Miscellaneous Energy Sending

If you want positive energy sent to you for whatever reason and it doesn’t seem to fit into one of our other categories please make your request here.  And, after doing so please take a couple of minutes to send positive vibrations to others that have posted their requests here.

thank you!

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  1. 51
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Please pray my kidneys heal and I get off dialysis with me and for me. Help me maintain a good diet. Send me all you got in positive energy.

  2. 52
    carol Says:

    I am asking for spiritual energy to heal my skin, my finances and above all a legal situation that got me over the edge emotionally…..i live in maimi florida area.

    thnk u…

  3. 53
    janka Says:

    I ‘m asking for emotional support and help.After years of psychological abuse I desided yesterday to end my relationship and continue my life on my own,with my daughter and stepdaughter. Life was just a missery,working hard,comming home to stressfull place.I need strenght to go trought this and I do believe I will be fine.Unexpected finnancial help will be helpfull

    Thank you jana

  4. 54
    Barbee Says:

    May all of you be blessed with all that is needed or wanted.
    My request is for my 37 year old daughter who battling melanoma. Thank you for all your healing energies.

  5. 55
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I am currently on kidney dialysis. It is difficult to endure. At the same time I have come down with a skin infection on the bottom of my left foot. It is very painful. I would love it if someone can send me healing energy to heal this infection for me. In addtition to that I am interviewing for a very promising position next week. Please wish me luck and send some positive energy my way.

    I always send energy and prayer to everyone on the list when I look at the site. It is so blessed to give and receive. Cheers to everyone! Pamela

  6. 56
    Sandy Says:

    I am sending out positive energy to all the need it….
    flowing outward into all dimensions

  7. 57
    Julia Smith Says:

    I am in financial difficulties and hardships. I have no savings and no job. My health is poor. I have growths and cancer which is inoperatable. I am going through a divorce and my spouse refuses to fund me any monies. He had physically and verbally abused me. I am living in Singapore. My sister and her 2 children are dependent on me to provide and support them. We have pets and don’t wish to abandon them. We don’t have a home of our home and we cannot lease one. My dream and wish is to be able to migrate to the USA, be able to purchase a small home for us all. I am seeking for a Permanent Resident or Green Card and my ex spouse to be refuses to sponser me as he is an American. My only option is playing lottery tickets and hoping I can be lucky enough to WIN BIG. This way I would be able to take care of my family, my pets and migrate to the States, buy a home and have a decent and peaceful life. I may not have long to life, but my last wish is to make United States as my home. My responsibility is to see that my family is provided for as they too have no savings and no one to care for them. Our pets are included in our plans as well. I appreciate any help to remove my financial hardships and be fortunate to gain some wealth. We need to move back to the States immediately as my sister and her kids are Permanent Resident of the US.As I see it, if I am fortunate enough to have our financial difficulties removed and be replenished with enough of funds to move to the States, purchase a home have left over for savings, I may be able to be granted for a Green Card showing the US Government that I can be able to care for myself, my family and not be a hindrance. I am going to depression, unable to sleep and my health is going down. Time is running out for us all and we need to move back to the States as soon as possible without any obsticles and delays.

  8. 58
    Joseph George Says:

    Hello Friend,

    I request you send positive energy to over come my difficulties I am having in my family, business and improve my financial state.

    I thank you Thank you

    Joseph George

  9. 59
    Selina Says:

    I live in Dallas. I want to be submissive to God as soon as possible. In some situations I become arrogant and my ego blocks me to become submissive to God. Please prey for me so that my inner strength becomes stronger day by day.

  10. 60
    Selina,., Says:

    I live in Dallas. i WANT TO DO MEDITATION everyay by myself.

  11. 61
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I pray people read what I write, my poetry and thoughts on this site. Does anyone read it? I am getting negative because others do not let me help them. Help me to help me reach out and heal you. That is what this site is all about. Go back and look at what I have written and then tell me “Oh poor me”. I shall try again.

