Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy

Vital Waves is for all those wishing to send and receive loving spiritual energy for a specific purpose.  

If you or a friend or loved one or just someone you know, need energy or prayers for anything please feel free to leave your request here.   You can request spiritual energy for yourself or friends for specific things like healing, more abundance or wealth, love, fighting depression, better relationships, debt relief, weight loss, peace or anything at all.

And, we have now launched our free virtual cyber hugs campaign.  You can request that others send you free cyber hugs and also send those who have requested it a virtual love hug as well!

Simply choose the page that your request fits in.   For instance in the sidebar at the right you’ll notice a variety of pages for specific requests including; the Spiritual Debt Help page, the Manifest Prosperity page, the distant energy healing page, etc… we even have a page where you can send and receive spiritual energy for your pets.
Once you go to the particular page you can submit your request in the comments section on that particular page.   If your request doesn’t seem to fit a specific category just use the miscellaneous energy sending for any purpose page.   We also have specific pages if you want positive energy for your relationships or if you need loving energy sent for depression.   We also have a page where you can send and receive energy for weight loss.   

When you leave your request please use the first name and location of the person or pet who needs the energy sent.   For instance, Crystal N. from San Diego, CA or Clyde the potbellied pig from Arkansas.   You get the idea.  That will help those that send out the energy to get a mental picture of where their energy and prayers are being directed. 

As more and more folks visit this site you’ll have more and more people sending You prayers and positive thoughtwaves of powerful energy if you leave a request.   And, remember you are encouraged to return on a regular basis to leave more requests and send more energy.   So, why not let the universe and others know what you need right now.  The sooner you put your request out there the sooner the universe and your fellow energy senders can start sending the good positive thought vibrations your way.   One request could go a long way… 

Please feel free to use this site often for any request that you might have, whether it be for you or someone you know, or even someone you don’t know but that you think needs our thoughts and prayers.

Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

More and more scientific studies point to the reality that we all have the ability to positively affect others with our thoughts and intentions.   That is the whole purpose of the Vital Waves site.  There are of course many experienced distant healers and energy senders on the planet.  We are already fortunate to have some of these professionals coming to the Vital Waves site on a regular basis and sending their powerful loving energy to those that have made requests. 

We want to thank those experienced energy senders and invite all other professional energy senders to help us out.  If you are an experienced energy sender please visit our Calling All Distant Healers page and let us know who you are.  It will serve as an encouragement for all those who visit.  

And, to help us all out further please visit our Secrets of Sending Energy at a distance page and let us know what works for you as an energy sender.  Sharing your secrets will help all of us on this site become even more powerful energy senders.   To that end I encourage everyone of our Vital Wavers to visit the Secrets of Sending Energy page regularly to learn knew techniques as they are shared with those already doing this professionally.

We are All Positive Energy Senders

But our site is not just for professionals, as stated before we all are powerful energy senders and consequently all visitors are encouraged to be spiritual energy senders and help out all those who need our help.  To that end just pick a page in the sidebar to the right and go to that page in question.   Once there view the comments section and start sending your loving thoughts and prayers to those who have requested help.

This site is not affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual belief system.  So, when you send loving spiritual energy to the person in need you are welcome to do so in the manner that you find most comfortable.   

Join our Free Vital Waves Group

Want to keep the positive waves of energy coming your way?  Then please join our free Vital Waves Update.  We’ll keep you updated every couple of weeks with a short email letting you know what is new on the Vital Waves site.  If we have some special energy sending that needs to be done we’ll let you know of that as well. 

Privacy Policy:  Your privacy is very important.  Know that we will not sell, rent or give away your email info to anyone for any purpose.    Also, if you haven’t already done so please join the free energy sending group at the positive affirmations site  There you’ll have access to numerous positive affirmation videos, meditation music videos, guided audio meditations, abundance attracting information and much more.  

thank you,  

Bob K. Manifest Your Dreams at Wealth Vibes

P.S. thank you for all the great posts we have received so far and the tremendous energy that is being generated!  May you all overflow with abundance and love!  

Get Spiritually Charged with our All New Healing Pictures

Please visit our Healing Pictures page to see how you can help turn our Vital Waves site into a spiritual place of power that can have you on the receiving end of loving energy even if you decide not to ever make a comment!   Click the Healing Pictures  link right here or visit anytime via the sidebar on the right.  Thank you my fellow Energy Senders!

2,335 Responses to “Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy”

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  1. 1901
    Sethw19761 Says:

    I Just sent healing energy into the northern lights picture. I also meditated on healing the group and myself.Please send positive healing energy my way for the past 7mo. I have been run down and feeling lousy i coughed up blood the other night few teaspoons full pls. Help. Thanks I also send love health and healing,prosperity of every kind to all who read this.

