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Free Virtual Cyber Hugs Campaign

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Greetings my fellow Vitalwavers,

We now have the free virtual cyber hugs campaign up and running.  You can request a free virtual energy hug for yourself, send loving cyber hug energy to those who have requested a free hug, or both!  And, don’t be shy, request a free virtual love hug as often as you need one!

Free Virtual Cyber Hugs

We also created a short 1 minute free hugs video on youtube to let others know they can get their free hugs here as well.  And, on our free cyber hugs page you can also watch Juan Mann’s famous youtube video entitled, Free Hugs Campaign – Official Page (music by  That video is generally credited with starting the whole free hugs movement, which has spawned free virtual cyber hugs, free energy hugs, hug greeting cards, ecards, hug projects and more.

There are lots of great hug pictures, images and photos out there.  In the creation of our free hugs video we used some that were available under the creative commons.  Right now I’m going to give tribute to those hug photos.

Our lead in was the adorable hug image from BeardPapa entitled, But I Love to Hug.

We used a couple hug photos from Kalandrakas:

Sometimes a hug is all we need and Free Sweet Hugs

There was the cute cats hugging picture from HdO – Helene

from Cheetah100 the elephant hug in Group Hug

and there was morning hug from harmonicagoldfish

If you get a chance please get your own loving energy hug and send that same energy to others now:

Free Virtual Hugs at

thanks and have a fantastic day!

Bob K.

P.S.  If you want a spiritual boost every day why not return to our free friendly hugs page and request a free hug every day?  As more and more folks visit the page you’ll get more and more people sending you loving hug energy on a regular basis!