Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy

Vital Waves is for all those wishing to send and receive loving spiritual energy for a specific purpose.  

If you or a friend or loved one or just someone you know, need energy or prayers for anything please feel free to leave your request here.   You can request spiritual energy for yourself or friends for specific things like healing, more abundance or wealth, love, fighting depression, better relationships, debt relief, weight loss, peace or anything at all.

And, we have now launched our free virtual cyber hugs campaign.  You can request that others send you free cyber hugs and also send those who have requested it a virtual love hug as well!

Simply choose the page that your request fits in.   For instance in the sidebar at the right you’ll notice a variety of pages for specific requests including; the Spiritual Debt Help page, the Manifest Prosperity page, the distant energy healing page, etc… we even have a page where you can send and receive spiritual energy for your pets.
Once you go to the particular page you can submit your request in the comments section on that particular page.   If your request doesn’t seem to fit a specific category just use the miscellaneous energy sending for any purpose page.   We also have specific pages if you want positive energy for your relationships or if you need loving energy sent for depression.   We also have a page where you can send and receive energy for weight loss.   

When you leave your request please use the first name and location of the person or pet who needs the energy sent.   For instance, Crystal N. from San Diego, CA or Clyde the potbellied pig from Arkansas.   You get the idea.  That will help those that send out the energy to get a mental picture of where their energy and prayers are being directed. 

As more and more folks visit this site you’ll have more and more people sending You prayers and positive thoughtwaves of powerful energy if you leave a request.   And, remember you are encouraged to return on a regular basis to leave more requests and send more energy.   So, why not let the universe and others know what you need right now.  The sooner you put your request out there the sooner the universe and your fellow energy senders can start sending the good positive thought vibrations your way.   One request could go a long way… 

Please feel free to use this site often for any request that you might have, whether it be for you or someone you know, or even someone you don’t know but that you think needs our thoughts and prayers.

Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

More and more scientific studies point to the reality that we all have the ability to positively affect others with our thoughts and intentions.   That is the whole purpose of the Vital Waves site.  There are of course many experienced distant healers and energy senders on the planet.  We are already fortunate to have some of these professionals coming to the Vital Waves site on a regular basis and sending their powerful loving energy to those that have made requests. 

We want to thank those experienced energy senders and invite all other professional energy senders to help us out.  If you are an experienced energy sender please visit our Calling All Distant Healers page and let us know who you are.  It will serve as an encouragement for all those who visit.  

And, to help us all out further please visit our Secrets of Sending Energy at a distance page and let us know what works for you as an energy sender.  Sharing your secrets will help all of us on this site become even more powerful energy senders.   To that end I encourage everyone of our Vital Wavers to visit the Secrets of Sending Energy page regularly to learn knew techniques as they are shared with those already doing this professionally.

We are All Positive Energy Senders

But our site is not just for professionals, as stated before we all are powerful energy senders and consequently all visitors are encouraged to be spiritual energy senders and help out all those who need our help.  To that end just pick a page in the sidebar to the right and go to that page in question.   Once there view the comments section and start sending your loving thoughts and prayers to those who have requested help.

This site is not affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual belief system.  So, when you send loving spiritual energy to the person in need you are welcome to do so in the manner that you find most comfortable.   

Join our Free Vital Waves Group

Want to keep the positive waves of energy coming your way?  Then please join our free Vital Waves Update.  We’ll keep you updated every couple of weeks with a short email letting you know what is new on the Vital Waves site.  If we have some special energy sending that needs to be done we’ll let you know of that as well. 

Privacy Policy:  Your privacy is very important.  Know that we will not sell, rent or give away your email info to anyone for any purpose.    Also, if you haven’t already done so please join the free energy sending group at the positive affirmations site  There you’ll have access to numerous positive affirmation videos, meditation music videos, guided audio meditations, abundance attracting information and much more.  

thank you,  

Bob K. Manifest Your Dreams at Wealth Vibes

P.S. thank you for all the great posts we have received so far and the tremendous energy that is being generated!  May you all overflow with abundance and love!  

Get Spiritually Charged with our All New Healing Pictures

Please visit our Healing Pictures page to see how you can help turn our Vital Waves site into a spiritual place of power that can have you on the receiving end of loving energy even if you decide not to ever make a comment!   Click the Healing Pictures  link right here or visit anytime via the sidebar on the right.  Thank you my fellow Energy Senders!

