Miscellaneous Energy Sending

If you want positive energy sent to you for whatever reason and it doesn’t seem to fit into one of our other categories please make your request here.  And, after doing so please take a couple of minutes to send positive vibrations to others that have posted their requests here.

thank you!

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  1. 401
    suzanne Says:

    Please send good energy our way, we have recently bought a car from a dodgy dealer and are having problems with a leak in the house need some positive vibes so we can have a smooth outcome and re focus so these things stop happening, many thanks love and light to all xx

  2. 402
    Hope Says:

    Susan. May you get all the positive energy for your car dealing problem and house problems that you need. I am sending you my positive caring vibes and also to Michelle Marie you can get my positive healing vibes to surround you with light and love..
    and additionally im sending my love vibes to someone who i love truly and madly..May he get all my love vibes right now !..Get them..Let the universe carry them now to you my love.

  3. 403
    Charrise Says:

    I send out love and light to my mom so she can be happy on her life jorneny also I send positive enegries to my moms heart so she can feel no more hurt and pain she has want through in the pain please help her let go and to all the people that is on this wonderful website that is requesting love, light and healing I send it to you now from my heart. I send light and love to my friend T so she lose weight after she have her baby so she can stay here on this earth to see her children grow health and strong. Iam sending positvie enegies to have perfect health for myself and stay happy,loved,blissful and peaceful on my life jornany. Thank you thank you thank you

  4. 404
    michelle triska Says:


  5. 405
    Mahesh Says:

    Let us all send out love and light to my Dad and mom at Allahabad so they can be happy on their life jorneny also send positive enegries to my dad and moms heart so they can feel no more hurt and pain they want through in the pain.God please help them let go and to all the people that is on this wonderful website that is requesting love, light and healing I send it to you now from my heart.
    Love to all,

  6. 406
    Tutti Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am asking if you could all please send lots & lots of positive energy my way as I’m currently looking for a job at McKinsey & Co and really want this job badly as I’ve been unemployed for quite a long time and haven’t had the greatest luck in terms of my career & money. I would highly appreciate it.

    Also, could you sent lots of positive energy to me for me to prosper in my romantic relationship, which is a non-starter at this point. I really want to be loved, adored, respected, have a committed relationship, marriage, kids, faithfullness, and lots of happiness & healthy relationship.

    May God bless you all and I thank you!!!

  7. 407
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Hey each of you may love and light be channeled to each of you. Light is channeled to each of you. I don’t know if you would want to try this but you can check it out if you want more healing. go to http://www.aimprogram.com
    I will keep sending love and positive energies to each of you though. May love and healing be injected to each of you for days to come. Thanks i love you all.

  8. 408
    Herman Says:

    I send my positive vibes to all people who requested in this pages.

  9. 409
    Angela Says:

    I send love and healing to everyone who has requested help. God bless you all and may all your requests and needs be answered quickly.

  10. 410
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @Angela and every single one of them i send blessings and appreciation to everybody. Love and light be sent to each of you whom opened up their hearts to receive them. if anything need more healing check out aim program at http://www.aimprogram.com and generate healing towards you and anything . I love and respect each and every one of you in my heart. May all of you continue sharing the love towards one another for many years to come.

  11. 411
    rose Says:

    I wish for you all today and always
    Happiness. Deep down within
    Serenity. With each sunrise
    Success. In each facet of your life.
    Family. Beside you
    close and caring friend
    Health. Inside you
    Love. That never ends
    Special memories. Of all the yesterdays
    A bright today. With much to be thankful for
    A path . That leads to beautiful tomorrows
    Dreams. That do their best to come tru.
    And appreciation. Of all the wonderful things about you.
    Poem by Collin McCarty

  12. 412
    sheila Says:

    I would like to cut down on smoking to eventually quick and to drink less alcohol too. Thank you.

  13. 413
    saraHi to all of of you please send me positive energy to help me and Greg become more closer that can develop into a long term commitment, Says:

    Hi to all of of you please send me positive energy to help me and Greg become more closer together so it can develop into a long term commitment,

  14. 414
    Pamela Says:

    Please send protection and caring energy to my son for these next 72 hours. Thank you, and caring energy outspreading to you all!

  15. 415
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @pamela and everybody i will send positive love and intentions towards each of you in a sense of bless and healing. Look into each of your hearts as love and happiness lies within you. The magic lies inside you as love each other heals everything. The magic you seek is inside you . The only truth is by sharing the love for more love sharing is how everything “stressing” you can disappear. I love you all sincerely and got love and blessings for each you. Keep sincere in sharing love for there truly is a magic in sharing the love.

  16. 416
    terri Says:

    Please send positive, happy energy to my home for my children. The energy in my home has been stagnant and chaotic lately. It seems to be affecting my children. I thank all of you that will be sending love, light, and positive energy our way! Blessed be!

