Miscellaneous Energy Sending

If you want positive energy sent to you for whatever reason and it doesn’t seem to fit into one of our other categories please make your request here.  And, after doing so please take a couple of minutes to send positive vibrations to others that have posted their requests here.

thank you!

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  1. 301
    Lou Says:

    Please send all your positive energy to my girlfriend who has a very important exam tomorrow that she needs to pass in order to continue school. Thank you.

  2. 302
    Tina Says:

    Hi everyone. Your prayers and thoughts and positive energy continue to give me and my girls strength. Please send positive energy to my daughter who needs confidence to play her sport at an excellent level. she was yelled at by her coach tonight in front of everyone and was devastated. she needs your energy to help her find the inner strengh to succeed and rise above and play at an elite level. Thanks for your help.

  3. 303
    Shannon Says:

    Hello my fellow powerful beings. I need help, please send your positive thoughts and energy out into the universe for me. I am currently unemployed and trying to get a job that I love and feel good going to work at. I had an interview today that seemed to go well, I am waiting for a call back to let me know if I am to come in for a second interview with higher ups. I want to be a part of this team more than I have ever wanted any job. Which is unusual for me, since my career path has been laid wherever the wind blew me. But this is different, I want this, I want it so bad I’m shaking inside, it’s something I would be proud of… For the first time. I want to be proud, I know I deserve to be happy, I know that I can do this with flying colors if they would only give me a chance. Please universe… Give me the opportunity to fill this position.


  4. 304
    sandy Says:

    let there now be vitalwaves for jonathan blake huebner and monies to hire an attorney and see his son jace blake huebner and stand up for paternal rights and the rights of father and 1st born son in the state of utah..thank you nameste

  5. 305
    1angelcoach Says:

    sending love and light and good energy to all

  6. 306
    Vera Says:

    I pray for forgiveness and an open heart. I pray that I may not need stimulants in any form for false energy. This will bring me closer to my inner self again and to loved ones. God’s blessing to you all and
    Thanks. Vera

  7. 307
    Karima Says:

    Please send positive energy to my family. My cousin passed away today and our family is suffering. Please send light and hope into the souls of his sister, mother, wife, and newborn daughter. Let that light innervate those around them during these difficult time. Please send energy to my sister who has no place to stay, and unmanageable debt at this time, and to my mother and father, whom work hard to do their best to offer assistance to us and others in need. Bless our family with health and prosperity and peace of mind. Truly .~kb

  8. 308
    Karen Says:

    Thanks for ur positive energy!!! Waiting for Joe to continue his journey with his soulmate. Please send me positive energy to attract his soul to it’s mate, mine. We have been separated by choices that were made without knowledge and leading of our souls. He needs positive energy to gain enough strength ove his circumstances!!

    Positive energy to those in the same situation!

  9. 309
    brin Says:

    i am afraid of my MBA exam result..
    plz send me energy to get good marks

  10. 310
    tyrell Says:

    need postive energy for work just started a new job…. i wanna do a good job also need postive energy for a more postive mind, and my insecurity problem and i also need postive energy for a more focus mind and to overcome a demonic possession

  11. 311
    Dan Says:

    I need to let Michelle Ann Ford In Bloomington , In At Green Tree Apt to know i love her and am thinking of her send her warm healing love well being and if you can feel her with loving feeling so we can be brought together again shes going through alot and i cant be there please let her know that i love her and send this reqest to her everyday and always let her know that its from me Dan so she ll know that i always will love her and want her to get better thankyou

  12. 312
    shane Says:

    I need bundles of money right now – stuff I can tough, smell hold and use right now to make a huge and positive difference in my life and that of my family -RIGHT NOW

  13. 313
    Dan Says:

    I just want to thank the poeple who are kind enough to take the time everyday to help someone by sending love and healing THANKYOU and my everybody recieve love and healing thanks Dan

  14. 314
    Ann Marie Narreau Says:

    Hello every one! I’m around lots of negativity. And I live in a not so nice apartment with my ex boyfriend who is a jerk! Anyways,i’m losing my teeth. I was diagnosed as having soft teeth. I lost my back teeth,and now my front ones are going. I have asking God if he could bless me with a large amount of money so that I can get permanent teeth (Not Dentures). I have lost of weight because I cannot eat foods I used to eat. And the stress that I tolerate is killing me.People insult me calling me maam. and they do it on purpose because they know it’s gets the best of me. I lived here for two years. And it has made me much older,more stressed,and not having good luck.I really need positive vibes to help me. Because I need money,and I am trying to get into in online business that will make me thousands of dollars. I have a good heart. And I try to help others. I really want the rest of my life to get better.God Bless all of you! Love,Ann Marie!

