Slim Down Energy

If you’ve struggled to lose weight and seem to have tried everything else we’ll send you energy to help you in your weight loss struggle

You might want to phrase your request in such a manner that others will be sending you energy to help you shed pounds in whatever way is the most beneficial for you.  In other words, in this instance you don’t have to be specific in your request regarding how you are going to lose say 40 lbs., just that you want to lose it! 

Once you have made your request please help others by visiting some of our other energy sending pages and sending your own powerful spiritual energy their way. 

thank you,

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260 Responses to “Slim Down Energy”

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  1. 151
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending positive enegry to you now may you feel loved and filled with joy.

    “I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.” By Louise L. Hay, book You Can Heal Your Life. (Recommended read.)

    Tip: Try the Candida overgrowth Diet. Candida is found in your intestines and taking medications such as anti-biotics can cause the Candida to overgrow which can cause weight gain and other health issuses as well. And if you don’t have time or are afraid to know where to start. Excercise for at least 5 mintunes a day to begain with after while increase your time to 10 minutnes and so on and so on.
    (Sorry about the video. I don’t know why it went all blurry like but it’s still good information.)

  2. 152
    Lercy Says:

    As i struggle with my yoyo wieght, im ready to reach my perfect desired wieght….in recieving all this postive energy I ALSO SEND OUT AN ABAUNDANCE OF POSTIVE ENERGY TO HELP ALL WITH THIER WEIGHT STRUGGLE. IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU CAN RECIEVE IT

  3. 153
    Gudrun Says:

    I am asking for positive energy to inspire me further. to date I have lost 8kgs and I intend to loose another 10kgs. Please help me in this endeavour.

    To all those people trying to loose excess weight – my love and blessings are with you. Keep it up and do not be too hard on yourselves. We will make it and reach our goals- TOGETHER!

  4. 154
    Christine Says:

    I send energentic support and love to everyone who needs to lose weight. I want to shed 10-15 pounds myself… Much gratitude and blessings!

  5. 155
    LEETTA Says:


  6. 156
    Tyshanna Says:

    Please send me some positive energy to lose wait speedy. Being over wait has made me insecure and hopeless. Please send me some energy. Thanks so much!

  7. 157
    el Says:

    Hi everyone out there!
    Hope you can send me some postive vibes for loosing weight.
    I’m having difficulty with emotional eating/snacking. My lover left me, I’m in debt and cannot stop eating to still my emotional “hunger”. Hope you understand. Thanks a lot and best wishes fo 2011!

  8. 158
    Tina Says:

    Hi everyone. please send me positive energy to lose 50 pounds. It is all I can think of and it impacts the quality of my life every day – it has for years. I need divine assistance. I eat constantly out of anxiety and stress. Please send me good vibes to keep me focused on achieving this goal. It will help me in everything I do.

  9. 159
    nerissa Says:

    Greetings to everyone…please send me positive energy and determination to lose weight and become perfectly healthy…so that my husband will again be attracted to me so that i could again feel his lost love and attraction to me because i feel hurt everytime i remember he had managed to look and focus his attention to some other younger girls…also, i just want to send so much love to anyone who needs it…please accept my love and prayers…

  10. 160
    Grace Says:

    Weight loss energy vibes over here please! I need to lose approximately 5 stone in order to feel fit and healthy again. I need to lose it naturally, safely but quickly. I need the cosmic switch to flick my body back to its optimum health vibration and I need your positive thoughts to help with that. Thank you! 🙂

  11. 161
    Dani Says:

    I send light, love and determination energy to all those seeking health, wellness, physical strength, you have all achieved the perfect state of health, energy and body size and shape you desire. You all have playfull childlike energy and enthusiasm for delicious healthy food, fitness and doing activities that bring you joy. You spend lots of time in nature and the outdoors and feel connected to your power. You all are full of enthusiasm for life and see your self slim, toned, healthy. You have successfully achieved your desired body and health NOW.

    I am now living in my desired body, I have successfully lost 15 kilo’s, I am youthfull, healthy, toned, slim, attractive!!

