Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy

Vital Waves is for all those wishing to send and receive loving spiritual energy for a specific purpose.  

If you or a friend or loved one or just someone you know, need energy or prayers for anything please feel free to leave your request here.   You can request spiritual energy for yourself or friends for specific things like healing, more abundance or wealth, love, fighting depression, better relationships, debt relief, weight loss, peace or anything at all.

And, we have now launched our free virtual cyber hugs campaign.  You can request that others send you free cyber hugs and also send those who have requested it a virtual love hug as well!

Simply choose the page that your request fits in.   For instance in the sidebar at the right you’ll notice a variety of pages for specific requests including; the Spiritual Debt Help page, the Manifest Prosperity page, the distant energy healing page, etc… we even have a page where you can send and receive spiritual energy for your pets.
Once you go to the particular page you can submit your request in the comments section on that particular page.   If your request doesn’t seem to fit a specific category just use the miscellaneous energy sending for any purpose page.   We also have specific pages if you want positive energy for your relationships or if you need loving energy sent for depression.   We also have a page where you can send and receive energy for weight loss.   

When you leave your request please use the first name and location of the person or pet who needs the energy sent.   For instance, Crystal N. from San Diego, CA or Clyde the potbellied pig from Arkansas.   You get the idea.  That will help those that send out the energy to get a mental picture of where their energy and prayers are being directed. 

As more and more folks visit this site you’ll have more and more people sending You prayers and positive thoughtwaves of powerful energy if you leave a request.   And, remember you are encouraged to return on a regular basis to leave more requests and send more energy.   So, why not let the universe and others know what you need right now.  The sooner you put your request out there the sooner the universe and your fellow energy senders can start sending the good positive thought vibrations your way.   One request could go a long way… 

Please feel free to use this site often for any request that you might have, whether it be for you or someone you know, or even someone you don’t know but that you think needs our thoughts and prayers.

Calling all Distant Healers and Energy Senders

More and more scientific studies point to the reality that we all have the ability to positively affect others with our thoughts and intentions.   That is the whole purpose of the Vital Waves site.  There are of course many experienced distant healers and energy senders on the planet.  We are already fortunate to have some of these professionals coming to the Vital Waves site on a regular basis and sending their powerful loving energy to those that have made requests. 

We want to thank those experienced energy senders and invite all other professional energy senders to help us out.  If you are an experienced energy sender please visit our Calling All Distant Healers page and let us know who you are.  It will serve as an encouragement for all those who visit.  

And, to help us all out further please visit our Secrets of Sending Energy at a distance page and let us know what works for you as an energy sender.  Sharing your secrets will help all of us on this site become even more powerful energy senders.   To that end I encourage everyone of our Vital Wavers to visit the Secrets of Sending Energy page regularly to learn knew techniques as they are shared with those already doing this professionally.

We are All Positive Energy Senders

But our site is not just for professionals, as stated before we all are powerful energy senders and consequently all visitors are encouraged to be spiritual energy senders and help out all those who need our help.  To that end just pick a page in the sidebar to the right and go to that page in question.   Once there view the comments section and start sending your loving thoughts and prayers to those who have requested help.

This site is not affiliated with any particular religion or spiritual belief system.  So, when you send loving spiritual energy to the person in need you are welcome to do so in the manner that you find most comfortable.   

Join our Free Vital Waves Group

Want to keep the positive waves of energy coming your way?  Then please join our free Vital Waves Update.  We’ll keep you updated every couple of weeks with a short email letting you know what is new on the Vital Waves site.  If we have some special energy sending that needs to be done we’ll let you know of that as well. 

Privacy Policy:  Your privacy is very important.  Know that we will not sell, rent or give away your email info to anyone for any purpose.    Also, if you haven’t already done so please join the free energy sending group at the positive affirmations site  There you’ll have access to numerous positive affirmation videos, meditation music videos, guided audio meditations, abundance attracting information and much more.  

thank you,  

Bob K. Manifest Your Dreams at Wealth Vibes

P.S. thank you for all the great posts we have received so far and the tremendous energy that is being generated!  May you all overflow with abundance and love!  

