Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy

Vital Waves is for all those wishing to send and receive loving spiritual energy for a specific purpose.  

If you or a friend or loved one or just someone you know, need energy or prayers for anything please feel free to leave your request here.   You can request spiritual energy for yourself or friends for specific things like healing, more abundance or wealth, love, fighting depression, better relationships, debt relief, weight loss, peace or anything at all.

And, we have now launched our free virtual cyber hugs campaign.  You can request that others send you free cyber hugs and also send those who have requested it a virtual love hug as well!

Simply choose the page that your request fits in.   For instance in the sidebar at the right you’ll notice a variety of pages for specific requests including; the Spiritual Debt Help page, the Manifest Prosperity page, the distant energy healing page, etc… we even have a page where you can send and receive spiritual energy for your pets.
Once you go to the particular page you can submit your request in the comments section on that particular page.   If your request doesn’t seem to fit a specific category just use the miscellaneous energy sending for any purpose page.   We also have specific pages if you want positive energy for your relationships or if you need loving energy sent for depression.   We also have a page where you can send and receive energy for weight loss.   

When you leave your request please use the first name and location of the person or pet who needs the energy sent.   For instance, Crystal N. from San Diego, CA or Clyde the potbellied pig from Arkansas.   You get the idea.  That will help those that send out the energy to get a mental picture of where their energy and prayers are being directed. 

As more and more folks visit this site you’ll have more and more people sending You prayers and positive thoughtwaves of powerful energy if you leave a request.   And, remember you are encouraged to return on a regular basis to leave more requests and send more energy.   So, why not let the universe and others know what you need right now.  The sooner you put your request out there the sooner the universe and your fellow energy senders can start sending the good positive thought vibrations your way.   One request could go a long way… 

Please feel free to use this site often for any request that you might have, whether it be for you or someone you know, or even someone you don’t know but that you think needs our thoughts and prayers.

Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

More and more scientific studies point to the reality that we all have the ability to positively affect others with our thoughts and intentions.   That is the whole purpose of the Vital Waves site.  There are of course many experienced distant healers and energy senders on the planet.  We are already fortunate to have some of these professionals coming to the Vital Waves site on a regular basis and sending their powerful loving energy to those that have made requests. 

We want to thank those experienced energy senders and invite all other professional energy senders to help us out.  If you are an experienced energy sender please visit our Calling All Distant Healers page and let us know who you are.  It will serve as an encouragement for all those who visit.  

And, to help us all out further please visit our Secrets of Sending Energy at a distance page and let us know what works for you as an energy sender.  Sharing your secrets will help all of us on this site become even more powerful energy senders.   To that end I encourage everyone of our Vital Wavers to visit the Secrets of Sending Energy page regularly to learn knew techniques as they are shared with those already doing this professionally.

We are All Positive Energy Senders

But our site is not just for professionals, as stated before we all are powerful energy senders and consequently all visitors are encouraged to be spiritual energy senders and help out all those who need our help.  To that end just pick a page in the sidebar to the right and go to that page in question.   Once there view the comments section and start sending your loving thoughts and prayers to those who have requested help.

This site is not affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual belief system.  So, when you send loving spiritual energy to the person in need you are welcome to do so in the manner that you find most comfortable.   

Join our Free Vital Waves Group

Want to keep the positive waves of energy coming your way?  Then please join our free Vital Waves Update.  We’ll keep you updated every couple of weeks with a short email letting you know what is new on the Vital Waves site.  If we have some special energy sending that needs to be done we’ll let you know of that as well. 

Privacy Policy:  Your privacy is very important.  Know that we will not sell, rent or give away your email info to anyone for any purpose.    Also, if you haven’t already done so please join the free energy sending group at the positive affirmations site  There you’ll have access to numerous positive affirmation videos, meditation music videos, guided audio meditations, abundance attracting information and much more.  

thank you,  

Bob K. Manifest Your Dreams at Wealth Vibes

P.S. thank you for all the great posts we have received so far and the tremendous energy that is being generated!  May you all overflow with abundance and love!  

Get Spiritually Charged with our All New Healing Pictures

Please visit our Healing Pictures page to see how you can help turn our Vital Waves site into a spiritual place of power that can have you on the receiving end of loving energy even if you decide not to ever make a comment!   Click the Healing Pictures  link right here or visit anytime via the sidebar on the right.  Thank you my fellow Energy Senders!

