Distant Distance or Remote Energy Healing 

This is where we will be sending you healing energy. Tap into the vibrational power of this distant healing or remote healing by leaving your healing request in the comments section below. If you need soul healing, mind healing, spiritual healing, energy healing, or physical healing of the body or any other kind of remote vibrational healing please help us help you.

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power. So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more healing?  Send out more healing thoughts to others!

When you send energy to others picture a divine healing light flowing into them, cleansing and purifying them in both body and soul and then for the specific healing request that they have.

thank you, Vital Waves

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783 Responses to “Healing”

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  1. 501
    Marga Says:

    Ich sende viel positive Energie wo gebraucht wird

  2. 502
    Todd D. Says:

    I posted on one of these websites, and I don’t know which one, asking how to get my comments off of the site. I am sorry; I shouldn’t have asked that, but I don’t see how to do it.
    Thank you for your time.


  3. 503
    Katie O Says:

    My 14 year old daughter has been suffering from anorexia. Please send the healing, positive energy of the white light to heal her. Love and light to all who read this and help.

  4. 504
    Rachel Says:

    Send God’s healing energy concerning my left eye with ectropion. And I send the same healing energy to all…..God bless

  5. 505
    Rachel Says:

    Please continue to send God’s healing energy to my son with drug addiction and that God keep him safe.

  6. 506
    Rose K Says:

    I am sending to each individual on this site healing positive energies to heal each person afflicted with drug addictions, pain, physcological difficulties, and spiritual dificiencies. May the universe bring to you the Divine White Healing Light to heal every cell within the core of your being. Open yourselves to recieve this Divine White Light and feel the healing energies as this light surges through your body cleansing and purifying every cell and fiber at the core of your being.

    Good Health, Happiness be yours.

  7. 507
    claudio Says:


  8. 508
    Pamela Murawski Says:


    Someone waved the magic wand.
    Turned the golden key.
    Found the missing pieces.

    Preacher sang a pretty song
    Bluebirds made a nest.

    Angels sent a message.
    It is time for a change.
    Universe move swiftly.

    Let us dance by moonlight
    Victory is here.
    An injustice has been won.

    The tide has turned.
    It has just begun.

    by Pamela Murawski

    p.s I hope you find my poem healing to you and it brings hope and a smile

  9. 509
    s Says:

    I seek all the healing forces of the universe to send to Sanjay Jadyal who is critical in the hospital and heal him in all respects body, mind and soul.Please forgive us all for our sins and heal us to start afresh.

  10. 510
    Tania Says:

    Please send healing energies my way. I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, stage IIIb, and am in dire need of emotional and physical healing energies, to help me to destroy these cancer cells and replace them with healthy ones. I send out loving and healing energies to the Universe!

  11. 511
    Peter Says:

    497 Pierce , 500 Kerry , 503 Katie , 504-505 Rachel , 509 s , 510 Tania did you observ any positive changes on 1st july

  12. 512
    s Says:

    Dear Peter
    Thank you for your help.
    I hope it helped.
    Many Thanks,

  13. 513
    Julia Says:

    I call out to all my brothers and sisters for help in sending healing energies to Lena in Wichita Ks. She has multiple health issues, diabetes, lukeima, asthma, and problems with heart. She needs all the loving, healing energy that she can get. I, myself send all the loving and healing energy out to all those in need. I thank you all for all your help.

    Your sister in love and light
    Julia B.

  14. 514
    Dale Adams Says:

    I wish to be cured of schizophrenia, exhaustion and mental confusion. thank you

  15. 515
    Dale Adams Says:

    let the nerve damage and the paralysis of my left hand be cured. let the poor vision and problems in my eyes be cured. let the hearing problems in my ears be cured. let my incontinance be cured. let all fear and depression leave me and never return. thank you

  16. 516
    Vera Says:

    May I look deeply into my wounds and diseases and hereby unlock the power to help heal myself and those around me. May my suffering enable me to become more loving and compassionate with myself and others. God bless. May I find the right herb at the right time with the help of God and if needed with medicine to feel better again. Love to all you beautiful beings.

  17. 517
    Diane Says:

    I hope and pray that your prayers are answered. My thoughts go out into the universe to help those who need healing. May they get the help they need and may they believe they will be healed.

