Miscellaneous Energy Sending

If you want positive energy sent to you for whatever reason and it doesn’t seem to fit into one of our other categories please make your request here.  And, after doing so please take a couple of minutes to send positive vibrations to others that have posted their requests here.

thank you!

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  1. 251
    redd Says:

    i am sending positive energy to all whom are in need help in all areas.may god bless each and every one of you

  2. 252
    soccermom Says:

    I am sending positive thoughts and vibes to all. I am seeking positive thoughts and affirmations from anyone who can send my way. I need a miracle to buy my home and not lose it to the bank and to have my work suspension lifted, Please send my way.
    I send warm and happy thoughts to Holland; May your soul mate, love of your life soon find his way home to you. For andrew, I send many positive and heeling vibes for you friend struggling with cancer. I also send you hugs and peaceful days.
    Stephanie, I send you all the positive affirmations that you need for the universe to find a way to fulfill your finacial needs. Good luck, keep affirmning, stay positive. It will come to you. The universe will provide for your needs and desires

  3. 253
    redd Says:

    sending out positive vibes,and love to everyone in need of help.please send positive energy to me and my family.our needs our for prosperity,inner peace,divine connections,and protection.thank you

  4. 254
    redd Says:

    positive energy to all in the areas of prosperity,love,romance,and perfect health

  5. 255
    Nerissa Says:

    Sending lots and lots of love, peace and positive energy to Samantha Stepp in Apache Junction, AZ. Happy birthday Sam! We pray that u feel our love and energy that we send to tou across the miles. We pray that u open your heart and mind to our love. U are deeply missed! Enjoy your day! 🙂

  6. 256
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I have something to share with everyone who wishes for a better life. Use the link address http://www.miracleschool.net/peacemiracles. This link will bring you to some very valuable information that can and will help you to change your life into a much better one and one that is miracle based. Please do yourself a favor and check it out.

  7. 257
    Teresa Says:

    This is a request that all who see this posting please send your positive energy my way to help me improve all aspects of my life. I suffer with multiple physical ailments, chronic depression and feelings of worthlessness, great fears of connecting with others which impairs my ability to work and financial hardships. Any prayers and positive energy that you provide is greatly appreciated and I hope to some day soon be able to return this energy. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

  8. 258
    Angelica Says:

    Teresa- sending you lots of positive! You are not worthless, not even close. Take your B vitamins(b1 b6 b12)! They help!

  9. 259
    Tina Says:

    Please send positive healing energy for my finances. I also ask for healing for my step children. And also my son in law;s safe return from Afghanistan. I also ask for healing for my husband and my child hood friend.

  10. 260
    Isaiah Says:

    Need Bad Fiancial Help

  11. 261
    cath Says:

    hi Plz send positive loving energy for a billion dollars & loving nrg for a brand new 5 bedroom home w/ 3 bathrooms 2200 square feet of house w/ an apt studio attached so i can rent out to anyone of my choice. send positive nrg towards my children. send out love upon my life that im inspired to go in the direction that is wealthy & whole over my place of employment a blessing good situations & great circumstances.

  12. 262
    casea Says:

    send love, blessings abundance of monetary means towards my boyfriend & all of his desires.
    plz send positive nrg towards me as well, i lost my home to foreclosure I am homeless my kids r no longer living w/ me pray for a compensation blessing, restoration. pLZ ALSO, SEND a positive nrg towards my ex husband who is continually cursing me w/ his mouth & he is using some form of witchcraft to also curse me, also send the same towards his girlfriend now who has less than good feelings but i would ask postive nrg towards them & that theyre needs & desires are met bless them both.

  13. 263
    Larry Says:

    I request healing energy to re-connect with my higher self and source. I have been plagued with bad luck, depression, low-self esteem discontent and sadness. I believe I took a wrong turn somewhere in my past and have been wandering for a very long time…I am seeking connection to source, my higher self and my purpose. I pray to be aligned with spirit. I live in Davenport Ia. with my three best friends, my dogs. Sasha, Buba and Ziggy. prayers for them also….thanks

    Blessings for All of You, with deep thanks and love

  14. 264
    marthabailey Says:

    Send love and light to Oscar Jefferson to help him feel positive and excited purchasing his new home. He really wants this new home. He wants to feel calm, and peaceful, knowing he made the right decision. I send him love, and light, loving kindness, peace and joy.

    I ask others to send him love and light and peace and comfort.

  15. 265
    marthabailey Says:

    I send love, light, healing to Angela Briggs. I ask others to send her love and light and healing for the nausea she is having in her pregnancy.

  16. 266
    marthabailey Says:

    I ask that others send love, light, and healing to me of my sinus allergies.

    I send divine love, peace and comfort to Jon Densford in the difficulties he iis going thru right now

    I send love and light to Mary Sather who recently had a pacemaker installed.

    I send divine love, light, and increase in finances for all those needing financial blessings and ask others to do the same.

  17. 267
    redd Says:

    sending love,light,and powerful energy to those who are in need of help,due to the difficulties of life.get ready to receive.god bless each and everyone of you!!!

