Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

At Vital Waves all who come to the site are encouraged to do positive energy sending to help those who have posted requests.  As many professional distant healers have noted everyone has the ability to send energy and help others at a distance.  We are greatly appreciative of all of our energy senders.  In addition to our loyal followers we want to invite those who are “professional” energy senders and healers as well.

If you are a healer or do distant energy work please let us know.  If you have a website that showcases your healing or energy sending talent you are welcome to provide a link to your site.   In the comments section below on this page just let us know your first name, what type of energy sending or healing you currently practice and your website address if you have one.     

If you would be so kind to send some energy to some of those that have left requests we would greatly appreciate it.  Feel free to let others know in the comments section on the specific page where you sent energy that you have experience in this area and I think it will provide not only a real tangible benefit to those that have left a request but a psychological one as well!

We also have another opportunity for you to share your healing or energy sending methods on our “Secrets to sending energy” page.  It is a page designed for the professional energy sender or remote or distant healer to describe the method they use to send energy and try to help others at a distance. 

If you would be so kind, please go to that page and describe the method you use to send energy.  This will help show everyone who visits our site real life examples of how some professional energy senders work their magic to help others at a distance and how we can emulate their techniques.

thank you,

Bob K.

158 Responses to “Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders”

  1. 1
    Mercedes Says:

    I feel a bit depres, I same body can send me positive energy and remove the sadnes what is for long time I will apreciate.
    Many thanks
    Mercedes A. Niebla

  2. 2
    Royman Says:

    Please send me your positive energy for all to work well in my life. Thank you.

  3. 3
    yvonne Says:


    Healing is on your way.

    Your’s in service,Yvonne Swerissen
    Reiki Master&Teacher
    Amsterdam,The Netherlands.

  4. 4
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:


    I sended a Wave of Reiki to all Vital Wefers,Wealthvibers and the Circle of Healers.

    Yvonne Swerissen,
    Reiki Master&Teacher
    Amsterdam,The Netherlands.


  5. 5
    tya Says:

    please send me some good positive vibrations. thank you.

  6. 6
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Dear members,

    A Reiki Shower is on Your way.

    Your’s in service,Yvonne from amsterdam,The Netherlands.

  7. 7
    cat Says:

    please send love and healing to our daughter who was traumatised as a child and is still captured in loneliness and self-hating at 23 yrs.
    thankyou so much, may you be richly returned.

  8. 8
    Eva Wright Says:

    I am sending healing to all those who need it. Please go to my distant healing video in the youtube link here to enjoy feeling this positive energy with a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. Thank you and be blessed.

  9. 9
    Mercedes Says:

    Many thanks!!! for send me energy I was feeling a big diferences

    I live in london I am good with my hands if same body has family who need me, please will be free.

    many thanks Mercedes

  10. 10
    Mercedes Says:

    Many thanks!!! for send me energy I was feeling a big diferences

    I live in london I am good with my hands if same body has family who need me, please will be free.

    many thanks Mercedes

  11. 11
    Bob K. Says:

    Eva thanks for sharing your healing video – enjoyed it! Mercedes and Yvonne thank you for your great energy here as well – it is much appreciated. And, Cat, Tya, Royman, and Mercedes you’ve got some good positive energy coming your way for your requests.

  12. 12
    Targol Says:

    Dear Healers;
    My name is Targol.
    I need your help,energy and prayers with my debt, university application and financial issues.

    Your LOVE is greatly appreciated!

    God Bless You All


  13. 13
    Anthony Doshier Says:

    I need prayers for cancer that the V.A. said I have. They have yet not figured out what kind. I also need prayer for my mother Gertrude who can’t see very well and gets confused. I also need prayer and energy for better finances and health. Thank-You and God Bless All.

  14. 14
    Justyna Says:

    May love, peace and hppines be with all of you

  15. 15
    Justyna Says:

    I am asking for energy to keep my relationship working forever,

    Thank you,

  16. 16
    Elsa Wellenkamp Says:

    Please send me positive energy to find work, to make my projects run in a positive way, and to have money to live my life and to pay my expenses. Also send me positive energy to have more health and energy to make things going. I also ask for positive energy to my husband. Thanks and a merry Christmas to all.

  17. 17
    Nestor Says:


    May God give you more strength to go on with life with zest and youthfulness. What you are trudging now will not going to last for so long, please choose happiness and lets move forward to a promising life and surprises ahead!

    Your meant to be happy, Mercedes.

  18. 18
    Justyna Says:

    Happy New Year to all of you may this coming year bring you only happiness and lots of love.
    Love is the key to all problems.

  19. 19
    LINDA Says:




  20. 20
    georgina Says:

    I am sending out waves of love,positive energy,hope,peace,compassion and soul strength to all out there who need it.
    May 2009 bring you your heart’s desires.

  21. 21
    IAM1 Says:

    I am calling on all whom are seeking turth. To ask in TRUTH for the true power of GOD an to recoginze The greatness of Spirt in the center of our being. Know that NOW is already filled with DIVINE POWER that is your life.

  22. 22
    Rev. Theresa M Lister Says:


    Rev. Theresa M. Lister
    The Temple OF Divine Spirt
    “B” Alternative Ministry

  23. 23
    Targol Says:

    Dear Healers;

    I have tried to help a friend of mine financially,however, a series of misunderstandings between us and also with my bank has occurred that now I’m uncomfortable energetically and feel like being in trouble.

    I have been trying so hard since Friday to resolve this issue ONLY by sending positive thoughts and energies to it, however, it seems like I need your help, as one hand on it’s own doesn’t make a sound!

    Please send your loving thoughts and energies to my problem to be solved soon.

    It’s unfair to get into trouble whilst I was ONLY trying to be nice and help my buddy…

    GOD Bless you All


  24. 24
    Kim Says:

    Sending out Energy, Love and Compassion to all those struggling with difficult challenges in their lives. That these challenges will bring about changes for better days and teach others the value of making a difference in our world. Please pray for my friend Leonard Peltier that Our President will Pardon him after 33 years being served, that he will find Freedom and once again live among his family. I am sending positive vibes to all the brave souls who have given their life to protect our World…

  25. 25
    anne Says:

    Please send everyone on here positive healing energy and please send healing energy for my autistic daughter in that her brain may be healed. thank youx

  26. 26
    jerri Says:

    Please send healing energy to my sister, Roberta. She is in intensive care unit. Lung surgery last evening – her left lung turned to liquid by absesses and pus (bacteria). She is fragile, needing whiteblood count to balance, nutrition levels to rise, anemia to disappear, strength and healing. I pray that she recovers and heals quickly.
    Bless you.

