Need a hug? Free Cyber Hugs here!

Sometimes all you need is a hug to get you through.   While that human contact is great, sometimes for one reason or another there is no one else around to provide that loving warmth.   Because we are all energy senders and all need a hug now and then I give you the Free Cyber Hugs page!

All you have to do is let us know in the comment section that you need a hug.  All who visit this page will then send you a loving spiritual energy hug.  We’ll mentally surround you with a warm positive loving energy to lift your spirits.  So, once you leave your request you may start feeling loving energy boosts throughout your days as your fellow energy senders surround you with that powerful love energy.

If you haven’t seen the famous free hugs video I encourage you to watch it below before leaving your request for a free hug.  And, while here please give those who have left a request a nice spiritual energy hug.  That loving energy will return to you magnified and amplified in power.

Famous Free Hugs Video


Request Your Free Cyber Hug

So, just request your free cyber hug below in the comments section and get ready for some spiritual boosts throughout your days ahead!


Bob K.

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  1. 51
    nick Says:

    Thank you. God Bless

  2. 52
    Sally Says:

    Hello Beautiful Vibers, Could you please send some hugs to my Dad who’s feeling a little bit lost at the moment. Thank you and a big Fuzzy Wuzzy Warm Hug from me to you…………much love, Sally.

  3. 53
    DebiTN Says:

    Right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder, squeeze. I have sent this hug to all who need this universal hug. Send some back to me. Need some universal love. Thanks.

  4. 54
    alfa Says:

    hugs from all plzzzzzz,like…Right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder, squeeze. I have sent this hug to all who need this universal hug. Send some back to me. Need some universal love. Thanks.

  5. 55
    timmy Says:

    hi everyone im brand new to the site and having a real bad year so far and in desperate need of a hug thanks.

  6. 56
    Yvonne Says:

    I sow a abundance of hugs to everyone. Please take as many as you need. Please know that you are loved and important. Your presence in life is a clear indication of that. You are special and there is only one you. Wouldn’t you say that makes you unique. I hope I have touched someone heart, because the hugs that were given to me touch mine. Thank you.

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    […] P.S. Have you had a cyber hug lately?  Why not get a Free Cyber Hug now? […]

  8. 58
    Paul McCabe Says:

    thanks i needed a hug

  9. 59
    Earl Halstead Says:

    Hi Everyone,
    God must have sent me to this site. I want to give a energy hug to everyone which is filled with love. In believing in the Law of Attraction I am expecting it to return to me. Thanks to everyone.

  10. 60
    Sally Says:

    Hey Fellow Vibers, Thanks for those wonderful Hugs last month. They helped alot.

    Need some hugs…….there’s a big supply here……xoxoxo

  11. 61
    Traci Says:

    This is one of my favorite videos of all time! Receiving hugs from all of you would absolutely make my day, and please accept the hugs that I’m giving all of you right back! Keep that positive energy flowing!

  12. 62
    J J Says:

    How wonderful …………very moving ……… tears…………video
    thank you
    I charge all these hugs with “smiles, healing, happy days, to all, its free……….just keep hugging……….me
    and everyone else on this wonderful planet………….

  13. 63
    shirley Says:

    i was working in a old peoples home till christmas and i got very ill…and i do miss all the hugs i gave to them, i got so much out of it.
    i give the biggest BIGGEST HUG, (all the saved up hugs of six months)
    To all who are in need..
    i am sure it will all come back to me thrice fold

  14. 64
    Barbara PK Says:

    What an inspirational video. I just shared this with my daughter and challenged her to share Free Hugs with me one day this week in a public place. I love you and send hugs to all. May you feel the warmth of my love and the squeeze of my arms wrapped around you. We all need to feel the pure energy of Love and what better way than thru a hug. When the “intention” is in “truth” it has to go out to where truth and love is needed. Thank You all. I am so glad I can share and get back to the “me” I use to be. Happy, loving , hugging, fool.

  15. 65
    preeti Says:

    lots of love and a biiiggg hug to everyone:) give me a hug…love

  16. 66
    Gerri Says:

    What a wonderful loving and inspirational video! Thank you so much for the video and I am sending lots of hugs and happiness and joy to everyone! God Bless you all!

  17. 67
    Henrik Bolander Says:

    A nice vid.When you radiate love you get love they say.So now I radiate hugs to everyone here so you can also radiate hugs to me.right.

  18. 68
    Phylis Bruno Says:

    A hug a day keeps the doctor a way. I will radiate hugs to everyone here my cousins Tony and Barbara as well.

  19. 69
    Sheia L Davis Says:

    Lots of hugs to everyone.
    I need to GIVE and RECEIVE lots of hugs.

  20. 70
    Ricardo Viesca Says:

    Well, I have been in such pressure because although I have a lot of work in my job (I´m freelancer) the people to whom I work delays between 45 to 60 for the payment and only when I have finished all; there are not partial payments.
    Also, I have 2 kids at College, the older is a year from now to end his career, but is very expensive (Gastronomy) and the youngest, my girl, is beginning now, was going to study in a public university, but in the last minutes she decided to study in a private one, and nevertheless is not so expensive, right now I don´t have enough for her subscription.
    I really need a hugh!
    Thank you!

