity and at the same time ask all of you to pray for me in order I can pay all my debts and have more money flow in my life.

    Thank you for all your e mails and vitalwaves.

  302. 302
    Dennis Says:

    I am sending great wealth and abundance to all the other vibers out there may the universe send you an endless supply of wealth and abundance.

  303. 303
    Duka Says:

    I believe your blessings will help me and my children to overpass the difficult financial situation. Look forward to better times and wish a lot of abundance to all of you!
    Much love and happiness! Thank you!


  304. 304
    Aileen Says:

    Asking, Sending and Receiving Love, Peace, laughter and a Big Prosperity Miracle to all of us.
    Please include me in your prayers that I will be able to pay all of my debts, help my parents pay their debts too.
    Praying for Abundance in my life including my parents still have money in the bank and help others in need.
    Thank You All. God Bless Us All.

  305. 305
    Anne M. Says:

    Need help with mounting dept. Please send prosperity thoughts my way. Thank you all.

  306. 306
    m Says:

    Gratefully asking prayers to be answered today.
    May money come to us quickly and easily today so we all feel financially secure with money to share.
    Love, Peace, Miracles to all

  307. 307
    Towanya Says:

    Requesting help with paying debt off in full to be debt free and grow in abundance and wealth

    Sending out positive to all group members for health wealth and prosperity blessings to all 1,000 fold

    Thank you for your positve energy waves

  308. 308




  309. 309
    Emmanuel Says:

    Sending out love, wishes for prosperity, abundance, good health, and happiness to everyone worldwide who is burdened by debt like me. My intention is that money flows freely without restriction to the needy so that the well-being of everyone is guaranteed, so that fear of the unknown disappears, so that human progress and stability is secured. Blessings to all. ~~ Emmanuel N.

  310. 310
    Mauro Says:

    We are all connected. It is true! We can really help! That is why I ask for your help and your energy. I’m in a serious debt situation and know I can exit through you. Now send intentionally all my positive energy to you all that you need. I bless you and I see wealth for all of you. Thank you.

  311. 311
    M Says:

    Sending & Asking for prayers so money will come into my life 5 times or more than it goes out.
    See & know that I am good and have the money to pay all debts so they are paid in full and this weight lifted.
    Thank you.
    Many blessings

  312. 312
    Matt G. Says:

    Hello to all. My name is Matt G, and I live in Norfolk VA. I am requesting prayers from everyone who reads this. I was laid off last month from a part-time job. I was only getting by day-to-day. Since then I have been job searching daily, and selling of my belongings to raise money for rent and bills. I ask and beg all of you who read this to please pray that I get a large financial windfall, and a new, very good job as soon as possible. I am at the point where I will be evicted very soon, and on the streets. I beg anyone who reads this to pray for prosperity and financial abundance to come to me in large sums everyday in a positive way. I beg you. All my prayers and positive energy go out to all of you in need. Peace, love and prosperity to all. I love you all, and I thank you all. May God bless each and everyone of you on a daily basis. Thank you so very much.

    Matt G

  313. 313
    sherry Says:

    Requesting positive energy to come my way. Everyday has been presenting new challenges for me and my family. I need a break from all the drama and debt in my life. I am trying my best to stay positive. In need of financial abundance and prosperity for myself and my daughter.
    Sending positive energy to everyone on here.
    God bless you all

  314. 314
    mel Says:

    Gratefully asking and open to receive and send for prayers to be answered are debts are paid in full easily and for the highest in good.
    Thank you.
    Love, Light, Miracles and Many Blessings

  315. 315
    Ricardo matile Says:

    necesito ayuda por una deuda que me agovia desde hace 19 años, muchas gracias por ayudarme

  316. 316
    Marjorie Says:

    I am requesting blessings to continue to relieve myself from debt. Blessings for my son to do the same. I am sending love and blessings to those who are in debt.
    Thank you for all your help.


