Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy

Vital Waves is for all those wishing to send and receive loving spiritual energy for a specific purpose.  

If you or a friend or loved one or just someone you know, need energy or prayers for anything please feel free to leave your request here.   You can request spiritual energy for yourself or friends for specific things like healing, more abundance or wealth, love, fighting depression, better relationships, debt relief, weight loss, peace or anything at all.

And, we have now launched our free virtual cyber hugs campaign.  You can request that others send you free cyber hugs and also send those who have requested it a virtual love hug as well!

Simply choose the page that your request fits in.   For instance in the sidebar at the right you’ll notice a variety of pages for specific requests including; the Spiritual Debt Help page, the Manifest Prosperity page, the distant energy healing page, etc… we even have a page where you can send and receive spiritual energy for your pets.
Once you go to the particular page you can submit your request in the comments section on that particular page.   If your request doesn’t seem to fit a specific category just use the miscellaneous energy sending for any purpose page.   We also have specific pages if you want positive energy for your relationships or if you need loving energy sent for depression.   We also have a page where you can send and receive energy for weight loss.   

When you leave your request please use the first name and location of the person or pet who needs the energy sent.   For instance, Crystal N. from San Diego, CA or Clyde the potbellied pig from Arkansas.   You get the idea.  That will help those that send out the energy to get a mental picture of where their energy and prayers are being directed. 

As more and more folks visit this site you’ll have more and more people sending You prayers and positive thoughtwaves of powerful energy if you leave a request.   And, remember you are encouraged to return on a regular basis to leave more requests and send more energy.   So, why not let the universe and others know what you need right now.  The sooner you put your request out there the sooner the universe and your fellow energy senders can start sending the good positive thought vibrations your way.   One request could go a long way… 

Please feel free to use this site often for any request that you might have, whether it be for you or someone you know, or even someone you don’t know but that you think needs our thoughts and prayers.

Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

More and more scientific studies point to the reality that we all have the ability to positively affect others with our thoughts and intentions.   That is the whole purpose of the Vital Waves site.  There are of course many experienced distant healers and energy senders on the planet.  We are already fortunate to have some of these professionals coming to the Vital Waves site on a regular basis and sending their powerful loving energy to those that have made requests. 

We want to thank those experienced energy senders and invite all other professional energy senders to help us out.  If you are an experienced energy sender please visit our Calling All Distant Healers page and let us know who you are.  It will serve as an encouragement for all those who visit.  

And, to help us all out further please visit our Secrets of Sending Energy at a distance page and let us know what works for you as an energy sender.  Sharing your secrets will help all of us on this site become even more powerful energy senders.   To that end I encourage everyone of our Vital Wavers to visit the Secrets of Sending Energy page regularly to learn knew techniques as they are shared with those already doing this professionally.

We are All Positive Energy Senders

But our site is not just for professionals, as stated before we all are powerful energy senders and consequently all visitors are encouraged to be spiritual energy senders and help out all those who need our help.  To that end just pick a page in the sidebar to the right and go to that page in question.   Once there view the comments section and start sending your loving thoughts and prayers to those who have requested help.

This site is not affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual belief system.  So, when you send loving spiritual energy to the person in need you are welcome to do so in the manner that you find most comfortable.   

Join our Free Vital Waves Group

Want to keep the positive waves of energy coming your way?  Then please join our free Vital Waves Update.  We’ll keep you updated every couple of weeks with a short email letting you know what is new on the Vital Waves site.  If we have some special energy sending that needs to be done we’ll let you know of that as well. 

Privacy Policy:  Your privacy is very important.  Know that we will not sell, rent or give away your email info to anyone for any purpose.    Also, if you haven’t already done so please join the free energy sending group at the positive affirmations site  There you’ll have access to numerous positive affirmation videos, meditation music videos, guided audio meditations, abundance attracting information and much more.  

thank you,  

Bob K. Manifest Your Dreams at Wealth Vibes

P.S. thank you for all the great posts we have received so far and the tremendous energy that is being generated!  May you all overflow with abundance and love!  

