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Greetings my fellow Vitalwavers and Wealthvibers,

Now available is the Free 40 Day Challenge.  I’ve created a video to tell you what it is about and there is also a 40 Day Challenge Page at Wealthvibes.  But, you can also sign up right here as well.  And, this will be the page to let others know of how you are progressing.

Essentially, once you sign up you’ll get one email a day for 40 days with a link to one of our powerful one minute affirmation videos.   Spend one minute watching the video and you are done for the day!  

As you go through the videos feel free to let others know how you feel here on this page by leaving a comment in the comment section.  If you find a video you really like please let others know.  If you have any advice on the best way to watch the videos or to get the most out of the 40 Day Daily Affirmations 1 Minute Video Challenge please let others know as well.

 This is also a place to be encouraged and to encourage others in their self growth and self development and to continue with the Challenge until the 40 Days are up.  With that in mind feel free to come to this page every day for as long as you wish.  You can leave comments for others to send you good positive energy to continue with the 40 Day Challenge and you can also encourage others who have left comments as well.



When you have completed the Challenge please let others know and let us know what benefits you’ve derived from watching these videos and which ones were your favorites.   Also, if there are any special videos you would like to see that you didn’t.

Forty Days has been a magical number throughout history and it is a long enough time frame to develop a great habit.  And, in this case it only takes one minute a day.  

So, why not start the 40 Day Challenge today?

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  1. 1
    VitalWaves.com » Blog Archive » 40 Days - 1 Minute a Day - The Challenge Says:

    […] 40 Day Challenge is now live.  The Challenge is Guaranteed to improve your life in only 1 minute a day for 40 […]

  2. 2
    Vijayaraj Says:

    Hello, Im willing to join

  3. 3
    paul toudouze Says:

    Howdy Bob,
    These videos are so fast I can’t read them thus they do me no good.Sorry.

  4. 4
    inehs Says:

    The affirmations are too fast to read. Are they supposed to be fast? Kind of like subliminal?
    Thanks, inehs

  5. 5
    Bob K Says:

    Hi gang,

    I appreciate your feedback! Thank you.

    Yes, the videos are supposed to be semi-subliminal. However, once you start focusing on the video you’ll notice that with each passing second they become easier and easier to absorb. And, although they flash by quickly and you may not think they are doing any good the messages really are sinking in. This is part of the autoprogramming process. Once you do several of them I think you’ll find that you can easily read most of the affirmations. Some of them are longer and those will be subliminally registered in your brain.

    Also, on each video page you’ll find a link to the extended version of each 1 minute affirmation video. That extended video version lasts about two and a half minutes and each affirmtion flashes for about 3 seconds. If you feel more comfortable doing the extended version rather than the quick one then by all means do that version. (Was just trying to save all of us some time in our busy lives! 🙂

    Also, because these are videos you can pause at any time to absorb the particular affirmation if it is one you enjoy. I encourage you to stick with these and then let us know how you feel at the end of 40 Days.

    Part of the process of getting Programmed for Power is sticking with the program for the entire 40 days. This gets you into the habit of doing something that you know is going to be good for you everyday. Hopefully you can transfer this trait into other areas of your life, maybe adding other positive things as time goes on. Also, I wanted the 40 Day Program to be quick and easy, encouraging you to stay the course. Believe me it gets easier and easier.

    Sending good positive vibes to you all!

    Bob K.

  6. 6
    raghu Says:

    this email comes to you from a small city called mysore in india.I am very happy in doing the 40 day challenge.I pause for every affirmation and read it out loudly and am taking about one and half minute to complete the entire session.I am doing this twice in the morning,twice in the afternoon and twice in the night.I am feeling more focused and mainly finding how much time i was wasting in talking about people,about events i could not control,about politics and other useless things.Increasingly,my question to me,myself is,where am i?Where do i want to be in three years?
    I was complaining a lot.Now i feel i can do something instead of simply opening my mouth to complain.Small…but significant shifts are happening…and i am excited…

  7. 7
    Bob K. Says:

    Raghu – thank you for your feedback – glad to hear the affirmation videos are helping. Raghu brings up a great point. You can do these affirmation videos more than just once a day if you so desire. And, the more you do the more time you’ll be spending in a positive state of mind. And, that positive state will increasingly stay with you even when you are not doing them.

    Sending some positive energy to you in India and to all of those doing the 40 Day Challenge.

  8. 8
    Athena Says:

    I just want to say I’m loving these emails and vids – MWAH! Thank you!!

  9. 9
    Mauro Says:

    Thanks, I am optimist for these forty past days…. positiveness to all of you!

