Distant Distance or Remote Energy Healing 

This is where we will be sending you healing energy. Tap into the vibrational power of this distant healing or remote healing by leaving your healing request in the comments section below. If you need soul healing, mind healing, spiritual healing, energy healing, or physical healing of the body or any other kind of remote vibrational healing please help us help you.

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power. So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more healing?  Send out more healing thoughts to others!

When you send energy to others picture a divine healing light flowing into them, cleansing and purifying them in both body and soul and then for the specific healing request that they have.

thank you, Vital Waves

Healing Meditation at Wealth Vibes

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783 Responses to “Healing”

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  1. 701
    Geetanjali Says:

    I need healing for some recurrent health issues, related to the digestive system. Please heal. And thanks to all !

  2. 702
    Donna DeGroat Says:

    I need healing in my back I have been dealing with pain since 1995, also needing positive energy to surround me to move forward in my life.. thank you!

  3. 703
    Judy Says:

    Please send healing vibes to Leslie in India to cure his epilepsy and aggression and make him gentle and kind always

  4. 704
    Suzanne Says:

    Please send healing energy and blessings to Beth in Indiana to heal an internal tear in her knee. Thank you so much.

  5. 705
    Ruediger (Germany) Says:

    Dear healers,

    please send me healing-energy to cure my high blood-pressure
    which already damaged my eye-background. I don’t want to take
    these terrible chemicals against it. Natural remedies help, but not
    enough to have good figures all day long. Thanks for helping.
    Good health to all of you! Ruediger

  6. 706
    redd Says:

    i need healing emotionally and physically.i heart is troubled everyday,and my hearing in my right ear is blocked.also if someone could pray and send positive energy for my skin to be restored to its flawless complexion.thank you and bless each and everyone of you

  7. 707
    Marina (Luz) Says:

    This request is for my mother Marina. She hasn’t been to a doctor in over 30 years and I pray that she is cancer-free and that her heart is in perfect health. I pray for her safety, health and emotional well-being.

    Love and light to all.

  8. 708
    Sharon Power Says:

    Please send me healing energy as I have stage IV cancer and was diagnosed with only few weeks to live.

  9. 709
    Georgia Says:

    Hi there,
    I just want everybody to gather all there love and healing powers and to send this out to all people and the universe.The world is becoming so corrupt and polluted our main source of life providing properties and leisure – the ocean is dying- fish are dying from radiation leaks and rubbish spreading through there waters our waters our home.dont ever feel depressed or sad you are just awaking to LIFE. the universe is connecting with you mother nature needs our help please please please spare your love and picture a beautiful world everyday it will help don’t harm any kind of life because all is one everything you vision feel and touch is yourself and no other. HUMANS MUST CHANGE NOW IT WILL BE TOO LATE BEFORE YOU REALISE

  10. 710
    Riad Says:


    I ask for healing negative feelings negative reflexes scaryness
    move towards wealthy riches in money abudance health and solve all
    problems easily

  11. 711
    Donna Says:

    Sending healing hugs and thoughts,love,prosperity,money,peace and abundance to people all over the world in Europe,people in Greece,my family and friends in Greece, in third world countries, in war torn countries, may the coruption and greed in those countries end and may only good,descent and honest people move into positions of power from now on, God bless us all xoxo

  12. 712
    Maryam Says:

    Many health problems at the moment. I broke my right foot about two months ago and I still have pain. problems of sleep and skin too. I seem to be surrounded by a lot of negative folks and I need to get positive energy to get better and to stop being overwhelmed by the problems of others.And it’s the time for a certain number of things to move and change in my life (first of all my wounded foot!) Thanks for your help And I’ll do my best to send you positive energy and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

  13. 713
    Donna Says:

    Sending everybody on this site healing love,energy,abundance,riches,health wealth and prosperity and huge financial windfall, to all those people who have a medical condition i am sending you all healing health and cures, God bless you all and keep you all safe and happy and above all healthy, i am open to recieving healing and positive energies for my health problems, also for my mother who is not well at the moment amen,and so it is