  12. 162
    gilbert Says:

    For all those who struggle with there weight. I send out loving positive energy to help you lose all the excess weight you desire. I aslo ask for help to lose my excess weight and get the body and health i desire.

  13. 163
    saima Says:

    please help me in weight loose and send me positive energy for loosing weight and accept engergy on my behalf positively for calorie counter people and send positive energy for my rough skin.

  14. 164
    Muhnaimuh Says:

    Peace and contentment to all. Please send prayers and energy my way as I want to release 25 pounds and having changed my eating to do so. I want to be lean and healthy. Blessings!

  15. 165
    Marga Says:

    Ich bitte um energie um mir zu helfen 25 pfund abzunehmen damit ich mich wieder wohl fühlen kann und meinen hohen Blutdruck wieder auf normale werte senken kann.
    Ich sende auch gerne energie für diejenigen, die das selbe Problem haben.

  16. 166
    Marga Says:

    ich sende positive, liebevolle energie an alle, die gewicht verlieren wollen oder sollen.
    viel licht und liebe

  17. 167
    Brett McCallum Says:

    I am sending some slim down energy for my hubby to lose 10kgs by his weigh-in goal date!!!

  18. 168
    brooke reding Says:

    Please send weight loss enery to not be hungry to myself brooke and to lose 50 lbs. For daughter kenzie. Thank u

  19. 169
    Gredy Says:

    Its been a life long struggle of mine to lose weight please everyone send me some slim down energy now more than ever I’m gaining like never before and the more i trie to lose the weight the more i gain.

  20. 170
    Anna Says:

    I ask that I may be blessed with healthy weight loss. Since giving up smoking I have put on weight and it’s making me miserable. I am seriously thinking about smoking again. I ask that I can shed about 2 stone and feel fit, toned and healthy. And so it is.

  21. 171
    viedso Says:

    may the univers help me to loose weight,i want to have a low fat heathy body in the next three month.
    may the univers help me!!!!!

  22. 172
    Karen Says:

    My low carb diet seems to work so slowly and seem to lose momentum very fast. I need some energy to loose 50 lbs…will get me down to something manageable. All appreciation for the energy! Please let me know how I can help

  23. 173
    Brenda Harris Says:

    I need to lose 59 lbs! I am sending my request and may the Universe hear me very loudly! I speak this and I receive this.

    Thank you

  24. 174
    dana Says:

    i am working on losing weight and I want to send positive energy to those that need that success and wish to have positive energy sent back to me for the weight to be gone and to look my best

  25. 175
    DIane Says:

    Please help me and my son Josh lose weight. He is really struggling and we both need energy and positive thoughts to help us in our goals. Good luck also to others who are struggling with weight.

  26. 176
    what is a hemroid Says: » Slim Down Energy is actually a pretty good website. You sure make me come back again. I just wanted to ask you what your theme is called and if I can find it for free.

  27. 177
    Live Points Says:

    It’s the best time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you some interesting things or tips. Perhaps you could write next articles referring to this article. I want to read more things about it!

  28. 178
    Anna Says:

    ich bitte um Energie , um meinen schlechten Stoffwechsel anzuheben,
    und 20 Pf abnehmen kann.
    sende gerne Energie an alle die brauchen.

  29. 179
    Karen Says:

    Need energy to exercise more, eat less heathly food, and gain appreciation for not feeling stuffed so that 50 lbs leave my body looking great and stay away!!

    Send Positive energy to those who need this as well!!!! 🙂

  30. 180
    maribeth Says:

    All my loving energy to everyone who needs help loosing weight.

  31. 181
    Anni Says:

    Ich bitte um Energie um meinen Stoffwechsel zu erhöhen und 10 Kg abzunehmen.
    Ich sende gerne Energie für andere die auch Probleme haben.
    Alles Liebe

  32. 182
    Maitreyi Says:

    Hi please give me energy to lose weight and fit into my sexy blu silk dress by my birthday next month. Thank you and may god help each and every one of you lose weight and carry your body with all the confidence and élan it deserves.

  33. 183
    Karen Says:

    Please send positive energy… I need to loose 60 lbs in the next 6 months. I’m ready to shed these lbs once and for all. I have struggled with weight all my life and it truly effects my self esteem!!! Need ur help universe to reverse those effects.