    They would throw away all they own,
    if just someone could proclaim to see.
    So they act as if all is well,
    shout out, “I am the one”
    and “follow me to the sea”.
    One day all will realize
    it is theirself they chase to know.
    No one can be your savior
    as long as you seek to have one.
    The master is in understanding
    you are all there is.

  12. 62
    Selina Says:

    I live in Dallas.Please pray for me so that I can be in meditative state always.I am praying that all of u get what u want.

  13. 63
    Sandy Says:

    Sending loving healing energy to all…:)

    love your poems Pamela Murawski.


  14. 64
    Selina Says:

    I pray for all of the desires of you should be fulfilled. I want that I can visualize all the time and be good with my daughter and son.

  15. 65
    frank Says:

    i lost my wife three years ago and i would like to find a soulmate please pray that i find one thank you.

  16. 66
    ams-deen Says:

    i am requesting positive energy to find asum of us$10,000 to start a new business and to help the poors in my city

  17. 67
    Selina Says:

    I am suffering from hemmoroid for several days and my son also has some illness. Please pray that all of our sickness go away

  18. 68
    Todd Says:

    Dear People,
    My life is in ruins and I need help. I need finances and I need support that my dreams, financial freedom, and healing will come. I am 56 years old now and I have no life. It is a tragic thing, but much of it is not my fault. I am down and I haven’t been the same person in years. There is a chance I can make it, but with no friends and family the odds are against me. If I only had the money. I know what I would do with it and nothing illegal.
    Being a lover of nature and growing up in it and being in cities (actually trapped) for years, I have had to be another person and live another way to survive and I mean literally. The world is cruel, and I know that out in the mountains and rivers, etc. there is peace and therapy. But, how do I do that being alone and in debt and no money? Please help!
    Thank you.

  19. 69
    Patrick Demerick Capers Says:

    I need healing energy for my health(diabetes and it’s effects on my body), my finances, and a more fullfilling love life

  20. 70
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    The interenet is a computer based program that is being watched by the goverment. Do you want to lift the veil of illusion? God wants you to and the more you expand your mind and believe in a better world, the new world, you will heal your wounds. Wake up and smell the roses and create with your mind what you want to experience and see. I am praying for everyone on this site to question the world around them. I have healed everyone. Now it is up to you to contact me and let me lead us to another place where we can make a difference and create real laws we really vote on, not fake pretend ones that holograms deceive us with. I am the next superstar and have no ego and have overcome pain and illusion. Write me if you want healing at pammur@team-x-bots.com

  21. 71
    JJ Says:

    Please send healing energy to daughter R. fto face truth and give to her son her first attention, love, and caring now and she realize this
    she overcome her fear of not being loved, and open to self love, and I let got and allow the healing to take place in her ..I let go of fear and worry

  22. 72
    Paul McCabe Says:

    Please pray for me I am in need of abundance prayers as i am in a bind please help i am chronically ill

  23. 73
    gloria Says:

    I am in deep need of a job financial help. I also would love a man in my life to be there for me to love and love him back! Thank you.

  24. 74
    ben g Says:

    I ask for healing love and light to my mom in her time of need, I ask all those that are feeling pain, fear, or confusion right now to be set free and filled with a joy and strength that lifts everyone so high that it heals at the deepest level.

    I ask for the success and abundance of life to be reflected in my relationships with myself, my family, and the band…(if anyone here enjoys intense music check it out http://www.myspace.com/calevodium :]), I ask that everyone who is seeking the light of inspiration to ignite their creativity and bring their dreams into reality to be fulfilled with the totality of their being so that they are driven to express this beauty and mastery in every thought, choice, and action.

    let us dream like children and live like masters.

    thank you!

