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Whatever type of relationship problem you may be encountering we’ll send you positive energy to help alleviate the problem and any accompanying stress or anxiety.  I’d also encourage you to watch the quick healing relationships guided meditation at the law of attraction site,

After you’ve finished making your request in the comments section on this page, please visit some of our other pages on this site and start sending some great positive energy out to others.  The energy you send to others will return to you magnified and amplified in power.  

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  1. 51
    Joanna Says:

    My relationship is unraveling. I am asking for healing energy to heal this relationship before it becomes too “broken”. Please send as much healing energy as possible and let him know how very much he is loved.

    Thank you

  2. 52
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I pray others will send positive healing energy to my daughter Corinne Douglas. She is having a hard time getting her oldest son to go to bed at night without causing a big fuss and continuing to draw negative attention to herself. She also has trouble in respect to her baby going to sleep at night. This is causing her to never get any sleep herself. I pray she learns to use her words more positively and focus her thoughts on what she does want instead of drawing into her life what she does not want.

  3. 53
    K Says:

    I would like secure relationships with people who have a healing effect on me. Sex isn’t neccessary. Warmth, affection and connection is.

    Secure means that people are streetwise enough to prevent trouble being caused by others.

  4. 54
    Bruce Says:

    Ingrid has left me for another man. We are soulmates and I know that he is a distraction from the pain. Send your prayers and energies for our reconciliation. She is the love of my life. B in Colorado Springs.

    I send my love and energy to all who have lost their mates. May God bless you and bring you back together. Have Faith in God.

  5. 55
    margie Says:

    I have been dealing with breakup for a while I have come to some peace. After the breakup my ex and I were still communicating and as time progressed our relationship got worse and of course he had influences that helped him along the way to keep us apart and now he wont communicate with me at all I have reached out to him but he continues to have a hard heart towards me. We did hurt each other out of anger. I ask for prayers and need assistance to bring healing to the both of us so we can reconcile and bring peace love and balance back into our lives. I want him to know that He can reach out to me and that we can learn to trust each other again. I know he still loves me I feel his energy but his ego has the best of him. Help me repair this broken relationship and make it whole again. Thank you and God Bless.

  6. 56
    love Says:

    Hello everyone,
    I generally suffer from failures in relationships.It seems like I am getting almost always the same results with similar kind of people that deludes me.Now not for a particular type of relationship but for a boy that I give really value I ask for your prayers to strenghthen our relationship as I do love him very much.Thanks to all.I am giving all my positive energy to you ALL.Thanks and LOVE

  7. 57
    Selina Says:

    We live in Dallas. My husband and me both of us have bad relation with our inlaws. My husband also has bad relation with his brothers and he has bad feelings towards my mother.I have bad feelings towards my in laws and my mother. I want to get rid of these feelings and develop good relations with all of them.

    I humbly request your prayers in the situation, that it might resolve with good relations for all .Thank you all…

  8. 58
    Selina Says:

    The relationship between our neighbor and us getting worser and worser day by day. We have one family friend. They broke our trust. One of my husband’s friend took help in the time of bad days. Now he enjoyed his good times and insulted me . He refused to talk to me and ask his wife not to talk to me. I do not know why. he married this wife after devorcing the first one. I could not forget the relationship with his wife. My eyes are filled out with tears. I want betterment in relationship with them.

  9. 59
    Kavita from india Says:

    wanting the universal forces to stengthen and better my relationship with my spouse who I love dearly but am unable to strike that special chord.My efforts over the past have somehow failed always and the void in our relationship remains.We are unable to become each others close friends. Kindly prayf or us.

  10. 60
    Selina Says:

    Please pray so that we can have suitable family friends for our family.

  11. 61
    Nancy C. Says:


    I am sending wave after wave of positive Healing Energy for all your relationships. My HEART CONTINUOUSLY OUTPOURS RAYS OF LOVE, HEALING WHITE LIGHT, HAPPINESS, AND BLESSINGS to each and everyone of you. Please gaze upon the Healing picture of your choice and you WILL receive HEALING AND COMFORT. I LOVE YOU!