  21. 71
    Shirin Says:

    I need hugs and spritual positive energy.
    thank you all

  22. 72
    Alexander Says:

    Hug the Universe and she (!) will hug you with love!

  23. 73
    Fernanda Says:

    Hi, I need a big hug today and a lot of positive energy.
    Lots of hugs to everyone,

  24. 74
    Chris Says:

    I feel scared at the moment, thanks for your hugs.

  25. 75
    Darryl Says:

    Going through divorce and wife is trying to take me to the cleaners even though I’m disabled and at this current time barly have enough money to life on but that, I know, is only a temporary situation because I can see extreme wealth that I have now

  26. 76
    ofelio Says:

    I am down and troubled, needing all the hugs in this wide world. Please come to my rescue. Thanks!

  27. 77
    sonofzeus Says:

    Please send me some posiive energy, please. Its just getting tougher and tougher every day I cant seem to keep up the fight, ( dads getting worse, work is just too much, money is slowly disapearing. I just dont know please please sen me some positive enrgy, please. GOD BLESS us all with universal strength, love and peace. GOD BLESS YOU.

  28. 78
    Erich Says:

    A strong alpha male macho hug to everyone in need. Don’t worry, it’s gentle. 😀

  29. 79
    preeti Says:

    Loads and loads of hugs to everyone…. love you all…god bless u

  30. 80
    I F Liew Says:

    I need a hug from everyone of you so that I could be calmer, brighter, more align to the universal energy, more harmony in my life, more uplifted, more lucky, etc… 🙂 May the Universe bless everyone of you too!

  31. 81
    Billy Says:

    Hugs, lots of love, positivity, abundance, luck and protection to every one of you from me in Columbus, Ohio.


  32. 82
    James Says:

    hi this is james in phoenix. I would like to request a hug because I’ve been a little low lately. I would also like to provide hugs to everyone on here.

    If there is no one else around I would like to let everyone know they are now getting a huge squeeze from me : )

  33. 83
    Traci Says:

    Lots and lots of hugs to everyone here, and thank you in advance for all of the hugs you’re sending….it’s more appreciated than you know!!

  34. 84
    jan robson Says:

    sending hugs and positive energy to all of you. Please could i request hugs and positive energy from all in return..please send your powerful positivity for me and my family. Thanks and HUGS x

  35. 85
    Eleni Says:

    I hug everybody and send my positive energy with my hugs.

    God Bless!

  36. 86
    Earl Says:

    Hi everyone out there. I am so pleased that this site is in existence. I feel so good knowing that I can play a part in someone”s life. I am sending out positive energy to all. I am expecting the energy to be returned to me. God Bless!!!! (Smile)

  37. 87
    Edwin Says:

    I F Liew I am sending you my bigest hug and love to you. and all the vital waves group. God bless everyone of you.


  38. 88
    eDwarD Says:

    Its not a mistake that I found tis site. I feel better already! I have tears of happiness in my eyes! I am truely feeling the love of you all. Thank you so much for being you. May God bless each and every one of you. And I pray that your prayers are fulfilled.

    Thank you again. Love and hugs
    From Texas and me

  39. 89
    ofelio Says:

    Need the warmest hud each day? Here it is. I am sending it to keep you reassured that you will never be alone. Feel it then.

  40. 90
    Chris Says:

    Wow, cyber hugs, what a concept!
    Everbody needs a hug and sometimes there’s just no one to turn to.
    Thanks to all who take the time to care

  41. 91
    melissa Says:

    I need a hug, the world needs a hug, i’m sending lots of hugs, and need to receive hugs also…

  42. 92
    Isa Says:

    I need a hug…I am sending you hugs in return…thanks a million:)

  43. 93
    Anna Says:

    I could certainly use a hug and I send some warm and cuddly hugs back to everyone.

  44. 94
    joan Says:

    I need a hug and positive energies and I give hug and positive vibes in return. I am grateful for all your hugs
    thank u all

  45. 95
    jessica Says:

    I need a hug…… Sending everyone a (HUG)

  46. 96
    Freya Moonsister Says:

    Dear Ones,

    I asked Amma, to Hug&Heal all the Pains&Hurts away from You in Her Oceon of Love, with Ease&Grace, for Your Highest Good&the Highest Good
    of All.


  47. 97
    Anna Says:

    I send everyone a warm hug and infinite blessings. X

  48. 98
    samah Says:

    I hug you warmly with all my spiritual and positive energy. I request your hug ,as well as love ,peace and positive energy.

  49. 99
    HILARY Says:

    I cannot receive your love hug without at the same time hugging you back.
    As I need a hug right now, all I have to do is give one away.
    Heres yours my friend.

    Love,light,joy. x

  50. 100
    Annika Says:

    I need a hug. And here´s a big hug to all of you!

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