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Whatever type of relationship problem you may be encountering we’ll send you positive energy to help alleviate the problem and any accompanying stress or anxiety.  I’d also encourage you to watch the quick healing relationships guided meditation at the law of attraction site,

After you’ve finished making your request in the comments section on this page, please visit some of our other pages on this site and start sending some great positive energy out to others.  The energy you send to others will return to you magnified and amplified in power.  

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  1. 401
    Love4life2012 Says:

    I ask that the most high heal all of my pain and hurt. I know that I deserve better in my life. I deserve to be happy and with someone who makes me happy. I deserve to be loved, adored, cherished, respected. I deserve to be treated like a queen. Most high, please heal all of my wounds internally and externally. Please give me the strength to love again. Please show me how to overcome my loneliness and allow real love into my life. Please remove all of my fear, so that I may love with no reservations or regrets. Please heal all of my relationships and restore them to good standing. Please show me what love really is. Thank you and I wish the same for everyone. Amen.

  2. 402
    Mauro Says:

    We are all connected. It is true! We can really help! That is why I ask for your help and your energy. I need love and a girlfriend and I know I can find her thanks to you.. Now send intentionally all my positive energy to you all that you need. I bless you and I see love for all of you. Thank you.

  3. 403
    redd Says:

    could someone send me some prayers and positive energy to attract girlfriends into my life please.thank you and god bless

  4. 404
    sesi Says:

    Like D #397 I am experiencing the same situation. He came into my life unexpectantly, but on the whisp of a vibe I had sent out. Looking for the elusive Mr. Right for Me. We shared so much together and up untill May 31 I thought we would be together for much longer. I too feel that if he and I are meant to be then our paths will cross once again. Only time will tell, only time will heal this pain of separation. But like fire cleanses and purify so will time. So to D and all of us who have expereinced the loss of Mr or Mrs Right’s for then. I send the vibe of love and purification. May the fire of time purify all of us and make futile our hearts so we can acknowledge and accept true lasting love.
    One Love, Phillipians 4:9

  5. 405
    Michelle Marie triska Says:

    Please send energy for me and my sister to have a better relationship

  6. 406
    kala Says:

    pls pray for my husband to come and stay with us.we want him to be with us.we need his care and protection

  7. 407
    C Says:

    I met this guy on a flight …we hit it off but we just did not exchange names or anything….A month later I realised that I’m in love with him…please send good vibes…I wanna meet him again and marry him…I am so ready for this…it’s been a few very agonising months for me..please help me.

  8. 408
    Sesi Says:

    We all cry and we all hurt when what we were looking for is found then all of a sudden it is lost again. We strive for the touch, the caress, the feel of the energy that special someone gives. My friends, the universe is infact kind, it hears our crys and it brings us what we desire but the desire it brings is not the desire we most of the time think we desire. The universe sends us the true desires of our divine will. My message to day is that yes, he/she left us, yes the relationship that we thought was “the one” is now for no real aparant reason has ended but it is because a while back we asked the Universe to bring us something specific, something lasting, something that was mutual and REAL. Today I send vibes of strength and clarity. Strenght to love ourselves. Strength to move beyond the past ( 4 seconds ago was the past). Strength to allow good vibes to come in and clariy to see the reality of our divine will.

  9. 409
    Marjorie Says:

    I am requesting blessing to find a positive, loving relationship with the right person for me. I send blessings to those in need as well.
    Thank you

  10. 410
    reggie Says:

    i send out love,and powerful positive energy to each of you to manifest healthy and loving relationships.much love to all of you!!!!!

  11. 411
    Sandeep Deshpande Says:

    Hi all first of all i bless all of you.All of you are getting all types of desires fullfilled with this website.thankyou for bringing love and peace in everyone’s problem is that i am in deep deep love with a girl but she left me and now i want her back in my life.i want that she should come back to my life again and marry me.i live in india my name is sandeep deshpande.i need positive energy to bring her back towards me.her name is vaishali golwalkar and address is house no 991 sanjeevvani nagar jabalpur madhya pradesh india

  12. 412
    Leena Says:

    I met Neil Statum online in Feb before valentines and in love with him. I wish to marry him and spend my life with him. He loves me as well. Currently he has shifted to Rio with new promotion. He is waiting for his divorce after which he can come back, marry me and take me with him. I ask every one over here to help me sending good energies so that he come back soon here in India, marry me and take me away with him. I also send positive spiritual energy to every one in this universe for love, peace, health, wealth and prosperity. Love and regards to all from me.