  12. 62
    spiritchild Says:

    Healing and Harmony and forgive and divine love unity to fill and envelope and saturate and the minds and body and souls of my family in my home and the atmosphere we live with positive energy at all times and abide in love and forgiveness we live on the higher level by the Grace and Divine love of God.

    God Bless U Richly May love surrund you

  13. 63
    J J Says:

    help my Daughter to let go and to realize that the married man she is involved with has all her energy, and how hurtful this relationship is to her and her son;and to him and his family; let her see and put her 8 yr old son first in her life, where she now puts her self first; assist her in opening her eyes to her responsibilities to realize and actually love to be with her son first, before herself;let them allow the relationship to end with grace and respect, and help her go on, let go of all her anxiety, fear of not being loved, and to love her son instead, badly needs to be responsible and stand up to her responsibilities; help me to move on, and allow this all to be…..i send luve, grace, healing, to all in the name of Universal healing to all

  14. 64
    J J Says:

    Love is not difficult if we feel/think of it with “no expectations’ in return……..jand let go, insted of trying to change the people we love helps us to love unconditionally……..I send caring and respectfto all is love…..we are all loved with guardians who are always there for us

  15. 65
    Sean Says:

    To JJ. I am sending you and your daughter a direct beam of energy to help with your healing and to put your daughter back on the right track. Remember daughter, you are immortal through your children, it is yourself you are abandoning when you do not put your son first. Feel the healing energy all around you. Close your eyes, remain still and totally relax. feel the energy as it resonates around your body and begins to match your frequency. You can see and feel the pure white energy as it penetrates your body and warms you from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. You can now accept the positive healing energy being sent your way. It is so powerful there is no force in the universe that can counter it. It will present you with all of the opportunities that are aligned with your predominant thoughts and feelings. I am sending this energy with and from pure love. You must receive it in the same way. Peace and love be with you always. You have all the power you need now, go and get it done.

  16. 66
    Sean Says:

    Rachelle, When you awake tomorrow the rental application will be approved there will be no explanation as to why, it just will be. The sergeant will approve the move off of base and a modest windfall will make its way to you. You are pure energy, as are we all. My energy beam is attracting all of the other energy sources in the universe and making its way to you now. Your boyfriend in his physical form is a warrior and a hero, he fights for freedom and and Peace. He is in complete harmony with the universe, now you have harmonize yourself. My energy will help you with that. Peace and love to you, feel my energy. The universe will bring you everything that you truly believe you deserve. Believe you deserve it, feel my energy and the energy of everyone else in the universe now. You are creating your own reality with all of your thoughts and feelings. Love always.

  17. 67
    Pauline Says:

    I am seeking help for a problem I have been experiencing which requires help.

    I have been employed with the same employer for nearly 8 years. Since October last year (2008) two of oiur 7 employees have taken up a vow of silence to not talk to me because (as they have reiterated over and over to the owner) they just don’t like me. The owner is exasperated as he does not know how to make them speeak to me and it hinders my job and makes him a go between. Recently the business has gone into a downturn and I have been put on part-time status…as is everyone but the two who are not speaking to me. They almost seem to receive reward for their behavior. It does, however, affect the business as customers and others who deal with us have noted there is something wrong and it is directed at me. Why not leave most people say…well, I have tried…I have been pushing my resume and seeking other avenues of employment from self-employment to odd jobs and it all seems kinda stuck at the moment.

    I am seeking release from this situation so that I may move forward into the abundant life and prosperity I know are mine, but feel this situation requires some sort of closure and that is why I am stuck.