  317. 317
    Kirk Says:

    Need positive energy from so many, living below the poverty level unemployed.
    Need some kind of financial boost or a lottery win.

  318. 318
    sue Says:

    I am gratefully asking for prayers for debt rellief today.
    Thank you.
    Praying for you also that your debts get paid also.

  319. 319
    Troy Says:

    Asking that the courage, strength, and resources required be provided to immediately pay off $50,000 in debt, for the good of all concerned.

    I ask that your needs be met daily and that you be a blessing in the world.

    Thank you!

  320. 320
    TJ Says:

    I would like to ask that good vibes and energy be sent my way, I as I am facing a very close approaching dealine of 8/16/12 to have 2780 dollars to avoid forecloser.
    I ask that everyone pray, and send out the good enery so that this will not occur.
    I would like to send everyone the best.


  321. 321
    Phemie Zervos Says:

    I am grateful for all your prayers and blessings to manifest $100,000 to pay off my mortgage. I was laid off in 2008 and have not been able to find a job, so paying off my mortgage will go far in lessening my financial difficulties. I pray for financial blessings for everyone …. The more we have, the more we can help others.

    Bob, thank you and everyone at WealthWibes and Vital Waves for the wonderful work you are doing to help people. Can you please do a video to win the lottery and games of chance? Also how do we reach you?

    Thank you and many blessings to everyone!


  322. 322
    rose Says:

    May the Divine White Light of Protection surround each fellow Viber protecting everyone from all negativity that is preventing each and all from receiving the bounty from the Universe. Through faith you shall receive what you have requested.

    May you all be blessed with what you need.

  323. 323
    m Says:

    Gratefully asking for prayers to manifest the cash for the highest good right away and able to pay back all the debts now.
    thank you.

  324. 324
    Ernest Says:

    Thanks for all prayer for debt freedom

  325. 325
    s Says:

    praying for debt relief as soon as possible thank you
    many blessing to everyone for debt relief here also.

  326. 326
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Prayers of financial freedom is being sent towards each of you right now. The basic thing is to be open to receive the energy through you. All of you are living the American dream and fufilling your dreams whatever it is but you don’t know it. Money and financial freedom is in each of you always. We human beings on earth are all billionaires. Together we can create more billionaires and more people like myself to change the world. I love u all thank you.

  327. 327
    Fergal Says:

    I am praying/asking for debt relief for everyone and for me, and for your positive energies towards the success of my yet to be published novel, which I wrote in order to help others.

  328. 328
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @fergal as well as everybody who has financial issues. The best way to get rid of them is to get an intention as it already gone and you living a life you want to live. I will forever share my love,dedication and heart to each of you. Anything is possible just please remember you are all rich and successful.

  329. 329
    J E M Says:

    I am asking for prayers and energy for debt rellief today.

    Thank you.

    Praying for you also that your debts get paid also.

  330. 330
    Maya Says:

    I’m gratefully asking for all of your prayers positive energy vibes to get me and my mother off debt, we been struggling 3 years and will loose the house if are debt isn’t paid off, please send positive vibes. Bless all of you and will be praying for you all.
    Thank you

  331. 331
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @everybody sending love and happiness to each of you. Getting debt free and financial free is easy but it a decision and choice you required to make. The answer you seek lies within you willing to do the work and willing to make the change. I have full faith in all of you in ensuring ALL of you going be debt free in 2013 thats something i just know because you ALL have the answer to your finances inside of you.

  332. 332
    rose Says:

    Through the Universe may you all recieve the blessings that I have sent out to each of you. May you all be blessed with the amount that you need to become debt free. Remember to send it forward’

  333. 333
    sheila Says:

    Thinking of everyone that is going through debt problems right now in the world. Sending light in that they find fast solutions. Thank you.

  334. 334
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ everybody may 2013 be the year you become debt free and start building wealth. I love each of you whether i know you or not. Inside each of you lies the magic to everything. I am 100% sure 2013 will be year many of you find the combination to open the gateway. i believe in all you and will wait for you all in land of milk and honey where it is very gorgeous.