2,335 Responses to “Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy”

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  1. 251
    Sean Says:

    I send you a massive pure energy wave, I will drain my reserves for you and your future girl friend. Picture her in your mind, know in your heart and soul, that you both deserve to be happy with each other. She believes the same thing as well. Now, close your eyes. Think of you and her together in a mutual intimate embrace, perhaps kissing. Breath deeply and slowly, enhance the image in your mind. Make it bigger, make it brighter, smell the smells, feel the gut feelings. Hold this image in your mind. Pull all of you source energy together and use it to push this pure energy image into the universe for all to help. My energy will attract other energy, your energy will come back to you ten fold. Send your message to the universe with the intent to help others. I wish you love and peace. The universe has prepared a place for you to be together, Go there, be together, believe that you deserve it. Have fun, stay young. Always be a part of source energy. Peace and love be with you always.

  2. 252
    Sean Says:

    Gail Rivers and Jabbaar.
    I am sending you a massive powerful beam of pure source energy, derive only from pure love. It is to amplify the qualities of understanding and mutual respect between the two of you. You must get through to him, there is no option for failure. You only fail when you quit trying. There is only one quality that all successful people have in common, that is that they never give up. I wish you peace and love and a boat load of patience. Love always prevails, trust me I know.
    Peace and love be with you always.
    This massive super beam goes out to the entire universe to latch onto to and to use to heal their own relationships as well. Peace and love to the entire universe.

  3. 253
    Sean Says:

    I Master.
    I have latched on to your loving healing energy beam and adding my super last blast of the day pure source energy beam out. I will amplify your beam and send it to the entire universe,and back to you as well, 10 times what you sent out. Pure love, source energy, and peace to you, and to the entire universe. Heal your relationships, manifest new ones. Get together with that girl or boy who doesn’t know you exist. Have fun. Pure love and source energy to the entire universe.

  4. 254
    sean Says:

    I am pleased to add my own source energy to yours and boost the power to the entire universe, as well as back to you, ten times the energy you sent it out. Peace and love be with you always.

  5. 255
    Patrick Says:

    Hello to all! I sincerely wish you the very best.
    While I am still waiting for “manifestation” of my intents and desires, I have had occasion to “notice” the little things. In this observation I realize that for such a magnificent transfiguration of my life, there is much “terra forming” that is going on.

    That is to say, while I still don’t see my desired truck and all the other etcs…. Many little things are occuring, some I am realizing are small intents or desires of years now comming to fruition and joining the rest of the building blocks of my personal “vibratory allignment with the universe”, coming into agreement with GOD’s will.

    All this to say, if there is a seeming lack of success in your experience of “attracting”, take HEART, it’s all moving into place. Keep your eyes on the prize. Be not decieved. Help is on the way. Daniel waited 28days for prayers to be answered, we MAY have to wait more, or not. But HELP is on the way.
    The very greatest to all of you and always.

  6. 256
    Kristina Says:

    To all of you that are going through these times where, we are looking for other ways of making money, needing help with our Mortgages, different payments for different things, losing jobs, and many other things going on in our lives.
    I pray that we all get through this with faith, hope, trust, confidence, and love. I know I am in need of prayers also. Going through some personal financial,legal difficulties with Identity Theft, and not just one person that is doing this there’s a few. Though I have been working on it to prove that I am not the one with 3 Police Reports, Credit Reports, taking all of this to Social Security Administration that said it should take about 8 weeks to investigate, getting things back in order.
    I’ve been running across some very interesting articles lately, very inspirational- Nick Arandes, Are You Really Letting Go and Letting God or Do You Think You Are – Morgana Rae, How to Be a Money Magnet, and how to have a better relationship with money. Act like Money is your new boyfriend/ girlfriend- example: he is tall, dark and handsome with a tuxedo on, holding red roses, and loves me for me. Just a lot of different things have been coming into my life with articles or e-mails or meeting someone new that says something you’re looking for or inspiring. It’s a growing process and I am on it.

    I have been also reading Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, by Dr. Wayne Dyer. With all the reading I’ve been doing, I am faithful that prayers, changing different things to more positive will help and when the time to move arrives, which is soon. I will be financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically stable. I attract more clients to the work that I do, I have my own, my own puppy, and someone in my life that believes in the poem Love is patient etc.

  7. 257
    Gail Says:

    Blessings of positive energy, love, & Light to all.