  17. 417
    redd Says:

    i need prayer for financial breakthroughs,for me and my mother.divine protection,and physical and emotional healing.i feel as though enemy has been attacking me and hindering me from receiving breakthroughs in every area in my life.also pray for me to have a girlfriend and friends.thank you and god bless you all

  18. 418
    Humberto Leal Rangel Says:

    Por favor enviarme enrgía para todos mis propósitos. Gracias

  19. 419
    redd Says:

    love and blessings to each and everyone of you.could someone please send some positive energy and blessing to me and my mom.we need a huge financial miracle.also i need some healing for my skin to clear up.i want flawless to skin to be restored.thank you and may you all be blessed abundantly.

  20. 420
    Angela Says:

    I send love and positive healing energy to everyone who has posted a request. Love, light and blessings to you all.xxxx

  21. 421
    Maryam Says:

    I need help for health, finances, spiritual growth, to cure of addictions. I have a very sick husban dthat I help as much as i can and i can’t sleep well even with sleeping tablets! Please help me during this particularly hard time so that I become stronger, more free in my head and actions, no longer addicted and tha I solve my financial problems and debts. Thank you My body has been very harmed and needs to be cured after a lot of chemo!

  22. 422
    Blane Says:

    Please send me infinitely exponential GOOD Luck energy for GOOD Luck for ALL of the “random” things in life. I send ALL of my positive energy to all those here as I truly believe that as I send out ALL the positive energy that I have to ALL of you that need it, it WILL be sent back to me exponentially and then I can send it back again and the cycle can keep on repeating on and on and grow and grow as long as needed.

  23. 423
    Sara Says:

    Can you send me positive energy for my relationship with Gregory and positive energy to me to have success in trying to start my own small business and I just want everything to work out for me so can you please send positive energy and reiki healing thank you and may bless all of you

  24. 424
    Gene Humphrey Says:

    Please help on new overseas job hopefully Qatar

    admin assistant

    This will help me on many family needed goals and on helping others.

    I need miracle breakthrough now.

  25. 425
    Cari G Says:

    Please send positive energy to help me overcome my internal conflicts. My goal in life is to be aligned and be happy–I really need some help obtaining this goal. Having financial issues and some personal issues as well. Any love and energy is forever appreciated. <3

  26. 426
    Donna Says:

    I don’t know how to let love in without hating regretting it moments later. I hate myself and many others. My wounds are many, deep and from childhood. I have witnessed many others being wounded in my family and outside of it. I’m 63 yrs old. Studying and reading about healing hasn’t helped. It just confirms that there is something wrong with me because I don’t heal. My body is becoming sick because I don’t forgive myself or others. My belief systems can’t seem to be broken and they are all ugly. I hurt others by not loving or accepting their love. Please help. Please.

  27. 427
    Danene Says:

    Today and always I send positive Loving Light to every soul dwelling on the beautiful, plentiful Gaia. The reason of my existence is to serve others in time of need. To be the Light when there is only darkness. I chose love with all my soul. I chose good over negative and I commit to forgiveness, compassion and gratitude. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I give so that others may find hope and love in their hearts to become who they are meant to be. In this time, I radiate all the light I can obtain in my being. From the source through me to the heart of Gaia. Through this light I give with all my mite to each and every soul so that they may suddenly feel the overwhelming compassion of love for self and others. Believe in Love beautiful ones.

  28. 428
    taleea gibson Says:

    Good morning my name is taleea gibson.im reachin out I need help very very bad my husband Jermaine hewitt went to go see his bailsbonds men yesterday n the locked him up holdin him to question him for a murder they said happened in ny.i cant sleep do anything he has not been in ny for a very very long time an he would never murder any 1please help send out positive and make them let him go!!! Please.an please helpme an my family get better with our money issues.

  29. 429
    taleea gibson Says:

    Hello my name is taleea gibson.im reachin out I need help very very bad my husband Jermaine hewitt went to go see his bailsbonds men yesterday n the locked him up holdin him to question him for a murder they said happened in ny.i cant sleep do anything he has not been in ny for a very very long time an he would never murder any 1please help send out positive and make them let him go!!! Please.an please helpme an my family get better with our money issues.

  30. 430
    Elegun Adahosu Says:

    Hermelinda Gomez needs our help in court today at this very moment send help and peace to her to stand strong and not to be deported back to her country she has small children and all of her love ones are her in the U.S. she helps the homeless and all those in need and now she is in need and I ask all who are willing to send your help. All my love Elegun Adahosu

  31. 431
    taleea gibson Says:

    Good evening im asking for every1 again to help me an my family.send out positive energy to my husband Jermaine hewitt to be released of any charges they are tryin to put on him.pray that these people leave him alone n this doesn’t tear our family apart.please send positive to us to be ok as a family mentally physically and financially thanx.

  32. 432
    taleea gibson Says:

    Gm every1 today’s firday I am sick with worry!!!! My husband Jermaine hewitt is still sittin n jail on hold.well they are sayin by 12noon we will no if he will b charge with sumthin or not but I no the devil is a lie!!! Please please please help me n my family put this behind us! Jermaine is not this person. Please send positive energry to that jail an to those Marshalls to stop all of this!!! Thanx.please help!!!!