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  1. 2001
    kerry Says:

    Healing and postive energy to be sent to my son Dustin, to remove all negative energy enities or spirits from his home.Protective energy for Dustin Shannon and Taylor. Surround them all with protecting spirits, positive spirits and divine protection

  2. 2002
    Riva Says:

    Dear Hannah don’t worry, God is watching over you and your relationship. Rest your heart and believe that God is always the best for you. I pray that your heart be comforted by God’s love and that you receive strength and wisdom to solve everything in peace and love. May this new year 2013 bring relief and happiness to u.

  3. 2003
    michelle marie triska Says:

    please pray god heals my stomach producing gas, hernia, digestive system and intestines gas free and heals the root cause. and any damage the pills did to my body, pray he brings me a happier healthier new year in 2013

  4. 2004
    Medicine:Empress Says:

    Michelle, I am sending you most healing vibes — you and all WealthVibers as I do daily — and would like to remind you that healing comes when we are able to let go of our perception that others have caused us to hurt. When we practice letting go of all resentment step-by-step — and it’s not an easy process — then our body stops producing the excess acid that deteriorates it. In a world where there is the illusion of a pill-for-every-ill, you have found out that the remedy is not in the pill. Serenity and Love are the true healers. May you be lovingly assisted in your healing process. Medicine:Empress

  5. 2005
    Shantel Wendelberger Says:

  6. 2006
    Tasha Smitherman Says:

  7. 2007
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @everybody sending blessings of prosperity and love in making 2013 the year of health,wealth and happiness for us all.

  8. 2008

    pray i find a job/ and god blesses me with the years psychiatry did to harm me and uses it for a good. and heals what psychiatry done 2 my bodily health. pray he touches my stomach, and digestive system and heals all gas and sensitive stomach and gives me a praise report in jesus name..pray SOMEONE FALLS IN LOVE WITH ME THAT KNOWS WHAT PSYCHIATRY DONE TO MY LIFE

  9. 2009
    susan Says:

    Please send me positive and healing vibes i feel very insecure and jealous of my husbands action and the way he treats me.

    i feel i am losing myself in the process, unable to sleep, think and totally depressed by his unkindness towards me. i feel i have to lose m soul to please him. just can’t carry on, need to finf myself again and be myself.

  10. 2010
    Donna D Says:

    I would like to receive healing energy for my back, I am in pain constantly with weakness in my legs,I would also like positive energy to be directed to the legal cases that I have been dealing with for the past four years,I do not know what is holding these matters up,I would like all of this to be resolved favorably. I thank you for your prayers and energy..peace & love

  11. 2011
    sara Says:

    Please send positive distant healing energy, prayer to draw positive things into my life now ,I want positive energy to help me and Greg relationship grow stronger and doors of opportunity to open up for me please send loving energy now for good health

  12. 2012
    Ruth Says:

    I thank God for the opportunity to share our energy through this site and send blessings and love to all the ones who participate in this incredible journey

  13. 2013
    Ruth Says:

    Hi. Blessing of love and abundance to this special comunity. Please send love and positive energy to my good friend Maria Hernandez who has allowed depression to take over her health. Thank you!

  14. 2014
    Riva Says:


  15. 2015
    geraldine Says:

    To all who visit this site, may 2013 be the begining of the best of your lives. I ask that a great out pouring of Divine Love and Light shine into all areas of life.So that the Divine mind becomes a way of our thinking. A support for all your needs, to remove all traces of negitive thought. Knowing that Jesus Christ has our best interest @ heart. May your hopes and dreams take root to blossom and bloom and grow strong, and reach new heights. Say one for me that I soon find gainful employment, so I may support my daughter and I. God Bless You all.

  16. 2016
    sheila Says:

    Sending light and love to everyone that needs it right now. Thank you.


  17. 2017
    Uketa Colbert Says:

    Hello. I need $500.00 by Feb. 4 to pay my rent or me and my cat will be living on the street. Please send me energy. Thank-you and for bless.

