Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

At Vital Waves all who come to the site are encouraged to do positive energy sending to help those who have posted requests.  As many professional distant healers have noted everyone has the ability to send energy and help others at a distance.  We are greatly appreciative of all of our energy senders.  In addition to our loyal followers we want to invite those who are “professional” energy senders and healers as well.

If you are a healer or do distant energy work please let us know.  If you have a website that showcases your healing or energy sending talent you are welcome to provide a link to your site.   In the comments section below on this page just let us know your first name, what type of energy sending or healing you currently practice and your website address if you have one.     

If you would be so kind to send some energy to some of those that have left requests we would greatly appreciate it.  Feel free to let others know in the comments section on the specific page where you sent energy that you have experience in this area and I think it will provide not only a real tangible benefit to those that have left a request but a psychological one as well!

We also have another opportunity for you to share your healing or energy sending methods on our “Secrets to sending energy” page.  It is a page designed for the professional energy sender or remote or distant healer to describe the method they use to send energy and try to help others at a distance. 

If you would be so kind, please go to that page and describe the method you use to send energy.  This will help show everyone who visits our site real life examples of how some professional energy senders work their magic to help others at a distance and how we can emulate their techniques.

thank you,

Bob K.

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  1. 51
    chitra Says:

    I am Reiki Master teacher, pranic healer. have weekly request lists for free distance attunements, free distance healing. sending you waves of divine energy is now flowing through me to you for your greatest good, healing energy flowing for peace, abundance,joys, forgiveness, miracles,healing, blessings. Thank you god, holy mother, angels,archangels,saints,ascended masters, spiritual helpers and all holy ones. Thank you for loving, healing energies and priceless blessings. So be it.

  2. 52
    Patricio Says:

    HI all, im 21 years old and I had a unhappy life, I have been single for all of my life, I am virgin and i want to be happy but I dont know why i cant be happy, i think i have bad energys surround me and i want to be happy and known the love of my life, I want to get happy but when i have the oportunity to be happy something try to get this impossible, sorry for my english but im from chile and im need ours vital waves urgent, because in my mind are bad thinks and sometimes i had suicide thinks in my mind, i want to be happy and have only good things in my mind, please sen me ours vital waves, i wait hopesully and i have greetings for all, cyas and blessings.

  3. 53
    Georgia Says:

    Need distant healing? TRY THIS-
    1/ Write a short letter to Ted Fricker (world famous healer-healed over 1 million people before the 1980’s!) asking that he meet you in your favourtite spot at a certain time each day.
    2/ What you will do at the time is sit calmly in your favourite spot, and you will call on Ted Fricker to be with you and help you with healing. (You’ve already taken the time to invite him so assume he will show up. N.B: Make sure you show up when you said you would!
    So at your desired time, focus on invoking ted.
    3/ Breathe in through your right nostril and out your left (close off nostrils with hand as you do this)
    4/ As you do this imagine Ted is in front of you sending you healing energy.
    5/ As you breathe in-you breathe in this healing energy. As you breathe out imagine darkness, goo, sticky black dust (whatever you think your dis-ease looks like) going out of your body and into Teds hands where he transforms it into pure white light and then sends it back to you as healing energy.
    6/ Do this for as long as feel necessary-you will know when its enough.
    IMPORTANT. Thank Ted when you are done for the time.

    Love, light, peace happiness and EASE coming your way xxx

  4. 54
    Gerhard Says:

    Sending Love and Blessings to all who are open to receiving.

  5. 55
    Georgia Says:

    Please check out my site and get your free angel readings today.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  6. 56
    Georgia Says:

    After doing free readings for people on here i’ve been encouraged to try this for a living. My site is: www . givemeguidance . webs . com

    I am offering free advice and angel card readings (donations accepted)

    We cover, healing, there are tips on absent healing, negative/positive affirmations, mind-movies, explanations of law of attraction, cause and effect, info about me, FREE ash drawings and healing guidance and info on the books I plan to write.