  13. 413
    TJ Says:

    I would like to thank everyone for the good vibes and good energy that was sent to J and myself these past many months. I am glad to report that the ex has taken a new job in a different state, and is now 6 hour away by car. Thing between J and myself are better, but it will take time for things to continue to improve and our relationship to again be on solid ground, as he is still in touch with the ex.
    I would first like to sent the ex good wishes and vibes to do very well in the new job, home, and to meet someone new so that they could move on. I again would like to ask for good vibes for J and myself, that our relationship will continue to heal and become stronger with each passing day. I would also ask for good vibes and energy be sent to J and myself for new jobs.
    Love and peace, and happiness to all.


  14. 414

    send some e nergy that my mother helps me and our relationship gets better also with my sister and dad

  15. 415


  16. 416
    redd Says:

    to fellow vibe user MICHELLE MARIE TRISKA, may you be blessed in every area of your life right now.i send out love,peace,protection,and may manifest a healthy loving relationship are worth many good things in life.just say to yourself i take healing ,love,and protection..and it is takes and light to you my dear.god bless you..redd

  17. 417
    mercy Says:

    My name is rose i have a testimony to share with you. i was in relationship with this guy called mark. we well nave happily 4 day a ago my friendo come to visit me. i ever believe in mnever know my boyfriend no her. I nave no my boyfriend was cheating on me. he was going ut with my friend some of my friend was tell me that my boyfriend is cheating on you. i never believe them, until i saw them with my eye. I nagic until my friend introduced me to this man Dr. EGOGO on EGOGOTEMPLE@YAHOO.COM

  18. 418
    mercy Says:

    I’m mercy by name I have a few testimony to share with you all about myself, I was in a relationship with this guy and for 3years and we were about getting married when we both have misunderstanding with each other and he ask me for a divorce and we both agreed and after 4months I head that he was having an affair with one of my closest friend and I was very upset and worried so a friend of my advice me and told me if I still love my ex and if I really want to have him back so I told her yes, and she ask me to contact Dr. egogo the spell caster and I did although I never believe on spell so he gave me something when he was casting the spell and ask me to say my wishes on it and after the casting of the spell a receive a phone call from my ex and was ask me at which I did and now we are back together again I’m so happy and I wish not to ever have this mistake again in my life. I will also advice anyone with this kind of issue to contact him for help he is really nice on phone and always there to answer you question giving you the good advice that you need. his email is

  19. 419
    Marie Says:

    Hi my name is Marie, please may I ask that you return your loving healing energy my way to help bring Chris and I together. Thank you. I am sending you all positive healing energy to help you all in love. Love and Light, Marie x

  20. 420
    Hoper Says:

    Love and Peace to everyone ! May you all get the positive energy vibes that you need. I wanna send love vibes to someone i really love. I need him to get them right now.Love vibes from deep in my heart goes to him. Let the universe carry my love to him and surround him with that energy…

  21. 421
    maiza kanwal Says:

    i m also sendinv love n positive energy to all..i want to get married to zeeshan but due to soe family issues its not happening..we hav nine years of relationship ..plz healers send mepositiv energy in ths matar i wil b really thank ful to u..

  22. 422
    jilly Says:

    I would like some positive energy and healthy vibes to help me find my perfect partner. I don´t know who he is and why he will be perfect, but I will know that it is right. thank you xx

  23. 423
    siddharth Says:

    I consider a person as my best friend and sister. She felt the same way towards me. Off late there has been some misunderstanding and we are not talking. this is very painful. Please send some energy to help heal this and get us to start talking again.

