Distant Distance or Remote Energy Healing 

This is where we will be sending you healing energy. Tap into the vibrational power of this distant healing or remote healing by leaving your healing request in the comments section below. If you need soul healing, mind healing, spiritual healing, energy healing, or physical healing of the body or any other kind of remote vibrational healing please help us help you.

After you make your request please help others and yourself by sending them spiritual energy. When you send positive energy out to others it returns magnified and amplified in power. So, the more good positive energy you send to others, the more positive spiritual energy will return to you.  Want more healing?  Send out more healing thoughts to others!

When you send energy to others picture a divine healing light flowing into them, cleansing and purifying them in both body and soul and then for the specific healing request that they have.

thank you, Vital Waves

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783 Responses to “Healing”

  1. 1
    Anonymous Says:

    Please send your loving thoughts and prayers to Anna in Illinois that her immune system be strengthened and that she should enjoy wonderful health. thank you!

  2. 2
    Diogo Says:

    Please send D all your loving energy and thoughts so he can get rid of disease, and experience great health!
    May this abundant universe give each and every one of you all you wish for!

    Thank you!

  3. 3
    Karyn June Says:

    I send all reading, posted in all the blogs wonderful loving soul blessings so all that is your hearts true wants, needs, desires and/or requirements be answered in a great resounding YES!! in the easiest, must fun and speedy delivery that one could ever imagine. I too shall receive a bit of this joy and bliss now and forever!! I Love you! I Bless you!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Divine Light, Love, Peace and more.

    Your friend,

    Karyn June
    Bristol, CT

  4. 4
    ERNIE Says:

    please send loving thoughts, prayers, and energy to heal my neck injury.May each of you receive the blessing you are seeking.

  5. 5
    Elvina Says:

    Please all of you send your loving and healing thoughts, prayers and light divine energy to my family – to me and my children, to my parents and my husband, to all my dearest friends, so all our bodies and minds diseases, all our bad attachments from the past just let go away, and let this healing energy enligtened our souls and lifes and leads us untill the end of our days.

    May God bless all of you with all what you wish for you, thank you!

    Elvina E. L.,

  6. 6
    Maria Says:

    Please send your loving prayers to Alba, in Tepoztlan, for her to enjoy good health. God bless you.

  7. 7
    Kim from Ky Says:

    Thanks for sending healing energy to my daughter, Val, for her eczema/acne on her face, we have tried everything.

  8. 8
    Kim from Ky Says:

    Thanks for sending healing energy to me also, I have needed it. I am also sending loving energy to all here! 🙂

  9. 9
    TJ Says:

    Please send along loving and healing energy to Jo in Tucson, AZ, to help shrink a cancerous tumor and provide her with vibrant health and energy.

    Thank You!

  10. 10
    yvonne Says:

    My soul is reaching out for healing.She needs support.
    Walk and Live in Light.Yvonne.

  11. 11
    Ernestine Haynes Says:

    Dear prayer friends,
    Please prayer for Ernestine ,who is getting dizzy spells and sinus problem,
    her right hip is hurting her also.

  12. 12
    Maryanne Says:

    Please send healing love and energy to my daughter Teresa so she will be released from addiction and the dysfunctional relationship she is in. Thank you and Blessings to everyone who visits this webpage.

  13. 13
    Laura Says:

    Please send positive thoughts and energy for my son Christopher, who is addicted to drugs. He is totally trapped by his addicition and even rehab did not help. I visit the website every day sending out prayers, blessings and positive energy to all who have requests, no matter what their need, request or desire is. I believe all the positive energy we create together will have a wonderful healing, helping, comforting and calming effect in all our lives.
    God Bless you all.
    South Africa

  14. 14
    Helen Says:

    It is my joy to send all of you dear ones loving healing energy that reaches to the depths of your Souls and radiates throughout your bodies and transforms them into far healthier than you or I have even imagined thus far. Thank you for returning this energy to me and my loved ones. May all of us feel much, much better starting right now and into eternity. Helen

  15. 15
    james Says:

    Im going through a difficult time at the moment and still recovering from phycosis, please send your thoughts to heal my mind and i can be me once again. i am a reiki healer aswell but feel the need for help from others.

    thankyou all for you time

    may love and light always be with you

    james, england

  16. 16
    alicia Says:

    Please send healing energy to my Dad who has been diagnosed with cancer.I beleive in the power of prayer and positive thinking.His name is Pedro Maria. Thank you very much
    A.P, California

  17. 17
    Maryanne Says:

    Please send healing energy so that I can get off Coumadin. Thank you and blessings to all.

  18. 18
    hugo Says:

    please send your healing energies to romy maranan, danny valdeavilla of lucena city philippines. so that they recover from their illness

  19. 19
    Raja Says:

    My best thoughts to Anna.

  20. 20
    hugo Says:

    please send your healing energies to my brother enrico in sorsogon city philippines and to my granddaughter hanna in gapan city philippines

  21. 21
    Donna Says:

    Please send me healing energy (as I will to you all). I am recovering from breast cancer treatment (Phew) and at times worry. Please send me soul, mind and energy healing.

    Yours with love and great gratitude.

  22. 22
    Helen Says:

    I pray that my body and all of yours be well that we may be able to enjoy who we really are which is PURE LOVING ENERGY! Thank all of you who are sharing and may you receive what you are asking for right here and now!!! Helen

  23. 23
    Shelley W. Says:

    I am sending healing vibes filled with love to you all. may you all be healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    by His stripes you are healed.
    All of Gods promises mean YES for you the believer.
    Be in agreement with God through His Son Jesus & receive what God promises the believers. Amen.

  24. 24
    Kim Peters Says:

    Please send healing energy and positive thoughts to my very sweet young friend named T , shes 22 yrs old with stomach tumors and has been given till next mth to live from medical docters. Her body is growing weaker and so is her will. Please pray for her and may you all be blessed with a full recovery and outstanding health as I send my positive healing energy to you. Peace and Love

  25. 25
    Malin Says:

    Please send your healing energy to my mother in Stockholm Sweden. Her soul is very weak right now, but I know she’ll be alright if we all keep sending our love to her.

    Blessed Be

  26. 26
    Helen Says:

    Dear friends, I send to you the pure loving healing energy through which we are all connected. May you all receive the relief and strength you have asked for and all other blessings in life. Thank you in advance for sending the same back to me and my family and friends.
    Thank you Bob K. for this forum! What a blessing! Helen in Georgia

  27. 27
    Elvina Says:

    Please send your healing thoughts to my husband Robert – he is alcoholic ant it’s the biggest his problem in the social and our family life. Please help him to overcome these addictions to alcohol, drugs and casinos…Please help him let go from the company of friends, who stimulate him to drink alcohol and to use drugs, and to play in casino…Please God help him and us to be healthy and happy again!!! Thank you!

  28. 28
    Jimme Santiago Says:

    Hello Fellow Wealthvibers,

    I thought that my problem was big I was wrong as I read your postings their are many who need more help than I, so I will put my request to the side and pray and send each one of you first my empathy and my love and especially my positive energy that you may find healing in your vessel and have a speedy recovery to you and your families.

    I pray for your souls to mend to be renewed I ask all these things in the King of The Universes name YAHUAH. (YHWH) for short.

    I do love you all may you have a blessed day and week ahead from your brother.

    Jimmie Santiago
    Columbia, MO

  29. 29
    David Says:

    I am asking all my friends here to send their combined love and support and energy to my dear friend Chrys .

    She is in need of all the good , healthy , positive energy we can send her way !

    Thank you all so much ! It is greatly appreciated !!

    P.S. Of course I am sending all my healing thoughts and energy out to all in need !

  30. 30
    L'titia Says:

    Please send genuine and sincere thoughts of love, light, peace and healing to cure my RP. I want to see again. I believe it will happen. Thank you for your combined thoughts, prayers and blessings for the healing of my degenerayting retinas and my beautiful sight and vision of clarity. Thank you. Thank you.

    I send prayers, blessings and energy of hope and beautiful light to those suffering. No that I care for you and I believe in your healing and peace.

    Do unto others as…. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Bless us all.

  31. 31
    Don C Says:

    My mum sheila’s in currently in hospital in bradford, west yorkshire, united kingdom, admitted as an emergency with severe breathing difficulties, and as a coeliac sufferer, she is weak having not absorbed sufficient goodness from her food.

    The doctors say her lungs are infected with pneumonia, which is currently being treated with penicillin. The doctors are gloomy about her outlook, but with the help of the gift of healing energy, I know she can pull through this and recover fully, so if anybody able to help is reading this, I would be forever grateful if you could offer your immediate assistance in helping Sheila recover.

    As well as asking for help to fight her infection, I ask that remote healers can help her breathe more slowly, as the doctors say she is breathing way too fast, so her body can return to normal and she will survive.

    Love and Peace,

    Don C

  32. 32
    Don C Says:

    Sadly Sheila has passed on.

    Thanks anyway for all your thoughts and wishes,

    Don C

  33. 33
    blessing Says:

    from bonita bluffs ct spring valley, san diego desperately needs positive energy both physically, mentally and spiritually. thank you.

  34. 34
    Carl Says:

    Please send healing energy to my ex-wife and friend, Sandy in Lake City, Michigan for her speedy and complete recovery to perfect health.

  35. 35
    Carl Says:

    I would like to send thoughts of peace, abundance, prosperity and total harmony to my brother and sister in the Kansas City Metro area. May their lives be blessed in ways that will exceed all of their expectations.

  36. 36
    usha, chennai, india Says:

    Hi! i am going to take my GRE exam on 26th november. i want to score 1400 marks. my preparation is going on well. the thing is that, i am pregnant. This is my 7th month. I request you to send healing energy for me to suceed in attaining my goal of 1400 in GRE and also to bless me and my baby. i will be very much thankful to all of you!!!!
    i was unable to post this in miscellaneous. hence, i am posting it here. sorry for the inconvenience!

  37. 37
    Eugenia Says:

    Please send healing energy to my friend Mark who is having trouble with his heart. He lovingly takes care of puppies every day at an animal shelter and will not miss a day when he’s feeling bad because they need him and I’m sure he needs them as well.

  38. 38
    Helen Says:

    Dear Friends,
    I send to you all my best faith-filled, positive energy for your total health and prosperity.
    Please send your energy and blessings to me that I will be relieved from allergy or respiratory symptoms. Mornings have been especially miserable for me. I know with your help and the power and mercy of God I will receive my healing and feel well again. Thank you all so much, Helen

  39. 39
    Juanita Says:

    Please pray for any healing that my body needs; for example heart, thyroid, etc.

    Also, please send me energy in order to reach my ideal weight of 160 pounds!

    My thoughts, prayers and positive energy are being sent to all of my global brothers and sisters!


  40. 40
    Eva Wright Says:

    Please send healing energy to me, I had a tubal pregnancy rupture almost killing me, it enlarged my heart and causes dangerous fluctuations and rapid heartbeat and I am in physical pain all the time. I am blessed in so many other ways but not my health. Thank you.

  41. 41
    Vijayaraj Vijayasarathty Says:

    I want Healing energy to my wife and children in chennai,India. I want my wife to be releived of the severe pain in her neck and back.

  42. 42
    sheila michelle Says:

    My back, head, and neck are in excruciating pain. Please send healing energy. Please send protection from certain persons hurting me. May you all receive the blessings that you need. My prayers are with all of you.

  43. 43
    Joy Says:

    Please send healing energy to Caryn W.’s shoulder/back and her ability to rehearse and perform pain free for the amazing dance piece she choreographed for our church taking place this Saturday.

  44. 44
    Stacy Says:

    Please send healing and peaceful energy to Cindi who just lost her nephew to suicide.

  45. 45
    John Joe Says:

    I want to extend my sincere wish that you all receive the lord’s healing be your ailment physical or psychological. It is important to pray and trust in the Lord’s power to help you recover and live a happy and fulfulled life. I have experienced issues but my faith has always seen me through.

    Bless you all

  46. 46
    Oscar Says:

    Please send healing energies to me to make my heart function in it’s optimum state, and also send my sister Edy healing energies to wipe out her cnacer cells from her body for ever. Edy lives in Las Vegas Nevada, and Oscar lives in Pahrump Nevada. Thanks to all the healers.

  47. 47
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Healing is on the way of all on the list.

    Your’s in service,Yvonne.

  48. 48
    Simon Hutagalung Says:

    Please send healing energy for my blood disorder and heart disease. I am located in Berlin, Germany.

  49. 49
    Sally Says:

    Hello…..this is my first time here…..looks like a wonderful place to be! Could someone please send some healing energy to my cousin Julia who has cancer…….I am most grateful…. 😉

  50. 50
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Dear Simon and Julia,

    Healing is on the Way with the Speed of Light.


  51. 51
    Stacy Says:

    Please send healing energy to my son, Michael, for a speedy, positive process, and to Lonnie to heal from his injuries.
    Thank you

  52. 52
    Vijayaraj Vijayasarathy Says:

    I would like to send healing energy to my mother-in_law and father-in-law who are both sick in hospital in Chennganur,Kerala,India, for there speedy recovery to stable health.

  53. 53
    yvonne Says:

    Hello Stacy,

    Healing is on their way.


  54. 54
    yvonne Says:

    Hello Vijayaraj,

    I used Surya Shakti Healing,to support them.


  55. 55
    Edna Says:

    Please send healing energy to Edna and Kevin in Englewood, Fl and to Sherre, Crissy, and Liz in Baltimore Md.
    Much love,
    Thank you

  56. 56
    Yvonne Says:

    Hello Edna,

    Healing is on the way.


  57. 57
    Joan Says:

    Please send me healing energy to overcome the pssoriasis I suffer from.
    I live in a town called Arad in Israel.
    I send warm energy of grattitude to you all.
    Thank you.

  58. 58
    brisa catalina Says:

    Dear Sally

    Healing is on the way, you will se that everything is going to be okay!!
    God bless you!!

  59. 59
    Jun Says:


    I’m quite double minded now, Please help me restore my positive spiritual energy, I would like to have a clear direction and may God give me a vision. I badly wanted to pursue happiness, but it seems conflict with my spirituality.

    I declare spiritual blessings in bounty for all of you brother and sisters! Eternal love and supernatural energy be with you all!

  60. 60
    Samuel Says:

    I would like positive, love healing sent to me to infuse continuously the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, and to also send positive healing/spiritual energy to my aura.

    Thanks and all be blessed.

  61. 61
    brisa Says:

    hi to all my brothers and sisters!! ^_^
    may love & light & health be with all of you and your families forever.
    I first want to thank you for your time,
    and I want to send love and light to all.

    Please send healing and positive energy to my mother linda and to all in need of health, I am sure that with positive and healing energy she will be much better!! she has anemia and all i want is to see her healthy and happy.

    I am verry grateful

    love, brisa California

  62. 62
    nestor Says:

    To : brisa california,

    I put on an aura of love and healing both spiritually, emotionally, physically to anyone who read this.

    I declare universal healing and positive energy to your mother and it will happen right now as you read this letter. Her anemia will be gone soon and she will be in the peak of divine health and happiness from head to toe.

    God Blessings!

  63. 63
    brisa Says:

    to nestor,

    i thank you and everyone that sended positive & healing energy to my mother linda.

    I love you all my brothers and sisters,
    my heart is so greateful and happy because my mother is much better!!!!
    linda is verry grateful too!
    God blessings.
    i know that with love and care my mother will be healthy and happy again.

    always sending love and light to all!

    much love brisa, california

  64. 64
    Roy Says:

    Please send healing energy to me ,having back pain and legpain.
    and to my wife having some problems with pregnancy.

  65. 65
    Chanjue Says:

    Please send healing energy to me, I have headache for many years.

  66. 66
    johnpaul travisano Says:

    please send me a energy healing for my lower back

  67. 67
    Jennifer Says:

    Please send positive healing energy- I would be grateful.

    I am depressed, my health needs improvement and in general I feel something surrounding me- something heavy on and around the back of my neck, shoulders and in my mouth. I know it sounds weird but it has been going on for a few days. I feel something behind me- it doesn’t totally fel bad or negative, just heavy.

    I hope that someone can understand this and help.

    I will send out as much healing energy as I can to those of you who need it.

    Thank you.

  68. 68
    Targol Says:

    Dear Healers;

    Could you please send Birgitta positive healing energy since she suffers from cancer.

    Lots of LOVE to you

  69. 69
    ronald hamilton Says:

    Hi,thank you and your dedicated friends for sending me and my family your compassionate thougths and distant/absent healing treatments, i am truely greatful for your help,many thanks

    yours sincerely


  70. 70
    lynn Says:

    I humbly request that energy be sent to me to heal me of anger, depression, hurt, jealousy and other negative emotions.

    thank you all so much.

  71. 71
    adb Says:

    I would like to request energy healing as I suffer from diabetes, depression, insomnia and lower back pain.

  72. 72
    ken Says:

    i could use complete healing of my left foot. any help is appreciated.
    all the best to you too. thank you

  73. 73
    nestor Says:


    To all who are alone in their agony and sickness like, ken and his aching left foot, adb of diabetes, insomnia, lower back pain, and lynn who suffer from anger. depression, hurt. jealousy. and negative emotions. I declare complete healing and restoration of that particular pain and discomfort in the name of Jesus of Nazareth our divine healer. I also let the universal healing of the supernatural realms be with you in this very sad moment in your life. May you see the light of happiness and well being that is set before you at the beginning of time!

    I also ask for prayers of positive energy and miraculous healing for Narcelina Del Rosario who are suffering now from Myoma, she will be more energetic for her forthcoming operation and the cyst will be melt away. Thank you all for your concern!

  74. 74
    thankapan Says:

    my father is hospitalised for last 50days he is paralysed and councious level are low.please help him to regain counciousness and move his limbs.there is swelling in his brain.all happened due to a stroke.his name is thankappan

  75. 75
    asgar khan Says:


    having pain in back and front ribcage area, muscle spasm pain,very painful,would love healing from this community,,,,,


  76. 76
    Sofia Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to ask for healing for Adam Nicholous, only 24 years old that is in hospital with a hernia (hearnia is in his stomack). Could you all send some healing for his girlifriend as well and for all of us housemates in the BAngor, North Wales area that are all with a virus (cold type virus). We are 5 in total!
    Many Thanks for an spiritual healing, praers and REIKI.

  77. 77
    lec Says:

    Dear all,
    Please send healing energy to my colleage Angie Khong of PJ Malaysia who is undergoing chemotherapy now for third stage breast cancer. She is tired and restless and in need of the positive healing energy badly. All your prayers and healing energy are greatly appreciated.

    May God Bless You For Your Kindness

  78. 78
    yvonne in norfolk u.k Says:

    Please send healing energy to me as I suffer with anxiety that effects me daily and has done for a number of years now. Bless all of you out there and I will also try to send out as much positive energy as I can. Thankyou Yvonne

  79. 79
    Benita Says:

    Let the healing light of God infuse you being, bringing you life and vitality. the light of love moves energy cell by cell to make you whole and well. you are an expression of divine life; you radiate strenght and vitality.

  80. 80
    nitesh seesaha Says:

    i want healing enery for my family.my dad ,mum are always quarelling. they are getting separate. my sister is scared of me and she has a phobia .please cure her phobia and she can get a peaceful mind and agood boyfriend.please help me get rid of my phobia,fear ,lack of self esteem.i cannot talk well with friends. please send good healing energy to me to cure my phobia. help my father to leave gambling…

    am nitesh seesaha from avenue peruche,montagne blanche.from Mauritius island

  81. 81
    Nancy Says:

    God Bless all of you who have created this website…..it is soooo healing in and of ITSELF! Thank you, Thank you.

    I am requesting a physical healing for Angela who lives in Connecticut. She is bravely dealing with Multiple Sclerosis while always tending, first, to the needs of others!

    I am also requesting a physical healing for my husband, Mario, and myself, we live in North Carolina. I have been having some distressing symptoms which has prevented me from achieving my goal of SERVICE TO OTHERS.
    There are no words to express my GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION for your healing energy and thoughts. I will continue to do my part.
    In Oneness,

  82. 82
    czari Says:

    Dear everyone,

    Please send healing energy to M.T. blanco of Manila. Heal him of all the hurt, anger, pain, bitterness, loss of a love one,betrayal, disillusionment, distrust, pessimism and all the negative energies in him. Heal him from the emotional wounds that he has been harboring through all these years. Heal him so that he can let let go of the past. Heal him so that he can live at peace with himself and have a better life.
    Please send him love, happiness and positive energy.

    Thank you and lots of love to you all. To all the others out there who are also suffering from pain. May you receive cure and care from people around you. To everyone with a broken heart, may you receive love from yourself and from someone who will love and appreciate you for all that you are. For everyone who is sad, depressed, or lonely, may you find reasons to smile and laugh in every single day.

    May everyone be healed from all that pains us and receive countless blessings from the universe.

    Thank you all.

  83. 83
    Angie Says:

    Dear Everyone,

    Please send loving healing energy to my brother JR, 69 years old. He is being healed of diabetes 2, heart ailment, enlarge prostate and will undergo prostate cancer screening on March 12. Please affirm with me that he is now whole, perfect and complete. May you all be blessed with all things good.

  84. 84
    Nancy Says:

    Dear Fellow Healers,
    I am requesting a physical healing for myself. I live in North Carolina. I would like to have my health fully restored so that I may continue serving God by being of selfless service to others.
    I am picturing a DIVINE HEALING LIGHT flowing into all who seek here, cleansing and purifying our bodies and souls forever.
    In Oneness,

  85. 85
    Valerie Says:

    Sending Blessings to ALL!!! I am sending out Gratitude in advance for ALL the Blessings that are coming your way and Gratitude for the Blessings in which you already so ABUNDANTLY have!!!!

  86. 86
    Anjl Says:

    Please sent light and healing so that I can finally be rid of what’s left of my fibroids.

    I send light and love, and healing to all on this board, so that we may all realize our Divine Perfection.

  87. 87
    Steve Says:

    Please join me in sending healing energy to our political leaders. They seem to have lost the love for our country and now are posessed of greed for money and self importance. Please help me send them the love of country that our fathers and mothers had.

  88. 88
    Georges Says:

    Please send healing energy to my son…He needs your help to return back to College next Monday…
    Thanks a lot ..
    May God bless you !!!

  89. 89
    Georges Says:

    Please send healing energy to my son, Guerlin…He needs your help to return back to College next Monday…
    Thanks a lot ..
    May God bless you !!!

  90. 90
    Debbie S. Says:

    I desire to be healed from multiple sclerosis that I have had for 16 yrs.
    Thank you for providing healing energy.

  91. 91
    Theresa Says:

    I am so weary of being in physical pain all the time any more. Please help.

  92. 92
    badea Says:

    please send healing energy for my mother for tomorrow 31.
    she gonna make a heart chirurgical intervention.
    tank you

  93. 93
    donna Says:

    Please help with healing..I have been sick for 6 months and the dr’s can’t seem to figure it out..I quit sweating, lost half of my hair, can’t produce teats, fatigue, etc..I was always helathy and did volunteer work with horses and special needs children..I need to get back to helping them but need to get well first. Please send healing energy..I’ve about given up..

  94. 94
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I sent everyone healing energy on this page. Please pray for me to overcome negativity, depression and disease and to have power over my mind and body. I want to be healthy, happy and blessed.

  95. 95
    Nancy C. Says:

    I have read your requests and I just wanted to tell all of you that I am sending a multitude of Blessings and Prayers to Heal you right now! Please help this process by trying to find some small way to FEEL, good, happy, peaceful, grateful, or appreciative……this will help with the Healing. Please start with a visit to http://www.heavenletters.com and register to receive the newsletters that are God’s messages for us all. These are inspired writings from Gloria Wendroff and I find them so comforting.
    In Oneness,

  96. 96
    MIKE Says:


  97. 97
    shobha Says:

    Shobha says:
    Hi and thank you all for the positive energy sent to me and my family. I send my positive energy to everybody who needs healing. May God send
    his blessings to everyone.
    Thank you.

  98. 98
    Mark Says:

    #93 Donna if you read this please find a good holistic doctor and see if you have lyme disease. I will do a healing for you.
    Be Well

  99. 99
    MIKE Says:


  100. 100
    jun Says:

    Greetings to all whose hearts are troubled.

    Healing to those in need of emotional upliftment!

    I hope and pray for those ex-gays who find their way out of homosexuality, may they able to stand their noble decision with enough courage and strength against temptations. I put endless love and happiness to their lives as most of them are alone and far from any romantic love. May blessings from the universal realm and nature coincide together for them to feel a warm embrace of the sun and the sweet caress of the moonlight. May they be able to bear all the heart aches when they know that its hard to let go of the love they once knew.

  101. 101
    Alice Says:

    This is a posting for anyone that would like to receive energy healing. I do it through the computer. All that is needed is a camera and microphone, connect with Windows Live Messenger and we are good to go. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes. This is totally free. To set up a day and time please email me at alskins@hotmail.com

  102. 102
    paul Says:

    help i just want to walk like i used to do

    thank you

  103. 103
    Karen Says:

    I have been severely disabled since age 5 with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I will be 50 this year. For the past 2 years I have once again been forced to use a scooter and crutches full time, after having taught myself to walk 5 times before. I need a new miracle, this time permanent. I’m expecting the whole enchilada:) As I age it gets harder and harder and as a child I was already in an old persons body. Before I leave this planet I want to have the health and mobility I was blessed with at birth:)

    As Above, So Below
    Many Blessings, and thank you

  104. 104
    Selina Says:

    I need healing for my body,mind and spiritual. I have gastrick problem,headache etc.

  105. 105
    Selina Says:

    I send prayer to all of you. My son is suffering from asthma. We live in Dallas. Please pray for him.

  106. 106
    Nancy C. Says:

    Namaste to All Who are Seeking Comfort

    I am sending waves of healing energy to all of you. My Heart continuously outpresses waves of Love, Healing White Light, Happiness, and Blessings to All Mankind and Creation. Just find a minute to sit and be still so that you can hear the guidance and healing you seek……please mentally state, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, help me to forgive myself, Thank You, I love You. Name three things, situations, people that you are Greatful for!

  107. 107
    Earl Halstead Says:

    I am sending energy healing vibes for all that needs them. I am requesting and receiving healing for my sight to be returned to me in my left eye and also for the tumor to be removed from my body. Everyone I need that white light. Love and Peace to Everyone!

  108. 108
    Alice Says:

    Hello, This is a posting for anyone that would like to receive energy healing. I do it through the computer. All that is needed is a camera and microphone, connect with Windows Live Messenger and we are good to go. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes. This is totally free. To set up a day and time please email me at alskins@hotmail.com

  109. 109
    rowan Says:


    Thank you all for doing this. I have a request for myself and my mother. I have been her primary caretaker for the 18 months as she starts her journey towards death. I recently felt compelled to take a long planned business trip, one the involves doing work that I love and make a difference in two people’s lives.

    Well, today, I got the call from my father that my mother’s bloodwork showed her kidneys at 5%. Let me just say with my mother’s condition, things like treating this beyond respite care. I am okay with this, I really am. However, I cannot return home for the next 13 days. I am asking for your help in sending energy to my family, me, and my mom, that she can stay here in this world until I complete my trip and can return home.