    I would really value your feedback. Check out my site and get your free angel readings today. Become a member and share the happiness with others.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  7. 57
    Betty-Jane Osborne Says:

    I am a Master Facilitator of Zimbate. Visit my website and then email me your questions. Yes I heal at a distance and am joining my energies with yours to heal the world and anyone in need

  8. 58
    Betty-Jane Osborne Says:

    Georgia, I have written down your website and will visit it tomorrow.

  9. 59
    Dale Adams Says:

    May the Winds of Fortune and the Powers of the Universe solve all your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial problems and grant all your wishes, desires, wants and needs for Betty Jane Osborne, Georgia, Gerhard, Patricio, Chitra, Velanthas, and Annie Bauman.

  10. 60
    Georgia Says:

    Betty, my love thank you for saying you will pop onto the site. Its been going for a week now, have given 15 readings and have received donations already. Happy bunnies. Hope to see you there and just follow notes on home page to find out where to request a reading.

    Take care me love G xxx

  11. 61
    Georgia Says:

    Darling Dale, much love andhappy vibes to you my love. Pop onto the site if you want and request a reading. Im trying thisnew thing of taking only donations and not charging for readings. I believe that all will come at the right time.

    Take care peace and love to you xxx

  12. 62
    Martha Says:

    I am in Florida I need this send me positive and love healing, keep negative energy evil away help me to reunite with the one I truly care and only love for him who has my heart. I am lost in great pain without him.

  13. 63
    Geetanjali Says:

    hi, I am a spiritual healer.I learnt meditation and healing at a very young age and i am practicing since then.Its been really helpful to me and a lot of people around. For distant healing I either need a person’s full name or a photograph.

  14. 64
    Geetanjali Says:

    hello Martha, to begin with I need ur full name and also the person’s name you love.Along with the distant healing I would suggest you to keep rose quartz stone with you for love energy.You can keep that in your pocket and to clean it, you have to put your stone under running water for few sec and then dry it under sunlight.Make sure you clean regularly.Also I want you to start thinking positive and to achieve something, visualisation is the best technique.Early morning, you should take out good 10mins to urself and think what exactly you want from him and how you want him to love just have to close your eyes and visualise .Start practicing it and you will see the diff.

  15. 65
    Mark Says:

    I send all of my healing love and energy to you all in this time of need.God Bless you all.

  16. 66
    Edgardo Petrosky Says:

    I am so grateful for your blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  17. 67
    Rosemarie Ray Says:

    I know my life path partner is out there somewhere; I meditate and send love energy for him to finally find me. I will know this person by having the feeling that we’ve already met before, perhaps in another life. I believe in miracles, but most of all I believe in love!

  18. 68
    Rosemarie Ray Says:

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    I have no lack for my God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

    God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind.

    Isaiah 40:31
    But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. (NKJV)

  19. 69
    dela Says:

    pray for the healing of me and my soul mate…he has problems with his back and his knees…and he has emotional pain from the loss of a loved one..and I do too…I need physical healing and mental and spiritual healing..Send lots of loving and healing energy our way…

  20. 70
    Matt G. Says:

    This is a huge thank you to all who sent healing energy and prayers to my mom (Becky G. in Roanoke Virginia). She healed so quickly from her breast removal surgery, that the doctors had to remove the tubes early. They were amazed. She says she never felt better in her life. She never even picked up the pain pills they prescribed for her because she said she never felt any pain. I can’t thank you all enough. My prayer for any and all of you who sent her healing energy and prayers is that you receive it back ten fold. Much love and appreciation to all of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    If you could find it in your hearts to send some positive financial energy and prayers my way, I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently only working part time, and struggling (I live in Norfolk Virginia). Your thoughts and energy and prayers of financial abundance and prosperity would be greatly appreciated. And I pray that anyone who sends this energy my will receive it back ten fold.

    Thank you all so very much for helping my mother through her surgery and healing.

    Matt G.

  21. 71
    cyn Says:

    Please send me + universal energies
    with divine love… i send, with all my intent, +, beautiful energies to those who are suffering and in pain.

