Energy for those in Natural Disasters

It seems that all areas of the globe are increasingly at risk from natural disasters of all sorts – from hurricanes and tsunamis to tornadoes and earthquakes.  If you or anyone you know have suffered from a natural disaster of any kind this is the page to request good energy be sent.  

While here please send loving thoughts and prayers to any and all who have suffered hardship at the hands of any type of natural disaster. 

thank you!

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  1. 51
    Peter Says:

    I send positive energy,love and light to all the people in natural disaster

  2. 52
    Judy Says:

    May the All That Is encompass those affected by the hurricane Sandy on the east coast of the United States and everywhere in the world and fill them with peace, love, healing and provide the resources and strength to rebuild their lives.

  3. 53
    Fergal Says:

    Healing positive energy to all those suffering from Hurricane Sandy

  4. 54
    fernando jadormeo Says:

    sending healing and positive energy to all victims of typhoon pablo in the philippines.may they recover and be blessed

  5. 55
    Troy Abraham Says:

    @ the world i will be sending positive thoughts and prayer. I will keep each and every one of you in my prayers who suffered and continues to suffer. The main thing is the love and connection of the each of us is what really matters. I am more then honored to keep each of you in my hearts in a positive and uplifted way. Much love to everybody went through tragedy and natural disaster and keep sharing the love for we can make a major change through it.

  6. 56
    michael Says:

    god bless all suffering through the twister in oklahoma. sending you all love support and positive energy.

  7. 57
    sweetp Says:

    I believe in the power of energy…sending healing, love and powerful energy to all those in need..

  8. 58
    Nesthrone Says:

    I’m sending peace, protection, strength and comfort for those Filipinos suffering now from floods brought by typhoon mario in the Phils. More blessings be upon you at this very moment and food and shelter will abound

  9. 59
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send positive energy for less crime in Cleveland, safe weather, winters , protect from terrorists, no tornados good roads in winter send tons of energy out for the intention

  10. 60
    michelle Triska Says:

    Send out loving positive energy for the people on the news in Cleveland ohio

  11. 61
    Kate Says:

    Sending out positive energy for all the people in the path of Hurricane Michael; may you, your pets and loved ones be safe.

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