    I would so appreciate it.

    hugs would be greatly appreciated also.

  110. 110
    Amy Says:

    I am an energy healer also so I send out to all those in need, but I today ask for healing light to be sent to me as I start natural treatment for cancer. Thank you & Go Bless

  111. 111
    Laura Says:

    Hello to everyone here – I am sending good will, healing energy thoughts and a healing suggestion.

    I will also be sending a request….but first to all those who need healing help – I may have something that could help – it was recently something that was given to me and has helped tremendously in gaining much needed energy, and healing and is all natural. What I have seen this extract supplement do is amazing and what I have heard and read about it helping others is incredible. So I offer it to all here if you so wish. Just click on my name & it will take you to a page that will explain. To all I wish good health – for as we have good health and energy it becomes much easier to bring about our intentions.

    Love and light to all.

    And now my request:

    I am sending out a request for help in manifesting a rescued horse for riding therapy for my little one. The resources that I have right now will not cover what it would need to pay for a vet, & other necessary needs for taking care of this amazing creature.

    The stable owner where we go now – will not have a horse available after June 30th. But has offered to continue lessons and so forth if we can find a horse. The suggestion was made to look for a rescued horse which makes a lot of sense. Costs usually entail around $1800 to adopt a horse. Then food & board would be necessary around $300/month for which I could cover half of it.

    This is so vital to the development of my two girls as they have some physical challenges that this type of therapy really helps with.

    This horse would also enable me to finish getting my Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification and would be used in giving lessons and thus helping other little ones that could therapeutically benefit from horse riding lessons.

    Benefits include:

    Increased Self-Esteem
    Learning to Care for another being
    Learning to Love
    Increased Balance
    Significant Muscle Strengthening
    Fine Motor Control – used for buckling a bridle and saddle

    I believe that this would be for the good of all involved and ask for help in manifesting this beautiful intention.

    THANK YOU for your help

  112. 112
    Debra Says:

    Hello all,

    I have a dear friend, Fernando L., in South Jamesport, NY, who has pancreatic cancer. Please send him all the healing energy and strength that you can so he will once again flourish in good health and be with us here in the physical for many many years to come. He is well loved…

  113. 113
    Gerri Says:

    May you all be blessed with Divine Healing and perfect health. Please pray that my body be completely healed and in perfect health so that I am able to be married and have healthy children. Thank you for your healing energy.

  114. 114
    laxmi Says:


    I have a severe case of Environmetnal Illness. I am having difficulty finding a place to live becquse I am so sensitive to unnatural things like chemicals and wireless and radio waves, etc that I have been homeless for 3 months. I am allergic to deoderants, shampoos, detergents in other people’s clothes, synthetic fabrics (that means car seats and chairs) and colognes and cell phones and fridges. I have severe, painful symptoms especially in my stomach and face. I was electrocuted and then all of this started. ialso have parasites ihave been unable to get rid of and heavy metal poisoning and pesticide poisoning. My whole life has been ripped apart by this condition. I have lost most of my friends, work, my home. I am unable to find accommodation. I don’t have a hat or coat idon’t react to. Life has been very challenging. Ihave to spend most of it in my car in the park. I sleep under a canopy designed to block wireless, but can’t be under it all the time. My condition is severe and I have been told iam in critical condition. I have been healed of many illnesses in the past, and I know this is possible. I am very grateful for all of the healing energy, healing visualizations and prayers you send to me. Thank you!

  115. 115
    laxmi Says:

    Please see 114

    I am in Victoria British Columbia Canada.

    I am a small female and have blonde hair.

    I am very much looking forward to receiving your healing and then to helping others heal.

    Thank you.

  116. 116
    spiritchild Says:

    The healing power of God to heal my foot of swelling at the root and causation level I be open to receive the healing in my foot completely and wholly.inner heal and strength heal on all levels of my being.

  117. 117
    Todd Says:

    For all those needing healing,
    Pick up the paperbook book (a black cover) named Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth. One thing I would like to say about the book is that it will bring healing as you believe and healing is not conditional. It is a free gift to those seeking it and you don’t have to pay for it or do anything, but receive the free gift. I am not being contradictory here, because the book brings healing, but some of the conditions the author puts on it, I don’t agree with and that is what turns me off to the church and preaching; you’ll always feel that you have to give up something or do something or join a church or something and that is conditional and it is an element that doesn’t set right with me. But, the book is very good, because it is on healing. Other great books are E. W. Kenyon; books like Jesus the Healer, Two Kinds of Faith, and Two Kinds of Knowledge. These books are different. So, I give this out to all and it is for all. Thank you.

  118. 118
    Nancy C. Says:

    Dear Fellow Beings of Light,

    I come here today to send HEALING ENERGY to all who need it. I am in need of a physical healing, the doctors have no idea what is wrong with me, and so, I continue to suffer.

    You and I will suddenly REALIZE OUR ONENESS WITH SOURCE and we will walk, dance, and sing with JOY…FOREVER!



  119. 119
    Selina Says:

    I am suffering from headache and foot cracking problem. My previors prayers were accepted. Please pray for me to cure from these diseases

  120. 120
    Yvonne Says:

    I send healing energy to all who will accept it. Please know you can be healed if it is truly what you desire. Another thing that I have found is feeling of anger , hate, jealous, unforgiveness, and etc causes pain and sickness in the body. You will be amazed if you release these feelings from your heart how better you will feel. I’m telling you this from my own experience. Your body will know. That means you have to forgive yourself and others no exceptions. Develop an indifference in situations that are unpleasant. It will take practice, but you will be able to do if you remember what the outcome will bring. Better Health and Less body pain. Lastly I found a website that helped me also. http://www.jodunning.com. I found the prayer list and teleconferences helpful. You always have free will and if this doesn’t reasonate with you please disregard. Iwish you all well.

  121. 121
    Hal D. Rice Says:

    I need to please make an emergency Prayer and super fast healing request for my tooth that the pain is gone and GOD guides me to a dentist (if necessary ) whos very caring a competent . . also I’m trying some new healing stuff but I’d also like to request Prayers that I am free from tabbacco (I’m already working on that) and that I get back to my regular optimal exercise and healthy diet . . THANK YOU (and an extremely helpful free 24 hour Prayer line is 1(800) 669-7729 ) . . p.s. I,d also like to request that GOD please gets my health care all 100% fixed now (they told me it would be right about now . .

  122. 122
    Selina Akhter Says:

    My son is suffering from infection >please pray for him

  123. 123
    Maria Says:

    I ask for healing for my mum who is suffering immensley with severe back pain through injury, stomach pain, severe depression, anxiety, insomnia and obsessions. She is finding it hard to cope, as are we.

    Please heal her mind body and spirit.

  124. 124
    Earl Halstead Says:

    I am requesting healing prayers for me. I have a tumor growth on my forehead and lost sight in my left eye. I am expecting and sending spiritual energies to everyone. Thanks and God Bless!!

  125. 125
    Yvonne Says:

    Hello Everyone, Please hear me if you want a healing. It is so simple, just see and talk these words continually. I AM HEALED. I AM HEALED. Repeat the words often and say them with Belief and Joy

    NEVER speak or think of the sickness again. Don’t listen to any one else who speaks of it either. Disassociate yourself from sickness.

    The answer is so easy just follow what I have said. You will be WELL. You have ask for prayer, but I have given you the Solution. Now it is up to you.

  126. 126
    Elena Says:

    Prayers for my brother in law Jay with mantel cell lymphoma. He needs to find strengths and peace within himself. Please send your prayers!

  127. 127
    Ngum Says:

    Hello Friends, I really need healing for me and my sister. We are going through a terminal disease. I really need healing to come down on me so that i can be free of stress. Thanks

  128. 128
    Leslye Says:

    I really need help! I have been mentally tormented and filled with self hate for most of my life. I have spent a great deal of money and visited many sites like this one in search of relief. If you can deliver on the implied promise of true and lasting healing, that would be great, otherwise you will just be added to my list of charatans that promise the world and deliver nothing.

  129. 129
    S. Says:

    I have a friend in the hospital who is not getting better like she should. Please direct your thoughts/prayers/healing energy towards her, I am worried. Thank you, and all the best to all of you brave souls who are struggling, I wish you nothing but health and happiness. <3

  130. 130
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Need A Healing Now,
    I am sending all the Love and Light that is available from The Universe…the Healing Energy is ALL around us ALL the time. Please read and reread Entry #125…What Yvonne Says on June 30th, 2009 at 9:20 pm. She speaks TRUTH AND TRUTH ALONE!

  131. 131
    angel rojas Says:

    I need help,i am sick from the pancreas and i wish to be well again.
    and to all others that need help as well i send you all the blessings of the universe and healing vibes.
    Please pray for me and all others that need help.
    Blessing for you all

  132. 132
    Barbara PK Says:

    I ask for healing for my self so that I may continue to take care of my family. I ask for healing for my husband, that he not suffer anymore.
    I send my healing energy to all who seek it . May you feel this power and know it is true.
    I am grateful to have a place to share ..

  133. 133
    Mary Says:

    I am sending healing to all . Please hold healing thoughts for my dad. He is in pain from scar tissue built up from back surgeries and needs strength healing as well. Thanks in advance and healing to all of you

  134. 134
    Ashley Says:

    Hello, My name is Ashley I’m not sure where I should be posting this but I am, or should I say my husband Sedat is in desperate need of healing. A little about us. We both just turned 25, and got married in January of this year. We are both so excited to have found each other, and look forward to our lives with each other and starting a beautiful family and the many years ahead of us and growing old together. We know that we are soul mates and God has a plan for us.. But this isn’t the plan I can feel it in every fiber of my being. He is the answer to all my prayers my other half, the half that completes me.

    He recently had an accident in the pool and shattered his 4,5,6 vertebrae and severed his spinal cord. He is in recovery right now getting stabilized. He is able to move his arms and head and speak, but not his hands and below his chest. The Doctors say he still might have a chance if his body heals correctly. Right now is the most critical time for him. The first two weeks is when the most crucial healing happens. I have been doing healing exercises with energy work but I am having a hard time doing it by myself. I am asking if you all can help me with sending his body mind and soul the strength, love, faith, and healing towards him to visualize the beautiful Golden light to his spine enwrapping it with love and stimulating the nerves and cells that create his beautiful body to re-create what has been damaged.

    I thank you all so much for you help and wish you all so much love and happiness and everything you endure.


  135. 135
    Laura Says:

    Dear Ashley,

    Please know that I join you in sending healing energy to both you and your husband Seth.

    Thank you for asking and I send renewal energy to you to help keep you positive and strong.

    All my best

  136. 136
    Elisa Says:

    I am sending healing energy to Ashley’s husband. He is fine. He is perfect as he father does.
    I am sending healing to Mary’s father. He is well.


  137. 137
    Mark Says:

    I am sending your husband healing now Ashley. If I had more time I would concentrate on the rest of you as well. If you like you can click my name and visit my website for more info. And Ashley you can contact me there if you like and let me know how he is doing.
    Be Well

  138. 138
    Mike Says:

    Dear Ashley.

    Please know that I have dedicated 30 minutes to the recovery of your husband Sedat. Somehow I feel relieved that he will amaze his doctors with a speedy recovery.


  139. 139
    angel rojas Says:

    Dear Ashley
    I am sending your husband Sedat all the healing energy of the universe for him to heal and from the botton of my heart all the love and healing light.
    He is healing right know and is going to be perfect.

  140. 140
    Sally Says:

    Dear Ashley, Please accept the healing wishes that I send to your husband Sedat. My feeling is that he will be fine, and with patient steady progress – he will return to full mobility. He can visualise himself walking again every day, for perhaps 5 – 1o minutes each day, and to know that the healing of nerves, bone and muscle is possible, no matter what those around him might say. My father was told he would never walk again and so was my sister (two separate accidents) – they both walked again. You and he are held in my healing prayers.

  141. 141
    Vicky Says:

    Dear Ashley,
    I am visualizing you and Sedat happy, healthy and running around with your many children in the future. Nothing but the best wishes and healing prayers go out to you. Best of luck & health!!

  142. 142
    Josh G. Says:

    i am sending positive healing energy and love to Ashley and Sedat..

  143. 143
    Rosheila Says:

    Hi Ashley

    My prayers are with you, I believe that Seedat will be healed with the loving kindness of God and all who believe.

  144. 144
    Nancy C. Says:

    For Sedat and Ashley,

    Sedat, I am visualizing you Whole and Healed. God is doing His work right now, right here. Ashley, please find the time to sit quietly and see your husband complete and Whole and then just BE PRESENT AND LISTEN AND RECEIVE.
    I am sending DIVINE HEALING ENERGY TO SEDAT AND YOU. It is so wonderful that you found the strength and time to come here and make your request, you are LOVED AND SUPPORTED.

  145. 145
    spirit7child Says:

    Heavenly Father release your healing power your healing glory bring healing and harmony into their being on all levels remove with needs to removed lord we release and send your healing anoiting bless them with Radiant Health so be it Amen

  146. 146
    spirit7child Says:

    Please send healing and divine loving energy to my sister Divine protection surround with the protective light of Christ send energy to raise her vibration and bring harmony and mind body and emotions God Bless U Richly

  147. 147
    joseph Says:

    Hello Ashley ,
    When two or more are gathered in his name he is there present. Do not worry for the healing is taking place. You say two weeks is the most important time . He is not constrained by time. This will only add to your worry as you will inevitably count down the days. Don’t despair , everything will turn out ok.
    You say ”but this isnt the plan ,i can feel it in every fibre of my being”. Careful , don’t make this a self fulfilling prophecy …your mind is a powerhouse .
    The beautiful thing is you can reprogram your feeling to empower the outcome you seek . Remember every thought both positve or negative has energy. It is the dominant thought that takes the day.
    With all the friends sending wholesome love energy , you will overcome .
    RISE UP YOU CONQURER , now is the time to defeat that fear.

  148. 148
    Priscilla Says:

    Ashley always remember that you are never alone, I send you and your husband Sedat all the positive energy light right now to heal and mend the 4, 5, and 6 vertebrae as well as his spinal cord and all the energy light that you may need to keep you strong and up beat

    Love, Peace and Joy

  149. 149
    Greg Says:

    I send healing and blessings to Ashley’s husband.

  150. 150
    sandy Says:


    Please accept the healing energy that I send for you and your husband Sadat. Know that he will be healed. You must FEEL this with all your heart. The Universe has great plans for both of you.

  151. 151
    raghavan Says:

    Ashley,this email comes to you from a small city called Mysore in distant India.Dont worry at all.You and your hubby will be bubbling with energy,good health and radiating with joy and abundance within three years from now.You will be blessed with healthy happy children.Your husband’s vertebrae will be healed.His spinal column will heal and he will be his usual athletic self.Believe me,you both will be laughing at this small incident,holding hands three years from now.

  152. 152
    Tim Says:

    I pray for you in Jesus name … Amen

  153. 153
    Angela Says:

    Ashly, I am sending your husband Sedat Quantum Touch lifeforce healing energy as well as Soul healing with my Soul Healing Teacher and Healer Transmission. I also suggest that you check out Master Dr. Sha at the website I have posted. He is an incredible healer and humanitarian and offer many free services. You should contact a customer service rep through his site and tell them your story. Remain in love and joy and know that all is well.


  154. 154
    Karima Says:

    I am sending positive energy and healing energy to all those of you in need of it. I am praying for you with all my heart and soul. Be blessed all. Remember that everything that happens happens for a reason, and it is always in our own benefit whether we realize it on the spot or not. All what happens is good for us, it is a step in the journey of our growth and enlightenment. May you all reach enlightenment and enjoy everlasting serenity and joy.

  155. 155
    Stephan Says:

    Please receive god’s energy to heal yourselves now.

  156. 156
    Wanda Matthews Says:

    sending positive healing energy to all. peace, prosperity and abundance to all.

  157. 157
    usha Says:

    Dear Ashley,
    My name is usha. I am from India!!!! I am sending Sedat healing energy. I request you to pray to God and arch angel Raphael and sedat’s gaurdian angels to heal him and to be with him until he is fully healed. I also request you to visualize as if he is already healed and you both are enjoying each others company. if Sedat can also do the visualization it will work miracles. i am also requesting the angels to heal him. take care.

  158. 158
    Priyanka Says:

    Hi Ashley,
    I am sending healing energy to you and your husband. May your husband be all well very soon and you both enjoy your lives happily together.
    May God Bless both of you.

  159. 159
    yvonne Says:

    To all who are in need of healing,

    I send healing energy with peace and love. Knowing right at this moment you are all feeling the waves of Love and healing.

    love to all

  160. 160
    Vijayaraj Says:

    I join wholeheartedly all, in sending healing energy to Sedat.
    I will specially pray for his recovery to normal.

  161. 161
    Gonzalo Santana Says:

    I will be praying for him and and sending him healing energies right now.

  162. 162
    Rae Says:

    I am sending positive healing vibrations to ashley & sedat!Thanks be to GOD.

  163. 163
    csa168 Says:

    I am sending love to all those in need. Feel a wave of energy pouring in like the rain. Imagine feeling refreshed and having a new source of strength in the same way you feel refresh when you shower after a tiring day. I am sending positive energy to help you wash the negativity away.

  164. 164
    Sandra Says:

    I am sending positive healing vibrations to ashley & sedat!Thanks be to GOD.

  165. 165
    Felix Says:

    Hi, I am new to this but I will try to send positive energy to all who need it esp. Ashley and Sedat. I know that the Cosmic will surely provide the healing energy to those we send the healing energy to and also to those who need it most so that one day they will also walk the mystical path.Love to all of you.

  166. 166
    starman1695 Says:

    I definitely add my healing thoughts to Ashley and Sedat. May fortune smile upon them in abundance. And for all who were wondering about the “secret” to curing ALL disease, it is 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Just Google peroxide. If you would like to send me healing energy, my health could use a boost. Thank you all.

  167. 167
    vishal Says:

    may all of you become happy

  168. 168
    Henrik Says:

    Perhaps You ask:What is the best time to send to targetperson?Which is the best way?From which chakra to send?ANSWER:Best time when the “Persona” is wide open.Which is usually 3 am to 4.30 am.Best way?You decide yourself.From which chakra?The chakras are constructs in the human mind and so is your body.Rule:You have to “see” and “focus” the retina of the targetperson.From which chakra is of your own choosing.They are constructs.See the retina and send.Image a beam of Light filled of Love-energy and send.Could also be “images” of “Roses” or something like that.The main thing is the quality of the Beam which is love.

  169. 169
    crossfire Says:

    go be healed in all aspects of your life. beleive..

  170. 170
    Rhandy Says:

    To Ashley & Sedat,

    With all God’s mercy and compassion, I pray for the speedy recovery of Sedat and for your everlasting relationship as a couple.

    I am meditating now and transferring all positive energies to both of you especially to Sedat who is suffering from that accident.

  171. 171
    Rhandy Says:

    To all of you…..

    Please transfer your healing energies to our ex Philippine president Mrs. Corazon (Cory) Aquino who is struggling with a colon cancer. She is no longer in treatment as she cannot bear the chemotherapy any further. She is terribly in pains.

    The whole nation is praying for her recovery but still we need your help to alleviate her pains and for her immediate recovery if God is willing.

    Let us altogether transfer our positive energies to this great woman — the mother of Philippine Democracy.

    Thank you very much.

  172. 172
    Alex Says:

    May the power of god bless and help you through this difficult time.

  173. 173
    Vicki Says:

    White healing light to all in need along with loving thoughts and shared strength to stay connected with the divine vortex of maximum abundance.

  174. 174
    Ashley Says:

    WOW! I didn’t expect such an incredible outcome. When reading all of the replies, Sedat and I were literally in tears at all the love, and such beautiful words from all over the world that was sent to us. We are so thankful that all of you have sent us your love, and healing. We have been feeling it so strong the past few weeks. Such wonderful waves of love, comfort and strength. We both want to say thank you so much, you are all so wonderful, and with all of your help he is succeeding and healing so fast.

    Sedat is doing better everyday. He was moved from the ICU to rehab only after 6 days! ( most people are in there for at least 10-18 days) Even the Neuro Surgeon was surprised when he walked in to evaluate him, he was in shock at how fast he was healing ( not kidding, we over heard him talking to the nurse he was literally astonished at what he was seeing and that really made Sedat smile to hear how great his is doing, because at first he didnt think he would be able to do anything) He has been in Rehab now for a little over a week. He is able to use his pointer finger and thumb, which is terrific because the doctors said he wouldn’t have use of any of his fingers. Most of all I was giving his legs his daily energy massage and when I got down to his toes he felt a tingling sensation on three toes!!! When before he couldn’t feel anything. This is a miracle in the making and all of you are part of it.

    So we want to thank all of you so much for everything and taking the time out of your busy day to help us. We truly love all of you and couldn’t have done it with out you. We still have a ways to go but everyday is a new day and one step closer. Thank you so much. We send all of you so much love and gratitude.

    Sedat & Ashley

  175. 175
    ron & maureen Harbour Says:

    Good friends, Ron who has vascular dimentia & Maureen who has health problems, needing healing for the strss & strain & depression they are both suffering with due to this. Thank you & God Bless to all healing sent.

  176. 176
    Sunil Singal Says:

    Healing energy sanjeevni for Ron and Maureen. May the most you desire is the least you get 🙂

  177. 177
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,
    (especially Ashley and Sedat!)

    The following excerpt is taken from jodunning.com, The Abundance Project Blog. It is to give you a glimpse into what awaits you if you participate in Jo Dunning’s, The Abundance Project. Please also visit


    to hear her presentations, your life WILL change IMMEDIATELY!

    My Heart Continually Out-Pours Rays of Love, Healing White Light, Happiness, and Blessings to All Mankind and Creation.


    The excerpt.

    “My heart feels wide open in gratitude, my whole being bathes in its’ sublime embrace and in awe I look around and see with new eyes countless gifts and abundant blessings given from heaven’s loving, immense and eternal hands of grace. How did this happen with such ease and speed? It’s almost as though I dared to open myself to receive and with joyful expectation I just danced through days, stepping in rhythm to what was happening in the moment and in the most unexpected ways happy surprises sprinkled my path.
    It’s a universe of infinite supply we live in; even the air that fills our lungs thousands of times a day and surrounds us in living invisible beauty reminds us of such magnitude. Sometimes I wonder why I doubt my prosperity, or believe the richness of my life could truly extend beyond mental borders and silly beliefs about my worthiness and fortune. I felt myself having inner conversations of – thank you, thank you, thank you, – oh, they’re giving me too much, they’re going to be sorry, this is just plenty – and another part was saying…this is so wonderful, I can’t believe this…give me more and more and more!!!”

  178. 178
    Jerry J Says:

    I am currently overseas but I wish sedat a speedy recovery. May both you and sedat prosper.

  179. 179
    Elisa Says:

    I am so happy to hear that Sedat is recovering very fast. May Angels cover his path and also Ashley who is a wonderful mate.

    I am sending healing vibes and love for all who need it.

  180. 180
    ofelio a. capuchino Says:

    I am pleased with his positve development. I shall continue to pray for him and his family. God is so good and great.

  181. 181
    vishal Says:

    i am extremely happy at the speed of your recovery thanks forgiving the news ashley.may you will soon recover fully

  182. 182
    ofelio Says:

    my mother, esperanza needs all the energies to be healed. She can’t sleep at night. My sister and the rest of those at home are hard up. Please do help her. thanks. Likewise, sister Brigida Jamisola, AR will be under the knife (operated) tomorrow to make her both legs firm so that she could walk. Please, let us send altogether our powerful positive healing energies to both patients. Thanks and God bless!

  183. 183
    spirit7child Says:

    Father release your healing anoiting in Sedat Body lord release you healing power bring complete healing and speed recover release your Divine love grace and peace into their lives lord comfort them on all level we thank you Almighty God for you healing power and Returning him to Radiant health so be it Amen

  184. 184
    spirit7child Says:

    Please send powerful Healing Energy and Divine love to my Sister for complete healing of depression all that needs to be healed will be healed on all levels Surround her with the protective light of God she would receive wave after wave of unexpected Blessings Thank you God Bless U Richly

  185. 185
    emarie Says:

    Please send healing energy and prayers for my sister, Effie and my niece Joyce who are both suffering with cancer. Also, my other sister, Mary who is dealing with painful leg problems and myself with ankle swellings. Thanks to all of you and I send my thoughts and prayers to all who are suffering.

  186. 186
    Jan Says:

    May i ask that you send healing to my daughter Abi as she turns 21 this week, she has sufferd alot of loss in her short life and needs help to find peace and calm. I send my love and healing thoughts to all those in distress in the world.

  187. 187
    stephan Says:

    can all of you help my ex wife joann. she suffering depresion and is unable to cope with her life. she used to be a very happy person. then she a marital mestake whick i forgave for. and i just want her to be happy agian for our children sake. and can you say a preyer for for good health and vitality all of our children and my self. I wish happiness and good health and prosperity to everyone in the whole world. and can I thank you almighty god for all of the help you gave me thank you god.

  188. 188
    Chris Says:

    I have tinnitus since more than 2 years. I want to be free from it. Thanks. I send healing energy to all of you. Just persist in your requests and your dreams will come true. Everythingis possible, never give up.

  189. 189
    helenn Says:

    please could i ask for healing energy for myself and family?
    could i also ask for abundance and vitality (health)

  190. 190
    James Says:

    I would like to ask assistance in sending my love Ruthie some healing energy regarding her recovery from surgery . Thank you very much in advance.

  191. 191
    james Says:

    I would like to send positive, loving, and functioning energy of golden light shining it’s way into the top of your heads. This light will bring abundance, vitality and most importantly great health. Those with ailments will see improvement those without will not develop them. You are now in my infinite thoughts. : )


  192. 192
    James Says:

    To Chris,
    I will be sending you healing energy in the most positive of lights. Please take time to close your eyes and receive the golden light as it shines through the top of your head all the way down to the ground. Feel rooted in the ground and once you feel comfortable open your eyes and go back to what it is you are doing . I wish you luck in your success.

  193. 193
    mnia ardshe Says:

    first I would thank to all as I am getting constantlly the finiancial healing energy. I would request to all to please send me healing energy; as I hate my parents and due to this reason, my life has filled with the black waters of pain. The hate, which I feel can be a result of those negative powers, which were used upon me by a Megical Taliban who wanted to abuse my life. The turmoils and pains of the memories of maltreat by my parents is unforgettable but I want to live in peace now. Plz pray for me and send high energies so that I may live in peace and happiness with abbundance and prosperrity.

  194. 194
    Nathan Says:

    Please everyone help me in sending powerful healing to my beautiful love Taryn. She has an infection in her leg that must heal so we can begin our life together. She is seeing doctors just outside Boston, MA, so please direct your healing energies there. Thank you all and I wish happiness and prosperity for each and every one of you.

  195. 195
    Earl Says:

    Hello Everyone,
    I a requesting for everyone to send me their healing and prosperity energy and in return I am sending out to all my thoughts of postive energy . God Bless!