  14. 714
    gene Says:


    I will try as I need a miracle.

    cataract surgery right eye doctor found a stroke

    cardiologist says I have heart disease also two heart artery stents placed
    March 2013 in Jordan worked in Iraq

    please help with healing energy as I need my health good to try for overseas job
    in 2014. I am almost 69. thanks
    then i can help others Gene

  15. 715
    kar Says:

    May the best outcome prevail for everyone here.
    I ask for more physical energy and strength, a healthier body, as well as a healthier mind and spirit. Thank you.

  16. 716
    Pedro Says:

    I need healing energy for a friend that has terminal cancer, his name is Rafael, please send him some healing energy.
    thank you

  17. 717
    suffering Says:

    I am in intense pain and suffering from unrequited love which I know is stupid and self inflicted. Nothing ever happened between us and he never said it would. I am jobless and this makes matters worse. Dear Universe please give me the job I am looking for so that I can drown myself in work and forget about this stupid thing which never existed. Please be fair to me. He is having a great time with wine , women and his dream job while I have lost everything in one go.

  18. 718
    Greg Sandifer Says:

    I am going through a divorce and need a healing in my heart. Thank you all!

  19. 719
    michael theodore Says:




  20. 720
    Anna Says:

    I ask for an abundance of love and healing energy for my friend in the Phils, Feliciano, who is suffering for a still undiagnosed illness. I also ask the same for myself, I have diabetes and have urinating problems. May I also ask for emotional, physical, mental and psychological healing for my two teenage daughters esp the eldest one. Also healing of the heart fot my loved one in Canada. With all sincerity and purenessof my intentiond I am also sending love and healing to everyone and i thank the universe for these manifestations.

  21. 721
    Kerry Says:

    I need positive, healing energy for my body and spirit, I had a report of a reaccourance of the HPV virus in my body, and atypical tissue in my reproductive area. I also need the source of this virus to be revealed, so no more reaccourance to my body. so please send healing, positive energy, and protection to my mind body and spirit. Thank you

  22. 722
    Anna Says:

    Please help send healing energy to Perry… he needs it right now. Thanking everyone and the universe and sending love and healing to all.

  23. 723
    carol Says:

    Please help me. I suffer from hypothyroidism causing weight gain, depression, low energy and cannot see anything positive in my life.

    Thank you all for your help x

  24. 724
    Mohan Says:

    I need healing, as I am suffering from ‘mitochondrial myopathy’ and a cerebellar condition

  25. 725
    Leyla Says:

    Times are chganing for the better if I can get this online!

  26. 726
    Aly Says:

    Hi’very nice to have spoken to you on the phone, as per our cooairsvtenn we are holding a fair on October 6th 2013 it will start at 2pm till around 5pm there is no charge but would be nice if the was a donation to our residents fund and we would like people how make there own things. Thank you for your time in reading this and I look for would to hearing from youRegards Denise Aylott Activities Coordinator Parker Meadows care homeTel: 01329 558700

  27. 727
    Wati Says:

    Dude, right on there brerhot.

  28. 728
    Tania Says:

    to me that there is a possibility of hirnig an empty shop for the final exhbition. I am hoping to meet with the community development officer and the Gosport High street action team leader on one of the dates below please let me know if you would be available to meet with us, myself and the museum’s learning manager to discuss the project at the museum. 24th Jan, 28th Jan, 25th Jan, 30th or 31st Jan please let me know which dates would suit you. Thank you Kind Regards Daniel Ball

  29. 729
    Noufal Says:

    HiI teach a Year 3 class of 31 and am about to start a unit on Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man. I wondered about doing a craft sesoisn to create an iron man or a space dragon. Is this something that you could come help with? If so how much would it cost? Also could we invite parents to join in or would this add to the cost and numbers too much? I’m hoping for the middle/end of March.Let me know what you think Many thanks,Ellie

  30. 730
    someone Says:

    I don’t want to have sex with my boyfriend before marriage n want to maintain the relationships…plz give me energy healings….