  25. 75
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Many people get depressed over their life in these current times. Feeling hopeless for not having acheived their dreams, stuck in no end job, worried how to meet their bills when the standard of living is at a level of absolute humour for us as people to accept it. The range they have calculated is ridiculous and not a decent way of living for any human being. Most people are unappy and it effects their relationships and causes undo violence. This is because the rich are way richer than the middle class which is disappearing. They have totalling taken over and our suppressing the general population with subliminal advertising and media and laws that were never even voted on.

    It is time for us all to see a new world emerging and what it will take is a willingness to change and not play scripts anymore like a child. Believe you can be anyone you want and believe you can be a self leader. Love everyone with all your heart and if someone takes your left arm hand them your right. Help the homeless, the old lady, the disabled person. Do not let anyone treat you like scum or tell you that you are not capable of being President if you so choose. Keep good honest morals, do not kill man nor animal. Be truthful in how you speak and wear no masks. Let valor be your guide and always talk to God. He wants us to stop all the fighting. He wants us to be just be happy and kind. If you do unto others as you would have them do onto you just think what a better world this would be. Do not believe in pain or disease. It is just a belief our parents taught us and their parents taught them. It all stems from fear of hell which does not exist. Hell is how you perceive life. We are all co-creators with God now. Create in your mind and thoughts and kingdom of heaven on earth. This is not the end times it is the beginning of the New world where prosperity and good fortune well be for the multitude.

  26. 76
    Elif Says:

    I have suffered from PTSD, major depression and crippling anxiety feeling extremely abandoned. I would appreciate greatly positive energy sent my way. The fear is at its peak as I cant keep jobs – despite a bright education- and relationships.

    I have finally taken full responsibility for my wellbeing and am doing things that are beneficial for it. Like proper diet, exercise, meditation, carka healing with reiki, affirmations, lots and lots of forgiveness.

    Thanks in advance

  27. 77
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Okay everyone it is obvious all you want to do is complain about yourself and your problems. I have offered my help and no one ever gets ahold of me. Why is that? I heal all of you over and over but cannot do as good a job as I would if you reached me by my email. Or you could go to my website and order a healing. That is if you are really serious about wanting healing or just like to see yourself in writing.

  28. 78
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    As the veil crumbles,
    My true self emerges,
    With everyone else changing,
    The true picture appears,
    All fake images fade,
    Pretenders of greatness dissolve,
    Spirits fly in to watch,
    Ghosts look for cover,
    Pods awaken from their sleep,
    All scripts are thrown asunder,
    Sorry folks but you need to think,
    Yes, actually use your own minds.
    Has it gone on long enough
    They all said they were in charge?
    Who are they?
    I will tell you, they are a control program,
    Called, “A very old belief system to control mass hysteria”
    Another name for it is FEAR
    Over what? To fool everyone who has a brain!
    Do you? I know I do!
    I am not worried a bit!


  29. 79
    Sean Says:

    I send a wave of powerful energy into the universe, it will permeate the fabric of all of the wishes for help, it will attract energy from other healers at the same time, multiplying it’s healing affects.We are all of the same energy, we are eternal and omnipotent in every way. The universe does not know good and evil, these are human perspectives that are chosen by you. Be a universal observer, observe all that you see, hear, and feel without labeling it. Send pure love energy into the universe every time you think of it. Your life will be healed along with all the others you are helping. You are meant to experience life through all perspectives, do not form opinions about them just experience them for what they are. Remember there is no good and no evil. There is only universal energy, Love. I love and pray for you all.