  196. 196
    Nancy C. Says:

    Hello to Everyone!

    I am attaching a link to Michael Mahoric’s website. He is a HEALER and will be offering a free session this Sunday, September 13th. Please let us all help each other and REMEMBER our true nature…ONENESS WITH GOD. Inform as many people as possible to participate in this offering. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY!




    I Love You,

  197. 197
    Annmarie Says:

    peter w,orange tx,
    was hit by a 18 wheeler in January. He has alot of back pain. please send him you healing engery.
    thank you,
    his wife

  198. 198
    Reema Says:

    I pray for anybody and everybody who needs healing.May lord almighty bless them and take all their pain and trouble away.

  199. 199
    Nancy C. Says:

    To Alll Who Seek Comfort,

    Relax and be a peace, if for just one moment, and allow this interpretation of Vibrant Health to imbue you with THE POSSIBILITY OF HEALING. I Love




  200. 200
    Chris Says:

    I currenly work in Africa, and currently have headaches, i do not feel well. i would need your prayers please. thanks.

  201. 201
    Athena Says:

    Healing for my arm & thumb & finger to clear up & my teeth to be & stay healthy. Thanks!

  202. 202
    Annmarie Says:

    I am sending all in need for healing energy.
    I want to add my mother-in-law Linda hoosick falls NY, who has alot of pain in her neck,back and shoulders. Thank you all and have a very Blessed Day

  203. 203
    Morgan Says:

    I’m requesting healing energy for my sister Rocio who is suffering from bipolar personality and schizophrenia . Please make it happen, she and her family are in need of it .

  204. 204
    MORGAN Says:

    I’m requesting healing energy for Jim,Linda,Shawn,Ronnie,Glenda for each one of them to have a healthy, strong body and to be surrounded by peace,love,compassion.
    I thank you in advance for this.

  205. 205
    Sonia Says:

    Dear All

    My neice had an eye accident about four years ago and lost her vision in the left eye.
    All doctors have given up all hope. She is right now almost 13 years old. Her name is Geeti

    i request you all to please help her restore vision in her left eye and make it normal with all your positive energy and prayers. I greatly appreciate all your help, prayers and positive energy.

    I send positive energy to all those in need.

    Thanking you, and
    Best Wishes to all.

  206. 206
    Lora Says:

    I send to all of you perfect health and infinite energy.I request you to send me energy for healing my ovaries-to be healthy and to have a healthy baby.Also for my spine and my eye-sight.I want my spine to be straight and my eye-sight to be perfect.Thank you so much!

  207. 207
    Earl Says:

    I am sending out healing energy,physically and mentally, to all and I am expecting it to be returned to me. I have lost the sight in my left eye. I would like my body to be rejuvenated. God Bless!!

  208. 208
    jun Says:

    Greetings of healing and renewed strength!

    I am sending healing to everyone who are suffering from flu and colds just like mine in a couple of days now. May your body be invigorated and be healthy one again. Pls pray for my sister Jane to have a healthy womb in order to have a baby they are wishing for.

  209. 209
    Cathy Says:

    I am requesting prayer and healing for both my kidneys. I have been on dialysis for 4 years now and as a single parent struggle to keep working full time. Thank you.

  210. 210
    ann Says:

    I am requesting healing energy for my husband, Peter, who is in extreme pain. He suffers from piriformis syndrome and sciatica nerve damage causing essential tremors. He cannot sit or lie down due to the pain. His only relief is standing. He has been on multiple pain drugs for 10 years, and two surgeries that have not helped. And, please, if it isn’t too much pray for me that I can find a way to help him.

  211. 211
    Linda Says:

    My name is Linda and both my sister Deborah and I are suffering with Hep C. Please send your healing energies and warm prayers that we may have miracle healings. Thankyou warm blessings Linda and Debbie

  212. 212
    mitch Says:

    I am asking for healing energy for my exwife oleta.She has thyroid problems and gaul stones.Her uterine cancer has returned.It has all led to depression and partly cause for our divorce.

  213. 213
    Randy Says:

    Heaing for my type 2 diabetes Please.Thank you

  214. 214
    Earl Says:

    I am sending positive energy in health,love and prosperity.All who are in need are in my prayers. God Bless!

  215. 215
    Nancy C. Says:


    Please view this video from Debra Cummings. She and Jo Dunning are serving the world thru their SELFLESS contributions to eliminate the negative components in your life. They are both TRUE HEALERS!



  216. 216
    Leanne Says:

    Please send me spiritual soul and mind healing. I am training to do mind-body medicine and get scared that I will not make it because I dont function well myself. Thank you

  217. 217
    Reema Says:

    Please send me healing energy for soul healing and mind healing.Thanks!

  218. 218
    SS Says:

    Hello Dear Friends all over the world,

    I´m sending you all healing, vital vawes as a relief from your troubles and for peace on mind, soul and body. Feel the flow, fell the love inside you, enjoy the healing power…
    Love, SS

  219. 219
    jesse Says:

    healing for my whole body because i have no insurance and much postive healing for all you

  220. 220
    Linda Says:

    I will work on #209 at this time.


  221. 221
    MORGAN Says:


  222. 222
    Linda Says:

    I send you warm blessings…healing energies…smiles and laughter…and I hope my efforts will help all those people whose intentions are to be open to receive them……Love, Light, Laughter and Truth Linda

  223. 223
    jesse Says:

    i send lots of healing energy to my uncle gary who deserve it , and to all who needs it

  224. 224
    Brandi Says:

    My mom had a massive left brain stroke & small right brain stroke two weeks ago. She has survived the brain swelling. She is unable to talk or communicate. She has limited use of her left leg & left arm. She has an infection & fever and is unable to start any kind of rehab until that is resolved.

    After I submit this, I am raising my hands up and sending my healing energy to her and all that need it. I thank you for the same. May God bless you today. 🙂

  225. 225
    Tarryn Says:

    Hi all

    Thanks to everyone who has sent a healing thought to those in need. I am one of those people, i need a healing for my doubt that i am already physically healed. I need to feel the oneness and power of unified faith. I need you. Please pray for me. Thank you, !!!!!!!!!!

  226. 226
    jesse Says:

    i reguest healing energy to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar who needs it the most and to all that need it also

  227. 227
    jesse Says:

    i send healing energy to my uncle gary

  228. 228
    melissa Says:

    I have been suffering with to much spinal fluid on my brain, it causes headaches, dizziness, ear problems, after suffing with this for a year and half, please seen good energy and prayer for this to end and that I may resume a some what normal life. thank you and bless you all..

  229. 229
    Kathy Says:

    Ihave kidney disease. I was doing really well for a few years but now my kidneys are bleeding out protein. I need a healing once in for all and I need everyones’ help to make that happen. In return I am sending healing love and energy to those who are in need of assistance. Love and blessings to all of you.

  230. 230
    Yvonne Swerissen Says:

    Dear Melissa&Kathy,
    Healing is on your way.
    I have put you both on my daily intensive healing care list.
    With love&light,Yvonne.

  231. 231
    Ash Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Could you please join me by send healing, and love to my co-workers daughter Alexandria. She has the swine flu and pneumonia. This weekend her lungs started to harden and she was put on a breathing machine. She is only 17 and is so vibrant.

    While I am sending her my love and strength, I am also sending it to all of you who are having difficult times, in love, life, financial and health matters. I love you all so much, and want you to know that you are in my heart.

    Thank you

  232. 232
    Ashley Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have helped Sedat and I . Throughout this process, I have felt the angels surround us and have had so much strength, love and such an immense calmness, and couldn’t have been able to all of this with out you.

    Sedat is undergoing Stem Cell Therapy this week and we are so excited to see the results. Again we were lead to the right doctor who has had amazing results in his research and are very appreciative to have had this chance for the therapy.

    Thank you all so much you are all in our hearts and thoughts. We send you all so much love and gratitude

  233. 233
    Steluta Mariana Says:

    Please send me healing energy for body healing, soul healing and mind healing. Thanks!

  234. 234
    Yvonne Says:

    Dear Ash and Staluta,
    Healing is on Alexandria’s&Staluta’s way.
    With Love&Light,Yvonne.

  235. 235
    Anna Says:

    Please send healing to my darling husband Derek who had a car crash on Monday. He could certainly use some healing. Many thanks and abundant blessings.

  236. 236
    Yvonne Says:

    Dear Anna,
    Healing is on Derek’s way.I have included you.
    With Love&Light,Yvonne.

  237. 237
    Simon Says:

    Please sent healing to my servant Aminah who is suffering a blind in her right eye. Location Jakarta, Indonesia.

  238. 238
    Howard Says:

    Need help with my blood sugar,I’ve tried everything, diet, exersize, it stays in 250 -300 range. thanks.

  239. 239
    Todd D. Says:

    Dear People,
    I am still believing, waiting, and expecting that very, very, very soon my financial miracle will arrive so I can pay all student loans, debts, and whatever off and have enough for my bills for the rest of my days.
    Yes, I want my own place in Canada or the South Pacific. I am tired, but I want to have my own place, organic garden, and land to live out the rest of my days. I haven’t really ever had a life and now that I am older, I would like to have some peace and enjoyment.
    Of course, if it is alot of money, which I hope, I will take only what I need and the rest is His and the world’s.
    Thank you for all of your time and prayers and thoughts.

    Todd DeFrank

  240. 240
    spirit7child Says:

    Father God we pray that you release you healing power and bring healing and Perfect Health your Healing Glory into their mind bodies and souls bring well-being and so be it Amen

  241. 241
    glenn s Says:

    sending healing energy to all request

    also requesting healing for myself for low back and leg pain

    thank you all in the matrix

  242. 242
    Claude Says:

    Dear friends,

    I send to all of you without any exception the healing energy of the violet flame and the golden flame. May you all experience well being, relief from pain and healing of all you bodies and souls.
    Please send me healing and vital energy as well.
    With love and blessings,

  243. 243
    jesse Says:

    send lots of healing energy to my wife and my sister also my uncle and the kids cause right now there a little sick and want them to get better also i send lots of energy and love

  244. 244
    Reema Says:

    Dear Friends,

    i request you all for healing energy, i have bad muscle spasm in neck, it is affecting my back, hands, shoulders and legs.Please send healing energy.
    Thanks a lot!

  245. 245
    cosmin Says:

    Please send energy for Flavius in Romania.

  246. 246
    Anna Says:

    Please send healing to May who has Alzheimer’s, Ben who has a degenerative disease in his back and Silmy who needs general healing. May thanks and abundant blessings.

  247. 247
    Nicole Says:

    I send positive healing energy to all. That are you requests for healing have been manifested and your mind, body and spirit are healed.

  248. 248
    PILAR Says:


  249. 249
    SpiritualDreamer Says:

    Please send me energy healing. I have alot of negative energies around me since December and I want my January 2010 and the rest of the year to be full of positive energies. Right now, I am really stressed and have been waking up with headaches and back pains due to unemployment in December. I don’t want to get evicted. Thanks.

  250. 250
    carl Says:

    I send abundant healing energies to my father frank who recently suffered heart trouble. I wish him good health along with positive energy to all who have health issues.

  251. 251
    jun Says:

    Greetings of love, healing and prosperity!

    Please pray for me I know it is somewhat awkward but i really need healing for this. My computer files for self improvement and career growth were missing because of some virus. i know it hurts but god has a plan and purpose. i really relied on him for that matter. i know he will provide much better files for his son.

    i put on divine healing for everyone who is suffering from emotional pain and loss of whatever important things from them. God bless you all enormously for the year 2010.

  252. 252
    Jon Says:

    I send out healing energy to my mother whom I have caused much distress by my not taking responsibility for my life. I have learned many hard lessons over the past couple of years and now it is time to heal especially her who has borne the burden of my mistakes. I humbly ask for forgiveness and restoration to her especially her health to a state of excellent health and all that the locust has lost through my reckless living.

  253. 253
    Deb Says:

    I request healing, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, for my nephew Ben, who has Tourettes. I pray for and claim perfect healing for him and his family. I offer my healing energy for all of those persons who are reaching out to heal friends and family in God’s Love. Thank you.

  254. 254
    Annika Says:

    Please send healing to my beloved dog. She has severe health problems and is like a child to me. Her name is Chakra. I would also like to request healing for myself. I´m sending healing to all of you.
    Thank you!

  255. 255
    vikesh Says:

    I had caused pain to somebody. and i was also in pain. i just want to be a good guy. and ask for forgiveness to evrybody i had caused pain. to pratima to her mum dad and to nitesh seesaha as well. i hope all his problems get solved.

  256. 256
    Laurie Says:

    Please send some positive healing to me. I have severe arthritis in my left knee and bad back pain. I can barely walk 10 feet. Please send me a healing. My goal is to be able to walk on my own and become independent again. I also need to loose weight. Thank you and I will pay it forward.



  257. 257
    Chris Says:

    I have headache, think comes from a teeth. I send energy to anyone having health problems.

  258. 258
    Elmira Says:

    All of You,

    I’am sending to you positive healing energy.
    Be healthy spiritual. physical!!!

    Send me positive healing energy back.
    I need it too.

  259. 259
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All You Wonderful People,
    I am sending you healing thoughts and energy…you are HEALTHY AND WHOLE! Laughter is healing…please take a moment to experience HEALTHY LAUGHTER.




  260. 260
    Linda Says:

    I have taken a moment to send love and energy to all those people where my cursor stopped, and now send love and healing energy to the rest of you for all layers of your being. May your pyhsical, mental, emotional and etheral bodies all feel the healing love of god.

  261. 261
    Sonja Says:

    I am asking for help in healing. I have epilepsy and have been on medications for years. These medications can almost make the problem worse. While I may not have seizures I am also not awake or involved in my life. I’ve decided to come off of the medication (reduced dosage slowly and am now completely medication free) and to try to manage my epilepsy with vitamins and proper nutrition. Unfortunately, I think I had a seizure this morning. It’s hard to tell because I am always asleep when it happens. I woke with a raging headache. I do not want to have to go back on medication. Please send me brain calming energy. I would really appreciate any boost I can get from any source. I send my own healing energy out and ask the universe to bless the world and all those who are suffering. Blessings and strength to the people of Haiti. -Sonja

  262. 262
    Gerhard Says:

    Jane Smith requires Healing for injured left knee, emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing.

  263. 263
    Gerhard Says:

    Mel Chetty requires Love and support for a positive transaction with her changing of profession from jewlry to Health and Wellbeing

  264. 264
    Gerhard Says:

    Sending Love and Blessings to all who may require healing for their Highest and Greatest Good. And so it is.

  265. 265
    Georgia Says:

    To all on this page requesting healing-if you feel compelled to read on this message is what you need to hear right now. Hope its relevant. Here goes:

    Card: Shield Yourself

    Message: This card indicates that you’re especially sensitive to energies and emotions rightnow. Archangel Michael is shielding you from harsh energy, but its also importantfor you to take action steps to help with this endeavor. For example, avoid situations where anger and/or competition are expressed. Andstay away from bars, pubs, or other places where chemicals are abused, which can attract lower energies. Follow your natural inclinations such as keeping to yourself or spending time with soft-spoken gentle people.

    Possible meanings: 1/ Wear or carry a protective crystal, such as black obsidian 2/ Make sure that you’re physically protected including having up-to-date health insurance, an automobile in good working condition and so forth. 3/ Use caution in dealing with this situation or relationship

    Prayer: Archangel Michael, i ask you to protect me, my loved ones, my vehicle, and my home with your powerful shield. Surround usin your purple light, which allows only pure love to penetrate. PLease stay with me day and night, and keep my loved ones safe (name specific people or situation)

    Love and peace and happy vibes to all. xxx

  266. 266

    sending healing and love and light to all who need it may you be blessed with healing grace
    I AM asking for positive vibs be sent to me i had back surgey on jan 15 and still find am in pain any postive healing prayers or thought would be wonderfull thanking you all and many blessing of healing to all of you

  267. 267
    Georgia Says:

    Helen see my message for you in “miscellaneous energy sending”
    Much love light, happiness, peace and helaing to you all xxx

  268. 268
    Nancy C. Says:

    I am sending HEALING AND JOY bringing energy to all who are in need. I would like to suggest this Kabbalah Prayer as shown in this YouTube video. It is very powerful and profound results may be experienced after repeated sessions.



  269. 269
    Georgia Says:

    Please check out my site and get your free angel readings today.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  270. 270
    Peter Says:

    I have a teeth problem, maybe some infection ? surrounding the teeth. That all becomes normal today.

  271. 271
    Georgia Says:

    After doing free readings for people on here i’ve been encouraged to try this for a living. My site is: www . givemeguidance . webs . com

    I am offering free advice and angel card readings (donations accepted)

    We cover, healing, there are tips on absent healing, negative/positive affirmations, mind-movies, explanations of law of attraction, cause and effect, info about me, FREE ash drawings and healing guidance and info on the books I plan to write.

    I would really value your feedback. Check out my site and get your free angel readings today. Become a member and share the happiness with others.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  272. 272
    Dale Adams Says:

    May I be cured of smoking cigerettes without any withdrawals, cravings for cigerettes, any mental side effects from quiting or any physical side effects from quiting or weight gain.

  273. 273
    Dale Adams Says:

    May the Powers That Be grant everyones desires, wishes and needs.

  274. 274
    Dale Adams Says:

    I suffer from hearing noises in my ears that sounds like static and high pitch ringing sounds. May I be cured from hearing all noises in my ears that sounds like static and high pitch ringing sounds. I will be cured from hearing all noses in my ears that sounds like static and high pitch ringing sounds today. Thank you.

  275. 275
    Dale Adams Says:

    May the Powers That Be and the Wheels of Fortunes grant everybodys wishes, desires and needs.

  276. 276
    Dale Adams Says:

    I need to be cured of all mental and physical ill effects such as mental confusion and exhaustion after I drink all the black instant coffee I want everyday and at any time. Thank you.

  277. 277
    Georgia Says:

    For advice and help on healing and absent healing go to my site www . givemeguidance . webs . com and click on the page “Ted Fricker” the healer

    I am also offering free advice and angel card readings (donations ONLY-accepted)

    We cover, healing, there are tips on absent healing, negative/positive affirmations, mind-movies, explanations of law of attraction, cause and effect, info about me, FREE ash drawings and healing guidance and info on the books I plan to write.

    I would really value your feedback. Check out my site and get your free angel readings today, receive absent healing. Become a member and share the happiness with others.

    Much love light and peace to you all xxx

    www . givemeguidance . webs . com

  278. 278
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,

    I am sending Love and Light to all of you. You are Healed and Whole. Please be gentle with yourself…please visit…www.heavenletters.org…let God’s words be a soothing balm for your all your cares.

  279. 279
    Dale Adans Says:

    I sleep to much–I only want to sleep five hours a night and wake up feeling refreshed and happy with abundant and boundless energy to do all endeavors for 19 hours a day especially clean my house, bathe and wash dishes without feeling depressed.

  280. 280
    Dale Adams Says:

    I want for myself, all future generations, family members and everyone I know to be cured of any mental, emotional, spiritual and physical disease or illness or deterioration of any body part today and forever and forever live in perfect health and become healers and be able to heal with touch and or talk. May I be cured of all mental illness, irritibily and depression.
    May I be cured of all mental and physical exhaustion and fatigue.

  281. 281
    Dale Adams Says:

    May the Winds of Fortune grant everybodys wishes, needs and desires.

  282. 282
    Dale Adams Says:

    May the Winds of Forune and the Powers of Abundance grant all your wishes, needs, and desires for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial needs, wishes, and desires–for Nancy, Georgia, Peter, Helen Patton, Gerhard, Sonja, Linda, Elmira, chris, Laurie, Vikesh, Annika, Deb, Jon, Jun, Carl, Spiritual Dreamer, Piler and Micole

  283. 283
    Dale Adams Says:

    I need to make millions of dollars in the stock market this year and every year for the rest of my life. I need to choose the right stocks in my speculations and never lose a dime in a bad investment. Also, I need not to get margin calls or any margin call problem. I need to always make 10% gains every week on all stocks that I buy or sell. Thank you.

  284. 284
    Hind Says:

    I need to be healed from financial worries.add your good energy please to help me heal.

  285. 285
    Peter Says:

    I have pain at a teeth. Have been to dentist, problem remains. I ask the Universe to heal me. Thanks.

  286. 286
    Georgia Says:

    Hi all, going to do an angel card for the people on this page. I ask whilst shuffling that “Please give us a message that everyone can benefit from”
    So here goes:

    The card is titled “Listen to your intuitive feelings”-Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine.
    Action steps:
    Notice any tension in your body, which is a signal that your muscles are reacting to the energies of your (or other peoples) thoughts and emotions. Close your eyes and imagine having a conversation with a tense muscle group in your body. Ask the uscles “Why are you tense?”, Listen for the answer, which will come to you as a thought, feeling or even words or visions. Your body will tell you how its reacting to your job, relationships, friends and other life areas. Trust your body’s truthful wisdom.”


    Okay all, hope that helps you all.
    Check out my site http://www.givemeguidance.webs.com.

    I have pages on absent healing and information that you can use to heal yourselves. Just pop onto the site and look at the page “Ted Fricker-The Healer” to receive absent healing for yourself or another. I do readings as well which you can get by submitting your request under the tab “request a reading”. Be sure to read the forum page on “how much will a reading actually cost me?” and i know you’ll be pleasantly surprised as I’m doing something quite unique.
    Love to you all and happy healing vibes coming your way.
    Much love G xxx

  287. 287
    PF Houde Says:

    Approximately 4 years ago, I had a relation with a girl, and I didn’t protect myself. Since then, I’ve felt a lot of changes in my body. I’m scared that it might be HIV.

    It could be really appreciated if you could help me with that. Thank you.

  288. 288
    Earl Halstead Says:

    This is addressed to Pf Houde, Go to search engine and type in ” Colloidal Silver”read and order and never worry again.

  289. 289
    Lorelle Says:

    Sending healing vibrations to Jake Briggs and all his family and friends

  290. 290
    Jon Says:

    Please send healing energy to my mother.

  291. 291
    Geetanjali Says:

    Please send you mothers full name jon.

  292. 292
    Olivia Says:

    Sending healing of memories to all here and beyond, that we progress and prosper to a full, abundant and perfect life

  293. 293
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,


    Please read today’s Heavenletter, March 8th, and know that I care about you…www.heavenletters.org. You are HEALED AND WHOLE.


  294. 294
    Ruby Shakespear Says:

    Please send positive happy, healing to Ruby Shakespear who is a lovely sweet happy girl of 9 from Swindon Wiltshire England. She needs lots of healing messages sent to her right now. Thank you so much.

  295. 295
    Jon Says:

    My mother’s full name is Lorina. Thank you for sending positive healing energy.

  296. 296
    Jon Says:

    Sending aloha (breath of life), positive thoughts and healing energy to Ruby, Nancy, Olivia, Geetanjali, Lorelle, Jake, Earl, Pf, Georgia, Peter, Hind, Ravi, Rose, Rose’s daughter, Eldon, Caln, Ray, Patricio, Pradeep, Antoine, Dale & Helen and any others who come to this site seeking healing.

    Please send same positive thoughts and healing energy to my mother, Lorina, sister Sharyn, brother Rob and myself. We need to heal from a soul issue.

    Also please send healing energy for my tooth and give me guidance as to where to seek treatment as I don’t have dental insurance right now and/or please pray for increased prosperity to afford treatment.

    Much gratitude, abundant blessings, healing, love, light and aloha to you all.

  297. 297
    delois Says:

    I need good positive energy in my mind ,i need good positive energy in my mind , i need good positive in my mind, i receive good positive energy in my mind to surround me with all that is good and right in my life, let a chemical change take place in my mind that will bombard my life with new ideals and right action . let my mind produce an out comes of favor, money, love, peace and joy NOW! this post is for all that believe

  298. 298
    Jon Says:

    am sending positive healing energy to all who need it and am requesting positive healing energy for my tooth which is acting up and may need fixing of root canal.

    Please, please, please send positive healing energy and the funds to fix the tooth.

    Much gratitude & aloha (breath of life) to you all

  299. 299
    Kavita Sood Says:

    REquesting all to send positive healing energy to Neelima Bindra based in Mumbai who has been suffering from acute depression aggravated by recent health issues…..
    We believe that prayers are powerful and heard .Distance doesnt make a difference,so pllllease do send in healing rays to her as she needs them urgently…

  300. 300
    DuBois Says:

    Kavita Sood requested for Neelima Bindra, I am sending all the healing and healing vibrations to the heart, soul, mind, will and emotional well being. My intentional and deliberate desire is that divine ordered energy, vibrations and situations develop to aid in the permanant uplift of this blessed and loving soul. I would that you would prosper and be in health, even as your soul prosper. Be well Blessed Beings!

  301. 301
    vibs Says:

    sending healing energy to my Dad mom brothers and also who most needs it!
    Also I am sending energy to my finances to take care of all my financial needs!

  302. 302
    vibs Says:

    I am sending divine energy to all of you!

  303. 303
    Georgia Says:

    Go to www . givemeguidance . webs . com

    Find the pages on healing to receive absent healing for yourself or another (click on Ted Fricker tab)

    Have a lovely day all. Much love and light to everyone. xxx

  304. 304
    John Says:

    I feel tired these days. I ask more energy, i am scared. I am waiting for a payment. I send you all the energy you need and deserve. I want to make a trip.

  305. 305
    vibs Says:

    Sending powerful spiritual healing energy to my dear brother to clear his kidney stone. May God bless you with speedy healing!

  306. 306
    Vanesaeb Says:

    Sending positive healing energy to all who are in need.

  307. 307
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,

    I LOVE YOU and I am sending Love and Light for your Healing and Harmony. Please visit http://www.jodunning.com to participate in the Abundance Project…a free program for increasing PEACE, LOVE, JOY, HEALTH, WEALTH, and WHOLENESS! IT REALLY WORKS!!!



  308. 308
    Lara Says:

    send positive energy to my husband Gian Luca who is suffering from overanxiety and panic attacks and is because of this destroying our lives.

  309. 309
    Dvine Says:

    http://www.gratefulness.org/brotherdavid/a-good-day.htm (sending you vibrations of love, GRACE and pure joy..


  310. 310
    John Says:

    I ask for perfect health. thank you.

  311. 311
    Freya Says:

    Dear Lara,
    I wish&Ipray for&set the intention that your inner strenght may be healed.
    Greetings from my hart to your’s.Freya Moonsister.

  312. 312
    jun Says:

    I sending off a flowers of healing to everyone!

    Receive it, it brings fresh fragrance of healing in its petals it warmth your senses and let you feel the healing you need. Just beleive that the healing is coming and at peace with yourself. More specifically for all who are suffering from headache and eye problems and stress. more healing and more physical energy to all!

  313. 313
    Jen S. Says:

    I am requesting healing help through the remainder of my pregnancy. I have diabetes and colitis, both of which are currently active and out of control. I would like to heal both issues entirely, and gain some energy, and give an easy birth to my beautiful, healthy baby boy, who i would like at my side instead of in the NICU. In return, I am laso sending out positive love and healing/ energy vibes to all of you.
    Thank you for your help!