  15. 315
    stephan tyrell jefferies Says:

    i jus need postive i can do it energy for this work week… just started this new job and im trying to get in throw the company… im working threw the temp service right now… so please send me postive energy thanks and god bless to all u send the energy thanks

  16. 316
    Karen Says:

    Sending energy, love and light for all of these requests! Need energy and Protection for my son. Recently taken to jail for ignoring traffic violations. And for Joe to realize our connections and dependence for each other. I can feel his silence and hurt about the truth I told him last week. I pray that he will open back up to me. Thanks for everyone taking the time and energy to do this!!

  17. 317
    stephan tyrell jefferies Says:

    Im requesting postive energy for this work week so i can perform the best out of all my coworkers.. Also i jus want postive energy sent to me so i can b a better person father and friend and over all person.. i also need postive energy to overcome my negative attitude wen i get upset my name is stephan jefferies charlotte,nc 6464 windsor gate lane thank u all and god bless

  18. 318
    Matt G. Says:

    Hello all,

    I have 2 things to remark on. The first one is a great thanks to you all, and the second is a call for help, positive energy and prayer.

    First I want to thank each and every one of you who prayed for my Mother last year. She had a breast removed due to cancer. I asked you all to pray for her, and the doctor’s said she healed so fast that they were amazed. She is doing very well now. I thank you all w/ all of my heart for helping her w/ your positive energy and prayers. God bless each and every one of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    Secondly, I am now asking for help. I have recently been in a very unexpected financial crisis. It has hit me out of the no where. A collection agency has locked my bank account for a debt from years ago. I thought it was paid off, but apparently it wasn’t. Now they are hounding me day and night, and my bank account is frozen. No use of checks or debit card, which makes paying bills very complicated, not to mention everyday life. And the IRS has now also gotten involved somehow, saying I owe back taxes (that I was unaware off). I feel like I am drowning. I am not asking for a million dollars, but the amount I need might as well be a million since I only work a part time job. I need around $5,000 to clear up just the immediate crisis, but to clear it all up completely, I need more like $25,000. That would have me completely debt free, and all personal loans would be able to be paid back also (I tried borrowing some money from friends and family, but it only seems to make the hole I’m in deeper. I hate to borrow money from anyone).

    So, I am asking for all of your prayers and positive energy so that I may receive immediate financial abundance and financial abundance through out the coming year. I want nothing more than to be debt free, and able to take care of myself, and also to be able to give to others to help them out in their time of need.

    I thank you all in advance for your prayers, positive energy, love and help.

    Thank you all so very very much. Love, peace and abundance to all.

    Matt G. Norfolk VA

  19. 319
    stephan tyrell jefferies Says:

    hello im stephan tyrell jefferies 6464 windsor gate lane charlotte nc 28215
    im requesting postive energy for me to have a great work week and do my job the best that it can be done… im also requesting postive energy to keep the devil off my back and keep a postive upbeat attitude and also im requesting postive energy to make better decisons be more focus and more of a man as far as gettin my own place and to stop depending on my mom thank and bless u all who give the energy thank u and god bless

  20. 320
    JK Says:

    God and the universe knows my plight ” ask and it shall be given to seek and you will find” i ask for positive energy to be sent to lindsey protect her from the negative work environment and open here heart to accommadating others who she has been hurt by she knows who they are bless her. Lord i thank you for answering my paryer amen x

  21. 321
    stephan tyrell jefferies Says:

    im requesting energy to get me threw the week and weekend and postive energy to make me a a overall better person, smarter person and a money manger and a better worker my name is stephan tyrell jefferies 6464 windsor gate lane charlotte,nc thank you all and god bless

  22. 322
    Lee Says:

    This is a challenging time for us all. Let’s know that we are here, supporting one another with love harmony and faith…sharing our gifts and blessings.

  23. 323
    stephan tyrell jefferies Says:

    im requesting postive enegry for another week… give me energy to work hard at work, stay focus, look and the bigger picture and focus on things that matter to me the most family, and making this money thank u all who give the postive energy god bless… i am stephan tyrell jefferies 6464 windsor gate lane charlotte, nc 28215

  24. 324
    birthday girl Says:

    today (26aug) is my birthday. plz send me energy and love to have happiness in all. and to have a successful relationship with my lover.
    thank you

  25. 325
    stephan tyrell jefferies Says:

    im requesting energy for myself stephan tyrell jefferies for another week i need energy for to keep me focus and make the right deceisons and to look at the over all big picture thank u and god bless stephan tyrell jefferies 6464 windsor gate lane charlotte nc 28215

  26. 326
    jodie Says:

    could someone please help me to stay positive and to help get rid of my terrible anxiety, to send me energy so i can get through this week without feeling tired,dizzy,sick ,in pain, depressed and free me from constant worry. help the man i love 0pen up to me this week and to contact me and send me a sign or just to open up to me about how he feels.iam sending everyone lots and lots of love and hugs xxxx

  27. 327
    tyrell jefferies Says:

    im requesting postive energy for myself i have another hard work week and i need the postive energy to get threw it thank u and god bless u all

  28. 328
    Jenaia Says:

    Please sending loving and positive energy toward my friend Gene he is struggling with school. Also for me to know what to do for him as friend. Please give me streghth at this time I’m facing some struggles in my life. Thank you each one of you.