  22. 72
    Della Says:

    I been sick for 4 months high blood pressure hypothyoidism and bad headaches pressure in front left side of head near eyebrow confused at times brain fog memory loss earache blurred vision stiff painful neck. sometimes I have crazy thought in my head I want so much to have a closer walk with God . I lost my daughter 2 years ago I just want to get over the pain I never want to forget her but I need to move on.I need to get better.I would learn to heal others but I need to heal first I would never want any to get negative energy from me I want to become a better person with postive energy.

  23. 73
    kelly rossi Says:

    After a 40 day mentrsual period while on active birth control at age 23 my life fell apart. I tell my story here:

    I’m now 25 – after seeing 50+ doctors all over NYC they found a brain tumor that was secreting hormones that put my body into a false labor. At the same time they fiund I had endometriosis and was covered adomincally with tumors. I’ve not had a period in nearly 3 years. They also diagnosed me as “terminally disabled” at age 23 after diagnosing me with progressive behcets’ syndrome: a degenerative eye disease that is autoimmune, multisystem, rhematologic, CNS-affecting, vasculitis that causes immense pain, as chunks of skin fall off my face and other external body parts, as well as in my organs. The behcets’ causes auto-deterioration of white matter – so my eyes are beginning the stages of posterior uveitis, the teeth have decayed from root and throughout each tooth – though I have no cavities. Recently another NY’er with behcet’s died at age 35. I am suffering and on high amounts of narcotics to be able to move from bed. Please help me. I meditate everyday…if u check my youtube videos you’ll see I’m dedicated to crystal healing, reiki, and ayurveda -though no medicine seems to help me. Please help.

  24. 74
    frank Says:

    i have been blessed with abiltys to heal rather opened to these energys,i am attuned in many different modalitys of healing.
    and for all that i have recieved i give thanks to the divine creator,the ascended masters,angels,spirits and my Dietys for this ability.
    i send energy to all those in need.
    you may contact me at this e-mail ( you send name and location and photo i do not charge for healings,if you do choose to make a donation i would ask you place it in an envelope,and leave no return address and mail it to any childrens hospital,or homeless charity.becouse your healing is my blessing
    i am thankful to have found this web site and for being able to help others and join with others to help those in need and mother earth and the universe with healing.

    i hold out my hand
    and place a tear of love
    into my palm
    i stretch out my fingers to the sky
    and i draw you a rainbow of
    love healing peace and joy.
    this rainbow is just for you
    its beauty healing peace and love
    now dear one open with intent
    and let the rainbow flow.

    may love flow to all

  25. 75
    mechelle Says:

    I am glad that I have come across a site like this, I love my reiki and would love to send healing energy to as many people as I can.

  26. 76
    Joy in Florida Says:

    I am an energy worker. I send energy and act as a conduit of light for all that need it. I do not currently have a website, therefore left my email addy in the website section. I have studied most forms of energy work, starting as a hypnotist, eft, reiki, and moving forward to light work. I will help along with others on here. For one on one help, I work best with a photo and phone conversation, with us doing a meditation at that time. For anyone that wishes to learn to promote their own creator given gifts , I am willing to steer you in the right direction. Along with this wonderful site, their are many teachers and free tools to use on utube to get you started.

  27. 77
    Jeff Says:

    Hi there energy healers! I need help big time!! I am currently very blocked right now in terms of manifesting prosperity and abundance. I am currently in a very bad financial spot right now, having been a victim of foreclosure and am in over $130,000.00 in debt right now. Even though I own several businesses, none of them are bringing in any money at all. I am very frustrated with my life and don’t know what to do. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work. I seem to be stuck in a rut right now and can’t seem to get out. So please help me out in whatever way you can!!!