  18. 268
    redd Says:

    love,light,prosperity,and protection to each and everyone of you

  19. 269
    hafiz (14 March 1982) Says:

    I ask to send me healing energy especially at my eyes, and head area…
    by the way, I also need to be energize especially my confident level..
    I’ve got these unbalance simptom around 2-3 month and also get medical checkup..

  20. 270
    Riss Says:

    Sending love and positive energy to Samantha in Apache Junction, AZ. We love you and miss u so much, especially as Christmas gets closer. Its almost 10 years since we last saw you but we keep hope in our hearts that when you are able, you’ll return to be a part of our family. please feel our love for you, let it into your heart. We love you!

  21. 271
    redd Says:

    light,love,prosperity to all of you! to Hafiz may your eyes be completely healed.according to the word in the bible..Jesus said by his stripes i was healed..there for i am healed.get ready to receive Hafiz! also could someone send me and family positive energy towards prosperity,healing,protection,divine connections.thanks and god bless everyone

  22. 272
    Tania Says:

    I send forth powerful, healing energy to all on this site, with a special mention to Bob k., a wonderful Being who has provided us with this wonderful haven of love and support! We truly are blessed to have a place where we can support each other as beacons of light in our moments of darkness. So may this light of love and powerful healing energies fill each of you with the positive vibration that will bring forth health, wealth and happiness to your daily lives today, tomorrow and always! My soul is filled with gratitude for Bob K. and for each member of this site!

  23. 273
    Tania Says:

    By the power invested in me by the One True Source, I send forth powerful, positive energies! May these vibrations drape themselves over our Planet Earth, bringing peace, love and a deeper understanding to all! To all of my brothers and sisters on VitalWaves, may this light dwell deep within all of you, and bask you in the life force of the All Powerful, that your every desire be fulfilled, and may your path be a joyous one filled with love and blessings! Remember, though our journeys may differ, our destinations are the same! Peace~

  24. 274
    redd Says:

    sending out love and light to all my fellow positive energy senders!!! tania i dont know you..but your words are very beautiful,thoughtful,and heaven sent.i know god definitely created an angel who truly cares!bob.k,thanks for creating this site for all to be inspired..loving energy to each and everyone of you and may all of your dreams,wishes,and deepest desires be granted swiftly!!much love and inner peace!! redd

  25. 275
    NELI Says:


  26. 276
    romeo Says:

    I send love, peace ,joy and abundance to everyone

  27. 277
    redd Says:

    i claim powerful positive energy over everyone on this site!! abundance of love,prosperity,healing,protection,joy,and inner peace right now!! happy holidays my vibe brothers and sisters..

  28. 278
    Tania Says:

    To everyone on this site I send positive, healing energies, that you may see, feel and be the light of love that is vibrating throughout this Universe!
    Trust God to express and evolve through you and you will evolve
    Let go and Let God! Peace~

  29. 279
    Pattie Says:

    Please send energy to help, I need $fifteen hundred dollars to, be bill
    free. I expect miracles and I receive miracles. I’m sending health, love,
    peace, joy, and prosperity to all that are in need.

    Merry Christmas Everyone.


  30. 280
    Rose K Says:

    To all fellow Vibers, I send to each and every individual person and their families Divine positive energies.

    To those who need a physical healing to you I am sending the Divine Pure White Light. Feel the warmth of this Divine White Light enter your body and surge through cleansing and purifying every cell of your being. Believe that this healing is taking place.

    For those fellow Vibers needing abundance in their life to fulfill their monetary obligations and extra to help others I am sending positive abundance energy. May the Universe shower you with money. Visualize money surrounding you right now.

    I now am asking for positive energies for my fourteen year old granddaughter. She at this time is not making good choices in her life and the relationship between mother and daughter need repairing. I am desperately seeking your assistance. Together I know that this healing can take place. My heart is breaking because I love both very much.

    Thank you all.

    Love, Good Health, and Prosperity to all.

    Rose K

  31. 281
    Sandra Says:

    I am asking for all on this site to send me postive energy from the universe so I can get a job. I have been out of a job for 16 months.
    I really need a job so I can pay my bills and not be dependent on others.
    Please send your healing powers to me
    I also sen love to all.
    Thank you
    Sandra A

  32. 282
    Brianna Says:

    Hi,with all your respect i need positive energy because i want to be a great singer just as good as christina aguilara and i want to be very beautiful! Sending love, luck, joy, heal, and happiness to all those out there.

  33. 283
    pam Says:

    please send healing energy to: Pam, wendy, John. Thanks

  34. 284
    tina Says:

    Hi everyone. Please send positive energy to my daughter who wants to be an excellent volleyball setter and needs to master one critical skill right now to be confident and instill confidence in herself and among her team mates. she just needs to find the right body position and she is so clear – please help her move into consistency and excellence to continue to excell at the highest levels. Thank you for you light and energy. LOVE to all of you and everything you care about.