Get Spiritually Charged with our All New Healing Pictures

Please visit our Healing Pictures page to see how you can help turn our Vital Waves site into a spiritual place of power that can have you on the receiving end of loving energy even if you decide not to ever make a comment!   Click the Healing Pictures  link right here or visit anytime via the sidebar on the right.  Thank you my fellow Energy Senders!

2,333 Responses to “Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy”

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  1. 51
    tya Says:

    hi everyone. i need all your positive energy to help me build a new life positively and successfully in all apsects. help me attract my soul mate.I will do so in return for you..thank you all

  2. 52
    Giancarlo Says:

    I send all of you lots and lots of loving positive energy and speedy manifestations of all your desires.

    Please send me positive energy for a girl I try to love with God’s love or her equivalent, the divine selection. The girl I like I send her a perfect, unselfish love, demanding nothing in return, not criticising or condemning, and blessing this person wherever she is.

    God bless you all abundantly with his love,


  3. 53
    Anne Says:

    Lots of love to all!! i send a burst of good energy to you. Send me energy to get a car. Send me prosperity energy. Here’s energy to make your desire come true!

  4. 54
    King Says:

    The JOY of heaven now goes out to all

  5. 55
    judson Says:

    peace and blessings to you,

    i am a husband, and father of four. my oldest son is battling accute lymphoblastic luekemia. we have it in remission, thanks be to the heavens. my request is that you all would send positive vibes in regards to our housing situation. our mortgage is in foreclosure, and we need a miracle: $10,000.00 in this now to get it re-instated, or $170,000.00 to pay it off in full. thank-you all for your kind, and powerfull thoughts regarding this matter.

  6. 56
    John Joe Says:

    Bless you all and may you receive the power to give you the spiritual energy to manifest all you piece of mind.

    Please help me have peace of mind. Also my niece Katie is going through a very tough time with an abusive relationship.

    Bless you all and bless my and Katie with peace of mind. She is the heart of gold – bless her – she has had a hard life – she is only a child and deserves better.

    Bless you all

  7. 57
    Anne Says:


  8. 58
    Kim Says:

    I offer my energies to all of you, that you may be blessed with the fulfillment of your needs and desires.

    I ask for energies for myself and my family. My husband is potentially facing double bypass surgery. In addition to bringing him complete and swift healing, I ask for energies that we may pass through this period with as little financial stress as possible. He is the breadwinner of our family, and while he is out of work for this condition, we have no money coming in.

    So, may we all be blessed with good health, unlimited wealth, and abundant love.

  9. 59
    Kevin Says:

    Good Morning friends. I am new to this site and I look forward to sharing my blessings and positive energy to one and all. I am grateful for the things in my life but I find myself in the need of blessings in the abundance of wealth as some things that have occurred recently that has caused financial worries. May everyones desires come to them and peace be in the world.
    New York

  10. 60
    David Says:

    To all those in need today I am sending forth all my energy which WILL resonate in the lives of all of those here who desire it !

    BELIEVE and it is so !!!

    Mark 10:27 ” With GOD , ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE ! ”

    I love and BELIEVE in all of YOU !
    You ARE healed !
    You ARE prosperous !
    You HAVE a loving and lasting relationship !

    Just open yourself up and ALLOW these things to come to YOU !
    Remember , YOU do deserve them !!!


  11. 61
    James Dsouza Says:

    hi everybody,
    Please send me all your prayers and healing energy, I need it very badly,cause nothing is working right for me at the moment , m jobless, no lovelife, life seems frustating, so please pray for me.

    god bless u’ll

  12. 62
    David Says:

    Dear FRIENDS !
    On this Thanksgiving Day I want to share with all of YOU the fact that I am deeply GRATEFUL for ALL OF YOU !

    May God and the Universe He manifested with His annointed power rain down blessing after blessing on EACH OF YOU !!!

    I am sending my love and my STRENGTH to YOU ! BELIEVE and KNOW …


  13. 63
    Julie Says:

    Sending positive healing energy and love to all people and to all things…

  14. 64
    Rosallinda Says:

    Please send good joyful energy to sell my horse, and that I have penny of

    $$ to start my business with my buzz bites.