Get Spiritually Charged with our All New Healing Pictures

Please visit our Healing Pictures page to see how you can help turn our Vital Waves site into a spiritual place of power that can have you on the receiving end of loving energy even if you decide not to ever make a comment!   Click the Healing Pictures  link right here or visit anytime via the sidebar on the right.  Thank you my fellow Energy Senders!

2,335 Responses to “Send and Receive Positive Spiritual Energy”

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  1. 351
    henrik Says:

    hi everyone.done my homework again and sent you all energy.was on my first job as a theacher in years on friday.but iy was in a horrible area with horrible kids.but i do not give in although that school i will never visit again.will start my own schoolagency at the webb.Please keep on sending wealth and employment wibes and dont forget “G”,a wonderful girl.

  2. 352
    Annmarie Says:

    Hi all I am sending energy to all those in need. please aend energy to pete w. orange tx. we were in a car accident and he has alot of back pain. he needs to have surgery. thank you God Bless

  3. 353
    Rene Says:

    I’m sending this positive energy message with all my heart. May God pour down his blessings on all of you whom are in need of financial relief, get you back on your feet again, and never have to worry about money again.

  4. 354
    nik Says:

    To all good morning. I just broke up with my girlfreind, my dad is very sick and on borrowed time. I was in an accident not to long ago and now my loose my job as a tile installer due to the fact that i cant perform my job any more. I have a crazy biker that lives upstairs that keeps threatning to shoot me. I dont speek to my family due to whats going on with my father. I dont have any mony to move or have my dad move in with me. Please i know that there are people with alot worse situaions out there but please I cant take it anymore, please send me some positive energy ,please i really need your help, please. May GOD shine his love glory and strenght on all of us. thank you vey much.

  5. 355
    Nikki Says:

    Sending you all vibes of grace, enthusiasm, preserverance, and beauty…

    May peace be one with you all.

  6. 356
    Yvonne Says:

    Hi Everyone, I send you love and happiness. Switch your focus to what you want in your life. Know that all is well for you and the universe will yield it to you Now. And so it is. Blessings.

  7. 357
    David Says:

    The 16th is my birthday. I am reflecting that I have spent a lifetime attempting to attract true wealth and independence. I have been prepared for quite a long time, but a vital ingredient has been missing. I have had very little positive energy for wealth from the people around me. I would honour anyone who could send me this energy even if we never meet. I am a very giving person myself and this little missing thing has been spoiling the completeness of my nature. Many thanx, and God bless!

  8. 358
    William Dam Says:

    I would like to send all of my love and positive energies towards those that are in need of it. May healing energy, love, light, and growth be granted and blessed upon you all. Positive blessings to all! I love everyone of you as if you were my brothers and sisters. Please send abundant, loving, energy in return. Namaste

  9. 359
    Eleni Says:

    I am sending to all of you a lot of vibes to succeed in your goals, business, cures ………. may God keep you healthy so you can achieve your goals, and help others to succeed too.
    God Bless!

  10. 360
    Mari Says:

    I would like to send to all of you my positive energy. May be blessed everybody, and get healing energy, love, light, health and financial successful. My Blessings, Mari

  11. 361
    Eleni Says:

    I am sending positive energy to my friend George and his wife to achieve every goal they have put in their mind. Be blessed and may god keep you healthy and help you move on with better life. God Bless! Eleni

  12. 362
    rona Says:

    Prayers and healing sent to all in need of spiritual healing and love and light


  13. 363
    Sheia L Davis Says:

    My site will accomplish the dual purpose of improving health and increasing wealth.

    When my income is adequate, I can then begin to “Pay It Forward”

    Plese send me your positive energy so that I can do what I can to alleviate the suffering of those who are the victims of employement and housing and other related economic crises.

    This is my burning desire – to be of benefit to humanity.

    Thank you!

    In addition, YOU have all of my positive energy to help you solve whatever problems you may be facing.

  14. 364
    Eleni Says:

    I am sending positive energy to my friends George and Diana from Burbank/CA to achieve their current goals immediately and start a financial free life. Be all blessed who reads this website including those who don’t be aware of how important it is to think always positive no matter what happens everyday in the life. God Bless!

  15. 365
    William Dam Says:

    God bless you all with love, light, and healing energy. Please pray for me and send me healing energy towards my health and also please send me positive energy towards financial freedom. Thank you all. I love you all

  16. 366
    gusty Says:

    asking for prayers and positive help financial hardship for myself mother of two kids and father is gone.

