Distant Distance or Remote Energy Healing 

This is where we will be sending you healing energy. Tap into the vibrational power of this distant healing or remote healing by leaving your healing request in the comments section below. If you need soul healing, mind healing, spiritual healing, energy healing, or physical healing of the body or any other kind of remote vibrational healing please help us help you.

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power. So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more healing?  Send out more healing thoughts to others!

When you send energy to others picture a divine healing light flowing into them, cleansing and purifying them in both body and soul and then for the specific healing request that they have.

thank you, Vital Waves

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  1. 401
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,


    Know that you are already WHOLE and HEALED.


  2. 402
    Lisa Says:

    Please send healing to my mo who has lung cancer adn myself who has very bad anxiety.
    Many many blessing and thanks to you

  3. 403
    Alexandra Says:

    Please send healing energy to me for the healing of my spine and my mind. Thank you.

  4. 404
    Jackie Paulson Says:

    I need healing from cystic acne, from a picking compulsion, and my current sores healed on my face. I have 8 open sores. Blessings sent to you ?

  5. 405
    Rose K Says:

    With love I am sending out to all who need a physical healing a healing white light to surge through your body and cling to every cell of your being. The Universe will bring to you the physical healing that you need. We were never intended to be ill. Believe that you will receive the healing and it shall come to pass. Visualize yourself healthy and strong, vibrant and full of life. Feel the warmth of the healing white light and feel the healing begin. Believe that you are healed and it is so. Remember that the Universe knows who and where you are to bring this healing to you.

    With Love and Abundant Health
    Rose K

  6. 406
    sandy Says:

    for bill…walter…daughter

  7. 407
    Keshev Sharma Says:

    Please send healing for myself (multiple sclerosis or neuromyelitis optica including chronic fatigue and depression) and my grandmother (Brain tumor)

  8. 408
    Jen Says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please send healing to my brother Richard for emotional and physical.
    Thank you

  9. 409
    Jen Says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please send emotional and physical healing to my mother Linda
    Thank you

  10. 410
    Rose K Says:

    With lots of love I am sending to all positive emotional and physical healing energy. Feel the healing white light surge into your body healing both pyhsical and mental imbalances. The white light is vibrating it’s healing warm energies through you at this very moment. Feel yourself being healed. The Universe knows who you all are and at this very moment sending you these healing energies.

    Lots of Love

    Rose K

  11. 411
    Carlos Abner radillo Says:

    Almost three weeks after her 2nd surgery, the Dr. told my girlfriend she won´t be able to move her left leg… She´s very depressed because of those news… This is a very difficult time for both of us. However, I haven´t lost hope in the Grace, love and healing power of Adonai. If you feel the calling to do this, pls help me pray for her to have peace and faith that everything will be OK…Pls pray for the TOTAL recovery of her left leg…pray for us… Thanks to all of you who have been praying…Blessed be the name of the Holy One of Yisra´el!!!

  12. 412
    Carlos Abner radillo Says:

    My girlfriend´s name is Tatiana and she lives in Durango, Mexico.

  13. 413
    sujatha Says:

    please heal me and my sister, both in pain from slipped disc. please heal our bodies and minds.

  14. 414
    Travis Says:

    my digestive system and stomach has not been sluggish for quite some time now and it is negatively affecting my life and my emotional state. The doctors solutions seem to do nothing. Please send positive intentions for my healing and wholeness. Thanks…

  15. 415
    Su Says:

    Anyone there,
    please heal my older brother, he always hear unheared voice, can’t control himself and said he strucked by blackmagick
    I don’t know if he strucked by blackmagic, stressed, or anything else
    my family have find anything that might help but untill now he not healed yet and phsyciatrist just give him sedative drug
    so anyone please help my brother
    Thank you

  16. 416
    Tammy Says:

    May the positive thoughts and prayers our tribe is sending, send healing energy to each and everyone of you!

  17. 417
    glyn Says:

    please send healing to my sons partner she has cancer and needs all the help she can get
    Thanks to every one

  18. 418
    Jenaia Says:

    May peace of mind and comfort be in your heart for each and one of you! I will pray for you that you maybe healed and comforted.

    God Bless!!!