  335. 335
    Mel Says:

    Sending Love, Peace, Prosperity and Good Health to all here at VitalWaves

  336. 336
    Humberto Leal Rangel Says:

    I request a powerful aid to restore all my debt and return to being prosperous and abundant. Thank you all. I pray for his rapid spiritual evolution and development of consciousness. Hugs.

  337. 337
    Angel Says:

    I ask for energy to be sent to my daughter please. For whatever reason that I cannot fathom she’s not great at handling money and is now in debt with her landlord. She has kids and I fear for them (and my daughter). I have tried to teach her how to manage money, but as yet she’s not ready to embrace my guidance. I would be ever so grateful if you could please send energy her way. Thank you all.

  338. 338
    Soleil Says:

    Sending much love, positive energy, blessings of prosperity and abundance to everyone here at Vitalwaves. May every area of your lives overflow with infinite abundance in ALL its forms.

  339. 339
    Carmen Says:

    I ask for R5 000 000.00 to settle my debt immediately. I send good vibes and positive energy to all of you and I know you send to me. Thank you.

  340. 340
    Maryam Says:

    Much energy and help to each of you, who like me are doing their best to get out of debt. I’m sure all of us will help each other in our own way!

  341. 341
    Deanna Justice Says:

    Need positive energy to help pay off debts.Thank you!

  342. 342
    Ella Says:

    I really want more help /prayers to be able to pay all my debts and become moe prosperous to help my family

  343. 343
    Amy Says:

    I send out waves of love abundance and optimum health to everyone

  344. 344
    Dee Says:

    I am at a place in my life where I feel so overwhelmed by debt that it is making me physically sick. For the first time in my life, I can’t even consistently pay my rent on time. I believe there is something deep inside of me that is blocking me from financial peace. I want to be able to buy what I want whenever I want. I ask for blessings of courage and wisdom to heal the work, income, debts, and relationships that have been affected by these spiritual blockages. Thank you to all.

  345. 345
    Anthony Says:

    I need help real fast. Have 3 loans with high monthly payments which is very frustating. Please send positive vibrations to help eradicate these debts. Love and peace and prosperity to all your members.

  346. 346
    mel Says:

    Sending good energy to everyone here that we are blessed with love, good health, prosperity and peace today.
    Thank you.

  347. 347
    Marie Says:

    Sending love and prosperity to all and whatever amount of money we need to be debt free.

  348. 348
    Mel Says:

    I am gratefully asking and sending good energy for an increase money coming into our lives today so we are debt free now.
    Love and Blessings
    Thank you

  349. 349
    Roxanne Says:

    Please send $5000 as quickly as possible and give yourself the same bonus 🙂
    Thank you

  350. 350
    Ruediger Says:

    Ruediger from Nuremberg/Germany,

    I ask for energy for my friend Alex, so that he regains his prosperity, which
    was blocked for so many years. He only needs to be sent 300 Euros to be
    able to reclaim his abundance and to help many people (incl. me) to get
    rid of their debts.Thank you for sending us positive energy to defeat the
    last obstacle on our long way of sacrifice and doing without!Many, many thanks for all help to finish this horrible time. May all your wishes come true!
    Hug and love to all of you!

  351. 351
    Ruediger (Germany) Says:

    Dear friends,

    it has been wonderful to feel your support during the last hours.
    I’ve been able to receive half of the sum needed for my saving-
    project. This gives me the confidence that I can manage the rest
    with your help during the next 2 days. Great experience: I not
    always must be the loser when life offers the chance of change…!
    Many thanks again to all who have sent energy of success!
    Life will be different from now on.

  352. 352
    Marie Says:

    needs help with money situation – won’t have enough funds to carry her through retirement. I don’t feel I would be qualified to send energy to people in the same situation as I am, but I do send positive vibrations for any other healing needed – on all levels. Thank you!