  18. 68
    shirley Says:

    have a comunication problem with about everybody.
    Family being the biggest.
    need to break the wall
    i have constructed through bad experiences
    i need your help
    all my energies and hugs to similiar problems

  19. 69
    Yvonne Says:

    Hello Everyone, I send you healing energy to your relationships. If I might offer you advice too that will prove helpful to your situations if you listen to me. The solution to your problem is simple, so simple. Change your focus. Take your focus off the unplesant aspect of your relationship. If you continue to think of the problem you have if will only worsen. Law of Attraction says what is liken is drawn. Meaning you have to focus on how you want the relationship to be, even though it is no that way already. YOU also have to be the way you want that other person. We draw people, circumstances and situations in our lives that mirror us. I hope this helps. Much Love to you all.

  20. 70
    preeti Says:

    My best wishes and prayers are wit everyone around th eworl. May god bless you. Please pray for mine and my loved ones good health , wealth and happiness. Thank you all in advance

  21. 71
    preeti Says:

    My best wishes and prayers are wit everyone around the world. May god bless you. Please pray for mine and my loved ones good health , wealth and happiness. Thank you all in advance

  22. 72
    Hal D. Rice Says:

    I would like to please make an urgent Prayer request that GOD please guide me to or guide to me a new girlfriend who we are BOTH mutually loving caring kind helpful prospering good harmonious fun inspiring uplifting FAITHFUL with each other BOTH of us MUTUALLY (for example enjoying working together creating our internet incomes streams, residual “passive” income, and other creative money making projects (ideally making money helping to create a more and more safe supportive abundant world!! ) This is a very urgent sincere Prayer request . . . . THANK YOU

  23. 73
    m Says:

    Please pray the relationship between G and M will be healed and filled with love and joy and peace. Amen

  24. 74
    Stella Says:

    I been really used and abused by my ex. He got away with a smile. He did much wrong to me. Five months later, i am still healing but at times i remember what was done to me. I request the good wishes of you to lead the man thats perfect for me to me. Who will love me with all his heart. That can commit in the presence and awareness of god. God is all i have. May god forfill the need in my soul for someone to find me and do right by me. And that the spirit of justice deal with what was done to me and set me free. I believe in love. I am love. Let love never be cheapen, betrayed or hiden. Let love ruel my universe. Let it come alive. I need alot of good energy to erase and overpower the bad. Thank you

  25. 75
    Rav Says:

    Please could you send me healing vibes to my friend and I who had a misunderstanding and are not communicating as before. She is a good friend and I would be very upset for her to leave my life. I need God’s love and light to help us both.
    Thank you so much. xx

  26. 76
    sandy Says:

    Starting to get stagnent….. I’ve been alone for way too long and i need some sort of energy to send the man my way. Please help

  27. 77
    Priyanka Says:

    Please God bless me with a lifelong love partner very soon. Please God. I have been alone for a very long time now. 6 years. Please God. Have Mercy on me.

  28. 78
    csa168 Says:

    I am sending love to all the couples out there. I am sending energy to help strengthen you relationship. I am sending energy as a force field that will protect you from temptations.

  29. 79
    csa168 Says:

    I am sending loving thoughts to all single people out there. May you be able to find happiness as an individual and when the right time comes find your soul mates.

  30. 80
    csa168 Says:

    Please send me and my boyfriend thoughts of love, happiness, humility and peace. Please help us accept each other as we are. We love each other very much but we have conflicting personalities. Please send us positive energy to make us see and appreciate each others strength and beauty.

    Thank you

  31. 81
    Brian Says:

    Please help me attract a beautiful loving spiritual girlfriend and the energy to have a great life together and heal any pain to people that I may of caused unnoingly to anyone …thanks …energy , health ,wealth and happiness to all ….

  32. 82
    Esther M. Says:

    I am requesting healing energy to be sent to me and my family. I have two young daughters (5 and 1) and my spouse is alcoholic and I believe depressed. I need to create harmony, joy and love in my home and to better handle my controlling and hypocritical in-laws. I would love to have a wonderful relationship with everyone aorund me and my kids and I really want to manifest abundance and prosperity in my relationships, financially and healthwise so I can create the life of my dreams. I also need to focus on a business idea that I have been putting off due to lack of start-up funds. I appreciate all your energy and prayers. Thank you.