  33. 433
    robby Says:

    Hi im writing this to ask if everybody can send my aunt Sara special loving energy, cyber hugs today for her b-day she always make everybody in our family feel great and never forgets none of our bdays i love her with all my heart for that she is the best aunt in the world and wish she came get the things she want which is for her to get the money she needs for a business,and a little puppy, im asking for everyone to help make today a dream come true for the most giving loving caring person i know, thank you and God bless you

  34. 434
    gene humphrey Says:

    Please all help me get overseas job .


    If I can get employment, I will help others.

  35. 435
    redd Says:

    i need healing emotionally and physically.i heart is troubled everyday,and my hearing in my right ear is blocked.also if someone could pray and send positive energy for my skin to be restored to its flawless complexion.thank you and bless each and everyone of you

  36. 436
    noah howell Says:

    Dear vitalwave members, I am asking for positivity and prayer. 3 months ago I was in an awful financial spot. I hadn’t eaten in 6 days, rent was 3 months late, water bill was due and being terminated, electric shut off and everything wrong. I panicked and jumped in a window to eat someones food. I didn’t break anything, hurt anyone, threaten anyone or walk away with anything but I got caught. I was arrested for occupied burglary (someone was home) and stupidly plead guilty. I’m being sentenced on october 24th.I beg that others join me in prayer that I receive mercy and leniency and do not go to prison. Everyone I know is pissed that I’m even being sentenced, due to the details of the crime. But it is what it is. Ideally please pray that I receive probation (unconfined not confined probation,) or community service. My judge is extremely tough, to the point that its unethical so I’m scared.

  37. 437
    Amanda Says:

    Please send energy healing for/to my sons Treylogan, Elijah-river,and Gabriel they have been in trouble with the Law and need healing so they can see their worth getting back on track. Also for my daughter Autumn-faith who helps me manage the stress of her brothers. and my grandson Angel who is a joy but now that my son his father is in jail i have him full time and he is wearing me down! thank you so much for this website and all the valuable information!thank you…

  38. 438
    Irene Breedlove Says:

    need positive energy sent to inspector concerning me n my car dealers license to be approved trying to start my own business for my children single mom of 5 boys 7 grands help….

  39. 439
    love all Says:

    I sincerely call upon the universe to shower grace on all of us here and elsewhere and heal all our ailing relationships of marriage, friendship,unrequited love and animosity.

    I send lots of love, laughter, light peace, blessings, kisses and huggs to my love Henrique who I am sure will awaken to my love soon. Muaahhhh 🙂 XOXOXOXO

    I thank the universe generously for having Henrique in my life and trust that our relationship will be restored and we will start communicating with each other with love, forgiveness and compassion again.

  40. 440
    Greg Sandifer Says:

    I am wishing Patricia Adams would stop ignoring me.

  41. 441
    michael atlanta Says:

    may all be bless with all they need and more may you all keep the faith and keep going do not give up on any of your goals and dreams all my love

  42. 442
    Angela D Says:

    I will pass my math praxis exam tonight!!!!! I am confident and good at math. I will complete the test effortlessly and feel calm while doing so. I am ready to take this test. I WILL pass my exam!!!!!!!!!

  43. 443
    CC Hamilton Says:

    I need help in clearing, releasing and eliminating the negative energy that exists in this dwelling I live in. This has been documented by people who come into your home with their equipment and investigate such matters. Whoever is here doesn’t want me here and they use energy in a very distorted manner. Today I felt a heavy pressure on my head like something was pressing down on it. I would like to look forward to coming home but I really don’t under these circumstances. They have affected every area of my life in a very negative way. I want to raise my vibration but find it very difficult to do so. Is there anything that any one can do? I live in Jessup MD which is three miles from a jail where there has been much violence. I live alone and don’t have any family or anyone I can trust to confide in.

  44. 444
    rea Says:

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    I have jokned your feed and sit up for in the hunt for mlre of your wonderful post.
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  45. 445
    Marie Says:

    Kindly send some positive energy my way – my body will know to distribute it to areas of concern. Thank you all in advance

  46. 446
    sexercise workouts Says:

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  47. 447
    elegun adahosu Says:

    I am seeking help for all those who seek me out for help I want to help all those who come to me for help and to get them what they want and to all those who are in need of help on this site I am sending out white light to all of you as well.

  48. 448
    Akinnah Says:

    I thank the universe for once again granting my requests and I want to give back sending positive energy, love, peace and healing to everyone in need right now including my loved ones near and far.

  49. 449
    Elegun Says:

    taleea gibson needs a lot of help at this time so I am asking all who can to send her all the positive vibes you can so that she will overcome this little thing that she has to overcome. Thank you so much all of you for all of your help in this matter.

  50. 450
    Sai Says:

    Gujarat te have fakt guratajio nu hovu joie.khao to gurataji nu khavdavo to guratajine lado to gujarat mate ane maro to gujarat mate.sau gurataji ek thai chalo gujarat ne fari banaviye keshubhai patel na sath sahkar sathe

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