Send Love to your Pets

Hi there,

Everybody loves their pets, from dogs, birds, and cats to potbellied pigs and horses.  And, now you can request energy be sent their way be it for healing or whatever.  Just enter your request in the comment section below.  

Lets send those pets some love! 

thank you,

Bob K.

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  1. 51
    Ahmed Says:

    I send absolute pure positive healing energy to Chris’ dog Mandie so that all her organs function at their optimum levels and that she is protected and ask that you all please send you positive healing energy to my dog, her name is Oreo for absolute good health, abundant energy and happiness.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and may God Bless you all with infinite good health, happiness and prosperity.

  2. 52
    michelle triska Says:

    please send energy for my physical health and a deliverance from pills and the world.

  3. 53
    wanda Says:

    Thank you for this site. Please send healing energy to my Black Lab; Africa. She is aging and has problems with arthritis and shortness of breath. She has always shared her energy with me when was not feeling well she helped me.
    Also my mothers little dog Maxie has allergies and eye problems and needs healing energy.

    Thank you and be blessed

  4. 54
    Susan Says:

    I hope it will bring you much comfort …

  5. 55
    Melanie Rhein-Gammell Says:

    Please, help me send much healing energy to our precious cat Festus. He has had 4 surgeries for cancerous tumors on his shoulder. He is a truly loving, gentle soul.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful site.

  6. 56
    sandy Says:

    for bella to feel at home and at peace in her kennel

  7. 57
    Susan Says:

    Please send your love and healing energy to our dog, Scooby. He has had a fever for two days, and is being tested today. I know he will be fine, but need your love and energy to be sent to him.

    Thanks so much

  8. 58
    karele Says:

    Que la Luz, el Amor, de Dios Su manifieste su magnificiencia en cada una de las Almas de cada Mascotas y Amos de cada uno sea limpiadas, sanadas, Ascendidas y Transcendidas en la plenitud de salud en prosperidad desde todos los tiempos pasados, presente y proyeccion de futuro hasta el infinito, fortaleza a los amos que deben soltar en la luz del amor a quienes ya han cumplido su Mision y deben ascender y trascender para su bienestar espiritual y el de su entorno, asi Es, Asi Se Ha Hecho en el Aqui y en El Ahora. Namaste, Aloha, expandase esta luz de amor a mis mascotas Clark e Iso en Salud y Prosperidad, plena Fe hasta el infinito.

  9. 59
    Chris Says:

    please send healing energy and love to my cat leia that whatever is unwell in her body gets healed easily and quickly and she feels totally better as soon as possible and is back to her happy self! thank you!

  10. 60
    jen Says:

    Hi there,
    I ask that you please send healing energy to my brothers cat vivian. Also to my moms cat charlie.
    Thank You

  11. 61
    Roxanne Says:

    Please send healing and lots of Love to my TwinSoul, my Heart and everything, Smokey….He passed away a little over 10 months ago, and I miss him terribly…
    Thank you and Blessings~


  12. 62
    jen Says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please send healing energy to my horse General.
    Thank you

  13. 63
    Tisha Says:

    Please send some healing energy to my mother’s dog, Cissy and Rock! Thank you.

  14. 64
    jadavji vaghasia Says:


  15. 65
    Kelli Hayward Says:

    Please if you would pray for my miniature yorkie Minnie Mouse, she is old and blind and has a hard time digesting her food. She has hip displacia and a collapsed trachea and i would like her to be healed she is so loving and loyal. I am sending loving healing and happiness energy out to all o=your loving and loyal pets too. I wish the best for all the animals. Kelli 🙂

  16. 66
    Michael Says:

    Hi everyone! hoping you will send out a healing energy wave for my brothers ‘ dog Opie. He’s always been a good boy, and his only crime was to grow old. (now 16) I think he is in pain, and any goo

  17. 67
    kim Says:

    Please send healing energy to a new stray cat (Camee)about 7 mo. old who arrived on our door in (Angola, Ny) on thursday and to our own Nosey cat who is 15 years old and adjusting to this new family member.
    Many thanks and blessings…

  18. 68
    Gudrun Says:

    Please send healing and loving energy to my pets –
    – One of my 2 budgies recently died and the mate is very nervous and uneasy – send some love to it. She misses her partner.
    – I have inherited a parrot from my neighbour who recently passed away – this parrot does not want to talk and is very anxious. Please send it some love to calm down and accept its new home. we love it already and he brings so much joy, yet he is not happy. i am trying to incorporate the parrot into our lives to make it feel loved.
    – lastly, please send love to my 3 dogs.