  2. 1902
    geraldine Says:

    Dear Lord may I be healthy and happy, and may the whole universe. For all my fellows who are part of this web site, bless them in every way you can to fulfill their needs. May you light shine in to every corner of their lives. May all lives be enriched, nouriched lead us all to our promised land.For myself cleanses me of all the negitive situations I,ve endured thesr last few months. God Bless those who caused me the pain. May the door of abundance of life be open to me , I am ready to receive. Lord my hands are open to you. I welcome. Love and Light to .To my sister who has had treatment for cancer.Give her the strength to cope with all the emotions. Love to everyone

  3. 1903
    Leah Says:

    I send love and good energy to all!

  4. 1904
    anthoney Says:

    I send vital and positive energy to all who have required.

    I need your vital and positive energy to become a healer and used my talent to heal others though a meaningful ministry.


  5. 1905
    Jilly Says:

    I have an awful lot to ask today. Firstly my 83 year old dad has been taken into hospital with a chest infection. My friend Shirley is also in hospital with a kidney and bladder problem. Elizabeth is struggling financially and has awful relationship troubles, and Sharon is having a really tough time emotionally. Please can you send positive healing and energy to all of them. Thank you thank you thank you! xxxx

  6. 1906
    sesi Says:

    I send love and light to all. I also join my magnetizing waves with those of all who are seeking to be magnetic to positive energy, abundance and success in their endevours. May we all realize that everyday is a blessed and holy day.

  7. 1907
    ofelio Says:

    I am sending vital healing energy to those who are in need. Moreover energy of abundance for those who seek material resources. May God bless you all.

  8. 1908

    send positive energy i enter into a love relationship, and get healed of a hernia, gas, and diarrhea

  9. 1909

    please send love and light and positive energy i get a job, and a anti depressant comes out with out diarrhea as a side effect

  10. 1910
    kamal Says:

    Sending out positive healing energy to all those in need.I am sending my prayers and positive vibes to all. I send love and good energy to all!I need your vital and positive energy to become a good person ,help those in need.i have several problems in my life,but i know ill overcome them with positive attitude. Stay positive, and know that everything will be fine . thank you and love and light to all.MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  11. 1911

    send lots of postive vibes and healing energy that god brings me things that make me happy..and say prayers i am no longer confirmed to the world or psychiatry

  12. 1912
    jilly Says:

    Thanks to all of you sending positive energy and healing. Please keep sending healing to my dad who is in intensive care.
    I send gratitude and positive energy to all of

  13. 1913
    manoj meena Says:

    my father got brain strokes and right half body paralysed I can,t see him like this p. please…please….send spiritual healing positive energy for my father

  14. 1914
    manoj meena Says:

    I am sending healing energy from my heart to all of you I need healing energy for my paralysed father…..

  15. 1915
    Ruth Says:

    I am sending great possitive energy to the wold. blessings and healing for everybody who needs it. Love, Ruth

  16. 1916
    kamal Says:

    I send vital and positive energy to all who have required.Sending positive energy to everyone with thankfulness and gratitude.I need your vital and positive energy too.I send love and light to all . GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  17. 1917
    patrick Says:

    I need some help and positive energy because I need to get a job, please send me your prayers and blessings . I send everyone prayers and blessings.

  18. 1918
    dawn Says:

    my husband and i are separated by immigration and it is very hard. please send energy to help me to get to his country as soon as possible. thank you and God bless you all…

  19. 1919
    sesi Says:

    Sending positive healing energy to the world today. May we be able to release the things in our lives that prevents healing energy from working its magic.

  20. 1920
    sesi Says:

    I am also asking for help today. I am ready to move from the place I currently live into my own apartment. Please send me the energy and vibes that will make this transition almost effortlessly. I also want the energy and vibrations that will bring me the ability to maintain my new place of residence with ease. Thank you in advance for all your support.

  21. 1921
    charrise Says:

    Iam sending positive energy to the planet and to the wonnderful Beings on this earth. I would like to feel the experiance of recieving positive energy of the following feeding please in my new and never. Thank you so much many blessings 🙂

  22. 1922
    rose Says:

    May the Universe bless each fellow Viber with what each has requested. Through faith you shall receive. Trust that the Universe knows the right moment to bless you with your request.
    When two or more people decree a thing , so shall it be.

    Many Blessings to All
    Rose K

  23. 1923
    MICHELLE Says:

    please send postive thoughts and prayers no energy that i will be healed in my stomach of a hernia, and damage done to my system causing flatuence, pray god heals gallbladder problems, and a damaged digestive system causing my body to produce gas.

  24. 1924
    MICHELLE Says:

    please pray the universe and god heal my hernia , gas, farting

  25. 1925
    MICHELLE Says:

    please send healing energy for postive thoughts, beautiful dreams, healing of my health, financial blessings, love, safety, freedom from evil, and pray the universe manifests this

  26. 1926
    MICHELLE marie triska Says:

    please send postive thoughts, energy i get the love i deserve and the evil the psychiatrists did to my life harming my life ruining my health goes back to their lives and giving me pills that caused overdoses, send energy into the universe that karma will come back to them and gods vengence.