  33. 83
    Sally Says:

    Please return Robert to me. He has a drinking problem but I seem to be able to slow him down. I love this man, and he loves me, but we have parted ways. I need him back in my life. Please pray that when we unite that we will be together for a long time. I know that I am good for him, and I know that he brings me happiness. Please bring him back to me…

  34. 84
    betty Says:

    i would like a godly rich man my age- i do not want to be alone anymore-i send wishes to all for a true soulmate

  35. 85
    Mauro Says:

    Help me to attract the love, that I have always looked for… I have need to love and to be beloved from a marvelous girl, as I have always dreamt. The time races, and I want to live happy my history before you become too late. My twin soul, waits you. I bless you, that your superior good realizes him. Thanks

  36. 86
    bzyangl Says:

    I am requesting positive energies for my current situation

  37. 87
    clarita Says:

    Iwould like healing energy to be sent to my elderly parents so that they can rekindle their love and find happiness and harmony in their life once again.May God bless them and keep them healthy, safe and happy.
    Thank you

  38. 88
    RRH Says:

    Please send positive healing energy to Dev, his heart is torn between me and someone else. I ask if all prays and energy sent to him be focused on the two of us reuniting. That he will find me as a yearning in his heart, mind, and soul.

  39. 89
    frank Says:

    my wife died three years ago i request a soulmate that is loving like her and we can spend the rest of our lives happy.and i am hoping nothing but the best for everyone on this site.

  40. 90
    Kristina Says:

    I am requesting positive energy to have a love relationship where I feel whole, at peace, lustfully desiring of them, and not hurting of the anyone’s heart– true love at the highest level.

  41. 91
    Cathy Says:

    I ask for prayer for all my relationships, family, friends, acquaintenances.
    I have spent too many hours, days, weeks and months alone and I thirst healthy, loving people in my life. Thank you.

  42. 92
    Morgan Says:

    Please pray for me to find my love-companion-partner, soon. Without love to share my life with.
    life is not what it seems.

  43. 93
    Liz Says:

    I need healing with my son, he is 25 yrs old and in the last 4 months we have not been able to see eye to eye cause of certain choices hes been making.
    I also want to help him get back on track with his life and his business. Thanks You

  44. 94
    Margret Says:

    Please, send healing to a relationship between me and a man who I can´t forget and heal me from my suffering as it ended up in an emotional disaster that I can´t stand.

    Thanks a lot to all of you at Vital Waves, you´re doing a great work with sending positive healing energies all around the world to those in need. I´m glad to join you and I ´ll include you all in my prayers.

    Love from Margret 🙂

  45. 95
    mitch Says:

    I ask you send helping energy between my exwife oleta and I. She can not get over the past. I ask that you help dissolve our problems of the past to bring our family back together.

  46. 96
    gabriela Says:

    I send positive energy to find my ideal partner and to have a long lasting relation together based on love and respect

  47. 97
    eDwarD Says:

    Love and kindness to all of you. Healing to those in need. AND mosty hugs to all.

    I love every one of you. I have felt these aches and pains myself. May God bless each of you in your quest for love and understanding. Thank you for all the love in return.

    May God bring peace to your hearts and souls.

  48. 98
    Anamaria Says:

    I met a man, we were preparing to marry, but he is so far and we have our limitations. I made a bad decision, and i couldn`t reach to our marriage, i hurted him, and he stopped talking to me. We are not in contact now. Please send me energy to be able to show him, he is all what i want in this life, and i need him back. I will send all my understanding and sustaining love to all who are in need.

  49. 99
    jesse Says:

    send love energy to me and my partner who i love so much, and ill send some back

  50. 100
    mitch Says:

    I ask for help with my exwife her daughter and my family. I ask we get along so we can more past all our problems and start a new life.

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