  30. 80
    shirley Says:

    hello fellow sufferers, i am in a terrible terrible fix..i need the energy for a clear minded solution to my troubles, also the energy to act out the solution, as i get very very tired.
    I am a loner, but realise now i cannot do this alone…i need your energies.
    thankyou from the heart.
    I also send you my special energies and big big hugs to you all that i have read…and that you all find solutions and energy to take action

  31. 81
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I need help with my marriage. My husband is being emotionally abusive to me and financially. I am on kidney dialysis, three days a week for three hours. That causes me great stress. Even though, he has let his sister and her son live with us against my wishes. He has given her a key to a bedroom she is staying in and not a key I have ever had. He is paying her electric bill, garbage, gas, water and she gives us $400.00 a month when our house payment is $1800.00 a month and we just filed a Chapter#13 bankruptcy. I told him it is too much stress having people in our house right now. He said he will do what he wants. He says he pays the house payment not me. I am going to be working this week hopefully. The problem is I do not believe he has ever committed to me. I thought when you were married it was an equal partnership and we paid the house payment together. I told him I needed to go to the dentist because my bridges fell out. I imagine from the stress he is inducing on me. He said that he needs dental work too and has none for me. I have to have teeth to eat on kidney dialysis. He has no uncomditional love for me. I gave him an untimatium between me and his sister. It is not that I do not like or love her, it is just that I want no one living with us. Especially since he changes when she is around him. He treats me like garbage without any known control. I do not remmber a time he stood up for me in response to other women or treated me like a significant other. We have been married twenty years. Please pray for me to come up with the $2000.00 dollars I need for dental work. We has that amount but he without my permission made a shed to store his robots in it. He also is fixing up a room in our house that needeed repair but it was for his nephew to have privacy to masterbate in if you can believe it? I need protection and support from someone. I pray to God to help me!

  32. 82
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I write to everyone,
    to not be answered back.
    The Govenor, the Attorney General,
    Dr. Phil, Extreme Makeover,
    VitalWaves.com, Marty Lefkoe,
    Ask.Liz, you name it,
    you claim it.
    All I receive back
    is spam letters.
    Who is real,
    please stand up.
    Everyone has a script,
    they go by
    and anything beyond that
    is a sham.
    I cannot not think out of the box
    any longer, I see the white on black.
    I want a big peice of the pie
    in the dark lit sky.

    by Pamela Murawski

  33. 83
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    How does someone break through?
    Into the land of the famous?
    Everything seems so unreal,
    pretend as if we are chilren,
    playing a game, to be a hero.
    Only certain people are real.
    No matter how hard I try,
    to reach out to you.
    I have advice just as special
    as like say Ellen and Dr. Phil.
    My true self is someone like
    Celine Dion in the spiritual world.
    I am tired of being me
    and not listened to.
    People say think of others
    not yourself,
    How many of the well known
    do not think of theirself?
    It is a sham they think of others,
    sure who wouldn’t with millions?
    Who has ever written me back?
    No one that is who!

    by Pamela Murawski

  34. 84
    Barbara PK Says:

    Pamela M.
    I send you peace , courage, knowledge , LOVE, for you truly need to heal your self. All who are hurting, feeling down, frustrated, May our Lord and all who are in the universe lift you out of the valley and put you high upon the mountain. May you be covered in peace . Find the knowledge you seek. I am gratfull for all that I have and will have.

  35. 85
    Marsha Says:

    First, lots of Love and Light and Happiness and Wealth and Fulfillment and Healing to you Vibers. May you be blessed immensely today and each day. May your heart be surrounded with its desires.

    I am asking for some super positive energy to be sent my way for a very important interview I have on Friday. Please remember me. Remember my children. Send some for the interviewer too, please. 🙂 Thank you.

    Be Blessed.

  36. 86
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I have received one hundred per cent light,
    my spirit is shining oh so vividly bright.

    I waited patiently with courage and faith,
    knowing all along truth would perservere.

    Belieiving in God and all his glory,
    never thinking he would fail me.

    Now my life is beautiful and rich,
    with great things occuring daily.

    Yes, I do believe I am reaching the other side,
    where the milk and honey spreads across the sky.

    God is blessing me to co-create my world,
    all along he has been at my side.

    How could anyone be so lucky?
    By crossing the roads of Killamanjara.

    Now I have my higher self is with me,
    I am the Queen of the highest castle ever built.

