Need a hug? Free Cyber Hugs here!

Sometimes all you need is a hug to get you through.   While that human contact is great, sometimes for one reason or another there is no one else around to provide that loving warmth.   Because we are all energy senders and all need a hug now and then I give you the Free Cyber Hugs page!

All you have to do is let us know in the comment section that you need a hug.  All who visit this page will then send you a loving spiritual energy hug.  We’ll mentally surround you with a warm positive loving energy to lift your spirits.  So, once you leave your request you may start feeling loving energy boosts throughout your days as your fellow energy senders surround you with that powerful love energy.

If you haven’t seen the famous free hugs video I encourage you to watch it below before leaving your request for a free hug.  And, while here please give those who have left a request a nice spiritual energy hug.  That loving energy will return to you magnified and amplified in power.

Famous Free Hugs Video


Request Your Free Cyber Hug

So, just request your free cyber hug below in the comments section and get ready for some spiritual boosts throughout your days ahead!


Bob K.

450 Responses to “Need a hug? Free Cyber Hugs here!”

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  1. 401
    Greg Sandifer Says:

    I would hugs and would like to send out hugs and lots of love!

  2. 402
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  3. 403
    M Says:

    Big hugs to all

  4. 404
    Manish Says:

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  5. 405
    Mel Says:

    Open to receiving and giving hugs
    To more hugs, love, light, prosperity and good health today

  6. 406
    Teddy Says:

    Here’s to all in need of a loving hug on this planet, l to am open to receiving a loving hug.
    I wish you all Peace Beyond All Understanding, Blessing upon all my brothers and sisters :-))

  7. 407
    Georgina Says:

    Sending hugs to everyone and open to receiving. Bless all.

  8. 408
    mel Says:

    garatefully sending and open to receiving lots of healing prosperous hugs thank you

  9. 409
    Georgina Says:

    Sending out love and hugs to everyone on the planet. I would also love to receive hugs also. Love you all.

  10. 410
    Zeta Says:

    Hello lovely people. I’ve been under some spell for many months, and it’s all has come to its head during past several days. I feel like at home there is something that keeps pushing and forcing me to do something I don’t want to do. When I am not at home I feel my amazing self. I would really appreciate if love and hugs are sent to me to increase my strength and protection. Thank you so so much and I send you lots of love, too! xxx

  11. 411
    Pedro Says:

    I send all a cyber HUG, and I gladly accept yours.

  12. 412
    Zakir Says:

    I just popped over to have a look. Came via Vince’s site. I have only lekood at two of your cards so far but wanted to say I love what you do with the inside. Looks as pretty as the outside. Going back to have a further nose but wanted to tell you what I thought before I forget. Negative comments????? Surely you don’t get any.

  13. 413
    Jhon Says:

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  14. 414
    Jean Says:

    I need some hugs and am sending hugs to anyone who wants or needs them

  15. 415
    asmita Says:

    I give lots of lovely hugs to all in this universe n love to receive d same for me….

  16. 416
    David "DJ" Says:

    ~My heart expanded~ to the FREE HUGS video, where was this shot btw??? Someday I would like to do this and video tape it in SAN DIEGO,,,pls reply I am an action man,,,
    ~FREE HUGS~ to the love of my life, who saved my life when I was on the floor convulsing in my bed room, you called the 911, you saw the cross that Jesus put over my heart (picture evidence from my hospital bed) for non believers out here, thank you Jesus for the love of my life Rachel R, help her and I to begin communicating again, to fall in love with her all over again, I pray Jesus to keep everyone’s mind safe from Satans evil schemes, I truly respect and honor ~FREE HUGS~ love, the first and second heaven have no love at all, I’ve been there during my surgeries, even saved people from first and second heaven to see the light of The Christ in the Third Heaven~ if this has saved one soul my job here is done~ amen DJV AMEN RACHEL R AMEN YOU FOR READING THISS

  17. 417
    asmita Says:

    I need cyber hugs for my studies and carrier n giving it to all in the universe

  18. 418
    Vivian Says:

    I am sending out enormous hugs to Brian Lynch and Missy Cremin, may God protect you both and bring you both back into my life. I miss you both so much. I need a big, sincere hug.

  19. 419
    Vivian Says:

    I send out an enormous, loving hug to everyone in the universe!

  20. 420
    Rino Says:

    Hello Pops,I just came over from Bev Rochester. But sure not for the candy, i love the way you make your cards They are all very very pretty! Your coronilg is so beautiful and all those lovely details on your cards, i saw you give the cute images even an nose, great! Your cards will give me inspiration in the future.Hugs Thea

  21. 421
    Dudu Says:

    Congratulations with soo many followers hun, but no suiprrse with all the gorgeous work, you re always sharing inhere. It s always a pleasure to watch your stunning creations and I sure gets so much great inspiration from you as well, so thanks a lot for that too hun. Hope to see your gorgeous work for many many more years to come.