  18. 2018
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ everybody i am sending love luck positive intention and blessings all each of your financial worries or stress or any health burdens are of no issues no more. Look deep within each of your hearts as the magic for financial freedom and healing lies inside each of your hearts. All of you got the magic to do good for others and comes back to you. Just share the love because that how simple it is to change your world and everybodies world. If u ever feel alone just pray and somebody will answer it i believe in all of you aloha

  19. 2019
    Rose Says:

    Pleas send lots of healing energy to Jennifer so that the nerves in her legs heal and her muscles get stong.

  20. 2020
    sue Says:

    I will indeed keep everyone’s prayers included with my own.
    I do need help NOW. cannot believe what life is handing me. My best friend/soulmate, for no valid reason, has shut me out completely. Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason to what has happened, except that he has fear that leads to anger from a bad marriage that hurt him greatly. I guess I’m reaping the repercussions of her bad actions. Maybe I deserve it, karma? Idk, all I know that Bob was “The One” so special, loving, caring, but now…….HELP PLEASE LORD ASAP. Help him to see its ok, and not be afraid, not to be embarrassed or scared to get counseling, we were supposed to go together but he backed out, I think for fear of reliving the past. LIVE HIM TRULY! I hate to see him hurt, especially when was there FOR him, openly, honestly, fully to help & comfort himwithout judgement/criticism. Bob please, Jesus please. I’m dying here.

  21. 2021
    Phil Says:

    I propose we all help each other out.

    I came here wishing for a new job or great opportunity to get on top of my life now that I have been unemployed for months.
    I would like an opportunity that takes advantage of all I can offer and that makes wise use of it.

    However I can see from reading the posts here that many of you have much bigger problems.
    The good news is I found out recently live right next to a what many believe is a positive ley line up here in Quebec.
    With this knowledge I propose we all help each other out.
    Focus your positive energy on my location and it certainly will be able to bounce back to you on the earths natural energy grid in amplified quantities due to my location.
    All I need is a fraction of energy to get through my blockage so I request you focus more on sending positive energy into the grid than to myself.
    although any good wishes are appreciated.

    Please really try to clear your mind and be positive and most importantly have faith. If your having trouble with this try watching a positive video or meditation to guide you.
    Thank you for your attention.

  22. 2022
    Susan Says:

    Sending positive energy, spiritual energy and blessing to all.

  23. 2023
    Rose K Says:

    May the blessings of the Universive find its way to all on this page. It knows what is needed by all. I am sending out to all White Light Protetion. Accept this White Light Protection. It surrounds each of you like a white cloud. Accept this White Light Protection for it protects from harm and all negativity. It is done

    With Love and Compassion
    Rose K

  24. 2024
    Troy Abraham Says:

    sending love and blessings towards everybody in a positive and uplifted way. Open the eyes within your heart so you can enjoy life easier. Life is simple when the more you live love and laugh more easier. Share the love for it isn’t yours to keep.

  25. 2025
    nicole Says:

    Sending love and blessings to everyone around. XOXOXOXOXO. May god be with you always throughout your days.

  26. 2026
    Michelle Says:

    Peace and prosperity to all!!!

  27. 2027
    membership Says:

    I need spiritual energy to remove evil energy from my soul my body and my Destiny and i need energy for money love and joy and i do need command source energy.

  28. 2028
    Krishna Says:

    I need spiritual energy to remove Evilness and increase positive energy and need energy to get a job, Auburn,Alabama, Krishna

  29. 2029
    susan Says:

    sending out positive vibes and healing positive energy to all

  30. 2030
    anne Says:

    Everyday I am sending healing and love to everyone. I am asking (Anne) for financial abundance to appear in my life now. My sister Diane has a small sore on her ankle that at this time will not heal due to diabetic problems. God Bless

  31. 2031
    Rae Says:

    Sending positive energy to everyone in need. Please send healing energy to Erin for her very bad skin condition. It is causing her much distress and she is being made fun of so much at school because of it. All prayers and energy sent her way would be greatly appreciated. Peace and happiness to everyone here…Big Hugs!!!

  32. 2032
    Karen Says:

    I need energy to attract Roberto for love and marriage.

  33. 2033
    Robin Says:

    Asking for healing energy for my education, I am struggling in algebra and really need some guided help. I am in limbo until I get through this class, and 5 more from calculus to physics in next 6 months. Very much appreciated. Sending healing energy back to all who are here. Please and thank you.