    All people across the ocean blue,
    shall know who I am and love me too!

    By Pamela Murawski

  37. 87
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I am the Angel Urieil for real and know after many long hours of research this to be true. I am an Ancient soul. I am eternal too!

    I work for Father God.

    Does anyone need any help? I do charge but not a lot. Email me with what is the problem and I will power think a plan of action. Otherwise, do not email me and we shall go our merry ways.

  38. 88
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I have had high blood pressure since a heart attack in August 2006 and in 2008 was put on dialysis for kidney faiilure. I now realize it was the product Hydroxycut that did it to me. For the last month my blood pressure has been sky high and they say it is because my kidneys have shut down. I refuse to believe it is over for me. I need a kidney transplant but the doctors tell me and judge me that manic depression I have had a history of is too risky with the steroids they give you when you are in the hospital. That is unfair and discriminatory towards me as a person. I am stable enough to handle the transplant. I need everyones help in overcoming this situation. Please agree with me and Jesus that I am healthy, happy and blessed and that my kidneys are healed and so is my high blood pressure. I only need three people to agree with me.

  39. 89
    Michele Says:

    The key to health is perceiving who you really are! God has no lack, no pain, no illness. In nature there is only abundance, prosperity! You are perceiving self and others through a glass darkly! Seek to perceive self through the crystal clear lens of divinity.

    Who are you? You are God manifest. Look in the mirror and you will see the ever elusive God you search for.

    Know thyself!

  40. 90
    czarina Says:


    Being able to give and help someone in need then seeing the look of appreciation in their eyes.

    Being given recognition with financial awards and bonuses.

    Holding the hand of your partner as you stand back to look at your new house after putting the final piece of furniture in place.

    Laughing with family and friends as you celebrate the first get-together in the dining room.

    Waking up with the smile of the person you loving and sleeping in the his/her arms you every single day.

    Holding your newborn baby for the very first time.


    Happy that you were able to do good.

    Feel the pride of being able to say ” i did it on my own”

    Feel the excitement as you rush to make-love in every part of the new house.

    Feel the contentment of having everything you need, want and more.

    Feel overwhelmed by the miracle of life.

    Be in awe as a flood of emotions rush through you. You feel blessed with good fortune, inspired by the beauty the of nature, excited by the prospects of new beginnings, burning with passion and romance, and happy with yourself and your life.

    You see your dreams, its like a movie that’s about to start. Everything you want is flashing in front of you.

    You feel alive. Your life has a meaning. You know it. You see it. You feel it. Its all coming into place. You know its about to happen. Feel that energy. Feel it wrapping you. Feel it wrapping everything around you and spreading. You are radiating that energy. You send a wave of love and happiness to me. You are feeling so good and very blessed. You want to share some more. You have so much to give. You are sending rays of love and happiness to everyone who needs it.

  41. 91
    Henrik Says:

    Great people here!I have the great Privilege to invite You into a great Experience.Your mission is to send “Images” and “Energia” to me Henrik Bolander,a very human nordic.”Images” must reflect positive outcomes,Light and Love and money (loads of them!).”Energia” is conceived as a stable Golden light breaking everything which is murky,swamped,rusty,dark and paralyzing.Yes it is the Light of Life itself which You NOW and for 3 minutes must send to me everyday at GMT + 1 at 07.15 am,12.00 am and 21 pm.When You succsesfully have completed this you click my name and report that You have done that.Then I am very honored to perform the same sending to You at the same timeintervalls and with the same intentions.I will report back to everyone of the participants each Sunday at 12 am GMT +1.God bless you all!

  42. 92
    Lisa M Says:

    I send out loving and healing energy to everyone reading this message. May you attract comfort and good health and abundance into your life. And please pray in turn for me to find a way to pay off my debts and live a happier, more calm life. Love and good wishes to everyone!

  43. 93
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    As we get together,
    The reader and me the writer,
    Vital communication is occurring.