  353. 353
    mel Says:

    So grateful for Bob and weathvibes for this wonderful web site to send and receive good energy to manifest our desires.
    To manifesting more love, good health, prosperity, peace and blessings

  354. 354
    michael Alanta G.A. Says:

    thanks to everyone who sends out positive waves and power. It seems as if every time I get close to getting enough money for rent and food and everything else I need it all falls apart. Help comes but it seems a day to late. I am so done with this I do not know what to do. I help all the people I can I chant I pray and still I am stressing everyday to pay for a place to live I cryed out to some of my best friends and still little or no help there has to be a person out there who can come to my aid. Please send help to me. I just want to be free of money worries and have a nice safe place to live. I dont have much hope anymore and I dont understand why or how this can be happening to me as much as I pray for everyone else. I dont want to live anymore and yet I keep telling myself not to give up.Everyday I have paid forty dollars a day since 01/16/2013 just to keep a roof over my head and each day I cry inside I feel so alone and yet I keep trying please someone hear my cry and send the spiritual help that I need to make it. Although I know there is someone out there who has it much worse than I do. And to whomever reads all of this I thank you and send my last vibe of positive thoughts and hope for a debt free life unto you.

  355. 355
    Maryam Says:

    Hi all of you, I need your help as I have too many problems at the moment. The main problem to solve would be to become debt- free. I am working a lot on it, but as I can count only on myself, it’s not easy and your help would be appreciated, as I feel there is a real blockage in my life which probably dates from my childhood. If I become more and more financially aware and free of debts, I could solve the other problems more easily! Thank you all. Thank you for yhis group. I try in my way to send you energy too!

  356. 356
    michael atlanta g.a Says:

    I send power to everyone on this site to overcome any debt that may be a problem at this time to stand fast and hold on and to overcome anything that may be holding you back. Be still and receive all the money you need to make it to the next level and beyond.

  357. 357
    m Says:

    So grateful for everyone here
    Thanks Michael feel the same way.
    Asking and appreciate good energy so the debt cloud goes away for good from the moment on.
    Big thank you to Bob and everyone here for all you do and the good energy more than words can express.
    To allowing and receiving more unconditional love, peace, laughter, prosperity and good health today.
    Sending love & light to you all

  358. 358
    Riad Says:

    Hi good people,
    I ask for energy for myself……….getting out of hardships
    living with abundance blessings favours of this infinite universe
    live a proper life……… i have always felt was mine…….
    i am happy to accept from the universe the creator………with grace
    and gratefulness………



  359. 359
    Donna Says:

    I affirm for each and every one on this page that all your debts have been cleared by the universe and may you all recieve a magical financial windfall, please pray that i too have a huge financial windfall so i can clear all of my debts as well, God bless us all xoxo

  360. 360
    AVERY Says:



    A*K*A $3P$

  361. 361
    Mel Says:

    To more love good health prosperity and peace to all

  362. 362
    Maryam Says:

    Need your help and your blessings for myself and those around me. If I could solve my debt problems, I realize how much more I could help others too. Thank you for giving me this possibility to share my difficulties and, at the same time, to receive energy to assume a life which is not easy in different ways. And yet I do my best to help others as much as I can. Please help me to become debt free in 2014. It should be possible if I’m helped by certain events but also by changing some things in my life and my way of thinking! Thank you again

  363. 363
    Donna Says:


  364. 364
    Mel Says:

    Ditto what Donna said
    Thank you universe for the blessings of cash today so can keep the flow of money coming in to pay the bills, the vital waves site and everyone here for good energy to manifest easily cash for our debts to be paid in full today.
    Sending good energy, love, light, easy to attain prosperity today, and peace and our desire manifest easy today.
    Thank you.