    I send love, healing and positive energy to all animals out there – may the strays find good homes, may all mistreated animals be rescued and find loving homes. Kim, may the stray adjust to you and your family and may your old cat accept her readily and love her.

  19. 69
    Vickens Moscova Says:

    Want to send energy to Pierres dogs, Doreens animals… and my pets Denim and Zues that they can live the rest of there days in wealth and freedom.

  20. 70
    Sonal Says:

    Please send love and healing energy and calmness to Sinbad he is my ex’s cat I am sitting for and he gets a little crazy at times and I want him to know I love him and that he should make this home and calm down a little bit…and don’t be scared cause dad is coming home in a few months

    Thank you

  21. 71
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending positive loving calm energy to each of your pets and may peace over come them.

    Please send some calming energy our way for Suki. She is 6 month old puppy and we are getting ready to start her in dog train lessons and we hope that she will be able to exallent in her classes.

    Thank you and God bless each one of you!

  22. 72
    NJ Says:

    Love and Light to Simba my darling!
    Simba my miracle cat sent straight from Heaven.

    Simba, darling, precious, my Love, you are healthy, whole and strong thru the healing Love of God! Amen.

  23. 73
    Jamie Says:

    I ask please that good energy is sent to my many pets, but in particular Simon. He gets so cranky at times and has attempted to bite. I do not want to ever “put him down” or get rid of him. Perhaps other’s good energy is just what he needs!! Thank you and bless you all!

  24. 74
    Bruce Says:

    Beautiful dog Angel accepts your healing energy, and returns your Love…

  25. 75
    Holly Says:

    Please send healing energy to my cat Oliver. He is a very sweet cat that I rescued from where I work (he was a feral kitten born outside the restaurant I work at). I have had him for nine years now, and he is a great companion. Sometimes I worry about him because I have to work long hours and he is home alone alot. He has a cat door and a huge yard to play in, but I wish I could spend more time with him.
    Thank you, Holly

  26. 76
    Melanie Says:

    Please, please send some healing energy to our black cat, Festus, who has been fighting cancer. He has another tumor on his neck. Festus is a gentle, loving soul who has taught us so much about…everything that is good. It’s amazing how much love one can feel when reading each request here. I am certainly sending love and healing energy to every one of you and your wonderful furry friends. With love and peace….

  27. 77
    Brianna Says:

    Please send love to my dog named princess, a white furred chihuahua, named when i was a kid, i hope she knows i love her because shes mostly in the cage all day but we take her out 3 times a day for her to do her business and go play but please send positive energy to her so she can stop shedding, stop smelling, be clean, all the bugs will come off her ( we do take her to the veternary and give her baths), and for her to be happy with us and live a long healthy life! Thank you. with love

  28. 78
    Carmen Says:

    Please join me in sending positive thoughts for my toy poodle Apis,he is fighting for his life right now at the vets he came down with dreaded parvovirus and his prognosis is guarded can only wait.hope and pray and let him know I love him.I will appreciate eveyones help.Thank you

  29. 79
    kerr Says:

    Send healing and postive loving enery to my pets Mishy(Target the mouth and gums, restoration of teeth),and to despel all infection in the body), Caramel(insecurity and agressivness towards non pack members) and Mia, ( she has a grumpy don’t touch me I’ll claw and bite you attitude),they all are sweet and loving creatures, I pray they have long and healthy lives.

  30. 80
    Gudrun Says:

    Please send some loving and healing energy to my puppy Sasha. She is on a path of recovery after a bad illness and needs loads of help……. and spiritual energy.

    Thank you!

