Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

At Vital Waves all who come to the site are encouraged to do positive energy sending to help those who have posted requests.  As many professional distant healers have noted everyone has the ability to send energy and help others at a distance.  We are greatly appreciative of all of our energy senders.  In addition to our loyal followers we want to invite those who are “professional” energy senders and healers as well.

If you are a healer or do distant energy work please let us know.  If you have a website that showcases your healing or energy sending talent you are welcome to provide a link to your site.   In the comments section below on this page just let us know your first name, what type of energy sending or healing you currently practice and your website address if you have one.     

If you would be so kind to send some energy to some of those that have left requests we would greatly appreciate it.  Feel free to let others know in the comments section on the specific page where you sent energy that you have experience in this area and I think it will provide not only a real tangible benefit to those that have left a request but a psychological one as well!

We also have another opportunity for you to share your healing or energy sending methods on our “Secrets to sending energy” page.  It is a page designed for the professional energy sender or remote or distant healer to describe the method they use to send energy and try to help others at a distance. 

If you would be so kind, please go to that page and describe the method you use to send energy.  This will help show everyone who visits our site real life examples of how some professional energy senders work their magic to help others at a distance and how we can emulate their techniques.

thank you,

Bob K.

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  1. 151
    John Says:

    Hello, need healing energy for my son Robert, and for myself. Thank you.

  2. 152
    Robert Says:

    You’ve got it in one. Co’nuldt have put it better.

  3. 153
    Sumadi Says:

    Without doubt, Apple’s application store wins uitnizilg a mile. It’s many hundreds all kinds of apps vs a fairly sad range of a smattering for Zune. Ms has designs, especially with the realm in games, but I’m unsure I’d like to bet in the future in cases where this aspect is extremely important to one. The apple ipod is a greater choice it’s likely that.

  4. 154
    SaMet Says:

    Sarah I hear ya sister!! Dropping the armor and digigng deep is scary. Figuring out you feel the way you do is scary. Facing it all head on is scary. But the reward of knowing that you are who you need to be is liberating and beyond fulfilling!!

  5. 155
    michelle Triska Says:

    Lots of healing energy needed for michelle marie Triska parma, ohio usa for healing of chronic pancreatitis pancreatic enzyme insufficiency stress anxiety safety from psychiatry, love luck protection money disease gas free body send love light prayer blessings and heal ins energy everyday

  6. 156
    asmita Says:

    I wanna loose my weight upto 13 kgs in may n June 2015…i wanna slim down as i was in 2011 …plz give me positive healings for this to achieve my goal successfully…i m also giving positive energy to all in dis u all…

  7. 157
    Todd Says:

    Todd helps you discover and heal your connection with your higher source so you can tangibly experience more of yourself and create your happy and healthy lifestyle.

  8. 158
    Ana Says:

    I would kindly like to ask for positive and healing energy to my broken heart. I’ve been dealing with unexpected break-ups and loss. When things seem to start getting more serious and official, it seems like there’s a sudden shift and they walk away. I don’t understand what’s causing these blocks and cuts in my life, but I need this to stop… I’m suffering deeply. Every time I open my heart to someone new, someone that seems to be worthy of my time and attention and that seems to have mutual feelings, after 4-6 months of being together they change their minds and decide it’s best to be just friends. Even though the day before we were “living the dream”. I need help and positive energy to fix this… whatever’s blocking my life and preventing me from finding love. Please send positive, healing vibrations and love to me and my partner who broke up very, very recently. May we be able to mend things if they can and are worth being mended, or may I find it in my heart the courage and strength to move on without pain or bitterness and find the right partner for me soon. Thank you all for sending love, may it come back to you in abundance. So mote it be.

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