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Whatever type of relationship problem you may be encountering we’ll send you positive energy to help alleviate the problem and any accompanying stress or anxiety.  I’d also encourage you to watch the quick healing relationships guided meditation at the law of attraction site,

After you’ve finished making your request in the comments section on this page, please visit some of our other pages on this site and start sending some great positive energy out to others.  The energy you send to others will return to you magnified and amplified in power.  

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  1. 301
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending loving energy to help guide and streghten your relationships. Feel the inter peace that fills your mind let joy wrap it’s arms around each of you and your loved one.

  2. 302
    DAN Says:


  3. 303
    Dan Says:

    In the last post i guess i dident leave enough info but i really need to reach this person her name is Michelle Ann Ford her madain name she lives in Bloomington,In At W Dixie St Green Tree Apt let her know that Dan loves her and send her a hug and healing everyday let her know everyday that its from me cause im at lost and dont know what else i can do to let her know that im there for her and im heart broken so maybe this will work thanks everyone Dan

  4. 304
    Dan Says:

    I dont want to forget thoes who are kind enough to take the time everyday to help others by love and healing Thanks for helping me help someone and help bring me closer to them may everybody recieve love and well being thanks Dan

  5. 305
    brooke reding Says:

    Please send positive energy to tracy, my husband. To my mother and father, joyce and larry who are struggling with addictions. They need some special positive outlooks on life. Let tracy my husband feel my love for him. To my daughter makenzie, send positive energy to her. To my dogs chip.lola, mocca.

  6. 306
    Maitreyi Says:

    Hi please give my positive energy so that I can find and recognise my mr. Right. I really want to be with someone who loves and cares for me and accepts me as I am. Please pray that I find my “mr. Darcy” really soon and have an amazing relationship to anchor my life. Thank you and may all you hopes,wishes,desires and dreams come true. Love you all!

  7. 307
    Jenaia Says:

    I need postive energy to help me know what I should do in my relationship. I’m struggling with my love life and I need guidance to find myself again. Please help me! To find that flame again!

  8. 308
    Karen Says:

    Love and healing for my soulmate…. He needs healing to open his eyes to the truth of his current relationship. He needs to grow in confidence to make the changes he needs.

    Love and healing to those who need the positive energy to continue moving forward. 🙂

  9. 309
    hemlata Says:

    we have been in realtionship past 6 years. But his parents are not ready for me he is also very weak persinility and indecisive person . from last 2 years he is trying but his parents not convinced now he is telling not to watse time and get marry with another guy. I am trying my best to convicne him evryting will be fine but he is fed up with all and want end of this relationship due t domestic pressure. Plz send him positive enrgy to remove all blocks for realtionship and give strength him to make relationship wprth anda gain talk to his parents.
    plz send us positive energy for my relationship..
    my relationship is under critical state. we started fighting bkz his family reason.
    plz give strength to my lover (vageesh) to speak about our relationship in again in his family.
    i need happiness and harmony in this relationship and i need happiness in my family too. i am having a lot of marriage pressure from my family. i am much tensed that he is not ready to speak his parents again bkz his father is stressed not due to me due to his other problem
    i need this relationship to get wedlock he himself come and say honey get marry with me

  10. 310
    Jan Says:

    hi madly in love with a man for 3 years. I never married but he was married young and has never divorced his first wife. He has 3 grown sons with her. He just turned 50, i am 46. I never married yet but we have alot of problems. At times he does cruel things to me and puts me down to his family. He and her talk alot of their cells behind my back. Shes with a man 5 years who lives there but they wont divorce and she wont marry him- im fedup! because it seems he cares more for her, they get on well, but he never tells me what they talk about. he uses the excuse they call to talk about the kids and so does she, but i dont beleive it. my mom is very old now and i want to marry before she dies. my dad died of cancer 10 yrs ago and i lost my soulmate then, as i got depressed and left him. he just married last month in vancouver and im very sad about it. his woman is very controlling of him. i wanted to talk to him by phone but for some odd reason he would not call me. this was very hurtful to me since we were great together for 11 years in canada and he is now rich and i put him where he is today partially anyways.