  24. 424
    Darrell Says:

    I was told that theres negitive energy blocking me and Donna from talking and i guess its real bad its been 5 months now and im still heart broken so please i need all the help i can get to get rid of this bad energy and get it out of the way and to send love warmth light her way from me but i need help im not good at this so if anybody comes across this please help send my love and good vibes to her and help me brake down this wall so we can be together again thanks everybody

  25. 425
    LA Says:

    sending you all love and light … please pray for me and the love of my life to break down barriers and negativity so we can have a happy fulfilling life together…in return for your prayers i will send the same love and healing so all of us will be happy in love

  26. 426
    michelle triska Says:

    send positive thoughts, prayers i get along better with my family and god heals my anger

  27. 427
    Samantha B Says:

    Hi, it is the first time I’ve come across this website but please help by sending positive healing energy to reconcile my boyfriend Arshad O and me Samantha B. We were secretly in love with each other for 10 years and never told each other but we both sensed it. Eventually we got together and it lasted for 2 years and we once again drifted apart for 1 year but reconciled again and we were together for a year and he drifted apart from me again and his ex girlfriend has been holdiing him bondage because she spreads a lot of negative energy by crying for him all the time and it is corrupting his mind and confusing him. Please if anyone knows of a prayer I can pray to the universe to reconcile us and reignite the flame, please help. We still talk and have a relationship as friends because we are connected in a strange way that we can never hate each other. Please brothers and sisters out there pray for positive energies to enter Samantha B and Arshad O’s lives and once again we receive our happiness. Blessings to all.

  28. 428
    naomi (nomi) Says:

    Hi potential energy senders
    It has been a lifelong search. Search for a loving, a real loving relationship. For that someone. For a Soule mate. For the real thing. For the joy and acceptance and intimacy and mutual nourishing and growth. For that someone.
    I know it takes loving myself first. It is coming. But I would so like a male with whom I could feel all the above.
    Thank you potential energy senders.

  29. 429
    Troy Abraham Says:

    hey everybody i am humble and hear each of your crying hearts for reconciliation in a relationship. Relationships have its ups and downs that is true but for each of it has a reason. When we through our forces to God or whatever higher force we call it we able to connect to other people to help us. Nobody in this world ever is alone actually each of us are all magically connected whether we realize it or not. So with this said let all relationships be healed with full love and blessings. Always remember 3 A’s in the relationship as a short tip: 1.) Acceptance 2.) Appreciation 3.) Acknowledgement. Try this is your relationships will be magically healed. I love all of you and may love be showered to each of you. love ya’ll

  30. 430
    Mare Says:

    please send healing vibes to paul…let him forgive me and let him remember the love he has for me. send love vibes to him and how we can get along as we used to. let there b love, laughter, fun, smiles, hugs, and kisses. let us both enjoy each other once again n the way we used to. thanks so very much.

  31. 431
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @Mare love and laughter is the most magical thing as with anything quite frankly. Healing will be channeled to paul tonight. The best thing to do is to appreciate accept and approve his presence. This triple A formula is what is used in many relationships. Many love and blessings to you thank you.

  32. 432
    employee Says:

    Dear Universe

    Please send me positive energy to heal the broken relationship with my boss.
    Please protect and prevent us from harming each other.
    Please help. I am really very scared. I would like to leave on cordial terms and please help to have a good and fulfilling last meeting on monday.
    I don’t want to burn bridges and damage each other beyond repair.Please give us both wisdom and discernment to respect each other and behave humanely.
    I call upon the forces of the universe to please help me and us .
    Please please please help. This is for the firs time I am praying to avoid conflict. Please please please please please help

  33. 433
    maria Says:

    Plese send love energy to me and my soulmate (witch live far away from me) to come together and enjoy our time , everybody says we are perfect for each other ….let it be love, smiles, kisses and hugs….thank you so much ! love to you all!

  34. 434
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @Maria many of love and blessings are always available to be accomplished. You can do with i will send love and blessings to your heart and may all love be showered to you.