  19. 419
    Rose K Says:

    To all fellow Vibers, Know that with love I am sending out to each and everyone positive energies. Feel the healing white light that I am sending you enter your body purging your body and soul. Feel the white light radiate it’s warmth and vibrations as it clings to the core of your being. Know that all anxieties and cancers are being healed at this very moment. Your mind is stilled and your body is open to the healing.

    With Love, Peace and Radiant Health
    Rose K

  20. 420
    Christine Says:

    I send healing and loving energy to everyone. Warm comforting light covers everyone who seeks spiritual, mental and or physical healing! God bless.

  21. 421
    sandy Says:

    i am looking for the honest geek that is out there…that wants to help me marry me and take care of me…that will not put the screws to me…my husband died 5 years ago…we made 300.000a year..i got accustumed to that life style…i am a smoker i drink on ocassion and i take alprazam i am 48 yrs old..i have no desire to be single…if you are this man or know this man…please text 435 7902833 thanking you in advance.

  22. 422
    Gina Says:

    Please send loving healing light to Tom at the Cross Cancer Centre in Edmonton, Alberta Canada who is in last stages of stomach cancer. God’s love and light shine through and heal him. Bless you all, I send loving energy to your situation.

  23. 423
    Isabel Says:

    Please send healing to Douglas, who has had 2 back operations but his sciatica is back causing him so much pain. Douglas also suffers from depression and needs needs financial abundance to go his way. Thank you for reading.

  24. 424
    Tisha Says:

    I send each and eveyrone hugs and energy love on this site. I speak that you prosper and succeed in everything that you do. I speak healing to the deeper most parts of your soul and life. The love of God surrounds you and enfolds you! You are comforted and supported.

    I am asking for you all to send energy of healing back my way for my self and my mother Volene and step mother Catherine. Healing waters flow.

    Blessings & Love

  25. 425
    Gopi Says:

    Many many thanks to Shonita who mentioned me by name and sent me healing and also to all the rest who sent me healing energies…

    Sending you all Love, Light, healing energies and many hugs…

    God bless…

    Gopi, Bangalore, India…

  26. 426
    Gopi Says:

    Please, please send me healing energy to heal me of kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, vision and nerve problems…

    Thank you and God bless…

    Sending you love and light…

    Gopi, Bangalore, India

  27. 427
    Rose K Says:

    I send to each and every Fellow Viber on this page, pure infinate love. I am sending from me to you Healing White Light. Open yourself to receive this light for it will cleanse and purify every cell in your body. Feel this light as it surges through and clings to every fiber of your being. Know that you are healing at this moment.

    Love and Health


  28. 428
    Kelli Hayward Says:

    I am requesting loving healing energy to be sent to my aunt Linda who has cancer, my friend JT who has cancer and my mother who has many ailments that include fiber myalgi and rubtured discs inher back. I am also sending my loving healing energy to all of you wha are asking for healing. I wish you love, healing and luck in recieving your energy and thank you for sending my lovedones the same. Kelli 🙂

  29. 429
    Rose K Says:

    Kelli , Gopi , Tisha , Isabel (Douglas) , Gina (Tom) , Sandy , Glyn (son) , Su , Travis , Carlos ( Tatiana) , Jen , Jackie , Alexander , Ram , Shonita (mom)

    Open yourselves and those who are near and dear to you to the Divine Healing White light that I am sending to each aforementioned people. Feel the healing vibrational warmth flow into every cell of your being. This light is now cleansing and purifying every cell and fiber of your being. Feel the warmth and the healing. Feel a renewed energy flowing through you. You radiate vibrant energy and health. Visualize this Divine White Light enter you healing you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I visualize all of you running , vibrant, glowing and happy and Healthy. Believe and ye shall receive. The Universe is all knowing and loving.