  17. 367
    Chris Says:

    I send energy of love, financial abundance, prosperity, success to anybody who need that energy. Please abosrb that energy.

  18. 368
    Zain Rahman Says:

    My son Zain Rahman (age 15) is a very intelligent boy. He was an excellent student before. Now, he has lost all his interest in his studies. His O’Levels exam are coming soon and he does not study at all. He always wants to hang out with friends and does not like staying at home. Please pray for him.

    Best Regards,

    Mohammad Fazlur Rahman
    Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  19. 369
    ChrisB Says:

    good evening everyone,
    i am asking for some healing for a friend of mine who is feeling like every door for her is shut., she is a very special person in my life i just need all of you out der to send us some great energy, as i will put out to the universe to manifest abundance, prosperity, and healing for her., also please keep me in prayer, i so need your energy too.
    thank you all and god bless .

  20. 370
    ofelio Says:

    I am sending vital energy to anyone who needs it. God bless you all.

  21. 371
    KIM Says:


  22. 372
    Marcia Says:

    I send positive energy to all my friends, family, and loved ones, as well as the universe bringing love, prosperity, wisdom, and good health. May everyone benefit from this moment, this moment feel the loving blanket of energy surrounding, in and through out your presence. allow that presence always existing, feeling, connecting to your being.look around you nd appeciate the beauty this love surrounds you with

  23. 373
    spirit7child Says:

    Father I pray for Financial freedom to pay all my debt be a Blessing to famiy and others open to recieve financial miralces lord meet every needs abundantly lavishly to you acocording to your Glorios Riches grace and mercy, every perfect gift comes from you to and heal every soul in your power you so be it Amen

  24. 374
    Ki Says:

    I send positive energy to all and Pray for strength in families, financial security and good health to all those in need. Abundant Infinate Blessings and Love

  25. 375
    Earl Says:

    I am sending out to all positive energy of love,prosperity,abundance and all who have goals to accomplish. I will you well. God Bless!!

  26. 376
    Jean-Marc Says:

    May God bless you, all Humans, even those who do not yet know that LOVE
    truly rules the world and not Hate. We are all connected and in every heart
    lives the Desire for More Love, Light, Truth, Well being, Life Mastery. And this
    is What I am praying for. Thank You.

  27. 377
    morgan Says:

    may the universal love bless each one of you with :
    serenity to cope with the challenges of everyday life,
    compassion to see your brother and sister with care and respect,
    joy to understand that life is a gift to share with others,
    happiness to simile to others,
    peace to manifest a perfect health,
    prosperity to fulfill your material needs,
    and stillness to create a better world for all.

  28. 378
    Cherry Says:

    Blessings, peace and prosperity to all who are requesting it. Remember that the universe is abundant and that there is enough for everyone. Do not let thoughts of the recession or economy make you think otherwise. God is bigger than any problem you or I might have. Know that you are blessed and highly favored. Keep your mind on positive experiiences. we are all in this together and we must pray for one another.

  29. 379



  30. 380
    Annmarie Says:

    I am sending postive to my husband, and dad. My husband and I were in a car accident in January, and my dad is in the hospital, and at this time I can not go to him.Please anyone can help with a healing for both of them .
    Thank you all and i pray for all who need a healing.
    God Bless

  31. 381
    ofelio a. capuchino Says:

    I am sending positive energy to the victims of recent calamities in the philippines, indonesia, japan and elsewhere to help them start anew. Likewise to those who are in conditions to help them that their compassionate hearts be touched that they will be motivated to touch lives especially the desolate ones. For it says'” whatsoever you doeth to these least of my brethren, you doeth unto me.” God bless you all!

  32. 382
    ofelio a. capuchino Says:

    I am sending my prayers and sustained positive energy to those who requested for my special request prayers from all over the world, that they be consoled and take upon themselves that the predicaments they are undergoing are just trials to hone their belief in the Providential love of God. They must remember that “the ore has to be subjected to intense heat of the flame so that the 24-carat gold is extracted.” They must always remember that even Jesus underwent the pains unknown to human beings and even death to give us life. No servant is greater than his master. Keep on! Hold on! We, your brethren, are just prayers away from you and God it within you, always with you as He promised. God bless you all!