  31. 81
    Jenaia Says:

    May peaceful loving energy heal each of your pets from illnesses to comfort. May they be forever happy and content with fullest of life. Let my loving energy reach you as well that you may feel peace and comfort that your pets will come out of this terrible state they are in.

    Say to yourself, “I deserve happiness and peace. My pet deserves the very best in life. They are well and safe.”

  32. 82
    Tom Says:

    Hello. Please join me in sending loving energy to my wonderful cat Sasha. She is a 20-3/4 year old half Siamese and half tabby. Sasha is starting to yowl loudly at night, usually two or three episodes. She is losing her vision and hearing, so I think the yowling is because she gets confused and can’t find me.

    The energy I have been sending her for these 20 years has of course been love. I call her my 30-year cat all the time, too. So if you could send her positive energy, hopefully it will help prolong her life. She is still active, goes out her cat door to her enclosed back yard, and can jump up to window sills 3 feet off the ground. Only health issue is a moderate problem with her kidneys.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    Tom H.

  33. 83
    Lee Says:

    Please send our 1 year old special cat Magic healing energy. He is now recovering from a 2 day bout with, not sure what. He and his twin brother are rescue kittys that were found left in a box at the side of a road at birth.
    They’ve brought much joy to our home. I know the power of healing energy and I send mine out to other animals in need…peace, love ~

  34. 84
    brooke reding Says:

    Please send spiritual energy to my dog mocca and dog chip and to my 2 birds.

  35. 85
    diane Says:

    Please send healing energy to my two labs who I love so dearly. Thank you and blessings to you and yours as well.

  36. 86
    DIane Says:

    Please send energy to keep my two dogs healthy. They always give me so much love.

  37. 87
    Joni Says:

    Please send healing energy to my dog, Charlie who is healing from something unknown

  38. 88
    Avinash Says:

    May all your Pets have a v.good health & a long life.My pet puppy-vickey needs healing energy .He is our family energy booster & I want him to be healthy and fine ; with a longer life than my with your healing energy plse ask your pets to give some.

  39. 89
    karele Says:

    hola, bendiciones para todas las mascotas que dan alegria y amor reciproco de sus dueños, bendiciones para mi gato Iso afectado del oido izquierdo y que sea liberado de parasitos internos y externos de su cuerpo, salud vibrante para todos, tambien para mi morrocoy clark que esta desaparecido para que este bien donde quiera que se encuentre, lo amo y bendigo en el bien. Aloha, Namaste.

  40. 90
    Sarah Says:

    Please send your kindness, healing energy, and loving thoughts to my cat Pig. She is handicapped, and has always needed more love and care than most pets. Now she is very sick, and your hope and prayers for her swift recovery and long, happy life are much appreciated. I pray that she recovers from this illness and goes on to live a long life. May your pets also find happiness and recover well.

  41. 91
    brooke reding Says:

    Please send positive energy to my dogs mocca, chip and. Lola and to let them feel my love for them. That they can be happy.

  42. 92
    Anjell Says:

    Please let your positive energy shield my 2 dogs Richo and Yeiyo from any harm along with the neighborhood cats… They all deserve to live healthy and happy lives as well, thank you

  43. 93
    Jenaia Says:

    Loving and healing energy goes out to each of your pets. Loving energy goes out to those pets without homes. That they may find a forever home. May guardian angels watch over each of your pets.

  44. 94
    karelehe Says:


  45. 95
    maria Says:

    Please send healing thoughts to my friend’s cat Buster who has been sick. Many thanks.

  46. 96
    MARIA Says:


  47. 97
    maria Says:

    Healing for Buster, and healing and happiness for ALL animals.

  48. 98
    Gwen Says:

    Please send healing and positive energy to my dog Tiger, my cats – Jimmy, midnight, Chubby, and Mittens so that their remaining lives will be filled with love, prosperity, and protection.

    Peace and Blessings

  49. 99
    Rita Klemme Says:

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  50. 100
    dimitra Says:

    i send all my love energy to all the annimals in the world..wish them warm,happines,love,kindness form us..

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