  314. 314
    Maria Says:

    Please, I´m asking you all to send healing energy an dlight for mi cousin, Hernan. He is severely depressed. Thank you all in advance. Love and blessings.

  315. 315
    Jon Says:

    I have been having severe chest pains for four days now.

    Please pray for me as I do not have health insurance and do not know what to do.

    Sending what light and love I can to any who read this message.

  316. 316
    Earl Says:

    Peace,Blessing and Love to everyone. I need healing for my bpdy. I in turn am sending positive vibrations to all. God Bless!

  317. 317
    Chad Says:

    Asking everyone to send me positive healing energy for physical healing of my body and also for peace of mind.
    I am sending same to all who needs it.
    Let us all give thanks together for our healing which is manifesting now.
    Blessings to all.

  318. 318
    Kathy Says:

    My friend Lee in Grass Valley is suffering from MS…her health is deteriorating. I wish for prayer/remote healing for her so that she can remain vibrant and healthy in body, mind and spirit until she passes into the next world.

    Thank you for your help.

  319. 319
    Jon Says:

    Aloha (breath of life) to all who read this message,
    sending positive healing energy and aloha to all who need it, especially for healing of issues of the heart.

    Am requesting healing energy for my toothache and energy of abundance so that I can pay for apipectomy that needs to be done.

    I do have an income opportunity to get paid for plugging in which is at jonathan.voiparty.com. Email me at jonjonlokomaikai@gmail if you have any ?.

    May 1st is the day voiparty boxes are to start generating money by being paid for calls routed through the box, so check out website and let me know if you are interested.

    Aloha (breath) of life and love to all who read this message.

  320. 320
    Gail Says:

    Blessings to all.

    I just finished a session of visualizing light vibrations and sending positive energy, love and healing to all those requested it in Bob’s e-mail today.

    I thought it was important to let you know that I read and set a positive loving intention for each and every one.

    I, myself request healing energy from you all.

    I am already facing surgery later this month for one issue and last night at bedtime I found a pea-sized lump in my right breast.

    All healing is welcome.

    In Gratitude,

  321. 321
    Earl Says:

    I am requesting for physical healing for me. I have a tumor on my forehead and have lost the sight in my left eye. Pray that there will be complete restoration. I am sending to all , a flow of healing energy. God Bless!

  322. 322
    shirley Says:

    i have sent my fairy healing to all above with hugs.

    i ask for myself, strength to change my view on my life

  323. 323
    Freya Says:

    Dear Ones,

    The 4th of May I feel always like a walking tear.In my country(The Netherlands) we remember the tortured souls.Please help me to walk them to the light&set them free.

    Thank you,Freya Moonsister.

  324. 324
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,

    I love you and I see you all as WHOLE AND HEALED. I am sending loving kindness and healing energy to everyone requesting same. Please facilitate your REALIZATION OF PERFECTION by reading and exploring the peace freely given at, http://www.heavenletters.org.



  325. 325
    ravi Says:


    can you send helaing to me for peace and content to be on right path…

  326. 326
    Rigoberto Says:

    Please, Please, I ask to all brothers and sisters…send all your healing energy to my wife Jenny Bravo, my wife, who is suffering of Colon desease, and for me, Rigoberto Bravo, who am suffering of pain in low back and and inflammation of Prostate.

    Our Lord Father, Holly Son and Holy Spirit be with all of you…For ever.

  327. 327
    Priyanka Tiwari Says:

    Sending love and light to everyone…. best wishes and prayers….

    Kindly send healing energies to my domestic environment and my financial situation.

    Please send healing energy to heal alll my troubled relationships. I want enriching companionships and friendships in life.

    Kindly heal my external circumstances so that they become conducive to my growth and positive development.

    Kindly send healing energies to my depression and chronic SOCIAL PHOBIA. I am toooo troubled by LONELINESS. Please heal my circumstances.

  328. 328
    RIYA Says:


  329. 329
    Rosemarie Ray Says:

    I send Peace, Love, and Healing Light to all those in need of healing. I ask this in the name of my “grandmother’s” spirit and my ancestors to bind up any sickness and disease. Restoration can and will be built on faith, hope, and most of all (love).

  330. 330
    Suresh Says:

    Sending positive energy to all.

    You can also visit http://www.eswamy.com to send a request for receiving positive healing energy.

  331. 331
    KARI Says:

    Dear people, I am suffering from horrendous eczema on my hands- it is burning hot, inflamed and the skin is cracked- I’m using natural herbal creams and oils ( nothing artificial) and taking propolis capsules. I’ve had this bout for over a year and it won’t go. I eat very healthy ( a lot organic) and am soing all I possibly can- I’m waiting to see a homeopath. If anyone would kindly send me healing I would be very grateful, thanks. I’m feeling very down. Blessings,

  332. 332
    Anna Says:

    Greetings everyone!

    I have been found to have mandibular abscess in my left cheek and am currently taking strong antibiotics now. The Doctor says if this does not improve, they might end up having a surgery. I would like to request for positive healing and love energy from everyone.

    Sending love thoughts and gratitude.

    Om Shanti.

  333. 333
    riya Says:


  334. 334
    Tracy Says:

    I have had a sore throat for 3 weeks with no known cause and it will not go away. I ask for healing energy to clear up this and any underlying infection or cause thereof. I also ask for general healing and wellness for my body.

    With much gratitude and love.

  335. 335
    Nancy C. Says:

    Hello to Everyone Needing Help,

    Please know that you are already Whole and Healed. Every night Victoria Lichtman provides for healing support at http://www.nightlyhealing.com. No matter how it is needed, or how you have suffered, come and participate in your own healing process.

    “Empower yourself to heal. Empower yourself to live in a place of freedom from life’s chaos, anxiety and fear…. In a place of love, openness and joy.”

    Please visit this site, I know how much you suffer, I know how much you hurt…you can do this…..you can heal….you can experience VITALITY again. I love you.


  336. 336
    Earl Says:

    This is for Anna with the cheek problem. Anna your problem can be solved naturally with colloidal silver which can kill 650 viruses which you have. 1.Go to http://www.soul-guidance.com 2. click on health tips go down the page to colloidal silver and read. You can go to the Health store and buy. Also you can check out http://www.naturalnews.com for info.

    I will guarantee that you problem will be gone in no time.

    P.s. Do not tell your Dr. Most Drs’ will talk you out of it. God Bless!

  337. 337
    natural sciatica remedies Says:

    hmmm i havent thought of it this way… good read though 🙂

  338. 338
    jackie Says:

    Dear all,
    At this time a close friend of a friend is in a lot of pain and has been for a long time. His family came to america from the democratic republic of congo as political refugees. His family has many issues and scarring from the life and lifestyle (which is very common in the DRC) of abusing women and just very hostile, negative rage, etc… as a result of past issues embedded into the nest of his fathers mind, a tragedy occured a few nights ago and his father murdered his mother using a spear and, injured his brother. He and his family are going through great emotional turmoil right now, on top of already badly bruised emotional scars through an abusive past, hbis family is now trying to cope with the death of their mother and trial of their father along with their injured brother and emotional scarring that will last a lifetime….not only that, but the critical media and racism in our area that he now has to battle. I have attached the newspaper article under the website area above. Please send them healing vibes and energy at this difficult time.
    Peace, love, and light.

  339. 339
    Anna Says:

    @earl: thanks for the advise, i really appreciate it. My deepest gratitude to you.

    Sending everyone thoughts of love and healing.

    Om shanti.

  340. 340
    Freya Says:

    Dear Ones,

    I reache out to the animal lovers.

    I like to request your healing support of Love&Light&Joy of Excistance for a young male orka.The Animal Rescue Team of The Netherlands saved him and
    brought him to a save,intensive care place, to recouver from his trauma’s.They did all they can to rescue him.He lost his family and is so affraid.Please sent him your intensive care to support him,to save his life.His location is Beverwijk,The Netherlands.

    Thank you so mutch,Freya Moonsister.

  341. 341
    Marjorie Says:

    Please send me healing energy for my lower back and all other physical aillments.

  342. 342
    Matt G. Says:

    My Mother is being operated on tomorrow (Tuesday) July 6th. She is having a breast removed. Please pray for her. Please send her healing energy tomorrow and the days following so she will make it through the surgery OK, and so she will heal so quickly that the Doctors will be amazed. Thank you all so very much.

    Also If you could. I need help paying my rent and some extra money for food. Please send some positive energy my way also so that I might have the money to pay my rent, and have money for back bills, and to buy food. But please think of my mother first.

    Thank you all so very much. I will be sending loving energy to all I meet and interact with today, and sending thoughts of love and abundance out to all of you who read this and your friends and family.

    Bless you, every one.

    Matt G.

  343. 343
    Matt G. Says:

    PS. My mother’s name is Becky, and she lives in Roanoke Virginia USA. Thank You again so very much.

  344. 344
    Tammi Oldknow Says:


    I have had terrible headaches and dizziness for 2 years and I keep thinking /feeling that I am going to die. Today is the most terrible dizzyness..

    I would like to request healing love energy for whatever is making me ill and in turn send that healing energy out to others in need.

    Thank you and brightest blessings

  345. 345
    Pam Says:

    Please may I request healing for Alan, he has terminal cancer and needs as much love and support as possilbe now, Many thanks

  346. 346
    Jenny Says:

    Thank you for reading my words.

    I request healing vibrations be sent to me for specifically my swollen foot, my foot has been swollen for many months and after many tests, still I do not know the cause.

    I send loving energy to all those suffering from illness, may your health improve and your vitality return.

  347. 347
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,

    I am sending loving and healing energy to EVERYONE here…know that you are ALREADY WHOLE AND HEALTHY. God only makes PERFECTION…and you are a PERFECT AND HOLY CHILD OF GOD. Please, sit quietly and go within to THE ONE GREAT PHYSICIAN…GOD! He loves you so much.



  348. 348
    marie Says:

    Please send healing to my mind and body…with much love and gratitude=)

  349. 349
    Yvonne Says:

    My sister is dying of cancer. My own energy is low. Would you help me? My sister called: Smulan, need all the help she can get.
    The doctors have given up.
    Thanks in advance. Sending love from the spark of God I have within me to all of you who also has a spark of God (= unconditional love) within you.
    Thank you

  350. 350
    Olivia Says:

    May the beautiful warm and comforting waves of psychic energy envelop each and everyone on this site to give them relief and comfort in all situations where there is fear

  351. 351
    julie Says:

    i was told by a psychic that i would have a living death at the end of my life. Please send energy that would stop this from happening. Thank you

  352. 352
    Dennis in Ohio Says:

    I finally understand those who are afflicted as I must undergo surgery soon. The understanding is part of the blessing.

    I’m also grateful and humbled by the good wishes and prayers of so many. That is another part of the blessing.

    My prayers and thoughts of peace, love and joy to each of you.

  353. 353
    Katy Says:

    What a wonderful website.

    I have been feeling generally unwell, tired and lethargic for two months now and am frankly quite fed up of feeling this way! Please send me positive energy to heal me physically, mentally and emotionally.

    I’m sending love and light to all around the world… i hope everyone embraces it! :0)

  354. 354
    Matt G. Says:

    This is a huge thank you to all who sent healing energy and prayers to my mom (Becky G. in Roanoke Virginia). She healed so quickly from her breast removal surgery, that the doctors had to remove the tubes early. They were amazed. She says she never felt better in her life. She never even picked up the pain pills they prescribed for her because she said she never felt any pain. I can’t thank you all enough. My prayer for any and all of you who sent her healing energy and prayers is that you receive it back ten fold. Much love and appreciation to all of you. I can’t thank you enough.

    If you could find it in your hearts to send some positive financial energy and prayers my way, I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently only working part time, and struggling (I live in Norfolk Virginia).

    Thank you all so very much for helping my mother through her surgery and healing.

    Matt G.

  355. 355
    Earl Says:

    God Bless Everyone!!

  356. 356
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Are In Need,
    Please read the story below and allow it to give you the strength and healing you seek. MY HEART CONTINUALLY OUT-POURS RAYS OF LOVE, HEALING, WHITE LIGHT, HAPPINESS AND BLESSINGS TO ALL MANKIND AND CREATION

    My story of miraculous healing is one that I’ve told very few people. Maybe it’s because I think that it seems too “out there”, or maybe (and more likely), I still struggle to believe that it happened to me, because it doesn’t make sense and I can’t explain it at a physical level.

    In April 2009, I began my second season of pro beach volleyball. The previous year, my partner and I had been extremely successful and so we began the season ranked #1 in the AVP qualifier. I had spent most of the off-season training like crazy for the big year I was predicting. To take my game to the next level, I decided to throw out all of the training methods and principles that had taken me to this place, and replace them with a new training method that I believed had the potential to take me to the top. Looking back on this choice, it seems crazy. What I was doing was working but for some reason, I was worried it wasn’t enough.

    So April rolled around, and our season was starting in two weeks. I was nervous, excited, unsure, and even though I’d been training like crazy for 7 months, I didn’t really feel quite ready. I’m not sure what the missing link was, but I worked harder and harder. I worked so much one week that while in the gym I was doing a really tough workout and something happened in my body. It wasn’t much, just this sense that I wasn’t in control of it. It was as though I had met with exhaustion. After what I thought was the end of a brutal workout, a coach gave me one more drill to do. I remember having this total repulsion to doing it, which was so unlike me. But I did it anyways, because I thought that’s what champions did.

    It’s probably not too hard to figure out what happened next – and I finished the workout with such acute pain in my left foot that I went home and iced it three times. I woke up and did the same thing, and continued that regime of icing 6-8 times a day for the next three months. Sure, I couldn’t walk for the first hour I was awake, but if I was just a little stronger, more committed, and stricter about my diet then it would all be okay, right? I called my injury “a little plantar fasciitis” (based on my internet research) and struggled through three of the most painful and frustrating months of my life, quietly trying remedies like massage and acupuncture to heal myself.

    I don’t think that anyone can ever understand what long term pain can do to a person’s sense of self and their happiness until they go through it. It was a dark time for me, where I felt hopelessly alone, and I alienated myself from my coaches, partner, friends and family because I thought I had disappointed them. I can honestly say that there was not one person that knew what I was going through. To me, injury was weakness and I was doing everything I could to prevent looking that way, including continuing to train nine times a week and play a tournament each weekend.

    The following September, after I finally told my mom what was going on, she insisted I come home to see one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the country. I found out that I had so many tears in my plantar fascia that the doctors stopped counting. My plantar fascia had literally been tearing itself apart and was 3x the width it should have been as a result of my continuing to play on it. After getting that news, for the first time I allowed myself to truly feel the pain, the numbing, the throbbing in my foot and I cried for hours. Less because of the diagnosis- although of course I knew that my life was about to change significantly. There was this feeling of relief, that there was finally truth around this whole situation that really impacted me. In finding out the truth, I had freedom to be honest about what happened last season, and in some small way, it gave me the opportunity to stopped blaming myself.

    This all being said, with the removal of the blame I had put onto myself for having such a rough season, I replaced it with this belief that I deserved the injury. I got very adamant that I SHOULD have gone to a doctor, SHOULD have taken time off at the beginning, and SHOULDN’T have changed my training program. And I believed that because I had done so much damage, the path to health would be a long and steep one. I bought into the prognosis. I was injured. I owned being injured like it was my name – I’m Leah, and I’m injured. And I kept saying it and saying it – mostly to describe why I was back home in Vancouver, why my season had sucked and why I didn’t know what was next. Because as soon as I said it I was off the hook and people “understood”. It really gave me an opportunity to step back and just let life take me… and take me it did.

    I underwent a new therapy starting in October. It was a painful injection of glucose into the site of the tears that stimulates inflammation and healing. By February I had gone through 4 injections and had only a little bit of improvement. I was frustrated and really resigned to the fact that nothing was working. Then, things changed. One day, I woke up unable to move my foot. It was totally numb to the touch, and I could feel nerve damage through the bottom of it. It was the worst it had ever been and within a week I had a new diagnosis – I had re-torn it completely, and had also compressed all of the nerve endings in my foot. I was back at square one.

    I’m not sure how to describe the next 24 hours except that it was the closest to depression that I think I am capable of getting to. By myself I cried, yelled, blamed, fought. And when it was all over, I just laid there, in nothingness. It was as if every feeling had been used up and this extreme peace came over me. In this peace, I began creating. I imagined how health would feel, what it looked like, who I had to be to have it. I got this really strong image of a sparkling white light, regenerating and healing my body with every breath in. It was so clear that it felt real, like I was pulling it in from an outside source.

    For the next four weeks I was a ghost to the people in my life. I had one thing on my mind, and it was regeneration. Every movement I made I was connected to the feeling of health, every morsel of food I put into my mouth, I imagined giving my body energy to heal, and during workouts, I would picture breathing in white sparkling light that would restore my foot back to health. I can barely remember those four weeks because I was totally in the zone. Nothing could faze me as I was on a mission – and I wasn’t attached to a specific result, just who I wanted to be in the process, and what I wanted to feel like. My joy came from noticing what I was able to do in a workout, knowing I had a team of doctors enrolled in my recovery, in finding moments and opportunities to help my body heal just a little bit easier. I had a newfound appreciation and love for myself, and I spent most of the day feeling very grateful. I was especially grateful for the experience of being injured, as crazy as that sounds. I decided and completely believed that I was lucky to have gotten injured. It caused me to take a step back to reflect on why I play volleyball, to have the opportunity to take care of myself (because this injury was just a symptom of me not taking care of myself on a larger scale), and to truly connect with others once again.

    I knew that no matter what happened or when I would be healed, I would be okay. And then, at about five weeks, I realized something. I hadn’t felt pain in a while. In fact, I couldn’t even say when the last time was, as I hadn’t been paying attention to that, I had been paying attention to the process and had been so busy creating the feeling of health that I didn’t realize that it was already present! A week later I went to the doctor for an ultrasound and injection, and was shocked to read an email later in the day from the doctor that said, “there are no visible signs of a tear”. I read and reread it over and over. In six weeks I had completely healed my foot. The impossible was possible.

    I think that this quote signifies why my injury continued to persist for as long as it did…
    “Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.”
    – Fulton Oursler

    The second I let go of the past, and let go of the future, and just totally engaged myself in the moment… in what I could do right NOW, I was healed. Was it the white light I imagined, or the massage, or the physiotherapy? That had something to do with it for sure, but the truth as I know it is that it was about being okay with what is. There was no other way than the way it was, and I appreciated that and worked with it. At the end of the day, it’s about gratitude. True, complete gratitude for whatever life brings us. By accepting it all, a path is created where anything is possible.

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  357. 357
    terence patrick Says:

    i need positive healing energy for diabetes and to have good health.
    thank you and God bless forever.

  358. 358
    cyn Says:

    Please send distance healing energies to me for i am having a hard time healing from negative energies that continue to wear down my physical body from my bad choices in the past Blessings, cyn

  359. 359
    elena hernandez Says:

    salud fìsica para todos que el alma sea enaltecida con toda la luz que se expande en todos los corazones, energìa de sanacion para mi gato Iso, que toda la energìa de amor le llegue este instante sanandolo integramente, gracias gracias gracia

  360. 360
    elena hernandez Says:

    A raiz de un accidente automovilìstico hace mas de diez años hubo un niño fallecido, dos adultos con fracturas y un niño hemiplejico; envìen luz al alma de la persona que ocasionò el accidente llevàdose con ella al niño, y pido mucha luz de sanaciòn fìsica, mental, espiritual para el niño ahora adolescente Nelman Antonio Prado Gil, para que tenga su total salud como bien lo merece como hijo divino de Dios que es, se expanda esta luz a todas las personas, almas, mentes, espìritu que requieren de sanaciòn, gracias, gracias, gracias

  361. 361
    Dennis in Ohio Says:

    Profound thanks goes to all who sent postive energy, vibes, prayers and good thoughts my way. I underwent brain surgery on 7/22/10. The most optimistic estimate for discharge was 7/26 and that was considered aggressive. Possible complications were the biggest concern. After all that, I walked out of that hopsital on 7/22, stayed an extra night in our hotel (trying not to be too aggressive) and came home the following day. I have a follow up appt on 8/3 and almost no restrictions. To say I’m amazed is an understatement. To say others are amazed is beyond understanding. There truly is a higher power and He(it) has been with me through this. My gratitude knows no bounds!!! May healing power, peace, grace and energy be with you all.

  362. 362
    elena hernandez Says:

    hola, la Bendiciòn de Dios Universal, Gracias Dios para Sanar fìsica, mental, espiritualmente a Marla Teresa Gonzalez, que su salud integra retorne a su manifestacion fisica en amor y prosperidad armoniosamente para ella y todo su entorno

  363. 363
    Earl Says:

    Hi everyone, this is for everyone who have a illness, please go to http://homeremediesweb.com and at the right top of the page click on home remedies and natural cures. God bless!

  364. 364
    Della Prieto Says:

    I been sick for 4 months i have hypothyroidism ,high blood pressure and i have been having headaches. blurred vision confused, memory loss earaches,my neck is stiff with pain and my vision is getting so bad I can barely see at times. CT scan shows a spot on my brain my brother accidentlly hit me in the head with a trash can thats when problems started. can you please send healing I live in youngstown, ohio. thank for the healing before hand. i appreciate it.

  365. 365
    Rose Says:

    To all who need healing I am sending positive and healing energies. May you all be healed of what ever it is that ails you. Be emotionally, physically and mentally healed. The universe will deliver to each of you my positive and healing energy. Feel it now. Believe that you are healed. It is so. Blessings to all.

  366. 366
    Sarah Says:

    Hi everyone! I need help for healing some feminine issues I have been having, I have been experiencing a lot of discomfort and would really appreciate any help and energy anyone can send to help my body heal itself!!!!! Metta!

  367. 367
    kelly rossi Says:

    After a 40 day mentrsual period while on active birth control at age 23 my life fell apart. I tell my story here:

    I’m now 25 – after seeing 50+ doctors all over NYC they found a brain tumor that was secreting hormones that put my body into a false labor. At the same time they fiund I had endometriosis and was covered adomincally with tumors. I’ve not had a period in nearly 3 years. They also diagnosed me as “terminally disabled” at age 23 after diagnosing me with progressive behcets’ syndrome: a degenerative eye disease that is autoimmune, multisystem, rhematologic, CNS-affecting, vasculitis that causes immense pain, as chunks of skin fall off my face and other external body parts, as well as in my organs. The behcets’ causes auto-deterioration of white matter – so my eyes are beginning the stages of posterior uveitis, the teeth have decayed from root and throughout each tooth – though I have no cavities. Recently another NY’er with behcet’s died at age 35. I am suffering and on high amounts of narcotics to be able to move from bed. Please help me. I meditate everyday…if u check my youtube videos you’ll see I’m dedicated to crystal healing, reiki, and ayurveda -though no medicine seems to help me. Please help.

  368. 368
    P Says:

    I am facing heart-break. My husband betrayed me. I need healing energy to face life on my own, to learn to trust again, to be whole again and to regain my lost physical and mental health. I am sending out healing energy to all those who have requested the same here and to everyone who is in need of emotional strength.

  369. 369
    anne-marie Says:

    Please send me healing energy to help me recover from cancer. I will be doing chemotherapy and have some pain, so definitely need energy healing and support.

    thank you,
    I wish you well and send love and reiki to you all.

  370. 370
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    Disease is just another word,
    Don’t let it hit within a cord.

    Separate yourself from it,
    put this illusion away in a kit.

    See the pain away from you,
    this will keep away the blues.

    For everything there is a reason,
    similar to our ever changing seasons.

    Remember to be grateful for everyday,
    whatever does come within your way.

    Yes, some moments wiil not be easy,
    sometimes you might feel very quesy.

    Do not let it consume your every being,
    I pray this to be something you have seen.

    by Pamela Murawski
    p.s I pray for you to heal and find God there.

  371. 371
    Earl Says:

    Pamela Murawski, You are awesome!! God Bless!

  372. 372
    Earl Says:

    Hi Anna-Maria, Go to http:www.cancerfightingstrategies.com and be well.

  373. 373
    Rose Says:

    The universe at this moment is bringing you my healing energies. Let this healing energy flow through you entire body. Feel the pain subsiding. Believe that you are healing. Visualize yourself healthy.



  374. 374
    Salus Says:

    I’m in tremendous emotional pain and feel very empty and alone in the world. I live in a very invalidating environment, which has me emotionally crippled and has also translated into a very stagnant, stuck, hopeless life.

    Would love to have some healing energy and well wishes sent my way. I desperately need to change my life, but I can’t seem to do it. The fear, fatigue, and confusion seem bigger than me.

    Thank you!


  375. 375
    Feri Says:

    Hi all!

    I would like to ask you to send me healing energy. My problem is agoraphobia and social phobia. I would like to turn back to the normal life. I just wanna be healthy. pls make my dream come true.

    Thanks for your help.

    I wish every sad and sick man in this world will be healty and let there be peace and love amoung all beings of the universe.

    Thank you.


  376. 376
    Gopi Menon Says:

    Dear Healers,

    Please send me healing for high blood pressure, diabetes, and EYES. Kidneys, Liver, heart and gall bladder….sending loving healing to all that need it….

    Thank you….

  377. 377
    anita a Says:


  378. 378
    B Rose Says:

    Healing requested for my young friend Silvia in xicotepec, Mx, who’s sight
    has been impaired as the result of an accident. I pray that the surgical procedures have been successful and that a brief healing period will restore sight to the injured eye. I see her laughing joyfully and celebrating her
    recovery. Thank you for supporting me in this vision.

    Healing energy to all who need it in this moment. Blessings on all positive intentions.

  379. 379
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,
    Know that you are already Whole and Healed…God does not make junk! You are His Perfect Child…you are a Radiant Being of God’s Perfect Light! I know this Truth for you! Only focus on these Truths.


    Blessings of Love and Light to You,

  380. 380
    chris Says:

    Being troubled by various joint pains, and in particular right foot pain, neck and shoulder pains, I would value distant healing energy being sent to address these problems so that I am able to work to my full capacity in my role of helping and serving others. Thank you.

  381. 381
    Francine Lee Says:

    I’m worried about my health. I’m worried that I might contract High blood pressure and High cholesterol levels since my dad got those healthn problems from my grandmother. In this case, the illness is hereditary.

    So far, nothing has happened to me and I’m perfectly fine. But sometimes my chest hurts for no reason and I worry.

    Please send my family healing energy so that this generation of my family will not make the future generations suffer.

  382. 382
    Shannon Says:

    Glad to see so many people that care. That in itself is a wonderful thing. My mother has been disabled for many years now. I would like to see her healed both physically and mentally. I and other members of my family have minor health issues that could benefit from all of your healing energy though, primarily my mother. Thank you all in advance. My thoughts and energy go out to all of you in need.

    I know this energy is never ending, as the universe is limitless, so is the healing energy that flows from the source through us to each other. Never let yourself feel empty. It is all around you.