  27. 27
    Alice Says:

    This is a posting for anyone that would like to receive energy healing. I do it through the computer. All that is needed is a camera and microphone, connect with Windows Live Messenger and we are good to go. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes. This is totally free. To set up a day and time please email me at

  28. 28
    Christie LaValley Says:

    May all who seek the energy of healing never feel alone. You are amoung the most beautiful people in the universe. We are here when you need us. Remember to use your thoughts to see clearly what you desire and to use the negative emotions you might have to power the positive dreams. Just change the thought as you use the emotion. It will benefit you greatly.

  29. 29
    Larissa Serena Says:

    May you be well
    May you be happy
    May you be loved
    May you be forgiven
    May you feel peace in your heart
    May you be blessed with riches of every kind
    This is an ancient healing prayer I want to share with everyone
    Wishing you all many Bright Blessings, Larissa x

  30. 30
    David A Zacker Says:

    My name is David and I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher

    I perform in person and distance treatments.

    I also perform attunments to all levels.

    We all need some love and healing.

    visit my site at



  31. 31
    Alice Says:

    his is a posting for anyone that would like to receive energy healing. I do it through the computer. All that is needed is a camera and microphone, connect with Windows Live Messenger and we are good to go. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes. This is totally free. To set up a day and time please email me at

  32. 32
    Yvonne R. Says:

    I send out loving energy to everyone near and far. Please remember you have to receive and believe in it for it to work. So don’t despair. Something that has helped me is Jo Dunning’s Abundance Breakthough Project. Go to the website and signup before July 15, 2009. Then go to the website Look in the archives for Jo Dunning previous shows and watch them. There are only three which are a hour in length each. They will help you. They are free there is no cost. Keep an open mind and watch your life change for the better. I talking lasting change. Now take that first step, and watch your life transform before your eyes. Love and Light always.

  33. 33
    rosalinda_confused Says:


    Calling all generous energy sender accross the planet, help me im with trouble with myself, I want to have power to arise above my identity issues and to move on with life without the fangs of bondages, curse and sorrow. I send love and security to all who are with this site divine love and divine healing to you all wonderful child of the universe. More power and more love abound in you and to your family. God bless the ex-gays!

  34. 34
    Franklyn Birbal MIPTI Says:

    I will be using the Global Healing Grid for all participants who wish to receive this free and deeply transforming monthly healing.

    Hi i have a free monthly healing to all.

    The personal and spiritual evolutions that can occur from this Divine Healing can be truly astounding, and in addition my opening to the Divine energy
    provides a unique opportunity for divinity to come through and substantially deepen your healing.
    In order for you to take up this free offer simply sign up to my monthly newsletter.
    Remember that this is a totally free service to you, so if cost is an issue, you can’t beat freedom.

  35. 35
    preeti Says:

    Thank You… I am with you;)

  36. 36
    Simply me Says:

    Hello, My name is Ashley I’m not sure where I should be posting this but I am, or should I say my husband Sedat is in desperate need of healing. A little about us. We both just turned 25, and got married in January of this year. We are both so excited to have found each other, and look forward to our lives with each other and starting a beautiful family and the many years ahead of us and growing old together. We know that we are soul mates and God has a plan for us.. But this isn’t the plan I can feel it in every fiber of my being. He is the answer to all my prayers my other half, the half that completes me.

    He recently had an accident in the pool and shattered his 4,5,6 vertebrae and severed his spinal cord. He is in recovery right now getting stabilized. He is able to move his arms and head and speak, but not his hands and below his chest. The Doctors say he still might have a chance if his body heals correctly. Right now is the most critical time for him. The first two weeks is when the most crucial healing happens. I have been doing healing exercises with energy work but I am having a hard time doing it by myself. I am asking if you all can help me with sending his body mind and soul the strength, love, faith, and healing towards him to visualize the beautiful Golden light to his spine enwrapping it with love and stimulating the nerves and cells that create his beautiful body to re-create what has been damaged.

    I thank you all so much for you help and wish you all so much love and happiness and everything you endure.


  37. 37
    ofelio Says:

    To Franklyn Birbal MIPTI . Thanks buddy. I surely need it

  38. 38
    jun Says:

    I put on healing to all who are suffering from diseases and pain out of slimy skin diseases. I put on flawless complexion to those who suffering from body acne and everything that cost and lower your self esteem. I put on happiness and glow in your skin and in your body.

  39. 39
    jevtusjenko Says:

    I pray and send energy to all of you.

  40. 40
    Donny Says:

    I send out mass energy to all those in need and anyone who can benefit from my gifts!
    I am a healer,energy healer,faith healer laying of hands call me what you will!But I am the real deal and I’m starting up a practice in the Denver/Boulder Co area!I welcome all I only ask for donations I heal 1st and then you pay what you feel I deserve for what you recieved!It never takes more than a couple of sessions to clear it up for good so long as both parties are focused on the task at hand!My email is look forward to serving you all take care D…….

  41. 41
    Donny Says:

    I forgot to state I can also do this over the phone but it requires more time but I am more than willing to help all those in need!You have nothing to lose and a pain free future awaiting you from all sickness and disease!

  42. 42
    Annmarie Says:

    Hi to all, not sure if this is where i post this or not but here it goes.

    My husband and I was in a car accident on January 18, 09. We were hit by a 18 wheeler. my husband has known since March that he needs back surgery, i just recently found out that i need it as well. but i am not worried about me. our attoney said that his firm will not pay for the surgery, because of the cost. that he will add it into the suit. my problem is that it can take forever to get the law suit over with. my husband is getting worst each day. there are some days he can’t get out of bed because of the pain.
    I’m asking for engery to be sent to pete we live in orange Tx.
    thank you

  43. 43
    Victoria Says:

    The Great Invocation

    (say for 30 days while sending light to the person or planet)

    “From the point of Light within the mind of God
    Let light stream forth into human minds
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into human hearts
    May the Coming One return to Earth.

    From the centre where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide all little human wills
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the centre which we call the human race
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. ”

    Those in need of energy healing for mind, body, spiritual well being may inquire at vrajaye-at-yahoo-dot-com. Experienced Shamanic & Light Energy healer for those with health/emotional challenges. Affordable rates as well as free healing circle prayers.

  44. 44
    Nicholas Says:


    I use a mixture of Reiki and other channelled intuitive Energy techniques.

    Glad to be of service!


  45. 45
    Anamaria Says:

    Thank you, Chris Comish. All my love to all of you.

  46. 46
    savitro Says:

    hallo everyone everywhere!

    first of all I would like to thank Bob for his great task here.

    I think the most imporant thing is that we are here to serve euch other….

    and its imortant to know, everything happens cause it has a deeper meaning.

    So, I too feel happy when I can send Light, Power and Joiness to those who happens to bee in hard, but important life-situations as well.

    You are not alone! We are alle with you.

    I too wish you all the very best and soon a better time!

    Yours jan

  47. 47
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Dear Bob,
    This is to let you know,I am available as a healer again.

  48. 48
    savitro Says:

    Hallo, from the depths of my heart and soul I wish YOU ALL

    dear brothers and sisters an enlignhtning, joyfull christmastime.