  33. 383
    jun Says:


    I am sending positive loving energy to all who are suffering from the fateful cyclone of ketsana in the Philippines. Absorbed the strength and hope to move on in life and positively move on in life. God be with you all who are suffering especially to vulnerable children and woman in the relocation sites.

  34. 384
    ChrisB Says:

    From my Mind body and soul i sent out prayers, my energy to those requesting Abundance in life, healing for the body, mind and soul. call upon the universe and manifest your desires. i send prayers over seas to those who have lost thier homes, lives maybe everything., i pray we unite and send those less fortunate our ENERGY.
    Bless each person reading this website, may they feel your power and strength such have i. Bless you all.

  35. 385
    Morgan Says:

    At the same time I’m in this moment , sending waves of positive healing spiritual energy to human kind , I’m asking the same for me to heal all my mental struggles.

  36. 386
    Barbara Says:

    I am sending love, healing, and positive energy to all who ask. I thank you all for sending positive energy for us to all receive. Many blessings to you all. I am very grateful for what I have. May all your dreams come true for you and your people. Please send me energy to continue to attract business thru the winter months. Thank you so much. The power of Love is really a wonderful thing!

  37. 387
    ofelio Says:

    A very promising day to all. I am sending out white healing energy to all especially those who most need it. Likewise I am sending vital energy to my mother and brothers and sisters who are taking care of her.
    God bless you all.

  38. 388
    ofelio Says:

    I am sending healing energy to Monsignor Anselmo P. Pamintuan who has been battling with the debilitating effects of the stroke he suffered last Saturday.He is still at the ICU of San Juan de Dios Hospital.

    I am requesting others to send the same. This is an emergency. Thanks and God bless you.

  39. 389
    ofelio Says:

    I am sending positive energy to those who are suffering from financial problems, that they be enlightened. That they must realize right now that others are in the same predicament. However they are not bothered so much because they still have excellent health to help them through. That they would rather focus on their spiritual life. The root of all hardships is the inordinate use of our God-given freewill. I am giving out this vital energy so that they go back to God, the source of life. Aim for the spiritual rather than temporal or material.
    God bless you all. “Work and you will not be left wanting in anything,” so to speak.

  40. 390
    Ki Says:


  41. 391
    bzyangl Says:

    I am sending out positive thoughts and prayers for those in need of abundance.
    I am also asking for financial assistance for myself as well.
    blessings of prosperity for all of you

  42. 392
    Chris Comish Says:


    For those of you that need free healing- please visit my you tube page:

    I have a one hour healing posted that you can receive over and over again.

    I am a Reiki master/teacher and a Reconnective healer. My secrets to sending distant healing/attunements are found in my books Manifest Divinity Through Reiki and the Living Light.

    Blessings to all of you,

    Chris Comish

  43. 393
    spirit7child Says:

    Father Open every heart to you Divine love grace and mercy bring healing and hope lord release your blessing and grace and uplift everyone in your mercy and goodness Thank you Father God
    God Bless U

  44. 394
    ofelio Says:

    kindly send in positive energy to me for healing and prosperity. I need clients especially this november and december. thanks

  45. 395
    jesse Says:

    hi this is my first time doin this, and i was thinkig of sending enrgy to myslef but first i want to send energy to my uncle gary , earlier this week i found out he has cancer and im hopeing he can go through it, i know he can and i ask if good positive energy could come to my uncle and fight this cancer, also i want to send energy for those who are in the same boat as me, we all have to be strong, and we can be….

  46. 396
    SS Says:

    I´m sending and receiving nice and good healing making me feel safe and loved, in balance and harmony, refreshening my soul, mind and body, letting it flow through me to all of you like one big soul, bathing in healing light, swimming in an ocean of light and peace, make me fell good, make you feel good…
    Love, SS 🙂

  47. 397
    Reema Says:

    I send healing positive energy to all the humanity, which will bring them peace and happiness.

  48. 398
    AHMED Says:


  49. 399
    Adam Says:


  50. 400
    Earl Says:

    A New Day! I am sending energies of Peace, Happiness, Healing(physically and Financially) to everyone. I need and expect the same for me. God Bless!!

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