  383. 383
    sandy Says:

    for self and direction.solution.health.anxiety.wealth.home.and all friends family and associates past and present..and anyone missing larry this week hh

  384. 384
    sandy.howard.sandy@gmail.com Says:

    turn off the mind chatter peace between my ears and peace between my hips..in this now moment thank you

  385. 385
    sandy Says:

    for the family that lost there son this week.
    for jackie and her core health and wealth.
    for max his core health to shrink tumor…and gain weight and vitality and energy

  386. 386
    Kamal Says:

    My Brother’s name is Micheal Conner. He lives in Bronx NY, raising a beautiful daughter of 5. Her name is Ashley. Michael has had a lifetime of drug abuse, both legal and illegal, from age 16, till now, age 50.
    Micheal has Hep-C and HIV. I have spent years doing what I can to keep him alive. There are some healing suppliments I sent him, over 2 months ago, which would do wonders, as well as heal his Liver. Theres suppliments are still sitting in the box.
    I am asking, that Love and Healing Energy be sent to my brother. He is a good person, who made a bad turn in his life.
    Thank You

  387. 387
    sandy Says:

    i wish my alprazalam normal self would find me…i wish i had a sheild so i do not pick up other peoples progections of whom i am…a sheild from energies …that are really selfish…and all about them…the energy that thinks they have the right to tell me off. so they can win the arguement..if they are right or not.
    that i could use cell phones and internet.and drive.
    without being this human antena..

  388. 388
    sandy Says:

    quantum healing
    total wellbeingness in the now moment
    physical and financial strength
    for self

    and associates
    if you need some take some
    if you have some give some

  389. 389
    Robin Says:

    Positive energy needed for 19 year old Gage in Columbia, MO. He was in a car accident and is in critical condition.

  390. 390
    vinayak godbole Says:

    plz. send healing energy for my father who has very high blood pressure.. also send positive affirmations to change his mind set from negative to positive
    thanks in advance

    vinayak godbole

  391. 391
    R Says:

    My husband was diagnosed with marrow bone cancer, am trying to send him positive vibes that could help him

  392. 392
    sandy Says:

    for my version of the male dominent priesthood.
    that is abusive.
    to females

  393. 393
    sandy Says:

    for the priesthood that imposses
    personal responsibility on me
    and will not own up to there own shortcomings
    in neglect. abuse.
    as the cause and the core issue
    for dentist x2

    several doctors of abuse and neglect
    and the attorney too

  394. 394
    Gopi Says:

    Please, please send me healing for the following: impaired kidney function….and from deteriorating further….high blood pressure and siabetes affected eyes, liver, gall bladder, nerves….please please somebody help me….thank you and God bless…

    myself; Gopi Menon
    age 51,
    place: Bangalore (Bengaluru), India

  395. 395
    Rose Says:

    To all fellow Vibers needing a physical healing please know that I am sending love and healing energies to each and everyone of you. The universe knows exactly where to find each of you. Envision a pure white light entering your body to heal you. Feel the warmth of this light as it surges through your body cleansing every cell of your being. Visualize yourself healed and energized. Many blessings.

    With love

  396. 396
    jeanette Says:

    i need prayers for healing for my son justin’s chest cold. thank you

  397. 397
    shonita Says:

    I send each and every person on this site extremely powerful healing energy, and I ask the angels of the light and all light beings to help and to also add their healing energies. I pray and ask the angels to heal all of us over night, all things are possible. We are all powerful beings and working together to heal each other there is no illinois that can’t be cured with our combined power… Stay blessed and accept this healing

    Lots of love and light
    Shonita 🙂

  398. 398
    shonita Says:

    Also please send my mom healing energies, she really really needs it…
    Shonita 🙂

  399. 399
    shonita Says:

    For GOPI
    I pray that all the angels of the light wrap you up in their wings and heal you over night… I ask that every light being on earth and in the sea and every light being beyond this planet help with this healing. I pray that through out your life you are forever protected by Arch Angel Michael. I pray that you accept this healing with open arms and that you are surrounded permanently in the white light of protection… All things are possible and i ask for immediate healing of all your ailments.
    Stay positive and believe in this healing

  400. 400
    Ram Mony Says:

    I am to undergo a haemorrhoidectomy (ablation of piles) on Wednesday, the 22nd of September, 2010. I had undergone a similar operation in 2002, but the anaesthesia had failed midway, and that was a very traumatic experience. I am therefore scared of what may happen on Wednesday.

    I have been told by my surgeons that convalescence is long and painful, particularly in the first 2 weeks.

    I request that healing energy may be sent to help me recover well and fast, and give me the physical and mental strength to bear the pain and suffering.

    I thank you for having read my request and wish that yo may be ever-happy and joyful.


  401. 401
    Nancy C. Says:

    To All Who Seek Comfort,


    Know that you are already WHOLE and HEALED.


  402. 402
    Lisa Says:

    Please send healing to my mo who has lung cancer adn myself who has very bad anxiety.
    Many many blessing and thanks to you

  403. 403
    Alexandra Says:

    Please send healing energy to me for the healing of my spine and my mind. Thank you.

  404. 404
    Jackie Paulson Says:

    I need healing from cystic acne, from a picking compulsion, and my current sores healed on my face. I have 8 open sores. Blessings sent to you ?

  405. 405
    Rose K Says:

    With love I am sending out to all who need a physical healing a healing white light to surge through your body and cling to every cell of your being. The Universe will bring to you the physical healing that you need. We were never intended to be ill. Believe that you will receive the healing and it shall come to pass. Visualize yourself healthy and strong, vibrant and full of life. Feel the warmth of the healing white light and feel the healing begin. Believe that you are healed and it is so. Remember that the Universe knows who and where you are to bring this healing to you.

    With Love and Abundant Health
    Rose K

  406. 406
    sandy Says:

    for bill…walter…daughter

  407. 407
    Keshev Sharma Says:

    Please send healing for myself (multiple sclerosis or neuromyelitis optica including chronic fatigue and depression) and my grandmother (Brain tumor)

  408. 408
    Jen Says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please send healing to my brother Richard for emotional and physical.
    Thank you

  409. 409
    Jen Says:

    Hi there,
    Could you please send emotional and physical healing to my mother Linda
    Thank you

  410. 410
    Rose K Says:

    With lots of love I am sending to all positive emotional and physical healing energy. Feel the healing white light surge into your body healing both pyhsical and mental imbalances. The white light is vibrating it’s healing warm energies through you at this very moment. Feel yourself being healed. The Universe knows who you all are and at this very moment sending you these healing energies.

    Lots of Love

    Rose K

  411. 411
    Carlos Abner radillo Says:

    Almost three weeks after her 2nd surgery, the Dr. told my girlfriend she won´t be able to move her left leg… She´s very depressed because of those news… This is a very difficult time for both of us. However, I haven´t lost hope in the Grace, love and healing power of Adonai. If you feel the calling to do this, pls help me pray for her to have peace and faith that everything will be OK…Pls pray for the TOTAL recovery of her left leg…pray for us… Thanks to all of you who have been praying…Blessed be the name of the Holy One of Yisra´el!!!

  412. 412
    Carlos Abner radillo Says:

    My girlfriend´s name is Tatiana and she lives in Durango, Mexico.

  413. 413
    sujatha Says:

    please heal me and my sister, both in pain from slipped disc. please heal our bodies and minds.

  414. 414
    Travis Says:

    my digestive system and stomach has not been sluggish for quite some time now and it is negatively affecting my life and my emotional state. The doctors solutions seem to do nothing. Please send positive intentions for my healing and wholeness. Thanks…

  415. 415
    Su Says:

    Anyone there,
    please heal my older brother, he always hear unheared voice, can’t control himself and said he strucked by blackmagick
    I don’t know if he strucked by blackmagic, stressed, or anything else
    my family have find anything that might help but untill now he not healed yet and phsyciatrist just give him sedative drug
    so anyone please help my brother
    Thank you

  416. 416
    Tammy Says:

    May the positive thoughts and prayers our tribe is sending, send healing energy to each and everyone of you!

  417. 417
    glyn Says:

    please send healing to my sons partner she has cancer and needs all the help she can get
    Thanks to every one

  418. 418
    Jenaia Says:

    May peace of mind and comfort be in your heart for each and one of you! I will pray for you that you maybe healed and comforted.

    God Bless!!!

  419. 419
    Rose K Says:

    To all fellow Vibers, Know that with love I am sending out to each and everyone positive energies. Feel the healing white light that I am sending you enter your body purging your body and soul. Feel the white light radiate it’s warmth and vibrations as it clings to the core of your being. Know that all anxieties and cancers are being healed at this very moment. Your mind is stilled and your body is open to the healing.

    With Love, Peace and Radiant Health
    Rose K

  420. 420
    Christine Says:

    I send healing and loving energy to everyone. Warm comforting light covers everyone who seeks spiritual, mental and or physical healing! God bless.

  421. 421
    sandy Says:

    i am looking for the honest geek that is out there…that wants to help me marry me and take care of me…that will not put the screws to me…my husband died 5 years ago…we made 300.000a year..i got accustumed to that life style…i am a smoker i drink on ocassion and i take alprazam i am 48 yrs old..i have no desire to be single…if you are this man or know this man…please text 435 7902833 thanking you in advance.

  422. 422
    Gina Says:

    Please send loving healing light to Tom at the Cross Cancer Centre in Edmonton, Alberta Canada who is in last stages of stomach cancer. God’s love and light shine through and heal him. Bless you all, I send loving energy to your situation.

  423. 423
    Isabel Says:

    Please send healing to Douglas, who has had 2 back operations but his sciatica is back causing him so much pain. Douglas also suffers from depression and needs needs financial abundance to go his way. Thank you for reading.

  424. 424
    Tisha Says:

    I send each and eveyrone hugs and energy love on this site. I speak that you prosper and succeed in everything that you do. I speak healing to the deeper most parts of your soul and life. The love of God surrounds you and enfolds you! You are comforted and supported.

    I am asking for you all to send energy of healing back my way for my self and my mother Volene and step mother Catherine. Healing waters flow.

    Blessings & Love

  425. 425
    Gopi Says:

    Many many thanks to Shonita who mentioned me by name and sent me healing and also to all the rest who sent me healing energies…

    Sending you all Love, Light, healing energies and many hugs…

    God bless…

    Gopi, Bangalore, India…

  426. 426
    Gopi Says:

    Please, please send me healing energy to heal me of kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, vision and nerve problems…

    Thank you and God bless…

    Sending you love and light…

    Gopi, Bangalore, India

  427. 427
    Rose K Says:

    I send to each and every Fellow Viber on this page, pure infinate love. I am sending from me to you Healing White Light. Open yourself to receive this light for it will cleanse and purify every cell in your body. Feel this light as it surges through and clings to every fiber of your being. Know that you are healing at this moment.

    Love and Health


  428. 428
    Kelli Hayward Says:

    I am requesting loving healing energy to be sent to my aunt Linda who has cancer, my friend JT who has cancer and my mother who has many ailments that include fiber myalgi and rubtured discs inher back. I am also sending my loving healing energy to all of you wha are asking for healing. I wish you love, healing and luck in recieving your energy and thank you for sending my lovedones the same. Kelli 🙂

  429. 429
    Rose K Says:

    Kelli , Gopi , Tisha , Isabel (Douglas) , Gina (Tom) , Sandy , Glyn (son) , Su , Travis , Carlos ( Tatiana) , Jen , Jackie , Alexander , Ram , Shonita (mom)

    Open yourselves and those who are near and dear to you to the Divine Healing White light that I am sending to each aforementioned people. Feel the healing vibrational warmth flow into every cell of your being. This light is now cleansing and purifying every cell and fiber of your being. Feel the warmth and the healing. Feel a renewed energy flowing through you. You radiate vibrant energy and health. Visualize this Divine White Light enter you healing you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I visualize all of you running , vibrant, glowing and happy and Healthy. Believe and ye shall receive. The Universe is all knowing and loving.

    With Love , Health, Happiness, and Abundance


  430. 430
    Indigochild Says:

    Gently close your eyes and take a slow deep breath through your nostrils. As you do this, envision a brilliant white light of pure healing energy entering into your body. Allow it to fill your entire being, from your head to your toes, inside and outside of you, you are now completely engulfed in this warm, beautiful, healing energy. As it envelopes your whole being, within and without, it is restoring, regenerating, renewing your entire existence. Now, slowly, deeply exhale through your mouth. As you exhale, envision every pain, heartache, disease, every ounce of negativity, of want and unmet needs and desires, exiting your body. Let it all out, let it go, release it. As it exits your body the brilliant white light that surrounds you dissipates it and destroys it like dust in the wind. It is gone, forever. Loudly and confidently proclaim, “I am healed! And so it is!” You are not alone. I, and a million others, are sending you healing energies and vibrations to ensure your immediate recovery, whatever your need may be. For we are only as strong as our weakest link, we are all in this together. With all the warmth and love of the Universe, I visualize a happy and healthy tomorrow for us all! Peace~

  431. 431
    glyn Says:

    please send love and healing to my son partner she has cancer of the spine

  432. 432
    Jason Says:

    dont know what to do!! So many have tried and so many have failed..
    Please, if you are a true healer then will you please help me.. I have
    had out of body experiences since I can remember. But the problem is I
    have always had this pain in the bottom of my back.(lower chakra) The
    pain grew and grew until I reached around and felt where the pain is
    coming from. And what I found scared the crap out of me.. There were
    entities/thought forms attached to the base of my spine pulling on my
    spine.. Bending it causing horrible pain.. They change forms.. They
    went from these demon like creatures to animals.. They were cats, then
    dogs and last night they were little crabs. The crazy part is now when
    I lay down I can feel them before I am even close to falling asleep or
    out of body. when I do go out I try pulling them off and when I do
    they are stuck to my hands. real sticky.. I have had some interesting
    experiences out of body.. One time I was flying and I came across this
    girl with two other spirits.. The girl was like, “WOW, you look like
    you can do anything.. Like she was saying I looked beautiful or
    something.. I always wondered what she meant.. And another time I
    landed on this beach and as soon as I floated down and stepped foot on
    the beach the creatures fell off me and literally shattered like
    glass.. (That tells me they are not real to some extent) Well I
    somehow willed myself on another trip to go back to the beach, dont
    know how, and When I walked over to the shore there was crowds of
    spirits lining the whole shore.. About 10 or 20 people deep and all
    the way down the shore as far as the eye could see.. It looked like
    they were all working together to do something or stop something..Well
    I walked over and to this giant and I said, “Zeus these creatures are
    attacking me will you help?? I dont know how I knew his name.. He
    said, while reaching over to me, you are attacking My old friend
    Jason, and he grabbed them and threw them into the ocean.. But I could
    see them and they came swimming so fast back to the shore straight for
    me and onto my spine.. and then these people came to me and were
    trying to put this crown, or machine with lots of light and colors, on
    my head.. this crown was magnetized towards me. I went back to my body
    and they followed me and when I was in my body I could hear them, we
    can still get him.. Not maliciously..But they were trying to pull me
    back out.. Very strange.. Anyway, I hope u know what to do.. I cant
    live like this.. I feel tormented.. Please Help!! Love, Jason

    Jason Cannon 10/01/1979
    The above states the illness

  433. 433
    Pamela Murawski Says:

    I have something to share with everyone who wishes for a better life. Use the link address http://www.miracleschool.net/peacemiracles. This link will bring you to some very valuable information that can and will help you to change your life into a much better one and one that is miracle based. Please do yourself a favor and check it out.

  434. 434
    Ali Says:

    please send healing to my 18 year old son who is trying to come to terms with type 1 dietbetes and just this morning he went into a nasty hypo which has left him drained. thank you.

  435. 435
    Mohan Says:

    I am suffering from some “incurable” neurological and neuro-muscular disorders, which I am now going to heal spiritually, using the Power of my Mind. I need all the spiritual and mental help which I can muster. Positive feelings and blessings can certainly help.

  436. 436
    kim Says:

    Please send healing energy to my mother-in-law Fay(Angola, NY) who just had surgery on her spine/lower back. L2-L6. This is a spiritual/Emotional issue that has now manifested itself in the physical. She is open to energy healing, however has chosen Western Medicine before working on the core emotional issues. She lets me run energy but isn’t open to seeking other alternatives to address this because of money and fear.
    I was just in a car accident and am dealing with spinal/ skeletal issues as well. However I am working on all levels for healing. My neck, shoulders and lower back are the areas where I am experiencing the most pain. I choose holistic healing, and work on myself everyday.
    Any help for me(kim) or her would be greatly appreciated. I am ReiKi II but only for self and family healing. I am not a professional. Thanking you for your assistance and most blessed to have come across this site.

  437. 437
    Rose K Says:

    Blessings of mind, body and soul healing I send to each Fellow Viber on this sight. Swiftly and lovingly I send to you the purifying divine healing white light. It surges into your body. Feel the warmth of this healing light. As it surges through your body, it clings to every cell of your being purging all illness. Believe this to be true with heart and soul. The Universe will bring to you this blessing of good health on all levels, spiritual, mental, and physical.
    Have no doubt. Believe in this healing.

    Good Health to all

    Rose K

  438. 438
    Jennifer Says:

    Please heal me from my emotions, those are killing me inside, I need a loving and prosperous life

  439. 439
    Vickens Moscova Says:

    I could use some divine light n love to get myself more open to love…. I want to be free of my ego which isnt aiding me or protecting me but holding me back from my goals and dreams…

  440. 440
    mystiko Says:

    i need to know i am loved. please send some emotional and spiritual healing my way.

  441. 441
    samer Says:

    Please i need your energy and healing to overcome my stomch chronic pain

    I love you all and ask for all of you physical healing

  442. 442
    Sunshine Says:

    I ask to receive healing energy for the healing of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as positive energy for success in my personal, professional, and financial life.

  443. 443
    Gopi Says:

    Many many thanks to Rose who wrote the below and sent healing to all of us.

    Sending you lots of Love and Hugs….

    Sending healing to all those needed healing on Vital Waves….

    Love and light….


    Rose K Says:
    November 8th, 2010 at 10:01 pm
    Kelli , Gopi , Tisha , Isabel (Douglas) , Gina (Tom) , Sandy , Glyn (son) , Su , Travis , Carlos ( Tatiana) , Jen , Jackie , Alexander , Ram , Shonita (mom)

    Open yourselves and those who are near and dear to you to the Divine Healing White light that I am sending to each aforementioned people. Feel the healing vibrational warmth flow into every cell of your being. This light is now cleansing and purifying every cell and fiber of your being. Feel the warmth and the healing. Feel a renewed energy flowing through you. You radiate vibrant energy and health. Visualize this Divine White Light enter you healing you physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I visualize all of you running , vibrant, glowing and happy and Healthy. Believe and ye shall receive. The Universe is all knowing and loving.

    With Love , Health, Happiness, and Abundance


  444. 444
    redd Says:

    healing,protection,and blessings to each and everyone of you!! psalm 91 assures of that and then some..much love,redd

  445. 445
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending warmth happy energy to each and one of you for mental, physical and spirital. May god bless each one of you!

  446. 446
    samer Says:

    please give me the energy to focus and cocentrate to get ride of confusion

  447. 447
    samer Says:

    please give me the energy to quit smoking

  448. 448
    samer Says:

    please give the energy to stop the negative past memories, worrying to lose my income

  449. 449
    kristina Says:

    please send me healing energy for the healing of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

  450. 450
    Carlos Abner Radillo M. Says:

    Peace to you,

    My girlfriend, Tatiana, 31 yrs old, from Mexico had a car accident in May of this year. She injured her spine and went to rehab therapies. Two months after the accident, she fell to to floor and injured herself even more. Has had 2 back surgeries already. Drs told her she would never move her left leg anymore. As a result, she’s been suffering from severe back pain ever since, her body has swollen and has been under frequent episodes of deep depression. 2 weeks ago, while in therapy, she was told that a third surgery must be done to stop her from feeling this back pains. This means, she will also loose her right leg sensitivity.

    She’s once again in deep depression and even decided that our relationship needed to end right on the spot. She says is for my own good since she’s no longer the same person she used to be. She has lost interest in everything, including life. We were supposed to get married by next year.

    Pls help me to send this healing energy to her. She needs both physical and internal healing. I also request healing to our love relationship. I believe this is real… I feel it. Both of us already had a WONDERFUL spiritual experience right after her first surgery, but this time, I need help. My desire is for this 3rd surgery NOT to occur!!! Please help us!

    Shalom & love,

    Carlos Abner Radillo M.

  451. 451
    redd Says:

    i am sending out powerful words and energy to Carlos Abner Radillo M. and your girlfriend.according to the word of god by his stripes i was healed..there for i am healed..tell your girlfreind and you too can that scripture.get expect and get ready to receive something miraculous.by the power of the universe and in the name of jesus christ of nazareth…i claim a strong foundation of love,unity,strenth,and blessings to you both.much love and peace..redd

  452. 452
    jadavji vaghasia Says:

    please send me energy waves to solve and full fill my wishes.

  453. 453
    Jackie Says:

    Please, I ask for energy of healing to be sent immediately to Jacob. He is a 12 year old boy who had surgery on his liver on Thursday, out of town. He was released today, and brought back to town and home. But he has been taken back to the hospital here this hour as he his coughing blood. He is very special.
    Thank you all very much. All healing I am sending to all of you as well.

  454. 454
    Rachel Says:

    Please pray for my son Joseph he has been having a drinking problem and now has gotten into drugs…..I fear for his health. He has a daughter her name is Rosalyn, she is so beautiful and Julia my common law daughter inlaw. They are suffering because of this. Please send your healing energy to them. Thank you.

  455. 455
    Rachel Says:

    I just sent three healing breaths to Jacob who is 12 years old and had surgery on his liver and who was taken to the hospital because he was coughing up blood. The healing energy is entering your body right now. So Jackie believe it is done.

  456. 456
    Rachel Says:

    Please send healing energy to my boyfriend Dennis who just got out of the hospital. He is very depressed and doesn’t care anymore.

  457. 457
    Tania Says:

    To everyone on this site I send positive, healing energies, that you may see, feel and be the light of love and perfect health that is vibrating throughout this Universe!
    Trust God to express and evolve through you and you will evolve
    Let go and Let God! Peace~

  458. 458
    Daniel Says:

    To all my brothers and sisters and their families their is a healing meditatin on this page by Indigochild please try it is is very relaxing.I send out great positive energy to Indigochild to rejuvenate your healing powers.
    I send out supernatural healing to all my wealthvibe brothers and sisters and all of their freind,families and associates.

  459. 459
    Sheryl Says:

    I ask for help in eliminating overwhelming negativity within someone who has much anger and hatred for me, and pray for her to embrace peace and healing and move forward in her life in a positive way. I pray for her to stop her hurtful actions against me and let go of this pain.

    Also, my heart is devastated due to the recent sudden death of my soulmate. I ask for the strength to embrace gratitude for having received the gift of love, healing for my broken heart, and courage to find a new path and purpose in my life.

    Thank you so much for sharing your positive energy!!!

  460. 460
    Tania Says:

    Divine Mantra
    A Prayer To The Universe

    by Halijo Webster

    Oh Divine Universe,
    gather together to form
    one great ball of light
    and allow it to come forth
    with my Divinity.

    Let the power surge of energy
    enter my center core
    and rejuvenate all that is ailing.
    That which I can see and feel
    and that which I cannot.
    Let it mend cell by cell,
    getting rid of what is toxic
    to my human form and its tissue.

    Let each beam of energy
    run fierce through my veins
    and purify them,
    exiting out of each digit
    on my hands and feet.
    Let it shine out
    through the top of my crown
    to the limitless sky.

    Allow recharging energy
    to my center core.
    Out with the toxic,
    in with Divine Energy…

    Oh Divine Energy,
    my soul is open to you…
    come and sit in my core,
    Let rings of bright golden light
    circle my feet, hands, limbs body,
    neck and head.
    Over and over from the center core
    and outward,
    from feet to crown.

    Out with the toxic,
    in with the healing Divine Energy.
    breathing slowly.

    Oh Goddess,
    wrap me in your Divinity
    and warm glow.

    Mother Nature,
    grab hold of my ankles
    and keep me grounded.

    May the trees keep me balanced and steady
    and the sky, day or night humble, and dreamy.

    reaching up to the sky,
    feet firmly on the ground.
    feeling the warm glow on my head,
    I am whole.
    A part of the sky,
    the stars,
    the heavens of far away
    and a part of the ground,
    its grasses trees and roots.
    A part of all living things
    All that is breathing.
    All energy.

    Dear Divinity of Life,
    gather a force so strong
    I will feel a glow
    of that which you send.
    Surround my human “being”,
    help me with consciousness.

    Oh Divine Energy,
    my soul is open to you…
    come and sit in my core.

    ~ by Halijo Webster ~

  461. 461
    sandy Says:

    healing of back pain and ligaments for susan .brad and
    sandy in oklahoma..in this now moment..strength and total comfort and alignment of head neck spine hips legs…THANK YOU!

  462. 462
    Kurt Says:

    Hi All

    I’m asking for some healing for myself. I was discharged from hospital 2 days ago after a nasty bout of pneumonia. I feel generally weak, ache in muscles and joints which is affecting sleep, and have a cough which radiates pain down my back and into my arms. I’m trying to stay positive, but it has affected me emotionally as well.

    It’s really knocked me for six, but I know there are some wonderful people out there who can help with some distant healing. I would really appreciate it.

    With love, gratitude & thanks

  463. 463
    Dave Says:

    Please healing to my father Leong. He is in a coma and has Encephalitis.
    Thank you gratefully.

  464. 464
    eana Says:

    i want be rich healthy have a cheers life and my boyfriend come say he love me and marry me

  465. 465
    Bruce Says:

    Please send healing energy to my friend Angel…

  466. 466
    jeff Says:

    I send healing energy and thoughts of love and health to all on this site.I pray every need will be met.i ask for healing thoughts be sent to me jeff,In calif.So I will be cured of clogged arteries.thank you i gratefully acept your health thoughts towards me.

  467. 467
    Bekah Says:

    Hello All.
    My boyfriend, is wanting to break up and I accept this. He is isolating himself, become resentful and angry.He said he feels like a “zombie.” He is turning into something that isn’t him. It’s like a blackness has consumed him. I am requesting an abundance of continous healing energy for Matt. THank you so very very much.I am sending healing to everyone.

  468. 468
    Bekah Says:

    I forgot to mention that my soulmates name is Matt and he resides in Georgia. thanks very much. healing energy to all of you.

  469. 469
    Phil Says:

    I have a bad skin disorder cover my scalp and other parts of my body> I have tried many different treatments but it keeps coming back. it has gone past my hair line. I would appreciate any healing energy you send my way.

  470. 470
    Jenaia Says:

    I’m sending you positive loving energy to you. That it will fill your whole body so it maybe healed. Here is some hopefully useful ideas to help your skin disorder. Try using EFT you can youtube it as you do the tapping say these words over again to yourself, I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace. the past is forgiven and forgotten. I am free in this moment. From book: You can heal your life by, Louse L. Hay.