  27. 1927
    ofelio Says:

    I am sending the purest white light of energy for healing in all your needs. Please grab this rare opportunity by cleansing yourselves of all forms of wickedness that include revenge, anger, hatred, self-pity, sloth, etc. for they deter your reception of graces from God. Shout aloud LOVE and let this be your daily MANTRA. Be at peace with yourselves and your surroundings. God bless you all in the name of God, our Father through Jesus Christ, our Lord and with the Holy Spirit. Healing and peace be to all of you.

  28. 1928
    Liza Says:

    I am sending healing energy to all who are sick, depressed and in pain. In all
    gratitude I also would like to send positive energy to everyone.

  29. 1929
    Corie Says:

    Sending healing energy to all, thanks for yours, for all of you sending energy to me focus on the saint louis arch I’m right around the corner from there, needing the power to ascend heights, to become a force for change here in my community

  30. 1930
    michelle triska Says:


  31. 1931
    kamal Says:

    I am sending healing energy to all ,May the Universe bless each fellow Viber with what each has requested.I need your vital and positive energy too.I send love and light to all . GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  32. 1932
    michael Says:

    just wanting to wish everyone love, joy , peace and wealth all their lives. Let keep working on making this world a better place.

  33. 1933
    sesi Says:

    Hello all, Once again I m here to send blessings and positive vibrations to all who visit this site and the world in general. Thank you for your vibrations of positive energy as well. The special energy I send today is the energy that gives us the understanding and strenght to face and embrace our own subconsciousness. We all have a shadow side that if not handled properly will infact turn into an evil twin. This shadow side is not as scary as it seems its just the opposit of our idealistic side yet we struggle to intergrate the two inorder that we become whole. So may that universal energy wave that gives us the strength to face, understand and embrace that shadow side come to us and may we be able to intergrate the two.
    pax tecum

  34. 1934
    MICHELLE Says:


  35. 1935
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Hey sending healing to everybody needing it just say “i accept the healing energies of health,wealth, and prosperity within”. I love you all keep sharing the love xoxox

  36. 1936
    michelle triska Says:

    send alot of prayers god heals damage to my insides causing my body to produce gas and fart. pray he heals my hernia, please send positive energy the doctors who did this to my life get punished. and i get healed of my physical health problems

  37. 1937
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Hey Michelle,

    Illness and/or self destruction is always caused when our connection to the higher divine or God is lost. Maintaining this relationship makes disease cease to exist. This is why any spiritual thing works whether it be meditate, pray , church etc. By keeping this up and expressing love to self and others right there disease can’t exist. Any way i’ll send some love directly to you just think about that girl much love and ALOHA.


  38. 1938
    michelle triska Says:

    please pray my medicine saphris stops affecting my stools giving me diarrhea, pray for my relationship with god to strengthen and he heals my body of gas and a hernia. send love, prayers, or positive energy

  39. 1939
    michelle triska Says:

    thank u troy abraham thank u i try to pray and do other spiritual stuff. and pray for others so im just waiting for my healing and prayers answered

  40. 1940
    jilly Says:

    Wishing everyone positive happy energy and healing!

  41. 1941
    charrise Says:

    I send love positive energy to the earth and to the beings on this earth to healed and love. I send love to my family and send love and light to myself to be happy, health and positive energy to my heart. Send light and love to everyone on the wonderful website. God Bless everyone love and light.

  42. 1942
    james Says:

    Healing energy to one and all. thank you for sending me energy to win megga million or lotto pick 5. I play these games, but never have enough energy to win. Thank you for your prayers and thank you for energy to stay healthy. I am james 76 yrs old. Blessings friends.

  43. 1943
    siddharth Says:

    Sending all healing energy. May all your problems be resolved. Wish you all a great life.

  44. 1944
    Perry Says:

    I am requesting that all who read this send me positive energy of Abundance. I am at the lowest period in my life i am crushed the woman i love left me for a drug addict. May all who read this be blessed.

    P Tijuana

  45. 1945
    leo bello Says:

    Through the grace of God, am sending all you love and light to transmute all the negativities in your heart, body andy soul into pure light and may your receive the healing and pass it on to others, in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  46. 1946
    Sara Says:

    Hi I need some positive energy sent to me now so I can find a good job please send positive energy to me now thank you

  47. 1947
    michelle triska Says:

    please stop sending me any energy ..thank u.

  48. 1948
    james Says:

    may the light of energy bless all of the universe. Have a great day and know the energy is watching over you. I know the light is healing my lower back and my heart. thank you all. james here.

  49. 1949
    michelle triska Says:

    please send postive thoughts/prayers i quit smoking, and get healed of a hernia, intestinal gas, flatuence, and am protected from evil of the world.

  50. 1950
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Love, unity , and healing of world peace being channeled analyzed and sent right now. May all of you enjoy the ride on the wings of the eagle. With peace love and blessings 🙂

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