40 Day Challenge – Daily Affirmation Videos

Greetings my fellow Vitalwavers and Wealthvibers,

Now available is the Free 40 Day Challenge.  I’ve created a video to tell you what it is about and there is also a 40 Day Challenge Page at Wealthvibes.  But, you can also sign up right here as well.  And, this will be the page to let others know of how you are progressing.

Essentially, once you sign up you’ll get one email a day for 40 days with a link to one of our powerful one minute affirmation videos.   Spend one minute watching the video and you are done for the day!  

As you go through the videos feel free to let others know how you feel here on this page by leaving a comment in the comment section.  If you find a video you really like please let others know.  If you have any advice on the best way to watch the videos or to get the most out of the 40 Day Daily Affirmations 1 Minute Video Challenge please let others know as well.

 This is also a place to be encouraged and to encourage others in their self growth and self development and to continue with the Challenge until the 40 Days are up.  With that in mind feel free to come to this page every day for as long as you wish.  You can leave comments for others to send you good positive energy to continue with the 40 Day Challenge and you can also encourage others who have left comments as well.



When you have completed the Challenge please let others know and let us know what benefits you’ve derived from watching these videos and which ones were your favorites.   Also, if there are any special videos you would like to see that you didn’t.

Forty Days has been a magical number throughout history and it is a long enough time frame to develop a great habit.  And, in this case it only takes one minute a day.  

So, why not start the 40 Day Challenge today?

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  1. 51
    monica Says:

    Thank you very much!

    My mood changed, I feel much better with myself, with hope and creativity.

    I resumed my painting and writing, and I am a bit more social.

    Thank you very much again!

  2. 52
    Sharath Chandra Says:

    Wow, these videos are great, they make a person positive and rejoice in their life. Enjoyed them !
    I wish the lord of 7 hills : Lord Venkateshwara and his holy wife Mother
    Goddess Lakshmi ( Goddess of all kinds of Wealth and Riches) should bless
    the owners of these 40 videos and sites, Good luck to them for their great work !
    All of you can chant : Om Vishwaya Namaha for all riches in your life whereever you are !
    The lord of 7 hills and the mother will help miraculously with his power .
    All accidents, injuries and untimely deaths will be prevented. Health problems , wealth , sex, children, cars, houses, money , food
    and all forms of abundance will come miraculously through the Lord.
    Just believe it ! He is also about to come in his 10th incarnation with the name Kalki as the world ends on 21st December 2012, Just Pray to him !

  3. 53
    Tiann (Riverdale, GaY Says:

    Its day 7 of my 40 day challenge… I’m feeling good about this whole experience… I look forward to updating the group on my progress and reading about the progress of others… Blessings go out!

  4. 54
    Maryam Says:

    Impossible to open the program of today on power Could you please resend it Thanks

  5. 55
    David Says:

    Need it resent never received it from Day 1

  6. 56
    Tania Says:

    Thank you very much for the 40 day challenge and your website. I enjoyed these videos very much and will visit your websites often.

  7. 57
    Keith N. Says:

    Enjoyed watching the videos, a big to thumbs up! Highly recommended!

  8. 58
    rae Says:

    Enjoyed it so much ! Thank you guys ! keep up this tremendous value of work going . very powerful .

  9. 59
    Chris Says:

    Starting the 40 days 2 days ago, i want perfect health and attract infinite wealth entering my reality now. Thanks for the miracles.

  10. 60
    Chris Says:

    I am at day 26. I feel great, powerful, energized, great feelgings. I have a few objectives : 1 – Since a few months, i have gastric reflux. I want to have perfect health as soon as possible ; 2 – I want to reach some goals i have : a) – Go to the USA once again with my wife and child, drive in various parts of the country Miami, New York,… b) – Go to Charm El Sheik, Seoul,… ; 3 – I want to reach an extase, a financial situation coming true making me free, financial way. An event, i will never forget, which changes my financial sitation immediately and for ever, a miracle, a financial miracle….

  11. 61
    Chris Says:

    I am at day 36, i command my body, my stomach to work perfectly, i am healed, i can eat anything i want everyday… Thank you the Universe…

  12. 62
    p Says:

    Hi, the wealthvibes affirmations seem to be down and not available on youtube anymore! would someone please post them back up? I would even pay for those videos! where can I access them? someone please contact me!

  13. 63
    elder charles johnson Says:

    i am sign in up for the 40 day affrimations

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