  28. 78
    Tom Says:

    I focus my third eye on the person (and whatever part of the body that has been requested-if any) and visualize that person receiving the energy and healing whatever has been requested in the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Heart or Feeling, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

  29. 79
    Tom Says:

    I am a conduit for healing energies to flow through me from the Universe, God or wherever you believe source energy comes from. I have had this ability all of my life. I do this as hands on healing or as distant healing across the room or across the world. I have developed a set of CD? that address energy imbalances, lack or leakage of energy, and various deseases in the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Heart or Feeling, Mental and Spiritual bodies. These may be viewed at

  30. 80
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    My book Yesterday’s News is a jigsaw collective story of poetry, prose and ballads, connecting me to God in love and gratitude. The format is apocalyptic, prophetical, fragmented and cryptic it’s fashioned style of writing. For me the poetry is an accounted journal of my emotions, thoughts and ideas concerning my life personally and analytically in a philosophical point of view. My poetry writing has been prophesized linking my past to the present and future. It is focused and centered on the fight between good and evil and love as the supreme ruler. I am on a mission, which is to dictate a new language in the biblical sense, which states we are all one in a universal mind and consciousness. Metaphysically it needs no transcribing, God has already performed it when he communicated the messages to me through automatic telepathy. Yesterday’s News is a prophecy of blessings, miracles and good fortune that Jesus lives and breathes and that God exists in that still small voice in all of us. Morally I believe I was chosen for this task to generate hope and faith envisioning a better world here on Earth if we just believe, the endless world, the promised land of the milk and honey, does emphatically exist. What ye thinketh ye shall receive. Read Yesterday’s News and join me in becoming a co-creator with God to bring in the New World, the Unreal one residing in the parallel universe where our Lord and Savior lives.

    go to or or and buy my book and tell everyone about it for me.

  31. 81
    Rosemarie Says:

    I send and receive all healing energy spiritually, emotionally, and physically to all those in need of Universal love energy.

    Help me to realize my gifts, intuition, and true self to help others on their path to healing. I’m a hands-on and distance healer and my strenth comes from the Universe made by God our Almighty Father in Heaven. I experience Heaven on Earth daily by being grateful for what I have, and don’t have because sometimes that’s a blessing in itself. I know God has a great plan for my life and better than I could imagine.

    Help me to have a higher vision for myself and others.

    Peace, Love, and Healing,


  32. 82
    margaret Says:

    Hi Jeff if you are blocked say the genesis prayer

  33. 83
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    We are all spirit and the real world is an illusion we created so we could learn and our body is God. We live and breath within the body of Christ. So if you realize that, how could anything not be great? Just ask him to be a part of your life and proclaim it so. All is well.

  34. 84
    Carolina Says:

    To all here who need healing and positive energy in their lives, please accept freely and deeply the energy I now send into your lives. Remember also, to send this same energy out to another as we all have this gift and it only takes only a moment to share. Remember the butterfly effect…

  35. 85
    Rosemarie Says:

    Divine law and order governs and guides all our ways. We are open to the abundance of all the Universe has to offer. Prosperity, blessings, and healing is now being absorbed into our mind and bodies. We are all gifted to do amazing things on a spiritual level to become a reality. We survive on light and love energy at all times. Life in the Uiverse doesn’t know about boundaries or limits because there is no space, nor time.

    I am capable of reaching out to others without having to touch physically; my energy is your energy.

  36. 86
    samer Says:

    I am sending and receiving all healing energy spiritually, emotionally, and physically to all

    Please help recieve your energy to find my self and help myself and others

  37. 87
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending you positive energy toward your way Jeff and positive enegry that people will come your way to help you. May love and hope fill your heart and positive energy bring you happiness in this dark time of your life. May peace fill your mind that everything will work out for you!

    God Bless and I hope the very best for you!

  38. 88
    Rajashekar B Says:

    Hi, i am suffering from back pain, my L5-S1 L4-L5 have disc bulges, please give me energy, i am suffering form lot of pain. thank you very much

  39. 89
    redd Says:

    blessings,positive energy,healing,and protective light towards everyone on this site…get ready to receive

  40. 90
    Tania Says:

    To all on this site, please open your hearts and your minds to receive the wave of positive healing energy which is now flowing throughout the Universe! Your requests, spoken and unspoken, have been heard, and your desires are being fulfilled. You are all being blessed as you are bathed in this wonderful light of healing energy which is enveloping you within and without. All negative vibrations are being dissipated for this positive vibration cannot survive in its presence. Accept that this is so, for you must believe if you are to receive! Peace~

  41. 91
    Jill Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Much love and light to everyone. Reiki prayers and blessings to all that may need it. I give thanks to everyone and everything. I blessed and fortunate to have and to be with life.