  31. 731
    asmita Says:

    Tomorrow is my technical interview round for the digivalet company as well as HR rounds…i need positive energy to get select in this company now i m feeling down…i m giving positive energy to all in the universe…plz help me…i need this job of software developer…it really works i know….thanks n regards….????

  32. 732
    asmita Says:

    Thanks to all great positive healers of the divine universe…it really works..i hav selected in that company from ur love n blessings…n now placed in digivalet….i am sending the abundancy n gratitude in the whole universe…thanks n regards…????????

  33. 733
    asmita Says:

    From today my mid sem exams,internals and externals exams are started…please give me positive energy healings so that i wil top in this semester n get the highest marks ever…i know it really works…thanks n regards….i m sending energy healings to all in the universe…

  34. 734
    catherine Says:

    My son, Eric, needs healing energy for his anxiety, depression and anger. He has a difficult time connecting with people. He also gets very agitated and acts out a lot. Please send healing energy to his brain, mental/cognitive processes and his nervous system. I believe he is on the autism spectrum. Thank you.

  35. 735
    John Says:

    Please pray for me, i take antibiotics for throat aches, my voice is lower. Please God heal my body quickly. Thank you.

  36. 736
    John Says:

    For my son Roby, his level of enzimes becomes normal. Thank you.

  37. 737
    asmita Says:

    My external exams wil be from tomorrow and final exams wil b from 23 march…plz heal me so that i can achieve the highest marks ever in this 7th sem.i m sending the positive energy to al in d universe n wants d same for me….

  38. 738
    asmita Says:

    Sory my external exams wil b from tmrow n my final exams wil b from 23december..
    plz give me positive energy so that i can achieve d highest marks ever in my class in 7th sem..i m giving positive vibrations to all in the universe…

  39. 739
    susi Says:

    Please pray for me, i take antibiotics for throat aches, i did work to much and Need new energy so my health Comes up with energy , my Body Needs healing Please God heal my body quickly. Thank you so much

  40. 740
    Kerry Says:

    Positive healing energy to my son Dustin. Remove all the negative addiction energy from his mind body and soul, heal his mind body and soul. Break free the addiction demons off him, keep him safe from harm to himself.

  41. 741
    michael Says:

    please send good vibes to my father who is passing away his name is mack faucett he is in his 80s and needs to make his transition thank you all for your help in this matter.

  42. 742
    janice Says:

    hello, please send healing for my sister Janice she has hepC and cancer of her liver, very much appreciated and gratefull

  43. 743
    Hamilton Says:

    My Sister, Helena, living in São Paulo/Brazil, has psoríasis in many parts of her body. She needs healing energy for her body and mainly for her Soul. She helps so many people, but can’t help herself. Thank you for all healing energy sent.
    I’m also sending energy healings to all needing people al over the world.

  44. 744
    cargo insurance Says:

    That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

  45. 745
    Arun Says:

    There’s a secret about your post. ICKTTYIHTBY

  46. 746
    Sheryl Says:

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  47. 747
    Angela Says:

    David in Phoenix, AZ is going in for open heart surgery. His journey has been difficult with numerous setbacks delaying surgery. He needs your positive healing energy to survive this surgery and get back to the life he had before this happened.

    Thank you very much. Offering positive energy for others’ needs…….

    Love and Light

  48. 748
    Thomas Says:

    You have the monopoly on useful inam-oftionraren’t monopolies illegal? 😉

  49. 749
    Iskandar Says:

    At last! Something clear I can unnrastedd. Thanks!

  50. 750

    Plz send healing to open my third eye chakra and I am also sending healing to open up third eye chakra

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