    We are all pure light, power, and complete the way we are.


    Im so grateful being a part of this “community” here

    Yours savitro

  49. 49
    Annie Bauman Says:

    I come before You Lord
    in behalf of all the people here
    who may not be feeling well
    and are in need of Your blessing.

    Bless all us.
    Provide us the joy
    that can only come from Your Spirit.
    Help us not to be discouraged.

    You care for the sparrow
    and You certainly care for us.
    I thank you for being
    the merciful God that You are.

    We are so fortunate and grateful
    to be considered Your children.

    May peace be with those
    who say this prayer.

  50. 50
    Velanthas Says:

    Namaste, dear Bob, our brothers and sisters here at Vitalwaves. I am grateful to join you in sending love and healing energy to all requests here. I am a vibrational healer trained in Kundalini Reiki, Chios Healing, and various other modalities which I meld together in my own healing technique integrating many other elements such as the Silver Violet Flame, galactic light and sound codes through toning and chanting as well as channeled drawings, crystals both physical and ethereal, the various rays and many others. I am also a Rose Flame anchor and I work with the Children of the Sun International Light Team in sending healing transmissions twice a month during the Planetary Grid meditations. I am affirming the joyful, easy and graceful resolution of all issues, the learning of all lessons in their divine timing, and the unconditional love of our Creator to each of us in every moment, restoring us to the perfection of our divinity here on Earth. Namaste.

  51. 51
    chitra Says:

    I am Reiki Master teacher, pranic healer. have weekly request lists for free distance attunements, free distance healing. sending you waves of divine energy is now flowing through me to you for your greatest good, healing energy flowing for peace, abundance,joys, forgiveness, miracles,healing, blessings. Thank you god, holy mother, angels,archangels,saints,ascended masters, spiritual helpers and all holy ones. Thank you for loving, healing energies and priceless blessings. So be it.

  52. 52
    Patricio Says:

    HI all, im 21 years old and I had a unhappy life, I have been single for all of my life, I am virgin and i want to be happy but I dont know why i cant be happy, i think i have bad energys surround me and i want to be happy and known the love of my life, I want to get happy but when i have the oportunity to be happy something try to get this impossible, sorry for my english but im from chile and im need ours vital waves urgent, because in my mind are bad thinks and sometimes i had suicide thinks in my mind, i want to be happy and have only good things in my mind, please sen me ours vital waves, i wait hopesully and i have greetings for all, cyas and blessings.

  53. 53
    Georgia Says:

    Need distant healing? TRY THIS-
    1/ Write a short letter to Ted Fricker (world famous healer-healed over 1 million people before the 1980’s!) asking that he meet you in your favourtite spot at a certain time each day.
    2/ What you will do at the time is sit calmly in your favourite spot, and you will call on Ted Fricker to be with you and help you with healing. (You’ve already taken the time to invite him so assume he will show up. N.B: Make sure you show up when you said you would!
    So at your desired time, focus on invoking ted.
    3/ Breathe in through your right nostril and out your left (close off nostrils with hand as you do this)
    4/ As you do this imagine Ted is in front of you sending you healing energy.
    5/ As you breathe in-you breathe in this healing energy. As you breathe out imagine darkness, goo, sticky black dust (whatever you think your dis-ease looks like) going out of your body and into Teds hands where he transforms it into pure white light and then sends it back to you as healing energy.
    6/ Do this for as long as feel necessary-you will know when its enough.
    IMPORTANT. Thank Ted when you are done for the time.

    Love, light, peace happiness and EASE coming your way xxx

  54. 54
    Gerhard Says:

    Sending Love and Blessings to all who are open to receiving.

  55. 55
    Georgia Says:

    Please check out my site and get your free angel readings today.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  56. 56
    Georgia Says:

    After doing free readings for people on here i’ve been encouraged to try this for a living. My site is: www . givemeguidance . webs . com

    I am offering free advice and angel card readings (donations accepted)

    We cover, healing, there are tips on absent healing, negative/positive affirmations, mind-movies, explanations of law of attraction, cause and effect, info about me, FREE ash drawings and healing guidance and info on the books I plan to write.

    I would really value your feedback. Check out my site and get your free angel readings today. Become a member and share the happiness with others.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  57. 57
    Betty-Jane Osborne Says:

    I am a Master Facilitator of Zimbate. Visit my website and then email me your questions. Yes I heal at a distance and am joining my energies with yours to heal the world and anyone in need

  58. 58
    Betty-Jane Osborne Says:

    Georgia, I have written down your website and will visit it tomorrow.

  59. 59
    Dale Adams Says:

    May the Winds of Fortune and the Powers of the Universe solve all your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial problems and grant all your wishes, desires, wants and needs for Betty Jane Osborne, Georgia, Gerhard, Patricio, Chitra, Velanthas, and Annie Bauman.

  60. 60
    Georgia Says:

    Betty, my love thank you for saying you will pop onto the site. Its been going for a week now, have given 15 readings and have received donations already. Happy bunnies. Hope to see you there and just follow notes on home page to find out where to request a reading.

    Take care me love G xxx

  61. 61
    Georgia Says:

    Darling Dale, much love andhappy vibes to you my love. Pop onto the site if you want and request a reading. Im trying thisnew thing of taking only donations and not charging for readings. I believe that all will come at the right time.

    Take care peace and love to you xxx

  62. 62
    Martha Says:

    I am in Florida I need this send me positive and love healing, keep negative energy evil away help me to reunite with the one I truly care and only love for him who has my heart. I am lost in great pain without him.

  63. 63
    Geetanjali Says:

    hi, I am a spiritual healer.I learnt meditation and healing at a very young age and i am practicing since then.Its been really helpful to me and a lot of people around. For distant healing I either need a person’s full name or a photograph.

  64. 64
    Geetanjali Says:

    hello Martha, to begin with I need ur full name and also the person’s name you love.Along with the distant healing I would suggest you to keep rose quartz stone with you for love energy.You can keep that in your pocket and to clean it, you have to put your stone under running water for few sec and then dry it under sunlight.Make sure you clean regularly.Also I want you to start thinking positive and to achieve something, visualisation is the best technique.Early morning, you should take out good 10mins to urself and think what exactly you want from him and how you want him to love just have to close your eyes and visualise .Start practicing it and you will see the diff.

  65. 65
    Mark Says:

    I send all of my healing love and energy to you all in this time of need.God Bless you all.

  66. 66
    Edgardo Petrosky Says:

    I am so grateful for your blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  67. 67
    Rosemarie Ray Says:

    I know my life path partner is out there somewhere; I meditate and send love energy for him to finally find me. I will know this person by having the feeling that we’ve already met before, perhaps in another life. I believe in miracles, but most of all I believe in love!

  68. 68
    Rosemarie Ray Says:

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    I have no lack for my God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

    God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind.