  18. 518
    jun Says:


    May you all find healing in progress upon opening this site. May you all find your true healing in physical and emotional. May you always find it all available in all areas of your life. The universe is there to grant your most awaited healing

  19. 519
    Rose K Says:

    May you all be blessed with what ever healing it is that is needed. The Universe knows exactly what it is that each one needs. Believe that the Universe is obliging and willing. Open yourselves to receive this blessing that I am sending to you.

    Rose K

  20. 520
    Daniel Says:

    What so ever things you desire when you pray,beleive that you receive them and you will have them.I Am within the one,and the one is within me

  21. 521
    jun Says:

    Greetings of good healing!

    I’m sending positive energy to those who are suffering from demonic atack of demon of homosexuality. you are a true masculine you dont have to stay in bondage. the universe is acting its way to make its natural order for you today.

  22. 522
    jun Says:


    I send healing energy to those who are lonely tonight! may you be inspired to suffer what you have now and endure what is you have now. its destined to be for you know we only one life to live and experience what we have.

  23. 523
    sandy Says:

    she was in a 4 wheeler accident and on life support
    bless the doctors and the nurses
    let there be a full recovery

    sad, devistated,lonely,sucidal



  24. 524
    DAN Says:


  25. 525
    Sonia Says:

    I’m sending positive healing energy to all on this site. But I ask for strong healing energy to be sent to me to heal the chronic severe stomach acid that no medication seems to help (following gastric surgery) and that healing energy be sent to my joints – esp. my right knee, right foot and right hip – so that I may be mobile again and pain-free.

    Blessings to all.

  26. 526
    Dan Says:

    I would like to thank the poeple who are kind enough to take time everyday to help someone THANKYOU and mayeverybody recieve love and well being and healing bless everyone

  27. 527
    Maitreyi Says:

    Hi please help me heal by sending me positive energy to heal my acne and be blessed with young,youthful clear skin so I can enjoy my teenage years as gleefully as they should be enjoyed. Thank you. May joy be with each one of you.

  28. 528
    snehal Says:

    I need healing energy to recover me from quadraparesis, Nervous system disorder.


    I am grateful to every one.

  29. 529
    Veenaben Says:

    Hi, I require positive healing for my body, mind, soul So that I recover very well from Rheumatoid Arthritis, & become complete healthy & energetic.


    I am grateful to all. Thanks.

  30. 530
    Harendra V Jani Says:

    I required healing for arthrits problem & have total body pain.

  31. 531
    Bipinchandra Says:

    Hi, all I require healing for mental piece, relaxation & joy full state. And Healthy energetic body, mind & soul.


    I am grateful to all.

  32. 532
    Bramrshi Bachudada Says:

    Require healing for old age problem health weakness, complete health & happy life.


    I am grateful to all

  33. 533
    Ann Says:

    Hi, Husband requires healing for his body. Sjogrens makes his insides of his body very painful. Request positive energy to heal his body, mind, and soul.

  34. 534
    JoJo Says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! My soulmate has been severly messed around with by a demon, and is currently stuck in jail in a different province. I’m trying to send him the most love I can, but I fear it won’t be enough. Please help me to send him healing energies, Chad I love you and know that you will be okay, until I see you again my love … <3 <3

  35. 535
    Christian Says:

    Hello. im happy to help you people by praying 🙂 can people please pray for me so I can be my self im normally enthusiastic and happy but now I just am having problems being shy and have zero freinds please help.

  36. 536
    Kat Says:

    Please send a healing light and prayer for Chrys (Chris). She has a very rare agressive cancer and the doctors have only given her two more months to live. She has two beautiful children. Please pray for a miracle that the treatments start working and she is healed. Thank you!

  37. 537
    Kat Says:

    Christian – I will certainly pray for you that you will break free from the shyness and that people will see through that to somone who is warm, loving and happy. I pray you will be blessed with many friends who bring you love, comfort, support and happiness!

    Light and love to you!


  38. 538
    brooke Says:

    I want to send healing energy for my mother joyce sykes for her hip to be healed quickly and she can stay healed with no more osteoporosos.