    my present man has turned abusive and cruel and physical. he also takes money from me at times, he an alcoholic who needs alot of help that i cant help him. hes cut out drinking thorugh the week which is a start. i feel he doesnt really love me although he says he does. i cant seem to leave him but im now happy staying either! so i need alot of help, but part of this is because im alone here in this city and hes all i had for 3 years, hes been my family. hes been very good in other ways to me…………

  11. 311
    Shahrzad Says:

    Please send positive energy to my Love. We want to get married but his family is working against us, without actually saying so. Sometimes it seems like a hopeless situation because we get so close to taking the next step of getting engaged but then his family somehow creates a situation to delay things. I’m trying very hard to be positive right now. We love each other, we are adults and we can take our future into our own hands. But for some reason my Love can’t see how his family is manipulating him. Please send some positive energy to him and to his family.
    I want us to enjoy our life and be free from the ill will of others. I would really appreciate some good energy coming our way. Thank you and God Bless.

  12. 312
    Amy Says:

    Please help me get through my divorce with positive energy and not lose everything thing I have accomplished. I need Jeff to stop contolling us and trying to ruin us financially. I need a wonderful lawyer who will help me fight for justice and what is fairly mine and the girls. I need Jeff to stop causing us pain, fear and anger.

  13. 313
    Lori Says:

    I am currently pregnant and having problems in my relationship which has a lot to do with interference from other ppl, and both our families. I beleive that negaive forces have been sent to me or are around me. I would appreciate any positve energy towards resolving the problems we have had as we will be having a baby in Febuary and it isn’t easy being alone during this. It would be wonderful for us to get back together and have things between us as they were before all these problems. Really needing the support oh him and for things to be good between us once more. Thanks so much 🙂

  14. 314
    Kat Says:

    Please send a healing loving light to me and my soulmate to repair our relationship and to finally put all past hurts behind us. The love, attraction and bond we share certainly has endured time and that it will endure this separation period too…we both know our story is not yet over…maybe it has only begun <3

  15. 315
    M Says:

    Asking for positive improved energy in all my relationships and finances.
    Thank you.
    Love, Gratitute and Miracles.

  16. 316
    brooke reding Says:

    I want to send very positive energy to my husband tracy reding that he feels my love and that he knows everything will be ok. I want him to understand me and send him energy about how much he loves me.

  17. 317
    Karen Says:

    Thanks for all of the positive energy!
    Please send positive love attracting energy. Joe my friend has not been responding to my emails. Not sure what is at issue. Joe is my soulmate but is stuck in a bad situation. Please send him energy for confidence to move out of the bad situation. Thanks All

  18. 318
    Sonal Says:

    I humbly request you send positive energy to Naimesh Chaudhari. I feel in my heart of heart a lot of love for this man but he has cut all contact with me for some unknown reason. I know he goes through tough times and wants to reach out as well and I ask that we send him love and light and let him know that I am here and will always be here and that this love will open up the channel of communication no matter what the situation. I love him and want to hold his hand and tell him so.

  19. 319
    lili Says:

    requesting love energy be sent my way and for those also in need. IM falling in love with someone who has a big fear of getting hurt and will not put his guard down. I tell him i wont hurt him and he knows i wont, but will not release his fear. I truly would love nothing more than to have a chance of real love with him. I pray for it…

    thank you

  20. 320
    destiny Says:

    thanx for all possitive energy and help.

    i need help whit my soulmate joseph…. we really love each otter,..but true jaloursy around him..we everytime lost each otter..but come always back in my i want for good….
    and he is in difficult time he need another better job so he had no stress anymore and so more time for himself and for us……..

    so he take contact again..bu8t now for always been together…..he makes me happy and know i can make him happy .

    send everybody lots of

    light love and blessinds

  21. 321
    s Says:

    I send lots of love,hugs and magical kisses to Thierry who hates me,shuns me,
    I forgive him and release myself from all the pain an the misery. Help me to forget him and be happy. I am worthy of love and I open myself to the love of the universe. I and peaceful and content. I am complete. I feel and receive love and abundance from the universe and I share it with all the living beings.

  22. 322
    Jenaia Says:

    Love and joy overcome those of you who are struggling with hurt and lonelyness. May you be heal and bless those who hold anger against you. May love and forgiveness fill their hearts that they hold upon you. May you find love that you have not found. Find joy even in this darkest moment of your life, it is stronger then anything on this earth. I bless you to find that peace and joy in your hearts. I love you all and god bless you!