  10. 10
    raghu Says:

    Yes.There is a shift…slow…but definitely significant.One feels more positive,in control and directed.There seems to be a purpose,a reason why we are born in this world.I am going to repeat the 40 day challenge again,so that it goes deeper.The difference between a person and another is only the CORE beliefs ingrained and developed consistently over time.Its payback time.Time to walk the talk and like the Nike ad to “JUST DO IT”
    Thank you Bob.Thank you very much.I count myself as blessed to be among the privileged few to get such opportunities.
    mysore city

  11. 11
    Ashwani Malik Says:

    Please resend
    Day 9
    Day 13

    The above are not received Till now

    Thanking You
    Ashwani Malik

  12. 12
    Chris Says:

    Hi–I just finished the 40 day challenge. I like that the affirmations are fast and also that they are set to music. Occasionally the music will re-play in my mind and I immediately associate it with the positive affirmations–so that is definitely a plus. I’m going through a very challenging time in my life right now and the confidence videos and the mind power and positive thoughts videos have been particularly helpful. Thanks and blessings to all

  13. 13
    Susan Says:

    Thank you, I have joined the 40 day challenge.

    I hope this will improve my life.

  14. 14

    Thank you for making feel better….im going through a rough patch and these positive vibes help me end the end of a rubbish day to remind me that things are not right but its ok we can all get through it. thank you and God bless you all….smile xxx

  15. 15
    B Says:

    Hiya, I have received two links for the videos and neither one of them work.. I’m confused.. Can you help me on this?
    Thanxz B

  16. 16
    ESong Says:

    I am committed to completing the 40 day challenge. The thoughts of a man control his behavior. My actions are moving me into my rightful place of abundance.

  17. 17
    Chris Says:

    Thanks for everything. I have completed today the 40 days program. Since about 3 weeks, i run about 10 hours a week (before about 3 hours per week) ; i have lots of energy, power, confidence ; I have better health ; I have more resistance ; It opened me many doors to help me become more prosperous. Thanks Bob.

  18. 18
    Chrissy Says:

    I’ve requested the 40 Day Challenge at least a couple of times this morning, but the link has not shown up – I’m very interested in participating starting today 3/5/2010 – Can you help me asap? Thanks so much for the opportunity!!! Chrissy

  19. 19
    John Says:

    These 40 days, have been a wonderful time for reprogramming. Thank you so much. It helps me a lot, boost energy, regain confidence, change my mood, the best program.

  20. 20
    Juanita Thompson Says:

    Please , please send me Day 40 which I never received. Am doing the challenge for the 2nd time. Thanks very much!

  21. 21
    Dave Says:

    These videos have reprogrammed my subconscious mind and got me past my biggest block – to take action on my dreams instead of sitting around and wishing for better…to get out of my comfort zone and ACT! Thank you!!!

    All you have to do is act – that tells your mind that you mean business…and once your mind is behind your actions, watch out – you are up and running. Thank you again for this wonderful tool!

    Peace & blessings, Dave

  22. 22
    anita a Says:

    i am doing the 40 day challenge.however i have missed not recieved all of them.have recieved 2 and i am according to the email on day 11.

  23. 23
    Cristina Says:

    I just completed the 40-Day Challenge Program and during those 40 days I feel so inspired to start my day and it seemed that 40 days flew so fast! Definitely this program is highly recommended to those who are seeking for life’s secrets, wisdom and truth. I am so grateful that I was able to discover this wonderful program. Thank you Bob for sharing this with all of us.

  24. 24
    steve Says:

    After just eight days have noticed a change in myself, for the better that is. The speed of the affirmations seem fast at first, but as time goes by they appear to slow down.
    Thank you

  25. 25
    lee Says:

    These videos are delightful! … really give me a positive lift and I truly believe that they are a great support to my shifting consciousness.
    Grateful is my heart Bob K….

  26. 26
    gabby Says:

    I’m on day 22 but i have not noticed a change, sometimes I feel like i’m still hitting a wall- can someone give me some insight- greatly appreciate it

  27. 27
    Castra Downes Says:

    I really enjoyed the 40 day challenge. Your Belief in yourself really increases by day 20. I am going to continue using these affirmations to heighten my awareness. Thank you Bob K.

  28. 28
    leemac Says:

    Today I just finished my 40 day challenge…and I never want it to end. This has been a very powerful tool to support me in making huge shifts in my way of thinking..it’s just been happening and I feel doors have been opened for me to continue this wonderful journey.
    Grateful is my heart for Bob and his team’s work for getting these valuable videos created for all. Many thanks!
    I have put these in a folder for further use..I will continue tuning into one each day..as I said ‘I don’t want it to end’ and I would encourage anyone who wants to better their lives, to just have fun with this and let your mind and body absorb the special messages. It can’t be too serious, enjoy the special, creative energy in each video.
    I Love the good vibes sent to me..I send them back out to you, leemac

  29. 29
    Marga Says:

    Have seen no success.
    No help, no wealth, no wealth,
    Too bad.
    Yours sincerely

  30. 30
    michelle Says:

    when i try to accesss it keeps tellingme my account has been susspended??!!

  31. 31
    Nalini Says:

    OM very useful I pause and read it. Very interesting and improved my life
    now I tell the people who cannot use computer right for them .Thanks a
    lot for this type of affirmation. You are like an angle thank you thank you thank you again and again.