    My focus is on seeking a positive business partnerships. Putting
    my positive energies into a mutually beneficial partnership focused
    on what we truly want to accomplish together as a team, and have
    total faith. Putting our positive energy theories into full practice for
    the higher good. ( All thoughts are energy. Energy vibrates at various
    levels. Positive loving spiritual energy vibrates at a much higher
    frequency and brings beautiful loving results). I want new positively
    loving and loyal alliances to be forged in business partnerships. A
    partnership of mutual respect for each others talents, insight and
    business savvy.
    Past and present circumstances will reach a very successful conclusion
    In my favor and in your circumstances as well. The money owned to me
    will be returned to me very soon multiplied many times over. All of us
    will have unexpected positive gains (BLESSINGS) in all areas of our life.

    I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the positive
    loving energy that has been sent to me from everyone on Vital Waves.
    One act of kindness can set a miracle in motion. To you ,I send very loving spiritual healing energy in all areas of your life and beautiful blessings. Life has many blessings. You’re one of them because of the light you send. May all your dreams come true that are of light and love. As always, thank you, God

  8. 258
    Gail Says:

    To Kristina, Patrick, Sean, Gail Rivers, Nancy C., Ben, Yvonne, Spirit 7 Child, and everyone:

    I am sending loving healing energy to all areas of your life. I hope you do
    feel all the positive loving energy flow your way. Blessings to all.

  9. 259
    Rube Says:

    Call on the Eternal POWER of GOD
    And ask for nothing else
    Tis DONE!

  10. 260
    Luke Says:

    Seedtime & Harvest

    Spiritual Laws work. God’s word is spiritual law.
    That which you sow you reap. Words are seeds
    you sow. You are the one planting the seed. You
    speak it out of your mouth. If you speak words of
    Unbelief, you may establish a bad situation in your
    Life. Mark 11:23-24, Luke 6:38, Luke 17:6, John 15:7,
    and James 2:26
    By choosing thoughts (words) of success, prosperity
    and abundance FOR ALL, you are selecting the good
    Seed that will produce the successful harvest you desire.
    Give, it will be given unto you.

  11. 261
    Tom Says:

    “In the Beginning was the Word… John 1:1″ The principle of thought is; all thought is creative. We are creating our world at this very instant. It is precisely as we think it is, and the moment we take responsibility for our world will be the moment we take control of our world! “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7 I am sending healing energy to all.

  12. 262
    spirit7child Says:

    Father release your healing Glory your Divine lord open Heavens Blessing release your Grace and Harmony you light over every prayer request intention desire vision.

    So Be it Amen

  13. 263
    spirit7child Says:

    financial freedom financial miracles to pay off all debt be a Blessing to my family and humanity be open to receive from God with not limits live a life without limited think without limits trust with child-like faith stay in the vibration of Joy and Divine Love

  14. 264
    spirit7child Says:

    Healing on all levels for my sister surround her with the healing Glory of God healing on all levels lift her Vibration send healing and loving Energy Blessing her well-being

  15. 265
    Gail Says:

    Father, Let love go forth as a perfect substance of radiant light of the highest vibrations in every situation and prayer. Thank you God for releasing the power of limitless DIVINE LOVE to heal all areas of our lives, giving clarity and true spiritual wisdom. God BLESS the Spiritual Teachers on this Website who instantly poured forth enough love to illuminate the path….lifting the vibrations. God BLESS THEM A 100 FOLD RETURN. In the name of Jesus Christ Almighty, Amen. Praise you GOD. Thank you, GOD!!!! Blessings & Love to all.

  16. 266
    glo Says:

    God bless everyone threw life.Bringing love, health, kindness and understanding to all. Thank God for all of our power to bring all our dreams to us . Please pray for the ones less fortunate than us! thank you,and may God bless you all.

  17. 267
    George Says:

    I am sending out the utmost positive energy to all the members of this unique website. May your hopes and dreams be manifested as you had originally intended. May you also find peace and love in your lives.
    I personally am very gratefull and happy with the way my life is unfolding as of lately. Though, my problem stems from a fear of uncertainty of what the future holds in store for me. I want to manifest prosperity, abundance, peace and health for me and my family. Any positve energy you can send me in order to fulfill my dreams would be greatly appreciated.
    With that being said, I have two specific personal goals that I want to begin to experiance right away in my life. The first is that I could excel greatly at work and be able to make a great deal of money in my sales position. The second is that I could experiance and have many safe sexual encounters and experiances with many beautiful women in the near future.
    Once again, any positve energy you send out to me for my dreams is greatly appreciated. May God Bless You All.