    Thank you all!! 🙂

  15. 65
    anne Says:

    I bless everyone of you to receive the desires of your heart. May we all treat each other with the respect and dignity, we all desire for ourselves. God grant you peace and love. It is DONE.

  16. 66
    Mr. Dennis Says:

    Hello to all,

    I want to first show my gratitude and appreciation for everyone here and the developers of this positive website. You all have my blessings and are in my prosperity prayers for the highest good of all.

    Im seeking positive energy and vibes for me to rid procrastination completely form my life, and to manifest enough monthly income from my executive sales position and my investments to obtain my own home (my goal is $15,000 per month in sales) Im writing a self-help book that can not only change my life but also the life’s of others and I want to get all the information out of my head and into the hands of the people that truly need the information that I have to offer. I am also seeking positive energy to help me manifest great wealth, prosperity, abundance, inner peace and overall positive increase in my life. Any prayers, waves, vibes ect. will be greatly appreciated.

    I ask that positive vibes be sent towards my situation.

    Thank you all and God bless.

    Mr. Dennis
    Los Angeles, Ca

  17. 67
    David Says:

    I am sending each of you all the positive vibrations I can muster !
    I KNOW that if we all just hang on and KEEP BELIEVING that GOOD THINGS MUST MANIFEST !!!

    Thoughts DO become things my dear friends ! I BELIEVE in each of YOU !

    Every blessing be upon you !

    P.S. My daughter whom I have asked for assistance for here in the past DID get a NEW JOB last week ! So… THANK YOU to all of you who sent her your help ! You in turn will be twice blessed !

  18. 68
    mersiha Says:

    I wish you can help me understand my spiritual gifts, let me understand how to use it and apply it. I wish that your positive energy can help me clear my mind better in my life and help me find or keep my soul mate closer
    Thank You and I believe in the spiritual energy. I hope my request will find you and my energy touch yours aswell. god bless

  19. 69
    georgina Says:

    Could all of you positive thinking and good souls send all the positive energy you can muster towards my country Greece so that all the anger and negativity go away? thank you from the depths of my heart.
    Love and peace

  20. 70
    Vicky Says:

    Greetings. With this note comes love and best wishes to you. I am a widowed mother and freelance graphic artist who is actively looking for work and/or a job. I would really appreciate it if you could send me positive energy toward that goal. We are in danger of losing everything… time is of the essence. Brothers and sisters, I know that there is strength in numbers so please pray for me and my family. Thank you so much & God bless.

  21. 71
    Richard Says:

    I am sending all the Positive Energy to everyone that need or have any type of want or desire. This energy is being put into motion from that it start taking seed in the Universe place into action.
    Remember, whatever you think it has started to be put into action by the Universe.
    May the Heavenly blessings rest upon all of us.

  22. 72
    Kim Says:

    Peace, Love and happiness to everyone out there….always and forever in our hearts, mind and soul. May the joys of life flourish plentiful to all…

  23. 73
    Vijayaraj Says:

    I am with all my heart and soul, sending to all who need positive energy.
    This also I beleive will bring Good to my family who are going through bad times.
    Always I sincerely feel that for all in problems ,with spirutual energy only Positive things will manifest

  24. 74
    Jameel Says:

    I wish I can find my purpose in life and how I can truly serve humanity. Also I wish my business can grow faster than I can receive the blessings!

  25. 75
    Howard Says:

    I wish to receive enough money to retire from work (I am 67)

  26. 76
    Sheri Says:

    I would like to receive distance healing on all levels of my body. Thank u very much in advance.

  27. 77
    Elize Says:

    Im sending abundance in health, wealth and relationships to all who read this!!!!!