    Much love to all.

  42. 92
    Jessica Says:

    I am a Reiki Master..also have other abilities. Would love to help people put on this page. Anyone reading this is welcome to join my group page on gfacebook. It’s called spiritual beginnings group .. I am here to help with anything spiritual and do offer freebies on my group page ! I just opened the group page so bear with me while u get it up and going. If u have just started down ur spiritual path or have questions I an here to help my email address is on the group page as well feel free to email me! In love and much light-

  43. 93
    Barb Says:

    please pray for my mom (barb) she is suffering and in alot of pain, she needs a operation but the doctors are affraid her heart can’t take it, she has ulcers, and bad small intestents, she has went from 140 lbs to 80 lbs, she is very sick and weak, she keeps blacking out and has fell 3 times now hurting her self and brusing very badly, the doctors can’t help her (they say).
    please keep her in your healing prayers and thoughts.
    thanks so much scared daughter 🙁

  44. 94
    Stephanie Says:

    I am sending healing and prayer thoughts to all who need some positive distant energy coming to them.

  45. 95
    x Says:

    sending loads of healing energy to Barbs mother to ease her pain and sufferings. Fill her life with love, laughter and healing XXX

  46. 96
    x Says:

    Sending loads of healing engeries to everyone here and elsewhere for peace and speedy recovery from all pain and suffering. May your lives be filled with sunshine, freshair, sweet smell and melody. XXXX

  47. 97
    Matt G. Says:

    Hello all,

    I have 2 things to remark on. The first one is a great thanks to you all, and the second is a call for help, positive energy and prayer.

    First I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for my Mother last year. She had a breast removed due to cancer. I asked you all to pray for her, and the doctor’s said she healed so fast that they were amazed. She is doing very well now. I thank you all w/ all of my heart for helping her w/ your positive energy and prayers. God bless each and every one of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    Secondly, I am now asking for help. I have recently been in a very unexpected financial crisis. It has hit me out of the no where. A collection agency has locked my bank account for a debt from years ago. I thought it was paid off, but apparently it wasn’t. Now they are hounding me day and night, and my bank account is frozen. No use of checks or debit card, which makes paying bills very complicated, not to mention everyday life. And the IRS has now also gotten involved somehow, saying I owe back taxes (that I was unaware off). I feel like I am drowning. I am not asking for a million dollars, but the amount I need might as well be a million since I only work a part time job. I need around $5,000 to clear up just the immediate crisis, but to clear it all up completely, I need more like $25,000. That would have me completely debt free, and all personal loans would be able to be paid back also (I tried borrowing some money from friends and family, but it only seems to make the hole I’m in deeper. I hate to borrow money from anyone).

    So, I am asking for all of your prayers and positive energy so that I may receive immediate financial abundance and financial abundance through out the coming year. I want nothing more than to be debt free, and able to take care of myself, and also to be able to give to others to help them out in their time of need.

    I thank you all in advance for your prayers, positive energy, love and help.

    Thank you all so very very much. Love, peace and abundance to all.

    Matt G. Norfolk VA

  48. 98
    Michael Says:

    Hello everyone!

    Want to ask all those who can say a prayer for my friend Emily in Manila, Philippines. she is ill right now and could stand to get a energy boost from us all. Thank you!

  49. 99
    s Says:

    I am worthy of love. I send and receive love, abundance and healing energy from the universe. I share it with everyone.I am complete, peaceful and content. I forgive Thierry and release myself from all the pain and the misery.

  50. 100
    mihir Says:

    Anyone can send me a request for any physical,mental,emotional,life problems….i will be the channel to take you out of them…best wishes

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