  18. 268
    vishal Says:

    please send me positive energy to get ridof mydisturbing and negative thoughts

  19. 269
    Niko Says:

    Good morning to all just wanted to ask all or anyone to please sen me some love filled wish granting. Energy please. My dad is sick, just started to walk after a bad accident, I have no money , while at the same time working as a labourer 14 hour a day, please -m so tired of all this can someone send sme positive energy please. God bless and love to all.

  20. 270
    spirit7child Says:

    Heavenly Father Lift up every heart and Soul heal release your healing power your healing Glory you healing grace healing on the deepest levels permeate them with you divine love so be it amen

  21. 271
    nirav Says:

    Please send me positive energy so that I get a good job at the earliest.

    Thank you all for helping me.

  22. 272
    Rube Says:

    LOVE is all
    Love is fealess LOVE id infinte Love had no opposite love is freedom
    LOVE is ever present BE LOVE

  23. 273
    Karima Says:

    May all your wishes come true. May your spirit be blessed by the Almighty’s power. Have a wonderful life 🙂

  24. 274
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,


    I am INTENDING HEALTH, HEALING, LOVE, JOY, AND PEACE for all of you who are requesting HEALING…your loved ones are also included. I am sending DIVINE RADIANT ENERGY to nourish and heal everyone, everywhere.

    Nancy C.

  25. 275
    vishal Says:

    i send love to all of you.bhavatu sabba mangalam

  26. 276
    Sandy Says:

    I am sending healing energy, flowing out to all that need it from spirit house.

    blessing to all

  27. 277
    marcia Says:

    I send positive energy, love abundance and good health out to the universe flowing to all. may this radiant powerful energy transform any negative or dark energy to positive energy! Bless all, and connect all with unlimited supply of abundance and divine love! May our thoughts and ACTIONS show positivity and love, and may we all connect ourselves to wisdom and TRUTH! SO MOTE IT BE!!!!!

  28. 278
    Joel Says:

    Life is as wonderful today as the day that we are born. Let us keep in mind all of lifes beauty and prosperity.

  29. 279
    Francisco Says:

    God bless you and every man and woman. May God bestow all your wishes. In the name of The Father, Christ and The Holly Spirit. Amen

  30. 280
    rae Says:

    I am sending positive vibrations to all!Please,I am feeling tired before the miracle happens & I pray someone thinks of me,Rae,and sends positive vibes for my endeavors to take off,for which my earnings can then in return help my parents,family , friends & all others i can!I believe.I thank GOD!I thank you all!

  31. 281
    velma Hall Says:

    Its been really a blessing coming to check my mail and finding this website and message. thank you you have been a blessing just knowing that someone care is a therapy. May God bless you abundantly .

  32. 282
    sonofzes Says:

    To all I thank yuo for all your posit
    ive energy. .
    May GOD Bless us ALL, to may by morings time have at least one wish granted

  33. 283
    czarina Says:


    Being able to give and help someone in need then seeing the look of appreciation in their eyes.

    Being given recognition with financial awards and bonuses.

    Holding the hand of your partner as you stand back to look at your new house after putting the final piece of furniture in place.

    Laughing with family and friends as you celebrate the first get-together in the dining room.

    Waking up with the smile of the person you loving and sleeping in the his/her arms you every single day.

    Holding your newborn baby for the very first time.


    Happy that you were able to do good.

    Feel the pride of being able to say ” i did it on my own”

    Feel the excitement as you rush to make-love in every part of the new house.

    Feel the contentment of having everything you need, want and more.

    Feel overwhelmed by the miracle of life.

    Be in awe as a flood of emotions rush through you. You feel blessed with good fortune, inspired by the beauty the of nature, excited by the prospects of new beginnings, burning with passion and romance, and happy with yourself and your life.

    You see your dreams, its like a movie that’s about to start. Everything you want is flashing in front of you.

    You feel alive. Your life has a meaning. You know it. You see it. You feel it. Its all coming into place. You know its about to happen. Feel that energy. Feel it wrapping you. Feel it wrapping everything around you and spreading. You are radiating that energy. You send a wave of love and happiness to me. You are feeling so good and very blessed. You want to share some more. You have so much to give. You are sending rays of love and happiness to everyone who needs it.