  34. 2034
    John Says:

    I am battling lung cancer and have decided to use alternative treatment, I do not wish my body to be cut open, then poisoned with toxic chemotherapy drugs and burned by high dosages of radiation.
    Please help my treatment by sending me love, spiritual energy and white light as I send mine to all of you.
    God bless to all

  35. 2035
    michael Says:

    I am fighting negative witchcraft and I need help to keep me safe from harm it has blocked my flow of money and my love and blocked my positive flow. I am sending out positive vibes to all those who need help and may all be blessed.

  36. 2036
    michael Atlanta G.A Says:

    I need help with saving all my money so that I can be debt free and buy a new car with no payments. And also a house of my own I have lived in an extended stay hotel for the past 5 years and it has been a battle to say the least I want to be debt free and happy for the rest of my life and to help all those who come to me for help. Thank you all.

  37. 2037
    Susan Says:

    Sending out positive, healing energy to everyone. God Bless

  38. 2038
    Penny Says:

    WOW! I love the timing in the Universe!!! When I read some of these post the Holy Spirit took over and my hand was placed on my phone and so began to speak in tongues over them!!! So considered them resolved.
    Would like request positive energy for a financial healing and blessing for my family. Law if attraction for wealth. Thank you so
    Much and I will continue send out positive energy please know that the enemy is a little bitty spirit with a big microphone. :). What ever you feed will grow
    Peace and love to you all!!!

  39. 2039
    Matthew (St Louis) Says:

    Thank you all for your positive thoughts and energy! I send out energy and love to all my fellow members so the desires held closest to their hearts manifest. Please continue to keep my intentions nourished.

  40. 2040
    redd Says:

    to all who visit this site,i just want to say may you all receive blessings beyond measure,shield of favor from god,healthy loving relationships,inner peace,and protection from everything that falls under the curse.take positive energy right is flowing like a river.also i request that you all would send me some positive energy and blessing for myself,my mother,and our beautiful pets.we need as much power as we can to remove negative blocks from our lives as well.thank you and god bless you all

  41. 2041
    Humberto Leal Rangel Says:

    This message is for all my brothers (all mankind): I pray to God (the supreme consciousness) so that my brothers living and those to come, we come to God, asking Him to develop our consciousness and allow us to evolve to the himself. It is the first and maybe task we all humans, the other tasks we do notienen importance and consider them very important. I pray for the awakening of the consciousness of each of us to fulfill the goal of being embodied. With the development of our consciousness will end all our problems (limitations, disease, fighting, etc. ..), since our DNA will be clean. Blessings.
    (Translated from Spanish)

  42. 2042
    Eziaku ezinne Says:

    Be blessed in multiple ways &let your wealth astonish all around you with power from above

  43. 2043
    Matthew (St Louis) Says:

    Love and Light to all of you! Thanks for the positive energy!

  44. 2044
    leo Says:

    To all of you needing love and light in any circumstances, I am sending you enormous light from GOD and all the Saints and Archangels and Angels and the loving light of the Blessed Virgin Mary to alleviate any suffering you are going through and may you all be blessed and enlightened with solutions to your concerns. Pray with a contrite heart and believe is it coming.So be it.Amen.

  45. 2045
    pat Says:

    I send wealth and abundance to everyone may cash rain down from the sky in top of you, GOD BLESS everyone to all you beautiful souls grace light to you all.

  46. 2046
    Matthew (St Louis) Says:

    sending love light and adundance to all my fellow wealthvibers. lets keep the flow of positive energy going!

  47. 2047
    Alexandra Says:

    Sending peace, love, light and abundance to all
    My fellow wealth vibers!

  48. 2048
    Phil Says:

    satisfying career opportunity, money in the bank, growing assets, happiness for family, a good reliable safe transportation vehicle, rising prospects, rising academic achievement for children, intellectual growth, vital family health. physical and mental strength. Focus

  49. 2049
    tom Says:

    i send out all abundance and spiritual energy and goodwill
    to everybody

  50. 2050
    Maryam Says:

    I need help in all needs: health, finances, addictions, spiritual growth, physical and mental strength. I have a very sick husband I do all I can to help him but am undegoing enormous strss. And even with medication I have a great problem sleeping.Thanks for your help

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