    Isaiah 40:31
    But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. (NKJV)

  69. 69
    dela Says:

    pray for the healing of me and my soul mate…he has problems with his back and his knees…and he has emotional pain from the loss of a loved one..and I do too…I need physical healing and mental and spiritual healing..Send lots of loving and healing energy our way…

  70. 70
    Matt G. Says:

    This is a huge thank you to all who sent healing energy and prayers to my mom (Becky G. in Roanoke Virginia). She healed so quickly from her breast removal surgery, that the doctors had to remove the tubes early. They were amazed. She says she never felt better in her life. She never even picked up the pain pills they prescribed for her because she said she never felt any pain. I can’t thank you all enough. My prayer for any and all of you who sent her healing energy and prayers is that you receive it back ten fold. Much love and appreciation to all of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    If you could find it in your hearts to send some positive financial energy and prayers my way, I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently only working part time, and struggling (I live in Norfolk Virginia). Your thoughts and energy and prayers of financial abundance and prosperity would be greatly appreciated. And I pray that anyone who sends this energy my will receive it back ten fold.

    Thank you all so very much for helping my mother through her surgery and healing.

    Matt G.

  71. 71
    cyn Says:

    Please send me + universal energies
    with divine love… i send, with all my intent, +, beautiful energies to those who are suffering and in pain.

  72. 72
    Della Says:

    I been sick for 4 months high blood pressure hypothyoidism and bad headaches pressure in front left side of head near eyebrow confused at times brain fog memory loss earache blurred vision stiff painful neck. sometimes I have crazy thought in my head I want so much to have a closer walk with God . I lost my daughter 2 years ago I just want to get over the pain I never want to forget her but I need to move on.I need to get better.I would learn to heal others but I need to heal first I would never want any to get negative energy from me I want to become a better person with postive energy.

  73. 73
    kelly rossi Says:

    After a 40 day mentrsual period while on active birth control at age 23 my life fell apart. I tell my story here:

    I’m now 25 – after seeing 50+ doctors all over NYC they found a brain tumor that was secreting hormones that put my body into a false labor. At the same time they fiund I had endometriosis and was covered adomincally with tumors. I’ve not had a period in nearly 3 years. They also diagnosed me as “terminally disabled” at age 23 after diagnosing me with progressive behcets’ syndrome: a degenerative eye disease that is autoimmune, multisystem, rhematologic, CNS-affecting, vasculitis that causes immense pain, as chunks of skin fall off my face and other external body parts, as well as in my organs. The behcets’ causes auto-deterioration of white matter – so my eyes are beginning the stages of posterior uveitis, the teeth have decayed from root and throughout each tooth – though I have no cavities. Recently another NY’er with behcet’s died at age 35. I am suffering and on high amounts of narcotics to be able to move from bed. Please help me. I meditate everyday…if u check my youtube videos you’ll see I’m dedicated to crystal healing, reiki, and ayurveda -though no medicine seems to help me. Please help.

  74. 74
    frank Says:

    i have been blessed with abiltys to heal rather opened to these energys,i am attuned in many different modalitys of healing.
    and for all that i have recieved i give thanks to the divine creator,the ascended masters,angels,spirits and my Dietys for this ability.
    i send energy to all those in need.
    you may contact me at this e-mail ( you send name and location and photo i do not charge for healings,if you do choose to make a donation i would ask you place it in an envelope,and leave no return address and mail it to any childrens hospital,or homeless charity.becouse your healing is my blessing
    i am thankful to have found this web site and for being able to help others and join with others to help those in need and mother earth and the universe with healing.

    i hold out my hand
    and place a tear of love
    into my palm
    i stretch out my fingers to the sky
    and i draw you a rainbow of
    love healing peace and joy.
    this rainbow is just for you
    its beauty healing peace and love
    now dear one open with intent
    and let the rainbow flow.

    may love flow to all

  75. 75
    mechelle Says:

    I am glad that I have come across a site like this, I love my reiki and would love to send healing energy to as many people as I can.

  76. 76
    Joy in Florida Says:

    I am an energy worker. I send energy and act as a conduit of light for all that need it. I do not currently have a website, therefore left my email addy in the website section. I have studied most forms of energy work, starting as a hypnotist, eft, reiki, and moving forward to light work. I will help along with others on here. For one on one help, I work best with a photo and phone conversation, with us doing a meditation at that time. For anyone that wishes to learn to promote their own creator given gifts , I am willing to steer you in the right direction. Along with this wonderful site, their are many teachers and free tools to use on utube to get you started.

  77. 77
    Jeff Says:

    Hi there energy healers! I need help big time!! I am currently very blocked right now in terms of manifesting prosperity and abundance. I am currently in a very bad financial spot right now, having been a victim of foreclosure and am in over $130,000.00 in debt right now. Even though I own several businesses, none of them are bringing in any money at all. I am very frustrated with my life and don’t know what to do. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work. I seem to be stuck in a rut right now and can’t seem to get out. So please help me out in whatever way you can!!!

  78. 78
    Tom Says:

    I focus my third eye on the person (and whatever part of the body that has been requested-if any) and visualize that person receiving the energy and healing whatever has been requested in the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Heart or Feeling, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

  79. 79
    Tom Says:

    I am a conduit for healing energies to flow through me from the Universe, God or wherever you believe source energy comes from. I have had this ability all of my life. I do this as hands on healing or as distant healing across the room or across the world. I have developed a set of CD? that address energy imbalances, lack or leakage of energy, and various deseases in the Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Heart or Feeling, Mental and Spiritual bodies. These may be viewed at

  80. 80
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    My book Yesterday’s News is a jigsaw collective story of poetry, prose and ballads, connecting me to God in love and gratitude. The format is apocalyptic, prophetical, fragmented and cryptic it’s fashioned style of writing. For me the poetry is an accounted journal of my emotions, thoughts and ideas concerning my life personally and analytically in a philosophical point of view. My poetry writing has been prophesized linking my past to the present and future. It is focused and centered on the fight between good and evil and love as the supreme ruler. I am on a mission, which is to dictate a new language in the biblical sense, which states we are all one in a universal mind and consciousness. Metaphysically it needs no transcribing, God has already performed it when he communicated the messages to me through automatic telepathy. Yesterday’s News is a prophecy of blessings, miracles and good fortune that Jesus lives and breathes and that God exists in that still small voice in all of us. Morally I believe I was chosen for this task to generate hope and faith envisioning a better world here on Earth if we just believe, the endless world, the promised land of the milk and honey, does emphatically exist. What ye thinketh ye shall receive. Read Yesterday’s News and join me in becoming a co-creator with God to bring in the New World, the Unreal one residing in the parallel universe where our Lord and Savior lives.

    go to or or and buy my book and tell everyone about it for me.

  81. 81
    Rosemarie Says:

    I send and receive all healing energy spiritually, emotionally, and physically to all those in need of Universal love energy.

