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Whatever type of relationship problem you may be encountering we’ll send you positive energy to help alleviate the problem and any accompanying stress or anxiety.  I’d also encourage you to watch the quick healing relationships guided meditation at the law of attraction site,

After you’ve finished making your request in the comments section on this page, please visit some of our other pages on this site and start sending some great positive energy out to others.  The energy you send to others will return to you magnified and amplified in power.  

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  1. 251
    lucie Says:

    please send me energy so that I can meet my soulmate .
    I don t have any relationships not even friends since like at least 4 or 5 years.

  2. 252
    rms Says:

    I am in a bit of disconnect from my love. He wanted to take a break. I still love him and knows he loves me. I trust in this process and realize I am supposed to go thru this heartache and pain to grow and learn. Which I am. I have more good days then bad but sometimes it makes me sad and I think too much about what we had and us and what we had. I am asking for your help to send good loving vibes that I continue to meet and attract great men and more so that my true love and I will connect back more lovingly and stronger then ever soon before I meet someone else. I want to feel happy and good so that I can continue to give off those good vibes to others. I wish you all well and happy and ask for your postive love in return and again good energy for him and i. thanks!

  3. 253
    redd Says:

    positive energy and love to are good source energy and keep on believing..god always delivers and wants all of his children to have a soul mate! god bless each and everyone of you

  4. 254
    Chantelle Says:

    I would like to request positive energy to find and be in a great relationship with my soulmate. I want to request positive energy to have patience, contentment, joy, and positive expectation while i’m waiting for him.

    Thanks everyone! I’ll be sending out positive energy to you all also.

  5. 255
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Fair thee well friend, let the wind blow,
    carrying the message of prayer for us all.

    It is time to get together in a world of goodwill,
    not then or tomorrow or later or wait until.

    I am willing to let bygones be bygones, gone forever,
    in the wind, scattered, good memories remembered.

    What happened happened, no need to dwell, it is understood,
    inside my heart resides forgiveness, not would or should.

    We are here, one in spirit, let not waste, time to tell,
    for the value of brotherhood, in the name of God, let love prevail.

    by Pamela Murawski

    p.s if you like my poetry and find it healing then please let me know I can ship you out one of my books.

  6. 256
    redd Says:

    to chantelle and everyone else on this site that is seeking to have a soul mate..may the universe and god bless you to be in a healthy,committed,loving,and prosperous relationship!! you are all very beautiful people,of our loving father..that special someone would be very blessed to have you..get ready to receive!! love and light..redd

  7. 257
    redd Says:

    Friendship is like a flower,
    Glowing in its glory,
    Each and every seed,
    Telling its own story.

    As each flower blooms,
    And then continues to grow,
    More of its strength and knowledge,
    Continues to show.

    And like a garden,
    It blooms much more fair,
    When carefully tended,
    By those who care.

    Once in a while,
    You come acress a friend,
    Who is as beautiful as a flower,
    With a good heart to lend.

    So I picked this flower,
    And pulled it apart,
    And soon all its pieces,
    Grew into my heart.

    But when I realized,
    Is that this flower that grew,
    Was not leaves and petals,
    But pieces of you.

    Your love and kindness,
    Your strength and power,
    Have helped me grow,
    Into my own little flower.

    And now with our friendship,
    I’ll never let go,
    And we can help others,
    To flower and grow.

  8. 258
    Deborah Says:

    This is an amazing site, I am sending energy to all of you that you will find exactly what is that you need right now! Blessings, love, & light.

  9. 259
    Jill Says:

    Hi to all:)
    Please send prayers so that I can meet my beloved soulmate, were we both co create a partnership with purpose and real committment. Much love and positive energy to everyone who might need it in return

  10. 260
    prasad Says:

    Hi to all:)
    Please send prayers so that I can meet my beloved soulmate, were we both co create a partnership with purpose and real committment. Much love and positive energy to everyone who might need it in return

  11. 261
    prasad Says:

    healing and positive energy to all of you………………bless you all

  12. 262
    redd Says:

    love and blessings from the universe to all of you! may that everyone who is seeking a soul that special someone swiftly!! also if someone could send me positive energy in return to have a girlfriend in my always, your vibe brother,redd

  13. 263
    Jennine Says:

    Please help me to reconcile with my husband now.