    Another tip for a skin disorder is it could mean you have an food allergy or sensitivity. You can look it up on google as well is look for a Natural path dermatology. You could even look into Candida overgrowth which can be the root to skin disorders. I hope this helps and I send you all my positive energy to you!

  471. 471
    jadavji vaghasia Says:

    please give good health to my wife

  472. 472
    Kerr Says:

    Please send healing energy to my sister Pamela, Mother Donna, Stepfather Richard, to my client Cal, to my son, Dustin. they need postitive energy to surround them and to protect them. Also remember my partners son Corbin who needs positive energy to dispel the negative he is a part of and to clear his mind and soul of all negative and mind control energy, for him to be free of his own acceptance of this wasting destroying energy he has accepted and to break free of it and to be protected from further damage, he has harbors many hatreds within, to learn to love and respect all forms of life and life choices.

  473. 473
    kerr Says:

    Kerr again, send healing and protective energy to my daughter Candace, who is expecting her 4th child. Send fiancial prosperity to her and her husband. Remove their enemies from their lives and fiances,one man named Carl especially to be removed from their lives and his carbon imprint removed from all legal and corporate ties between him and Perry. Guard Perry from all attacks, spiritual and phyical, let the enemies plans be foiled and reversed upon himself. In the household are two tweens named Bethany and Reese, send healing to them both and to have all negative spiritual and negative phyical energy removed.Give them compassion in heart empthy and a spirit of cooperation,learning, and intellect for growth. I ask for the energy of total peace to decend upon this house and its dwellers,and guest. May the bonds of love grow in abundace and all negative be removed that severs that peace and love. I ask for protection over the home, family, pets and business.
    Thank you and in my spirit I send all positive , healing energy and love to those in need, abundance and prosterity unlimited .

  474. 474
    samer Says:

    Please send healing for my uncle who is sick now, i pray for him to cure him from sickness and be strong again

  475. 475
    Mona Says:

    I have a rash that is covering almost my entire body. It is painful and itchy. It is interfering with my day to day life. Over the counter treatments have brought me no relief. A visit to the E.R. provided me with no answers or help, either

  476. 476
    Christine Says:

    I am asking for healing and extra protection for myself and family… Much appreciated! Thank you! Loving light to all the “vital wavers!” God bless.

  477. 477
    Jenaia Says:

    Please send some positive energy to my husband Nathan. He has some health issues that could cause him a lot of problems. 🙁 He has to get knee surgery done on his left knee because he tore the cart-ledge in it twice and his surgery is Feb 16. However the situation has turned for the worst. He now having heart issues and the Doctor is worried about putting in through surgery for his knee! Please send some energy that his heart situation so that it isn’t super serious! Any kind of positive energy or prays will do. Thank You so much!!!

    God bless each and one of you!!

  478. 478
    Noel Says:

    Please send healing energy to my client, Chris Griffith who is fighting uterine cancer, and my friend Matt Birskovich, who is also fighting cancer and not doing very well.

  479. 479
    violet hamley Says:

    please could you send healing to my mum jean hamilton. she is in hospital and the doctors said she may have internal bleeding or something sinister going on within her body. please can you make her better if possible. thankyou so much violet

  480. 480
    Jenaia Says:

    Thank you to each and one of you for sending my husband loving and healing energy!!! I’m sending positive and warm healing energy to each of you. May you find peace and happiness in your life!

  481. 481
    samer Says:

    I am sending healing energy for all who are sick i pray to god to heal them

  482. 482
    Mohan Says:

    On 21Nov.2010, I had posted about my “incurable” neurological and neuro-muscular disorder.I am happy to say that I am much better, a lot of my signs & symptoms have abated. Now, please, You all, send me Healing Intentions to help eradicate my Diabetes, which has occurred as a part of the neuro-muscular condition.

  483. 483
    gilbert Says:

    I send out healing energy to all those in need my love and prayers are with you.

  484. 484
    Rose K Says:

    May the Universe swiftly carry to each Viber the positive healing energy that I am sending. May your health be restored. The Pure Divine White Light is entering your body. Feel the comforting heat as this Divine White light surges through your body clinging to every cell of your being and purifying each cell. Be healed.


  485. 485
    Melissa Says:

    Please send healing to me – i’m having serious complications from an incurable/untreatable autoimmune disease. thank you sincerely!

  486. 486
    Stephanie Says:

    It was a rough end of 2010 and a really rough start for 2011. My dad was terminally ill and I spent six weeks in CT to be with him and my family until he passed away in January. Shortly after arriving back to TX my mom went into the hospital and she has been diagnosed with a cancer that is incurable; she has 6 months to one year to live. Please keep me and my family in your payers during this difficult time in my life. Thank you.

  487. 487
    Michele Says:

    I affirm I am my I AM presence invoking the full power of the company of heaven and the full power of the violet flame to transmute any thought, word, action, expression, or attitude that conflicts with the divine plan of perfect health.

    I ask the I AM presence of all humanity to download now the programs for the casual body of God for eternal youth, vibrant health, radiant beauty, and slim, firm, flawless form.

  488. 488
    Linda Says:

    I need healing from electrical sensitivity and fibromyalgia. I want to be free from these illnesses. I will be praying for all in need of healing.
    Thank You

  489. 489
    Vera Says:

    Feel touched as I am thinking of you and your loved ones. God bless you. May you recognize your soul’s calling and continue healing from inside to outside. Prayers to you all.
    Thank you

  490. 490
    William Says:

    Pls send urgent healing to me. I am in great need to be healed from my severe insomnia and anxiety problems that causes complete sleepless nights.

  491. 491
    Liana Primelles Says:

    I ask for healing for my daughter Lissette. Substance abuse

  492. 492
    Liana Says:

    I ask for healing for my friend Larry from NM, my daughter Lissette, and myself. Thank you

  493. 493
    Todd D. Says:

    How do I delete my blogs on this site?
    Thank you.

  494. 494
    Marga Says:

    Bitte um Heilung meiner Schwester.
    sie hat starke Osteoperose und noch viels mehr.
    Vielen Dank

  495. 495
    Sue Says:

    Plz send healing to my daughter she as cancer and a massive operation soon. Plz help my husband get a job he likes and help us save our home.

  496. 496
    ravi Says:


    please send healing for myself to love ,yself and not be hard on myself for failed relationship to have courage to go on my path journey.

  497. 497
    pierce us Says:

    I am in great need of some positive energy and good karma to come back around to me at this time in my life. I am currently awaiting test results for a diagnosis of an std and am scared for my life. positive thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated

  498. 498
    Marga Says:

    ich sende viel positive enegie an alle, die krank sind und von schmerzen geplagt sind.
    viel licht und liebe.

  499. 499
    Rose K Says:

    Believing creates receiving. I am sending out positive healing energies to all on this sight. I send to you the Divine White Light. Open yourselves up to receive this white light. Feel the warmth of this Divine White Light surge through your body. Feel it cling to every cell at the core of your being. Know that this Divine White Light is purifying every cell in your body at the molecular level. Let this Divine White Light surge trough your mind to heal your emotional state. Feel the healing take place. Visualize the desired outcome and hold fast onto the positive belief that a healing is taking place. Feel yourself healthier and happier.

    Blessings to all

  500. 500
    Kerry Says:

    may my body recieve all positive energy and healing energy and let all pain and discomfort leave my body -let all diesease leave my body never to return, break off all curses and negative thoughts and energy that has attacked my body.my body is whole, healthy and functioning as created perfectly, I am whole, I am healed I am abundantly blessed

  501. 501
    Marga Says:

    Ich sende viel positive Energie wo gebraucht wird

  502. 502
    Todd D. Says:

    I posted on one of these websites, and I don’t know which one, asking how to get my comments off of the site. I am sorry; I shouldn’t have asked that, but I don’t see how to do it.
    Thank you for your time.


  503. 503
    Katie O Says:

    My 14 year old daughter has been suffering from anorexia. Please send the healing, positive energy of the white light to heal her. Love and light to all who read this and help.

  504. 504
    Rachel Says:

    Send God’s healing energy concerning my left eye with ectropion. And I send the same healing energy to all…..God bless

  505. 505
    Rachel Says:

    Please continue to send God’s healing energy to my son with drug addiction and that God keep him safe.

  506. 506
    Rose K Says:

    I am sending to each individual on this site healing positive energies to heal each person afflicted with drug addictions, pain, physcological difficulties, and spiritual dificiencies. May the universe bring to you the Divine White Healing Light to heal every cell within the core of your being. Open yourselves to recieve this Divine White Light and feel the healing energies as this light surges through your body cleansing and purifying every cell and fiber at the core of your being.

    Good Health, Happiness be yours.

  507. 507
    claudio Says:


  508. 508
    Pamela Murawski Says:


    Someone waved the magic wand.
    Turned the golden key.
    Found the missing pieces.

    Preacher sang a pretty song
    Bluebirds made a nest.

    Angels sent a message.
    It is time for a change.
    Universe move swiftly.

    Let us dance by moonlight
    Victory is here.
    An injustice has been won.

    The tide has turned.
    It has just begun.

    by Pamela Murawski

    p.s I hope you find my poem healing to you and it brings hope and a smile

  509. 509
    s Says:

    I seek all the healing forces of the universe to send to Sanjay Jadyal who is critical in the hospital and heal him in all respects body, mind and soul.Please forgive us all for our sins and heal us to start afresh.

  510. 510
    Tania Says:

    Please send healing energies my way. I have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, stage IIIb, and am in dire need of emotional and physical healing energies, to help me to destroy these cancer cells and replace them with healthy ones. I send out loving and healing energies to the Universe!

  511. 511
    Peter Says:

    497 Pierce , 500 Kerry , 503 Katie , 504-505 Rachel , 509 s , 510 Tania did you observ any positive changes on 1st july

  512. 512
    s Says:

    Dear Peter
    Thank you for your help.
    I hope it helped.
    Many Thanks,

  513. 513
    Julia Says:

    I call out to all my brothers and sisters for help in sending healing energies to Lena in Wichita Ks. She has multiple health issues, diabetes, lukeima, asthma, and problems with heart. She needs all the loving, healing energy that she can get. I, myself send all the loving and healing energy out to all those in need. I thank you all for all your help.

    Your sister in love and light
    Julia B.

  514. 514
    Dale Adams Says:

    I wish to be cured of schizophrenia, exhaustion and mental confusion. thank you

  515. 515
    Dale Adams Says:

    let the nerve damage and the paralysis of my left hand be cured. let the poor vision and problems in my eyes be cured. let the hearing problems in my ears be cured. let my incontinance be cured. let all fear and depression leave me and never return. thank you

  516. 516
    Vera Says:

    May I look deeply into my wounds and diseases and hereby unlock the power to help heal myself and those around me. May my suffering enable me to become more loving and compassionate with myself and others. God bless. May I find the right herb at the right time with the help of God and if needed with medicine to feel better again. Love to all you beautiful beings.

  517. 517
    Diane Says:

    I hope and pray that your prayers are answered. My thoughts go out into the universe to help those who need healing. May they get the help they need and may they believe they will be healed.

  518. 518
    jun Says:


    May you all find healing in progress upon opening this site. May you all find your true healing in physical and emotional. May you always find it all available in all areas of your life. The universe is there to grant your most awaited healing

  519. 519
    Rose K Says:

    May you all be blessed with what ever healing it is that is needed. The Universe knows exactly what it is that each one needs. Believe that the Universe is obliging and willing. Open yourselves to receive this blessing that I am sending to you.

    Rose K

  520. 520
    Daniel Says:

    What so ever things you desire when you pray,beleive that you receive them and you will have them.I Am within the one,and the one is within me

  521. 521
    jun Says:

    Greetings of good healing!

    I’m sending positive energy to those who are suffering from demonic atack of demon of homosexuality. you are a true masculine you dont have to stay in bondage. the universe is acting its way to make its natural order for you today.

  522. 522
    jun Says:


    I send healing energy to those who are lonely tonight! may you be inspired to suffer what you have now and endure what is you have now. its destined to be for you know we only one life to live and experience what we have.

  523. 523
    sandy Says:

    she was in a 4 wheeler accident and on life support
    bless the doctors and the nurses
    let there be a full recovery

    sad, devistated,lonely,sucidal



  524. 524
    DAN Says:


  525. 525
    Sonia Says:

    I’m sending positive healing energy to all on this site. But I ask for strong healing energy to be sent to me to heal the chronic severe stomach acid that no medication seems to help (following gastric surgery) and that healing energy be sent to my joints – esp. my right knee, right foot and right hip – so that I may be mobile again and pain-free.

    Blessings to all.

  526. 526
    Dan Says:

    I would like to thank the poeple who are kind enough to take time everyday to help someone THANKYOU and mayeverybody recieve love and well being and healing bless everyone

  527. 527
    Maitreyi Says:

    Hi please help me heal by sending me positive energy to heal my acne and be blessed with young,youthful clear skin so I can enjoy my teenage years as gleefully as they should be enjoyed. Thank you. May joy be with each one of you.

  528. 528
    snehal Says:

    I need healing energy to recover me from quadraparesis, Nervous system disorder.


    I am grateful to every one.

  529. 529
    Veenaben Says:

    Hi, I require positive healing for my body, mind, soul So that I recover very well from Rheumatoid Arthritis, & become complete healthy & energetic.


    I am grateful to all. Thanks.

  530. 530
    Harendra V Jani Says:

    I required healing for arthrits problem & have total body pain.

  531. 531
    Bipinchandra Says:

    Hi, all I require healing for mental piece, relaxation & joy full state. And Healthy energetic body, mind & soul.


    I am grateful to all.

  532. 532
    Bramrshi Bachudada Says:

    Require healing for old age problem health weakness, complete health & happy life.


    I am grateful to all

  533. 533
    Ann Says:

    Hi, Husband requires healing for his body. Sjogrens makes his insides of his body very painful. Request positive energy to heal his body, mind, and soul.

  534. 534
    JoJo Says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! My soulmate has been severly messed around with by a demon, and is currently stuck in jail in a different province. I’m trying to send him the most love I can, but I fear it won’t be enough. Please help me to send him healing energies, Chad I love you and know that you will be okay, until I see you again my love … <3 <3

  535. 535
    Christian Says:

    Hello. im happy to help you people by praying 🙂 can people please pray for me so I can be my self im normally enthusiastic and happy but now I just am having problems being shy and have zero freinds please help.

  536. 536
    Kat Says:

    Please send a healing light and prayer for Chrys (Chris). She has a very rare agressive cancer and the doctors have only given her two more months to live. She has two beautiful children. Please pray for a miracle that the treatments start working and she is healed. Thank you!

  537. 537
    Kat Says:

    Christian – I will certainly pray for you that you will break free from the shyness and that people will see through that to somone who is warm, loving and happy. I pray you will be blessed with many friends who bring you love, comfort, support and happiness!

    Light and love to you!


  538. 538
    brooke Says:

    I want to send healing energy for my mother joyce sykes for her hip to be healed quickly and she can stay healed with no more osteoporosos.

  539. 539
    Christine Says:

    Asking for healing and protective light for my dad please… and my family. I send golden healing and protective light back tenfold for all who visit this website and the universe!!!! Much <3

  540. 540
    Angela S Says:

    Please send healing energy for my mom who is sick from negative spirits & pain, brother who has heart trouble, & daughter who has bowel trouble. I pray for all here who need right now healing energy for themselves and their loved ones. Thank you

  541. 541
    kerr Says:

    Send healing postive energy and power to my son Dustin, break off and remove all negative energy attacking his phyical and mental wellbeing. Restore damaged tissue, remove all infection and negative cells from his body, restore his immunity and restore fiances lost by this attack, give the doctors wisdom for treatment and divine guidiance for his wellbeing. Give Dustin relief from pain, surround him with protection for his body and soul.

  542. 542
    Kerr Says:

    Send protection for my daughter Candace and the baby that will be born. Send positive healing energy and power to help her deliver with ease and no pain, remove all negative energy from her path and bathe her and the baby in wholeness, wellness, and complete perfect health. Give the phyicians wisdom and knowledge for treatment and support as she delivers and post deliverly.surround her with support for her husband and other 4 children, keep them safe and well cared for. Move earth and heaven for divine favor as they welcome this new soul into the world.

  543. 543
    jodie locke Says:

    please heal me, i have been sickfor four years with chronic fatigue and allergies, depression , severe anxiety, i am very lonely and all i wish for is a loving partner who will support me and my children, please help heal my son henry, please heal the hurt in my heart and help me to let go of the past.help heal matty elvin so he stops being scared of letting love in and to release the fear of relationships, help his mum and heal her cancer.love and light xxxx

  544. 544
    jodie Says:

    please also heal me and remove any negative entities around me and my childrenxxxxx

  545. 545
    Jenaia Says:

    I know I don’t need healing as much as other people are here. All I ask for is small please send your healing energy towards my friend Gene. He is struggling with school and I believe his relationship. Please help him to know I’m here to help him through whatever it is he needs.

    Thank you!

    May all healing energy and power overcome the discomforts your body, emotionally, mentally and phyically. Let the healing light over come your weaknesses. I will pray for each of you.

  546. 546
    Liz Says:

    Healing for my wonderful friend Lindy

  547. 547
    hopi Says:

    please heal my heart and my relationship. please bring my soulmate to me. i thought he was already here, but things aren’t working out. please let things heal and flourish between us, and let my soulmate return to me.

    please also heal my broken heart.

  548. 548
    minu Says:

    I really need to cure my husband’s body and mind..I need happiness for my son and peace of mind for myself….I feel that someone has done black magic on my husband for our fortunes(which is not much as compared to the person who is doing it) my husband was a superb person but now he is a monster..and I really need god to help me …bless my home god

  549. 549
    Sabrina Says:

    Hello All, I need healing from the Universe for my back pain and social anxiety. I send blesssings to you all to help with your healing.

  550. 550
    Jenaia Says:

    May healing power mend your fear and pain. love and approvel of yourself is coming your way. Trust the process of life All you need is always taken care of. You are safe. This I send your way. God Bless you!

    As for your husband he will be in my prayers. May Angels be watching over you and your family. Let the kind gracious light come over your husband. As for you and your son, may you go beyond other people’s fears and limitations to create your life in the way you want it. I’m sending this your way now. Feel God’s kindness.

    May you know the universe grant you what you wish for. Let the goodness of God mend your heart. May you find love and peace once again. This I’m sending you.

    May your friend Lindy will be healed. May you both find peace and happiness at this moment.

    May your children and yourself will heal from all the hurt and pain that was passed on each other. May God bless you for your heart ache as you let him mend your relationship with your children. May they know that everything will be the way it should be with one another as this loving spirit mends this pain and hurt. As for your fatigue let enthusiastic energy fill your life, be filled with energy and enthusiam. Your allergies, the world is safe and friendly. You are safe, be at peace with life. Anxiety, approve of yourself and trust the process of life. You are safe. Depression, go beyond other people’s fear and limitations. You create your life. May you feel at peace with yourself and your children. I will pray for you as I send you loving energy your way. God Bless!

  551. 551
    mel Says:

    Asking for healing for Marilyn for her hip to be fully healed.
    Asking for Joyce memory to be completely healed.
    Thank you.
    Sending healing to all for good health, prosperity, peace and love.

  552. 552
    Anjell Says:

    I beg that the Universe takes the pain away that my mother Marie has been experiencing in her breast & it goes away for good… Please Don’t Let It Be Cancerus, I Need Her To Be In My Life Forever

  553. 553
    Jenaia Says:


    May postive and speedy energy heal your dear friend Marilyn that her hip will be healed. May loving energy make her whole. May postive and joyful energy will recover Joyce’s memory back to it’s origenial state or even better. May every cell in her body recover her mind with ease. May peace ease your mind that all will be well with your friends!


    I’m sending postive and loving energy to your mother Marie as well as my prayers. Every cell in her body will recover her quickly and she will be made whole again. May peace and comfort over come you Anjell in this dark hour. So you may find the joyous light over come you and your mother. God Bless you!!! Keep your head helded high believing all will be well.

  554. 554
    Nadia Says:


    I beg the Universe to give me healing for my diabetes and other health problems, as well as better life with more luck in it. Thank you all so much for your help. Let us face only good things from now on.

  555. 555
    Dani D Says:

    Hello All,

    I have a sister, Desiree H in Phoenix, Az. She has just confessed that she has an addiction to Oxycontin. I’ve noticed a change in her for a while but haven’t been able to put my finger on it and she was always denying anything going on. Now she is willing to seek help and treatment.

    I want to send her love and peace and strength and courage to get through this difficult time in her life. I am pregnant with my first child and I love my baby sister and want her to be around and be a source of love and light in my life again so that she may be a loving aunt to my child.

    Please send your positive thoughts of love and hope and lots of light to help her battle this darkness.

    Thank you, God Bless.

  556. 556
    maria Says:

    Hi I am asking for healing and wish to feel well so I can help others. Thank you so much

  557. 557
    Kathy Tyson Says:

    I ask that I may receive assistance in physical healing, mind healing, and spiritual healing. In return I am send back this healing to all who need it.

    I am blessed!

    Gratitude and Blessings,

  558. 558
    Ali Dilmen Says:

    Can I have your distance healing for my body.

  559. 559
    Christine Says:

    Special healing request for a dear friend who has experienced tremendous losses…. May God’s loving grace touch everyone in need. In love and light always. Thank you.

  560. 560
    Pete Says:

    Healing for special friend Ayleen in the UK , get well quick.

  561. 561
    Huseyin Says:

    If you need “distant healing” or “chakra cleansing/balancing” go to
    “youtube” a lot off info there but, for special music go to:
    “youtube.com/user/jezebeldecibel” for ” frequency 528 no music” (DNA repair) and she offer other DNA awakening music to like : Frequency 396, 639, 741.

    Also,for self improvement, healing issue one single address Burt Goldman’s : “blog.theamericanmonk.com” scroll down the page right hand side a list of links he gave, FREE all video about various subject.
    He also sell like “Mind Box”, but first watch he’s free video’s and practice some of healing methods.

  562. 562
    John Says:

    This is for Ali Dilman. My prayers are with you for rapid healing. I am also sending you all the positive energy I can muster.

  563. 563
    MARIA Says:


  564. 564
    Nichole Says:

    Sending out positive energy to some who needs physical and emotional healing. be blessed.

  565. 565
    Pamela Says:

    This is for Philip in Uppsala, still reeling after his father’s death from rapid cancer. Sending postitive energy, strength, and healing to help him find the strength to continue, and to not let this overshadow all else in his life, always. Please help.

    Sending postitive energy to others out there who need it now, too.

  566. 566
    mia Says:

    Sending huge healing thoughts to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to all!!!!!

  567. 567
    Jenaia Says:

    Please Send my friend Gene some healing energy he is in need to get his heart worked on.

    Please send some healing energy to my husband he has hurt his back pretty badly and he is going to start his new job soon!

    Thank you so much and God bless each of you! May a powerful energy return to you twice the amount you send!

  568. 568
    Karen Says:

    Please send positive energy, love, and healing to John who is struggling with addiction, depression, and self-loathing. Also please send positive energy to help our relationship. I have been trying to do this alone, and I need help. Thank you! Sendind positivity and light to each of you! Xoxo

  569. 569
    m Says:

    I am asking for forgiveness, healing and love to be sent to b and all areas that can benefit from positive healing.
    I am excited to hear from b again and also see how money shows up today.
    Love & Light & Hugs to all

  570. 570
    Karen Says:

    The positivity for my friend John is working! Please keep sending it! I am sending positive healing energy to each of you and your loved ones. This works…love and light to all. Xoxo

  571. 571
    carleyy Says:

    heal my mind pleas its stops me from living life to the fullest

  572. 572
    Concerned Friend Says:

    Please send positive healing energy to my co-worker, Wayne, who is having surgery on Monday to remove cancer. Thanks to all of you! Sending light, positivity and healing thoughts to each of you.

  573. 573
    redd Says:

    i send healing and love to everyone on this site.god bless

  574. 574
    Zay Bez Says:

    Please send healing energies to Joost van der Westhuizen,not only for his disease(motor neurone),but also for his fears,his family,his finances. Healing energies to help him to forgive all the people who judged him for a mistake he made.

    Surround him with loving energies so that he once again will realise what a special person he is.

    Joost van der Westhuizen interview: ‘My neurosystem is giving up’

    South African rugby player Joost van der Westhuizen was enjoying a life of fatherhood, golfing rounds and retirement from professional sport. But then his world caved in, as Aislinn Laing reports.

    He was one of the greatest rugby players ever, renowned for his powerful tackles and for being the most capped South African of all time.

    He and his beautiful pop-star wife were dubbed the Posh and Becks of the southern hemisphere, a glamorous couple who – with their two young children – for many years epitomised the best of his sport and their country.

    But now Joost van der Westhuizen has been told that, aged just 40 and only eight years since he retired from the sport, he is probably suffering from motor neurone disease. If his diagnosis is confirmed, then within a few months he will probably lose the ability to walk – and within a few years, he could be dead.

    “My neurosystem is just giving up,” he said. “The doctors don’t know what causes it. It’s not a virus, it’s not stress, it’s not social life, they just don’t know what it is. What they can’t understand is that most of their patients are fit people, sports people.”

    Already his arms are weak and his speech is slurred from the condition. He is making great efforts to remain upbeat, but has begun planning to take his children Jordan, seven, and Kylie, five, on what may prove one of their last trips together while he is still able – to Disney World in America and then to see the great migration of wildebeest in Tanzania’s Serengeti.

    At times his defences crumble and he gives way to his emotions.

    “It’s easy for people to say just be positive and forget about it,” he said, gesturing towards his weak arm, “but when you shave every morning and you cut yourself every morning, and when you lie in bed and see this but can’t move it, it’s on your mind all the time.”

    Now, he explained, he no longer dares to throw his children up into the air to greet them – because he cannot trust himself to catch them.

    Unshaven, his blue eyes widened in defiance of the tears that are never far away, he was talking to The Sunday Telegraph in his first face-to-face interview since his hospital diagnosis two weeks ago.

    “It’s actually amazing when you get news like this how your thought patterns change,” he said, slumped on a sofa in a suburb of Johannesburg. “You suddenly think to say thank you more, you start to care more for others instead of caring for yourself because you see the value of life.

    “You tend to live in your own little world and you live your own little life, but when something like this happens all that changes.”

    For the next three weeks he will be in limbo, waiting for confirmation, and it is still possible that he is suffering instead from a related non-fatal condition, multifocal motor neuropathy, whose symptoms can be reduced by the drugs he is now trying.

    If not, as is more likely, he will begin facing up to his future with motor neurone disease (MND), a progressive disorder that destroys the cells controlling muscles used to walk, talk, breathe and swallow – resulting, eventually, in paralysis and death. A handful of people with the most common form of it survive for decades – like Professor Stephen Hawking, who has lived with it for 50 years. Most die much more quickly, some within two years of diagnosis.

    As if that were not enough, Joost – as the former scrum half is simply known in his home country – is halfway through a painful divorce from his former wife, Amor Vittone, a model, singer and television presenter, following a sex scandal that cost him his job in television and his reputation as the nation’s golden boy.