    Help me to realize my gifts, intuition, and true self to help others on their path to healing. I’m a hands-on and distance healer and my strenth comes from the Universe made by God our Almighty Father in Heaven. I experience Heaven on Earth daily by being grateful for what I have, and don’t have because sometimes that’s a blessing in itself. I know God has a great plan for my life and better than I could imagine.

    Help me to have a higher vision for myself and others.

    Peace, Love, and Healing,


  82. 82
    margaret Says:

    Hi Jeff if you are blocked say the genesis prayer

  83. 83
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    We are all spirit and the real world is an illusion we created so we could learn and our body is God. We live and breath within the body of Christ. So if you realize that, how could anything not be great? Just ask him to be a part of your life and proclaim it so. All is well.

  84. 84
    Carolina Says:

    To all here who need healing and positive energy in their lives, please accept freely and deeply the energy I now send into your lives. Remember also, to send this same energy out to another as we all have this gift and it only takes only a moment to share. Remember the butterfly effect…

  85. 85
    Rosemarie Says:

    Divine law and order governs and guides all our ways. We are open to the abundance of all the Universe has to offer. Prosperity, blessings, and healing is now being absorbed into our mind and bodies. We are all gifted to do amazing things on a spiritual level to become a reality. We survive on light and love energy at all times. Life in the Uiverse doesn’t know about boundaries or limits because there is no space, nor time.

    I am capable of reaching out to others without having to touch physically; my energy is your energy.

  86. 86
    samer Says:

    I am sending and receiving all healing energy spiritually, emotionally, and physically to all

    Please help recieve your energy to find my self and help myself and others

  87. 87
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending you positive energy toward your way Jeff and positive enegry that people will come your way to help you. May love and hope fill your heart and positive energy bring you happiness in this dark time of your life. May peace fill your mind that everything will work out for you!

    God Bless and I hope the very best for you!

  88. 88
    Rajashekar B Says:

    Hi, i am suffering from back pain, my L5-S1 L4-L5 have disc bulges, please give me energy, i am suffering form lot of pain. thank you very much

  89. 89
    redd Says:

    blessings,positive energy,healing,and protective light towards everyone on this site…get ready to receive

  90. 90
    Tania Says:

    To all on this site, please open your hearts and your minds to receive the wave of positive healing energy which is now flowing throughout the Universe! Your requests, spoken and unspoken, have been heard, and your desires are being fulfilled. You are all being blessed as you are bathed in this wonderful light of healing energy which is enveloping you within and without. All negative vibrations are being dissipated for this positive vibration cannot survive in its presence. Accept that this is so, for you must believe if you are to receive! Peace~

  91. 91
    Jill Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Much love and light to everyone. Reiki prayers and blessings to all that may need it. I give thanks to everyone and everything. I blessed and fortunate to have and to be with life.

    Much love to all.

  92. 92
    Jessica Says:

    I am a Reiki Master..also have other abilities. Would love to help people put on this page. Anyone reading this is welcome to join my group page on gfacebook. It’s called spiritual beginnings group .. I am here to help with anything spiritual and do offer freebies on my group page ! I just opened the group page so bear with me while u get it up and going. If u have just started down ur spiritual path or have questions I an here to help my email address is on the group page as well feel free to email me! In love and much light-

  93. 93
    Barb Says:

    please pray for my mom (barb) she is suffering and in alot of pain, she needs a operation but the doctors are affraid her heart can’t take it, she has ulcers, and bad small intestents, she has went from 140 lbs to 80 lbs, she is very sick and weak, she keeps blacking out and has fell 3 times now hurting her self and brusing very badly, the doctors can’t help her (they say).
    please keep her in your healing prayers and thoughts.
    thanks so much scared daughter 🙁

  94. 94
    Stephanie Says:

    I am sending healing and prayer thoughts to all who need some positive distant energy coming to them.

  95. 95
    x Says:

    sending loads of healing energy to Barbs mother to ease her pain and sufferings. Fill her life with love, laughter and healing XXX

  96. 96
    x Says:

    Sending loads of healing engeries to everyone here and elsewhere for peace and speedy recovery from all pain and suffering. May your lives be filled with sunshine, freshair, sweet smell and melody. XXXX

  97. 97
    Matt G. Says:

    Hello all,

    I have 2 things to remark on. The first one is a great thanks to you all, and the second is a call for help, positive energy and prayer.

    First I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for my Mother last year. She had a breast removed due to cancer. I asked you all to pray for her, and the doctor’s said she healed so fast that they were amazed. She is doing very well now. I thank you all w/ all of my heart for helping her w/ your positive energy and prayers. God bless each and every one of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    Secondly, I am now asking for help. I have recently been in a very unexpected financial crisis. It has hit me out of the no where. A collection agency has locked my bank account for a debt from years ago. I thought it was paid off, but apparently it wasn’t. Now they are hounding me day and night, and my bank account is frozen. No use of checks or debit card, which makes paying bills very complicated, not to mention everyday life. And the IRS has now also gotten involved somehow, saying I owe back taxes (that I was unaware off). I feel like I am drowning. I am not asking for a million dollars, but the amount I need might as well be a million since I only work a part time job. I need around $5,000 to clear up just the immediate crisis, but to clear it all up completely, I need more like $25,000. That would have me completely debt free, and all personal loans would be able to be paid back also (I tried borrowing some money from friends and family, but it only seems to make the hole I’m in deeper. I hate to borrow money from anyone).

    So, I am asking for all of your prayers and positive energy so that I may receive immediate financial abundance and financial abundance through out the coming year. I want nothing more than to be debt free, and able to take care of myself, and also to be able to give to others to help them out in their time of need.

    I thank you all in advance for your prayers, positive energy, love and help.

    Thank you all so very very much. Love, peace and abundance to all.

    Matt G. Norfolk VA

  98. 98
    Michael Says:

    Hello everyone!

    Want to ask all those who can say a prayer for my friend Emily in Manila, Philippines. she is ill right now and could stand to get a energy boost from us all. Thank you!

  99. 99
    s Says:

    I am worthy of love. I send and receive love, abundance and healing energy from the universe. I share it with everyone.I am complete, peaceful and content. I forgive Thierry and release myself from all the pain and the misery.

  100. 100
    mihir Says:

    Anyone can send me a request for any physical,mental,emotional,life problems….i will be the channel to take you out of them…best wishes

  101. 101
    Anthony Says:

    I send out healing from my heart to all those in need of healing, I call on my angels and guides to send out this healing light to surround and embrace all those who feel they need comfort, support and to come into the light.

    Remember you are never alone and all the resources you need in life are within you. Once you activate this light, it will be the catalyst for a better life.

    Dare to dream as your thoughts become your reality.