    I’ll pray for each of you and hope that the guiding loving light will come your way. Feel the blessings coming your way now!

  29. 329
    shar Says:

    sending love and positive energy wishes and prayers to all for health wealth and happiness

  30. 330
    Sean Says:

    Hi, My name is Sean and I would like some healing energyto help me through a court case, my business has been taken to court for selling items that became illegal overnight. So now I am charged with living a crimonal lifestlye when the itmes were orignally legal. They want to claim back my earning for the past year which, as they think I have benifited from the sale of illegal goods. I would have to sell my house and my family and children would be broken. If this were to happen please help me. I thank you

  31. 331
    Anjell Says:

    I ask that positive energy be sent to my brother Kevin who’s away at college in Tallahassee by himself with no family… May he always make mindful decisions with everything he does from school to the company he keeps

  32. 332
    Mike Gerriety Says:

    Spiritual help needed in concluding many successful business transactions in a way that is in the highest good of all parties concerned.

  33. 333
    ikpefan Destiny Says:

    please help me with spiritual energy, to restore all that i have lost most especially my health & to get wealth thank you.

  34. 334
    tyrell jefferies Says:

    grant me the serenity to accept the things i can’t change power to change the things i can and wisdom to know the difference i would like the vital prayers to pray that i have confidence, peace of mind, and energy to get threw another week thank you and god bless you all

  35. 335
    Pam Says:

    Please send postitve healing energy to Anna, to help her to see her real options, to open her mind to different solutions, to help her make the necessary journeying from the personal to the professional where needed, and to take on complete self-responsibility and accountability when it comes to the personal.

  36. 336
    Belinda Says:

    I send out lots of positive energy and thoughts to everyone. May you all be free from worry, stress, illness, financial and personal hardships. I send you lots of healing love. Smiles and hugs to all of you! 🙂

  37. 337
    Rose K Says:

    I am sending out positive energies to all on this page. Know that the Universe will bless you with what ever is needed in your lives at this time.

    May your day be all that you need it to be


  38. 338
    Evandro Woaty Says:


    I’m sending PROSPER HEALTH WEALTH..ENERGY..For all with any debts..financial break down…and so on…



  39. 339
    Evandro Woaty Says:






  40. 340
    sergio Says:

    Maravilhosa e poderosa energia de Deus que criou tudo o que existe e existira . Eu em nome de Jesus envio e espero que isso ocorra já ,uma quantidade expressiva e potente de pura energia transformadora.

  41. 341
    redd Says:

    could someone send me some positive energy and pray for me to have favor aabundance in all areas of my life.thank you and have a blessed thanksgiving

  42. 342
    wanda Says:

    Holding onto the picture of health, healing for those under opression to drug addtion. May the light shine into the dark paces and illunminate the way to freesom. I request love. light, Angels and help to those who cannot find their way. I ask for doors of addiction to be closed and doors of opportunity, hope be opened. I pray for courage to walk into new life and vision of a new day. I pray for miraculous demonstation of divine intervention being manifested in lives that do not even know what they need or how to ask for help.

  43. 343
    Mitsue Wireman Says:

    this is a very interesting dispatch, acknowledgement you for the benefit of the information. Contrite my english is not the sheer best. do you be versed if it is tenable to despatch this to the spanish language. that would be quite helpfull.

  44. 344
    Nichole Dunkley Says:

    Hi i am sending out positive energy to all mankind for spiritual and financial Breakthrough. Godbless.

  45. 345
    Nichole Says:

    I am sending out positive energy for health, wealth and prosperity. Money comes to us easily and effortlessly. It is my will that you prosper even as our soul prospers. Amen

  46. 346
    patrizia Says:

    I ask for positive energy to risolve my financial troubles,I need a miracle and I send love,light and a spiritual help for everyone. Thanks,God bless.

  47. 347
    Vicki Says:

    Please help me and send positive energy to Ken to realize i care and love him very much to give me anther chance and have the relationship we had

  48. 348
    Jessica Long Says:

    I asking you to please send positive energy to me in hopes that I am pregnant. I very much would like to have another child. Thank you, and my positive energy sent your way as well!

  49. 349
    Andreas Wallach Says:

    We need sponsorships (in terms of spiritual as well as funding support) for a documentary project about the making of a humanitarian relief concert. The film will show how businesses ‘gain’ from promoting a benevolent cause (aiming to set an example for win-win business practices in the ‘post-2012’ era). The event to be created in for documentary is a large annual concert – bringing awareness to – while helping alleviate the ongoing suffering of children in the US and the world. The event will emulate the annual Jose Carrerras Gala, a highly successful European benefit. The debut of our concert needs to happen on or prior to December 21, 2012 at the largest possible magnitude (for additional eschatological symbolism we are aiming for the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, TN).

  50. 350
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,I send you a mega positive energy,to Andreas Wallach and everyone here…love, energy and light! SO IT BE! God bless.

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