    With Love , Health, Happiness, and Abundance


  30. 430
    Indigochild Says:

    Gently close your eyes and take a slow deep breath through your nostrils. As you do this, envision a brilliant white light of pure healing energy entering into your body. Allow it to fill your entire being, from your head to your toes, inside and outside of you, you are now completely engulfed in this warm, beautiful, healing energy. As it envelopes your whole being, within and without, it is restoring, regenerating, renewing your entire existence. Now, slowly, deeply exhale through your mouth. As you exhale, envision every pain, heartache, disease, every ounce of negativity, of want and unmet needs and desires, exiting your body. Let it all out, let it go, release it. As it exits your body the brilliant white light that surrounds you dissipates it and destroys it like dust in the wind. It is gone, forever. Loudly and confidently proclaim, “I am healed! And so it is!” You are not alone. I, and a million others, are sending you healing energies and vibrations to ensure your immediate recovery, whatever your need may be. For we are only as strong as our weakest link, we are all in this together. With all the warmth and love of the Universe, I visualize a happy and healthy tomorrow for us all! Peace~

  31. 431
    glyn Says:

    please send love and healing to my son partner she has cancer of the spine

  32. 432
    Jason Says:

    dont know what to do!! So many have tried and so many have failed..
    Please, if you are a true healer then will you please help me.. I have
    had out of body experiences since I can remember. But the problem is I
    have always had this pain in the bottom of my back.(lower chakra) The
    pain grew and grew until I reached around and felt where the pain is
    coming from. And what I found scared the crap out of me.. There were
    entities/thought forms attached to the base of my spine pulling on my
    spine.. Bending it causing horrible pain.. They change forms.. They
    went from these demon like creatures to animals.. They were cats, then
    dogs and last night they were little crabs. The crazy part is now when
    I lay down I can feel them before I am even close to falling asleep or
    out of body. when I do go out I try pulling them off and when I do
    they are stuck to my hands. real sticky.. I have had some interesting
    experiences out of body.. One time I was flying and I came across this
    girl with two other spirits.. The girl was like, “WOW, you look like
    you can do anything.. Like she was saying I looked beautiful or
    something.. I always wondered what she meant.. And another time I
    landed on this beach and as soon as I floated down and stepped foot on
    the beach the creatures fell off me and literally shattered like
    glass.. (That tells me they are not real to some extent) Well I
    somehow willed myself on another trip to go back to the beach, dont
    know how, and When I walked over to the shore there was crowds of
    spirits lining the whole shore.. About 10 or 20 people deep and all
    the way down the shore as far as the eye could see.. It looked like
    they were all working together to do something or stop something..Well
    I walked over and to this giant and I said, “Zeus these creatures are
    attacking me will you help?? I dont know how I knew his name.. He
    said, while reaching over to me, you are attacking My old friend
    Jason, and he grabbed them and threw them into the ocean.. But I could
    see them and they came swimming so fast back to the shore straight for
    me and onto my spine.. and then these people came to me and were
    trying to put this crown, or machine with lots of light and colors, on
    my head.. this crown was magnetized towards me. I went back to my body
    and they followed me and when I was in my body I could hear them, we
    can still get him.. Not maliciously..But they were trying to pull me
    back out.. Very strange.. Anyway, I hope u know what to do.. I cant
    live like this.. I feel tormented.. Please Help!! Love, Jason

    Jason Cannon 10/01/1979
    The above states the illness

  33. 433
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I have something to share with everyone who wishes for a better life. Use the link address http://www.miracleschool.net/peacemiracles. This link will bring you to some very valuable information that can and will help you to change your life into a much better one and one that is miracle based. Please do yourself a favor and check it out.

  34. 434
    Ali Says:

    please send healing to my 18 year old son who is trying to come to terms with type 1 dietbetes and just this morning he went into a nasty hypo which has left him drained. thank you.

  35. 435
    Mohan Says:

    I am suffering from some “incurable” neurological and neuro-muscular disorders, which I am now going to heal spiritually, using the Power of my Mind. I need all the spiritual and mental help which I can muster. Positive feelings and blessings can certainly help.

  36. 436
    kim Says:

    Please send healing energy to my mother-in-law Fay(Angola, NY) who just had surgery on her spine/lower back. L2-L6. This is a spiritual/Emotional issue that has now manifested itself in the physical. She is open to energy healing, however has chosen Western Medicine before working on the core emotional issues. She lets me run energy but isn’t open to seeking other alternatives to address this because of money and fear.
    I was just in a car accident and am dealing with spinal/ skeletal issues as well. However I am working on all levels for healing. My neck, shoulders and lower back are the areas where I am experiencing the most pain. I choose holistic healing, and work on myself everyday.
    Any help for me(kim) or her would be greatly appreciated. I am ReiKi II but only for self and family healing. I am not a professional. Thanking you for your assistance and most blessed to have come across this site.