  23. 323
    brooke Says:

    Please send positive relationship energy to tracy, my husband. I want him to see my as very attractive and irrisistable.

  24. 324
    jodie locke Says:

    please help me let go of the past love relationships i have had and the hurt that i experienced with them, please help me to be more loving and understanding and to stop taking thisngs so personally, please help me to recieve love and if me ans matty elvin are meant to be together , like i feel in my heart please help this to happen and i wish he felt the connection i feel if he does not want me then help me to let go of him and to move on, im finding it hard… i guess i fell in love with him and he says he is scared of commitment but help remove this fear, help him to come closer to me and open up to me, i believe we could of had a very loving, caring, honest relationship. thank you xxxxxx

  25. 325
    Nic Says:

    Please send lots of positive energy to my boyfriend who seems to be focusing on my negitive points… Let him feel my love and want to give love back to me. Let him be open to my feelings and I’ll comfort him.

    I wish to send lots of positive vibes to all who are struggling to accept love and to those who give love

  26. 326
    Gifts From Him Says:

    sorry ma englich is not bad can you tell me why almond is good on hart?

  27. 327
    m Says:

    to loving connect again with bb
    love & light

  28. 328
    Anjell Says:

    Please always let positive energy surround me in everything I do so I can finally have good luck and be happy again cause it seems like every endeavor I take on ends up horribly wrong, I’m starting to believe if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all

  29. 329
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending positive, loving energy toward Tracy now so he can see you as the smoken hot wife you are to him. That he may be attracted to you in every way. My prayers go out to you.

    Loving healing energy is coming your way now. May joy and forgivness overcome you. May you have the power to forgive yourself in order to forgive others around you. Be at peace with yourself and love who you were intended to be. Accepted your life with ease. May strong loving enegery bond join you together with Matty Elvin. Know that your relationship will be stregthen through this diffculty and that he will see the great person that you are. Be at ease with the pace of life and where it will take you. God bless!

    I’m sending understanding and loving energy to your boyfriend way. That he will see wonderful person you are dispite all your faults. May he be at ease with your differences and accepted you for who you really are. Life is joyful and a wonderful place!

    Gifts From Him,
    I’m sending you positive enegry that your languge skills will improve and that your tongue will be loosened. May joy be filled in your heart.

    May loving energy connect you again with the one you love. May they feel your loving and lighting energy. May you be at peace as everything fall into place as it should.

    I’m sending you positive energy that you may feel love and confidence in yourself. May you feel the happiness and joy of living of who you are. As you reach out to yourself for love you will find that which you seek. You will find yourself once again.

  30. 330
    m Says:

    Jenaia and everyone thank you so much for your wonderful prayers and good wishes wow your fabulous.
    May all our relationships keep getting better and bring more love into this world.
    Askign & Praying the he will forgive me and will call me very soon.
    Love & Many Blessings to all

  31. 331
    Tishh Says:

    please send some positive energy for relationship between my partner and my parents..i love you all and im sending u my love and lots of light from croatia..we are one..

    p.s. here is something for all of you..i sawthis yesterdy and i ha dan impuls to post it here 🙂 check it please!


  32. 332
    Florrie Says:

    Please send good vibrations, prayers, thoughts, whatever, for the healing of my relationship with Stephen. We have been married for four years.

  33. 333
    Pam Says:

    Please send positive healing energy to Ric, to cleanse his old doubts and bad experiences, to rinse away his pre-conceptions, to allow him to regain his generosity and his caring. Help him to be open to requests for help and advice from Philip, to take a step backwards and be encouraging to Philip’s pursuits to get his degree.

  34. 334
    Evandro Woaty Says:


    I’m sending AHigher Vibration of Unconditional Love to Stephen blended in …Balance…Freedom of Expression…Connection….Beauty….Honour..Grace…Bright…Better Communication…New and Advance Appraoches…Between YOU AND YOUR OWN INNER POWER…

    Walk in Beauty..and Joy…


  35. 335
    Evandro Woaty Says:


    I’m sending a Vibration of Balance and new Inner Connections to RIC..all its about himself to re-explore and give a brand new attention into a new Direction wich means The More Gratitude with a freedom Positives feelings the Best to Interact in JOY..and GENEROSITY…


  36. 336
    Evandro Woaty Says:

    ACCOE…I sending all the Best Energy blended in Unconditional Love….For all you who find some difficult to embrace a New Way of Balance…


  37. 337
    Lam Says:

    Please let Jonny love me, chase me and apologise for what he had done to me because I really hurt so much.