    Eternal Light Love and blessings

  102. 102
    Evandro Woaty Says:


    I sending for all who need Explore yours Hidden Powers…Joy..Grace…Balance..Understanding….Connection…with extension for your Families…


  103. 103
    donna Says:

    Thank the universe and all of the healers who spend their life helping others. i ask anyone who can help me realize the gifts I have to bring joy and proserity to me and my family. I have somehow lost my way and am or living in poverty and I know I have the gifts and talents to provide for myself and my seven children, and 4 grandchildren. Please ask the universe the angels and my guides to send me the right information to bring me back to a place of being able to give from the abundance I receive. Blessings to all.

  104. 104
    dimitria tireli Says:


  105. 105
    Dreamcatcher86 Says:

    Could you please send prayers and postive energy so my aunt Deanna Milsap will be healed of breast cancer. She just had surgery and they will be doing Kemo therapy soon on her. 🙁

    Thank you and God bless!

  106. 106
    dimitria tireli Says:


  107. 107
    dimitria tireli Says:


  108. 108
    dimitria tireli Says:


  109. 109
    dimitria tireli Says:

    ich georgia partaki brauche hilfe da ich alles wie ein traum sehe ich mochte die realitet wieder finden und ein normales leben fuhren ohne depresion und panik attaken darum bitte ich um hielfe danke ….ME GEORGIA PARTAKI NEED HELP HELP HELP…BECAUSE I SEE MY LIFE LIKE A DREAM I NEED TO WAKE UP…AND LIVE THE REALYTY ..I FEEL LIKE HYPNOTIZE..OR LIKE SOMEBODY DONE BLACK MAGIK TO ME ..PLEASE ALL HEALERS AND LIGHT WORKERS AND ENERGY SENDERS ,,,SEND ME PLEASE HEALING…SO I CAN LIVE A NORMAL LIFE WITHOUT DEPPRESSION…DANKE…GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS…HELP

  110. 110
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i pray to all healers the worlt to heal IAN CARTER HE REALY HACE BROBLEMS ..HE IS 37 YEARS OLD AND WAS SEXUAL ABUSE WHEN HE WAS 8 YEARS OLD FROM HIS SCHOOLTEACHER ..NOW HE LIVE HIS LIFE DRINGING ONLY ALKOHOL ..NOT TO REMEMBER ..and he dont have any focusd in his life..he dont realy is responsible for nothing ..he dont have any money,he thing like sudisfied his life..he have a wife she is a normal person and a small child 6 years old..he dont have a work ..and is very deppressd ..IN THE NAME OF JESUS ..HELP IAN CARTER NOW

  111. 111
    Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund Says:

    I practice three kinds of energy modalities: Heart Wall Healings, Running the Bars (Access Consciousness related), and Matrix Energetics. You can see more about Running the Bars at: I also am a strong proponent of essential oils – to help people with depression, chronic pain, cancer, skin issues, and many other ailments. You may contact me through my website if you’re interested in learning more:

  112. 112
    Simona Says:

    Please, send healing energy to my husband: Dan-55 y.o., kidney-stones,allergy.THANK YOU !

  113. 113
    Sandra Says:

    Can someone send healing to my mom. She has lou gehrigs and I just wish there was a cure. She is only 72 and I don’t want to lose her. Thanks and prayers to everyone

  114. 114
    s Says:

    I have a lot of tensions, anger and hurt built up – it is sapping my energy and I need help to relieve this, forget and forgive all those who have hurt me and forgive myself for hurting others as well.
    please send me healing energy

  115. 115
    dimitra tireli Says:


  116. 116
    Marie Says:

    I am asking all healers, Jesus and the universe to help my son walk. He is two and the doctors have no answers. They say he could have cerbal palsy. Please release him from this…

  117. 117
    David James Says:



  118. 118
    ofelio Says:

    THanks Mihir. I really need that.

    Dreamcatcher86. Your Aunt Deanna Milsap will be cured. Please let her drink soursop juice three times a day. Soursop in the Philippines is Guyabano. The plant thrives well in Brazil. Boil also the leaves and bark of the plant. Like a tea, let your aunt drink a cup four times a day. The power of guyabano or soursop is 100,000 more potent than chemo therapy. Unlike chemo which destroys healthy cells guyabano hits cancer cells only. Pls. surf the internet for this miracle plant if you have doubts. I am sending my vital waves of energy to guide you and heal your aunt. Ddo it quick will you?

  119. 119
    ofelio Says:


    Stop that nonsense chemotherapy that slowly kills your aunt but continuously enriches owners of laboratories, pharmaceuticals and doctors. The miracle plant of God for us has been here on earth since the beginning. Hit the road! Look for a soursop fruit, leaves and bark. Do as you are told. Godspeed my friend.

  120. 120
    Gerhard van Rooyen Says:

    I AM holding all requests together with and including homes, residences, abodes, transport, conditions, doctors and hospitals together with all sustenance, medication as well as everyone anything and everything whatsoever with regards to all situations in Awareness.
    I AM holding and sending Infinite Love and Blessing to all situations, everyone and everything continuously.
    May the Blessings Be ~ Baraka Bashad!

  121. 121

    please send energy/positive to me that all lies that i have mental illness will be taken off my record and i will be set free from psychiatric pills, and healed mentally, emotionally, and physically

  122. 122
    ofelio Says:

    High fellow senders out there.i am in dire needfor vital energies to helpme settle my financial obligatiions this fridayand have enough capital for my livelihood projects and business. please! thanks.

  123. 123
    Matt G. Says:

    Hello to all. My name is Matt G, and I live in Norfolk VA. I am requesting prayers from everyone who reads this. I was laid off last month from a part-time job. I was only getting by day-to-day. Since then I have been job searching daily, and selling of my belongings to raise money for rent and bills. I ask and beg all of you who read this to please pray that I get a large financial windfall, and a new, very good job as soon as possible. I am at the point where I will be evicted very soon, and on the streets. I beg anyone who reads this to pray for prosperity and financial abundance to come to me in large sums everyday in a positive way. I beg you. All my prayers and positive energy go out to all of you in need. Peace, love and prosperity to all. I love you all, and I thank you all. May God bless each and everyone of you on a daily basis. Thank you so very much.