  14. 264
    Daniel Says:

    i send out love and light to everones everyone single,may you meet the wright person,im single so that includes me

  15. 265
    redd Says:

    may you all either reconstitute your current relationship or may you meet your soul mate..blessings to you all..also send me positive energy to receive my soul mate

  16. 266
    Daniel Says:

    I send out positive energy to every one to meet the wright person for them,and for their existing relationships to be well/I also beileive the wright women is out their prepairing herself for me as I am prepairing myself for her

  17. 267
    Miriam R., Bologna, Italy Says:

    I apologize if my English is not correct. I’m Italian and I write using a google translator.
    I really need help and positive energy. I’m desperate.
    I’m losing my best friend and I do not know why. I do not know what to do. We have always had a beautiful relationship, we were like one soul divided into two parts, we lived every day, every moment together forever. There were no secrets between us, we talked about everything, no confidence everything. He knew everything about me and I everything about him. We fought together for a common purpose. He was my strength and I his. We were almost in symbiosis. He could not do without me as I could not do without him.
    For several months, however, has changed. I do not look for more, I do not talk more, spend weeks without is heard while before even an hour away from me seemed like an eternity.
    Do not want to tell me what’s wrong.
    According to him it is business as usual but now has less time. I do not believe it.
    I do not know what to do, I can not live without him. I can not breathe, I can not breathe. I really need it.
    If anyone can help me and send me some ‘positive energy to do so. I implore you, help me.

  18. 268
    redd Says:

    as a fellow vibe member i have had my share of heartaches and triumphs!! to miriam r. may god bless you with your desire right now and positive energy,strength will empower you..i claim it right keep your head are not alone.god bless each and everyone of you to find that special someone

  19. 269
    nerissa Says:

    for you mirriam, cheer up! i could really feel your pain, our fellow vibers really feel your pain too…but remember that the only permanent thing in this world is change…and for every thing, for every change, God has His own reason/purpose that sometimes or oftentimes we can’t comprehend not until the perfect time…Maybe God’s plan is for both of you to be able to grow and explore your surroundings, or the whole world. God only knows…Just feel the pain, bear the pain and while doing so, just keep on praying and just hold on to God…only Time can heal and when that perfect time arrives, you will realized God’s purpose and i’m sure you will really thank Him for that. Just meditate and reflect of your past and present…Is it getting better or worse? think…pray and believe that God loves you and He send us to hug you…anyway, your best friend is still there, isn’t he? so instead of feeling depressed, why don’t you love him without expecting your love to be returned, that will lessen the pain i think if you dont expect anything in return and believe me, the love that you give to others flows back to you….so smile and cheer up! Love & prayers to you and our fellow vibers!!!

  20. 270
    Bekah Says:

    Hello All.

    I have found my soulmate,yet he is struggling with finding himself and he is lost. Now it has come to a point where he says this relationship feels different.He feels guilt and depression. Please please everyone, send him healing energy. He said he feels lost and can’t feel any emotions. It makes me so sad that I dont know to help him. The only way for him to be complete is I fear breaking up .Which we are in the process of doing. I want him to enjoy life and to find himself. I do not want him to become consumed by the darkness.Thank so much everyone!

  21. 271
    bekah Says:

    I forgot to mention that my soulmates name is Matt and he resides in Georgia. thanks very much. healing energy to all of you.

  22. 272
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending you loving and positive energy to each of you at this very moment to help you find a incredible relationship that will last forever. I’m sending each and one of you the positive energy to be able remind broken hearts that were once hurt. May my energy fill your hearts and spirits.

    God bless each and one of you! Because you are each worth it.

  23. 273
    Jenaia Says:

    Please send some loving prayers and energy back my way! My husband and I are struggling at parenting our children. And please send some to my son so he won’t let our struggles put a strain on our relationship with him. If anyone know any good parenting books or programs please let me know!

  24. 274
    nerissa Says:

    blessings to everyone…please send me loving energy…i just need a hug and i miss my husband…please touch his heart and mind to remain faithful to me whatever the circumstances may be in his surroundings…please let his love for me remain forever because i love him so much…please always guide him and protect him from any harm, envy, jealousy and all temptations, i ask this in Jesus name…Amen.

    I also want to send loving energy to all who are feeling lonely and depressed…i ask the Lord to please heal all the broken hearts…and please let us find peace, joy, serenity, satisfaction, and the true spirit of love…

  25. 275
    Rosa Says:

    Please send positive energy to me to find my soulmate and have a fulfilling relationship… there is someone in my life right now that may be him, but I’m not sure. I send out positive energy to everyone here, bless you all.