  28. 78
    Philip Masters Says:

    Hi, Will you please help me attract, health wealth and happiness.
    Thankyou so much.
    Love to you all

    philip England

  29. 79
    Patsy Says:

    I would like to share with you what God has shone me. That he promised each and every soul born a legend of Angels, do you know how many Angels are in a legend? 10,000!!!!! And that we can call on them ANY time we want for any thing we want or need. Just think about that for a moment – wrap your mind around that. And Angels LOVE TO WORK, they are their happiest while working.That is what God designed them for and they are in their element while serving. I don’t care how petty your request may be, call them to help you and you will be so astonished that you wonder why you didn’t know this before. Example of what I might call petty-I never-I don’t care how full the parking lot is, I call on my parking Angels and get a place right up front – every time and I mean every time. They just love to work and can’t wait until you call them again. I am always asking them to “camp out and around me” and help me to make good decisions, do the right thing for me and others around me and to open doors to new oppurtunity. NOW can you imagine if millions of us did this on a regular basis – the light this would bring into the world. Most of the darkness would disapate. So I am sending all of you out there the challange to take GOD up on his offer and watch the amazing results in you and in the world. God Bless all of you – for we are all connected.

  30. 80
    georgina Says:

    expect and receive miracles.
    recite this every day:I’m sorry. Please forgive me.Thank you.I love you.
    Love,Peace and Light to all of you.

  31. 81
    Sharon Rineer Says:

    Happy Holidays everyone I hope everyone is full of the Gifts God has for us and everyone is enjoying their loved one during this holiday season for me i hope to find more prosperty this coming year and to find my true love who will appriciate the loving gifts i have to offer Happy holidays everyone

  32. 82
    David Says:

    This Christmas Day is going to be a challenge to many across the world . In these recent dark days with financial ruin constantly on the front page and terrorist attacks world wide escalating and our OWN sense of personal wellbeing challenged seemingly everyday in some palpable way , it may be even HARDER for some to find that ” Christmas ” feeling of warmth and love and sharing …

    I LOVE Christmas ! I love everything about it ! It is for me the bright shining example , given at least once a year , that there IS still hope that peace and love CAN and should guide our minds and hearts to a better way of ” BEING ” …
    I aspire to that example given over 2000 years ago in that small manger in Bethlehem . Even if you are not a particularly strong believer in that ” form ” of God incarnate I believe we can STILL take away the profound lesson that LOVE is all ; and the sharing of this ” devine emotion ” is the greatest thing we can aspire to as people .

    I have felt compelled to write this because I feel that there are going to be many who are stressed and sadened by the fact that money IS tight this year and perhaps there won’t be many presents under that tree this time … BUT … that is precisely why THIS CHRISTMAS can be , and WILL be a wonderfilled one ! Less ” things ” under the tree means that we will have to DEMONSTRATE our love in other , more genuine and beautiful ways to our loved ones !!!

    The old Amish song says ” Tis a GIFT to be Simple , tis a gift to be FREE ! ” it IS a gift to have to DEMONSTRATE our affection ! It’s all to easy to buy something and say ” here ! THIS is how much I love YOU ! ” no… my friends , you can’t BUY love at the local department store . YOU can’t even purchase it ‘ on line ” ! Why ? because you carry the GREATEST GIFT within your own heart !!! SHARE IT freely this Christmas and SEE the miricales unfold for you and your loved ones ! Take time to stop worrying about the ” cost ” and share the best gift you could ever give someone else … YOU .

    I love ALL of you my dear friends ! I give myself because this is all I have to give you and it is the most precious thing I have to share …

    Merry Christmas !

    Your friend , David

  33. 83
    Targol Says:

    Dear all!

    I do need your loving spritual energy as I’m having financial difficulties.
    I also have a job opportunity, but I’m indecisive and not sure about accepting it or not, please send me some energy to make the right decision.

    Lots of LOVE to you
    May you all have the greatest Christmas and the Happiest New Year EVERRR!


  34. 84
    Edna Says:

    To all who read upon this site
    A merry wish to make things right
    What ere you desire shall come to you
    On wings of Love while Peace ensues



  35. 85
    MsPassion Says:

    $100,000,000.00 in 14 days – Also, I bless you with the desires of your heart. Thanks for the positive visits and prayers.

    “Expect and Receive Miracles”

  36. 86
    Zoran Says:

    Sending you all your true desires and wishes on xmas day. May all the love shared and felt on this profound day reverberate through all our hearts. I send healing, unlimited potential and wealth to everyone. I ask the universe for healing power and $20,000,000 on this blessed day!