  34. 284
    Yvonne Says:

    Hi Everyone, I send you pure love and light. All you have to do is recieve it. I’m always looking for improvement in my life. Recently I found something I’m trying out, perhap you might like to try it too. It’s call Ho’oponopono. It cleanses your blocks that are holding you back. Blocks meaning limiting belief you know about and the ones you aren’t aware of. Since change has to start with you and you are the only one who can change you. Think of the issue or person that is bothering you and say. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.

    By saying this you are taking responsibility for the problem and as you do this the problem goes away. For anyone that is saying it’s not my fault, it really isn’t important who fault it is the more important is that the problem goes away. This put you in a higher vibration and allows your desires to manifest. Try it for a month. Say the words I mention often be sure to put feeling behind the words and watch for the positive results. Love and Light.

  35. 285
    Marcia Says:

    I send pure, positive energy out into the universe, may prosperity, peace, love, wisdom, compassion, and understanding overflow to your soul giving strength and power to this energy collectively overcoming blockage, dark energy, guilt, shame, pain, and/or suffering.May this be replaced with loving, joyful, hopeful,ecstatic energy. so it must be!

  36. 286
    Sean Says:

    My best wishes and a pure , love and peace energy blast to all the souls of the universe. I love all of you, and I truly wish you well. I wish also to send a massive energy beam to my brother in-law David Kemp, in St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto Canada. Please join me in sending a truly universal energy beam to him and his young family. I learned today that 45 year old David, father of two and loving husband, had a spinal blood clot. The doctors say it is a stroke, and he will never walk again. I say that is up to David and the universe, don’t you? Please join me in sending David and his family a massive universal energy boost and lock it in place forever. I thank you all, and wish you all of your dreams and wishes.

  37. 287
    Chris Says:

    Please send me light :

    – i have not much money remaining ;
    ( i am full of sadness and anger because of that situation )

    Thank you.

  38. 288
    ofelio a. capuchino Says:

    please send me powerful energy to succeed in my newly founded religious founded. Likewise to draw funds to establish and sustain it. Moreover, energy to ward off negative energy so I could encourage people to join and finance the foundation. Strong energy too for my ailing mother and sisters who take care of her.

  39. 289
    glo Says:

    I am sending out all love,positive energyand sucess.Thank God for the clarity and spiritual wisdom to get us through the tough times.He is always there when we need him .Without him we could not weather the storms.He brings us all the love and guidance we need .But we can’t loose the faith.Believe in God that’s where it’s at.Love you all. Keep the faith!

  40. 290
    Nancy C. Says:

    I am sending a multitude of HEALING WHITE LIGHT AND ENERGY

  41. 291
    Chris B Says:

    i send my energy to those listed, from my hands, mind, body i send healing, abundance, direction, love, clarity, vision, prosperity your way. for every direction of my cedar burning may i send it on feathers to each and everyone of you. the life source of the universe, and everlasting sky i send my prayers tou you all.
    i ask of you to send me prayers, your energy for a new business venture, abundance, defined clarity. also for our Grandfather, Grandmother and children, i ask for healing. i thank you many times over, and blessed i found this website.

  42. 292
    KING Says:

    Infine LOVE & Graditude to all- THis the path to Onenes

  43. 293
    henrik Says:

    Now I HAVE sent energia to all of you.I will do this at least once a day.Would be very,very greatful if you could send me positive wealth vibes and employmentvibes

  44. 294
    Nikki Says:

    Thank you all very much!

  45. 295
    sonofzeus Says:

    Good bless all accept this love filled wish granting energy that I’m sending. Have a great day and a better life.

  46. 296
    Chris Says:

    I send lots of energy, i energize instantly all people who read this comment. That these people receive financial abundance from all sources. I focus on fincancial abundance into my life as this is what i need most at the present moment. I have big financial goals. I love you.

  47. 297
    Sandra Says:

    At this point I am very weak and lacking in energy; period.
    My request is that I receive the energy required in my life and continued growth so that I might share it as my energy be required.
    This is important as I am moving in three weeks to a 3rd world country and need strength to achieve my personal goals and help others as opportunities present themselves.
    Bless you all!

  48. 298
    Carmen Says:

    I am sending out positive energy to those who are reading this, that they be given health first of all, love, understanding, wisdom, peace, success and wealth. I hope that you manifest your dreams.

  49. 299
    Gita Says:

    I am sending positive energy of wisdom, health, wealth, prosperity, love and light. I AM living my Dream!

  50. 300
    ofelio a. capuchino Says:

    I am sending my sustained energy to all those who need it. I pray for their healing. Bless you all!

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