    Our words seam the tear
    In a dysfunctional society,
    We are succeeding in overcoming.

    I reach out to you,
    In some ways,
    Hoping you will help me stand in the light.

    I have never met you personally,
    Yet the intimate feeling,
    Do exist between us in the consciousness.

    One goal in particular,
    I would like us to partake,
    Is to stop war in our minds.

    Unity and friendship,
    The trails and tribulations,
    Let love be our final guide.

    Our civilization will not prosper,
    If we do not fully interconnect,
    Stamp out fear, let us be the first to say no.

    If but one of us, could realize,
    We are not separate from God,
    No one is alone on an island.

    War amongst our people,
    Cannot breath the deadly aroma,
    Earth feels in the pain of our hearts.

    We all have a choice,
    to vote for peace,
    Understanding is the first ticket home.

    Our world wants to halt oppression,
    Immaturity is breading men with toys,
    That can ultimately kill of human beings.

    Do we care about each other or not?
    Not a one of us is holding a gun to obliterate.
    See in your minds eye while creating heaven on earth.

    Wish for compassion to intercede,
    That says I come in peace,
    Hold hands in our spirits.

    History is being brought forward, now in solidarity,
    Refuse to believe in war of any kind,
    Doomsday, is a universal creation, we are in control.

    The universe loudly awaits our decision,
    Within our choice lies the answer,
    To be the first world who does not hate.

    Time is not on our side,
    This problem has been man made,
    We must co-create with God, to save the human race.

    By Pamela Murawski

    p.s Pray with me my writing will catch on like wild fire, buy my book “Yesterday’s News” at http://www.pamelamurawski.com and pray with me I receive healing physically to shut down the need for kidney dialysis so I can make a difference in this world and stop war to save our planet.

  44. 94
    henrik Says:

    Can you all send energy of light and wealth to me?I am very sad today.No money and no work.Everybody thinks I am to old.No light anywhere,only scorn,discontempt,poverty and darkness.

  45. 95
    henrik Says:

    I have read most of the posts.Every night GMT+1 1 am I will send energia to you all.Todds post was very touching.Things are especially tricky when you are
    old without family,friends.hope and money.But only debt and hopelessness.Remember tough that we live like ants in Flatland 3D trapped usually in fear or artificial “joy”.Will work especially with Todd as much as I can.

  46. 96
    Elaine D. Says:

    I have been struggling a bit with school and I hope that everyone here can send me some positive and vibrant energy to boost my confidence and help provide for me the faith of knowing that I can achieve my goal for being academically superb.

    Thank you guys so much for helping me try to achieve my goals in the future. I will definitely become someone great and help the world in some way.

    please send me energy to help strengthen my faith in reaching my goals! Hoping for overall health is a definite plus too.

    you guys are great and I will pray for you all. good luck in whatever you do.

  47. 97
    alex Says:

    Everybody can heal and transmitt energy.The only thing needed is that you calm your senses,practise a bit.And is sparse with food and drink a lot of water.

  48. 98
    Joe Says:

    I would like to have some positive energy sent to me so i can be confident and happy throughout my day and I would love to really find a meaning to life that i can believe in, maybe there is a god maybe not i must know, and i need help getting there.

  49. 99
    Joe R Says:

    Hello friends,
    I am seeking a job in my new field!I spent the last year in radiology technologist school and graduated..It has been since April 28th i completed school.I am coming up on 4 months and havent gotten even an interview.I am fortunate i am on unemployment but i really want to work. I am diabetic as well but that is under control…Yes,,right now all i need is a fulltime job in my field and i will be joyful!!!! Please help with your thoughts to help me make this manifest soon!!

    Warmest Regards

  50. 100
    Janeen Says:

    I need be positive so i can give positive back. i need to stay healthy. i need to stop being anxious and be more humourus. I will never be alone. thank you so much for your kind and energising energies. blessings back.

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