    Matt G

  124. 124
    Eureka Morrison Says:

    As an ‘energy healer’ I practise both one-on-one and distant healing, combining different modalities. Before any healing session I ground myself, with intent. The grounding procedure is that of hara line alignment with the fingertips of both hands firmly pressed into the spot directly in lign with the tan t’ien – one’s centre of intent. The hara line must run unbroken from the top of one’s head down through the centre of the body, exiting through the first chakra and entering the earth – going deep into its core. When the tan t’ien becomes very hot – keeping the intention of gratitude to being able to be of service I then put whomever needs healing up on a white screen. If the visual is difficult (for whatever reason) I can still energetically feel the person or animal or even a plant – if that is where the healing is required. I expand my core star light out from all my body cells, out into the room, into the house, into the street, out into the town I live in, out, out, out until it reaches and connects with the person/animal/plant requiring help/healing. At this point I receive information about the physical and mental state of the ‘patient’. I will thereafter either do proxy EFT tapping on the ‘patient’ or work directly with the patient’s energy system, either addressing emotional hurts and/or beaming healing light to the patient. If an organ needs healing I work directly with that organ. As an empath (since childhood) healing is my calling, my purpose for being. My advice to everyone is this: what you think about you attract. Watch where your thoughts are going – because that is where your energy is also going. If your thoughts are concentrated upon ‘lack of’ then you will attract more of the same. Depression is the hardest to turn around – because before you know it, your thoughts and body chemistry has taken you into darkness. Here is a trick I teach all my clients. Put a fat rubber band around one wrist – loosely not tight. Each time you have a negative thought, twang the rubber band. It is audio, tactile and visual. Then replace that negative thought with: ‘All my needs are met’. Look at my website and learn the basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Anyone can learn the basics and get some relief. God bless all who are in need and on behalf of all of you I now send a positive affirmation on behalf of all of you out to the universe: ‘ALL MY NEEDS ARE MET’. Holding you all in love and light.

  125. 125
    Lisa Says:

    Help my husband of 12 years is sick he has been sick for months started with pancreatitis, they remove his gallbladder. He is still very sick has lost 100 lbs in 2 months can’t keep much down. He is getting weaker by the day. The surgeon has said he is clearing up in pancreas but are waiting for a pseudo-cyst to mature. He has labored breathing when trying to walk to bathroom 2 feet away I ‘m not sure he will make it if this continues. He is not a smoker or drinker which could bring this on he is only 49 years old positive energy would be gladly accepted and returned thank you for reading blessed be ! His name is George 1/30/63

  126. 126
    Bill in FL Says:

    Please send your positive blessings and healing energies to my beloved sister,Johanna Malki,as she undergoes surgery for ovarian cancer tomorrow. One World – One Breath! Namaste.

  127. 127
    tya Says:

    Hi, I’m looking for some positives vibrations and thoughts from anyone genuine and good hearted, to all healers reading me please I need your help, please send me some good energy to get through difficult times at this moment, I will be very grateful, thank you and may God bless all of us.

  128. 128
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ Everybody all blessings of light and eternal love will be sent to each of you. But easiest way we can channel healing to each other is if we be more loving to one another because by doing that it simple way to help one another. Also just keep praying because one person can’t send energy but everybody united as one can send a powerful source. I send u powerful energy always and forever. If you seek more positive healing check out or We want healing? unite as one and share the love then there is your healing by connecting to each other. thanks everybody i love u all aloha

  129. 129
    employee Says:

    Dear Universe

    Please send me positive energy to heal the broken relationship with my boss.
    Please protect and prevent us from harming each other.
    Please help. I am really very scared. I would like to leave on cordial terms and please help to have a good and fulfilling last meeting on monday.
    I don’t want to burn bridges and damage each other beyond repair.Please give us both wisdom and discernment to respect each other and behave humanely.
    I call upon the forces of the universe to please help me and us .
    Please please please help. This is for the firs time I am praying to avoid conflict. Please please please please please help
    This is the season for love, care , giving …I want to be positive be positive be positive….let there be peace

  130. 130
    Monlion Says:

    Could you please send prayers and healing to my daughter Daniela and her boyfriend Daniel Eduardo. They are passing through a rough time in their relationship and they have a beautiful daughter to take care of. Also, send light and good energy to my husband Edgar, so his project is solved this week.

    Thanks a lot.

  131. 131
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Sending love and blessings of purity towards any and everybody needed it. All prayers and wishes of light and goodness consider it granted. Open heart towards belief as anything is possible. Open your eyes and heart to believe as magic lies within to change the world. I love you all forever more as the magic is forever when you share the love. Love is one thing that needs no cure

  132. 132
    John Says:

    Please send me positive vibes and healing light to reverse my lung cancer I have refused surgery and the poison of chemotherapy that only causes suffering and supports corrupt drug companies. I wish to heal naturally as God intended.
    Bless you all

  133. 133
    sushma Says:

    hello all , i am a reiki practitioner i live in india , i am sending positive enry to the universe so that all might heal through it

  134. 134
    Nancy Charade Says:

    I am an up and coming healer I would say. I have received level 3 reiki about 2 years ago but only practice on me and my family. I took the Access Consciousness, rising star, shamanic munay-ki rites classes and have become certified practitioner but I don’t practice yet. Recently I started another modality called The Emotion Code where I look into the subconscious mind of another person and find trapped emotions to be released thru the use of a magnet that i wear everyday now. This modality has opened me up energetically a whole lot. I am not feeling other people’s energies very strong but it has left me to be a big sponge. I try to shield myself as much as I can to feel I can wonder around crowds but i feel I pick up other people’s trapped emotions that I have to remove on a daily basis so this energy work feels very much like a curse. I want to strenghten my energy field or remove my belief that I pick up everything. I want to feel at peace to be around people that may have had a heavy past but are nice and not pick up their energetic baggage. I want to not have heavy entities attached to my aura or energy. Someone in Germany said I had to negative entities that were around me and he told them to leave. I was picking up my nanny’s negative emotions though she was wonderful and had to tell her to leave my house because I was such a sponge to her heavy energy. How can I do energy work without being worried that what I am healing, I don’t take on? Please help me. I also have 2 young boys and I muscle test them too and find they also pick up on me who have picked up from the stranger or a friend who is going thru a tough time so is that how energy work? How can we remain clear and still help people???? HELP!!!!

  135. 135
    shamara mozee Says:

    Hi I am here because I want my husband to be free of adultery I want him back here with me and our children I want for him to realize n apologize for the pain he put our family through too I also want for God to touch n come into our hearts so we can get on the right path of our marriage and for all negativies to be banished ive been praying and pray and I will continue praying I cry n cry all the time our kids n I really need him back

  136. 136
    taleea gibson Says:

    Please please im callin all prayin hands hearts an spirits please help me I have a scare on my neck from hell its killin me I cant sleep eat or think straight its sendin me into a mental rage.please send me tonite positive positive positive energy I been dealing wit this for 13years.ive had 7 surgerys on my neck I need all healers to help help help…..

  137. 137
    Elegun Adahosu Atlanta G.A. Says:

    sushma thank you for your positive power I am an african american who is a spiritualist who heals and helps others with spirit guides and the Orishia Gods of my Ancestors from west Africa. and all Gods of light and Goodness. last night while praying and seeking help for a client. I was outside of my dwelling as I am always I was attacked by a man who lives upstairs.Someone that I dont even know only seeing him in passing. Oddly as it was and still is to me I didnt raise my hand aganist him and I was not hurt too badly. Although the police came and he ran away. Now the Spirit of Anger has come over me and I am so glad that your message was the first thing I read. Thank you my friend thank you Namasdi may we all find Peace the Peace of the One. I send you peace and love thank you. My Beloved for a while I have been feeling that the more I help others the more things go wrong but I cant stop and now I know. that I am because you are I cant thank you enough.You have shown me that I must keep going thank you so much my friend Oh great sage thank you.