  26. 276
    Missy Says:

    I found my soul mate ( 20’s australian male in queensland ) and he is feeling isolated and squashed down, please send him courage to break free of his fears so he can live his heart and souls desires and freely express his soul again, like I see in him already. Please send him peace to evolve more spiritually and for us to come together past the minor blockages that are preventng him recognising my soul. Please send him healing to release the fear of the intensity of love we share. Please send us love and joy and a re-uniting this year!! I see us re-united and blisfully happy together living our dreams!!


  27. 277
    D Says:

    I female D pray to recieve love, healing and release of negative traumatic experiences i had as a child that are blocking me from recieving, accepting and creating loving relationships with guys. I have discovered the negative beliefs and emotions that were held inside me are :

    I’m unloved
    I’m alone
    Guys always leave and reject me
    I fear intimacy and love and have never truly experienced it

    Please I ACCEPT ALL love and healing and positive energy for these blockages to be released back to the universe as i have so much love to share with a special guy and a long term loving commited relationship is what i desire 100 %. I see myself in an amazing relationship with my soulmate!

    I send my love and inspiration to all those seeking a true loving soulmate relationship and see you happy and fullfilled with your desires come true!

  28. 278
    gilbert Says:

    I have been sperated from my wife for far to long.I ask that healing energy be sent to me and my wife. So that we my get past our problems in our marriage and family life.

  29. 279
    Rose K Says:

    May the Universe swiftly bring to each of you the positive energy that I am sending. May your relationships be repaired or new ones found.

    Rose K

  30. 280
    EJY Says:

    I have found the man that I would like to spend the rest of my life with – we have great moments together as well as very difficult ones. At this moment we are at a difficult point, and I think it is a moment where we are both confused and having many concerns – this I feel is putting distance between us and causing us to argue.
    I love him with all my heart and now that he loves me as well, I ask that you pray for us and send us positive energy so that we may overcome the obstacles facing us and be united and love one another.
    I met him 2 years ago and from day one knew he was the man I would love.

  31. 281
    olga nicolaeff Says:

    Many blessings and positive energy to all!
    As a bie member, I’ve had major difficulties with my husband, Nick for many years. He wants to leave me and the children because he is filled with so much negative emotions and perceptions, eveything is so blown out of proportion in his mind. I ask if you could all send out positive healing energy to him in Danbury, CT, where he is working right now. Please also send me some positive healing energy for our relationship to be mended. Please help us.

  32. 282
    Sandy Says:

    I need some positive energy for my b/f. Three months, he went to jail for something I don’t feel is totally his fault. He is my twin flame. We met last Aug. It was like he fell out of heaven into my lap. He is perfect…everything I’ve ever prayed for in a man. During the time he was in my life, not where he’s at now, I was the happiest I’ve ever been. He became my best friend. I’ve never experienced what we have with each other, before. I’m not sure how much longer I can continue with this separation. I go to the jail and visit him on Mondays for 15 min. Lately it seems like all relationships I’ve had, are just falling away from my life, and now I feel so alone, even my son and I seem to be drifting apart. My only wish from the heavens, above everything else is to have my twin flame back by my side, and in my life. Can you send me positive energy please to do something with this situation. Thank you

  33. 283
    Karen Says:

    I met Terry quite recently, and we have become very close – he has been very open with me because we wanted to take this relationship further and he didn’t want to hide anything. He suffered cancer in his jaw last year,and although he is clear of this now, he has yet to fully recover physically. Emotionally, he had a terrible time with his previous partner and the repercussions of this are ongoing. He is also involved with sorting out problems for his siblings. He believes that he will need to move away to find employment, and that I will not be able to leave my family to go with him – so he feels we should sever contact so that no-one gets hurt. My family are grown and only want me to be happy so I would have no qualms about moving. Please, please help Terry to feel better, stronger – physically and emotionally – so that he can see a way forward (and allow both of us to find out just how good we could be together – I know you cannot force love, that is already there, it is just fear that is holding things back) Please help! Thank you xxx

  34. 284
    saima Says:

    plz accept positive energy from my side for stunning relationship for husband and wife

  35. 285
    LaDios Says:

    May wishes of love, peace and spiritual abundance be apart of your union forever though out your life’s journey.

  36. 286
    ravi Says:


    please send helaing for me to belive again after failed relationship due to outdide problems please give me strenth and courage.