  38. 338
    neethu Says:

    dear all,
    please help sachin forget all what has happened between us and come back..we really need all your prayers to get back because he is the one for me and it will hurt forever to lose him ..please help me with all your blessed vibrations..we broke up 2 months back..will always be grateful..thankyou so much..

  39. 339
    Karen Says:

    Please send positive energy to me anf John to help us overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our love. Help our love conquer these roadblocks. Send positive energy to open his heart and mind and take away his fears…and mine. We need to bathe the darkness in light. Thank you! Sending positivity, light, and love to each of you so that you may find peace and happiness.

  40. 340
    Brian Says:

    Please send me positive energy that will save my marriage, restore my marriage, make it complete again. Please, Please, Please.

  41. 341
    neethu Says:

    i m sending prayers and positive vibes..think only positive and nice about that way you are attracting only positive things towards you..

  42. 342
    silje Says:

    please send posetive energy for my Joakim to come back to me…the children are missing him aswell….he is my life <3

  43. 343
    neethu Says:

    am sending positive vibrations and prayers to all of them who are having any sort of pain..GUYS LISTEN…pray n pray..n when u pray dont forget to be grateful for all the good things that have happened..and learn to forgive…and only visualise only good things happening to you and the world around u…pass it on to

  44. 344
    gabriela Says:

    please I want energy to find the right partner soon, the one I deserve, or if the old one is to return, he returns in love and blessed by God to give me his best. thanks in advance. Gabriela from Argentina

  45. 345
    Rod Says:

    Please help me by sending energy to my ex girl… her name is Lisa and we have been apart for almost 2 years. She has recently made contact with me this last month. We dated for 8 years.. and I have never gave up on her. I love her with all of my being and she seems to love me back.. but is very scared. She just needs to understand that I have never left her. Her name is Lisa Mary Fauchoux… and I am Sergi Rodrigo Gallegos… please help us get back to where we are supposed to be thank you for all the energy… there is another guy that is playing with her head and please help her understand that he is just after one thing…

  46. 346
    Dev Says:

    Please help me to heal my relationship with my parents

  47. 347
    TJ Says:

    I would like positive energy and prayers for myself and my partner Jay. We have been dating for three and a half years. Jay and I have been having problems with his ex, whom is a very controlling and possesive type person. He is a very selfish unhappy person, and has come between Jay and myself. I do not wish harm on this guy however, Jay is the love of my life and I know in my heart we are meant for each other. I have started using, positive thinking and trying to avoid all negative thoughts and Jay and I have been talking and spending time together, which is a good thing, but he is still spending time with the ex, and everytime Jay gets around this guy he goes to a very dark negative place. Jay is not working at the moment and spends almost all day long with the ex and the works from home and they are again living together. Jay says he is inlove with me not this guy, but he does not want to lose him as a friend. Please everyone send positive energy to Jay and myself (todd) to help us get thru this very difficult time. Thanks so much.

  48. 348
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i send my prayers to all in this be connectet in love ..and i send my energy and love to JANNIS NTALIANIS born at 6-08-1988,and his wive SABRINA VON DER EITZ born 14-08-1988 ,that sabrina go back with her husband at 24-12-2011 in they house westernkotter 9 59557 lippstadt germany..sabrina left the house 2 weeks ago ..they both have a 4 years old son his name is alexandros..please send you all please your prayers that sasa and jiannis getting again 24-12-2011 and stay in love for jannis is very deppressed and dont eat the last 10 days..he miss his wive and son ..may god help them to be together very soon ..and stay together now ..thank you all so much!!!!

  49. 349
    shereen Says:

    I’m sending positive energy 2al those who r having relationship problems. Pls send postive energy 4me n my lover of 20yrs, leon, so that he wil return 2me 4eva n marry me n we wil liv in eternal hapines thereafta. Thnk u ppl:)

  50. 350
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,Everyone!I pray and send a lot of positive energy,light,love and peace to everyone here and to all my friends.SO IT BE! THANK YOU SOURCE ENERGY! God bless!

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