  22. 422
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send out cyber hugs to michelle Triska and Amber hill light love too ohio usa

  23. 423
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send a cyber hug to Patricia Garfield hts Ohio

  24. 424
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send cyber hugs to patricia

  25. 425
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send virtual love hugs to michelle Triska, Cheryl Kelley, mom, Lisa, Tammy, Linda geo Karen, dad cousins parents family members, dogs, bird, anyone else who comes into my life to be nice bless me

  26. 426
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send virtual love hugs to michelle, Cheryl Kelley, mom, Lisa, Tammy, Linda geo Karen, dad cousins parents family members, dogs, bird, anyone else who comes into my life to be nice bless me

  27. 427
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send virtual love hugs to Cheryl Kelley, mom, Lisa, Tammy, Linda geo Karen, dad cousins parents family members, dogs, bird, anyone else who comes into my life to be nice bless me

  28. 428
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send tons of virtual love hugs to Cheryl Kelley, mom, Lisa, Tammy, Linda geo Karen, dad cousins parents family members, dogs, bird, anyone else who comes into my life to be nice bless me and Michelle marie Triska

  29. 429
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send virtual love hugs to David piscura kamia , prisoners people who bless me

  30. 430
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send virtual love hugs to chark patients

  31. 431
    michelle Triska Says:

    Request michelle Triska parma ohio usa tons of free cyber hugs holly gardener too

  32. 432
    michelle Triska Says:

    Request michelle Triska parma ohio usa tons of free cyber hugs holly gardener too light love healing ongoing to geo also and the gays

  33. 433
    annoynumus Says:

    Send Johnny free cyber hugs love light healing parma ohio usa

  34. 434
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send Jeff ongoing cyber hugs parma ohio usa

  35. 435
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send trials family members and dizzy tons of cyber hugs love light thoughts guidance wisdom knowledge success luck protection safety joy and prosperity throughout the day parma ohio usa 44131 and barb she gets her hearing back

  36. 436
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send liliana Patti, Debbie free cyber hugs love light thoughts guidance wisdom knowledge success luck protection healing ongoing parma ohio 44134

  37. 437
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send cyber hug to Reggie my cat, Karen New people at my apartment love light thoughts guidance wisdom knowledge healing parma ohio usa 44134

  38. 438
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send cyber hugs to michelle Triska parma ohio usa 44134 blessed week ongoing reiki healing for health problems from psychiatry and medicine

  39. 439
    michelle m triska Says:

    please send reiki for my diseases
    parma, ohio 44134

  40. 440
    online degrees Says:

    First of all: Great theme! I love it, and I think it suits my webpage perfectly. Thank you! I have one small problem with the footer though; it won’t stick to the bottom of the page! If the page I’m viewing has less content than the sidebar, the footer cuts right through the middle of it. I’ve tried to google this problem, but the solutions I find doesn’t seem to quite suit this theme – and it doesn’t help that I really suck at php and css and all that stuff

  41. 441
    Carolyn Says:

    Please send Carolyn hugs for grief and much sadness with relationships that have gone sour and for all the turmoil I am going through in Aurora CO. Very hard to face each day. Thanks so much

  42. 442
    Molly Says:

    My daughter Molly is a student in Ireland. She is a long way from home and is feeling homesick. .. she is also sick in bed.. I am desperate to get hugs to her xx

  43. 443
    Kenneth Says:

    My fiancé lives 8000 miles away. I sure could use a hug.

  44. 444
    Vasanthi Says:

    Send me my husband my son inlaw Madan my daughter Spandana my baby grandson Yashaswin hugs
    Thank u so much

  45. 445
    Andre Says:

    WOW Pops you do spoil us!!! Not only with this awesome candy but with all the gerogous creations you share with us, it would be silly not to visit your amazing blog!!!!!Hugs, IrenePS: I do have a question: those gerogous corners you use so often on your cards (mainly in Kraft cardstock)..where are they from Pops??????

  46. 446
    Enriqueta Says:

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    site can go viral, you need some initial traffic only.
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  47. 447
    Cassandra Says:

    I need help. Severe pain in lower hips and right arm. Much difficulty walking.
    Thank you

  48. 448
    Patricia Enola Says:

    I love this. I do need a hug every day. I want to ask if you will send my son, Kyle, a hug and please make it ongoing. Thank you so much.

  49. 449
    elder charles johnson Says:

    hugs to all my family today

  50. 450
    idea borhani Says:

    send me your energy

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