  138. 138
    redd Says:

    i need healing emotionally and physically.i heart is troubled everyday,and my hearing in my right ear is blocked.also if someone could pray and send positive energy for my skin to be restored to its flawless complexion.also i would like to attract beautiful girlfriends,and wealth n good seems as though something or someone very negative has sent sent some bad energy my way.please help to remove the negative force away me.god bless each and everyone of you

  139. 139
    Elegun Adahosu Atlanta G.A Says:

    Nancy Charade I came to this site this morning on behalf of my Orishia God mother who is ill and in what seems to be the last of her earthly life. But I need to give you hope and love. We as healers seers and hope givers most times have the hardest road to walk I will be fifty one next month and I started reading and helping others at the age of sixteen and let me tell you this is just the start of you road and if you are working from your heart I want you to take a moment and be still. I had to learn We must be like the heart yes the heart that beats and pumps blood every second we live and never once asking for anything in return give freely of you gift and bring joy and hope to others who can not help themselves and most times the more you help the worst things become. The Youruba of West Africa say that We took a vow when We left Heaven to forget where we came from so that We would not be confussed when we got here. We are the Shinning One who came to help and heal the World. Hear me my Sister be like the heart that keep beatiing no matter what the body does we are the Heart of the Spirit and We must Shine even when it rains and we can see our way.I send you all my light love and hope that you want give up and if you are who I know you are your heart will beat not only for yourself but for every soul you come into contact with we are not alone be a sponge and soak up the all the hurt and pain that life gives and ring out joy hope healing and love for those who have none to give.You are God the Shinning One. I am because You Are.

  140. 140
    Elegun Adahosu Atlanta G.A Says:

    Please send out healing power to my God Mother Egunliti Mavis Thomas one whom I love so much but in my love if It is time to go back to the love that we came from may our Ancestors be waiting to take you home and may you sit at the feet of God. I send you all that I have to give and I ask that my spiritual friends stand with me and shine the light of health and love around you. All my love with tears I write be strong and know that I love you with all my heart with all my Heart. My friend my friend My love. All my love,…..

  141. 141
    ofelio capuchino Says:

    I am sending positive and healing energy with prayer that it will be absorbed by anyone in dire need of healing. In Jesus’ name, be healed.

  142. 142
    rosa Says:

    Hi i will highly appreciate if you send healing energy to my dog Moty.I also need healing to stop smoking.after my husband left me been struggling economi try to make ends meet but sometimes is very hard.please let the flow of money come fo pay debt and help my i

  143. 143
    love all Says:

    I sincerely call upon the universe to shower grace on all of us here and elsewhere and heal all our ailing relationships of marriage, friendship,unrequited love and animosity.

    I send lots of love, laughter, light peace, blessings, kisses and huggs to my love Henrique who I am sure will awaken to my love soon. Muaahhhh 🙂 XOXOXOXO

    I thank the universe generously for having Henrique in my life and trust that our relationship will be restored and we will start communicating with each other with love, forgiveness and compassion again.

  144. 144
    riad Says:

    Hi all
    I need healing in all fields at all levels

    Don’t know how to explain
    or describe

    Too puzzled….confused



  145. 145
    John Says:

    I and my wife, need help… thanks for the shower of graces coming to us within the next few days…

  146. 146
    Riad Says:


    need some strong energies for prosperity and financial gain when all doors seem to be closed and the only way out is financial freedom and solvency
    u seem to be sinking and need a quick rescue through money


  147. 147
    sushma Says:

    i need healings and blessings for my job interview on wednesday plz heal thank u

  148. 148
    elegun Says:

    sending positive enegry and healing to all those who need help and healing

  149. 149
    michelle marie triska Says:

    please send positive energy and prayers for healing of a hernia, and gi problems.

  150. 150
    Giannita Says:

    Thanks Jen for sharing this. As you know, I am srigugltng a little as to what I am suppose to be doing in this phase of my journey. Sometimes I feel as if I am being pulled into so many directions and then the confusion sets in and then when I think I actually hear what my Soul might be saying to me, self-doubt starts setting in and the entire process starts all over again. I have to remember what MY passion is and not be influenced by others. Love Love

  151. 151
    John Says:

    Hello, need healing energy for my son Robert, and for myself. Thank you.

  152. 152
    Robert Says:

    You’ve got it in one. Co’nuldt have put it better.

  153. 153
    Sumadi Says:

    Without doubt, Apple’s application store wins uitnizilg a mile. It’s many hundreds all kinds of apps vs a fairly sad range of a smattering for Zune. Ms has designs, especially with the realm in games, but I’m unsure I’d like to bet in the future in cases where this aspect is extremely important to one. The apple ipod is a greater choice it’s likely that.

  154. 154
    SaMet Says:

    Sarah I hear ya sister!! Dropping the armor and digigng deep is scary. Figuring out you feel the way you do is scary. Facing it all head on is scary. But the reward of knowing that you are who you need to be is liberating and beyond fulfilling!!

  155. 155
    michelle Triska Says:

    Lots of healing energy needed for michelle marie Triska parma, ohio usa for healing of chronic pancreatitis pancreatic enzyme insufficiency stress anxiety safety from psychiatry, love luck protection money disease gas free body send love light prayer blessings and heal ins energy everyday

  156. 156
    asmita Says:

    I wanna loose my weight upto 13 kgs in may n June 2015…i wanna slim down as i was in 2011 …plz give me positive healings for this to achieve my goal successfully…i m also giving positive energy to all in dis u all…

  157. 157
    Todd Says:

    Todd helps you discover and heal your connection with your higher source so you can tangibly experience more of yourself and create your happy and healthy lifestyle.

  158. 158
    Ana Says:

    I would kindly like to ask for positive and healing energy to my broken heart. I’ve been dealing with unexpected break-ups and loss. When things seem to start getting more serious and official, it seems like there’s a sudden shift and they walk away. I don’t understand what’s causing these blocks and cuts in my life, but I need this to stop… I’m suffering deeply. Every time I open my heart to someone new, someone that seems to be worthy of my time and attention and that seems to have mutual feelings, after 4-6 months of being together they change their minds and decide it’s best to be just friends. Even though the day before we were “living the dream”. I need help and positive energy to fix this… whatever’s blocking my life and preventing me from finding love. Please send positive, healing vibrations and love to me and my partner who broke up very, very recently. May we be able to mend things if they can and are worth being mended, or may I find it in my heart the courage and strength to move on without pain or bitterness and find the right partner for me soon. Thank you all for sending love, may it come back to you in abundance. So mote it be.

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