  365. 365
    Mel Says:

    Sending and asking for good wealth vibes today so all will enjoy feeling of be financially secure from this moment on thank you so grateful for the good vibes and everyone here love and many prosperity blessings and miracles

  366. 366
    Cristiana Says:

    Thank you Lord for EVERYTHING! But most of all, my wonderful chireldn who never make me feel bad for who I am and how I look. Thank you Lord for my job, that doesn’t discriminate fat people, but instead looks at how hard we work, even though we’re big. Thank you Lord for everything materialistic you give me, everything I need, and little by little, thank you Lord for sending me everything I want! Thank you Lord for Chanda, she’s amazing and inspiring. Continue providing your love and wisdom and many more blessings on her journey, thus inspiring the rest of us! Love you Lord!! Love you Chanda don’t know you personally, but on here, I feel like I’ve made a great friend!! <3

  367. 367
    Dagmara Says:

    I am greatful for everything I have. Please let the energy of abundance and wealth flow through me. All bills and debts are paid now. I HAVE plenty of money to spend visely on everything I need and like now.
    Thank you.
    Dagmara from London

  368. 368
    Mel Says:

    I am sending good energy and gratefully open to receiving more money today.
    Thank you.

  369. 369
    jamie Says:

    i send my energy out to those struggling with debt may everyones debts be cleared and we all live in abundance together….. all my live and energy jamie xxx

  370. 370
    Atash Says:

    Hi,I was hoping to be able to avredtise on your site if possible? Would you be interested in a high quality guest article? Alternatively, I could place a financial widget or a banner avredtisement.Any information you could give me would be great and I look forward to hearing from you.Regards,Mike

  371. 371
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send tons of positive energy to parma ohio my finances increase major
    Send tons of positive energy to independence ohio my family members finances increase major
    Send tons of positive energy chark patients finances increase major one hundred fold and the bums in Cleveland
    And Cheryl Kelley in UK London tons of money
    And Linda and Tammy Garfield hts
    Marc parma
    Karen parma

  372. 372
    Marcia G Says:

    Send positive energy for debt relief to Marcia G in Virginia Beach Va

  373. 373
    Margot Says:

    I spent most of 2014 and the first five weeks of 2015 in tbe hospital. I ran out of money for house payments in November 2014.
    Would like prayers for financial prosperity.

  374. 374
    Kimberly Says:

    Here’s to sending and receiving financial abundance for today and the future to come. No more worries. Self and loved ones taken care of forever. Never a sorrow again. Love, light and a wealth of abundance to us all. Nameste

  375. 375
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    Wow because this is extremely good job! Congrats and keep it up.|

  376. 376
    Pollyanna Says:

    Hi all! I am Pollyanna and am in Ohio. Please, I really need positive thoughts, prayers, and energy for consistently flowing money to pay my bills. I am grateful for everything we have and send out energy, prayers, and positive thoughts for everyone to become prosperous.
    Thank you!

  377. 377
    maryam Says:

    Please send me some energy, love and discernement to take the right decisions as I have too many problems at the moment and am particularly worried as I still owe money I don’t have, after three important operations I had to pay surgeon’s private fees, not taken in charge by my insurance. I have always somehow managed on my own and don’t count on a fictive family I have for this help as they live on completely different planets. I’m sure with good energy sent by you I will find a solution and manage on my own as I always have done. My husband is mentally ill so I spend most of what I have left trying to help him. Thank you for your positive help!

  378. 378
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  380. 380
    Rose K Says:

    May the Universe bless each and everyone with the money that is needed in your lives at this time. May the Universe also bless you all , with good health, happiness, and love.

  381. 381
    Terry D Says:

    Hello to all, Sending big hugs to you and wishes that the Universe provide you with what you need the most in your heart. Please wish the same for me, especially around my home, finances and career.

  382. 382
    Daniel Says:

    I send positive energy to all those experiencing financial problems. The Angels of Light will provide all your needs.
    Kindly wish the same for me. I lost my job and now I’m in debt. Let’s work together and help each other.

  383. 383
    Brian S Says:

    My wife Kimberly has had several medical conditions which are creating debt too swiftly.

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