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Flight of the Valkyries with Powerful Positive Affirmations

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

This is a soothing soaring video entitled Flight of the Valkyries and comes with positive affirmations.   In this positive motivation video you’ll fly over forests, rivers and streams accompanied by Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. For the complete line of relaxation music videos, affirmation videos, guided audio meditations, motivational videos, and to join the free wealth vibes group, where every member will send you positive waves of spiritual energy, please visit Wealthvibes now.

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Subliminal Meditation for Cosmic Consciousness Video

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Greetings my fellow Vitalwavers,

Today we have a subliminal meditation to help you develop universal cosmic consciouness.  If you are looking for a higher consciousness give this video a try!

There are many metaphysical activities that
you can do to help expand or shift your consciousness or conscious mind power and get cosmically conscious. Raising your levels of inner awareness can help you improve your outer awareness and increase your ability to improve your life. If you are interested in self improvement, self help, subconscious mind power, metaphysical meditations, personal development, altered states, becoming one with god, unity, tapping into the universal mind, and increasing your mind power then this video can help. To get cosmically conscious or reach altered states of consciousness using guided audio meditations or centering and meditating can get you there.

all the best,

Bob K.