    Love you all…


  37. 87
    Vijayaraj Vijayasarathy Says:

    I send healing energy to my father in law and mother in law who are in ICU in Kerala This is also for all others who are facing similar problems.
    I love everyone to enjoy good health


  38. 88
    Iraj Says:

    Hi Friends;
    My father, Iraj, has a big debt to pay and the date due is tomorrow the 29th of December. He also has asked for some more time, they’ll tell him tomorrow if he can extend the length ot he’ll lose his house.
    I really want all of you to pray for him so he can be happy and also not homeless.
    He really is looking froward for your prayers.
    Lots of LOVE to you


  39. 89

    Hi dear friends,
    I am with all the love of my heart sending positive energy to all in need.
    I wish to manifest with your help
    $2,000 extra this month.
    May all your wishes come true.

    love and light for you now and always!

    brisa, Midway City California.

  40. 90
    Sunil Singal Says:

    I wish all a very happy new year, sending all especially in financial crisis positive energy, and hoping to receive same. Chant “Om Hreem Shreem Namah” 108 times daily for next 40 days and see the effect.

    sunil singal

  41. 91

    Hi dear brothers and sisters,

    I am here today to wish you a Happy New Year!!
    I love you all with all my heart, wishing that 2009 brings health, love, light, peace, prosperity to the world!!
    May there always be light and love in your hearts forever, because remember that all we are is love and light.


    brisa, midwaycity california

  42. 92
    brisa Says:

    *****happy new year******

    2009 is going to be a wonderful year for everyone.
    I am sending positive, healing energy for all!
    I am happy because this is one more chance to make things right,
    remember, Where ever intention goes, Energy flows!
    I send you a big hug full of love and more love,
    please send positive and healing energy to Song, Kitty, Oscar, Linda and Brisa, in california.

    with love
    brisa ^_^

  43. 93
    naresh t dudani Says:

    Pl heal me of my acute bronchial asthama resulting in breathing problems
    and also lung malfunction. I am unable to work

    Pl help and God bless

    naresh t dudani

  44. 94
    Emily Says:

    Wishing everyone peace, power, prosperity,sucess, light and love. PLs. send me spiritual energy to manifest success, prosperity so that i can be a blessing to others and share my blessings. Thanks.

  45. 95
    Targol Says:

    Dear All;

    I would like to thank you for praying for my father, who had a big debt. Your prayer has been answered by the divine and his problem has miraculously solved.

    Now I do have to other prayer requests:
    1- Myself, Targol, has been encountering some financial issues and tightness, please pray for me to be supplied with the money that I need for my university tuition fee and also be always in abundance.

    2- Suzie; a friend of mine is in coma since the New Years’ Eve. She gave birth to her 4th child and she lost so much blood, as she is the mother of 4 young children now, please pray for her to get healed very soon and come back to her family again.
    Her children just want their mummyyyyyy and their father can’t do anything with them.



  46. 96
    Vijayaraj Vijayasarathy Says:

    I am to get my daughter married in few months,I am in great financial crisis.I want all my friends,brothers and sisters to muster all the positive energy to get over the crisis.I strongly believe that I will be able to get Jai Shruti married in Chennai .

  47. 97
    brisa Says:

    hi brothers and sisters,
    God bless us all!!

    always sending positive and healing energy to all.

    Please send positive and healing energy to oscar pilotzi and otoniel in california, they need health, and more spirituality in their life
    i am verry grateful, thank you

    much love

    brisa, california

  48. 98
    Rube Says:

    My Desire for us all is to live as God intended peace Joy LOVE & lavished abundance

  49. 99
    shanti Says:

    Greetings Dear Ones,I want to thank you for creating this sacred space for prayer.My request is to be held in prayer for freedom from the spirit of lust,and to be at peace and in love at all times.Thank You,and God Bless!

  50. 100
    Targol Says:

    Dear Friends;

    You are always in my prayers and may all the blessings be upon you.
    Please pray for me and send me energy to be financially secure, I need to pay for my tuition fee and also examination enrollment now.

    Lots of LOVE to you


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