  37. 287
    pamela holmes Says:

    i pam holmes wish that sulliman abusultan would come back to me and marry me instead of lori and that he realizes that im his true soulmate and that we belong together, even though i made mistakes

  38. 288
    brooke reding Says:

    I wish to send my hubby tracy energy to spend more time with me than on his games. And to let him know I love him and I’m the best thing that happened to him.

  39. 289
    Rose K Says:

    May the Universe be swift to execute the positive healing energies that I am sending out to each of you to mend current relationships at all levels or to connect with new relationships. May you all be blessed with what you need to be truly connected in all relationship matters.

    Rose K

  40. 290
    Ed Says:

    Please help me with the positive energy that I need in all areas of my relationship, family and love ones, friends, colleaques and help me find a soul mate.

  41. 291
    LaDios Says:

    I want to send out lots of love and peace and harmony to all people in their relationships. No matter what type or kind, may each and everyone of you be happy and kind and abundantly flowing with love.

  42. 292
    Karen Says:

    Found my soulmate Joe but he does not know this but feels the connection and draw we have. Need love and peace sent to him on my behalf to open Up himself to share. Open his body, mind, and soul wholly. Thanks a great deal!

  43. 293
    dana Says:

    I want to send and recieve positive energy to meet my soul-mate. I am ready and have never really met that perfect person who really loves me and cant live out me.

  44. 294
    dana Says:

    I have met someone would like him to be my soul-mate. but have not been out yet..I have been talking to him casually now for several months. Would like to positive energy sent to him so that he might ask me out. He has so many qualities that I admire and would love for the relationship to move to something more..i am sending positive energy back to all those who are in need of a soul-mate.

  45. 295
    s Says:

    I request the universe to forgive me for my silly mistakes, for being bitter and unite me in holy matrimony, peace and love with my seperated beloved .I accept I was lost, very angry and stressed , I coudn’t handle the seperation,I got bitter but I am alone and I miss him so much.

  46. 296
    Stephanie Says:

    I am sending positive energy to everyone in the group for better relationships.

  47. 297
    Geet Says:

    I request the universe to forgive me for being rude to adi…and want to send all my love and positive energy to him…and tell him that i care a lot and love him a lot…wish we get married the way we wanted and be together forever….please send all my love and positive energy to him…desperate need of help…god bless all. Adi is in india.

  48. 298
    Andie Says:

    I’m living a love bigger than anything I could imagine it…It stays on a virtual base, even if we see each other sometimes casually, because I was his 1st and he was mine..Need help because even tough I Know he feels very conected to me, we telephatise and so…He can’t make a decision to compromise within this love to make it phisically…Sometimes I’m ok with that, sometimes just wanna hug him and have him rigth in front on me, materialize this! We’re twin flames…but he still didn’t ascend to my level so we can live it together…Help me please…I send him love and energy daily…He is my life, he is me and I am he, we are one<3

  49. 299
    brin Says:

    plz send us positive energy for my relationship..
    my relationship is under critical state. we started fighting without any reason.
    my lover is afraid to talk abt our relationship in his family.
    plz give strength to my lover (name: dk) to speak about our relationship in his family.
    i need happiness in this relationship and i need happiness in my family too.
    i need this relationship to get wedlock..

  50. 300
    sasy Says:

    Please send us positive energy for our relationship..
    its just too complicated.
    he used to love me ALOT! even before he asked me out.. we were just classmates nothing more, but when he asked me out, i refused automatically because i didnt have feelings towards him.. now evesince that day i started feeling very bad and depressed and wishing i could say yes instead..
    then about 2 moths later..he didnt give up. his love was too big to let go. he asked me again.then it came to a big yes and some happiness.we were okay for about another 2 months then he even stopped singing in his msn and facebook.. i really dont know why or what sure he still has feelings toward me because lasdt time we talked it was all good.. but it all stopped suddenly..i really dont know what to feel and or think about that but im really hoping he will tlak to me soon.. but honestly its totally KILLING ME! i swear i love him sooo mch now he’s been on my mind eversince that day and i think about him every day and pray to make things right again.; all i feel now is depression and sadness and missing! (btw sorry for my english,my language isnt english and im also in a hurry so i hope u anderstand what im trying to say). so all im asking for is to make him talk to me or make him miss me or think about me and want to talk to would be the best day of this whole year! btw if u need to know some info.. my name’s Sam, his name’s mohamed we’re 16 (we’re classmates) we live in Israel. aah i just cant stop talkin.. looking into his eyes makes me melt..his eyes are sparkling, blue. his skin’s white , such a cutie 🙂 lol i think i should stop.
    thanks alot!

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