    But he is adamant that he is not looking back. “I’m focusing on the facts. There’s nothing I can do about the past. There’s a load I can do about the future,” he said.

    “I’ve got nothing to prove any more. I just want to live my life, be a good dad, be a friend to my wife. People will say anything to try and down me but it’s OK, I don’t care.”

    While he waits for his confirmed diagnosis, he said, his main aim was “trying to smile”, and to spend as much time as possible with his children. Their mother took them to see him in hospital, explaining: “Dadda is very sick. His muscles are not working as they should.”

    When he was discharged, Joost collected them from school – and his son sternly instructed him to use his muscles more carefully so he wouldn’t have to return.

    “They have the concept of sickness but they’re too young to understand fully and I can’t tell them everything yet because we don’t know,” he said.

    He is concerned about the strain on his parents who encouraged his aspiration, aged five, to become a top rugby player. They attend medical appointments with him, phone constantly and summon him home to Pretoria for meals. His father even managed not to tease when he beat his son at golf for the first time last weekend.

    “Last Friday was a bad day but when I pick up the phone to them, I’m always cheerful. I want them to hang up and be OK, even if I’m not.

    “But they’re taking it badly. I’m a father and I just know, you shouldn’t go before your parents. It’s against the natural order of things and it’s not right.”

    In his rugby career, when Joost was injured he would brush it to one side and carry on. When he made his famous tackle against Jonah Lomu that helped South Africa win the 1995 Rugby World Cup final and cemented his place in the hearts of supporters both black and white, he did so with two broken ribs.

    The memory of the episode brought a rare moment of levity: “It was pride – we were so well-prepared we would have tackled each other to get to him,” he said, his granite face splitting into a beam, eyes suddenly sparkling.

    “If it wasn’t me somebody else would have got him.”

    Then he looked down, to his dormant right arm, its muscles twitching under the skin. As he tried to describe the possible conditions he may be suffering from – “I’ve studied them all” – it took three attempts to say the word “neuropathy”. He won’t go near the word “death”.

    He first noticed the weak arm in December but dismissed it as an old sports injury. Then he found himself struggling to get out words. Given his reputation as a party animal, friends would ask if he was drunk.

    Over Easter, he was surprised to find he could no longer beat his friend Henry Kelbrick – a doctor – in a playful arm wrestling session, and was given the first, swift diagnosis of suspected MND.

    That was not the first serious upset in his life. In February 2009, his fame for his rugby prowess was almost eclipsed by his notoriety for a secretly-filmed sex tape in which could be seen snorting a drug and cavorting with a pink-thonged stripper.

    He initially denied it was him in the video, but the stress of sustaining this lie was too much and eventually he came clean to his wife and to the public. In a tell-all book entitled Spieëlbeeld (Man in the Mirror) he confessed, and in a series of brief interviews as it was published he begged his fans for forgiveness.

    “Denying I was in that tape is my biggest regret,” he said. “I took the decision when I was emotional and I stuffed up my own life.”

    This time last year, he moved out of the family home in northern Johannesburg and now lives alone in a house in a gated community two miles away. His children have their own bedrooms and toys there – and Miss Vittone is clearly devastated by his situation, telling one journalist it was “like a death sentence”.

    While waiting for a confirmed prognosis, Joost is also dealing with lawyers negotiating their divorce. But he shuts down when asked about their relationship.

    “I know my wife and she knows me and we know what’s going on,” he says. “There’s a lot of speculation left, right and centre, about why we are getting divorced, but it’s got nothing to do with anybody – we know what’s happening and that’s all that matters.”

    Meanwhile, he has been forced to suspend his normal fitness regime until his results come back, but is pushing the boundaries of the illness all the time.

    “If my leg’s weak, I try to walk it off,” he said. “If it’s MND, there might be a stage where I won’t be able to walk again, I might end up in a wheelchair, so I’d rather walk now, speak now, use what I have while I can because I might not have it in the future.”

    Whatever the result, he is adamant that there’s always hope, always a new “game plan”.

    “I’ve been on top, I’ve been rock bottom, but time heals everything and I will never give up. Everything takes time and this is going to take time,” he said.

    “Even if it’s MND, I’m in actually in a lucky position where I can fix my life with my belief, between me and God, rectify what I did wrong. Other people are not that lucky. If you get run over by a truck, you don’t have that time.”

  575. 575
    NOEL WALSH Says:

    Please help me on my spiritual journey. I have tried to transmute my creative energy without success owing to a blockage in my lower chackras.

    These got congested and painful in the form of prostatitis and I asked you today for a healing to be able to transmute this energy and also to discover my lifes purpose.

    I also ask for opportunity to meet a spiritual mentor to help me on my way

    Many thanks


  576. 576
    Simon Says:

    Hey my name is Simon, pronounced See-moe, I’m 22 and well a few monthes ago I had a very unfortunate accident while playing soccer, I dislocated my arm, it was very humiluating and the scariest thing that has ever happened to me, the experience as a whole shattered my fayth in God and myself.
    I’m a breakdancer and with out the use of my arm, which the docter said will probably never fully recover, I can not dance. I’m asking that my sins be forgiven by you all, some I may have hurt in former lives, I humbly ask that those who are willing and in tune with those forces that bind us to wield a special ray and send it to my left elbow that the ligaments that were severed when my elbow dislocated grow at an exponential rate and re-attache and become as strong as spider web, that my rusty elbow becomes flexable and firm and that I am able to once again fully extend my arm and it is restored to 100% strength.
    Thankyou so much
    I’m about to look at other posts to give out my own violet ray.


    This was Me before the accident

  577. 577
    Butch Says:

    Please send Mark R. of Rohnert Park, Ca. Healing Energy
    for he had burst his colon. The Doctors found a tumor near his colon and cancer in his blood. They fixed the Colon removed the Tumor and will be treating him with Chemo for the cancer cells they found in his blood. So Please send Mark the Healing Energy That HE NEEDS TO GET WELL AND BET THIS.
    Thank You,
    Butch H.

  578. 578
    patrizia Says:

    Love and healing energy for everyone,I pray for you,be blessed.

  579. 579
    shon Says:

    Please help Ryan Reidhead of Snowflake Arizona. He suffers from Nasal Polyps that almost protrude from his nostril. They block his sinuses to the extent that he cannot breathe through his nose. He cannot smell anything. They press so strongly against the inside of his nose that it distorts his face, gives him constant sinus headaches and makes him uncomfortable in public. Thank you for all your love.

  580. 580
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i send healing energy to all people in this side!and i send healing energy to my ungle ioannis giannis hantizaharias who is very sick dibetik that they doctors will not cut his arm..please god help him to keep his arm..i sent also healing energy to maria my nabor who will spend this night in the hospital that everything wiil be fine for her !!!!god bless you all ..

  581. 581
    Soleil Says:

    Sending loving healing energy to everyone who has requested healing. May the angels shower each and every one of you with the healing light.

  582. 582
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i send you all my healings energy and gifts god send me..and i send healing energy to GIANNIS NTALIANIS born at 6-8-1982 and his WIVE SABRINA SASA VON DER EITZ born 14-08-1988 and they son alexandros 4 years old .to heal they relasion to be together again ,and sabrina to go back to her house with jannis and alexandros may jesus help them and as 24-12-2011 they are again together for ever..please people send your energy too ,because the pain for soul of this 2 people and the child are big…thank you all..and thanks to all the love angels who work ..for love connections

  583. 583
    ingrid Says:

    Please help me with my disbalanse physically and spiritually. I am suffering from CFS and i am a HSP, so i am not well protected against negative energy from others. I have high bloodpressure, feeling anxiety and panic sometimes. I need more strenght.
    I will whenever i can send positive energy to others

  584. 584
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,Everyone! May all here and all my friends receive a lot of positive energy,light,peace,love,health and wealth.SO IT BE! Thank you Universal Energy!God bless.

  585. 585
    gene Says:

    need complete rework healing for bp, stress, mind blockage removal, health,
    attract energy and no limitations.

    send healing for the poor and oppressed in world for chance to have a fighting chance in world.

    attract and choose now.

  586. 586
    querube Says:

    need positive energy to clean me from spiritual bad energy. I believe in the power of prayer and good energy. thank you for your assitance

  587. 587
    Jesi in San Antonio Texas Says:

    I have a very simple request for healing. Please send healing energy for my teeth and gums. Thank you very very much.

    I send positive energy to all. God bless you.

  588. 588
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i send healing energy to IAN CARTER ROBERT to realase that he drink to much alkohol and to stop drinking this..because he have to finish his work and he is very week..and i send healing energy to all people who have alkohol problems..i send them ANGELS,SPIRITUAL HEALPERS,LIGHT WORKERS ,THE HOLY SPIRITS FROM JOAO DEOUS ,REIKI,LOVE,PROTECTION,AND HELP..to realase that alkoholic is a broblem from they lifes and from they fammilys lifes and they children,..GOD HELP THEM,NOW ..in the name of jesus..

  589. 589
    dimitria tireli Says:


  590. 590
    Samantha Says:

    Please send healing energy to Mark Lepsi for his heart murmur. Send him positive energy, healing energy, strength, happiness, love and light. bless you all for your kindness, love and healing powers that the universe has provided you with, and may the energy you send out come back to you ten fold. warmth and happiness to all.

  591. 591
    Jenaia Says:

    :'( Having a bad day…wish I had some friends I could talk to.

  592. 592
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,I send a healing energy,love and light to Everyone here.I pray the Source Energy for your rapid healing.SO IT BE! Thanks! God bless.

  593. 593
    patrizia Says:

    I pray for all you here and for my friends: Maria P. and his son,Elisa,David and Stojana.I send out healing energy,light and love for rapid healing.God bless you all!

  594. 594
    Evandro Woaty Says:


    I send Spiritual Powerful Healing TO MY SISTER CYNTHIA…May only SUN LIGHT VIBRATION can extend over her every single breath and moment…clean her path with Grace…with no more pain ever…

    Spiritual Cosmic Energies are so Increadible with Infinite Power..we all here must send our GRATITUDE…to the NATURE SPIRITS..AND ALIKES…

  595. 595
    Evandro Woaty Says:




  596. 596
    Jenaia Says:

    God bless you and thank you to each of you for sending me positive energy.
    I will pray for each of you and send love warming energy your way.

    May you feel a warm joyful light that fills each part of you. May you feel the blessings of God comfort and heal you.

    “Know that everyday is a gift from God.” by Joel Osteen.

  597. 597
    Abdul Qadir Says:


    My name is Abdul Qadir. I am having issues in manifesting in my life and need to clear myself of all negative energy.

    I request you to send positive energy to me to clear my negative energy and help me open to receive my intended manifestations and intentions easily.

    I have never had this done before and I want to experience it for myself.

    Once I experience it and it helps me I will send it to others every day.

    I hope you will help me.

    Thank you,

    Abdul Qadir.

  598. 598
    jose nunez Says:

    I feel like I have been dealing with alot of very dark negative energy.my whole life is in disaray.everyday is a struggle financially and with relationships and every aspect of my life.can’t seem to get it together.been struggling all my life with this.have a very painful left hip and left knee injury.thank you for your prayers.

  599. 599
    redd Says:

    to Jose Nunez,i am sending you positive energy,healing,protection,financial blessings which cannot be contained,may you be blessed with a soul mate! just stay positive and believe in your heart that these struggles and dark energy are no more and they no longer govern my life.i claim angels will protect you divinely,i declare in the name of the father and the universe..you are set free..now and forever

  600. 600
    patrizia Says:

    I pray for each of you and send you healing energy,light and love.Be optimistic,be positive.WE are all spiritual beings with infinite power.BELIEVE and FEEL IT.May the positive loving energy heals each of you.God bless!

  601. 601
    patrizia Says:

    I send healing energy to Roberto,to Maria and her son and to everyone here-LIGHT and LOVE-MAY THE SOURCE ENERGY HELPS AND COMFORTS ALL -SO IT BE.THANKS.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  602. 602
    Terri Says:

    I am calling out to all for energy healing…..I desperately need to balance my body and rid it of candida, sciatica, depression, and blood pressure issues. I want to cLear my body of all past grief, pain and stress so I can move forward with joy compassion and hope. I am calling on all my brothers and sisters for healing energy , light, and love.
    Thank you and many blessings to you for your help!
    I open my heart to the universe………thank you! Terri

  603. 603
    John Roberts Says:

    Hi, could iu plewase request healing for my paranoia, pain and tension in my body and mind, and HIV

  604. 604
    Stephen White Says:

    Hello, my name is Stephen White. I am a professional trumpet player who five months ago suffered an injury to the lower lip on the left side of the face. I bit down really hard on my lip 3 or 4 times accidentally after getting four cavities removed. I have been diagnosed with a mucocele, which is a ruptured salivary gland. I know this doesn’t really sound like a big deal to a lot of people, but it has really messed up my ability to play the trumpet, which has been my passion in life for the last 25 years. The oral surgeon and dermatologist I saw said I would need to get surgery, which can cause complications which in some cases are worse than the original injury, i.e. permanent numbness, a permanent scar at the incision mark, etc.
    When I went to my dentist he referred me to an oral surgeon, who was unable to remove the small, painful lumps that have formed beneath the lower lip. I then went to see another oral surgeon who was highly recommended. He says I have scar tissue that may or may not ever completely go away.
    When I try to play the trumpet, the scar tissue becomes inflamed and the bumps seem to expand, which is really painful. For the last five months I have been praying for some kind of healing from this trauma so I can get back to work as a trumpet player on a cruise ship. I have had to give up my life’s biggest dream because of this injury, but I still have faith that this can be healed.
    The doctors I have seen have all said that this scar tissue is difficult to remove, because once you remove scar tissue, it causes new scar tissue. I am so depressed over this because I have devoted the last 25 years of my life to playing the trumpet and making music, and now my dreams have been put on hold. I have lost my dream job of playing trumpet on a cruise ship, and cannot afford to see any more specialists, because the company I work for won’t pay for another opinion.
    I know that there are a lot of people out there with life-threatening diseases, and I thank God everyday for my otherwise healthy condition. I would like to humbly ask for any kind of healing energy that could be sent to me. I would be so grateful and thankful for any assistance in this matter.

    Thanks so much,
    Stephen White

  605. 605
    patrizia Says:

    Hello,wonderful beings! I am sending out healing energy,light and love to everyone here,to my pets and to all my friends.I appreceate a lot if you do the same for me.God bless you all.

  606. 606
    Simona Says:

    Pure Love Healing Energy to all !

  607. 607
    Master Trey Says:


  608. 608
    maria Says:

    Healing thoughts and hugs to everyone so they may heal, love to all creatures and nature, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE there is enough to go around for everyone!!!!

  609. 609
    Bill in FL Says:

    Please send out your light, love and healing vibrations to Kris Ronning in Tampa who is in hospital with internal bleeding. She is a lovely and original Flower Child. 10x back to all. Namaste

  610. 610
    Gene Says:

    Positive healing and peace vibrations to all the world’s downtrodden.

    Survive and heal and be happy and productive.


    Then touch others with goodness and positive energy.

  611. 611
    dimitria tireli Says:

    ich will das er mich anruft das wir das thema kleren und das wir wieder glucklich und zufriden sind wie vorher er soll mich mehr beachten und uber seine gefuhle mit mir reden er soll mir sagen das ich ihn was bedeute und wie er zu mir steht ….danke joao de deous …

  612. 612
    dimitria tireli Says:


  613. 613
    chris Says:

    to Stephen White
    your lips
    I am a man and your a man.And we talk about lips.Your lips.So what.
    He put the trumpet in his lips and played music in one cruise ship.The waves of
    his music went outside there and found the waves of the sea,passed the Atlantic oceon and then arrived here in Greece where I stay,and knocked my
    door.I opened and music waves entered my room.Nothing strange about that except one feeling,and without reason I embraced my girlfriend and kissed her
    in her fleshy lips.
    You put your trumpet in your lips very gently and played your hardly music.”Your lips are like a poem “said with mincing your trumpet.
    -“Give me another one whisky” said the customer to the barman on the cruise ship,”the man with the trumpet is fantastic,Cheers”.
    -“cheers”,said the barman smiling

    chris dhyan iacovides

  614. 614
    chris Says:

    to Jose Nunez
    I send you a very luminous energy.I am a canal and through me the brilliant
    light overflow your body and clear it inside and outside. A bath,a shower.
    Thanks Universe,thanks God.
    the flower
    the tree
    the grass,a bird
    oxygene all over here and there.The sun.
    a cloud,another cloud,many clouds,
    the rain.
    drops in your face.

  615. 615
    chris Says:

    I send you a very luminous energy.I am a canal and through me the brilliant
    light overflow your body and clear it inside and outside. A bath,a shower.
    Thanks Universe,thanks God.
    the flower
    the tree
    the grass,a bird
    oxygene all over here and there.The sun.
    a cloud,another cloud,many clouds,
    the rain.
    drops in your face.
    sunbathe in the beach.Summer,
    Spring Autumn or Winter.
    A ball of snow melting on my hand.
    The flame.

    chris iacovides

  616. 616
    chris Says:

    to Jose Nunez
    I send you a very luminous energy.I am a canal and through me the brilliant
    light overflow your body and clear it inside and outside. A bath,a shower.
    Thanks Universe,thanks God.
    the flower
    the tree
    the grass,a bird
    oxygene all over here and there.The sun.
    a cloud,another cloud,many clouds,
    the rain.
    drops in your face.
    sunbathe in the beach.Summer,
    Spring Autumn or Winter.
    A ball of snow melting on my hand.
    The flame.

    chris iacovides

  617. 617
    Marva Says:

    I am requesting healing in my knees from arthritis and inflammation which pains me to walk. I am sending healing vibrations to all in need of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. GOD bless you.

  618. 618
    dimitria tireli Says:

    i send my healing energy to all in this page..and healing to IAN CARTER..to his left index finger..because is all the time cold without reason …and we have to find a good doctor to tell him why;and i need healing energy for all the healers because everyday i meet people with a lot of broblems and i try to help them but in the end i get skeart to hear all this stories

  619. 619
    Avril Says:

    To all you beautiful people who are givers of positive healing energy, I say thank you. I would like to ask for healing energy to be sent to my sister Marilyn in the North of England, that she may be healed from MS and depression.
    Love is the real power in the world. Peace to you all

  620. 620
    Dawn Says:

    Requesting distant healing for chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, premature aging, allergies, hernia – resulting anxiety, suicidal thoughts and depression.

  621. 621
    Earl Halstead Says:

    Hello fellow vibers, I want to give you info that will rid you of a lot of illness,diseases and infirmities which can be done through natural healing or alternative healing which I have used myself. I suggest that everyone go to http://www.discount-essiac-tea.com and read and decide for yourself. Those who have HIV, order Colloidal Silver which will kill 650 viruses. For more important info go to http://www.mercola.com and http://www.naturalnews.com. Please become informed. God Bless !

  622. 622
    dennis t etzenhouser Says:

    I have serious sinus problems that effects my equilibrium,scary somtimes when driving.
    I also have cyst on both wrist, very painful, hard to get anything done.

    Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

    Dennis Etzenhouser

  623. 623
    Gordon Says:

    I would appreciate a physical healing please

    Love and Light


  624. 624
    Veronica & Daisy Says:

    Please help heal our beloved dachshund Daisy.
    She was hit by a car Tuesday, and has severely broken hindlegs.
    We’re waiting to hear when she can come home.
    She’s a little angel and deserves to be able to run again.
    You can take a look at her website, daisythedachshund.tumblr.com to see what a happy pup she is.
    Thank you.
    Warm wishes,
    Daisy & Veronica

  625. 625
    sara Says:

    Please send healing for my friend Richard Britten who has been on life support since Chrostmas Day that he makes a full recovery and returns home.
    With thanks

  626. 626
    dimitria tireli Says:

    heal dear god kosta tireli and eleni partaki tommorow thank youand all the sick people aeound us

  627. 627

    Please pray for me. I have had a mysterious illness that has taken away every aspect of my life for some years now. What is frustrating is that I have seen at least 18 different Drs all of them have no idea what is ailing mebut trust the Lord will intervene

  628. 628
    RasLion Says:

    I want to send love and healing energy and peace of mind to my girlfriend who has broken ribs ankle and bruises scratches and burns to help her recover

  629. 629
    RasLion Says:

    The healing I requested is for my girlfriend Angela Jones who has been in an accident thank you for your help

  630. 630
    Rosaria Conlan Says:

    Please send me Perfect Healing Energy for all health issues in my body.

    I will in turn send Perfect Healing Energy to all in need.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  631. 631
    Aileen Says:

    Please send Perfect Healing Energy for my father Alfonso A. (Las Pinas, Philippines) for all health issues in his body. May he live 10years more. We still need him.
    I will inturn send Perfect Healing Energy to all in need also

    Thank You. God Bless You All.

  632. 632


  633. 633


  634. 634
    Christine Says:

    Please send healing light energy to my daughter who is going through a difficult time right now… Thank you universe and thank you vital waves! Much love to you all in light always! I am truly grateful.

  635. 635
    kamal Says:

    please send healing energy for my health and mind issues.im totally stressed up
    i am sending perfect healing energy for all in need

  636. 636


  637. 637
    Sparkling Says:

    Please send positive energy to a most wonderful man named David who’s life has been a chain of traumatic painful events. He needs peace of mind and to know life is good and he is worth so much love. Thank you so much.

  638. 638
    Penny Says:

    I am asking for healing for my sister Phoebe. She needs very profound soul healing. I do not know the specific of what is going on, but she is very strange, acts very strange, controlling and impossible to talk to, actually refuses to talk. We have been estranged for years because of this..now, our mom ( Ebba) is quite ill and I believe it has something to do with what is going on with my sister. My mom is a mess physically and she needs profound healing too, her body is almost completely failing, her mind some and she is in pain all of the time. My sister keeps refusing to really help her, but has full control. Guess my whole family needs healing, myself included both from severe long standing stress, and the physical toll that takes on one too. Hope I haven’t said too much. Take care, p.

  639. 639




  640. 640
    Bob Murphy Says:

    Hello i need some healing please, i ave COPD it is severe breathing problems.
    I also ave a problem with my neck, some discs are breaking up.
    I will to thank you in advance and ask god sends love and light to all on Earth.
    Nameste, bob

  641. 641
    Aileen Says:

    Please Pray send healing waves to my Mom Cleta C A(las Pinas, Philippines) she said she feels pain on her breast she is worrying it might be cancer. We dont have money for operation.
    Thank You so much. God Bless you All.

    May the Universe send Perfect Healing to those in need. Thank you! God Bless us all.

  642. 642
    Charrise Says:

    I alreadyto send healing to everyone on this website and many blessings. I love to send out healing to my sister and my nephews. Also to earth and everyone on earth. Thank you

  643. 643
    alex Says:

    sending love energy for healing to all those in need.may all get well soon.
    thanks for the opportunity given to help you all.many thanks.

  644. 644
    Jeremiah Bright Says:

    I need to be depossessed or something like that. Right now I can barely think and the more dark things I do, the stronger I get. But my eyesight suffers with it. And I need to be healed by someone remotely. I can’t have someone come over and I can’t do it myself. I also can’t pay anyone because i’m a poor teenager.

  645. 645
    Jeremiah Bright Says:

    I think my spiritual parasite eats souls, so be careful.

  646. 646
    Jeremiah Bright Says:

    Oh yeah and if noeone heals me within 3 weeks, everyone whos ever posted on the site shall be cursed with a terrible curse this includes people involved in the post, like Angelina Jones.

  647. 647
    Jeremiah Bright Says:

    Plz send me email. fireshadow123@gmail.com is my email. And I think there’s a paracitical power regenerator or something like that inside me. could be more that one.

  648. 648
    Jeremiah Bright Says:

    I need more healing immediately.

  649. 649
    Chris Says:

    A wonderful friend of mine named Rhoda has acute myeloid leukemia and has taken a bad turn. She is a wonderful woman who had helped many people and animals in her life. Please if you have healing energy and good vibes to spare please direct some her way as she could really use it. thank you

  650. 650
    Michelle t Says:

    Pray and send healing for intestinal gas and my colon of problems causing gas. Please send healing for a smokers cough and that I quit smoking and god heals depression and brings friends

  651. 651
    Believe Says:

    I want to send out positive healing to myself to keep negative away from me and send me please enegry to feel happy,peace,cheerful and blissful. Just feel the love all around me 🙂 Also I want to send the earth light and love.

  652. 652
    Marjorie Says:

    I am requesting healing for my brother Patrick who continues to fight drugs and his own inner demons that have him in a continual negative cycle. I am sending blessings to all those that are in need of healing

  653. 653
    Timothy Says:

    Here in Alamogordo, New Mexico I am asking for help to eliminate my hypothyroidism and high blood pressure situations. Thank you

  654. 654
    Leena Patil Says:

    Request all to send me lots of positive energy to heal my skin, cure acne on my face and get clear, fair skin. I send lots of positive healing energy to all who need them.

    Thanking all,

    Love and Regards,


  655. 655
    Jilly Says:

    please send energy and healing to my friend Shirley who has a right kidney and bladder problem. Thank you x

  656. 656
    Troy Abraham Says:

    Hey everybody I hear all your requests and say all energies will be sent right now. Just affirm that you receive it by believing. We are all spiritually connectected therefore we are able to help each other manifest anything once we establish that connection. Peace and love to all I pray to all you healing channeled through you flowing of light energies. Namaste and may all you be healed.

  657. 657
    redd Says:

    i send out love and healing to all of you.positive energy to manifest healing asap.bless you

  658. 658
    Jilly Says:

    Please send healing to my dad who is ill in hospital. thank you

  659. 659
    kaye Says:

    i request that i may be open and recieve the healing that i need and the blessings of the universe . may i step into my personal path as a healer and go forth with confidence. may you all recieve the healing reqired and may all the world ascend . let your light shine . Namaste ,love and light . k

  660. 660
    Bryan Says:

    I am having abdominal pain for more than one reason, im going to the hospital tonight to have it checked. I could use some healing energy im worried and scared from not knowing what it is.

  661. 661
    sheila Says:

    is it possible for me to be sent healing………i seem to be getting chronic heartburn. i will of course send good energies back to the whole group. thank you.

  662. 662
    Liew It Fun Says:

    I need healing on: Anxiety Disorder & Panic Attack, Claustrophobia.

    Thank y

  663. 663
    LA Says:

    hello brothers in the healing world, please send spiritual and soul healing to my friend Sean, he is living in din by doing a very bad job, please send him healing and enlightenment that he will stop what he is doing, thank you in advance

  664. 664
    charlotte Says:

    The love of my life Kyle is in the military in quebec and got a knee injury… so now he cant come home until it’s better. It’s killing us both and he needs all the positive vibes he can get so he can come home. Thank you everyone for your help. This site has helped me before and I pray it can help heal my mans knee and bring him home. Thank you. I return the healing back xoxoxo

  665. 665
    James Says:

    Although, I’ve had great effective successes in sending remote healing energy to others, I’m currently, having problems, that may signify toungue/oral cancer.
    I humbly ask infinite spirit, in All that Is, thru the unity, harmony and grace, and the network of compassionate humanity, to restore my ideal health and function.
    That it is given unto, All of Us, All power in Heaven & Earth, to go forth to heal & bless All whom we may come into contact with, and that divine presence and pure transformative energy is given & recieved for the greatest benefit of All concerned..
    Thank You

  666. 666
    Debbie Says:

    I am requisting healing energy. I believe I am at a crossroads in my life and I can obtain a happy life for my self and my children. My spouse oozes negativity and I have tried to help him. If he is unwilling to see his effects on the family I need to step up and take charge of healing my family. I feel so drained and I could really use some positive healing energy to help me through these difficult decisions. I am usually the person you see on the street who always has a smile but lately I find myself frowning.