  32. 32
    Rita Says:

    i get the same messages as michelle in comment 30, since day 38. WHY?

  33. 33

    Hi folks – apologies for the interruption of your 40 Day Challenge. Am scrambling to find a new webhost for the wealthvibes site as the current one is unresponsive at the moment and this may take a couple of days.

    thanks for your understanding,

    Bob K.

  34. 34
    Teeder Says:

    I like these vids. Something is going on because I really look forward to each days new video. Honestly think they are working, definitely more upbeat about work and money. Like I said, something is going on….

  35. 35
    John Says:

    Just completed the 40 days challenge. Thanks, great opportunity to become stronger, much more positive, and without limits. Fantastic. The best program.

  36. 36
    Kenny Kaos Says:

    The videos are Great!=) I wish there was even more videos. I see good things manifesting in my life like never befor. Ill do this for the rest of my life!!! Thanks Bob ;o)

  37. 37
    MBA2014 Says:

    I’ve been watching the videos for over a week and I find that I look forward to receiving the new link and finding a quiet, child free moment to watch them. Mentally I’m clearer and find that money is a coming to me from different places. I’m also calmer. These videos are great.

  38. 38
    Melvin Says:

    Amazing to say the very least. I have gone from a very weak and feeble state of health to strong and vibrantly energized! I also went from having no job and no goals to, enrolling into Truck Driver Training School, successfully learning and completing the course with a Job now making $40,000 more a year than I was previously bringing in! This has really helped to re-direct my life in a positive way and I would like to say Thanks, for helping me to change my MIND and LIFE!


  39. 39
    Vee Says:

    I hope this is for the 40 Day challange.

  40. 40
    jeanie adkins Says:

    I just finished the 40 day challenge and what a wonderful program! I really enjoyed the videos and have noticed a difference in my health and emotions. THANKS!!!

  41. 41
    João V. Says:

    “The affirmations ARE fast. Pretty soon, You’ll be FASTER!”

    HO YEAH !!!

    Thank you for giving us such powerfull tools 😀

  42. 42
    JON BOND Says:


    My name is Jon Bond, and I am now taking part in your 40 day program that I learned about from Utube. I am trying to turn my life around after suffering some horrible setbacks. I would very much appreciate concentrated thought for good on my health, wealth, and my POP music career, which has gone no where. I am trying to receive a multimillion dollar recording ocontract with a major record label, as I am a pianist, singer and songwriter like Elton John. I would also like thought focus for my perfect mate/man of my true heart’s desire, as I have been alone formore than 48 years now, and it just feels like my life is so over. I am severely tired and worn out. I am also broke financially, and don’t have enough money for food, rent, nor utilities. I do not know if whether this is all just a waste of time, but I am willing to at least give it a true chance, eh? I mean, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Also, my friend Rick Kress is suffering from AIDS, and his health is greatly tried; he is broke, too, and he is in danger. Please send him healing rays, as well, if you can possibly do so. Any help in the above areas shall be greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much in advance. Anything that I can do for you, if I am able, you have only to let me know. Thanks so very much!


  43. 43
    Andrea Says:

    So I start the 40 Day challenge today, and I’m super excited to see where I will be in forty days. As far as where I am or what I would like to improve, I would like to boost my self confidence and self-esteem which right now are low but working on building that up. I also want to improve the action that I take in my business with sales and meeting people and doing the needed work to build it. I want to improve my confidence when it comes to women since I feel like I can’t approach a beautiful woman that I see. (Shyness and fear) and I want to be able to just be able to be the true me. I let a lot of my fear and shyness get in the way of things and can’t wait to see that disappear in the next 40 days.

  44. 44
    Dennis Says:

    I have completed the 40 days and what a pleaseure it was. I looked forward each day for a new link. I really liked the million$ one. but all we easy to watch. I continue to watch a new on each day. I am hooked. Awesome totally awesome

  45. 45
    kamal Says:

    i simply love this,i eagerly wait for your mail everyday,its my 9th day and im feeling really good. Thanks for the videos,they are very effective.GOD BLESS YOU

  46. 46
    kamal Says:

    I have a question Bob,can we watch 6-7 videos of our choice daily,again and again.Is that fine?

  47. 47
    john Says:

    thank you immensely. i have never felt better!!! i am only 10 days in and i feel amazing. i can actaually tell that my mind is working differently[ and better]. i am becoming a new person, an irresistable force of nature. i plan to set 3 guinness world records later this month, all thanks to you.!! rejoice with me!! my success is your success!! you WILL be hearing from me later for an update. thank you again.

  48. 48
    Donald Says:

    The 40 day challenge is an amazing tool to change our life. It has tremendous potential and the results are mind blowing.Thank You so much.

  49. 49
    Ernie Says:

    I do not get it , every time I try too get to the video it takes
    me to another ad to buy something. Please help me to
    Understand want I m doing wrong .
    Thanks Ernie

  50. 50
    monica Says:

    BIG HUG.

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