  35. 435
    Maya Says:

    Please send me positive energy to me and my mother and father love and to be a happy family, parents are separated almost 5yrs and both are depressed and please send positive energy to us and to be a happy family again with many laughters and happiness 🙂

    Thank you and merry christmas to all of you

  36. 436
    Erin Says:

    I would like to request some positive energy for me so that I might gain some peace and acceptance of my current relationship struggles. I’m happy in all respects save my lack of a romantic relationship, and I can’t seem to shake the anxiety and sadness that comes with being single the past few years while most of my peers are married with families. I do believe I have met my soul mate…but he’s not emotionally available to me right now and I am seeking peace to accept that also. Thanks for your support!

  37. 437
    rose Says:

    May you all be blessed with the relationship healing that is specific to you. Know that I am sending you positive healing energies.

  38. 438
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Remember the Triple A in any relationships use 1.) Acceptance 2.) Appreciation and 3.)Approval. Use this and any relationship will work out your way. Fighting don’t have to be in any relationship but LOVE conquers all things. I will be honored to send love and healing to all who accepts it thanks and aloha.

  39. 439
    Natasha Says:

    Please send me positive energy to help me forgive my ex for hurting me and my son. I want to let to of the past and find the love and respect I deserve to receive and give.

    I send love and healing to anyone that is hurting.

  40. 440
    SUSAN Says:

    please send me positive healing energy, my relationship with husband is rock bottom. only a miracle can save my marriage.

  41. 441
    quietly waiting Says:

    We have a teenager arriving at adult stage we need him to be on his path and to move in the direction for independence and take flight out of our nest, send him the energy for flight, and inspire him to challenge his self- limitations and move beyond his own motives for living below his ability. Send us energy to be aware where we are codependant and not challenging his ability level. Let him sense this motivation as freedom and respect for him as an independant individual, an adult.

  42. 442
    sara Says:

    Please send healing energy to me and Greg I wish we can get to know each other better in a relationship and become I want him to be with me in a long term relationship so can you please send positive energy that will guide us and help us grow together

  43. 443
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ everybody best way to accept and generate forgiveness is by the process of Hoponopono which “to make right”. Hold inside your mind the image you want forgive and say i forgive you please forgive me to i love you thank you and their name. This way when you approach them for forgiveness it works more easily and sincerely. Growing up is not an easy thing many young adults go through. Being that i am one myself it wasn’t easy but little by little it becomes easier. I would be honored to send energy to get more young adults that feeling of independence and security. Growing up and maturity is a normal phase but it a simple phase in life which each of us is able to survive easily just look inside our heart. I will always be there for all of you in love and spirit and i will continue sharing love just all of you do the same. Love is only key to everything more sharing love more easier life and everything becomes try it you won’t know unless you try it. In closing i love you keep sharing the love always and we can change the world together

  44. 444
    JeanN Says:

    Please send positive energy to discard all emotional barricades in my relationship

  45. 445
    mel Says:

    Sending love & hugs

  46. 446
    sara Says:

    Hi can you send positive energy to me and Greg so our relationship can grow stronger and stronger everyday, let him be more romantic to me, so we can be as one thank you

  47. 447
    lab Says:

    Please send positive light to Sean, he is having spiritual depression and lost and confused, He needs our guidance and love in his situation and come back as a loving caring responsible individual.

  48. 448
    lab Says:

    To all of you suffering from obstacles in your love life/soulmate/twinflame situation, I am sending you white light of Jesus Christ, Blue light of archangel Michael and Pink light of Archangel Chamuel to cut , disintegrate, dissolve and eradicate all the barriers and obstacle for your holy union.Pray with a humble contrite heart and believe that your prayers are heard. It is your divine right to be happy.In the name of mighty Glorious be it.

  49. 449
    Soleil Says:

    Sending everyone who has asked for relationship healing a huge infusion of positive energy and love.

  50. 450
    redd Says:

    could someone please send some healing and positive energy my way.i have been single for nearly 2yrs.i feel as though their might be a negative block..but not on my part.i would love to a attract a beautiful girlfriend.thank you and bless you all

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