  39. 539
    Christine Says:

    Asking for healing and protective light for my dad please… and my family. I send golden healing and protective light back tenfold for all who visit this website and the universe!!!! Much <3

  40. 540
    Angela S Says:

    Please send healing energy for my mom who is sick from negative spirits & pain, brother who has heart trouble, & daughter who has bowel trouble. I pray for all here who need right now healing energy for themselves and their loved ones. Thank you

  41. 541
    kerr Says:

    Send healing postive energy and power to my son Dustin, break off and remove all negative energy attacking his phyical and mental wellbeing. Restore damaged tissue, remove all infection and negative cells from his body, restore his immunity and restore fiances lost by this attack, give the doctors wisdom for treatment and divine guidiance for his wellbeing. Give Dustin relief from pain, surround him with protection for his body and soul.

  42. 542
    Kerr Says:

    Send protection for my daughter Candace and the baby that will be born. Send positive healing energy and power to help her deliver with ease and no pain, remove all negative energy from her path and bathe her and the baby in wholeness, wellness, and complete perfect health. Give the phyicians wisdom and knowledge for treatment and support as she delivers and post deliverly.surround her with support for her husband and other 4 children, keep them safe and well cared for. Move earth and heaven for divine favor as they welcome this new soul into the world.

  43. 543
    jodie locke Says:

    please heal me, i have been sickfor four years with chronic fatigue and allergies, depression , severe anxiety, i am very lonely and all i wish for is a loving partner who will support me and my children, please help heal my son henry, please heal the hurt in my heart and help me to let go of the past.help heal matty elvin so he stops being scared of letting love in and to release the fear of relationships, help his mum and heal her cancer.love and light xxxx

  44. 544
    jodie Says:

    please also heal me and remove any negative entities around me and my childrenxxxxx

  45. 545
    Jenaia Says:

    I know I don’t need healing as much as other people are here. All I ask for is small please send your healing energy towards my friend Gene. He is struggling with school and I believe his relationship. Please help him to know I’m here to help him through whatever it is he needs.

    Thank you!

    May all healing energy and power overcome the discomforts your body, emotionally, mentally and phyically. Let the healing light over come your weaknesses. I will pray for each of you.

  46. 546
    Liz Says:

    Healing for my wonderful friend Lindy

  47. 547
    hopi Says:

    please heal my heart and my relationship. please bring my soulmate to me. i thought he was already here, but things aren’t working out. please let things heal and flourish between us, and let my soulmate return to me.

    please also heal my broken heart.

  48. 548
    minu Says:

    I really need to cure my husband’s body and mind..I need happiness for my son and peace of mind for myself….I feel that someone has done black magic on my husband for our fortunes(which is not much as compared to the person who is doing it) my husband was a superb person but now he is a monster..and I really need god to help me …bless my home god

  49. 549
    Sabrina Says:

    Hello All, I need healing from the Universe for my back pain and social anxiety. I send blesssings to you all to help with your healing.

  50. 550
    Jenaia Says:

    May healing power mend your fear and pain. love and approvel of yourself is coming your way. Trust the process of life All you need is always taken care of. You are safe. This I send your way. God Bless you!

    As for your husband he will be in my prayers. May Angels be watching over you and your family. Let the kind gracious light come over your husband. As for you and your son, may you go beyond other people’s fears and limitations to create your life in the way you want it. I’m sending this your way now. Feel God’s kindness.

    May you know the universe grant you what you wish for. Let the goodness of God mend your heart. May you find love and peace once again. This I’m sending you.

    May your friend Lindy will be healed. May you both find peace and happiness at this moment.

    May your children and yourself will heal from all the hurt and pain that was passed on each other. May God bless you for your heart ache as you let him mend your relationship with your children. May they know that everything will be the way it should be with one another as this loving spirit mends this pain and hurt. As for your fatigue let enthusiastic energy fill your life, be filled with energy and enthusiam. Your allergies, the world is safe and friendly. You are safe, be at peace with life. Anxiety, approve of yourself and trust the process of life. You are safe. Depression, go beyond other people’s fear and limitations. You create your life. May you feel at peace with yourself and your children. I will pray for you as I send you loving energy your way. God Bless!

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