  667. 667
    leo Says:

    hello james and debbie
    am sending you healing and loving thoughts in those moment
    that all the negativities in your life will turn into positive light and love
    never lose sight at the light at the end of the tunnel
    take care,leo

  668. 668
    Kerry Says:

    Send healing to my body, my right leg to be restored to normal function, heal the tendions, ligaments, muscles and bones. that postive energy fill my home and remove all destructive, negative, depressive or addictive energies. May those who are temporary residing in this home who are harboring negtivity, resentment, hate or malice be removed with the energy envolved in it. send peace to my animals and protect me and them from all harm.Kerry

  669. 669
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ Kerry will be sending positive energy to you and them. I could channel energy for efficient to your pets with name and or photograph but it your option. Also best way to send energies is to share love which is a simple philosophy i live by. You see when we share love we literally connect our bodies as one so pretty much we can heal and help one another.@everybody else i love and honor each of you. We are always interconnected regardless where we are. By remembering we are children and loyal leaders of God we have power to heal as well as create. Basically saying through God all things are possible but uniting as one much more can be done. i love you all always i will keep you all on my meditations and prayers always. keep vibrating high and never give up. i love you all in light and healing xoxoxo<3

  670. 670
    Fergal Says:

    I am sending out to you all as much positive energy as I can. Namaste

  671. 671
    Antonina Barski Says:

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  672. 672
    Anujarose Says:

    Hai everyone I am requesting healing vibrations in my knees ,neck & back pain from arthritis and inflammation which pains me to walk.
    Also i request healing in the areas of acidity,poor vision,ear irritation, cyst in the ovaries and fibroid in the uterus.
    I am sending healing vibrations to all in need of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.
    GOD bless you all…

  673. 673
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @hey Anujarose you are full with love and light and blessings. I send you positive light and healing towards you. I simply ask you to open your heart to receive it. I love you share the love thank you aloha.

  674. 674
    employee Says:

    Dear Universe

    Please send me positive energy to heal the broken relationship with my boss.
    Please protect and prevent us from harming each other.
    Please help. I am really very scared. I would like to leave on cordial terms and please help to have a good and fulfilling last meeting on monday.
    I don’t want to burn bridges and damage each other beyond repair.Please give us both wisdom and discernment to respect each other and behave humanely.
    I call upon the forces of the universe to please help me and us .
    Please please please help. This is for the firs time I am praying to avoid conflict. Please please please please please help

  675. 675
    fernando Says:

    hello to my fellow vibers please send healing energy to my wife maria rosario jadormeo who is suffering from a cyst in the right breast.may she recover miraculously as i pray and wish others the same.my thanks and god’s blessings of prfect health be upon all

  676. 676
    Angie Says:

    Please send healing energy/thoughts as I cope with breast cancer and undergo surgery/treatment thank you

  677. 677
    Sheila Says:

    Please can I have some healing today and my friend Carole also needs a big boost of healing right now. Thank you. Sheila.

  678. 678
    jocelyn Says:

    i send all of you my love and prayers for your health. Please send yours to my brother Chris, he is awaiting test results for cancer and he is very scared. thank you all, may God’s love be with you.

  679. 679
    sara Says:

    Hi I need energy healing for my mind,body,spirit, soul I really need prayer and healing right now please send healing to me

  680. 680
    lightylight Says:

    I have a friend who is having mental issues that are keeping him from functioning in life. The issues are severe. His name is Jason and he lives in Georgia. He is tall with blue eyes and brown hair. I hope he can receive a healing and live a normal and productive life.

  681. 681
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @everybody i am sending positive love and healing towards everybody who needs it. Keep sharing the love and positivity towards each other. The more love you have the more magic your life changes. Love is the way to change everything even your health. I love you all always thanks you are all in my prayers sending love and blessings towards all in healing and blissfulness.

  682. 682
    Susan Says:

    I would like to ask for healing energy for my grandson Trav who experienced a serious knee injury yesterday. He is a college wrestler in Pittsburgh, PA. Asking that the results of his MRI tomorrow will, by some miracle, not be as bad as expected.

    Thank you, and I will be returning the favor.

  683. 683
    Georgia Says:

    Hello beautiful people :), please send my partner zac and myself healing energy for depression and anxiety so we can feel more confidence and love for ourselves and the amazing universe we live in. Much appreciated to all of you. We are based in the southern part of New Zealand.Thankyou. Peace and love xx

  684. 684
    Susan Says:

    Hello…as promised, I am sending healing energy to all of you…peace/love

  685. 685
    deepu Says:

    Hi everybody, thanks for the humble cause you are offering, I request your healing power to heal my foster uncle Mr. Sreenivas , who is a kidney transplant patient, after 10 years of transplant the kidney again failed and under dialysis, his hemoglobin level is too low and his creatine level is above normal level which leaves him too tired and has pain. request you do your best and heal him from his problems and revive his kidney.

    Thanks in advance.

  686. 686
    lab Says:

    please send healing light to sean for his spiritual depression and enlightenment for his confusion and protection from all the evil influences in his life so he can move forward and live and Godly life with me.your prayers will be appreciated and will come back to you a thousand folds..so be it

  687. 687
    leo Says:

    sending healing light to all of you in need in all forms and circumstances
    close your eyes , relax and say ” i accept the healing light send to me and miracle is manifesting in my life now, i thank you GOD and Holy Spirit , Amen, amen , amen.
    do it several times a day esp upon rising at at bedtime.

  688. 688
    Jose nunez Says:

    Need prayers and healing emotionally,soul healing and from very bad spiritual attacks.feel im possessed.need healing for heart and having a very hard time with relationships with woman and money.thank u so much

  689. 689
    Seth w. Says:

    I am pretty good at healing myself. I send healing,prosperity,peace & success to all. I need some help thought healing my body. I have some kind of edema,congestive heart failure, breathing trouble & digestive issue. Please help send healing energy. Every night i will send healing energy to all of us. With love Seth W. Las vegas,nv.

  690. 690
    Angel Says:

    I am asking that healing energy is sent to Shane who is dying of cancer. I realize that a ‘cure’ may not be on the cards but whatever is for his highest good. Also he has two young boys (aged 12 and 10) and naturally they are deeply upset and so healing is needed for them also. Thank you.

  691. 691
    Soleil Says:

    I would be so very grateful if healing could be sent to my dear friend Silmy. She is in constant pain and deserves to receive healing because she has a heart of gold and is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Thank you all so very much.

  692. 692
    Jesus G. Says:

    I would love if you guys can send my cousin healing energy his way. He is in chemotherapy right now. He is the father of two little ones and a husband who I look up to. He’s a role model and I know he can overcome this. Sending healing energy to Oliver Maldonado. ?

  693. 693
    penny Says:

    Please ask for healing energy for Dwight.

  694. 694
    Siva Says:

    Dear Healers,

    I need healing immediately, as I full of negative thoughts and fears around me. Also low confidence pulls me down by doing ny work.

    Please Help me


  695. 695
    redd Says:

    i am in desperate need of a miracle and positive energy,to be sent my way.i have difficulty hearing in my right ear,and my skin use to be flawless.and now there are these brown spots,and black heads that i wish would clear up.lack of funds make it difficult to bring to pass.bless each and everyone of you.

  696. 696
    Vimal Says:

    Dear Healers,

    I desperately need healing of my genitals. Please send healing energy to me so that my penis and scrotum can be restored to perfection again. Many thanks.


  697. 697
    Nancy Charade Says:

    I am an up and coming healer I would say. I have received level 3 reiki about 2 years ago but only practice on me and my family. I took the Access Consciousness, rising star, shamanic munay-ki rites classes and have become certified practitioner but I don’t practice yet. Recently I started another modality called The Emotion Code where I look into the subconscious mind of another person and find trapped emotions to be released thru the use of a magnet that i wear everyday now. This modality has opened me up energetically a whole lot. I am not feeling other people’s energies very strong but it has left me to be a big sponge. I try to shield myself as much as I can to feel I can wonder around crowds but i feel I pick up other people’s trapped emotions that I have to remove on a daily basis so this energy work feels very much like a curse. I want to strenghten my energy field or remove my belief that I pick up everything. I want to feel at peace to be around people that may have had a heavy past but are nice and not pick up their energetic baggage. I want to not have heavy entities attached to my aura or energy. Someone in Germany said I had to negative entities that were around me and he told them to leave. I was picking up my nanny’s negative emotions though she was wonderful and had to tell her to leave my house because I was such a sponge to her heavy energy. How can I do energy work without being worried that what I am healing, I don’t take on? Please help me. I also have 2 young boys and I muscle test them too and find they also pick up on me who have picked up from the stranger or a friend who is going thru a tough time so is that how energy work? How can we remain clear and still help people???? HELP!!!!

  698. 698
    Ella Q. Says:

    Please send me heling energy, i need to be more energetic and healthy to cope with my work as i am supporting my dauughter, im the only one sending her to school. thank you so much

  699. 699
    Butch Says:

    I have a healing request for my friend. Craig who crashed on his bike
    and broke all his rib’s. And collerbone. Please pray for speedy. Recovery
    Butch H.

  700. 700
    Sara Says:

    I need positive energy healing, emotional healing, spiritual healing as well as physical healing to move forward in my life,I need this healing immediately,I want to be able to hold my head of without fear pullingme back down our sipping me from achieving my goals in life,I need the right opportunity to manifest into my life now, so I can succeed in life without so much worry and negativity,I am in Dyer need of help and a miracle to happen in my life please help me, thank you

  701. 701
    Geetanjali Says:

    I need healing for some recurrent health issues, related to the digestive system. Please heal. And thanks to all !

  702. 702
    Donna DeGroat Says:

    I need healing in my back I have been dealing with pain since 1995, also needing positive energy to surround me to move forward in my life.. thank you!

  703. 703
    Judy Says:

    Please send healing vibes to Leslie in India to cure his epilepsy and aggression and make him gentle and kind always

  704. 704
    Suzanne Says:

    Please send healing energy and blessings to Beth in Indiana to heal an internal tear in her knee. Thank you so much.

  705. 705
    Ruediger (Germany) Says:

    Dear healers,

    please send me healing-energy to cure my high blood-pressure
    which already damaged my eye-background. I don’t want to take
    these terrible chemicals against it. Natural remedies help, but not
    enough to have good figures all day long. Thanks for helping.
    Good health to all of you! Ruediger

  706. 706
    redd Says:

    i need healing emotionally and physically.i heart is troubled everyday,and my hearing in my right ear is blocked.also if someone could pray and send positive energy for my skin to be restored to its flawless complexion.thank you and bless each and everyone of you

  707. 707
    Marina (Luz) Says:

    This request is for my mother Marina. She hasn’t been to a doctor in over 30 years and I pray that she is cancer-free and that her heart is in perfect health. I pray for her safety, health and emotional well-being.

    Love and light to all.

  708. 708
    Sharon Power Says:

    Please send me healing energy as I have stage IV cancer and was diagnosed with only few weeks to live.

  709. 709
    Georgia Says:

    Hi there,
    I just want everybody to gather all there love and healing powers and to send this out to all people and the universe.The world is becoming so corrupt and polluted our main source of life providing properties and leisure – the ocean is dying- fish are dying from radiation leaks and rubbish spreading through there waters our waters our home.dont ever feel depressed or sad you are just awaking to LIFE. the universe is connecting with you mother nature needs our help please please please spare your love and picture a beautiful world everyday it will help don’t harm any kind of life because all is one everything you vision feel and touch is yourself and no other. HUMANS MUST CHANGE NOW IT WILL BE TOO LATE BEFORE YOU REALISE

  710. 710
    Riad Says:


    I ask for healing negative feelings negative reflexes scaryness
    move towards wealthy riches in money abudance health and solve all
    problems easily

  711. 711
    Donna Says:

    Sending healing hugs and thoughts,love,prosperity,money,peace and abundance to people all over the world in Europe,people in Greece,my family and friends in Greece, in third world countries, in war torn countries, may the coruption and greed in those countries end and may only good,descent and honest people move into positions of power from now on, God bless us all xoxo

  712. 712
    Maryam Says:

    Many health problems at the moment. I broke my right foot about two months ago and I still have pain. problems of sleep and skin too. I seem to be surrounded by a lot of negative folks and I need to get positive energy to get better and to stop being overwhelmed by the problems of others.And it’s the time for a certain number of things to move and change in my life (first of all my wounded foot!) Thanks for your help And I’ll do my best to send you positive energy and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

  713. 713
    Donna Says:

    Sending everybody on this site healing love,energy,abundance,riches,health wealth and prosperity and huge financial windfall, to all those people who have a medical condition i am sending you all healing health and cures, God bless you all and keep you all safe and happy and above all healthy, i am open to recieving healing and positive energies for my health problems, also for my mother who is not well at the moment amen,and so it is

  714. 714
    gene Says:


    I will try as I need a miracle.

    cataract surgery right eye doctor found a stroke

    cardiologist says I have heart disease also two heart artery stents placed
    March 2013 in Jordan worked in Iraq

    please help with healing energy as I need my health good to try for overseas job
    in 2014. I am almost 69. thanks
    then i can help others Gene

  715. 715
    kar Says:

    May the best outcome prevail for everyone here.
    I ask for more physical energy and strength, a healthier body, as well as a healthier mind and spirit. Thank you.

  716. 716
    Pedro Says:

    I need healing energy for a friend that has terminal cancer, his name is Rafael, please send him some healing energy.
    thank you

  717. 717
    suffering Says:

    I am in intense pain and suffering from unrequited love which I know is stupid and self inflicted. Nothing ever happened between us and he never said it would. I am jobless and this makes matters worse. Dear Universe please give me the job I am looking for so that I can drown myself in work and forget about this stupid thing which never existed. Please be fair to me. He is having a great time with wine , women and his dream job while I have lost everything in one go.

  718. 718
    Greg Sandifer Says:

    I am going through a divorce and need a healing in my heart. Thank you all!

  719. 719
    michael theodore Says:




  720. 720
    Anna Says:

    I ask for an abundance of love and healing energy for my friend in the Phils, Feliciano, who is suffering for a still undiagnosed illness. I also ask the same for myself, I have diabetes and have urinating problems. May I also ask for emotional, physical, mental and psychological healing for my two teenage daughters esp the eldest one. Also healing of the heart fot my loved one in Canada. With all sincerity and purenessof my intentiond I am also sending love and healing to everyone and i thank the universe for these manifestations.

  721. 721
    Kerry Says:

    I need positive, healing energy for my body and spirit, I had a report of a reaccourance of the HPV virus in my body, and atypical tissue in my reproductive area. I also need the source of this virus to be revealed, so no more reaccourance to my body. so please send healing, positive energy, and protection to my mind body and spirit. Thank you

  722. 722
    Anna Says:

    Please help send healing energy to Perry… he needs it right now. Thanking everyone and the universe and sending love and healing to all.

  723. 723
    carol Says:

    Please help me. I suffer from hypothyroidism causing weight gain, depression, low energy and cannot see anything positive in my life.

    Thank you all for your help x

  724. 724
    Mohan Says:

    I need healing, as I am suffering from ‘mitochondrial myopathy’ and a cerebellar condition

  725. 725
    Leyla Says:

    Times are chganing for the better if I can get this online!

  726. 726
    Aly Says:

    Hi’very nice to have spoken to you on the phone, as per our cooairsvtenn we are holding a fair on October 6th 2013 it will start at 2pm till around 5pm there is no charge but would be nice if the was a donation to our residents fund and we would like people how make there own things. Thank you for your time in reading this and I look for would to hearing from youRegards Denise Aylott Activities Coordinator Parker Meadows care homeTel: 01329 558700

  727. 727
    Wati Says:

    Dude, right on there brerhot.

  728. 728
    Tania Says:

    to me that there is a possibility of hirnig an empty shop for the final exhbition. I am hoping to meet with the community development officer and the Gosport High street action team leader on one of the dates below please let me know if you would be available to meet with us, myself and the museum’s learning manager to discuss the project at the museum. 24th Jan, 28th Jan, 25th Jan, 30th or 31st Jan please let me know which dates would suit you. Thank you Kind Regards Daniel Ball

  729. 729
    Noufal Says:

    HiI teach a Year 3 class of 31 and am about to start a unit on Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man. I wondered about doing a craft sesoisn to create an iron man or a space dragon. Is this something that you could come help with? If so how much would it cost? Also could we invite parents to join in or would this add to the cost and numbers too much? I’m hoping for the middle/end of March.Let me know what you think Many thanks,Ellie

  730. 730
    someone Says:

    I don’t want to have sex with my boyfriend before marriage n want to maintain the relationships…plz give me energy healings….

  731. 731
    asmita Says:

    Tomorrow is my technical interview round for the digivalet company as well as HR rounds…i need positive energy to get select in this company now i m feeling down…i m giving positive energy to all in the universe…plz help me…i need this job of software developer…it really works i know….thanks n regards….????

  732. 732
    asmita Says:

    Thanks to all great positive healers of the divine universe…it really works..i hav selected in that company from ur love n blessings…n now placed in digivalet….i am sending the abundancy n gratitude in the whole universe…thanks n regards…????????

  733. 733
    asmita Says:

    From today my mid sem exams,internals and externals exams are started…please give me positive energy healings so that i wil top in this semester n get the highest marks ever…i know it really works…thanks n regards….i m sending energy healings to all in the universe…

  734. 734
    catherine Says:

    My son, Eric, needs healing energy for his anxiety, depression and anger. He has a difficult time connecting with people. He also gets very agitated and acts out a lot. Please send healing energy to his brain, mental/cognitive processes and his nervous system. I believe he is on the autism spectrum. Thank you.

  735. 735
    John Says:

    Please pray for me, i take antibiotics for throat aches, my voice is lower. Please God heal my body quickly. Thank you.

  736. 736
    John Says:

    For my son Roby, his level of enzimes becomes normal. Thank you.

  737. 737
    asmita Says:

    My external exams wil be from tomorrow and final exams wil b from 23 march…plz heal me so that i can achieve the highest marks ever in this 7th sem.i m sending the positive energy to al in d universe n wants d same for me….

  738. 738
    asmita Says:

    Sory my external exams wil b from tmrow n my final exams wil b from 23december..
    plz give me positive energy so that i can achieve d highest marks ever in my class in 7th sem..i m giving positive vibrations to all in the universe…

  739. 739
    susi Says:

    Please pray for me, i take antibiotics for throat aches, i did work to much and Need new energy so my health Comes up with energy , my Body Needs healing Please God heal my body quickly. Thank you so much

  740. 740
    Kerry Says:

    Positive healing energy to my son Dustin. Remove all the negative addiction energy from his mind body and soul, heal his mind body and soul. Break free the addiction demons off him, keep him safe from harm to himself.

  741. 741
    michael Says:

    please send good vibes to my father who is passing away his name is mack faucett he is in his 80s and needs to make his transition thank you all for your help in this matter.

  742. 742
    janice Says:

    hello, please send healing for my sister Janice she has hepC and cancer of her liver, very much appreciated and gratefull

  743. 743
    Hamilton Says:

    My Sister, Helena, living in São Paulo/Brazil, has psoríasis in many parts of her body. She needs healing energy for her body and mainly for her Soul. She helps so many people, but can’t help herself. Thank you for all healing energy sent.
    I’m also sending energy healings to all needing people al over the world.

  744. 744
    cargo insurance Says:

    That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

  745. 745
    Arun Says:

    There’s a secret about your post. ICKTTYIHTBY

  746. 746
    Sheryl Says:

    ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?.. ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? …. ? ? ?? ? ?? ? ..?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ?? ?? ? ? …? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?? ..? ? ? sendfile ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? .. ? ? ? ? smalpe ? .. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ?..? ? ?? ? ? ? ..? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? .. ? ? ? ..

  747. 747
    Angela Says:

    David in Phoenix, AZ is going in for open heart surgery. His journey has been difficult with numerous setbacks delaying surgery. He needs your positive healing energy to survive this surgery and get back to the life he had before this happened.

    Thank you very much. Offering positive energy for others’ needs…….

    Love and Light

  748. 748
    Thomas Says:

    You have the monopoly on useful inam-oftionraren’t monopolies illegal? 😉

  749. 749
    Iskandar Says:

    At last! Something clear I can unnrastedd. Thanks!

  750. 750

    Plz send healing to open my third eye chakra and I am also sending healing to open up third eye chakra

  751. 751
    michelle Triska Says:

    Someone calls police on holly finds who pulled fire alarm

  752. 752
    Defi Says:

    Wow! That’s a really neat anwsre!

  753. 753
    karin Says:

    please take me in your prayers and send me healing energie ,ihave copd and emphysema thank you, i send every one in this universe a lot of love and energie healing

  754. 754
    asmita mahapatra Says:

    My 8th sem final exams r from 19th may 2015…i need positive healings to get highest marks ever in my 8th sem n wanna top in my class…plz give me positive vibrations…i m giving d positive energy to all in the universe…lv u all….

  755. 755
    Margot Says:

    I have been healing MS since 1984. . In January 2014 I was hospitalized for a bladder Infection was in rehab center until 5/14.went home home was doing well on learning to stand to walk until mid-June. I ended up with a spinal I fraction. Which distroyed L4 & L. Spent June to October in rehab on intravenous antibotics. Back home developed foot ulcers.
    I ha e been back home since February.
    I am healing. Looking forward to moving forward to learning to walk again and healing the spine and MS.
    Please add to me to your prayers, Namaste

  756. 756
    Maryam Says:

    Thank you for helping me heal…another cancer to fight and a lot of problems to solve. My main problem with all this since the operation I had is sleeping. I am very stressed and think too much of the future … thank you so much for your help. Nights are too long. I worry too much and I am too nervous; despite the different treatments. Thank you for your help

  757. 757
    Marie Says:

    I am sending healing energy to all those who request and need it. When you read this, keep an open mind, think everything is possible – together we will raise our individual vibration, setting the stage for our bodies to heal.

  758. 758
    Vasanthi Says:

    My grandson Yashaswin is born in Moola star some people r saying it is inauspicious and that there may b dangers for father too . Ever since I am feeling very scared feeling afraid for my daughters future. Her inlaws hav sent for his horoscope made.
    Can u please send some healing that the horoscope comes out to be a very good safe fortunate one with full lifespan for his father Madan.and harmless for his mother Spandana ?
    With great gratitude

  759. 759
    Bryan Says:

    I have venous stasis / chronic dermatitis ulcers . I need healing asap
    this is very severe and can literally eat holes in the legs
    my Doctor doesn’t have much hope in my recovery , so I am now looking to a higher power and have read about Energy healing and would very much appreciate some help .
    I do believe in REIKI & Qi Gong so I’m sure that what is going on here
    is all power and positive energy .
    Thank you and God Bless …..

  760. 760
    John Says:

    God help me in my leg.

  761. 761
    John Says:

    God, i am scared about my leg, please heal me quickly. I do not have the money to see a specialist. Please help me. Please make that the blue hematome at my leg disappears quickly.

  762. 762
    John Says:

    Please pray for me, for my leg. I want to run again as soon as possible. Thank you God.

  763. 763
    John Says:

    God, help me with my health ( foot and leg ). I am scared, i do not have money to go for a checking, Jesus help me, heal this part of my body now. I know it’s done, thanks.

  764. 764
    Shirley Says:

    For Christopher hopkins in st.martine hospital. Las vegas leukemia. Adult. Needs. Healing vibration s. We thank you

  765. 765
    John Says:

    God help us please, protect us.

  766. 766
    Ellie Says:

    Please cleanse my daughter of all toxins in her body. Send her positive energy to succeed on her finals

  767. 767
    John Says:

    God, please come to us. Protect us, i am afraid. Show us the way please.

  768. 768
    Lloyd K.Harvey Says:

    I am sending healing energy to all of those requested and especially to Sue Bradley.
    I request spiritual and physical healing for my eyes and my entire being.
    I embrace slowness,
    Sending Love and Energy……………………Lloyd

  769. 769
    Lloyd K.Harvey Says:

    John……….Fear not……….Be Still…….Breath,,,,,,,Trust…..Relax

  770. 770
    Cassandra Says:

    I am sending healing energy to those in need. I am also requesting healing enery please

  771. 771
    Kate Says:

    Please send positive to the Universe along with me, for my friend that has prostate cancer and does not want chemo. Thank you in advance for your energy

  772. 772
    John Says:

    God, i give you my right leg, i had some pain during the last days. Please heal this part of my boday, also about consittipation. Thank you.

  773. 773
    Lindsay Says:

    Please send healing to my friend Matt Floyd who is in critical condition at sparrow hospital in lansing,mi. from a car accident. Please send out vibrations to help repair/restore his collapsed lungs and his Brain that is bleeding.

  774. 774
    John Says:

    We are in Kuantan. Since about one week, i have dryness inside my body, want to drink all the time, God i am afraid about it. I think this is coming from Kaddukai /Psyllium Husk. God help me, next time i see this, it will have been cleared since a very long time.

  775. 775
    glyn harris Says:

    Please send me positive healing energy I am suffering from lung cancer
    I am sending healing energy to all that need it.

  776. 776
    John Says:

    God, please help me with current constipation. I do not do what to do. I am scared about it, please heal this part of my body. I am in Kuta, bought lactulose today. I really do not know what to do, eat in order to heal it. Should it use relaxing pill ( s ) ? Please God help me with this situation. I need to think properly, need assistance God.

  777. 777
    John Says:

    God, do not know what to do. Roby gets this scare in head. We are in Jakarta, do we need to go to KL ? After the trip, about 300 e. What should we do ? or, put out in Jakarta ? Please guide us God.

  778. 778
    John Says:

    God, i have this urinary infection or something like this. We are in Kuantan. I do not want to take antibiotics. Please God help me very quickly. Thanks.

  779. 779
    John Says:

    God, i have pain about urinary infection, please heal me quickly. Thanks. We are in Kuantan, would like to move…

  780. 780
    John Says:

    God please help me, i have pain about urinary infection. Please heal me quickly. I got a treatment with antibiotics. Have still pain, should i go again to doctor ? Please i have pain/

  781. 781
    jamalludin Says:

    i have vitiligo, also eye, prostate and gastric problems. thank you.

  782. 782
    John Says:

    God please help me. Reg my urinary, what to do next ? Should i visit a urologue ? or let it go and not thinking anymore ? Please God, i do not feel well, we are in Penang. Am scared, about what is next…

  783. 783
    John Says:

    God help me, i have constipation since a few days, Please help me God.

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