  37. 437
    Rose K Says:

    Blessings of mind, body and soul healing I send to each Fellow Viber on this sight. Swiftly and lovingly I send to you the purifying divine healing white light. It surges into your body. Feel the warmth of this healing light. As it surges through your body, it clings to every cell of your being purging all illness. Believe this to be true with heart and soul. The Universe will bring to you this blessing of good health on all levels, spiritual, mental, and physical.
    Have no doubt. Believe in this healing.

    Good Health to all

    Rose K

  38. 438
    Jennifer Says:

    Please heal me from my emotions, those are killing me inside, I need a loving and prosperous life

  39. 439
    Vickens Moscova Says:

    I could use some divine light n love to get myself more open to love…. I want to be free of my ego which isnt aiding me or protecting me but holding me back from my goals and dreams…

  40. 440
    mystiko Says:

    i need to know i am loved. please send some emotional and spiritual healing my way.

  41. 441
    samer Says:

    Please i need your energy and healing to overcome my stomch chronic pain

    I love you all and ask for all of you physical healing

  42. 442
    Sunshine Says:

    I ask to receive healing energy for the healing of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as positive energy for success in my personal, professional, and financial life.

  43. 443
    Gopi Says:

    Many many thanks to Rose who wrote the below and sent healing to all of us.

    Sending you lots of Love and Hugs….

    Sending healing to all those needed healing on Vital Waves….

    Love and light….


    Rose K Says:
    November 8th, 2010 at 10:01 pm
    Kelli , Gopi , Tisha , Isabel (Douglas) , Gina (Tom) , Sandy , Glyn (son) , Su , Travis , Carlos ( Tatiana) , Jen , Jackie , Alexander , Ram , Shonita (mom)

    Open yourselves and those who are near and dear to you to the Divine Healing White light that I am sending to each aforementioned people. Feel the healing vibrational warmth flow into every cell of your being. This light is now cleansing and purifying every cell and fiber of your being. Feel the warmth and the healing. Feel a renewed energy flowing through you. You radiate vibrant energy and health. Visualize this Divine White Light enter you healing you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I visualize all of you running , vibrant, glowing and happy and Healthy. Believe and ye shall receive. The Universe is all knowing and loving.

    With Love , Health, Happiness, and Abundance


  44. 444
    redd Says:

    healing,protection,and blessings to each and everyone of you!! psalm 91 assures of that and then some..much love,redd

  45. 445
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending warmth happy energy to each and one of you for mental, physical and spirital. May god bless each one of you!

  46. 446
    samer Says:

    please give me the energy to focus and cocentrate to get ride of confusion

  47. 447
    samer Says:

    please give me the energy to quit smoking

  48. 448
    samer Says:

    please give the energy to stop the negative past memories, worrying to lose my income

  49. 449
    kristina Says:

    please send me healing energy for the healing of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

  50. 450
    Carlos Abner Radillo M. Says:

    Peace to you,

    My girlfriend, Tatiana, 31 yrs old, from Mexico had a car accident in May of this year. She injured her spine and went to rehab therapies. Two months after the accident, she fell to to floor and injured herself even more. Has had 2 back surgeries already. Drs told her she would never move her left leg anymore. As a result, she’s been suffering from severe back pain ever since, her body has swollen and has been under frequent episodes of deep depression. 2 weeks ago, while in therapy, she was told that a third surgery must be done to stop her from feeling this back pains. This means, she will also loose her right leg sensitivity.

    She’s once again in deep depression and even decided that our relationship needed to end right on the spot. She says is for my own good since she’s no longer the same person she used to be. She has lost interest in everything, including life. We were supposed to get married by next year.

    Pls help me to send this healing energy to her. She needs both physical and internal healing. I also request healing to our love relationship. I believe this is real… I feel it. Both of us already had a WONDERFUL spiritual experience right after her first surgery, but this time, I need help. My desire is for this 3rd surgery NOT to occur!!! Please help us!

    Shalom & love,

    Carlos Abner Radillo M.

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