  35. 285
    Patricia Says:

    Plese send me good vibes tomorrow, results for my bone marrow biopsy are out. Thanks

  36. 286
    Rose Says:

    Hi everyone, i need positive warm energy, i need effortlessly financial abundance,peace within,so i can follow my real dream of being an artist without the burdens of everyday life, to show my children they too can follow their dreams and live a peaceful fullfilling life and go outside the box. thankyou. may the people sending me energy get it returned 10 fold…

  37. 287
    Arkoh Says:

    Please send me all the energies in u to help me get a job(Ghana Immigration Serv.).I need this job urgently to survive.I have been jobless since i completed High school and things are becoming unbearable.
    Counting on your usual help thank you.

  38. 288
    Claire Says:

    Sending everyone here and their beloved much needed positive, healing energy…Your sincere positive vibe is needed for a major group endeavor–with a positive universal message of Kung Fu principles:)

    Cheers to us all for a PROSPEROUS & SPIRITUAL 2011!!!

  39. 289
    Claire Says:

    Wishing the universe for US all a blessed job opportunity–it’s been tough for a lot of us but remain optimistic & faithful for a better today/tomorrow & living in the present moment IS a gift…XOXOC

  40. 290
    sandy Says:

    Now let there be large winnings in vegas..for rachel nicole howard and chad McMullins…THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

  41. 291
    Thad N in Arizona Says:

    I need some really good positive energy
    sent to me. I am an indigo, light worker having
    troubles with the current world systems
    as they seem very foreign to me.
    Therefore I have fallen into some rough
    times with finances, relationship, foreclosure
    and due to these problems anxiety and depression.
    Set in. I was put on meds but they seem to
    have made me drink alcohol.. Alot…not
    being a heavy drinker before I did not
    really what was going on or to cope. I got
    a Dui and really need some good energy for my
    case to be dismissed For an unconstitutional
    stop. Too much to deal with all at once,
    I thank everyone for your good thoughts.
    Also send some good wealth vibes for my
    new business.. Tollfreedeals … Thankyou all

  42. 292
    JD Says:

    Love to all, I need positive energy to save my home and job and to reinstate my drivers licience and to get out of debt. May the bright light of Christ surge through your body and everyone you come in contact with. Will do the same for all, be blessed my friends

  43. 293
    Rose K Says:

    May the Universe swiftly bring to each individual Fellow Viber the blessings that is needed in his/her life. The Universe is kind and loving. May each individual receive their hearts desires. Open yourselves to receive the many blessings coming your way. Feel the energies flow to you, enveloping you and surging through you attaching itself to every cell at the core of your being.

    My blessings to all is of Love, Wealth, Health, Success and Happiness.

  44. 294
    Todd D. Says:

    I posted on one of these websites, and I don’t know which one, asking how to get my comments off of the site. I am sorry; I shouldn’t have asked that, but I don’t see how to do it.
    Thank you for your time.


  45. 295
    Tina Says:

    Hi everyone. Please send my one daughter positive energy who auditioned for a modern dance company tonight and it would be great for her career if she is accepted. Also great for her confidence – she is so good and I want her to continue to follow her heart and passion – tough to do sometimes in a competitive field. Please send my other daughter the confidence to continue to strive for excellence in her sport even if her coach is not acknowledging her like she wants him to. She has worked so hard and has come so far, I would love to see her rewarded for all of her intense work. Thank you for your love and energy towards these requests. I wish you peace, health, joy and love.

  46. 296
    shane Says:

    May the Divine Peace and Love which passes all understanding flow out and touch the lives of every human being that this world can be a better place. To every person who has shed a tear of sorrow. May you shed millions more in absolute ecstacy. May miracle follow upon miracle and may your every breath be filled with thanks and exclamations of joy for the wonderful surprises which come into and positively change your life from this very moment on. I send positive, invigourating and healing energy to all who are in need of it, and pray that Good reigns supreme in this world. May supreme light and energy encompass you and make you the whole, contented and divinely guided being you were created to be. May you receive the inspiration, divine guidance and infinite love to realise all your dreams and to really enjoy life to the fullest … a life of perpertual FUN, brilliant health, wealth and all forms of prosperity.

  47. 297
    monserrat Says:

    I ask to please send love, positive thoughts, healing, peace, forgiveness, happiness to my husband Derek who I love deeply and our marriage to be a happy marriage so we can be together forever!

  48. 298
    Karen Says:

    Need positive energy and love sent to Joe to open is mind, body, and soul to the Posibilities of my love and a relationship with me. Also financial energy to get to place I can manage. Housing.

  49. 299
    s Says:

    I request the universe to forgive me for my silly mistakes, for being bitter and unite me in holy matrimony, peace and love with my seperated beloved .I accept I was lost, very angry and stressed , I coudn’t handle the seperation,I got bitter and but I am alone and I need help.Need positive energy and love sent to T to open his mind and heart to my love and a relationship with me.

  50. 300
    Adam Says:

    Request positive energy be sent to help ensure that our property is sold easily and effortlessly in the perfect timing for the good of all concerned for me and anyone else who is interested in similar energy. Thank you!

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