    Blessings to those have visited this site… For positive energy for the things u truly need in ur lives!

  34. 184
    F Says:

    Thankyou for all the amazing, uplifting energy and focus that co creates my ideal of being a super lean, healthy, strong, fit and youthful size 6. with 13% bodyfat. It is natural, effortless, it makes me so happy to look and feel this good now.

  35. 185
    Vee Says:

    Please send weight loss energy to slim down to me. I need to lose 120 lbs. I have been trying but with osteoporosis and booth ankles broken in the past it is hard to move fast enough to burn the weight off and eating healthy under a nutritionist hasn’t really worked for me yet. I broke my left femur and was bed bound for almost 7 months which is when I gained the weight and now I am finding it almost impossible to get rid of the excess weight.
    Thank you.

  36. 186
    Lisa Says:

    I request support, positive energy and lots of light to me in my weight loss journey. As I get more energized, my body is stronger, my mind is clearer and my heart is more open to life. My muscles support my joints and my joints support my lungs — as my joints work, my lungs have a better opportunity to expand and contract FULLY in an all-out effort to increase strength AND endurance…and I am able to do more and more as I continue to drop 1-3 lbs a week, remaining positive and energized throughout the process.

  37. 187
    Easy Diet To Follow Says:

    Really interesting information here, appreciate your time taken. Keep it up.

  38. 188
    M Says:

    Appreciate some good energy so I can achieve by goal weight and health.
    Thank you.
    Sending love to you all

  39. 189
    Belinda Says:

    Please send positive energy to me. I am on my second week of working out. I want to tone and sculpt my body and be in the best shape possible. Losing weight is great and feels geat, but I do it to be healthier and to stay healthy as so many illnesses run in my family.

    I send everyone here lots of positive energy, happy thoughts, and many blessings. 🙂

    Thank you!

  40. 190
    Juanita Thompson Says:

    Please pray that my weight loss success continues. Thanks and God bless…

  41. 191
    Kate Says:

    PLEASE,PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE send me some strength and energy to undertake my journey to become a better healthier me!!!!!! Love and light to all you beautiful people )0(

  42. 192
    hotshot bald cop Says:

    I simply mentioned that a few days ago!!!

  43. 193
    sharie in calgary Says:

    please send energy for healthy choices active lifestyle and confidence i pray to achieve and maintain a goal weight of 165 god bless

  44. 194
    Jenaia Says:

    May my love, happy energy will help you slim down to wear that swim suit you always wanted or that little black dress. You are beautiful, you are perfect fit and you are where at because you believed in yourself!

    God bless!

  45. 195
    mel Says:

    to continue to stay healthy and achieve a healthy goal weight.
    thank you.

  46. 196
    Anjell Says:

    May my sister Daphnee lose the 30lbs she’s been trying desperately to shed which will then help her gain confidence

  47. 197
    Nichole Dunkley Says:

    Today is a Oct 7, 2011 I am sending out positvie energy to the world today. Their is a cure and a answer within us for every obstacle. Today together we choose happiness, we choose success, We choose right action today, and we choose love and good will for all today. We choose peace today. We give thanks and gratitude for all our blessings several times a day.We pray for each other peace,happiness, and prosperity for all our friends and family, and all people around the world. Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if their be any virture, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Phillipians4:8.

  48. 198
    Nichole Dunkley Says:

    Today i send out more positive energy to all mankind. Divine order takes charge of our life today and everyday.All things work together for our good for you today. I ask for positive energy from the universe to help me in my finances and to lose 30lbs. I ask the universe to immediately send me a home-based business idea or to guide me to money making opportunities from home and to give me the strength, wisdom, and energy to shed these extra pounds. I send out positive energy to the universe good health, wealth, success and prosperity.

  49. 199
    m Says:

    sending love & light so achieving our ideal weight is easy and quickly.
    thank you for this wonderful body, mind, sprit and breath.

  50. 200
    Nichole Dunkley Says:

    Sending positive energy to people who struggle with weight issues. and i thank you for sending me the same positive energy.

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